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Founded in 2000, Veris Consulting, LLC, provides highly specialized accounting, financial, and survey services in particular market niches. The name Veris reflects the cornerstone of our services—integrity and objectivity—and was derived from “verify” and the Latin for “truth.”

Veris’ operations have grown considerably since our formation and today consist of forensic accounting and litigation support, outsourced internal auditing and accounting, information technology consulting and assurance services, and technology-based survey and research services. Veris serves a diverse clientele throughout the United States, as well as clients in Europe and the Caribbean. Services are provided from regional offices in Metropolitan Washington, DC; Metropolitan New York; and Columbus, Ohio.

As part of our formation, Veris acquired certain practice areas of Johnson Lambert & Co., a niche-focused CPA firm created in 1986 by Veris’ founder, Larry Johnson. Recently, we have made further acquisitions from that firm. We expect to continue expanding our resources and service areas as opportunities arise that we believe are consistent with our strategic vision: to provide value and an unparalleled quality of service by concentrating on specialized market niches, remaining committed to technical leadership in those market niches and applying an entrepreneurial spirit that seeks out opportunities in a rapidly changing world.

The management of Veris will continue to dream in color and act in black and white.

To manage an organization effectively, senior executives and boards of directors need timely and accurate financial information. Traditionally, internal accounting and finance departments have provided this data. Increasingly, however, organizations recognize that outsourcing some or all of this responsibility is more efficient and, in many cases, results in better-quality service.

associations and other tax-exempt organizations require professional service providers who understand the unique needs and challenges they face. These organizations must deal with specialized accounting principles, particularly unique tax laws and regulations, and must have accounting systems that provide timely budgetary information as well as the true costs of services to their members. The professionals at Veris Consulting have long recognized the unique nature of tax-exempt organizations. Active in the development of financial reporting for associations and other tax-exempt organizations, Veris executives have served in leadership roles in the ASAE (American Society of Association Executives), the Center for Association Leadership (formerly known as GWSAE Foundation) and FAR (Finance & Administration Roundtable). They have also been longtime sponsors of the National Capital Distinguished Speaker Series, CEO Agenda Series and CAE Immersion and Celebration. Services we provide to the tax-exempt community include partial or complete outsourcing of accounting or internal auditing needs; assistance with special projects involving accounting, finance or technology; development and conduct of customized surveys of members; compilation of industry research data; and tax consulting.

 Veris Consulting, LLC

The preparation and maintenance of accurate and meaningful financial data should be a hassle-free support function that provides executives and the board of directors with useful and timely information. Veris provides this and more. Veris has the capacity to handle many, if not all, of your financial management and accounting needs. We will evaluate the costs and benefits of outsourcing these needs for your organization. As part of that evaluation, we will analyze your current accounting and financial reporting operations and identify the potential for cost-effective alternatives. Our professionals have extensive experience serving a wide range of tax-exempt organizations that vary in size, nature and complexity. We can provide full or partial outsourcing; we can provide both in-house and off-site services. We can even provide temporary services and resources as needed. A traditional internal accounting and finance department requires such hard costs as salaries and benefits, as well as rent for office space, computer hardware and software, training and management. Working with Veris, you pay only for direct time incurred on your behalf. We absorb all non-production time such as sick and vacation leave, as well as training.

outsourcing internal accounting & financial management

As a multifaceted outsourcing firm, we offer a full scope of customized services to meet your needs: General Accounting Services n Preparation of financial statements n Preparation of financial analyses, including charts and graphs n Reconciliation of accounts, including preparation of bank reconciliations n Meeting and conference registration processing n Preparation of tax returns and annual reports, such as personal property and sales & use n Cash receipts processing and receivables management (including invoicing) n Cash disbursement processing and payables n

management Payroll processing

CFO Services n Monthly review of financial position with CEO n Review and management of banking and investment relationships and services n Cash and asset management n Establishment and documentation of policies and procedures n Preparation of budgets and management of the budget cycle n Presentations to board of directors and other governing bodies n Financial projections Special Project Consulting Services n Due diligence for mergers and acquisitions n Investment policy implementation and review n Lease vs. buy analysis

tax compliance & planning Tax-exempt organizations are subject to unique tax laws and regulations. The professional staff of Veris has substantial experience in dealing with these unique laws and regulations. In addition to preparing federal and state information returns and unrelated business income tax returns, our services include:



Applications for exemption Tax planning strategies Effective use of for-profit subsidiaries Political and lobbying issues Creating and maintaining a related foundation


Unrelated business income issues

n n n

o utsourcing business surveys, research & industry analysis Veris specializes in providing expert research services and the development and use of customized surveys and statistical industry analysis. Our business surveys ask the right questions of the right people using the right tools. We routinely use a variety of survey tools, including the Internet, email and

Veris Consulting, LLC

telephone interviews. We carefully customize survey instruments to most effectively capture the data our clients seek.

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Veris implements well tested strategies to increase survey participation. We deploy user-centric surveys to reach targeted audiences and increase survey response rates. Our surveys have built-in logic checks to save responder time and enhance data quality. Based upon our survey results, Veris creates customized databases that incorporate data quality checks and provide many reporting options. Reports reflect client needs and can break out data by any relevant criteria, including geographical regions, company size and more. The types of surveys that Veris conducts include:

Veris Consulting, LLC


Financial and operating surveys Compensation and benefits surveys Benchmarking surveys Needs assessments and demographic surveys

In addition, we develop and manage customized statistical programs that receive, analyze and report highly confidential data that is used by participants to monitor and compare company performance relative to their industry. This information can be accumulated online, via email or by phone, fax or mail. Veris collects and aggregates data from companies and industries to permit the following: n Customized market share reports n Production and detailed end-use sales reports n Capacity/Inventory reports

“The professionals at Veris Consulting have long recognized the unique nature of tax-exempt organizations.�

Veris is certified by the Exhibition and Event Industry Audit Commission (EEIAC) and has developed a special research service that involves examining and measuring a variety of indicators regarding tradeshows, exhibitions or conventions. Whether you want to know certified tradeshow attendance figures, the total economic impact of your event on the host city or feedback from attendees and exhibitors, Veris can assist you by conducting: n Attendance audits n Event surveys n Economic impact studies n Industry studies n Destination research

outsourcing internal audit The internal audit function is designed to provide analyses, evaluations, assurances and recommendations to management and the board of directors. Roles and responsibilities related to corporate governance have dramatically changed, and the importance of internal controls and their oversight has never been greater. The need for organizations to consider and evaluate their internal controls is not limited to publicly owned companies affected by Sarbanes-Oxley. Taxexempt entities must increasingly evaluate the risk of misappropriation of assets, improper financial reporting or failure to achieve regulatory compliance. Veris provides internal audit services, either fully outsourced or as needed to complement an established internal audit function. Many of our professionals have extensive experience in national firms conducting external financial statement audits and outsourced internal audit services. They regularly work on a variety of complex engagements and deal with a variety of control and financial reporting issues.

Veris offers the following services to organizations: n Review of an entity’s risk identification and management including organizational design and communication n Development and execution of a client-specific and customized internal audit plan focused on financial reporting and operational risks to ensure that our services are both efficient and effective n Business risk assessments and process reviews, including such areas as investments, finance/accounting and information technology

evaluating information technology risks & controls Veris also helps clients evaluate risks related to information technology, as well as tools and methodologies to assess, control, monitor and measure exposure in such areas as information privacy and security, human dependencies, systems reliability and process controls. Our professionals focus on embedded technology controls and how they impact your business process. Veris offers insight into IT risks and controls that can help management and directors move from assumptions to assurance about the information those controls protect. Veris offers the following IT based services: n IT risk assessments n Governance reviews n Pre- and post-system application implementation reviews n Disaster recovery assessment n Application/database security assessments n Process reviews including IT segregation of duties risks n Network security assessments n IT general controls assessments

Essential to the services we provide is development of a client-specific and customized internal audit plan in which we focus on our clients’ financial reporting, regulatory and operational risks to ensure that our services are both efficient and effective. As a result, we bring a broader industry perspective to our clients than in-house internal auditors can.

Veris Consulting, LLC


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41 South High Street Suite 3700 Columbus, OH 43215 614.456.4440 Main 614.220.9202 Fax

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