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How to publish your presentations You have a lots of posibilities to do it, this is only one. We will use this website Click on the link and on your browser show you the website, now click on SIGNUP

Complete the fields with: 1. Email 2. Username 3. Password Complete the captcha Click on SIGNUP

To upload your presentation click on UPLOAD

Choose if you want one file (I recommend it) or more

Choose a file from your computer and click, wait until this appear:

Refill the fields as you want and click on Save and Continue. Now, if you want to put in our website, you need the embed code:

Copy it and go into our web like a member, our main page is block, so you can´t edit it, but if you go to your own page you have the possibility to do it as I show in the example with Spanish page after click on partners and on my flag.

Now you can click on edit button

Choose a place on the page and click on the widget button

Now choose Other HTML

Paste the embed code (1) and click on save.

Now click on save in the upper part of the window

That´s all

If when you finish something is wrong or maybe you don´t like it, click again on the EDIT button and delete the widget, Save again and the page return to the previously status.

If you have some problems, don´t worry, ask me.

How to publish your presentations  
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