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Paintball We would talk about binationals from school

An interview with chad George

Last Friday high school did a valentines assembly .all school was gaving out candies.some seniors go out like cupid with the costumes singing songs to girls dedicated from boys .

BINATIONALS ARE NEER .la teams are preparing. they will be in Armenia .

Mr lash is going threw all the classes and checking the progress of all the students.his only standing but some times he go walking and seeing the students. Bome people its only going to see him ones but some times about three times.

Seens last week the pingpong contest haven't end they steel play in our class there are wining.ROBERTO GARCIA,JUANJOSE CASTRO, AND CARLOS HERNANDEZ. O no again the classes with out energy last time was last week .its very hot and the electricity generater makes a lot of noise. I don't like this ITS VERRY HOT.


HOW DO YOU FEEL OF BEING ONE OF THE BEST PLAYERS? WELL ITS DIFFICULT BUT IF YOU LIKE SPORT YOU WOULD LIKE IT . YOU NEED TO DO A LOT OF EXECIRES? YES BUT AFTER ALL IT CAME RESULTS. YOU NEED TO BE VERRY SKILLFULL FOR PLAYNG PAINTBALL? YES IF YOU ARENT THEY WILL HIT YOU A LOT. SOME ONE HAS THREATEN YOU AND TAKE YOU OUT? SOME TIMES IN VERRY DIFFICULT GAMES. YOU HAD PLAY AT THE TREES ? Yes but I prefer skidball. Why you start playing paintball? Cause one day I play with some guys I like it and start playing what kind of game you prefer? The ones that had more action. what kind of gun you prefer? spider and skidball guns in what you thing when you play? getting the flag.\ you agree with your team every time? no some times I disagree.

paint ball

when you enter to the game.

when you enter to the course you feel adrenaline. you feel the paintballs hitting the trees or the obstacles .you need to run and hide when theyhit you it hurt but you need to steel playing.theres a war in front of know it not affect you the gun .is the best thing ever.whenn you have the gun you want to hit .you feel the impact of theafter hit of the gun .it realy don't hurt so much with the adrenaline .its better go running than stayng there doing nothing..when thhe ball hit you you don't care teel games the best thing .i like spider gun but iprefer alpha black.its on of my passions . Hobbies and cool to play. And its betterto play raining itas cool.

The purge

The pruge one night that there are no laws.every thing is steeling stores killing people ect. The principal characters that were Charlie and Charlie's family.there house were all technologic and have barriers that don't let people in .when the purge started a man kill some one of a killing group.he was asking for help and Charlie opened the barrier to let him in .when the barrier was open charlies sister boyfriend went in.when he go in he was with her girlfriend and say I need to go out for a moment .and try to kill her dad but her dad kill him first.then the ones that try to kill the one who enter were outside .they take down the barriers and go in to look for him.then they start killing them and neighbors .go to the house and killing every one.thyen the neighbors were going to kill them the man that was asking for help kill the .you should see it is very cool .

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