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6 INtnooucL rctN

Introduction u \F HA I fHl ABtr n' \ tO t\ipr Rt { ND I r _J e n crg tT c u 5 . a r ou\ing spr ingtime fr om within,


us to life and opening up neu,

If wc can understand

the part love plays in

our lives as a rejuvenator

and reward,

we will

begin to recognize the traps that pull us down.

possibilities. We can become so enchanted with


love that we fecl as though wc are walking

learn to make the right choices; we can cxtend

air. For many cxpericnce

of us it is the most

ol our lives. Howcver,

can also bc over idealizcd, rlisappointment


this period

lcading to both

and disillusionmcnt,

may put us olfrelationships





the romance end, while



thcre is more to it than just luck. IAe Love pqck


preventing to rekindlc

again as our relationship


its untimely lovc time and


set ofeighty-four

rcveal what influences

cards that can

are at work

in our love

lives. It can be used to discover thc love potcntial

(Romance Deck) can show us horv to magnify our

ot certain partners, through the recognition




love, and help

us change that


The Love Pqck(Aonance Deck)is m entertaining and informative

Some pcople sccm to be lucky in love, but


of problems


that hold us back from

which is holding us back. lt can help us make

opcning up to love in gencral or with a specific

better choiccs, so that w-e do not squmdcr


possibility can point

ofturning out




relationship or towards anyone u,ho has recently


and hidden

shorv us whcre

becausc of fear or a past

unrcsolvcd hurt

we demand control, which is

the antithcsis ofsurrender bcginning

The Romance DecA is geared

towards those who are still looking for a special

o b sta cl cs. a n d ca n o fler alter natir cs. lt can



romance into true love. It

and fhlling in krvt..

stages ol a rt:latirnship


erntercd into a romance. It can also prove to be wondcrfully rclationships


for people in long-term

revcaling the traps t.hat need to bc

aroi<lul to prcvent lovc ftom becoming stale. Ir r

long- tc r m

r el ati ons hi ps ,

eac h

crucial to the way in which it rrrnlirrrrt,s. Most

I'n.akthrough is cclebrated by a new romance,

relationships that start off badly rvill rrrl rrrrrc

,r grl..rt('f joining, and a falling in love all over

lbru,ard. A good beginning rcx'rls thr. polorli.rl

,r l' .r ir r .

of the relationship md can inspirt. rrs lo nr.rlir. it

Ir,,nr'.vrrroon llcriotl and at thc possibilitv of its r( { ur'r.r(r' .rs thc relationship continues. The

through the morc challcnginl I irrrcs | | r.rtI ir. .rlrr.,rrI


R om anc e D ec i

l ook s




the confidence and power to prevent it from

rr rl, wt will

cards will help you assessthe Potential of a relationship with ways to improve that

r rll r rstl rtwn.

potential, as well as identifying the pitfalls of

world, therefore allowing you to heip others

I r .lr w ('c a n

romance and how to avoid them.

out of the same situation.

I Llil ('XtCnd

The early stages of a new romance provide a great opportunity to challenge and change self-

l , ' rr 'p l a ysin

ll r iln t ime l y n r 'lir rre a n d

r'il1('rtaining .rrrls llrat can , itr our love I rvr.;xrtcntial r llrilion


rr llrck liom ,'ttlr a spccific ,I

is gcared

defeating patterns as they come to the surface, or before they arise. With the help of tJle cards

manifesting itself again and again in your

Included in the pack is a simple set of healing principles (see page 140). The more you employ them, the more you will get in touch with and express your feelings. I have

it becomes easier to identify these"patterns before they start to cause Problems in a

found that there is a direct correlation

relationshiP. Healing patterns from within is alwaysimportant, becausethey can emerge not


only with iil-suited Partners, but also with potential soulmates.

principles, you will

The cards may indicate that it is not wise to become involved with a particular Person (but frequently tJrey demonstrate what needs

between being able to articulate your feelings building



relationships. As you practise these healing changing, old posi ti ve

notice your feelings


changes occurri ng




confi dence naturally increasing.

to be changed in order for a relationship to succeed). For instance, if you ask the cards

Our best chance for happiness lies in our relationships. They are one of the most important aspects of our lives - setting the

, itr Lrng-t e r m

about someone you are interested in and


r,tl il('({l to be

receive the Infidelity, Villain or Manipulation

rr i rr gs t alc .

card, you might think twice about getting involved with that person; however, it is still

abundance and health. People who have given up on relationships have partially given up

r special ' lirl lns rccendy ' I l)r(,v(' to be

ea c h

ri 1r s,






on life.

crucial to look at these elements if they appear

The AomanceDeck can teach you how to be 'lucky in love'. It can show you possibilities,


in your reading. Understanding these elements will make you more aware when others with

rri lrilit y of i t s

similar energy come into your world. When

guide you through problems and enhance your sel f-confi dence, openi ng you uP 1o the

r r r lin rrc s .T h e

you heal a pattern properly, you give yourself

remarkable rejuvenating power of love.

I'w t 1 )m a n c e , Lrvr. ;rll over oLs



8 How To Us r r s t C, q, nns

How to Use the Cards you ln THELovE?,rcx (Rou'txcr, DECK)cAN SERVE

The cards can help ftee you liom the traps

whichever way you like - as an entertaining

holding you back from happiness, or that

game, as m oracle or as a healing fiiend. It depends on your own intentions and how you


would like to view the cards. No matter how you use them, they cm provide mmy hours of

heartbroken, so use the cards chiefly to enjoy


self-awarenessmd learning.





Life is too short for you to feel ensnared or

The RomanceDecfris made up of four suits: the Healing, Luck and Grace suits make up the

to mirror the depths of your heart, mind and the

positive cards, while the Problem suit consists of the trap cards.The positive cards reflect the

assess someone as a potential Parhler or to enquire about a person with whom you havejust begm a relationshi. If a negative card comes up, you cm take this as a warning about possible traps or decide to use you awarenessto avoid

,i rrr l u'tl t, i rrto gl l h

ol l i 'r'rn l h

l l t,tl rrrttte

and empower yourself.

The cards have been designed intentiona\ vagaries of relationshiPs. You cm use them to

'l 'r r r I l t at 'l 'h l nr u l l r

healing principles (see page 140), and the luck and grace that help us enter into and Progress in our relationships.These cards transform us

'l 'rtt l ttr 'l l rh rul l {.n1i l Yl l l F

hnl l r f, r Fl El v F ttr tl l ,r tr l !l r r te t

by giving us confidence and successin love.

such traps. While relationships are bigger than cards cm describe, you can learn to transform issues through the gifts present in a relationship. Thus the cmds can help you learn to surf relationships, rather than drown in tfie waves. Meant to empower you with awareness,the healing principles will help you transform both yourself and the situation, if you wish. All of the healing exercises wiil work, if you arc willing for it to happen. Also, notice that thc word'ego' is used in the spiritual rathcr tharr the psychological sense.


g.elf;l9ve .


H ol r

'r l lt !,ri,

l lr('t ra P s


U s L T H L C ,qR D s 9

T s s H e a lr xc Su r r

TH r Gn,qcES urr This suit comprises the gifts tJrat represent


This suit contains tJre principles for life. They

iu f l)rrs e s .

cm be used to heal negativity and turn traps

God's love for us. If we acknowledge t)rem,

( ilNltnrcd or

into gifts of awateness and confidence. They

tlese gifts will be present in any situation.

lr'llv to enjoy

offer us the ability to enjoy love and the revelry

They are there to provide help, answers and

that comes with it.

happiness, even in the worst situations. The



Grace suit reveals the light in the darkness.

,rl lir rrr s u i t s : '

lilnk(' up t}le

T s r Lu cr Su r r

| iltil consists

This suit contains cards that provide both

TFl r P nost-rl a S ul r

rh rr.llcct the

enjolment and answers. They can make us

These cards represent the traps and problems

a rr l t h e lu c k

happy, set our lives in a pleasant rhythm and

that hold us back in romance and relationships.

give us direction. As gifts, they cm be a useful

Awareness of these issues represent the first

antidote to the Problem suit.

step in clearing them.

dnil l)rogress It ,t t t s lo rm u s rt [) love.

b eautv

h9111br 9ak

140 Hr, rr-rN c P n r N c r p l s s

HealingPrinciples Fo r rowrNC A RE s r M PLr YET "r powerful healingprinciples that ;ou can employ to change your trap cards. Although much more complicated healing methods can be used, healing can be this

which helps others to become better, too.

easyifyou are motivated to change.

many layers of problems or grievances.

-r I

Forgiving another person helps to free you, if only by helping you find your hidden area of self-attack. Choose to forgive those who upset you. Recognize that there may be When you feel at peace, then you know that

Cuo rcE Your choice is the power of your decision. Many decisionsleading

at least this part of the issue is complete. Try to forgive yourself, certain situations, the world

and God.

Forgiveness clears

in the same direction create your attitude.

judgement and self-judgement, so tlrat you

Some problems have many layers of traps or

can hear calls for help and compassion.

negativity that need to be overcome before

Forgiveness heals what has been broken and

they finally clear. Each time you choose

melts away fear and guilt. Use it any time


that you feel upset, or when something or


positively hansformed, you




healed or has no effect on

or that ?r trap which

has been an

someone looks bad or wrong to you. Feel as sincerely as possible your willingness to

obstacle to peaci becomes instead a means

change the,oituation. In your mind choose

to peace - you clear at least one layer of 't the problem. ,, ^

forgiveness, even saying to that person in



, ,) r ,' .. t) ,,-';. Forgiveness is the great healer, FoncrvENe ss


your imagination:

'I forgive you.' Notice

how much better you feel. If you are not completely

at peace, repeat the exercise

until you are.

you and others to a

better way. What you forgive in anot-her heals the





made against yourself. Forgivcncss brings

6G ffi W]IffiW t&ilh

resolution, peace, confidcncc an<lhappincss,


F e rrr xc f oun Frerrrucs It is esoeciailvqood to reunite yourself with your feelingsin a

way that o1x. the simplcst expericnct't even slightly

until thcy r' feelings I expericnt' A may go tl changcs,llttt


l ,r' l A tl orI

of yor.rr nl paradoxirirll you. II'you lc throw it ,tw perspc<livr'lt may c()iltc lrl


yourscll':yott is anotlx,t'lay holdingon, r' you li'cl lrtvl waysol'lrcel problcrrln (l

H rnrrtc

way that opcns you to partnership.This is the simplest form of letting go. Simply experience deeply what you are feeling even slightly cxaggeratingyour emotions until they change. Don't act on your feelings simply 'feel' them until the experience alters. 'Feeling y.our feelings' may go through many layers and changes,but eventually it will become a positive experience




All pain comes from attachments or thwarted necds. As you lct go needs and attachments, so paradoxically what you want may come to of


you. Ifyou lct go ofan old relationship (not throw it away, but put it in its true perspective in the present), someone better may come to takc its placc or your partner may return at a higher level. Ifnothing or no one comes after letting go, stop kldding yourself: you either have not let go or there is another laycr to let go.You do this by not holding on, choosing to relinquish whatevcr you I'eel invested in. One of the simplest ways of healing is to put your attachment or problem in God's hands or the care ofvour

P R TN C TpLE14l s

higher consciousness. You will be given a return gift, such as peace or confidence. iit UIF T U IV IN C In any problem situation there is something you could give to make it better.You may be unaware of the gift, and some gifts may even lie as deep as soul level. Major problcms hide major could imagine yourself opening this gift at a soul level and then energetically sharing it with whoever needs it. You can also do this by receiving the gift from God or your higher consciousness and then sharing it. you may intuit what thc gift is, or you may just know from your reasoning which glft is necessary to heal a certain problem.You can give these soul gifts to your parents and pass thcm back up the lamily tree. This is especiallv helpful when a problem, pain or conflict is passed down to you from your parents.


tun SEr r C o,qcsl N c

rruvirrdsu fifi

If you find yourself in pain, it is pain that is transferred from the past

some form

business that is now

of un{inished

showing up in the prcscnt. You could listen for guidance to

r'rilfinto.!n.t ay l?uytn{?n?1nil



Indcx heal the problem. If you {ind the root of your pain, imagine yourself as you are now, coaching your younger self to realize your innoccnce and gi.r'e gifts or forgiveness to transform

the situation.


H rLp

, iffiHlflM ..^..^-r-lor,heaven's r^-L^^ help. step ^. youask ,ruffi As ' !' sEf- '

by-step or

l a)er by-l ayer


problem can be removed.

means of attack on another because of some grievance that you have u.ith them. Coach choose in such a way as to bring

A bun<l arxr.'/, A dven(rrrlt ,ttr


B ad A tti trrrh,r',


come up are forms of self punishment or a


A S K IN C FoR H t A V t\'5 ".{ il,F *,..:"

B ad C hoi rr.r,rt "3 d F ,+ T'qrtnc .-\f ry T5

rH t N l xr S f l l '

As you choose and commit

B eautyt,rl rl \,) to

raking r-he nexr srcp, so rhe nexr

Betrayalt',rrrltr Buddha 55

chapter in your life shows up. The fear or conflict that you had is healed and you gain

C hi kl hrxxl !l i , r

you peace. Give gifts, let go or forgive.You can heal yourself or ask for heaven's help.

in confidence.

C omc I l i l l rr,rr,

You can also take the next step towards

C omnri l rrrl ttlr

healing, because any problem shows an area

C omnl uni ('nl l ttl

in w'hich you are stuck.

C ontrol t,rrrlfi f


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D rcarrr('otttr,l l

lrom Psychology of Vision) :

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IJ It Hurts, It lsn't Love 50Ways to FindTrue Love 50Ways to Get Along with AbsolutelyAnS,one

enc|qy -,(r, '/, , 45,.1'l , .1r,,5

S)Ways to Let Go and Be Happy

enj oyi l t|ttlrl , .!t

1 0 2 T r p s p o n R r , qo r Ncs

Tips for Readings â&#x201A;Ź â&#x201A;Ź

IF Yo U category,



then there is no problem. For instance, in the Past


/l ' .(


Influence Reading (see page 122) if you receive the Love card in the

r ot')

Chronic Problem category, this is a Grace card amid a Problem

r t'l al i t

category, which means that the problem has already been resolved.

lirr rr l rrt

'r"r;;; ,t

lF yo u




*."or,u, .A R D rN ^ ^ it means that you have the ability to heal or help

others with this condition.

For example, in the Past InJluence

Reading (see page 122) if you receive the Heartbreak card in the Soul Gift position, this means that your Sout Gift is the natural ability to heal this condition or help others out ofheartbreak. IF Yo u ARE USING oN E oF TH E H E A LIN G P R IN C IP LE S (see page 140) to restore a sense of peace where there was a



<'artlt -l'hc l, this() (otrt't r('sol

how the situation progresses. If you do pull another card and it is

Hc.rl ar(,as l)r'oIr hcalirr

negative, this merely shows the next layer that is coming up for

thc pr

Q *F

negative card, you can pull another card (or not, as you wish) to see

healing. If it is a positivgcard,

this shows where the situation is

progressing to, and the Healing, Luck or Grace principle merely asks to be cmbraced and received.

t'lttx lli si tu,rti

V rr


R t,trrrrr;

Three-Card Reading C U r rr Ro r r r xtt l{ r ,r r ,r te aTilRtr \ i s a s P n . a r ls h ,,u in q u h a t is g o in g r r r r tbr r.ou noq.. [t rcflccts your prcsent I

vou arc probablv using the rclationship tcr hokl yourself'back. Or vou can usc what is rrcgativeas an indicator o1'rlhat nccds to bc

relationship <>rshows vour ler,cl o1'openncss ''changed. Once hcalttl and transfirrrncd, fbr romancc and a ner,r,'rclationship. vou u.ill f'cel a ser-rse ol'peace.Ycru can then ln thcThrce Card Rcading, the first carcl rcprcsents shcre I'ou are no\\; in tcrms ol'

lcavc the car<ls thc r.vav thcv arc or pull anothcr card lrom thc clcck to scc how-

vour f'celingsor vour situation. Thc seconcl

things havc progressccl.Ifrrru pull a positivc

card reprcsents rvherc you arc going ncxt. The last card rcprcscnts the final rcsult of

ncgativc card, vou can pcrfbrm

this cvcle ancl the u'ar. r-.r'erything turns out

laycr of healing to mcet this challcngc. Aftcr

card, c-mbrace thc cncrgv. If vou pull a anothcr

(oncc r,ou har-c reccivc<l a positir.e carcl or

letting go of this negativc car<l,you can pull


another cartl, ifvou s'ish.

anv trap car<l cnergies). The


Hcaling, Luck and Grace cards rcl)rescnt arcas of succcss ancl growth,



Protrlcm cards dcnote opportunitics


healing. Thcv arc thcrc t() caution r.ou about thc prcscnt negativc status, so that vou can


choosc rvith grâ&#x201A;Źrater a\l'arencss to lcavc thcr


situation as it is or to heal anrl change it. Yru


can movc a\\'a]', if r.our situation

llanrrlt rrudl,'r

seems to indicatc this.This rxruld mcan that

t r t 7 fr r , r t!l ? l i r !l I



il' i:



,dr{lru r '

104 RE, r r r N c F x A t u p L r s

Three-Card ReadingExamples Let me give some examples oJ-aThree Card Reading Lrrr' s


Wu ln l

Lcia rvas a single

Yo u

Ar r l No r v

Wsln l

Yo u A nl

Go r r c;

N r.xr

F r N , +rR r - . s u l r or trrrs Cycrl

LvttoN ",

Lvtton u.r.,

woman in hcr

man l i r rrrrI

tuentics u'ith

hi s eal l l tl r

a bovf'riend.

a nL-\\ !' i r l l r


T I:

tt.\ \vt\ an.[

W Luck


tN 1 to \tr to N



Oltl \\(runrls

LE TTIN G Go op N rrE otN E ss

to her boyliiend,

making hcrself morc

attractive and thc relationship more successful. As a result, about to entcr a period of Luck, as sholvrr by her sccond carcl. It r, thc positir,c aspect of Luck that rvould most likclv pull up the next lcvcl, or fracturc, of OId Wcrunds to be healed. Since she had dre Lettirrg Go carrl, it was rclinquish Old Wounds thc f.:eling o1'thcnr

and even

bclirrt' thcv alli:ctcd her emotionally or in her

o'crv<lav lifc. llv inragining th.rt she put these Old Wounds in the hanrls ol (irxl, shc lt lt pt'lrt lilling hcr thc rvounds haclbeen.

E x,rl rprrs 105




Lytton u'as a loung

Sp n r ,cn

Ws rn r Yo u ARE NOw

man from Lonilon in

Wn r r r l Y o u A n r GorNc Nrxr

Fruar Rtsulr' or, tHts CycLt


his earlv thirties u'ith a new girlfriend.


n"'1 I I\:s::atra:*rji:/"1:i]::0" t,

O rqasm


il| il II 1 '

l l r r ,rt llr'\l i l| |lr|

l , r , tr t tr I r , r r rr llr, Irr ltt

fl ad Atti tude

N aughti nes s

yT l u \ H,\lr A Bte S Mi l .E ON H IS FA C tt w rTFt H rS f IR S T T I---, cartl and ,rskctl,'Why go on?' But of course his curiositv to see u.hat camc next \\,'astoo great to resist, and he pullcd a second card. This r'vas Bad Attitude, ivhich u.ould require some work. Lytton stated that he could alrcady sce signs of this within himsclf. He rvas very lr'illing to change, so I asked him to imaginc hou, his Bad Attitude i'r'as leading him a.rvayliom love and lifc. He rvas then rvilling to turn around and head in a positirc direction, r,r,hereupon he clreu. the card Naughtiness fbr thc end of the cycle. This carrl once again aroused his cnthusiasm.



1 06 Rrilor N c E x A M p L E S

PErrR ' s


Thc ncrt reading

W s t t r l You A R E G or Nc Nr x r

Ft;ral Rlsurr oF THrsCycLE

M ,tl tttt Sl ,t{t,\t,

went to a vounS

M al l l r ,r r

man, mnctccn )-ears old, who at the


time hacl no

thi rl i t's,

w ont,ttr i


C arrl l {,'

I'elt he was quite

hel l xrl l r

busy at college, but

tou< lr r r



W gr us You ARr Now

exprcsscd his n-ish to havc a girlfriend.

E xpcctations

WW Loncliness

pai n l tr rr

begi nrri r hcr rt'l ,t

w ht'rr sl r

dati rrgl rr

Ir nj ol 'm ent

an<li vi tl r wis

F \sy r r )

TT I Expcctations. blocking


M o n vAfE

Pr-Tr,R To

LE l



rl s

once hc fbund out u-hat cff'cct they have on


rclationships. We


about his

Loneliness, u.hich r,vasnot very visible becausc ofhis busyness. He {bund peace coming to him rvhen he let go ofboth his Expectations and his Loneliness. He was thcn able to embrace thc cnergv of the Enjovmcnt card.

thal slror l atcl i rr I


R ral l N c

M ,q n r u a ' s S p Rr ,r o

WHtRg You An r

No w

Ws r n r Y o u A n l Gorl.rc Nrxr

E x.ql rt'r-l s i 07

F r N a r .R r s u r . r oF THts cyclE

Martha was a happily married woman in hcr tnrtres. llxs lhree Card Reading helped her get in touch with old pain lrom thc beginning of her relationship, u-hen she rvas first I rrlrt\t lr( rr l

dating her husba:rd,


Bc tr ar al

and u'ith somc pain t , (,


l lr r'

lravt ' o n


,r lro t rt



, l rrts Yrrc s s .J I c ', I r p lt l, r t i o n s

that shou.ed up later in their i,r,ork together.

n \.t \- ./a n ,l


r)tu so\4F I| |i l \(;



Be trayal and Mal tha l r'l r somevl'hat



H ER F F AR she pulled

another three cards to sce rvhcrc she was noui The secor-rd cycle of three cards follor','s on the next page.


dlrrff' afri

(' r r' r'p\ ( ) l t h c


tflnn'rt, 4tnrf,tl'

lltr .lll'tr iltf

l ?l l ?'t1ri I l l

E xA N 'tP L I,s


M A R-r ' H A ' sS t ' n r a o c o N 'ftNu Et)

The second cycle ofthree carclswcre: ol i ntcrcst i rr

W He n E Yo n Anr Nr>'nv

W s rn r Y o u A n r G o rN c N rx r

rcl ati onshi p. l '

Fr Nar Rls ur r OF' II]IS

your gl l l s ,i l r(


ncgative r'.tlrls

to bc chattg,'

i nto succt'ss. cxami nc:

,rl l

rel ati onsl ri p tl r ci thcr l i rr ul r,


l\ / (A R l lY lhurt

Lr ck of Self Wrr th

H A c O L l r . D N OW sEl- r. l IAT M L ICH o f wllAr slll' Ft-.1-1' ln about ancl w'asblaming her husband lbr stemme<l fiom

her own Lack of Self:Worth. She did somc letting go of this, but

all thesc cars theThrce

Carcl Realing sccmecl to descrtbe clcaily the

u.antcd to take thc feeling au'av an<l spcnd more timc healing it.Thc

person's etpericnces, ol

encrgv changed fairlv guicklv f rom blarning her husl;and fbr her old

v'hich thc,v wcrc only

pain to a position whcre shc rcalizetl her orvn rersponsibilitl', as a result of her lack of selflr-alui:. She latcr saitl that a sall br:txccn

ha Il - arr'rtr". By becon in11

hersclf and her husband sccmt:rl to harc lrt'cn lrrokett ilon'n. Shc had

isrucs antlgifis,

11i.1'[1'sagi'rinsthim, rvhich not rcalized that she rvas hol<ling ,'1p11'

let go oJ the ncgative anJ

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Love Card