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hey’re both from Umbria, they’re young, they’re motivated and they both have grand dreams – ‘Assenza’ and’ Fuoriskema’ - two groups trying to make their way in the Italian music scene, but with completely different approaches and styles. Both performing live, writing songs and cutting albums in February, they appeared at the same time at Sanremo DOC, an impor tant event that parallels the festival. In a nutshell they’re pursuing their dreams. We interviewed them, trying to find out something about their respective worlds and music.

What dreams do you have for the future?

Fuoriskema: « Playing all of Italy on tour, but also finding

someone who really believes in us and getting signed up. [Their album is self-produced]».

Assenza: «We can’t say... otherwise it won’t come true!»

What kind of experience was Sanremo DOC? What did you expect, and did you get it? Fuoriskema: « Sanremo D.O.C. was a very good opportunity. Not everyone gets a chance to introduce an album that had only been out for a month. We took full advantage of it! Our luggage was full of CDs instead of clothes. We gave them out to producers, managers, and sometimes just to people who asked who we were! We got what we wanted, a chance to get ourselves known outside of Umbria, and to the people that really matter!»

Assenza: «Sanremo D.O.C. was undoubtedly a good experience, though it goes without saying we weren’t of the usual genre, but we’re really happy to have been involved. Let’s say for up and coming bands it’s an important way to learn about the business and of making contacts. It’s what we expected and we were happy to be selected from the Jumping straight in – describe your music in three many there». words. Fuoriskema: «Direct, engaging, evolving». Future projects? Assenza: «Powerful, melodic, evocative». Fuoriskema: «To have our album, ‘Per uscirne fuori’, played everywhere and find an agent and/or someone What’s special about your songs? who can get us lots of gigs. We’re also working on our secFuoriskema: « I honestly don’t feel there’s a particular ond album – a more mature and ‘safe’ production, which thing that we have to say or express. Our lyrics describe is more us». what concerns us, what we’ve experienced and what we’re still experiencing. The words come by themselves; often Assenza: «Rather than projects as such, we just want to after we’ve got a good idea about the actual music». play and play. We’re planning to do as many gigs as possible from April». Assenza: «Well what’s distinctive and characterizes our music is atmospheric synths, guitars and catchy melo- Have you heard each other’s music and what do you dies; ‘new metal’ style seasoned with romantic lyrics... but think of it? ‘dark’». Fuoriskema: «Yes, because of this interview! We support all groups who are trying to break into and find a niche in What, if any, are your musical influences and what in- the music industry. They’re very different from us but we spires you most? recognize their determination and their need to perform, Fuoriskema: « Let’s say that we try to unite different mu- like ours. We were at Sanremo on different days, but we sical ideas – we’ve both grown up with different music. hope to meet them one day – and why not play together This means our album is the result of what we like best, live?!» along with lifelong internal influences». Assenza: «Just a second, we’re just getting on the interAssenza: «There isn’t anything specific that inspires us, net... this could be embarrassing! Joking aside, we hadn’t but rather a mixture of influences. Let’s say we pick and heard of them but we have listened to them since. They’re choose to get the result we want. The result is a fusion of completely different from us, but we think they’re really elements that move from Evanescence to Muse». interesting».


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Indagare il senso della bellezza è impresa ardua, inavvicinabile e potrebbe condurre dritti dritti ad un errore di valutazione. Diciamo dunq...

The Mag 9  

Indagare il senso della bellezza è impresa ardua, inavvicinabile e potrebbe condurre dritti dritti ad un errore di valutazione. Diciamo dunq...