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Life in Mojacar for a Teenager - Ryan Gardiner Mojacar Magazine is a cyber magazine promoting Mojacar in Almeria, Spain. Packed

Why British inyou Spain Steve Homer with news,Business adverts, services Fails and profiles will see why we are no1 in Mojacar

Mojacar can be found on the Southern part of mainland Spain approximately 45 minutes from Almeria Airport.

Miki - Itan Artistplacewith Passion! is a wonderful offering an extremely relaxing holiday atmosphere with a really chilled out view on life. Whether you decide to stay in one of Mojacar’s many hotels or rent one of the fantastically priced Villas or Apartments, you will find Mojacar the place to visit.

Still the Same Lenox Mojacar Magazine,-brought to you byNapier Sharon and Ian Steel has been established for over 2 years following the success of Simply Mojacar. Whatever it is you are looking for, information, advice, restaurants, entertainment, news regarding Mojacar and the surrounding area you will find it all and more contained within the pages of Mojacar Magazine.

Personal Profile web site is designed to offer it’s viewers the chance to find everything they are looking for concerning a holiday ClaireThis in Stoner Mojacar under one roof, it will also be of use to people already lucky enough to live in Mojacar.

This site is your direct portal to everything to do with Mojacar. You will find local news, places to visit, a selection of excellent restaurants and bargain priced villas and apartments to rent and to buy.

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Finance News Whatever you are looking for you will be sure to find it amongst the pages of Mojacar Magazine mojacarmagazine, mojacar, information, property, villas, apartments, entertainment, news, services, directory, holiday, restaurants, rentals, ian steel, sharon, things to do, where to go, garrucha, carboneras, albox, help, advice, viva almeria, costa almeria, beachcomber, lua, lykes, la parata, mojacar, almeria, spain, beach, beachbars, sun, fun, rentals, houses, villas, apartments, property, properties, shopping, music, entertainment, garrucha, turre, albox,vera, surfing, diving, caves, walking, camping, cabo de gata, agua amarga, mojacar magazine, magazines in mojacar, classifieds, services, rental, business, pueblo, travel, Mojacar food, Mojacar beach, Mojacar services, Mojacar homes, Mojacar Estate Agents, Mojacar Pueble, Mojacar Shopping, Mojacar newspapers, Mojacar Websites,

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Whatever you are looking for you will be sure to find it amongst the pages of Mojacar Magazine Property

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Dear Editor I took offence to a letter that you published Dear Editor It’s all about YOU... So last month relating to small dogs and their I have been watching and reading your magazine since the first edition. It pleasantly get in touch with your views, ‘Rat’ like appearance. suprises me each time with it’s entertaining suggestions, pictures and and interesting news articles. I have had dogs all of my life ranging from videos. Alsatians to Pikanese and in my experience To share your views by each dog appeals to it’s individual owner. A I know that you are a very small team that EMAIL and LETTER: dog gives love and affection whatever it’s work on it and the product is a real credit to email size and the comments were totally you. unwarranted. Or write to the Editor at 18 P.Justin, Oxford I wondered if it would be possible to see Kingfisher Drive, Hemel previous editions in some format. Hempstead, Hertfordshire, Dear Sir England I also had a chuckle concerning your Good luck for the future, you can honestly say comments on page 4. Only for different that you are now part of Mojacar! P Swallows, Mojácar reasons. To come across as self satisfied and smug, one would presume you were offering readers a unique product. Not only is your Magazine BORING same old die hard’s writing same old crap at one time in all of our local publications until they were eased out. But how many more times are we to be told about Mosquito Remedies,which has been done to death.Or to view your (tongue in cheek) advertisers,a great number of which have not been here for a LONG time. Unlike your competitors who I hasten to add have been around a lot longer than your reputed 2 years.

Dear Ed Mojacar still has a certain charm that will keep me holidaying here for a few more years yet. Whilst at a well know Beachbar I overheard a conversation concerning the immanent opening of some fast food outlets - namely Mc Donalds and KFC Please, Please, Please let this not be the case, we have ample eateries that are enough for anyone’s pallet.

The appearance of such outlets would be a lot on Mojacar’s landscape. We have Still what are we to expect from an enough with Subway!!!!! S.Clarkson, Norwich opportunist who doesn’t even live here in the area or even country come to that, Still its good to know you are the best in your Field say it long enough there is always going to be some mug who will believe you Alan Green, Mojácar Editors RIGHT OF REPLY, thanks you- but in the words of one of the great actors Patrick Swayze in Roadhouse - ‘Opinons Vary’

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Welcome October already, talk about another year flying by ... It wont be long until we are considering how to spend our hard earned cash on those expensive Christmas gifts.

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know Mojacar with it’s character and charm will draw another batch of grateful holidaymaker's next year. As for this edition of Mojacar Magazine, we have tried to cram as much interesting articles as possible. We have some great stories as well as some interviews with the locals of Mojacar.

The last time we published Mojacar and Enigma Design and Marketing the surrounding area were engulfed by We hope that you enjoy reading as the terrible fires that raged. Many of you we do putting it together. Limited supplied us with photographs and video Kingfisher Drive so thank you very much for that. Until December then my friends! Kings Langley Adios Hemel Hempstead Mojacar Magazine seems to go from Hertfordshire HP3 9DD strength to strength, on the launch day of TELEPHONE: 01442 409348 the June edition we had over 1,000 unique people read our product and that MOBILE: 07841 577240 last edition had over 10,000 individual ip © Enigma Design and Marketing Limited 2006-2009 hits which is something that I am particularly proud of.

Please Note... We have taken great care in producing this edition of Mojacar Magazine to avoid errors. All advertisements are taken in good faith from the advertisers and, are to the best of our knowledge accurate. However, we are unable to inspect properties to confirm the accuracy of the descriptions supplied. The words and contents of all advertisements in this magazine are the responsibility of the advertisers and no warranty is given by the publishers of Mojacar Magazine as to their accuracy. The publishers cannot accept any responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions in advertisements. In addition, details of prices, facilities and equipment may be liable to change and should be confirmed with the advertiser at the time of booking. Readers intending to buy property advertised for sale are advised to take the appropriate independent legal advice before entering onto any commitment.

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It’s been a tough year for many of us not least the restaurant’s and bars in the area. The season is now coming to a close and the evenings are starting to draw in somewhat. Some of the business’s will be thinking about closing for the winter months but I

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Under the New Management of Paul and Charlotte

N OW S SH s T R t r S PO Spo LIV E & Sk y L L a i A n Seta

OPENING HOURS Mon - Fri: 6pm - late (Closed Thursdays) Sat & Sun: All day till late

Mojacar Playa, Between La Hacienda and Sito Tel: 950 472 559





Tango Show With Belen & Tupac Every Wednesday Open from 7.30pm Show starts 8.30pm

Open: 1.30 - 4pm & 7.30 - midnight Paseo del Mediterraneo, 163 Urbanization Pueblo Diana Mojacar Playa Tel: 950 615 179 Mojacar Village Hotel Best Indalo

La Cabana -old location

La Cabana -new location Chemist Stables


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Life’s Just too Short By Ian Steel Earlier this year my job with Newsquest was put at risk and after a rather constructive consultation process my position as Group Advertisement Manager for Newsquest North London was made redundant. The questionable powers that be had decided they would get rid of their most successful Advertisement Manager for years after 2 .5 years service dedicated service. My time with Newsquest had yielded excellent results and some will argue I did have the midas touch. Over the years I have learnt this is true and you need to choose your friends carefully. A change of senior management was my downfall, people who did not know me or my abilities played God unaware of Rest in peace mate, I will miss my telephone box friend! any of my my personal circumstances. The consultation period took 1 month and during that time I was required to make people redundant. It was a set up, I appealed but the outcome remained the same. I was advised to go to a tribunal but after careful consideration and the fact that the newspaper industry is just too incestuous I decided against it.

Clubs and Societies in Mojacar and the Surrounding Area Acclevante (Classic Car Club) .........................629 529 656 / 968 419 256 Albox Computer Club ..................................................................950 064 311 Alcoholics Anonymous ................................................................617 878 207

The feeling I had for those concerned is one was one of anger and hatred and to this day I will avoid any contact with them and sincerely wish they get what they deserve.

Almanzora Group of Friends (Albox) .........................................627 800 350

Almost 6 months on, I look at things slightly differently, just a few weeks ago my best friend died at the young age of 47 leaving behind him a wife, Angela and two children Daniella and Gina.

Bettis Gardening Club .................................................................950 398 162

Almanzora Valley Gardening Club ............................................950 634 488 Almeria Link Solus Friends hip Club ...............950 478 899 / 950 617 558 APSA Animal Welfare (Almanzora Area) ..................................600 219 420 Boxers Golf Society (Albox) .........................................................666 847 840 Club Taurino de Mojacar ...................................950 475 261 / 630 740 520 Cortijo Grande Golf Club .............................................................950 475 509 Dames in Turre ...................................................950 478 633 / 950 468 010

I had known Neville for a number of years and over that period we had became great friends. Nev was also made redundant by Archant after turning around their Scotland newspapers. He was a great Guy and I will miss him greatly. He had a saying that in the newspaper industry you will get your true friends in a telephone box.

The Devine Life Society ..............................................................950 469 122 Duplicate Bridge Club (Mojacar) ...............................................950 615 433 Elderberries Lunch Club .............................................................950 477 063 Forum Golf Society .......................................................................666 847 840 Indalo Bowling Club .....................................................................950 472 227 Indalo Players Theatre Group ...........................950 133 655 / 666 133 217 Marina Golf Members Club .............................627 / 353 281 / 666 119 765 Mojacar Angling Club (M.A.C) .....................................................950 473 099 Mojacar Area Cancer Support Group MACS ............................607 598 470


Mojacar Taekwon-do Club ................................950 069 030 / 670 381 839 Mojacar Indalo Hash House Harriers ...........950 466 239 / 666 027 742


P.A.W.S. Animal Welfare (Coast) .....................678 490 208 / 678 490 235 Mojacar Walking Group ...............................................................950 397 601


Royal British Legion (Mojacar) .........................950 473 025 / 950 472 042

21 years established in Mojacar

Table Tennis Club (Garrucha) ...................................................950 472 567

Royal British Legion (Albox) .............................950 064 078 / 950 064 811

- Air Conditioned Salon Next to Badgers Bar Mojacar Playa Open: Mon-Sat (Hours vary) Still no siesta!

Appointments Tel: 950 478 625

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Spanish Property - Now is the time to buy The Spanish property market, like others, especially around the Mediterranean, is prone to ‘boom and bust’ due to it’s reliance on overseas demand for holiday homes and investment speculation. This ‘bust’ that we have now is not the first and neither will it be the last. In the last 30 years Spain has witnessed 5 real recessions that has had a negative impact on property values each time albeit to differing degrees. But that does not make it always a bad risk; the surprise is that property appreciation has given rise to an annualized growth of circa 4% in that same period so it is really down to ‘when’ you buy rather than ‘whether’ you buy! The market always comes back; it’s just a question of how quickly and strongly. And the demand for Spanish property will not diminish; on the contrary recent research has shown that in the UK, as an example, an increasing number of folk are determined to move to the sun and Spain remains the No. 1 attraction. Now it is a question as to when the confidence in the global economy and property markets return to prompt the continuing stream of Ex Pats, especially from the UK, moving to better climes.

by Mark Mountney today to sell in a couple of years, the possibility of continuing low values for a number of years would be a worry. But most purchasers do not buy for the short term; that is the domain of property speculators and they won’t return to Spain for a while methinks. But long term, with property prices so low and with the amount of discounting and repossessions available, it is difficult to see why now is not the time to commit. Firstly, you have the potential of buying a property today some 30-40% less than it was a year or two ago. Secondly, mortgage rates in the Eurozone are at a historical low, circa 3% only, and that trend is not going to change for a number of years. No property should really be bought for ‘cash’ irrespective of personal circumstances as a mortgage offers significant protection against certain risks and tax exposures that we see in Spain that, as an example, do not apply in the UK. And the concern of the Euro/Sterling exchange rate is partially overcome by borrowing in Euros. Why inject cash and take on risk when it can largely, if not totally, be avoided by taking a mortgage?

Buyers today and over the next 12 months will probably be And timing is important! But not always critical, especially viewed as the brave ones, but it is they who will show the when you are buying long term, Sure, if you were buying greatest returns in the years to come.

Mark Mountney, the proprietor of Rose Financial Planning, is a specialist mortgage brokerage and Independent Financial Advisor. He is a fully qualified mortgage and financial adviser in the UK with some 10 years experience in managing his own firm. Mark was also a founder of The Association of Mortgage Intermediaries, the trade association for mortgage advisors in the UK with 28,000 members. See or call 0034 677 874 948.

Little fares from The big travel company

Tailoring all your flight needs to the UK and beyond Flights from Almeria to Gatwick, Manchester and Birmingham - every Thursday. Pre-book seats together or exit seats, no later than 3 days before your departure. Transfers available from Mojacar Playa to Almeria Airport. Contact our resort office on (0034) 950 334 196 Or email

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La Paratá and K W Resorts Ltd. In the beginning... By Ann Stevens Few people who have visited Mojacar will not have restaurant but generally is known locally as the La Paratá heard of La Parata, in this article Ann Stevens tells us restaurant. about the beginning. No real tourism existed in the area and Mojacar was largely unheard of. The airport at Almeria at that time was little more than a single runway with a large garden shed. Passengers would sit at the side of the runway with their luggage and would carry their own luggage out to the plane when boarding. The road to Mojacar from the airport was challenging too. It was as well to take the mountain pass route if it had been raining as the other route, although somewhat quicker skirted along twixt the campo and the beach and across river beds. That is to say, river beds that were so wide you couldn’t see the road the other side.

La Paratá and Kenneth Ward & Co (Resorts) Ltd began their union when the late Mr. Kenneth Ward (chartered surveyor) and the late Mr. Bob Hurst decided to join forces during the mid 1970’s. At that time Ken Ward had successfully sold an entire apartment building on the mainland to some wealthy businessmen and his commission cheque was valued at 1 million pounds sterling. After that success he set off on his travels in semi retirement.

Visitors new to the route would be given specific instructions to set the car trip meter as they left the road and to bear left for 0.20 kilometres at the large rock to make sure they found the road at the other side. Of course, the dangers of being washed out to sea in your vehicle if the rain had been heavy were very real and many a time this type of tragedy occurred. Arriving at Mojacar beach road, the only road up to La Paratá from the beach was a single un- made track which had only been used in the past for access on foot or via Donkeys. In fact The Hotel in the Mojacar hill village used to take tourists up to La Paratá on a day excursion on Donkeys for a Paella or Bar B Q lunch. Whilst on his travels he saw that in America the concept of timeshare although in its infancy, was catching on fast. The concept interested him and to cut a long story short, he invested his commission money into the development of timeshare resorts in Ibiza, Menorca and then later in Mojacar when he met Bob Hurst. Bob Hurst and his wife Doreen acquired the land for development back in the early 1970’s and formed the company Pueblo Properties S.A. They were committed to building a very high standard of accommodation and amenities on La Paratá, whilst preserving the ambience. The only original building that existed then was the farmhouse itself which is now El Cortijo BACK

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Until Bob and Doreen began to build and develop, the terraced land had been solely used for farming and grazing of live stock. La Paratá valley had been used by small farmers and fruit growers. The valley truly deserved its label of “Valley of the Flowers” as it was known for its profusion of wild herbs, almond, lemon, orange and grapefruit, fig, pomegranate, olive, carob, all producing blossom and fruit at different times. I can remember grapefruit with juicy pink flesh growing around the swimming pool gardens in the early 1990’s and as the goat herder moved his flock around I can Continued NEXT Issue 13

remember hearing the tuneful tickling of the bells that by its present Directors and business partners Malcolm adorned the goats. Stevens and Nigel Gaymer. They both were already in partnership running a very successful construction company Pueblo Properties S.A. began the development with Maria in UK and the acquisition of KW Resorts was a natural apartments (owned now by Kenneth Ward & Co (Resorts) progression for them to expand their business and diversify. Ltd. but needed a way to promote and sell them. Ken Ward Malcolm and his wife Ann and their daughter Heidi, run the had the concept of timeshare fresh in his entrepreneurial business from their UK office which involves the upkeep and mind and the two seemed destined to combine. A deal was maintenance of the properties as well as taking care of the made and the Maria apartments were promoted as owners of timeshare weeks; taking their reservations and timeshare. The plan was to get “bums on seats” as the liasing with their staff on site. industry terms it. The more people to come there the better – and so it began. Brave souls did and still do buy timeshare weeks. Many of those brave soles loved La Paratá and Mojacar so much they did and still do subsequently purchase a freehold there. Plots were sold, villas were commissioned, more properties were built and La Paratá development steadily grew. There is a memorial to Bob and Doreen Hurst in the Jardines de Aguas - the water gardens on La Paratá. It was through their dedication and foresight and Doreen’s influence on design that La Paratá became the premiere development in Mojacar. Indeed it is renown today as the most successful and sought after development in the whole area and enjoys a status still unrivalled today due to the dedication of a handful of La Paratá residents who voluntarily give their time on the The properties that the company owns are still available as committee of The Association of Owners (a legally registered timeshare as well as holiday lets in La Paratá and in Ibiza association in accordance with Spanish Law) which exists to and Menorca. The company aims to provide comfortable self protect La Paratá rather than to administer it. catering no frills family holiday accommodation at a very reasonable price. In 1989 the late Ken Ward decided to retire and the company Kenneth Ward & Co (Resorts) Ltd. was purchased

SR Accountancy offers a service in a language you will be able to understand Sharon is a qualified English Accountant, who has experience in completing Non Resident Tax Returns, here In Spain. She has lived in Spain for the past 4 years, during which time Sharon has worked for an Estate Agent and for a Spanish Accountant. She want’s to share with you the helpful advice below : Are you Aware? If you own a Property here in Spain and you are classed as Non Resident you are still obliged to complete A Non ResidentTax Return.

your circumstances) but normally it would have been June or December 08. You have probably heard that the Spanish Government has now abolished Wealth Tax and you may now think that you do not have to pay any non resident tax. This is not true, you are still obliged to pay Income Tax on any property you own in Spain as a Non Resident, regardless if you receive income from this property or not!!! Are you aware that by obtaining your (IBI) rates paperwork it could save you money on your tax return?

The Spanish Tax Year runs from 1st January to 31st December, and the tax is payable once a year in arrears. Each person who owns a property must submit a If you need help in obtaining your IBI paperwork or your Basura (Rubbish) paperwork or if you would like further return. information regarding your Non Resident Tax Returns please Late submission may incur a fine imposed by the email or telephone 685248999. You can find out more about SR accountancy by visiting Spanish Government. Sharon’s website at For Example: f you owned a property during the year 2007, you should have paid tax during the period 1st January 08 to We have taken every precaution in making sure that the information given above is 31st December 08. (Time to submit this would depend on BACK Issue 13

accurate at the time of the publication, and is for guidance purposes only.


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Still The Same By Lenox Napier People often ask about how the old place is doing and whatever happened to so-and-so. Perhaps they spent a year in Mojácar on the piss when they were twenty-three back in 1971 and they have somehow made contact with one of the few remaining survivors from that time that still live here. That would most likely be me – I was a kid then. Most of us died from too much booze, consumed for too long. Every night there were endless parties as, really, there was little else to do. No television, few English books, probably no contacts or friends outside the tiny émigré circle. We were in Spain, yet we missed almost everything that this fine country had to offer. Perhaps we managed a few trips down to Torremolinos or Gibraltar (via Tangiers for much of the seventies), or a drive to Granada to ski in the Sierra Nevada or to wander unescorted around the Alhambra.

In Zurgena, a small town in the hills, which used to be a railhead up until the mid-seventies, there is now an English councilman in the town hall. Like Mojácar, the proportion of foreigners to locals is high. Mojácar is said to be 53% foreign (by which we more-or-less mean ‘British’) and that’s only counting the ‘registered’ ones. Bédar, Albox, Turre, Zurgena and other towns are going the same way. My dad, together with some drunken buddies, made their way up to Zurgena once, about thirty-five years ago. Beer was a penny a glass and a decent double-tot brandy cost the same. ‘Say,’ said my father to the slightly harassed looking barman, ‘whadaya do for fun around here?’ The barman answered ‘there’s not much action in this town; you should try a place down on the coast. It’d be perfect for your sort. It’s called Mojácar’.

So when they return after a lifetime away, having cut short or just plain lost their hair and after working in a bank for thirty years, or becoming a captain of industry or a teacher or a hotelier in Fez or a cineaste or even a graphics computer designer for the BBC, I tell them that Mojácar hasn’t changed a bit; but if they should want to remember old times, then to No one ever went back to the UK if they could avoid it. take a walk around our beautiful cemetery. There are some So, how is the old place now, thirty or forty years on? Well, great memories there. first to say – most of those great characters of our youth, the ones that stayed up all night, that broke the jail door, that drove repeatedly off the cliff without any lasting damage, the ones who would swap a painting for a month or two of board and lodging and the house-sitters that would clean out the drinks cabinet (except for the banana brandy) when we went down to Gibraltar to change money; they are all dead. The queer pied-noir cook, the drunken Shakespeare actor, the plumy air vice-marshal, the cockney barrow boy, the Swedish trollop (who slept with everybody except me – I was, she said, too young), the ballet dancer from the French CAFE resistance… all of them have passed on. MOJACAR PLAYA As for Mojácar, I think it has stood pretty well against the last Almeria City was almost unknown (and rightfully so – it used to be a dump), but we would sometimes mix with the spaghetti-actors in the faded luxury of the Gran Hotel, drinking vodkas and smoking Ducados.


four decades. The pueblo hasn’t changed much, although it looks a little cleaner and a bit fuller. The beach, where my parents laughed at the chance of buying land at one peseta per ten square metres, has now upped its value significantly. Doesn’t matter, don’t go there. The surrounding towns have become more recently taken over by the British. The identity of some villages such as Bédar has changed completely. From a small ‘Andalucian white village’ with the population of ex-miners gently dying of old age salted with a tiny number of hippies experimenting with lysergic acid and cheap brandy while dining erratically on lentil soup, the town today has morphed into an overrestored core surrounded by a large suburb of British-owned houses. In the interior of the province, there are still no hotels, so there’s not much tourism. All those people you see having lunch in the town restaurant, just like we used to all those years before, why, they are all residents. BACK

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KOI-The place to meet! Tel:950 615 425 Don't speak Spanish? Having translation problems? Need an interpreter? Need Spanish Lessons?

Simply Solved Spanish & English Translation Services

Call Carmel on: 617 882 689 NEXT Issue 13

Almerimar Treasure Hunt 2009 By: John Woodhead, When we used to work for Reuters in London we used to organise treasure hunts around the centre on London in aid of various charities. Unlike other treasure hunts these took place on foot so there was no need for a designated driver. In 2008 we organised a treasure hunt on foot around the centre of Almerimar and this year we are organising another one on 17 October 2009.

a score sheet etc. Teams will leave the starting venue at 6.00pm. Teams will have to visit up to 6 bars scattered around the centre of Almerimar throughout the evening. The route will criss-cross Almerimar so make sure you wear comfortable shoes as the hunt will take place on foot.

Aldeas Infantiles SOS (SOS Children´s Villages) The charity this year is Aldeas Infantiles SOS España. This is the Spanish branch of an international charity for children called SOS Children´s Villages. For more details please visit the following links: and Here is a quote from their website: SOS Children's Villages is an international nongovernmental social development organisation that has been active in the field of children's rights and committed to children's needs and concerns since 1949. In 132 countries and territories our activities focus on children without parental care and children of families in difficult circumstances.

To gain entry to each bar teams will have to find the answer to an Entry Clue. After that they will have to buy a round of drinks and then perform a task or answer a quiz in each bar. Marshals in each bar will score how well each team performs and then give them the Entry Clue for the next bar. This year the scoring for the hunt will be based on snooker. Depending on how well a team performs they will score between a red and a yellow (3 points) and a red and a black (8 points) in each bar. The maximum break for the night will be 48 points (6 reds and 6 blacks). There is an entry fee of 30 euros per team. All entry fees go to the nominated charity. In addition each of the bars taking part in the hunt have agreed to make a donation of 30 euros to the charity. There are no charges for our administration of the hunt.

Taking Part SOS Children's Villages focuses on family-based, long-term care of children who can no longer grow up with their If you are interested in taking part in the 2009 Almerimar biological families. At our SOS Children's Villages and SOS Treasure Hunt in aid of Aldeas Infantiles SOS you can see Youth Facilities they experience reliable relationships and more details at love once again, meaning that they can recover from what they have experienced, which has often been traumatic. They grow up in a stable family environment, and are supported individually until they become independent young adults. Format Teams of up to 5 people will meet up at an agreed starting venue at 5.30pm on Saturday 17 October. Here they will receive a briefing about the hunt and printed notes including BACK Issue 13

Property Rentals & Maintenance Your Home in Safe Hands

Tel: 950 475 241 NEXT

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Horno Brillante will make your ovens and kitchen equipment shine like new! Would you want to clean your own oven or would you rather someone assisted by a professional steam cleaner which can cut through layers else did it for you? It’s pretty obvious what most people’s answer would of grease; Horno Brillante uses the steam cleaner on fridges and be! freezers as well, which has the added benefit of killing off any bacteria. Let’s face it, cleaning the oven is simply not a job anyone particularly relishes. Hours of scrubbing and lots of expended energy, and even then the oven might not look really clean and shiny. And within a couple of weeks it could be smoking again because you haven’t managed to get rid of all the dirt and grease. Thank goodness then that now there is a locally based company which cleans your oven for you.

Another important element in the Horno Brillante service is the products the company uses: professional, non-caustic, low odour and biodegradable. Of course employing Horno Brillante to take care of cleaning your oven and kitchen equipment saves having to buy and store strong cleaning chemicals in your own home or business premises.

And talking of savings, saving yourself from having to do mucky, timeconsuming jobs is without doubt another one of the main attractions of Horno Brillante specializes in the professional cleaning, not only of calling on the services of Horno Brillante. It’s just so much more ovens in fact, but hobs, microwaves, extractors, barbecues, fridges and convenient to call in the professionals; it may also be that you simply freezers too. This is a service with a range of important benefits for both aren’t physically up to this kind of tough cleaning job. commercial and domestic clients, not least of which is that this is a level of expert cleaning which leaves ovens and kitchen equipment Thanks to the techniques and cleaning materials Horno Brillante uses, looking absolutely brand new: Horno Brillante cleans to a standard ovens, hobs and other kitchen equipment can be used immediately after cleaning, and there are no unpleasant smells when you turn them on. which frankly you’d be very hard pushed to match yourself. Fridges and freezers can actually be left on while Horno Brillante is It seems quite extraordinary, but a cleaning service of this kind is a new cleaning them, a job which usually takes them about an hour. Even so, concept in this part of Spain, while in the UK for example, professional they put the contents of the fridge or freezer in special storage bags to oven and kitchen equipment cleaning is a growth industry. When guarantee that nothing is spoiled, replacing it all when the job is company founders Alan and Lindsay Brown were considering what completed. would be a really workable business idea for this area, they believed there could be a huge, untouched potential market here, particularly It’s all part of the excellent customer service. Reliable and efficient, since the area has such an extensive catering sector. It was a belief Horno Brillante turns up at the time pre-arranged with the client, and which was firmly backed up by their investigations and market research, gets the job, or jobs, done as speedily as possible. The company prides itself on causing the least inconvenience to the client and leaving their survey proving the service would be extremely well received. everything beautifully clean and beautifully tidy. They also check all the Horno Brilliante is still a relatively recently launched enterprise, but the equipment to be cleaned before getting started, informing the client of company has already started to build up a solid client base. Much of any defects or problems, checking everything again once the job is Horno Brillante’s work comes from word-of-mouth recommendations: done. customers are so impressed with just how brilliantly grease and dirt-free they get ovens and kitchen equipment, they tell their friends and family. Horno Brillante also provides a flexible service. They can deep clean an As Alan put it, “When people see the results of the service, it speaks for entire commercial kitchen or just a single item – whatever the customer requires, fitting in around the client’s preferred day or time, or a itself.” business’s opening hours. For commercial customers , Horno Brillante So how is that Horno Brillante manages to remove dirt and grease which goes out to the client to assess what needs to be done, providing the client with a free, no-obligation quote. an ordinary cleaning session won’t? Well, a number of reasons. Firstly, because they have had the training. Alan was put through his The Horno Brilliante service covers an area which extends along the professional oven cleaning paces with an accredited industry trainer in whole of the Levante coast, from Almería city and up to and including the UK, and is fully qualified in the correct way to clean ovens of all the Mar Menor area in Murica, and inland up to about an hour’s drive kinds and in the safe handling of the cleaning materials. Alan is also a from the company base in Cortijo Grande. member of the UK Association of Approved Oven Cleaners. Putting it at Horno Brillante is a totally trustworthy family-run business, Alan and its most straightforward therefore, Alan really knows what he’s doing. Lindsay aiming to provide a genuinely useful service and at very Cleaning ovens, whether gas or electric, is not quite as straightforward reasonable prices. For more information about any of the Horno Brillante as you might think. For a really thorough removal of grease and grime, services you can call Horno Brillante on the company landline or mobile the removable parts of the oven should be taken out and cleaned numbers, seven days a week. You can also consult the Horno Brillante separately. But it can take an expert to know what can be safely website, which is in both English and Spanish, and email through your removed. Horno Brillante dips the removable parts such as racks in a enquiries; should you want official confirmation of Alan’s status as a mobile cleaning tank set up outside your home or business premises, member of the Association of Approved Oven Cleaners, simply click on which really gets to the parts ordinary scrubbing cannot reach, while the association link on the website. they go about degreasing the body of the oven and manually cleaning The Horno Brillante services take away the hassle of having to set aside the removal parts which shouldn’t go in the dip tank. time for tedious, dirty, but essential, cleaning jobs. And your oven and Ovens in cafés and restaurants clearly get an awful lot of use, and may kitchen equipment will come up as shiny and clean as if they’d never well require extra special attention, not only to get them super clean, been used! but also super hygienic. No doubt there are commercially used ovens Horno Brillante throughout the region which as the peak tourist season comes to an Tel: 950 982 542 end are crying out for the Horno Brillante intensive cleaning treatment. Mob: 626 196 915 Even if the oven, or extractor, hob or barbecue for that matter, is thickly coated in fat, Horno Brillante is easily up to the challenge, aided and BACK

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Success at Villericos! International Beach clean up Day by Ged Dalton A Big Thank you! To all the Volunteers who turned up to help clean up the beach & waters at Play las Delores near Villericos, Even the Sun turned up to aid making the day much more enjoyable.

MD Air Conditioning & Refrigeration S.L. Over 20 years’s experience


Sales - Service - Installation Car A/C Re-gas & Top Up


We Started our day at 8:30 am. Two teams, one group of BE REPAPERED FOR THE WARMER WEATHER! GIVE YOUR AC UNIT A HEALTH CHECK divers under the water & one group on the beach collected rubbish and cleaned up this local beauty spot.. Our Volunteer force numbers gradually increased during the day. We SAVE ENERGY AND MONEY WITH OUR carried on through to lunch time when we finally run out of FANTASTIC OLD FOR NEW DISCOUNT OFFER rubbish to collect. A barbeque was laid on For all those who stayed to the end, then PADI Project AWARE certificate were Replace your existing energy inefficient system with a hand out to the volunteers with our gratitude.

BRAND NEW cost-effective inverter heat/cool system

Some of the more unusual items found were a workman’s hard hat, a ships trim, some underwear & a shoe. In total 12 large bin liners of rubbish were collected & several larger Tel: 607 364 917 / 607 366 040 / 950 432 110 pieces of debris which would not fit into bags. All rubbish Email: collected has been recorded as data & sent to The Project AWARE Head quarters, To be analysed and add to data FULLY QUALIFIED & LEGAL collected by the thousands of groups who have participated in this event world wide. This Data will help in combating & reversing, sea & coastal pollution on a global scale. A big thank you to all the Staff from Dalton Divers & The Albox Diving Club at the Travellers inn Especially: Jill Jeanes, Vaughan Whiteley ( Prawns Yum!), Simon Farmiloe, Dave Wilson, Teal Wilson-Crump & Marie Crump, Also Trisha Dalton for the pre-organising & logistics. Also a Big Thankyou to the lovely couple who turned up & worked really hard but left before the Barbeque & Certificates ( you know who you are). To find out more about PADI Project AWARE & Beach clean up day go to: or call Dalton Divers on: 950064489. See you all next year!

For Further Information email us at BACK Issue 13


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Sausages and bacon and pies and pasties and cakes! to you as well! of Spain, serving most of the major national and local Last month we brought you an article on a new food supplier supermarket groups, and many more smaller independents, who provide the best tasting sausages in Spain, Tindale and all of whom are important to us. Stanton. Many of the hotels on the Costa Blanca serve our Bacon, Sausages, Pies, Sauces and Sauce Mixes, Oats, Black Puddings and Kippers (yes really). The list of Bars and Restaurants we supply is a tribute to our products. We appreciate that quality and value is important for them to develop and maintain their customer satisfaction, so it is important to us too. HT ML Code Fragment

HT ML Code Fragment

HT ML Code Fragment

HT ML Code Fragment

HT ML Code Fragment

In the early years we were sponsored and supported by Tindale and Stanton Ltd in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, Well after getting to know Jose Angel a bit better from the which is how we got our name. Together with exclusive company he said that he would send me a selection of food distribution rights for products such as Hovis and Mothers Pride bread products we have built a company renowned for to my office. its quality, value, and dependability. In 2000 we became an A few days later there was a knock at my door and a chap independent company in our own right. said that he had a delivery for us from Tindale and Stanton. We operate with a fleet of 8 modern, temperature controlled After duly signing the delivery not e the chap proceeded to delivery vehicles to serve the Costa Blanca. Other areas are empty what seemed to be the entire contents of his van into covered by using either the customers own transport or by my front room. He had a big smile on his face as I suspect he National Delivery Services. Sales staff use handheld computers and the commercials use the latest PDA thought he was delivering to a restaurant! computers. There were boxes of pasties, pies more cakes than you will Tindale and Stanton Spain are members of A ECOC the find in a cake shop, bacon and the fabled sausage. international trading standards body. We are able to supply My daughter was in her element, it was like Christmas come products palletised with Bar Code EAN 128. We can produce products using our own Bar Code (EAN 13) and we early! also operate the system EDI which allows the secure and The quality and taste of all the food was excellent, the cakes confidential distribution of customer information (Pedidos, although industrially packed were wonderful and will keep us Albarans and Facturas). happy for months to come. HT ML Code Fragment

I would like to recommend all of their food to the readers of this magazine and urge some of the restaurants in Mojacar considering buying in some of this delicious fayre. Thanks again Mr Angel, excellent food, excellent quality and excellent taste! A bit more history From humble beginnings in 1995 serving bars and restaurants in and around Benidorm the company has grown into a major supplier of imported British foods for the whole BACK

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You don't care about Brits, Mojacar mayoress told

of the licensing of the square resolved under the mayoress," she said. Keith Bradley, who has lived in Mojacar for 21 years and runs a popular seaside restaurant called Badger's, warned that much more needed to be done if Mojacar was to remain a prime tourist location. He said: "We can't rely on August and half a dozen fiestas to keep the town running.

A MOJACAR opposition councillor has issued a stark warning that the British expat community will vanish from the "Every town has a strength and Mojacar's is evidently popular tourist resort unless the council addresses their tourism - it's our bread and butter. Obviously everybody is concerns. suffering, but if the town's councillor for tourism hasn't already negotiated with the tour companies coming out here after Diego Garcia, from the PAL Almería party, warned the ruling next year we may all just as well pack and go home - and the council that "all the Brits will abandon the area if they fail to town hall as well," he said. act". Sr Garcia made his comments after reportedly meeting a number of expat groups to find a solution to the town's economic woes and "stem the exodus of British residents". He targeted the mayoress, Rosa Maria Cano, for the problems, accusing her of showing "hostility" towards the expat community. He said: "She has shown on more than one occasion a particular hostility towards this important part of the community."


Tapas Bar & Bistro MOJÁCAR PLAYA (Opp Bar Lua)

Jon & Elaine are back!

The latest figures issued by the National Institute of Statistics They look forward to seeing all their old on the number of expats living in Mojacar suggest there has customers & friends and welcoming new ones. been no exodus. In 2008, 2,337 Brits registered on the padrón, up by 206 compared with 2007. All our tapas are home-made from fresh produce, However, most observers point out there is a large floating population of Brits in the town who own properties but who are not registered as residents, making it harder to determine just how many Brits have left the area in recent months. The comments come a week after angry business owners accused mayoress Rosa Maria Cano of indifference towards the expat community during a meeting to promote tourism in the area.

much of which is home grown

Draught Beer €1

Tapas from Just €1

Open Noon - 7pm Tlf: 950 473 246

Kim White

Sunny, elevated terrace overlooking the Med

22 years qualified experience C.I.D.E.S.C.O. Int. MSSCh

Offers You

Among their grievances, expats cited a lack of a council-run information website and delays in obtaining opening licences for bars and restaurants. Jackie Miles-Kirby, the owner of Harmony Gym, a large gymnasium in Mojacar, said Brits were wary of approaching the town hall. She said: "I feel you have to kow-tow to the council and until recently it was a struggle to deal with anyone there. The general feeling is that we're not getting enough help from them."


Clinic at Vera Playa Mobile service to Mojacar, Vera & Villaricos

Including: Waxing, Electrolysis, Facials, Massage, Hopi Ear Candles, Manicure/Pedicure etc Psssst... For Ladies & Gentlemen ard

Have You He JUNE SPECIAL! d FREE: Nail tidy an Paint with every facial

Home visits for the housebound

However, Ms Kirby, who faced obstructive council bureaucracy first hand when trying to obtain permission to Treatments still at 2008 prices! hold a recent marathon event, said she had noted some Gift Ensure your therapist is qualified positive changes in attitude lately. Vouch ers For appointments call Kim: 637 149 659 "If you persist, go to the right sources, and come up with valid ideas you usually get results. For instance, we got the issue Availab le BACK Issue 13


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Who really put the bubbles in bubbly? By Dave England BSc (Hons) Once upon a time in the land of France lived a happy monk. His name was Dom Pierre Perignon and the reason he was so happy is that he drank lots and lots of wine during his work in the cellars of the town of Hautvillers. One day, whilst sampling some of the cellar contents, he thought to himself “Wouldn't it be nice if this rather bland and tasteless wine had lots of little bubbles in it? And the rest, apparently, is history. The Champagne name can now only be applied to the particular beverage produced in that tiny region of France. A nice fairy tale with a happy ever after ending? That is exactly what it is!

As wines from France, including the Champagne region, were routinely being imported into England in casks at that time, it becomes increasingly difficult for the French to hang on to their claim, even with comments like “Yes, very interesting, but it would be nothing like Champagne”. Yes, very interesting indeed, especially as the French Government ban on transporting wine in bottles was not lifted until early in the 18th century (Champagne has to be finished in bottles for the secondary fermentation to take place).

It comes as a bit of an eye opener (and much indignant poking of holes in the air by Gallic fingers) when the truth emerges that both the method of second fermentation in the bottle and the strong bottles required to prevent explosions caused by the pressures generated by their fermenting contents, had been in use for at least 20 years amongst west-country cider makers before Dom Perignon made his name for posterity. Without these two developments, Champagne could never have been made.

Sir Robert Mansell, who had a monopoly on glass making the early 17th century, developed a process of glass making that produced much stronger bottles than had previously been available and industrialised the process in his coalfired factories in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. It was these stronger bottles that allowed a secondary fermentation to be deliberately induced in wine and cider without the risk of explosion, and the process is well documented as being in use long before Dom Perignon is credited with developing sparkling wine around 1697.

On December 17, 1662, a West country scientist named Christoper Merret (or Merrett) presented a paper to the Royal Society in which he described winemakers adding sugar and mollasses to wines to make them brisk and sparkling, a process now known as 'méthode champanoise'.

So there you have it. The quintessentially French drink, beloved of socialites, film stars, Royalty, the idle rich and 007 has its roots firmly entrenched in good old west country Scrumpy!


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Upholstery Cleaning Specialist, Suite Dreams offers a Sparkling Service Upholstery cleaning is a specialised area that needs professional care. People pay lots of money for suites, carpets, mattresses and dining room chairs but sometimes they neglect the need for the professional cleaning of these items once they have bought them.

clean anything that can be cleaned, we use professional equipment and take the time to bring back the life of your suites and other upholstery.

After the dreadful fires that ripped through the mountain sides over the summer many houses in the area have suffered from fumes and smoke that has lingered inside properties and made upholstery smell, we can help to eradicate those odours by professionally cleaning the effected areas.

People spend a long time sitting on sofas relaxing or in bed sleeping and these soft furnishings need a breather now and then so let us deep clean them for you. For a free no obligation quote call Paul or Angela on 950 069 385 or alternatively email

News and Views for the friends and residents of Mojรกcar. Non-commercial site includes Local News, Rambeau's Blog, The Weeniewatch and other wonders.

Suite Dreams can help you to prolong the life of expensive upholstery by keeping it clean and smelling fresh. By only using professional solutions imported from the UK we deep

The Entertainer Online also has some 80 useful links about Spain.

Good Food Simply Prepared Well

El Mar La Mar is on the lef t of the coast road towards Aguilas opposite the right turn into Villaricos

Tel: 950 467 030 Mobile: 666 542 714 E-mail: Visit El Mar La Mar provides a variety of dining experiences from our glazed gallery and alfresco covered terrace to our stylish main restaurant

Excellent Value Exceptional Quality A La Carte Menu Always available

Our carefully crafted a La Carte Menu offers a selection of superb dishes Sunday Lunchtimes To compliment our full a la carte menu

A selection of the finest roasts are always available BACK Issue 13

Menu del Dia Available lunchtimes Monday to Saturday

Our traditional Menu del Dia

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12.00 to 16.00

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"Why so many British owned businesses fail By Steve Homer when they come to Spain!" Steve Homer is a business consultant with in excess of 36 years involvement in corporate business. He’s worked in the banking and finance industry, manufacturing, catering, market research and run his own corporate management training/consultancy business for in excess of 17 years with a client base the likes of Coutts, Citibank, Nat West, CSC Computer Sciences, IPC Media, and very many others. He’s travelled extensively, has lived in Singapore, UAE, France and Spain apart from the UK, has lectured throughout North Africa and the Middle East. Steve has just returned to the area following a spell in UAE as the CEO of a successful research agency, operating in 17 countries with a full-time staff of 125 and 700 part-time. In the meantime, when time permits, Steve is also a professional photographer and website developer. I have to confess of not being much of a fan of TV but whilst channel flicking last night I stumbled across ‘Spain: Paradise Lost’. I have no idea when it was first shot but as there is mention of the recession I guess it wasn’t long ago. Co-incidentally, earlier in the day I had offered to write this article in the Mojacar Magazine, so it was with a rye smile that I watched everything I have observed in Spain unfold in front of my very eyes on the box.

Typically, a British couple (a lorry driver and a health worker I think) had sold their home in the UK to ‘live the dream’ in Spain. They sunk their money into a bar in Benidorm and, with no previous experience whatsoever in the trade, they bought a bar! In less than 12 months, the bar up for sale, their life on course to ruin, their dream never having got off the ground, and the husband returned to working in the UK to make ends meet. How familiar is that to you? Of course it doesn’t happen in Mojacar does it?

‘abject failure’. And, even in Mojacar I have witnessed this time and time again, and worryingly, it is still going on…! That’s great for a business that sells commercial properties and businesses to the Brits but frankly I think that these people are doing a dis-service to their clients and they could be doing so much more. So what planning should these new ‘life dreamers’ really do to ensure success? Well it wouldn’t harm if they spent time preparing as follows; 1. Research a. the market overall b. your target market(s) – good to have a back-up market too c. the traffic to the venue d. the ‘true’ potential of the business (and I don’t mean spending a fortnight holiday here in the summer!) – visit throughout the year, all seasons, especially winter when many businesses are closed. e. How it is going to effect family circumstances – i.e schooling where kids are involved etc 2. Gain experience in the chosen trade in the UK before committing oneself to that trade 3. Gain an understanding of how much time commitment you will have to sink into your chosen business to make it work – i.e. you may not have time for the ‘dream lifestyle’. 4. Clearly understand all the financial implications of running a business (especially in a foreign country) – cash is king. Prepare a ‘real’ business plan and forecasts – set realistic budgets and stick to them 5. Understand marketing and sales, including costs, for that industry 6. Seek professional ‘independent’ advice 7. Learn the local language (unless your business is only aimed at the English speaking market and even then it is worth learning some Spanish if only to save money and understand what is going on around you!) 8. Embrace all that is new in business – including technology 9. Have a back-up plan

All the above should be planned very thoroughly, in written form. Then the document should be taken along to a local ‘independent’ professional for review and further advice – it’s no good taking it to a UK company that has no idea of the locale, the region and the country. Sure, he or she may charge you a fee and tell you not to go ahead with that particular opportunity, but it doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the world – it means that particular opportunity isn’t for you. It means that you’ve paid for seriously good advice that could Planning to fail save you and your family from being ruined within 12 months! My observations of Spain in particular is that Brits expect to Any good professional advisor will ask you some very hard come here and set up as if in the UK (but with sunshine) soul searching questions and really make you think! Only without any ‘real’ planning, thereby in reality heading for when you have undertaken the above can you possibly



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consider setting up a successful business in a foreign country and frankly it doesn’t matter which country you choose. There is so much more to the above suggestions that I could go on writing copious paragraphs on each of the points above, but the above is enough to be thinking about if you are ever considering embarking upon a new venture in Spain or anywhere else to ‘live the dream’. And what of those people who ‘got it wrong’ in the first place and now find themselves struggling, minimal customers, a depressed property, tourism market, and copious amounts of competition all vying for the same trade? Sadly, for some it’s too late…their dream is over and the sooner they find an alternative source of income the better all round. For others who have deeper pockets or family support it is not too late to ‘improve the position’, but they do need to listen to advice. I have met many stubborn pig-headed owners of businesses, including bars and restaurants who will not accept advice nor will help themselves, preferring to dwell in self-pity, arrogance and ignorance, (and the “I know it all” mentality) ignoring all the principles of succeeding in business. What’s the best advice I can give those people? a) Research your market all over again…some competitor businesses are thriving – the owners of those that are not, have to start by asking, “What are my competitors doing that I’m not and why do they go to xxx supplier rather than use me?” Don’t guess the answers, ‘research’ them! Ask your clients why they like using you, or visiting your bar/restaurant etc and ask potential clients…after all they are the people you are trying to satisfy! b) Provide excellence in terms of customer service – nothing less! Providing excellence in terms of customer service is exceptionally rare, and people will return time and time again and won’t mind in paying more! Sadly, businesses have no idea when it comes to customer service, and again it is a topic in itself. In conclusion, if you are seeking to ‘live the dream’ in the UK or abroad, do yourself the best favour of all – invest in planning it thoroughly! There is no substitute.

If you wish to learn more then you can contact Steve via

Mail Box Rental Now available at

InternetCallshop 1 year rental for just €50 Paseo de Andalucia 24, Los Gallardos Telephone 950 398 896 BACK Issue 13


Cheap! Airport Parking Almeria Alicante Murcia Servicing/Repairs/Valeting Also Self Storage Tel. 639 081 067 At Camping Los Gallardos

500m from exit 525 of motorway (under tunnel)

There's always something going on!

Fantastic Sunday Lunch with fresh market vegetables 2 courses: €9.95 including coffee & Liqueur 3 courses €12.50 every day, a variety of DELICIOUS HOME MADE SWEETS Reservations recommended

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE MUSIC DINNER DANCE Menu and performer change weekly. Call for details

YOUR PARTY ORGANISED Any size, any occasion Huge ballroom available for private hire Why not visit our UPSTAIRS RESTAURANT any day and enjoy a quiet, intimate meal?

For Reservations and Information Call Us on 679 970 399 or 650 418 954 NEXT

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HOW PAWS HELPS ………......….Daisy’s story One of our volunteers (Caroline) was on her way to do her shift at the shelter when she caught the sight of someone moving at the side of the road, and realised that it was a little dog. It had been run over. Obviously a shepherd’s dog (she could tell this from the little dog’s cut ears and stumpy tail. The shepherd was over the other side of the road with his flock and dogs (minus one).

Caroline thought “Oh dear this is a one way trip to the Vet” and as she approached the little dog wagged her stumpy tail and as Caroline went to pick her up she licked her hand. She had a broken pelvis. But she was young so it was a trip to the Vet and then a trip to the shelter where she was confined to a cage for 6 weeks whilst the pelvis healed. One of the sweetest most loving little dogs, and certainly not

being returned by PAWS to the shepherd who had just discarded her with the remains of his breakfast. She was ‘broken’ and no good to him anymore. Six weeks on and little Daisy is out of her cage but not allowed to race around with other dogs yet. Thank goodness Caroline was passing or the next lorry along that main road would have finished off Daisy completely.



ALL GAA GAMES Ben & Maureen welcome you SHOWN to join them for a drink! Santa Titos Pecado Pasao del Mediterraneo 113 To Hotel Indalo Mojacar Playa For more information:

678 914 923 BACK Issue 13

To La Parata



Paso del Mediterraneo 113 Mojacar Playa


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Natural Swimming Pools Can Be Great BY CLODAGH AND DICK HANDSCOMBE phone call to 0044-1460-75515 recognising that he may be away building a natural pool for a client on the Med or elsewhere in the world. Naturally they need topping up but if the water drops in the summer by 50 centimetres it won’t be disastrous as you have no skimmers to worry about.

*Clodagh and Dick Handscombe’s books are available in the Mojacar area from Total Entertainment in Albox and Choice Entertainments in Herculavira and also by mail order by telephoning the publishers on 952.48-58-38 or clicking ‘Our Books’ on’. Compared to twenty five years ago why do swimming pools dominate so many gardens 365 days a year when more attractive alternatives are possible including natural pools.

As with all pools if guttering is fitted to roofs and the rain water collected and stored in tanks under the terrace surrounding the pool there can be ample free water for topping up the pool and watering the garden even when there is a drought imposed ban on garden irrigation and the topping up of pools. In recent summers some gardeners in Spain have had to resort to stopping chlorinating and using the pool for keeping cool in order to save their precious gardens of Eden. With a well thought out natural swimming pool and rain water conservation system you cannot only swim at all times but also be able to create a genuine garden of Eden within and around the pool. Imagine the banks .lined with water irises and buttercups in the spring and the fantastic flowers of hibiscus coccineus (originally from the marsh lands of Florida and Georgia in the USA) in the summer months. Since the water is circulated during swimming months or indeed all year round stimulating/restful natural spring or waterfall features can be added to the design.

Naturally swimming pools vary in attractiveness according to their size and shape, the colour and design of the tiled or painted walls and bottom, how well it is cleaned especially out of season, the extent of pool chemicals when swimming and whether the pool is the only feature in the garden or is set in one of a number of smaller gardens within the space If you do a conversion we would love to see a photograph surrounding your home.. of it. Often when swimming in chlorinated pools we are reminded of the wonderful pools of mountain streams in which we In the meantime enjoy Spain as much as we do. bathed on our 52 day walk across the Pyrenees in the heat of summer including the first week of August and later a natural *Dick and Clodagh’s books Your garden in Spain, pool fed by a spring in a bed and breakfast property in the Growing healthy fruit in Spain and Growing healthy coastal hills of Almeria. It has made us think why more people vegetables in Spain can be obtained from don’t construct natural swimming pools but likewise that it bookshops or by mail order from might be difficult without a natural spring in the garden. or 952-48-58-38. In the UK But now we find that they are not. A short while ago we the books can be ordered through bookshops or for received a wonderfully illustrated new book entitled some more conveniently by a freephone call to 0845‘NATURAL SWIMMING POOLS – A guide for building’ by 260-4505 which is the The Royal Horticultural Michael Littlewood an English based international natural Society Bookshop at Wisley Gardens in Surrey. landscape architect. Imagine gliding in a cool pool of fresh water kept clean and hygienic by the natural action of oxygenating plants rather than chemicals and watching reed warblers in the poolside reeds or later when taking a siesta under a nearby tree dragon flies hovering over the water and mosquitoes kept down by a few resident fish. If your lucky the pool will attract endangered species of birds and amphibians such as crested newts . If you are tempted contact Michael direct for more details of the above book and a comprehensive builders guide that he published the year before on , or by a cheap evening


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We have a selection of apartments and villas to rent in the beautiful seaside resort of Mojacar. Ranging from 1 bed roomed apartments to 7 bedroom villa’s with private swimming pools we can arrange any kind of accommodation for you

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you are looking for, we will do the rest NEXT Issue 13

Villaricos Wacky Races go again! Villaricos town hall has given the go-ahead for the 3rd annual Wacky Races in aid of Asprodalba to take place on Saturday 7th November on the streets of the village which will be closed-off for the event. In flamboyant style, teams of energetic volunteers will push their carts in a series of races reminiscent of the famous TV series featuring Dick Dastardly and Penelope Pitstop, to win the Asprodalba Trophy and become Spain's 'wackiest racer'. Starting at around 11:00am outside Taberna Cristina in the village centre and finishing about 4:00pm, the fun day out will be complimented by a range of sideshows, stalls, children's games and refreshments as well as a grand raffle and an auction which will include an original “Calendar Girls” programme signed by the cast at London's Noel Coward Theatre including Jerry Hall, Anita Dobson and June Brown, and a 'Wacky Indalo' jewellery set by Melanie of Indalo Art. So far, five teams have pledged carts for the event. "We aim to better last year's race which raised thousands of euros for Asprodalba," says event Chairman Tom Tannant, "so we would like more carts, drivers, pushers, race marshals and so on. Anyone who wants to help can contact me or drop in to Taberna Cristina in Villaricos," he said. "In particular, we would like more sponsors and stall holders," he added. This year’s event will also feature a display of classic cars dating from 1938 provided by Los Coches Classicos de Levante, a British Formula 2 Chevron B27-42, a line-dance display and the Spectrum Radio Roadshow. Last year, Asprodalba (an occupational centre on the outskirts of Vera for people with learning difficulties) entered their own vehicle (a converted shopping trolley) but failed to reach the final which was won by 'El Torro' entered by Taberna Cristina. A team of 'doubledealing do-badders' from Frankies Bar on Vera Playa won the Molly Malone Trophy for raising the most money. Asprodalba used the money to fund places at a new residential centre in Vera which is being built with the help of the ONCE Foundation for the disabled (ONCE runs the weekly lottery) and the Key Mare Foundation.

THE SALON Established 7 years on M ojácar Playa M odern decor with airconditioning Prices to suit everyone Our One Stop Shop sells many hair and beauty products

THE TEAM Jessica Clare Steve Leanna Jing

For more information, or if you would like to hire a racing cart for the event, please contact Tom on or Paul in the Taberna Cristina bar on 692 588 016.

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Individual styling with the most up to date cutting techniques and creative colouring to enhance your new look. Hair straightening using X-Tensa (up to 6 weeks) or Therma (up to 6 months). Weddings, special occasion packages 100% human hair extensions

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fr ee


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tinting etc.




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Life in Mojacar through the eyes of a teenager By Ryan Gardiner Life for a teenager moving to Spain can be exciting, but as you will learn things don’t always go according to plan. Story by Ryan Gardiner In April 2002 I left high school and all my friends behind to embark on my new life in Spain. At the time I couldn't wait, new places to explore, new people, new language, it was a dream come true. After a few weeks , however the excitement had died down and the reality set in, SCHOOL!

Life was good, but school was bad! I was learning things I had learnt 4 years ago, a lot of the teachers were quite racist and majority of the pupils weren’t much better. I was having 4 hours of Spanish lesson's a day and 2 hours of normal classes. Having the lessons at school saved my mum 1000's of euros on private Spanish teachers, ok the teacher wasn't the best, but it got the job done. Not being able to speak Spanish and without any friends, the mere thought of school made me tremble. I was scared there At 14 it was time to get my bike licence. I completed it with was no doubt about it, even changing English schools in the school and it cost me in the region of 14€. A simple 32 multiple choice questions were presented in the exam. And England was bad enough for me. if you got more than 28 right, you'd pass. Now I believe the To my advantage I had a friend the same age as me that I age has changed and is either 16 or 17 for a 50cc. used to go to primary school with in the UK living on Mojacar Playa. He had been here for a year and had already settled into the system. I remember going down to the school to sign up, everything was going smooth until they saw my birthday, February 1990, I was too young for the school by a month and 8 days. I was furious, not only would I be in a Spanish school but I would be going back to primary! So anyone looking to bring children out around that age need to be aware of this. I started in Mojacar Pueblo primary, and after a few days I loved it, it was a great school. I had a few English kids in my class and we soon made friends. Within 2 weeks of being there I went to Benidorm on a school trip and had the most amazing time. Things started to looking up. Within a month and half of being there the summer holidays kicked in. The summer was great, swimming pools, beaches, the lot. It didn't take long before it was back to school though, but uh-oh, I'm now too OLD for the primary, GREAT!! Yet another new school. This time it wasn't so bad, I had a few friends that I would be going with and had adjusted to life in Spain. BACK

Page 24

My Spanish was still minimal at this time (I still passed the license though) and continued minimal for the next 2/3 years. I continued failing every exam and was kept being held back year after year. They was teaching me things that I learnt in primary school. and at the beginning of every year would start back at the basics, I’m talking teaching 13 + 9 to 16 year olds. Ok so we had 3 months holiday but were not complete idiots! Continued NEXT Issue 13

As with every class, you get the morons that ruin it for everyone; I think I had them all in my class every year! The teachers didn't use the traditional detention method, it was a 3 strikes and you were suspended for 3 days. This was not effective in the slightest as most tried to get suspended for a few days off school! It didn't take long for parks and football to get boring, and with no activities in the area, it was off to the pubs. With very poor law enforcement and the lack of them not caring I could get served in bars from the age of 15. Clubbing and girls became my life. Beer was cheap and the tourists flocked in by the thousands! I was in heaven, and loving every minute of it. On New Years Eve of 2007 my stepdad died and everything went downhill, I became fed up with school and rarely went, I was in the bars every night and asleep every day, by the time I got to the final year I was just shy of 18 and not allowed to go back.

Having survived my school yearsI have lived here for over 8 years, many people have come and gone over the years, but I will continue to live in Spain for the rest of my life, I have no plans of returning to the UK and cannot understand why anyone would. Since leaving school I’m currently trying to make it in the Thanks for reading, music industry as a dance/trance producer, but as of yet, my Ryan Gardiner dreams remain distant and I am trying to find a sponsor. In my case moving to Spain ruined my education and although I do not regret it, I would strongly advise not bringing youngsters over the age of 10 into the Spanish schooling system. The younger they are the better they will adjust, learn the lingo and generally fit in. Bringing anyone over the age of 14 into the system is a big NO NO in my opinion, it simply will not work!


HP, Acer, Microsoft, Apple, Games, Consoles etc. Wii Fit, HP Consumables Telephone: 950 475 823



on Mojácar beach behind Santopecado 950 615 030 See our video clip at


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Williams (London) who I will meet with in the UK at Christmas. He composes music for films - its my closest step to being a Bond Girl! From Facebook and, I have made friends with many more composers and musicians from all over the world, and I send my voice out to see if it suits their work. I often receive MP3 This months personal downloads with their compositions and sometimes add the profile features Claire lyrics myself. Of course all that is written is edited and Stoner, one of worked on by other professionals, but its good to come up Mojacar’s leading with the main ideas. entertainers. Here she tells us how she I write. But then of course I would. My friends would say it is arrived in Mojacar and the only time I stop singing and talking... I do find it relaxing and sometimes I write and when I read it back it doesn’t a bit about her past. seem like me. My voiceover's don't either; very BBC! I was born in North Trained I suppose. Often I search the Internet to find Blog of London, 19th April 1970. interest and respond. Not political; but there was a wonderful Grammar School, Blog on a book called the True Snow White. I did a critique Guildhall Trained, and it was published. Very pleasing. Greenwich University and have been in Spain 8 To me the music is one continuous journey. I meet better singers than me all the time - it gives me a buzz to be years now. challenged. The work can be quite academic for me at I am classically trained and was a professional soprano with times. The group Dynamite has been in rehearsal for most of the BBC singers working for the Putney Voices Theatre the year. This is because we aim to perform at the fiestas during the early 90's. I learned the Alexander Technique. I and go on tour across Spain and hopefully to Italy with Bob learn quickly, have had many famous singing tutors including the Bass, so what we do has to be pretty slick. In other ways, Iris Bourne, who sang alongside Maria Callas in opera. I was I can meet up with singing friends, have coffee, put a set trained as a soloist and retrained by Sir Anthony Bowles to together and go perform at the weekend. I have learned that work as a choral performer, which is a very different skill. is vital to be dedicated to this industry - if you want to make something of it all. Have found I can turn my voice to many things, and also enjoy recording spoken work; reading stories and doing I am a full time Variety Vocalist, I have done other work, but voiceover's for radio, adverts and company training. A short all the skills I have learned just go towards being able to take acting course and lots of performance training master the music further. Glad I got my grades in music - it helps to classes helped - but you never stop training because the read and understand what is needed in more depth when market is so changeable, so fast moving. I am taking on new working with musicians. I still need to know more about projects all the time. computer generated music and recording - next project!

Personal Profile....

Claire Stoner

I have met so many fantastic musicians and singers here Good luck to everyone this season - and a big thank you to and in the UK, some famous, some highly trained and others all those who support and guide me, past and present. just plain talented. They teach me so many techniques and interest me in new styles of music. I listen to other singers and have my mentors Barbara Streisand, Norah Jones, Duffy and Katie Melua. But for Dynamite Rock I must study vocal techniques from the masters Freddie Mercury, Mick Jagger, Bon Scott/Brian Johnson (from ACDC). Mobile Beautician / Nail Technician My Cabaret work? Well, using show tunes and ballads, and teaming up with other singers has made me the most money so far (in the end it is paid work) and using backing tracks is actually more demanding than working with musicians. Its a less forgiving medium. I have many tracks made for me now, especially for older music which I ask composers to revamp for me, making it a little ' snazzier '. However, backing tracks are of incredibly high quality these days because of computers. I record my work often, but await a time to promote - its all in the timing of marketing. Just this year I have been working with composer James BACK

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Acrylic & Gel Nail Extensions Manicures & Pedicures Ear Waxing Waxing Regenerating Facials Eyelash Perming, Party Lashes Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting Massage Pamper Parties Available Call Jenna Laughton on 950 617 678 or 697 704 364 NEXT Issue 13

SPAIN IN FORTY YEARS TIME ? Ric Polansky © I have arrived at that milestone. Better said, looking back upon it all, I have survived some 40 years here in Mojacar. Other’s have done so but obviously never took the journey/sentence so personal …. I did. It was a penitence I never wished to make, thinking initially I

Now, you won’t believe this, but then truck drivers were kings. Kings of the hi-way, your revered and sanctified helper. One need not worry about their wives breaking down on a short journey, there was always a trucker that would immediately stop and sort out the situation and when you too were driving the darken hi-way lanes lit only by a white paint smeared on the trunks of nearby roadside lined with said trees as guide posts.

There was always a constant stream of "camioneros" ahead of you, they signalled for when it was time to pass and your journey was hastened totally by their efforts and guidance. If you stopped along the way for refreshment to nourish would return to “home” when things settled down, got quiet; yourself you always enquired first who were the masters of the battles stopped; the wars quieted. the roads that you could ply with drink or even a meal but Lots of folk asked me what it was like … then. How different was Mojacar then than now. A lot! I have forgotten more than I remember. And I can still recall a lot.

most certainly a cigar or packet of cigarettes and to thank them ahead of time for some good works they would perform later that night or the next day. You simply couldn’t get to where you were going without them. Remember, Spain being the second most mountainous country in Europe, tight lanes and curving downhill passages were impossible to navigate without forerunners aiding you: coming or going. The road today? …. is everyone for themselves without any helping hand or guiding signals.

Last night I talked with my son on my mini-laptop. It has a tiny camera on it as his computer too .… so there we were gawking at each other, him in Mexico and me in Spain; for free using the latest gadget (Skype), that I could never have imagined four decades ago. Mind boggling technological advancements have happened. I distinctly remember reading about such a possibility as a small boy, but never imagined that I could actually participate in such an event. Quite simply I always believed that Mojacar would have developed twenty years earlier than it did or should have. But it didn’t. What’s different today than yester-year? Well, for one thing almost all values have changed. The Church had a presence then, political figures were respected (and not just feared), the bank was an integral part of the community, involved and helping in every aspect whereas today it seems they are here to take from even the weakest or most extended. Then your bank director would project wisdom or fatherly advice, now, you’d be better seeking a second or third opinion further afield from the dark suits' worldly and possible errant advice. BACK Issue 13

All decisions were made on market day, once a week and between dates one never worried about anything. You simply never gave a thought to problems unless it was your villages day to do business. The time was whittled away by making comments on anyone within vision or that deserved comment. Reading a newspaper is still the furthest thought in the average Spanish mind, that’s why there are so many coffee shops and bars, whomever talks the loudest … wins; unless, UNLESS there is an overwhelming consensus of opinion from the other side (a rare happening indeed in Spain). In many ways true comparative analysis is prohibitive because of the economic crisis being so bad today whereas before we went through downfalls but nothing quite so lingering and powerful affecting all. Still 1 in 4 gainfully employed work for the government to keep our realm chuck full of as much paper chase as Continued NEXT

Page 27

possible. Important think tanks are organized to work late into the night to make these simple forms take up more space and become less relevant to the factor concerned.

between them by the quality of beggar out front. All commodities seem to come in sealed packages, no smells, all so totally sterile and plastic.

That and adding a worthless stamp of 2.3 centimos indelibly needed to give it official worth and validation. Nevertheless, the constant and imperative demand for that “just one more paper needed” is as much a required basic as a skeletal structure is for holding a man together. Of course, one

Let me interrupt your questions to me as if I hold all the answers. The type and quality of the emigrant has too changed. Lots of tattooed and spiked souls feigning and interesting deportment, yet, when you talk to them they’ve been nowhere, done nothing but certainly want to look special and unique. They don’t seem to look after their families either. But, they are blending in more, well, at least attempting to get involved more. That’s a real plus and will force significant changes in the near future. Major sociological walls must be breached and modifications made to our political and legal systems so we can all live and flourish together. Right now even our own Junta de Andalucia is pretending to stop all building and force development to take place in a new imaginary town “they have invented, designed: El Potola” yet forgot to buy the land. Hence no more buildings for Mojacar, Vera, Garrucha, already established communities that need a natural expansion.

more aid wouldn’t hurt? Then … women, daughters or wives, needed permission from their husband’s to open a bank account. Naturally, those marital abuses of blowing away the wife with your favourite shotgun or bouncing her from the balcony from your third storey apartment was never reported in the press or even to the Guardia Civil; making the world a by far better place to live in and enjoy one’s time with your friends in the bars. Robberies only occurred in the movies as did murders and phone calls. Now, if you can afford to make a transatlantic call you’re gonna get robbed by the phone company or your boss will murder you when he finds out. If you did travel (that is meant to say ONLY within Spain) you could return anywhere and find it still there, just like before, exactly as you remembered it. The same restaurants and favourite waterholes continued to exist and were not lost in transit or cyber space. Travel abroad was unheard of. I am also willing to go on record and state un categorically that almost every mayor in Andalucia had never been to Madrid or Barcelona even once in their lifetime before being elected (just to confirm that home-boy from the nearest cortijo farm attitude was more important than the cosmopolitan vision of his native land). All forms of transport could be fixed with a hammer, pliers and wire or you didn’t need it. You never, ever, picked up any old ladies pleading for rides or just accepted the fact they would vomit on you within two kilometres of the whirling zigzag ride they weren’t use to from the casual sway of their home fed burro. If you had a tooth ache most dentists would ask you for your car repair kit to mend it.

Let’s face it, even 300 billion Euros worth of advertising won’t bring back the English that have been frightened off this area because of their bulldozing the Pryor house down in Vera, a legal home with permits both local and regional. Yet, to date, no one will own up to the error neither the Vera townhall or the Junta. Now, what kind of Bedouin attitude is that? We all have a lot of work to do together.

Next to Harmony Gym, Mojacar Playa Breakfasts Cooked to order, from €3 Vegetarian Breakfasts Available Healthy Snacks & Drinks

(Damn, when was the last time I washed those pliers?) In da ol’ days we went to the market and all was fresh. Smells, odours and fragrances abounded. Now, each supermarket looks the same, you can only tell the difference BACK

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..........................all served with a smile! Open 8.30am till close. Closed Wednesdays. Tel: 672 604 506 NEXT Issue 13

What’s on, Eating out


And more... W elcome to Freetime our new look leisure section. This new section is designed to


highlight what is going on in the area, new video releases, Sharon's recipes and more. If you have an event you would like to publicise why not drop us a line at

Lionel was very relieved to, be once again be pounding the streets of Nottingham. Even though it was a lot colder than Mojacar, the past few day’s humiliation concerning his naked ride on the Police car roof could now be forgotten. Upon entering his city centre hotel he immediately went up in the spacious glass lift to the fifth floor and used the entry card to enter what can only be stated, pure luxury. The room was a sumptuous lounge with two settees, a drinks cabinet, local paintings, seductive lighting and cleverly positioned mirrors to make the already large room look enormous. Leading off was a bedroom containing a king size bed with adjoining bathroom with glass showers and a sunken heart shaped jacuzzi !! However, Lionel was more intent in putting his suitcase on the bed. He pulled back the wardrobe door and sighed with relief as he spied the upright golf bag. As normal, it been left fully equipped with all the essential clubs. He quickly took them all out and reached back into the bag. The coldness of the gun barrel tube always took him by surprise, but he pulled the whole rifle out and then unzipped two side bags to reveal a telescopic gun site and a packet of silver coated bullets.

arranged fee of €10,000. His mission was to assassinate tomorrow morning the French Finance Minister who was arriving to meet some British Ministers to discuss a partnership to expand Nottinghamshire businesses in collaboration with those MUST COOK around Paris.

District 9

Cooking with Sharon Page 32

Having already selected his shoot position all he now needed to do was to blend in to his surroundings and tomorrow night go to the MUST READ old firm’s reunion.

On the day of arrival at this luxury hotel he had also booked himself into one of those budget ones and had bought a luggage case from the Argos store and walked in with this to make it all authentic. After the hit he would move back to the cheap hotel and put one case inside the other one. He also phoned Con from here and before hanging up told In no time at all Lionel had broken the gun her to take it easy and have a lie down. Con down and reassembled it at least a dozen took Lionel at his word and did this with times. The Russian Setalski had been a Ramos the next door’s gardener. marksman tool for the last three years or so Lionel slept very spasmodically and rose at and it’s efficiency was second to none. 5.30am and on checking over the gun As usual Lionel checked under the mattress fittings once more, he put the broken down The Time and found the work file. His instructions were pieces into a small valise and set off towards Wife clear and another envelope contained the the Grand Hotel. Page 38 BACK Issue 13



Page 29

He knew the Foreign Minister would arrive outside between 8.30am and 9.00am, so he carefully went up the stairs of the car park opposite and on the fourth floor found the small generator room. The day before he had managed to pick the lock and found that the room contained banks of electrical equipment and also a small window overlooking the hotel reception area.

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By 8.00am he had assembled the gun together and had skillfully removed the window and now was ready. He had trained himself to lower his heart rate and this he quickly managed to do. Suddenly, he saw a car arriving and the Minster’s bodyguards emerged looking all round them and the nearby buildings. His target exited the car and he moved the barrel out of the window and immediately had his victim in his sights. As his finger slid slowly over the trigger, the generator door burst open and armed personnel entered. He tried to quickly turn the gun on them but they fired at him repeatedly. The force of the bullets spun him round and he felt pain all round his stomach and upper torso. He slipped down the wall as people moved towards him. Lionel, upon waking, noticed he was covered in sweat and then began to wonder if he was still alive. Actually, he was and again he was in the budget hotel with last nights evening paper still by his side with the headline stating “French Minister arrives tomorrow for business talks”

Laurie Scott 7am to 10am

Carmel Langdon 10am to 11am

Paul Breen Turner 3pm to 7pm

What a relief it was for him to realize it was all a bad dream. He did phone Con and in conversation asked about whether to use next door’s gardener to tidy their garden up over the forthcoming Winter. Con said she would sleep on the idea.

You know it’s coming.... Why wait until the last minute? Book your advertising for the big event today! Contact us for details at: BACK

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It’s all Going on at

TRUST RADIO Part of the Trust M edia Group Live radio across the Almanzora Valley Almeria, Spain

Great Music 24/7 Bobby M

Bobby M

Listen online at Wednesday morning is Listeners Top 10 morning Do you have your favourite top 10? Email us with your list and a brief explanation If we play yout tunes then you win a bottle of Cava BACK Issue 13


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I was born in Watford, Hertfordshire. I attended Westfield School for Girls where I took a keen interest in Domestic Science. My interest in food has expanded and I like to cook different and interesting foods. I enjoy hosting dinner parties where my culinary skills are put to the test.

Spinach and Potato Stew- Espinacas y Patatas

Agua de Recipe


Want to Write The Recipe Of The Month In the next edition we are looking to feature recipes supplied by our readers. If you have something that you are particularly proud of feel free to submit it along with a couple of photos to


Page 32

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Freetime Spinach and Potato StewEspinacas y Patatas This is a simple dish which is very easy to prepare but nevertheless is tasty and wholesome. It is a bit of a cross between a soup and a stew and is good to serve as a starter. The recipe can use saffron but I find food colouring both cheaper to use and it also adds a little more colour to the dish. Prep Time: 10 minutes

COOKING WITH SHARON Agua de Valencia Recipe As the name suggests Agua de Valencia comes from the Valencia region. Apparently the history of the drink can be traced back to Café Madrid in Valencia in the late 1950s. It seems that a group of Basques who frequented the bar used to order "Agua de Bilbao". The owner, Constante Gil, suggested one evening that they try his home made cocktail, "Agua de Valencia", which he made up for them. Today it is a very popular drink on the Valencia bar circuit.

Cook Time: 1 hour


700g of fresh spinach 3 medium potatoes peeled and chopped into bite sized pieces 1 medium onion chopped 2 cloves of garlic 5 soup spoons of breadcrumbs a little saffron or alternatively 1 teaspoon of yellow food colouring 4 soupspoons of olive oil water salt and pepper

Preparation: For this recipe I use bags of spinach which have been previously washed and had all the necessary bits removed. If you don't use this make sure you wash it well and remove roots and so on. Drain the spinach, put it in a saucepan with some rock salt and cook for about 10 minutes.

The drink can be quite lethal so take it easy with the Cointreau and add plenty of orange juice. Some bars may add vodka or gin rather than Cointreau. We first made this drink when we were going for dinner with a few friends and family, many of whom didn't actually know each other. Everybody met in our apartment beforehand and we made Agua de Valencia as an ice breaker. Needless to say it did the trick and we were all good friends within a very short time.

Agua de Valencia ingredients: For approximately 1 litre/1¾ pints - 1 bottle of Cava – Spanish champagne - Orange Juice – freshly squeezed if possible but a carton works almost as well - Cointreau - Ice

Meanwhile put the olive oil in a deep frying pan and heat it. Then put the 2 cloves of garlic (uncrushed) into the oil and fry them gently till they go a golden brown colour. Remove them from the oil and keep for later. Add the chopped onion to the oil and again fry gently until the onion goes transparent - this should take about 5 minutes. Add the cooked spinach to the frying pan. Add the potatoes to the frying pan and cover the mix with water. Add the saffron or food colouring, the bread crumbs and the garlic which you should first crush. Check how the mix is for salt and add more if required, add some freshly ground black pepper and cover the frying pan. Cook this over a gentle flame for about 30 minutes until the potatoes are cooked. Serve in soup bowls with crusty bread.

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We have searched You Tube to find you a selection of entertaining, relaxing and generally great movie clips, Sit back click and enjoy!


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AllBites – La Alfoquia AllBites is very popular and its testimony to the quality of the

food that you will have to book a table on Friday evenings, warned you have very little chance of getting a table By Paul Matthews, be without booking, all the tables had names and times on them i.e. they were fully booked. The fish and chips are This is probably the best accompanied with either garden or mushy peas and side chippy in the area. AllBites salad. The fish is fresh, battered and fried beautifully. Bread is in the small town of La and butter is extra as are the drinks but a pint of larger will Alfoquia. Travelling from cost you 2 euro’s or a bottle of Conde Noble, red or white will set you back 3 euro’s which for table wine is very Mojacar up the E15 towards Murcia you take the slip road reasonable. The service is good and the waitresses were signed Albox. Follow the road towards Albox and at the pleasant and attentive. For four people all having the Friday moment there is a diversion through La Alfoquia because of special with drinks the bill came to just over 32 euro’s. Other choices on the menu include fried chicken which looked very appetising. There are tables inside or a court yard area outside that is covered by a thriving vine with healthy bunches of grapes hanging from it. The outlook from the court yard doesn’t have much to offer but the journey to La Alfoquia is worth it for the quality of food on offer. This has to be the best chippy in the area and I’ve been to them all so that in its self is recommendation not to be missed if you like your fish and chips. There is a new ten pin bowling centre with 12 lanes, Amigo’s Bowling, just up the road at Arboleas on the new road so if you want work up an appetite before heading to AllBites its’ just the job. They serve drinks and its air conditioned. For AllBites bookings Tel – 666 032 776 the new road which is being built which will bypass most of the small Towns and Villages, you will see AllBites on the left hand side of the road in La Alfoquia.

Until next time

AllBites is not only a chippy, it has a limited but good choice of main courses. Its mainstay is fish and chips and they are cooked to order. The restaurant offers a Friday Special of two main courses for 10 euro’s when producing the advert that can be cut out of the free news papers. BACK Issue 13


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The Mojรกcar Photo Gallery is all about you, it gives you the chance to add your favourite photograph on the pages of Mojรกcar Magazine To have yours included email us at This months photographs were kindly supplied by our readers.

Email your photos to


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The Mojรกcar Photo Gallery is all about you, it gives you the chance to add your favourite photograph on the pages of Mojรกcar Magazine To have yours included email us at This months photographs were kindly supplied by our readers.

Email your photos to

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Freetime I LIKE to think I'm fairly worldly wise as far as films go. Yep, I'm pretty sure I've seen most genres over the years. But I've never seen anything quite like this before. For District Nine is pretty much out there on its own. Yes, there are shades of Cloverfield in some of the means of story-telling. There are shades of a few other genres as well, including David Cronenburg-style horror.

Films & Books This extraordinary, magical novel is the story of Clare and Henry who have known each other since Clare was six and Henry was thirty-six, and were married when Clare was twenty-two and Henry thirty. Impossible but true, because Henry is one of the first people diagnosed with Chrono-Displacement Disorder: periodically his genetic clock resets and he finds himself pulled suddenly into his past or future. His disappearances are spontaneous and his experiences are alternately harrowing and amusing.

But none have managed to mix them all together into one The Time Traveler's Wife depicts the effects of time travel whole as coherent and riveting as this. on Henry and Clare's passionate love for each other with grace and humour. Their struggle to lead normal lives in the Edge of the seat' is the phrase you might use to describe it, face of a force they can neither prevent nor control is although it was actually more off the seat and running intensely moving and entirely unforgettable. alongside the main characters. Brilliant book would love to read it over and over, really nice District Nine launches you into a modern day South Africa love story I would recommend everyone to read it. I finished twenty years after an alien ship parked up over reading the book the other day and thought I would go see Johannesburg. the film as the book was brilliant. The aliens, called prawns because of their shellfish-looks, I would rate it 100 out of 100 but the film is a big let down. are holed up in a refugee camp which quickly becomes a They miss out loads of the characters and its not so real as slum. when you read the book, and they change the hole plot of how his mother dies not good. They miss the main stuff out These are not the mystical beings of Close Encounters or of the plot so really was not impressed worst film I have ET, but scavenging creatures who hunt through rubbish scene in a long time. dumps and eat cat food which they trade for from human crime rackets. Their lifestyle quickly earns them the wrath of I would rate that 2 out of 10 if that, as I built my hopes up the local populace who want them gone. after reading the book and it was rubbish, I don’t think I would of made any difference if I hadn’t read the book, but I The story is initially told in retrospect through news reels and would recommend everyone to read the book not watch the archive footage, and follows the central character Wikus van film. der Merwe's role in attempts to move the aliens to a new camp outside the city limits. But it soon mixes in standard story-telling as Wikus becomes infected by the aliens and is forced to seek their help to save him from the authorities he once worked for. You might be thinking cheesy b-movie at this point. Yes, the plot does sound like a recipe for a golden raspberry, rather than an Oscar. But the film's success is also because of its gritty realism. The aliens are incredibly life-like, and the environments are dusty, dirty, sickeningly so at times in the slums. You will feel dirty as you watch. You might even go home and have a shower. Well Worth A Watch! BACK

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If you have a club or society that you wish to advertise in Mojacar Magazine please email us details and we will add it Free of Charge Email details to: Oasis Christian fellowship Non-denominational services, 11.30am, Sundays. Victorias studios, Multicentro, Mojacar Playa. Contact 950 615 033 or 950 477 063

Religious Groups

The Evangelical Church, Turre ( Calle Ramon y Cajal (Opp.Superturre). English speaking, Sunday 11.00am for praise and worship with Sunday School. Parents and toddlers, Fridays 10.00am during school terms. Tel 950 092091

Iglesia Evangelica C/Hermanos Machado, 9 Ceuvas. Anglican Chaplaincy Spanish, translated into English. C of E morning servic 11am, Sundays 6.30pm. Contact Carmela Sunday, San Pascal Church, Agua 950 132 792 de Enmedio, Mojacar (4km after Hotel Indalo). Icar: Canon Hugh Kingdom Hall, Jehovah’s Broad. Contact: 950 478 432 or Witnesses Wed/Fri 7.30pm and Sun 11.00am. visit C/Olivia, 15 Vera (Opposite Lidl). Contact 677 857 920 Aquaviva, Albox English speaking Christian fellowship, Residencia Escolar, PAWS Autumn Fashion Show next to Urgencias, off Taberno October 10th 3.00pm at Road. Sundays 11am. Contact: Centro De Artesani, Mojacar 950 122 934 Pueblo

Roman Catholic Mojacar Village. Mass - Sundays and fiestas 12.30. Tues/Thurs/Sat 7pm. Priest 950 475 017

Church Services Opposite garden Garrucha/ra roundabout. services Sundays 11am.

Upcoming Events

centre, English

Health/Sports & Activities Mojacar Indalo Hash House Harriers - a family running group. HHH is a worldwide X country running club with over 2000 groups around the world. Meeting every 2nd & 4th Sunday of the month, For more information contact Steve 950 466 239 / 666 027 742 / ALBOX SCUBA DIVING CLUB -Meet every Wednesday at 8pm at the Travellers Inn in the conference room. INDALO Lawn Bowling CLUB Los Gallardos. Visitors are always welcome. Contact Dorene 950 472 227 WALK & WEIGH , Puerto Lumbreras . Interested in losing a few pounds? Join us on Tuesdays at 10.30. For Further information call 968 436 458 or 619 453 283 New fitness class - The Sunburn Arms - Piedra Ararilla Nr Partaloa. Thursdays at 3.00pm. Fully qualified Instructor. Beginners upwards. Bring own mat or towel. From Albox, 1km past ITV station, turn right then 1km on left Call 950 064 084 Mojacar Angling Club (MAC) Meet every wed for coarse fishing, sea fishing by boat by arrangement and organised beach fishing meetings are to be arranged in front of the Beachcomber Bar. Further information call John at the Beachcomber Beach Bar 950 473 099 Amigos de los coches clasicos del levante, classic car club. The club meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month at 3 p.m. in our club house in Aguilas. More information, tel 629 529 656, 968 419 256 email: FORUM GOLF SOCIETY plays organised friendly events every 2 weeks at local courses. Contact Phil Elam on 666 847840 /, or see ALBOX COMPUTER CLUB will still be holding their weekly meetings each Friday 4pm - 6.30pm at Kats Kitchen, Albox. Everyone welcome to come along see our web site BACK Issue 13

November 8th Annual Golf Tournament, Desert Springs Golf Course

Help Groups A.A. Alcoholics Anonymous Mojacar area. Meetings Tues & Fri 6.00pm. Contact 617 878 207

Animal Rescue PAWS-Patas Animal welfare. Shop in arcade by Santander bank, Mojacar Playa. Tues/Wed/Fri/Sat, 10.30-1.30pm. For info or help contact 678 490 216 or 678 490 235

Classes, Talks & Workshops Paint Your Own Pottery Every Mon, Sat Classes for children and adults alike at The Old Tavern, Mojácar playa from 11:00. Contact Debbie. Tel: 662 443 095. Ceroc, Jive and Latin Every Tue Dance workshops at Kimricks bar and restaurant, 21:15 every Tuesday. Contact Tracey. Tel: 687 251 799. Shokotan Karate Every Wed Classes for all levels at the Kimrick Bar, Mojácar Playa, every Wednesday at 20:30 and Saturdays at 11:00. Contact Roger. Tel: 617 987 254. Taekwon-do Club Every Mon, Wed, Sat Classes for all abilities, from age 4 upwards. Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Harmony Gym, Mojácar Playa. Tel: 670 381 839 / 950 475 403. Ballroom and Latin Dance Classes Every Tue, Thu Former professional competitor/teacher Steve Ashley will be giving beginners lessons commencing 19:30-22:00 at the Kimrick Bar in Mojacar Playa. Session €5. Tel: 637 546 559. Ballroom and Latin Dance Classes Every Mon Former professional competitor and teacher Steve Ashley leads this dance workshop for beginners every Monday at Bar Rosaleda, 19:30-22:00. €5 per session. Tel: 637 546 559.

Community & Social Events Alcoholics Anonymous Every Tue, Fri The Alcoholics Anonymous group of Mojacar meets every Tuesday and Friday in the Artesan Centre Fuente at 18:00. Tel: 950 828 523. British Legion Mojacar Every Thu The British Legion's members meet on Thursdays from 11:00 onwards in Kimrick Restaurant. Tel: 950 472 594. Dames in Spain Every Mon

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Freetime Markets and Craft Fairs

WHAT’S ON If you have an event that you wish to advertise in Mojacar Magazine please email us details and we will add it Free of Charge Mojacar beach, 20:00-22:30. Tickets €3. Contact Pamela Tel: 950 398 076. Sewing Circle Every Wed The club for sewing enthusiasts meets at Bella Vista from 10:30 every Wednesday. Contact Brenda or Sylvia. Tel: 950 390 426 / 950 472 967. Weightwatchers Every Thu Weekly Thursday meetings commencing 10:30 at the Truffi Bar, Mojacar Playa. Contact Kate. Tel: 666 224 501. Royal British Legion Every day New members always welcome. It is not necessary to have served in the armed forces to join. Regular social meetings with refreshments first Thursday of every month excluding July and August. Bella Vista restaurant, Mojacar Playa. Secretary Tel: 950 473 174. Dames in Spain Every Mon Meetings the third Monday of every month. Guest speakers, trips and days out as well as fund raising occasions. Membership for 20082009 of €12 now due. Join in the informal meeting at at Kimricks Bar Mojacar Playa at 11:00. Contact: Joyce Coleman Tel: 950 472 862. Singles Night Every Thu Over 21`s at Kimricks Bar, 20:00. Tel: 950 475 198. Mojacar Community Library Every Mon, Wed, Fri Community & Social Events Open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, Alcoholics Anonymous 11:00 to 13:00. Located in the Artisan multiEvery Tue, Fri purpose centre, lower level next to Tercero The Alcoholics Anonymous group of Mojacar Edad Bar/Cafe(senior citizen centre). Annual meets every Tuesday and Friday in the Artesan household contribution €12 and €10 for Seniors Centre Fuente at 18:00. Tel: 950 828 523. Dance Performances British Legion Mojacar Flamenco Every Thu The British Legion's members meet on Every Sun, Sat Thursdays from 11:00 onwards in Kimrick Traditional flamenco shows at Bar Restaurante Salomente, next to the Paws shop, every Restaurant. Tel: 950 472 594. weekend. Dames in Spain Annual Rare Soul Weekender Every Mon The Mojacar branch of Dames in Spain meets From: Friday, September 18, 2009 To: Sunday, at Kimricks on the third Monday of the month. September 20, 2009 Meetings begin at 11:00. Guests are welcome. Enjoy three nights of rare soul music and dancing. Tickets €35. Friday night 21:00 meet Contact Joyce. Tel: 950 472 862. and greet at the Continental Hotel. See website Pensioners' Day for full itinerary and booking information. Every Wed Day for pensioners with homemade specials Contact Dave. Tel: 950 591 874. Events & Festivals served at Arriba Café Bar. Tel: 950 615 591. Funky Monkey's Kids' Cinema Line Dancing Every Fri Every Mon Beginners and intermediate dancing at the Kids' films are shown every Friday night on the Kimrick (on road opposite Red Cross Building) 6x8 ft screen at Paseo del Mediterraneo 8 from 21:00. There are also board games,

Classes, Talks & Workshops Monday

Antas Nerja Huercal-Overa


Albox Almeria Cuevas Del Almanzora Los Gallardos

Wednesday Bedar El Ejido Lubrin Mojacar Pulpi Velez Blanco Thursday

Carboneras Cuevas Del Almanzora Lorca Olula Del Rio Roquettes De Mar Sorbas


Chirivel Garrucha Puerto Lumbreras Turre Zurgena


Aguilas Arboleas Velez Rubio Vera


Almeria Fines Oria San Juan De Los Terreros Vicar Villaricos


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Paint Your Own Pottery Every Mon, Sat Classes for children and adults alike at The Old Tavern, Mojácar playa from 11:00. Contact Debbie. Tel: 662 443 095. Ceroc, Jive and Latin Every Tue Dance workshops at Kimricks bar and restaurant, 21:15 every Tuesday. Contact Tracey. Tel: 687 251 799. Shokotan Karate Every Wed Classes for all levels at the Kimrick Bar, Mojácar Playa, every Wednesday at 20:30 and Saturdays at 11:00. Contact Roger. Tel: 617 987 254. Taekwon-do Club Every Mon, Wed, Sat Classes for all abilities, from age 4 upwards. Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Harmony Gym, Mojácar Playa. Tel: 670 381 839 / 950 475 403. Ballroom and Latin Dance Classes Every Tue, Thu Former professional competitor/teacher Steve Ashley will be giving beginners lessons commencing 19:30-22:00 at the Kimrick Bar in Mojacar Playa. Session €5. Tel: 637 546 559. Ballroom and Latin Dance Classes Every Mon Former professional competitor and teacher Steve Ashley leads this dance workshop for beginners every Monday at Bar Rosaleda, 19:30-22:00. €5 per session. Tel: 637 546 559.

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Contents How to Advertise in your... TELEPHONE All advertisers +44 1442 409 348 +44 07841 577240 ON LINE All advertisers email: BY POST Enigma Design and Marketing Ltd 18 Kingfisher Drive, Kings Langley Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire HP3 9DD England

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DEADLINE Please call or email for details

PAYMENT PAYMENT We accept PAYPAL, Sterling, Euros, Cheque's also International Bank Transfers


ified Advert Forwa rd With A Class Move Your Busin ess

Accounta nts Adult Ente rta i nme nt Air Condi ti oni ng Airport Pa rki ng Airports Archi te cts Arti cle s For Sa l e Ba ke ri e s Be d a nd Bre a kfa st Bookshops Bui lde rs Ca r Hi re Ca ra va ns & Ca mpi ng Ca rpe ntry Ca te re rs Chi ropra ctics Cle a ni ng Se rvice s Compute r & IT Curre ncy Ex cha nge De nti sts Dive Ce ntre s DVD & Vide o Re nta l Ele ctrici a ns Engl ish Food Shops Ente rta i ne rs

Esta te Age nts Ex cursions Fina nci a l Se rvice s Fitne ss & Gyms Flori sts & Ga rde n Ctrs Fly Scre e ns Fune ra l Di re ctors Furni ture Shops Ga rde n Se rvi ce s Gl a ss & W i ndow s Gol f Course s Gol f Equi pme nt Ha rdw a re He a lth & Be a uty Hire Shops Horse Ridi ng Hospi ta ls Insura nce Age nts Inte rpre te rs/ Tra nsl a tion Ke nne l s & Ca tte rie s Linge rie Locksmi ths Mobil ity Se rvi ce s Mortga ge Se rvi ce s Motor Me cha ni c

Accountants Asesoria Lopez...........950 393 071 Asesoria Torre.............950 472 748 Carlzorla Martinez.......950 479 137 Danniells Fox SL........ 950 478 617 Flores Montoya ..........950 132 577 Gecko Business Ser....617 611 140 Gestoria Soria Bonill....950 478 420 Mayor Consulting .......950 615 185 SR Accountancy ........685 248 999 Villalba .Asesores...... 950 431 720

S.R. Accountancy Offering a range of services including: Budgets, Profit and Loss etc and also completion of Non Resident Tax Returns For more information please email her or telephone her For more information please email

Opticia ns Oste opa ths Pa i nte rs & De cora tors Pa vi ng Pe rsona l Se rvice s Pe ts & Ve ts Photogra phi c Se rvi ce s Plumbe rs Pools & Spa s Printe rs/Gra phics/ li ne a ge Prope rty Ma inte na nce Prope rty Re nta l Re sta ura nts Roofi ng Sa te l li te TV Se cond Ha nd Shops Softubs Sol a r Ene rgy Sol ici tors Va n Se rvice s Ve ts Ve hicl e Re pa i rs Ve hicl e Sa le s W a te r Tre a tme nt W e bsi te De sign

Residence Certificates Company Formation Accounting Social Security & Tax Conveyancing Insurance Antonio J. Torres Ruiz

Tel: 950 472 748 Fax: 950 475 715

Calle La Fuente, 23 Mojacar 04638 (Almeria)

Adult Entertainment

Mojacar Cracker .........950 475 008 Lingerie Provocateur ...638 343 729

Tel: 685 248 999

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CD ELECTRICAL SERVICES Welcome on the erotic website of Maurice and Chantal. We are a very attractive couple, 48 and 27 years old, love the high art of the eroticism and realise our sexual passion authentically, without taboo and excessively. On our luxury, private finca at the Costa Almeria we organise regularly erotic parties, exclusive specials and arrange selected workshops. We offer an individual, erotic service for single women, men and couples. After appointment arrangement you can be spoilt by us in private, luxurious ambience. Of course house visits and hotel visits are also possible any time.


AC units supplied and installed (min 2 year guarantee). Servicing & repairs Fully Legal Company


Office: 662414043

Mobile: 617 410 534


Telephone 645 984 400

Air Conditioning


a better climate

Air Conditioning Specialists Top Quality Products at Competitive Prices

Attractive elegant lady fulfils your erotic wishes on her luxury, private finca near Mojacar

Telephone 669 101 316 Elegant Lady (30) fulfils your erotic wishes in her private finca, air con & Private Pool Tel: 69 101 316


€425 Want the best prices and great after-sales service? Call for a free quote - All work guaranteed & fully legal Tony: 647 247 494 Nick: 699 909 737 email:

Advertise your business in the areas leading classified section

Airports Alicante ....................966 919 000 Almeria......................950 213 700 Murcia.......................968 172 000

Airport Parking AA Parking ...............950 290 651 Park & Fly ................902 887 306


Excessive, insatiable couple (m42/f28 offer hot sex for women, men and couples (also house and hotel visits possible). Tel: 629 483 618

ABC..........................950 479 596 ACS Air Con..............685 742 840 CD Electrical .............950 064 504 Cool Outside .............606 194 945 Cool Solutions ...........600 621 436 Part of Solosolutions C.B. Group DJT ...........................686 817 945 D Match.....................950 472 947 DJT Air Conditioning....686 817 945 JW Airsat .................950 475 845 SPECIAL OFFER! MGM Electrical ..........950 467 227 HEAT / COOL Williams Electrical .....607 505 928 BEDROOM FROM One of the longest established installers in the area

BROA Studio ............950. 393 894 Aranda Martin ............607 983 810 Kaleidoscope .............610 981 805 Paula Puente .............610 433 001

Articles for Sale BANG & OLUFSEN 28 TV plus stand and remote control. Can be seen working. €65.00 Telephone Number: 661-956-173

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Hi everyone! We are "Espacio Abierto Arquitectos" an architecture studio based in a new concept of architecture placed in Almeria. We are glad to announce the possibility of prepare several projects "from rustic houses to the most actual concept you could think of! around Andalucía or the rest of peninsula. A young team made up of two experienced architects. In spite of our young age, we work hard with a very qualified team, looking for the most comfortable and artistic home for the British residents in Spain. Only with the full rigor of our job, with the love we put in each project, and the passion for our customers, we provide the best service for people who have planned to stay here in Spain, but only have an empty plot of land at the moment. Perhaps, actually is one of the best moments to make real your dreams of having your own house in Spain with most of the facilities you´ve ever dreamed... More info. "ask for an estimate without obligation" email: eaarquitectos@ymail com eaarquitectos@live com tlf- 605-060-170

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PLANCHA GRILL (Like 'George Forman') - as new, used once, no offers 25euros. Tel: 667 994 562 (NR.Albox) ELECTRIC SANDWICH GRILL - as new, used once, no offers - 15euros. Tel: 667 994 562 (NR.Albox) (19/06) GARAGE DOORS - double doors with access door on one side. 258 x 255 including framewith lock and keys. 150â‚Ź Tel. 663 053 460.

P.Morgan BUILDING SERVICES Extension Specialists

All types of roofing and repairs, patios, reforms, tiling, block paving and more... Building in Spain for 8 years

For a Professional Product call Peter on 950 132 793 or 687 814 358

Bakeries Claires Bakery ..........618 864 507 Dolce .......................950 475 178 The Pasty Shack....... 627 564 741

Bed & Breakfast Aljambra ...................950 064 332 Casa Amnarilla ..........950 459 671 Casa Los Arcos .........950 473 165

Plastering, Painting, Decorating Landscaping, Terracing New builds, Extensions Garden Design Renovations Swimming Pool Specialists Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing Gates, Railings and Rejas

Tel: 950 473 183 or 610 867 029

Car Hire

Casa Maria ................950 398 216 Roberts Nest .............687 233 795 Auriga ......................968 414 582 The Retreat ...............619 348 261 Smarty Paints ...........660 125 457 Travellers Inn .............950 523 762 Caracola ...................950 473 157 Crown Rent a Car ......950 478 976 Mo-Car ....................950 478 307 Mojacar ...................950 478 832 Bookworms................950 473 086 Celebrations...............950 475 366 Mar Y Sol..................950 475 174 Mojacar Learning Ctre.950 615 489 Movieland .................950 475 003 One Off Cards............627 046 789 Treasure Trove ...........950 618 812 The Word ..................950 479 438


Builders Guardia Vieja, 3 - Mojacar Playa Tel: 950 478 307 Fax: 950 475 030 Mobile: 626 976 973 or 670 722 666

Ace Construction........950 634 432 Aridos Mojacar S.L.....950 393 003 Andalucian .................950453 493 Ben Parfitt .................950 069 419 Cantoria Cstrn............950 064 368 Dry Lining...................950 618 767 Garden Slns...............950 468 145 Grandy Building ........ 950 458 887 John Blackmore .........950 449 068

Building Work Extensions Patios & Tiling Painting & Decorating BACK Issue 13

Amazing Long Term Rental Deals

Call Mi c k on 9 50 5 2 8 1 28 Or 6 63 3 0 3 3 50




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Commercial & Domestic Oven Cleaning

Phone For Special Rates

Wide Range of Vehicles

Cars Delivered to Almeria & Alicante Airports Vehiculos Entregados a los Aeropuertos De Almeria y Alicante

Diesels & Automatics Available Avda de Alm eria, 17 Bajo 04639 TURRE (Alm eria) Tel 950 468 004 From UK 00 34 950 468 003 E-m ail

Caracola ...................950 473 157 Crown Rent a Car ......950 478 976 Mo-Car ....................950 478 307 Mojacar ...................950 478 83

Almericar ..................950 234 966 Rucar .......................950 333 104 Tropicar ....................950 334 400 Andacar ...................950 468 003


Mike Robinson Kitchens Windows Internal or External Doors Pergolas Fitted Wardrobes Call Mike for a free quote or advice: 617 200 206 or 647 258 489


Specialists In all aspects Of carpentry and Autocad design Contact Darren on Mobile: 672 153 298 Kitchens & Bedrooms : Custom Made Cabinets Doors & Windows : Decking & Flooring Paving, Tiling & Painting

Fresco Services Our aim is to provide you, the customer with excellent value for money and a professional service Call: 950 133 968 CJ’s

Also Entertainment with CJ’sMobile DJ, Karaoke, Casino Nights

Guardian Angels Property Management Service is owned and run by Derrick and Carol Towlson and family who now live full time in San Juan de los Terreros and offer a comprehensive property management service tailored to suit your requirements TEL:950 466 396 or 950 466 239 or mobile 600 470 778 and 663 641 044

Property Management Keyholding Maintenance Inspections

Property Rentals Property Sales Advertising Airport Transfers

Upholstery Cleaning Sofas, Rugs, Carpets Mattresses, Car Valeting, Floor Polishing

Mobile: 627 635 519

Email: Ad’s Carpentry...........626 074 089 Bob Wain..................677 161 816 Carpentry by Paco.....950 615 517 Mike Robinson...........617 200 206 MJS..........................672 379 961 Simon Fisher ............670 514 731 The Woodworker .......950 528 779 Unicraft ....................692 176 069 Vida Desierto ............950 473 183 Vision Design ...........950 473 183 Wildwood Joinery........950 067011 BACK

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Cleaning Services A1 Services...............950 472 528 Ashby Property Svs....950 439 174 Clean Sweep..............950 398 820 D&D Cleaners ...........666 814 913 DcGc Options............950 472 837 KC Cleaning ..............651 850 974 Squeaky Clean ...........28 760 783 Waterless Car Cleaning 672 019 219 NEXT Issue 13

Do you feel like doing this to your computer?

From beginners to Advanced Individuals or small groups Internet & E-mail Word Processing Databases Spreadsheets Video calling & Skype

Before you do Call Tina on

& much more

COMPETITIVE RATES Most areas Covered Fully qualified IT Teacher with 12 years experience

Home Users & Small Businesses Computer Repairs Technical Advice Virus Cleaning TEL. 950 393 689 Mob. 661 575 543 E-Mail:

Support Networks Solutions Development Plaza Vulcano, No 13 Urb. Puerta de Vera, Vera (Next to Intermarche car park, facing the inside courtyard)

Wireless Networking Internet & Email Computer Upgrades Virus Recovery

BACK Issue 13


First Call Computer Solutions Setting up networks Anti virus protection Lost or damaged data restoration Computer teaching

Highly Qualified Professional Service Tel: 628 251 399 or 618 539 500 In Turre & Albox Tel: 950 479 502

Computer & IT

The Number 1 Computer Specialist with more than 5 years experience in the area, servicing the local community

To advertise in Mojacar Magazine Please email us on

Ciber Max.................649 516 903 Compleo Personal IT Centre.......................950 393 689 CYG..........................950 133 908 Digitek Mojacar...........950 472 191 DMM Web Design.......697 317 665 Enigma Design (Web Design) ....+44 1442 409348 Info Venus 2000 .........950 475 712 Mi PC........................950 633 015 Neosystems...............950 121 035 Premier Tech ...........950 064 2156

Currency Currencies Direct ........950 478 914 Money Corp ...............692 413 814 Money Exg ................950 324 243 Global Currency .........950 133 697

Dentist Clinical Dental............950 478 534 Clinica Dental Multi ....950 478 989 Nadal Perez ..............950 479 444 Perfect Smile teeth ....671 162 584 Valero Martinez..........950 132 047

Call Dani 678 490 639 950 615 174


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Williams Electrical

DVD & VideoRental Movieland...................950 475 003 Real Entertainment.....950 449 635 The Word................. .950 479 438 Total Entertainment.....950 615 596

Why not advertise your business on Mojacar Magazine email is on for details...

Based in Turre Established Since 1998 & Fully Legal All Electrical work undertaken, AntiSurge Protection, A/C Supply& Installation, Re-Wire, Ceiling Fans, Bathroom

Tel: 607 505 Email: Albox



A venida L epanto 2 4 B

Avenida de Almería 27

P as eo del M editerráneo

04800 Albox

04634 Turre

04638 Mojácar




totalalbox@ hotmail.c om

totalturre@ hotmail.c om

totalmojac ar@ hotmail.c om

Tel: 950 121 318

Tel: 950 468 295

Tel: 950 615 596

English Food Beer Emporium.........950 472 622 Mr UK .....................950 475 850 UK Shopping.............950 473 224


Clive Sarstedt .............950 398 825 Jesse Alonso .............600 303 070 Keith Night .................950 069 248 Mattis DJ ...................950 391 660 Molles Munecas..........950 133 806 Tom Lee ....................950 462 059 New Life ....................667 044 173

Estate Agents

Brendan O Dee.......... 950 069 264 Coastal Properties...... 950 47 5235 Captain Sunshine .........950618034 1st Choice .................950 472 002 Claire Stoner ..............608 928 123 Gatehouse Intern.........950 473 176

Electricians 24hr Home to Home ...968 419 374 ACS Multi Serv ..........950 591 895 Andrew Morrison........ 627 250 204 Andy .........................950 438 237 CD Electrical .............950 064 504 DJT ...........................686 817 945 Electro Torres ............950 472 898 Mark Cooke ...............637 974 662 Mick Groom ..............667 039 805 Suckling Elect ...........661 642 993 Wayne Powell............607 150 095 Knowles & Abt ...........650 137 208 BACK

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Price Brown...............950 478 915 Prime Properties ........950 475289 Veritas Homes...........950 472 430 Kevinspain.................950 064 464 Mojacar Estates..........950478 935 Mojacar Homes..........950 478 834 New One Stop ...........950 473 040 Polansky & Ass.........950 478 915 NEXT Issue 13

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Blevins Franks ...........965 705 502 Danniells Fox ............950 478 617 Mortgage Solutions ....950 472 032

CIMM .......................950 398 078 Offshore Investment....950 064 695 VFS Europe.............. 950 478 617

Professionally Qualified Estate Agents Over 20 years of service, Integrity & Sound Advice Excellent Range of New & Resale Apartments, Townhouses, Villas & Exclusive Developments. Holiday Rentals & Property Management Open Mon - Fri, 10am - 1.30 &4.30 - 7pm, Sat, 10am - 1pm

Mortgages Financial Services Tax and Accountancy Tel: 950 478 617 Fax: 950 475 029 Local 89, Parque Comercial, 04638 Mojacar, Almeria Specialist Mortgage Brokers, Regulated Independent Financial Advisors and Tax Accountancy Servive Providers in Spain


Email: Website:

MOJACAR PLAYA Next to Viva & Harrys Bar Tel: 950 475 403 Mob: 687 245 485

Office Tel/Fax: 0034 950460873 Mobile: 0034

Coastal Properties Mojacar 38 Multi Central Playa 04638 Mojacar Spain Tel: 0034 950 475 235 email:

Holiday Rental Management Property Management Property Maintenance Management of Long Term Rentals Property Management Refurbishment & Construction


The No Sweat workout, call us now for your FREE trial



Financial Srv

Mojacar Quad Treks...678 006 460 Anglo Spanish Finance 4 X 4 Tours ...............950 292 092 ................................686 257 481 Avalon Europe ....... ..966 799 070 BACK Issue 13

Open Mon - Fri, 8am to 5pm Saturday, 9am - 1pm Level 2, Parque Comercial, Mojacar Tel: 664 550 661 (Wheelchair & lift access available) NEXT

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To advertise in Mojacar Magazine Please email us on WHA TA DIFF ERE NCE 2W EE K S MAK ES!

CAN YOU SPARE HALF AN HOUR EACH DAY? Join Sophia Wellness Centre where you are GUARANTEED to loose inches! Use our gym for the next two weeks FREE OF CHARGE and see what a difference

Sol Passion Tanning studio Eyelash perming and tint SPECIAL OFFER now Half price... Eyelash extension in 30 minutes only 15€ Work full time or just board of sunbathing? We have Vertical and Horizontal tanning beds plus Sun Junkie Spray Tanning No streaks, No Orange effect just natural long lasting tan all over. Phone for the date of the next Botox clinic with Linda Gibson the original Botox practitioner for the area. Linda is exclusive to Sol Passion and has over 10 years experience. Free consultations available

It makes to your Summer! Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays - ANYTIME! Call for an appointment

H air & B eauty Therapy Available

TEL: 950449 451 Edif. Atalaya, Arboleas Village. Follow signs from Charter Supermarket just off the main N334 Arboleas

Florists & Gdn Ctrs Floresteri ..................950 344 169

Veveros Hortiflor ......950 478 985 Floresteria Lucia......950 479 496 La Glorieta ..............950 391 927

For more information call: 950 473 244 or 672 379 927 Gift Vouchers available JOIN ONE OF OUR FITNESS CLASSES WITH MANUELLA Fee per class is €5

California Fitness Centre EVERY MONDAY, WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY MORNINGS Circuit Training classes between 8am - 10.30am


Iron Art Group

Spinning, Pilate's and stretch tone classes Between 9.30am - 12.30 noon

Call California Fitness

950 618 882

Open: Mon - Fri 8am - 1pm 4.30pm - 10.30pm Sat 9am - 1pm, Sun: Closed

Turre Fitness Centre S.L, C/ Las Palmeras, 30, Turre Email: BACK

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(Vera) established for 20 years on the Costas email

Garden/patio furniture at wholesale prices. Gates, rejas, railings, gazebos, all your ironwork made to any size, design, colour etc and all powdercoated. El Real Industrial Estate, Antas Mon-Fr 10am-5pm Sat 10am-1pm

Tel 637 259 033 NEXT Issue 13

To advertise in Mojacar Magazine Please email us on Mister Screen............637 159 249 We Fit.......................950 475 419

Fly Screens

Lifestyle Enclosures Europe S.L.


Don't be beaten by the bugs!

English Luxury Pillows Bedding - Mirrors Soft Furnishings Comfortable Quality Furniture Furniture Packages Linen Packages Garden Furniture

Roller Fly Screens and Plisse door screens available, call for a no obligation quotation Lifestyle Enclosures Europe S.L. C/El Garcel 11, Pol. Ind. El Real, Antas 04628 Tel: 950 459 060 Mobile: 649 482 677

Purias (between Aguilas & Lorca) Tel: 678 083 491

Mosquito Blinds & insect screens. Pull Down, sliding & Plisse Blinds


ALL AREAS COVERED: 637 159 249 OR 627 780 394

Tony Justice Insect screens, Superior quality at affordable prices Pull down - Sliding - Plisse Full after sales service - net replacement and repair service Concertina security grills (ask about fire safe) Contact Tony: 637 159 249

Professional Tree Felling, Pruning, Strimming & Hedge Cutting Ring John on 950 163 930 or 616 855 294


Tel: 660 052 051


English Pine .............950 475 419 Furniture Mart ...........950 393 244 Homes and Beyond....950 132 458 Linen Store................950 475 419 Mac Night .................950 468 263 Stock X Change.........950 475 937

A Very Large Selection At Reasonable Prices Los Carasoles, Zurgena (on the main road to Albox) Tel: 950 104 272 Also at Viator Issue 13

Golf Courses Desert Springs ..........950 467 411 Marina Golf ...............950 133 235 Cortijo Grande ...........950 479 176 Valle De Est Golf.......676 256 923




Cristaliria.. ................950 475 376


El Pinar

Furniture Shop

Glass and Windows

24hr Casa serve .........950 466 438 Andalucian Con Co ....628 408 197 Cedar Landscapes .....620 112 193 Eco Gardens .............950 523 215 The Full Swing ..........950 459 009 Gardens 4 U............. 627 968 434 The Complete Golfer....950 472 376 Garden Centre Turre.. 950 468 157 Marcus Tuition ...........610 526 671 Garden Works ...........950 132 550 Gareth Edwards .........950 479 176 Greenfingers .............651 704 916 Tuition Valle De Est ....676 256 923 Ground Cover ............627 308 451 Iron Art .....................637 259 033


Funeraria Perez.........950 478 102 Funeraria Soriano.......950 410 413

Jardin Natural ............685 478 187 Jardin Rural ..............607 472 802 L & M Landscapes ....671 608 503 Lady Gardner ............950 619 227 Lasting Impressions ..661 985 319 Lucainena Living ........648 143 851 Madera Mania ...........667 562 872 Magic Garden ...........680 496 899 Mediterranean Gdns . 661 577 019 Potty Fincas .............950 163 930

Ferreteria Gonzalez......950 390 855

Ferreteria Longo ..........950 430 064 Ferreteria Lopez...........950 615 026 Ferreteria Mojacar........950 473 111

Health and Beauty Creative Nail Bar........950 475 403 The Emporium............950 472 790 International Hair.........950 475 452 Penthouse Studio.......950 475 915 Wacky Barber ...........667 961 645 Weight Watchers........666 224 501


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To advertise in Mojacar Magazine Please email us on

Hire Shops

Insurance Agents

Mojacar Hire ..............950 475 003 Abbeygate Insurance..965 745 097 Arroyo Investments.....950 449 158 Hire Shop ..................687 845 993 Asssa Insurance ........968 153 396 Axa ..........................950 478 763 Garcia & Trinidad .......950 120 340 Knight Insurance.........950 121 943 Desert Riders.............950 066 084 Lloyd & White.............950 478 598 Didi Arias ..................950 468 911 Mapfre ......................950 478 151 Sanctuary Limaria.......628 239 696 Mojacar Insurance.......950 615 037 Cortijo Grande ...........950 479 176 NRG Insurance ..........607 478 408 Valle De Est Golf........676 256 923 SOL Y Mar.................950 120 210

Horse Riding

Lessons & Trekking Livery & Loan All Ages & Abilities Welcome Excellent Rates BHS Qualified Partaloa Near Albox

Contact Erica 678 838 547

Insurance for Motor, Home, Medical/Healthcare, Travel, Pet, Marine etc.

Pre-paid funeral plans - pay today’s prices, lump sum or instalments.

All policies and scedules with 24 hour Telephone Assistance. We arrange Residencias/NIE Numbers, Translation & Passport Renewals. Please give Richard or Nigel a call or pop in for more information. Phone: 950 120 210 Fax: 950 121 018 Mobile: 654 590 258 Web: Email: Avenida 28 de febrero, 16 Bajo, Albox-Baza Road, nr BP Garage

We’re with you for ... Motor, Home, Business, Marine, Funeral Plans, Pets, Travel, Health, Community, Claims Assessing, Pensions, Savings & Investments, Inheritance Tax, Retirement Advice, and Life

WE’RE WITH YOU FOR LIFE Services: Riding Lessons Summer Pony Camp Livery Pony Club Dressage Overnight Stays Trekking Stud Services Tack & Riding Accessories Shop

El Saloon

Tel: 950 069 312 M: 687 792 655

Kennels & Catteries Country Kennel ...........950 473 011 Five Bone Hotel ..........930 234 556 K9 .............................950 168 015

Bar & Restaurant Special Offers each and every weekend Follow A1201 Guazamara - Pulpi or A350 Huercal Overa - Pulpi, then follow the signs to the Centro Hipico, alternatively please visit our website for location maps

To make reservations call Irene (Hipica) Tel: 691 241 878 Wendy (Restaurant) Tel: 665 731 798 Email: BACK

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The 5 Bone Hotel, Turre Tel: 630 234 556


Parque Commercial Mojacar Legs and Co based in Mojacar Playa, in the Costa Almeria, Spain are now able to provide all your UK High St Branded Lingerie, Swim wear and clothing here in Spain

Can Can ....................950 472 396 NEXT Issue 13

To advertise in Mojacar Magazine Please email us on


Peter Dowling

24 Hour .....................666 949 213 Larry .........................667 244 022

I am an independent, local handyman who can do a variety of jobs, in all of which I take great pride. I am a professional painter and decorator. I am reliable and carry out a professional job to the highest of standards. I have 18 years’ experience. I have a “residencia” and I am legally registered to work here in Spain

Mobility Services Mobility Matters.........950 615 432

Mortgage Services

Interior & Exterior General Property Maintenance

Wall Tiling and Carpentry

Danniells Foc S.L. .....950 478 617 IMS ..........................968 419 650 Mark Poole ...............659 033 903 Mortgage Solutions ...950 472 032 Positiva Property .......950 617 611 Spanish Home Direct .607 554 984

Spanish & UK Mortgages Re-mortgages Equity release Life Time Loans Pension Mortgages NIE numbers & Bank accounts arranged

Painting And Decorating

Please call for a friendly service and a FREE no Mobile: 6475 878 46

Apdo de corres 323 04620 Vera, Almeria

Mortgage Solutions Spain Paseo del Mediterraneo, 4 Mojacar Playa Specialising in Interior & Exterior Decorating Textured Spray Finish (Gotele) For a free quote call Chris on

Tel/Fax: 950 472 032 Mobile: 607 702 694 UK: (0044) 1305 776311

Tlf: 677 535 944 Or email

Motor Mechanic

Pets and Vets

Albox Service Ctre......950 431 600 Berbel Oller ..............950 121 123 Taller Daydo .............950 459 116 Central Motors...........950 959 489

Derek Smith................950 468 041 Clinica Veterinaria......950 472 252 Knowles and Abbot......950 137 197 Centro Veterinaria.......950 475 213 Mojacar Plumbing........607 356 520 EUROPA CLINICA VETERINARIA



Sol Y Agua ................638 574 145 Pedro Suarez .............950 478 786 Real Covers ...............950 478 763

Multi Opticas ............950 472 285 Optica Villazer...........950 472 783 Optica Mahis ............950 390 777 MULTICENTRO PLAYA 43 (Mojacar)


TEL 950 472 262 URGENCIAS 629 099 921

John Morgan...............666 157 942 Enreque Arias ...........950 472 974


Painter/Decorator Associated Painters....677 046 624 AJ Painting ................687 024 884 Borders Painting .........687 661 807 Eurodec .....................667 238 273 Futura Espana ............950 615 338 In and Out ..................950 619 119 JPM ..........................627 090 422 No Need to Paint ........658 087 966 Peter Dowling.............647 587 846 Phil the Painter ..........671 227 259 SOS Painting .............651 500 670


Interior & Exterior Painting to the highest standard Specialist finishes: Stipple, Rag-Rolling etc. Calle Irlanda Mojacar


678 997 361


BACK Issue 13

Piscinas Octopus We are the true Professionals for all your Swimming Pool & Spa products. Maintenance & Servicing Specialist Avenida Lepanto 25, Albox Tel: 950 121 927 Emergency: 666 223 295 NEXT

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To advertise in Mojacar Magazine Please email us on

Mojacar Holiday Srv....950 478 832 Rent Mojacar.............950 615 042 The Property Shop ....950 475 241 RLT Properties ..........950 615 042 Real Services ...........950 475 779 Susanas Properties....649 759 053

For Over 7 years supplying Highest Quality Construction, re-tiling & Maintenance, Jucuzzis, Patios & Multi Jet Plunge Pools For a free consultation and quotation Call 950 069 288 / 610 346 725 or 661 508 776


Apartment and beautiful sea view, Swimming pool and garden 300m to blue flag beach

Coastal Properties.......950 475 235 Complete Holiday Care .................................950 478 612

should need, Air-con/Heating, Sky TV (BBC1, 2 and 3 plus ITV 1,2,3 plus Channel 4), stereo, DVD, microwave, washing machine, fridge, iron, etc. Two Bedrooms, 1 dbl, 1 Twin, nicely furnished lounge/dining area. Mountain views from balcony on Lounge and double bedroom. Sprb restaurants and bars within walking distance.No children

This is a lovely apartment Situated in Turre. A Typical Spanish village, only 5 min by car to the Resort and Beaches of Mojacar and the under 10 or pets. fishing port of Garrucha. Our Email: apartment is newly built and provides everything you

Two adjacent 2 bedroom apartments in MOJACAR PLAYA. Available to rent separately or together We present two modern adjacent ‘ two bed’ apartments, located in a tranquil position, situated less than a 5 minute walk from the beach, restaurants and bars. The apartments boast spectacular sea views, and are set around a private pool, shared by a small number of residents.

Mojacar Long Term Rentals We have properties that you can rent in and around Mojacar for Winter, Summer and all year round! Coastal Properties.......950 475 235 Complete Holiday Care ..................................950 478 612 Elite Property Srv .........697 532323 Espagna Homes .........950 466 044 Holiday Homes ...........950 120 210 Mojacar Estates .........950 478 935

A well appointed, privately owned, modern 2 bedroom apartment within walking distance of unspoilt sandy beaches with superb swimming pool. With 2 bedrooms, a double with queen size bed, and a triple with single and double beds, newly furnished and air conditioned it accommodates 5 in comfort. Full bathroom, kitchen and living room with satellite TV and UK channels, the garage parking is on the same level as the apartment, and there are lifts to all floors. Contact Lynn on +44(0)1609 748468 or

Linnitt Properties Management and Services, S.L.L * Property Sales and Rentals * Property Maintenance and Cleaning Services * Insurances * Building Services Almeria, no 78 (Turre) Tel: 0034 9504 79054 BACK

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‘Alcazaba apartments’ offer a unique combination of peaceful seclusion and outstanding sea-views. Its desirable location means that the apartments enjoy full sun on their terraces morning till night. A factor that, together with Mojacar’s unique all-year round sunny climate, makes it extremely attractive to those wishing to benefit from the winter sun. The complex is small in size and commands an elevated position, with only 31 apartments sharing its private pool, which makes for a more private environment within which to holiday, as opposed to a large complex with a number of apartments sharing one pool facility.

For more details or to check availability call Adrian/Karen on 020 8715 0399 or Kevin/Karen on 020 8407 1058, or visit; NEXT Issue 13

To advertise in Mojacar Magazine Please email us on Lua............................950 472 224 Lykes........................950 478 736 Mediteranio................950 472 268 Mesa.........................950 472 948 Old Tavern.................950 478 958

These newly built and furnished apartments which are just a 5 minute walk from the beach, bars and restaurants. Our apartments all have 2 bedrooms sleeping up to 4/5, bathroom, kitchen and lounge diner with large balconies overlooking the 3 swimming pools 3 toddler pools landscaped gardens, tennis court, fantastic sea views. The kitchen is fully equipped. All apartments have a TV, dvd player, radio/cd player ,SKY tv and safes. Email:

Coastal Properties Mojacar

The Palacio................950 472 208

38 Multi Central Playa 04638 Mojacar Spain Tel: 0034 950 475 235

Res Algeria................950 615 064


Ramo Del Limon.........950 472 659

Restaurants 22 Restaurant ............950 473 058 Asador Ayerbe............950 472 951

Holiday Rental Management Property Management Property Maintenance Management of Long Term Rentals Property Management Refurbishment & Construction

Bistro Breton.............950 478 008 Bar Esencia.............. 666 710 124 Beachcomber.............950 473 099 Bengal Palace ...........950 615 181 Casa Egea ................950 472 190 Café Sol.....................662 258 822 Cowboy Cocina9.......9500 472 924 Gala’s ...................... 669 813 418 Harrys Café Bar..........950 478 439

Restaurant Sur...........950 615 437 Rusty Nail Bar............950 472 786 Pizuela.....................950 615 524 Sitio Bar....................687 265 518 Smugglers.................687 489 145 Solo .........................950 475 389 Sotovoce ...................950 475 739 Tabern Pacifica...........950 634 533 Tlk of The Town..........678 661 850 The Irish Rover...........950 472 664 Café Lala .................950 473 128 El Palacio..................950 472 846

Kimrick .....................950 475 198 La Cabana..................950 615 179

Taking a different view in rentals Telephone +34 950 473 183 Avenida del Mediterráneo, 363 - 04638 Mojacar - Almeria - Spain

“Rent with Confidence” Holiday Rentals Short and Long Term Lets Property Management We specialise in the beautiful area of Mojacar in the province of Almeria, with Europe’s sunniest climate. T: (0034) 950 615 042

BACK Issue 13



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B ar E sencial

CR Comida Rapida CR Fast Foods, Cooked by ba Qualified Chef at affordable prices Open 7 days from 12pm to very late eat in or takeaway Find us next to Price Brown on the beach Choose from our delicious varied menu, check for daily specials!



Choose from our tasty range of burgers served with chips and a choice of side order. Mojacar Southern Fried Pizza Burger Greek Burger Cowboy Burger Minty Lamb Burger

Succulent Kebabs Chicken Tandoori Vegi kebab Falafel & Salad

INDIAN & THAI CURRY All served with basmati rice or chips

THE CHIPPY KIDS MENU Cod Gougons Roe & Chips Pukka Pies & Chips

PIZZAS Try our Kebab Pizza

All served with a drink & ice cream, just 5 euros!

Telephone orders

647 820 991

Live Music see the board

To advertise in Mojacar Magazine Please email us on

“the only real pub in town” Table Football All sports showing Coming soon... The largest selection of Vodka in Mojacar Open all week until late, except Mondays Parties Catered for Cal 667 805 880 email

Downstairs on the seafront below Crown Rent a Car Menu of the Day & Night Choice of 7 starters Main Courses

es Cours able Avail rately se p a



3 Course Multi Choice

Vegetable stir fry with Pineapple & Sweet Chilli Sauce with Rice or Chips Southern Fried Chicken Breast & Coleslaw with Chips or Salad Pork Steak with Peas & Chips or Mash or New Potatoes & Gravy (Yorkshire Pudding - extra 1€) Liver & Bacon, Mash or Chips, Fried Onions & Gravy (Mushy Peas, Peas or Baked Beans - extra 1€) 3 x Sausages (or battered) Chips or Mash, Baked Beans or Peas & Gravy Freshly Battered Fish & Chips (Mushy Peas or Baked Beans - extra 1€) Chef’s Salad of the Day (Vegetarian or not so) In addition to this w e also have a full m enu including

Choice Of 6 Desserts

Chicken Curry, Mixed Grill, Steaks, Wraps, Sandw iches, Burgers, Breakfasts, Salads, Jacket Potatoes & so m uch m ore!

3 Course Sunday Lunch - Only 12.00€ BACK

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NEXT Issue 13

To advertise in Mojacar Magazine Please email us on

SUNDAY’s Roast Served All Day 2 Course: €11 3 Course €13.50 Vegetarian Menu

618 539 500 / 950 472

Open 7 until late Closed on Tuesdays

Mojacar Playa, Next to Mojacar Homes Tel:950 472 944 There are some great bars and restaurants in Mojacar all which offer great value for money and a wide variety of food. There are times though when you want to ‘Grab and Go’. Here at Super Polo we offer a fantastic alternative. We have a wide range of pre prepared meals that offer great value for money and tongue tingling tastes. On offer we have for example: Spaghetti, Lasagna, Fish Salad, Tuna Salad, Roast Lamb, Roast Chicken, a wide variety of Fish, Roasted Vegetables, Paella, Curry’s,and a delectable choice of puddings. We also offer a variety of tasty set meals.

BAR ISABEL Typical Spanish Mediterranean Menu Menu del Dia

Sea Views

All you need in most cases is to microwave or oven cook. In addition to this we offer vouchers that enable you to earn great gifts.

Super Pollo

Mojacar Playa Tel: 950 475 941

Excellent Choice, Excellent Value & Excellent Taste

BACK Issue 13


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To advertise in Mojacar Magazine Please email us on

syedpur Multi-choice Menu of the Day Inc. Glass of wine or beer: Lunchtime €10 Evening, €12

Indian Cuisine

Now Open Sundays 6pm -12, 7 days a week Booking Recommended Call: 950 120 606 Take Away Available

Friday & Saturday evenings: Steak Dinner Special, €25 per couple 2 sirloin steaks with vegetables & potatoes Including a bottle of house wine Traditional Sunday Lunch with choice of roasts: 1-3pm, 3 courses €13.50, 2 courses €10.95 A la Carte & Lunchtime Snack Menus always available Open Tues-Sat: 12-3pm, 7pm-late & Sun:1-3pm Closed Sunday evening & all day Monday Tel: 950 478 186 or 667 701 424 Under the New management Of Sharon & Nick

Tel: 950 475 457 New Delightful Spanish & English Menu

Open lunchtimes from 11am Sundays 12.30 - 3.30 Evenings, Thurs - Sat, 7.30 - 10.30 Closed Wednesdays BACK

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Menu del Dia - €8.50 Drinks & Snacks Breakfasts A La Carte

Mojacar Playa, In Harmony Gym Square NEXT Issue 13

To advertise in Mojacar Magazine Please email us on


Van Hire

Vehicle Sales

ARC Roofing .............950 618 767 AA Cargo ...................950 064 778 Jim ...........................950 069 041 Bell Removals ............687 231 423 Osprey Removals .......627 221 256 Howard ......................968 110 031 ODP Services ............608 238 775 Cuevase.....................950 523 740 Indalo Van Man ..........678 490 294

Satellite TV

Dmatch .....................950 472 947 Enti Sat ....................950 064 609 Europa Sat ................950 133 233 J & A Multi Serv .........667 292 227 JW Air Sat ................950 475 845 Skystars ...................687 042 335 Solo Sat ....................699 909 737 Tel Air .......................950 393 116

Vehicle Repairs Albox Service .............950 431 600 Central Motors ...........950 393 776 Crash Repairs ............950 478 934 Mojacar Motors ..........950 478 335 Talleres Azor .............950 478 519

For Information


on Advertising

SolyAgua ..................950 139 573

please email us

Solar Energy Alternia .....................950 475 876 D Match ...................950 472 947 Teletek .....................950 459 007

06 Renault Megan Scenic 1.9 Dci, a/c, cd, low km’s........................18,999€ 05 Ford Galaxy Tdi, 130bhp, metallic blue, cd, a/c............................16,999€ 04 Hyudai Santa Fe in blue, a/c, 4 x 4................................................14’999€ 06 Peugeot 307 sw 1.6Hdi Est, black, a/c, cd...................................13,999€ 07 Peugeot 207, in silver, a/c, cd, low km’s.......................................12’999€ 05 Citroen C4 1.6 Vtr automatic, Cd, a/c, metallic blue...................12’999€ 04 Saab 9-5, 2.0 Turbo, a/c, cd, leather, met. merlot..........................9,999€ 03 Nissan Primera 2.2Di Visia, hatchback, cd, silver........................9,999€ 04 Renault Laguna 1.9 Dci Express, a/c, cd,......................................9,999€ 03 Ford Focus Estate Tddi 1.8, a/c, Metallic Silver...........................8,999€ 03 Citroen C3 1.4 Hdi, a/c, cd, white...................................................8,999€ 03 Citroen C5 2.0sx Hdi Est, cd, a/c, metallic silver..........................8,999€ 04 Seat Ibiza1.9 Sdi Stella, a/c, metallic silver...................................8,999€ 07 Ford Ka 1.4, a/c, cd, low km’s, metallic grey..................................8,999€ 03 Ford Focus 1.8 Tdci Estate, a/c, red..............................................8,999€ 98 Chrysler Voyager 2.4 LX, automatic, metallic grey.......................7,999€ 03 Ford Focus Est 1.8 Tddi, air con in blue........................................7,999€ 05 Fiat Punto Activa, a/c, cd, metallic silver, low km’s........................7,999€ 03 Opel Astra 1.7Dti Est. a/c, cd, white...............................................7,999€ 01 Opel Vectra 2.0 Tdi Elegance Est, a/c, cd.....................................6,999€ 95 Jeep Cherokee 2.5 Diesel, a/c, alloys............................................5,999€

Our stock list is constantly changing.

Call us for an up to date list and ask us about our bargain basement!


Solicitors Alonso & Haro ...........950 392 208 Angelas Morale...........950 478 984 Casas Almeria ...........950 134 434 Davies Solicitor...........950 472 775 Ruiz Orozco ..............950 390 282 Saugar Aboga........... 950 615 038

or call us


Auto Refinishing

Crash Repairs

Over 20 years' experience


Panel Beating Spraying Welding Re-Sprays

For a FREE quotation call Jim on 650 617 595 or 950 478 934

Albox Service Centre Diagnostics Brakes Tyres


Repairs Servicing

Workshop Tel: 950 431 600 Mob: 662 093 051 Matriculations/Transfers: 620 474 919 BACK Issue 13

Quality Service all the way From our highly trained mechanics to our courtesy lift home. Collection and Delivery Service Vehicle Air Conditioning Available Open: Mon-Fri: 9am-7.30pm Sat: 9am-2pm

We are here

Fiat CM Opel Renault

Plaza De Toros


Office: 950 393 776 NEXT

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To advertise in Mojacar Magazine Please email us on Albox Centre .............950 431 600 Almeria Engines.........950 069 213 Autocorner ...............950 069 198 Coastal Cars ............950 459 136 Mojacar Motors......... 950 472 056 Nissan .....................950 430 856 Premier Autos ...........666 160 692

Vets Astrid .......................950 472 252 Costa Indalo .............950 475 213 Egestra Centro .........950 411 208 Europa .....................950 132 200 Veravet ....................667 304 876

CLINICA VETERINARIA MOJACAR Astrid Schroder, Veterinary Surgeon Paseo Del Mediterraneo, 313 Tel: 950 472 252 / 629 099 920 Emergencies: 629 099 920


The Perfect Job....? Perhaps We are looking for some sales people to sell both Simply Mojacar and Mojacar Magazine. You will need to be self motivated and have a desire to succeed.

Please make an appointment

There are no set hours, no set targets just an opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people in a relaxing holiday atmosphere. NEXT

You will need a vision though and that vision will be to promote and market our

Water Casa Rusticas ...........950 469 620 Piscinas Octopu ........950 121 927 SolyaAgua ................950 139 573 Pele Tek ...................950 459 007 Water Solutions .........950 615 200



portfolio of ground breaking products to people in Mojacar. If you are interested and have the time on your hands why not drop us a line and tell us a bit more about yourself. The pay? We offer a great commission structure and an opportunity to work with some very dedicated people. BACK

Page 60

NEXT Issue 13

Min and Motors To advertise in Mojacar Magazine Please email us on



Train Tracks & Rubber. It’s getting cold. Summer is leaving quickly upon the autumn winds that now pre-herald the promise of winter frosts, snow and ice. What I should be doing is test driving a nice warm sensible car that would reflect this changing season, a motor that would give you safe passage through the dangers of driving through mounds of fallen brown and yellow leaves that cling to the roads like a second skin. A motor that has all the mod cons like a heated front screen so you don’t have to get your hands cold scraping the ice off, instant air controlled heating to warm your cockles quickly on a frosty morning, heated leather seats that make you feel like you are sweating on a tropical beach, huge big fat tyres that can get you through any type of terrain... In fact only an idiot who has a choice of most of the latest mainstream motors to choose from would consider anything else. Why would you want to?

Forget the fact its stunning to look at with its sexy curves. Forget the fact that the rubber that keeps you on the road only improves the shape of the back end to remind you of certain female pop stars, it’s just that sound that lets you know that this is going to be one hell of a ride. It did not disappoint!

With the dark nights and cold air who would want to feel this up front and personal? Some plonker with an inflated sense of a macho ego? A right show off who is secretly concerned with what others think of him so must take everything to the extreme? Or perhaps just an adrenaline junkie? Ok it’s obviously me and surprise surprise I have not chosen a sensible warm motor. In my defence I was going to in fact there were two that I was trying to decide from which of course will now come along later but I was having a wander The acceleration is just ludicrous coming out of a 600cc around whilst waiting for my old van to have its mot when I engine and I was taking it easy to start off with as I had never ridden a Ninja before. This thing is so well balanced you strolled past the Kawasaki dealer. may as well be on train tracks. Whatever corner I took Now you know I am a sucker for a nice bike. Ok I am a regardless of speed it just sucked it up tearing away at the sucker for most bikes so when I was confronted with a green tarmac. I would love to say it’s because I am such a good and black beauty in the window I wandered in for a closer rider but the bike really does have to take the credit. look. There it was all shiny and new and I knew it would be a I ran up a happy 40 miles with a constant smile on my face stupid thing to ride out as it’s already getting distinctly chilly then returned it to the ever hopeful salesman who of course but when the salesman, convinced by the look in my eye that didn’t get the sale he wanted and was a bit shorter on fuel for he had a sale, offered me a test ride I just couldn’t say no! my test ride. They even lent me a helmet and jacket to play...the poor soul I cannot express how good this bike really is and if you like must have thought he had a sale in the bag. sports bikes then go and try one. I was so impressed with it I have gone out and bought one. Its nine years old but is new It’s a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R. enough to give the same thrill and ride so is testament to the I knew it was going to be good as soon as I started it up. build quality and engineering of these fantastic toys! The engine has that superb high pitched whine that you only find on a high powered sports bike. BACK Issue 13


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INSURANCE POLICIES for house, motor, pet, travel, marine, healthcare etc. DOCUMENTATION SERVICES i.e. Passport renewals, Residencia Certificates / NIE Numbers, Nota Simple’s etc. TRANSLATIONS – verbal, written or telephone plus hospital visits and emergencies. PERSONAL OFFICE SERVICES including photocopying, faxing and mailbox services. FOREIGN CURRENCY EXCHANGE, with Global Currency Exchange Network, making your currency work harder for you PRE PAID FUNERAL PLANS PROPERTY RENTAL + Management and Maintenance Services including painting, decorating and general maintenance PLEASE NOTE WE OFFER CREDIT/DEBIT CARD PAYMENTS FOR ALL OUR SERVICES WITH NO SURCHARGES

WANT TO RENT OUT YOUR PROPERTY? PLEASE CALL US NOW, WE HAVE CLIENTS WAITING Phone: 950 120 210 Fax: 950 121 018 Mobile: 654 590 258 Website:


Avenida 28 de Febrero, 16 Bajo, Albox 04800, near BP Garage, next to the pot shop BACK

Page 62

NEXT Issue 13

New One Stop

Tel: 950 473 040 Fax: 950 472 412 Paseo del Mediterraneo 1 33, Mojacar Playa, 01 638, Almeria

Pretty central first line penthouse With 40m terrace & store room 2 double bedrooms, 1 bathroom lounge/diner with marble fire place Air-con Hot & cold & fitted kitchen With Lift, 1 minute walking to amenities In immaculate condition, ready for occupation PRICE:…………………..124.950€

Light and airy ground floor Apartment close to beach 2 double bedrooms, 1 complete bathroom Good size Terrace, fully fitted kitchen + white goods with a communal large pool and garden Easy parking next to the property, comes furnished minute walk to all amenities Bars & restaurants Price before reduction was 150.000€ PRICE…106.000€

Los Atalayones, brand new Apartment 2 double bedrooms, 1 full bathroom 35m terrace with nice sea views complex with 3 pools & tennis court Private allocating parking space Fitted wardrobes, complex with lift 2 minute walk to all amenities. Store room to buy optional if needed REDUCED:……………...132.000 €




large Country house 170M built On flat plot of 3.700M with nice views 4 double beds & 1 complete bthroom

2 double bedrooms, 2 baths luxury apartment 79m² south east facing & very sunny all day spacious living/dining room 24m fully fitted Large 39m² sun terrace with open sea views 18M Private secure locked Garage Large communal swimming pool & garden Sold fully furnished & A/C REDUCED :…….… 139.000 €

2 beds, 2 baths luxury Golf apartment Large fitted & equipped kitchen Large front terrace of 20m² sea views Fully central A/C hot and cold 2 Communal pools & garden. Fantastic open sea and golf views Easy parking & close to amenities BARGAIN:…………110.000€



possible to put 2nd bthroom fullyfitted kitchen with white goods space for a large pool if needed Large size garage of 70M Mains water/electric & Telephone BARGAIN:…….…135.000€ . REF.014 - PUERTO LUMBRERAS BACK Issue 13


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Polansky & Assoc. Est. 1969 The very first, and most recognized real estate developer, property  consulting agency, and land developer; in Mojacar.

“Over 35 years of excellence in Mojacar.” Sale enquiry call: 950-478-086 or call our mobile at: 600 97 80 24

PRICES LIKE 5 YEARS AGO! Yes it's true, Just look at these incredible buys Garrucha Apartment

Mojacar-Bella No:1

Price 135.000 Euros O.N.O. This apartment has three large bedrooms, two bathrooms, large salon, kitchen installation includes both gas and electric appliances with a nice brand new granite worktop. Located close to both public schools, shops, church, and everything you need. Its location is VERY secure and safe as the Guardia Civil police station is at the base of the hill. Outside parking also available. Central heating and AC just recently installed. Only 4 blocks away from the playa - walking distance to the beach.

Price - 105.000 Euros - including IVA, Notario and Registration 2 gigantic Bedrooms and large Salon 2 Bathrooms Fully Furnished

CHIQUI APARTMENT 343 meters from the Sea Spacious rooms-completely furnished - fully fitted Kitchen Price-115.000 Euros - 75% Mortgages Including-IVA, Registration and Notario BACK

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4 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms

Air-Conditioned, BBQ, Dishw asher, Garden, HiFi / Radio Near Beach Near Golf Private Pool Sea View s Solarium Terrace/Balcony TV Washing Machine Very Spacious Traditional Detached Villa situated close to all amenities accommodating 8 people, the property has 3 double bedrooms w ith air conditioning, fully equipped kitchen, dining room, 1 full bathroom, circular lounge w ith direct access to private terraces of large pool and garden area, access to large roof terrace, also there is a self contained 1 bedroom apartment w ith full bathroom and air conditioning

Accommodation for 8

2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms Accommodation for 4

2 Beds 1 Bathroom

2 Beds 2 Bathrooms

Air-Conditioned Communal Pool HiFi / Radio Near Beach Near Golf Satellite Smokers Terrace/Balcony TV Washing Machine

Communal Pool Dishwasher HiFi / Radio Near Beach Near Golf Satellite Sea View Smokers Terrace/Balcony TV Washing Machine

APR09 – Detached Villa – 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Swimming Pool, Covered Terrace, Satellite TV, Air Conditioning, Long Term Rental €650 per month plus bills, No Pets, No Smoking

APR22 – Apartment – 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, Communal Swimming Pool, Secure Underground Parking, Close to Beach, €350 per month plus bills, No Pets, No Smoking, No Children

APR12 – Detached Villa – 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Swimming Pool, Satellite TV, Air Conditioning, Long Term Rental €800 plus bills, Holiday Rental €450 per week, No Pets, No Smoking

APR14 – Detached Villa – 4 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 1 Cloakroom, Swimming Pool, Satellite TV, Long Term Rental €750 plus bills, No Smoking, No Pets

APR27 – Villa – 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom, Communal Swimming Pool, Roof Terrace, Close to Beach and Amenities, €350 per week, No Pets, No Smoking.

La Cum bre

Inviernal Azul

La Mata

Air-Conditioned Communal Pool Garage Garden HiFi / Radio Near Beach Near Golf Sea View s Terrace/Balcony TV Underground Parking Washing Machine Beautiful first floor apartment offering 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms,fully fitted kitchen, large lounge/ diner leading directly to the very large terrace w ith superb sea view s. Communal pool w ith lush gardens. only 50 m to the beach and close to all amenities, the property boasts air conditioning and private underground parking

APR01 – Apartment – 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Roof Terrace, Communal Swimming Pool, Desert Springs, €400 per week, No Smoking, No Pets, No Children Under 12

2 Beds 1 Bathroom

2 Beds 2 Bathroom

Air-Conditioned Communal Pool

Air-Conditioned Communal Pool

HiFi / Radio

Dishwasher Garage

Near Beach

Garden HiFi / Radio

Near Golf Tennis

Near Beach Near Golf Sea Views

Lance Nuevo

2 Beds 1 Bathroom

2 Beds 1 Bathroom

Air-Conditioned Communal Pool

Communal Pool HiFi / Radio Near Beach Near Golf Smokers Terrace/Balcony TV Washing Machine

HiFi / Radio Near Beach Near Golf Satellite Terrace/Balcony TV

Las Araucarias

Los Geranios

Washing Machine

Professionally Qualified Estate Agents Over 20 years of service, Integrity & Sound Advice Excellent Range of New & Resale Apartments, Townhouses, Villas & Exclusive Developments. Holiday Rentals & Property Management Open Mon - Fri, 10am - 1.30 &4.30 - 7pm, Sat, 10am - 1pm

Telephone: 950 478 915

BACK Issue 13

Edif Maloan 04660 Arboleas Almeria Tel/Fax 950449158 E-mail Website NEXT

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Ref: FOC-1010-AP. Price: 90000 Eur. 90 m2 Build Size 700 mtrs. Dist. Beach. 61 m2 Build Size 1000 mtrs. Dist. Beach. 1 Bedrooms. 1 + 0 Bathrooms. SPACIOUS AND LIGHT ONE BED APARTMENT IN VERY GOOD RESIDENTIAL AREA. LOVELY VIEWS TO THE MOUNTAINS. GOOD HOLIDAY HOME OR PERMANENT LIVING FOR SINGLE PERSON.

Tel: 950 478 555

Fax: 950 478 728


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Veritas: f rom the Latin 'v erus' - true principle of belief . Truthf ulness. The reality

Ref. 1348 Price €85,000

Ref. 1350 Price: €115,000

Ref: 1209 Price €139,950

· Frontline Development, Mojácar Playa

· Heart of Turre Village

· 1 bed / 1 bath Penthouse Apartment · South facing · Fully furnished · Completely refurbished · Air conditioned · Sea views · Terrace · Unbeatable asking price

· 3 bed / 2 bath 1st floor apartment · 101 Mts 2 built area · Fully furnished · Ideal for full time living · Walking distance to all amenities Mountain views from communal roof terrace

· Marina de la Torre, Mojácar Playa · 2 bed / 1 bath Apartment · Stunning seaviews · Underground parking · Fully furnished · Communal swimming pool · An absolute bargain

Ref. 1119 Price: €135,000

Ref. 1365 Price: €220,000

Ref. 1332 Price: €160,000

· Altos del Cantal - Mojácar Playa

Mojacar Playa

· Frontline - Mojácar Playa

· 2 bed / 2 east facing Townhouse · Private underground Lockup garage · Great Sea views from solarium · Private Garden · Air Conditioned · Communal Swimming Pool and Gardens · Walking distance to sea and amenities

3 bed / 3 bath spacious Apartment Total built area of 204.90Mts² Private underground lock up garage 100 meters to beach Mains gas c/h Ducted air conditioning Immaculate condition Fully furnished Nice community with communal pool High Quality, Great Location

· 3 bed / 2 bath top floor apartment · 132 Mts² built area · Walking distance to all amenities, beach bars etc. · Off street parking · A few steps to the beach · Spacious accommodation

CONTACT DETAILS By Phone (Spain) 0034 950 47 24 30 / 0034 950 47 51 93 or By Phone (In The UK) 0044 (0) 151 544 0268 / 0044 (0) 208 180 3240 By Email By Fax 0034 950 47 25 12 Paseo del Mediterraneo, 261 - Estrella del Cantal 5-A-1 04638 - Mojacar - Almeria - Spain BACK Issue 13


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Email: Website: Office Tel/Fax: 0034 950460873 Mobile: 0034 600227460 Office hours: Mon to Fri 10 to 2

Two Bedroom Apartment San Juan de Los Terreros Furnished • Sat TV •Garage Parking 2 Bedrooms & 1 Bathroom 400 euros pcm + bills

Valle del Este - Vera Furnished Apartment or Duplex •2 & 3 Beds • Air-con/ Heating • Pool• Sat TV• Garden •Communal Pool • Secure Parking

Two Bedroom Apartment Vera Town Furnished •Sat TV • Air-con/Heating •Garage Parking • Pool 2 Bedrooms & 2 Bathrooms 420 euros pcm + bills

Two Bedroom Apartment Turre Furnished •Ground Floor • Sat TV • 2 Bedrooms • 1 Bathroom

Detached Park Home Oria Furnished •Air-con/ Heating • Sat TV • Large Enclosed Plot • 2 Bedrooms • 1 Bathroom 285 euros pcm + bills

Garrucha Penthouse Apartment Furnished •2 Bedrooms • 1 Bathroom • Garage Parking • Lift 400 euros pcm + bills

From 350 euros pcm + bills

Professional Management For Long Term Rentals Office: Av Maricielo No4 Vera Playa, 04621, Almeria, Spain BACK

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Can you contact your Property Management Company 24/7 - 365 days a year? Do you receive a truly 5* service from a professional, friendly and bilingual team of staff? Are you regularly updated about the well being of YOUR Spanish home? Are you confident that it is in the safest hands?


Elite Property Services offers a care package for your Spanish Home. We will look after your property for less than 1€ per day Enjoy the time in your home

ELITE PROPERTY SERVICES Find us in the Home Improvement Village - Polig. Industrial in Antas Tel: (+34) 697 532 323 Email:

Polansky & Assoc. Est. 1969 The very first, and most recognized real estate developer, property  consulting agency, and land developer; in Mojacar.

“Celebrating 40 years of service to the area.” Sale enquiry call: 950-478-086 or call our mobile at: 600 97 80 24 DISTRESSED SALE MOJACAR BELLA


Apartment in an established community v ery 2 large bedrooms, spacious salon, 2 Baths, f urnished, f or sale inclusiv e of including IVA, notario, and registration. 106,000 Euros Call: 607-597-773

Our past successes include: The development, design, building and sales of Cortijo Grande Golf Club & Course, plus surrounding communities. We developed, designed and built La Paratá, Urb. Lomos del Cantal, Indalo Mountain I/ II communities, Invierno Azul, Balcones del Mar, Pueblo el Cantal, with the prestigious La Mena Villas (& many more...)


This 110m² apartment consists of 3 good-sized bedrooms, 2 bathrooms a large kitchen. The salon is generously proportioned with a balcony . Just a 2-minute walk to the paseo and beach; main street with an abundance of shops including nearby supermarkets. It is only a 10-minute walk to the local junior and high school. Only! 135,000 € ONO Call: 607-597-773

YOUR CHANCE TO OWN A VILLA ON MOJACAR PLAYA CASA CUERVO MOJACAR PLAYA A spectacular large spacious detached villa located on prestigious Indalo Mountain, only minutes from the beach. This property is in a private area, has terraces, w ith sea view s, parking, and room for a pool and expansion. 130m² villa on a 1010m² plot, 3 bed, 2 bathrooms (one en-suite). Prime location, private, quiet and secluded… Sea view s and w alking distance to Mojácar Playa, central location w ith restaurants, shops, and sea. Plenty of parking, spacious living room, sold partly furnished, fireplaces and terraces all around the home facing the sea 399,000 € Negotiable BACK Issue 13


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AGUILAS Ref: EDA11 2 bed 1 bath apartment Aguilas with fantastic sea views and a very short walk to the beach, terrace, communal pool, air-con & garage 129,000€


SAN JUAN Ref: SJN30 2 bed 1 bath apartment in San Juan now with a discounted rate of 35,000€ from the builder. communal pool & near beach. Price 109,950€

Ref: TURRE TROP1 3 bed 2

VILLARICOS Ref: VIL2A01 2 bed 2 bath apartment Minutes from the beach & marina. modern apartment with terrace with sea views. 110,000€


ORIA Ref: ORI3V04 3 bed 2 bath Detached villa in Oria. Plot of 3600m2, great views and a fully fitted kitchen with white goods and fully furnished. 124,950€


Ref: LAT55 2 bed 2 bath on Mojacar Playa with amazing sea views, large terrace, communal pool, tennis courts, sky TV, ceiling fans etc Price 149,000€



bath 1st floor apartment in Turre coming partly furnished now heavily reduced to clear. Price 75,000€

Ref: LOSH7 An amazing 3 bed 2 bath villa in Arboleas. Coming with great mountain views and a 10 x 4 m private pool, air-con and a garage. 165,000€

Ref: ALB40 Detached villa in Oria 3 bed 2 bath with heated private pool, air-con, enclosed terrace, central heating, garage etc. Fantastic price 144,950€

Ref: VALEST51 2 bed 2 bath townhouse on Valle del Este. Fully furnished, air-con, garden, roof solarium with sea views and communal pool. Price 139,950€

t 950

469 592 m 697 640 681 BACK

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All the latest news and views from the world of Satellite Television By Richard Shanley of Europa Digital Europa Digital have a limited number of Freesat HD boxes available for only €299. Upgrade your current sat TV system to high definition and enhance your viewing pleasure. There is no subscription required on these boxes and both BBC and ITV HD can be received with many more channels expected over the coming months. You can’t even receive ITV HD with the Sky system. So many of us have bought HD ready televisions over the past year but are not getting the benefit from them because we have the old sky boxes which are in standard definition. With these new HD boxes picture quality will improve beyond comprehension. If you would like a demonstration please call into the Europa Digital offices on the top floor of the Parque Comercial in Mojacar. Season three of Gossip Girl will premiere on ITV2 next month, it has been confirmed. The first new episode of the teen drama series, starring Blake Lively, Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick, will arrive October 7 at 8pm. ITV2 controller Zai Bennett commented: "We’re pleased to be able to give our viewers their weekly fix of Gossip Girl so soon after it is broadcast in the US." The new series, which debuted yesterday in the US, will reportedly feature an appearance from Hilary Duff and a gay kiss involving one of the lead characters. Channel 4 has recommissioned The Secret Millionaire for a sixth series. The upcoming season, which will feature a new batch of millionaires living in anonymity in deprived areas, is already in production and is slated to air in 2010. Earlier this year, the fourth series ended its run with 2.18m viewers - a drop of 270k from the series opener. The fifth run of the flyon-the-wall programme began last month on Channel 4. Liverpool and Spain striker Fernando Torres has revealed that he would love to appear on Channel 4 cookery show Come Dine With Me. The footballer also suggested that the producers involve his teammates Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher to make it a Liverpool FC special. Speaking about the prospect of appearing on reality TV, he told The Sun: "One thing you could convince me to do is perhaps one of the cooking shows. I could do a celebrity Masterchef or a celebrity Come Dine With Me. "I would only do it if my teammates Jamie Carragher and Stevie Gerrard were to do it with me, though." He added: "On Come Dine With Me, I would probably do traditional Spanish food with lots of little tapas dishes. As for Stevie and Carra, they would probably do fish and chips. I am confident I would win, but I am sure Carra would tell you otherwise." Earlier this summer, it was revealed that Torres, Gerrard and Carragher were organising a Masterchef-style cook-off in Liverpool. Hell's Kitchen star Marco Pierre White was rumoured to have been lined up to host the event. BACK Issue 13

The Italian Job screenwriter Troy Kennedy Martin has passed away at the age of 77. Kennedy Martin, who also created long-running TV drama Z-Cars, lost his battle with liver cancer yesterday, reports The Guardian. In a career spanning more than 50 years, Kennedy Martin worked for BBC Television on several plays before moving into features in 1969 with iconic heist movie The Italian Job. He later went on to write Kelly's Heroes, Red Heat and 2004's Red Dust starring Hilary Swank and Chiwetel Ejiofor. The Mel Gibsonled big screen remake of Kennedy Martin's acclaimed Edge Of Darkness BBC series is scheduled to open in cinemas next February. Officials in Turkey allegedly want to extradite Sarah Ferguson and charge her with violation of the country's privacy laws. According to The Sun, the Duchess of York could face prison for last year's undercover investigation of state-run orphanages in the Eurasian state. A Home Office source reportedly said: "We have had a request from the Turkish government for Mutual Legal Assistance (MLA) in relation to the Duchess of York. "We are now awaiting the necessary paperwork but it seems likely the request will be granted." Another added: "If, following a police investigation, charges are laid in Turkey, the Duchess could be arrested and extradited to appear in court in Turkey. That is how international law works." However, an official Home Office spokesperson told the newspaper: "We never confirm or deny the existence of MLA or extradition requests." After the show was broadcast on ITV1 last November, Ferguson denied claims that she had attempted to damage Turkey with a "smudge campaign". Channel 4 has commissioned a new series titled My Big Fat Diet Show. The four-part programme, fronted by Anna Richardson, will see women of all shapes and sizes attempt to rid their Christmas excess with a two-week 'drop a dress size' diet. Additionally, Supersize vs Superskinny - also hosted by Richardson - has been renewed for a third series comprising 11 hour-long episodes. "In our body-obsessed world it's brilliant to have two heavy-weight series for 2010," said Channel 4's Andrew Jackson. "To welcome Supersize vs Superskinny back for a third series firmly establishes it as the ultimate body dysmorphia magazine show. "It's double satisfying to commission the mother of all diet shows too as My Big Fat Diet Show will not only see Anna Richardson challenging the nation [to] shed those Christmas pounds, but it will explore the often extreme and fascinating ways people try to get and keep slim. They will be must-see series for the body conscious." Both shows are due to air in January 2010 on Channel 4.

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Nigel Lythgoe has claimed that Arlene Phillips is the perfect choice for the judging panel on the UK version of So You Think You Can Dance. Earlier this week, Lythgoe confirmed that he would be bringing the dance talent show to the BBC in 2010. Phillips and the former Popstars judge will fill two spots on the show's panel. "I've known Arlene for 100 years. We grew up together," he told The Sun. "There just isn't anybody who has the experience she has. She's honest that's why I like her." He added: "I don't understand anyone saying she's too old. I don't want young judges if I go to court. I want someone old-looking like Solomon." When asked who he would get as the third judge, the 60-year-old revealed that he may go for a similar celebrity to American Idol's new appointment Ellen DeGeneres. "The third judge I'm happy to play with. I've just used Ellen DeGeneres on our show over [in the US], before she was announced as the American Idol judge. She auditioned on my American show and then Fox 'stole' her," he said. If you would like me to answer any questions you may have on satellite TV or to expand on anything I have written about please call me on 678 332 815 or email on I look forward to your comments and questions. Don´t forget to listen to my radio show every week, on Tuesday at 2.00pm on Spectrum Radio (92.6fm), where you can hear the latest news and views from the world of satellite television.

FREE ESTIMATES Contact local agent Lloyd Dean on 667 652 888 Or email


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Tel Andy: 617 706 606

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Tel: 902 947 634 Email: * Access to your account is through a local access number 951247821. Prices are EX IVA


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A little bit of England Bed and Breakfast Pje. El Púlpito Almanzora 04850 Cantoria

A little bit of England (named after the owner, Brenda England) is a reformed Cortijo located in a tiny hamlet just outside of the traditional Spanish village of Almanzora and within easy walking distance of the village amenities. The village itself has 5 bars, a swimming pool, a supermarket/ tobacconists, 2 banks, one with a cashpoint, a garden shop and an Estate Agent. The thriving market towns of Albox, Cantoria, Fines, Albanchez, Arboleas and Olula del Rio are within a short driving distance and the coast can easily be reached in under 40 minutes. A hire car is essential as the public transport links are rather sparse and geared to the working day. The B&B facility occupies the upper floor of the house and consists of a double and a twin bedroom both with large ensuite bathrooms, a guest lounge/breakfast room with Sky television, a large landing area with a dedicated guest computer with broadband Internet access, also an additional network (ethernet) socket for guest use with their own equipment. No smoking is permitted anywhere inside the building.

The entire emphasis of the business is family-friendly and the tariff reflects this, with an imaginative pricing structure for single people, couples and especially families, whereby the lounge/breakfast room converts to a 3rd bedroom to allow for the accommodation of a larger family with up to 4 children aged under 11 years, although there is allowance for negotiation on children’s ages. Bookings are made by request through a form on the web site, although there is no real-time on-line booking facility There is also the facility to make an enquiry using only your name and email address. A deposit is not required for stays of less than 1 week.

The availability of broadband Internet access means that guests can keep up to date with emails and also contact relatives and friends using the skype VOIP system and Microsoft Instant Messenger. There is also a telephone available for guests to make short (under 1 minute) calls free of charge.

Prices start from just €12.50 per person or €37.50 per family of 4 or €47.50 per family of 6 per night . Check out the web site for full pricing details.

A little bit of England Bed and Breakfast Pje. El Púlpito, Almanzora 04850 Cantoria BACK Issue 13


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Miki, an Artist with a Passion For Life especially because of the weather which allows me to paint outside all year round. But also because I started to feel We came across your site by mistake but what caught homesick up there! our eye was your style of painting, can you tell us a bit Have you seen the area change in the time you have about yourself and why you settled in Spain? been here? For the better or worse? Well, I am sure that you can imagine how much I saw Spain changing in the last 53 years as I came here regularly! At the beginning there Benidorm consisted only of some isolated little houses along the beach. Some foreigners came here, but only very few, mainly French. But very soon others followed, especially English and Swedish. Later on came the Dutch, German, Belgians etc... Finally, as I left El Albir in my last year of schooling, there were children from 38 different nationalities enrolled in the local school! Hello Miki, thanks for talking to Mojacar Magazine.

Hello Ian, and thank you for inviting me to appear in your great magazine. I have been living and working in the Mojacar area, or more precisely Turre, for about one year. Before, I lived in El Albir, a little seaside town by Benidorm. How did I come to Spain? It is a long love story, starting about 53 years ago, when I came on holiday to Benidorm Such a change in the social structure cannot happen without with my parents, and then every year thereafter. deeper changes in the society itself. In this special case, I have moved a lot since I was born, but Spain has always unfortunately, for the worse. The worst change in my opinion being the atmosphere, the social climate, in fact the whole been my constant, in fact the only place where I felt home. character of the country. I find that Spain, at least along the I was born in 1955 in the French Pyrenees, in a town called foreign-invaded coast, has lost its character. I used to Tarbes. But due to the profession of my father, we lived in compare it to painting: when you mix together too many many different places around France. At 19 I left France to colours, the result is an impersonal, charmless grey... go and study Mathematics and Physics in Germany. I find that the behaviour from the Spanish towards the After my studies I worked in Germany as a mathematician in foreigners has changed. Although I am very happy to see the university, and then later in industry but I had started to that it is around Mojacar much less the case than on the paint in parallel as I was about 25 years old. Just a way of Costa Blanca. A long time ago the Spanish were very lovely finding a balance to the cold and naked world of and generous people, very welcoming to the tourists, and it mathematics (but which I was nevertheless passionate for!) was simply great and relaxing to spend time in Spain. This is why so many people around Europe developed the dream to Then came a point in my life when I decided to stop working live here. Some among them did the same as I did and as a mathematician and dedicate my life entirely to art. I realized their dream, but I know many who were very thought Spain was the right country to live as a painter, deceived, and some have even gone back home. I Continued BACK

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personally certainly won’t, I much too much love the sun and really open my eyes and to appreciate in its right value the the sea and the mountains here! -and being an eternal beauty and richness of nature and life, the result being that optimist, I do hope that Spain will be again what it once was. everything inspires me! For example: There are anyway still places in Spain, in the less touristic People: I love to make portraits, to put myself into the skin of areas, where the people still are what they were: extremely the people I paint. The diversity of faces and body kind and welcoming. expressions fascinates me Your main theme seems to be bullfighting, lots of Nature: the flowers, the beautiful landscapes, the objects... everything which is aesthetic and natural! interesting takes on this what is your view? My main theme is not really bullfighting, but it is clearly one of my specialities. But this specialisation it is not really a personal choice If I remember well, I started painting sport themes when I arrived in Spain- especially golf as I was a fanatic golfer- and bullfight seemed to be a logical continuation.

Colours: I fancy painting EVERYTHING which has beautiful colours, vibrant colours but also soft, tender colours Movement: I love to paint everything which is in movement. like sport, dance, bullfight, animals moving... Which are your favourite artists and why I haven’t really any favourite artists. To tell the truth and running the risk of shocking people: I am not really interested in art as such! What I love is painting, the process of painting, that’s all. I am not even really interested in the results of my own painting: as soon as a painting is finished, I put it away and don’t think anymore about it, or look at it again. My gallery-atelier in Turre is, of course, filled with my paintings, but at home, in my living space, there is not one painting by me. In fact there are no paintings at all! All the walls are decoratated with posters featuring big gigs from the career of my partner, the English Rocker Kev Moore. And yes, this was MY decision, he didn’t force me!!! By the way, he is the reason why I moved to Turre permanently, as he has lived here for some years and we had been dividing our time between here and El Albir. He plays in two well-known bands, Christie, and BC Sweet, (formed by the late Brian Connolly) and his creativity and mine complement each other wonderfully!

But I never really wanted to go deeper into this theme, it happened naturally. There were always more people interested in buying my bullfight paintings, I had then to paint more and more. There were even times when in fact I thought that I didn’t want to do it anymore, I just didn’t want to be labelled as a “bullfight painter”, and see me confined to paint bulls and bullfighters until the end of my life! But I must admit that I love myself the “fiesta”, having been used to it since I was a little girl. And loving colours and movement it is normal, I think that I love to paint it too. My luck (or damnation?) is that there are not really many bullfight painters around the world. I have above all many clients overseas, in the USA and Canada, and they love the way I paint the bulls. They generally don’t like the heavy and classical style in which Spanish painters paint bullfight themes, they prefer my wild, free and colourful style.

But coming back to favourite artists, I don’t want to deceive you and I have a short positive answer for you: I like Van Gogh and Turner. But please don’t ask me why, I never reflect about my tastes... according to the motto: I could lose my way!

Your paintings are very inspiring where do you get How would you describe your work? Eclectic, colourful, free, full of movement, weird sometimes, your inspiration from? The most important thing which painting has taught me is to Continued BACK Issue 13


Page 75

often disrespectful of the classical laws of art... well, I think fixed on photos, or in cages, or behind fences, or, in the my art is really a reflection of my character,. More than more frequent case of the bulls, running behind the wooden barricade of the arena! So, really, this is an easy job. anything, I am, and always was Un Enfant Terrible. What do you prefer to work with? As I said, I love painting and I have no favourite technique, with one exception: I hate to paint with oil. Not that I don’t like oil paintings as such, but painting with oil is for me impossible, it just lasts too long and is too messy, and that collides with my impatient and spontaneous character.

With the children it is a little bit more difficult. My main work with children is to paint portraits of them on comission, and most of the time from photographs. But I also love to sketch children, as they move a lot and I love movement, and this is not easy at all. They really hardly stay in a position for one second. But well, exercise makes the master...

The technique I use and when? depends on my actual mood. Water colour is for light moods, when nothing is troubling my mind, I suppose because it does not allow mistakes. In this sense acrylics is more appropriate for difficult times...

Any long term aims or ambitions? My only ambition is very simple: to be happy with my painter life and to make as many people as possible happy with my paintings. And yes, I have an aim. Although I have my own gallery here in Turre, the success of this in the “real world“ is not it. What I really want is to be able to live mainly through my painting activity on the Internet Of course, the gallery will stay here, but only for special appointments. I have started building up my business on the Internet about 2 years ago, and I hope to reach the point, within 3 more years, where my Internet activity alone allows me to live as a painter. The reason is that I don’t really like all the activities connected to a normal painter life. Besides painting there are so many other things to do like framing, organising exhibitions, mounting exhibitions, organising gallery visits, making advertising etc. All of this is not for me! The Internet is a wonderful place to reach the whole world without too much effort. And this means something which is, at the end, the most important thing for me, and always has been: FREEDOM!

When I travel, I do prefer to use a simple ink pen to sketch, adding later some water colour on the ink sketches. For me, Can you be commissioned to paint specific items? this technique reflects very well the first impressions of the Commissions are a difficult but important (and exciting) part of my profession. I paint above all portraits and bullfights on places I visit. commission, but also sport themes, often personalised (for I have recently developed a technique connecting classic art example a special person playing golf, or rugby, etc...private and digital art, and I must say that I adore to work this way, it houses, etc.) gives me infinite possibilities. Many of my recent works, since one year ago, are done this way: the series Commissions are difficult, because the risk not to please the client is of course real, but conversely, when a client is Fantascapes, the Toroscapes, The Eroscapes, etc... faced with his children, or lover, or parents in a portrait, and They never say work with children or animals…. Have they love it, their emotions are always immense and profound, and so is their reward for me, much deeper than you found that to be the case? Luckily for me, when I paint animals, they are caught: either when a client buys a normal painting.

Forum News Simply Mojacar and Mojacar Magazine has a great forum associated to the sites. We encourage people to post comments or business details. Our forum is a friendly place where you can express yourself and your views about Mojacar The forum link is:


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I"Well, Ian, I think it's enough about me now, we must leave room for all the other interesting themes which make this wonderful area SIMPLY Mojacar. But for the people who are interested to know more or to see more, please come and visit me in my gallery in Turre. please call me on 950 479 025 or 628 458 491 If you want to see my gallery online, please go to: For bullfights specifically: and if you want to follow me in my daily artist life, visit my blog Infinity+some at: NEXT Issue 13

BACK Issue 13


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The Property Shop, Mojacar now becomes authorised Agents for Liberty Seguros We are pleased to advise you that The Property Shop are Liberty Seguros is aware that the ex-pat community now authorised agents for Liberty Seguros, one of makes up a large part of the population within this area, Spain’s leading insurance companies. and as such all quotations and subsequent policy documents will sent to the client in their own language As authorised agents of Liberty Seguros we are licensed which in turn gives peace of mind knowing that you can to sell the full range of products that liberty has to offer, read and understand your policy. which includes life insurance, buildings and contents insurance, car insurance, travel insurance and your little Should you need to contact Liberty Seguros at anytime, furry friends can also be covered with their pet insurance. the contact details provided will connect you to a person that speaks your language, again this takes away any communication problems, or having to get someone to make a call on your behalf.

Jennifer Cunningham y Asociados S.L. Funeral Plans !!!

Why An Insurance Plan?

Why Jennifer Cunningham?

No need for large sums of money Flexibility with Appointments Excellent Customer Service Save money and worry Complete Funeral Arrangements English Advisors Face-to Face Consultations Single Payment per Annum Always There When You Need Us Worldwide Cover Local Office Immediate Cover Plan Guarantee We are more than just a voice on the phone... Repatriation to Spain

We feel that being able to add this service to our portfolio of services already available to our clients is a valuable asset to us as a company, as well as giving peace of mind to our clients both existing and new, knowing that they are dealing with a friendly face and not just someone at the end of the phone in a call centre somewhere in the world. For more information on the Liberty Seguros products and services we have at our disposable, please call us on + 34 950 475 24, email us, or alternatively call into The Property Shop office at Pueblo Diana for a chat.

You Know It Makes Sense To Call Us Call Victoria in our Mojacar Office in the Parque Commercial for more information: 950 472 048

Open 9.30 am to 6pm, Monday to Friday Email: vic kie@jenniferc



Open 7pm - 12 midnight Closed Mondays BACK

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950 47 8841


Cleaning & Maintenance Mojacar

Spruce up your property for the coming season Painting; Steam cleaning of furniture & rugs etc. Lisa Harris & Les Hayes Tel: 950 399 537 Mobile: 627 401 643 Email: END Issue 13

Another New Forum....... Welcome to the Almanzora Valley Forum by The Almanzora Valley Team Welcome to the Almanzora Valley Forum at Please take a look. We are in our infancy and it will take time to build up. However, we are in the process of putting the final touches to this exciting new forum.

which could be deemed defamatory. Any defamatory postings should be reported to the moderators. Postings must be kept deliberately vague so as not to be recognised as being of a personal nature.

If you take a look at our links board you will see that we have included your website. We would hope that this would be a two way street and that you could include our forum link on your website.

2. Stick to topic. Our experience has been that many valuable threads are spoilt by inane comments, private chat and sometimes deliberate attempts to take the emphasis away from the original thread. It is accepted that a certain number of forum users like to chat amongst themselves, and to facilitate this we We would appreciate permission to reproduce on the have started a “Chat Room”. If we find a topic being devalued by forum any items that you publish, and would include a “chat” we will move this to the chat room. In order to maintain on-topic discussion, we will either request that the topic be credit line, this could be mutually beneficial. Should your link not be shown, we will be pleased to add it on, respected, move off-topic postings, or, alternatively, split the this is basically a link to blogs, and other sources of information, topic. Here are our aims, and also our Rules and Ethos. We do hope that you find these interesting and agree to our suggestions. 3. Separate chat room. Covered mainly above, this can be used (especially note the second to last paragraph, where we intend for those forum users who merely wish to chat. to donate all advertising revenue to children and animal 4. No unjust negativity. Although we are encouraging free speech charities). as far as possible, to maintain the forum as a comfortable and As taken from the Oxford dictionary……FORUM “a place where inviting place we do not wish to see unjust negativity. For people can exchange opinions and ideas on a particular issue; a instance, if goods/services can be bought cheaply/better meeting organized for this purpose” This brand new and non elsewhere, we wish to see the positive recommendation of the discriminatory forum has been created for people who own the cheaper/better goods/services, rather than the negative views of same values. Freedom of speech and open minded views are the more expensive or not so good service. Also we do not wish recognised in the light they should be, these values will prove to to see personal attacks or unnecessary bickering on the forum. be the key to our success. There will however, be a few ‘just’ However, this should not dissuade forum users from sharing rules, as most things will be tolerated. Provided they do not their experiences, whether good or bad, in the interests of all cause unlawful offence or could be viewed as discriminatory. forum users. The full rules and ethos will follow, and if anybody has any cause for concern about any we greatly welcome your views. As we have mentioned this is very important to us. So ……. If you value your freedom of speech then this is the place for you! Remember this is the people's forum and will only be successful with people power! Please encourage as many new members as possible and together we can make this a success. Any posts placed within this forum are viewed as the view of the member making the post and not that of the Forum Admin. So…….please encourage others to join and thank you for becoming a member…..

5. Posts which cannot be allowed to remain. We do hope that the removal of posts will be a rare occurrence. However, where this becomes necessary, we intend to remove the content of the post, and in its place print an explanation of why the content has been removed. This will enable all forum users to see who made the original post, and the reason for its removal.

We will do everything in our power to maintain the ethos of this forum, and hope that members appreciate this. One more thing, rest assured that under no circumstances will we be accessing Private Messages. However, there should be no circumstances where abusive private messages should be Almanzora Valley Forum - Rules and Ethos sent, and if they do occur, then the recipient can forward them We intend this forum to deliver free speech, free from the on to the moderators. dictatorial methods of other forums. However, we do need to exercise some control with regard to Please also remember that the ultimate aim is for all the following points, which will be done in a gentle, persuasive advertising revenue to be paid direct to a Children's and positive manner: Charity, or animal charities, and the Almanzora Valley 1. The forum must be protected from litigation. All new members Forum will not receive any financial gain. agree to the terms and conditions of their membership. We also publish a disclaimer, making it clear that any postings are the It is our hope that use of the Almanzora Valley Forum will be a view and responsibility of the member making the posting. We positive and enriching experience. will, however, be as careful as possible not to allow postings BACK Issue 13


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and players were off 3/4 of slope-adjusted handicap the scoring was again excellent.

The 12 person strong team from Cabrera Lawn Bowls Club, who spent 2 weeks in Malaga province at the Spanish FEB Nationals 2009, winning 13 medals, were welcomed home to Cabrera on Saturday 26 September 2009 with a champagne reception. The Deputy Mayor of Turre, Rodrigo Sanchez Haro and Cultural Councillor Maria Jose Morales Gonzales joined over 60 members of the Club to congratulate the team and the winners –

The winning pair of John Green & Richard Swaine (playing off 1 & 2 respectively) returned a superb score of 43 points, with Ron Odom & George Gibson (40pts) second, Phil Elam & John Farley (38pts) third, Fran Elam & Malcolm Fenwick (37pts) fourth and Derek Manning & Mike Doyle (36pts) fifth.

Ladies Singles Gold Medalist Doreen Hall Mens Singles Gold Medalist Mark Naylor Mens Singles Silver Medalist Ian Brewster Ladies Pairs Gold Medalist Judy Abel / Doreen Hall Ladies Pairs Silver Medalist Georgina Naylor / Maureen Stakes Mens Triples Gold Medalist Paul Abel / Ian Brewster / Derek Webb Ladies Triples Silver Medalist Judy Abel / Doreen Hall / Janey Leggate

Our next event, also the society's 50th full event since it's inception in January 2008 is the first round of the Forum Society Championship and will be played at Marina on October 9th, followed by October 15th / 16th "Ryder Cup" v Marina Members at Marina October 20th Almeria League match away to Boxers October 23rd Forum GS Championship Final Round at Marina October 30th Almeria League match home to Marina Members For further information, contact Phil Elam on 666 847840 /, or see

ABOVE CLICK FOR PHOTO GALLERY Following their success, Doreen and Mark are expected to receive invitations to bowl in the 2010 World Bowls Championships, being held on the Norfolk Islands, in the Pacific Ocean.

Forum Golf Society September 25th saw Forum Golf Society travel to arguably the best course in Southern Spain, Hacienda Del Alamo for a Pairs Betterball Stableford competition. Considering the yellow tee markers were at their rearmost postion, which meant that the course was playing over 7000 yards long, BACK

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END Issue 13

Mojacar Magazine Edition 13 October to November 2009  

Welcome to the 13th edition of Mojacar Magazine. We hope that you enjoy reading.

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