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The Intelligence Behind High-Stakes Decisions

At the highest level of decision-making, trusted counsel and accurate intelligence make the crucial difference between success and failure. In today’s interconnected world, fast-paced businesses require swift and insightful decision-making. High-stakes commercial disputes and complex risks arise with increasing frequency and require immediate action. While risks such as competitors disguised as allies, double-dealing business agents, hidden agendas, dishonest employees and slow-moving bureaucracies are present in any business environment, they are even more challenging in emerging markets. However, navigating through the political complexities and local cultural practices is imperative for companies seeking to gain entry into these developing yet lucrative economies. Whether the aim is to trace and recover assets, identify fraud or simply understand the political issues and risks of competing in a new market, Arcanum provides clients with the operational and actionable intelligence necessary to devise strategies and long-term capabilities that turn risks into rewards.

ARCANUM – The Intelligence Behind High-Stakes Decisions  The Intelligence Behind High-Stakes Decisions 1


Accurate, insightful and timely knowledge delivered to the most demanding clients. Every business sector has its own unique set of particularities, requirements and expectations. Arcanum’s tailored approach is designed to meet even the most discerning client’s needs with the utmost care and discretion. As an acknowledged specialist firm, our team combines scholarship, hands-on knowledge and high-level policy experience to provide global intelligence services in areas such as asset tracing and recovery, anti-money laundering, fraud detection, infrastructure protection, local and geopolitical intelligence, litigation support and enhanced due diligence. Aerospace & Defense For legal and commercial reasons, it is essential for clients to have complete confidence in their service providers. Arcanum offers highly discreet and confidential services to strip away any uncertainty in this information-sensitive and competitive field. Our geopolitical expertise, combined with intimate knowledge of the plays and players in specific markets, helps aerospace and defense clients anticipate and take advantage of business opportunities. Financial Services The global economy depends on moving — and tracking — capital through a complex web of financial transactions. Our deep understanding of forensic accounting includes asset tracing and recovery, fraud detection and analysis, anti-money laundering compliance, OFAC and multi-lateral sanctions compliance, as well as enhanced due diligence. We can also identify complicated money laundering schemes involving “de-layering” off-shore trusts and corporate structures. Our highlevel expertise in these areas helps our clients achieve their goals in a volatile financial world. Working in tandem with our parent company, RJI Capital,


we also assist clients in every facet of their growth and development strategy, from Mergers and Acquisitions services and IPOs to competitive analysis and market assessments. Multinational Corporations In order to effectively compete in today’s global economy, one must possess detailed and responsive intelligence. Such intelligence includes monitoring geopolitical risks, enhanced due diligence, competitive analysis, political risk assessment, up-to-the-minute briefings and more. Arcanum provides intelligence services to a broad range of multinational firms, including Fortune-100 and FTSE-100 companies in the communications, defense, energy and financial sectors. Drawing on the expertise and infrastructure of RJI Capital, we provide comprehensive market assessments and assist companies in developing targetspecific entry strategies that lead to successful transactions.

The Intelligence Behind High-Stakes Decisions

Government Operations The Government Operations Group at Arcanum is particularly active in providing services that support intelligence, law enforcement and the regulatory affairs of government organizations. Many of our principals hail from the security and intelligence sectors. They have worked extensively on select and recurrent U.S. government contracts, and offer the highest level of diligence, service and trust. Arcanum also provides services to select foreign governments in counterterrorism, geopolitical assessments, anti-money laundering compliance, fraud detection, financial crimes and enforcement cases. Law Firms Law firms large and small increasingly rely on investigative intelligence and forensic expertise to assist in complex litigation. Arcanum has a strong record of providing litigation support to prestigious law firms around the globe in areas such as asset tracing and recovery, fraud detection, antimoney laundering investigations, RICO investigations and other civil and criminal litigation.

Inside the finest handmade timepieces, the watchmaker’s calibrations express the highest levels of perfection and precision. Likewise, customized, refined intelligence sets Arcanum apart. Arcanum puts actionable intelligence in the hands of executives, attorneys, corporate boards and government agencies.


Intelligence to fit the most exacting needs. Arcanum clients demand the highest level of customized intelligence in order to make critical decisions. Our disciplined approach to compiling and analyzing intelligence draws on decades of experience across a range of industries around the globe. With an emphasis on strategic and tactical assessments, we provide services tailored to our clients’ needs. Geopolitical Risk The volatility in today’s political and economic environment makes it imperative for companies to have risk mitigation mechanisms in place prior to entering uncharted territory. To make informed decisions in countries where understanding the political landscape is critical, determining the questions is as important as getting the answers. We identify key political drivers, analyze global trends, highlight risk trigger points and build comprehensive strategic and tactical scenarios by deploying our HUMINT sources in target markets. We help clients assess and reduce their exposure to risk in potentially volatile regions, as well as develop and incorporate risk mitigation plans into ongoing operations. Strategic & Competitive Intelligence Being competitive in the global market not only depends on knowing your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, their links to political and financial establishments and their market plans, but also on pulling back the veil of corporate secrecy. These issues are especially challenging in closed societies with undemocratic governments. Arcanum brings a wealth of industry and political experience to the task of vetting a prospective investment target or business opportunity in challenging markets. By identifying target weaknesses


in transactions, government contracts, acquisitions, investments and joint ventures, we expose potential liabilities, develop risk mitigation plans and create winning strategies before the deal even takes place. Intelligence-Led Investigations Highly regarded for our skill in “de-layering” complex corporate structures and accessing pertinent intelligence that helps clients maximize their business potential, Arcanum specializes in cuttingedge, intelligence-led investigations. With a successful track record in asset tracing and recovery, fraud detection and prevention, as well as litigation support, our professionals are able to summarize complex issues into concise and easily understood terms. Enhanced Due Diligence Arcanum provides an enhanced level of due diligence reporting, featuring exceptionally detailed analyses of individuals, companies and organizations. Without this valuable information, high-stakes decisions are made in a vacuum. Our extensive relationships in business, government, law enforcement, academia, journalism and other sectors offer a key advantage over our competitors. Furthermore, our unique ability to locate concealed and undisclosed assets hidden in international “safe havens” and domestic accounts is unmatched. As a result, we are able to access, analyze and deliver customized due diligence reports, bringing

The Intelligence Behind High-Stakes Decisions

transparency to entities and individuals in regions where vital details are obscured from the public record and are otherwise difficult to detect. Strategic Communications & Message Development Arcanum understands that implementing innovative communication and messaging techniques can be instrumental in helping clients achieve their strategic objectives. In the commercial realm, we help our clients develop thought leadership, trend predictions and new insights into their fields of business and politics. We customize and position our clients’ interests across a broad spectrum of print, broadcast and electronic media. In the political arena, we combine intelligence resources with thorough research techniques to craft effective communications campaigns focusing on target audiences. Using strong relationships with the media and industry experts, key messaging analysis and development and by providing appropriate visibility in the right markets, we help clients achieve their goals in any given   scenario.

Behind every custom-made suit stands an exacting tailor with expertise and discernment to create a perfect fit. In the same manner, Arcanum’s bespoke intelligence is fashioned to meet each client’s needs. Arcanum provides precise and timely competitive intelligence assessments, and helps develop client strategies that lead to profitable decisions.


Confidence in uncharted territories of global business. Arcanum professionals around the globe are carefully chosen, rigorously vetted and held to the highest standards of discretion and intellect. As specialists in deciphering regional trends — as well as watching policy shifts among global powers and adapting to them — Arcanum is multidisciplinary, multilingual and multinational. With offices throughout the world, we work in close collaboration with local associates who have earned our trust over many years. Middle East and North Africa With offices from Hong Kong to New York and Dubai, Arcanum offers extensive Middle East and North Africa experience and expert market analysis of the political, economic, social and security-related issues that shape events in this pivotal but volatile part of the world. Our professionals maintain a vast network of on-the-ground sources and are familiar with the players and channels of access that make for success in the oil-rich region. While observing developments from Washington, London and other major capitals of the world, we stay in tune with the local politics. Arcanum is wellpositioned to help clients achieve success in an area of the world where international competition for influence is always at play. Eurasia Like a land bridge connecting two worlds, the Central Asia/Caspian region connects Europe and the Middle East to Asia. Unique customs, tribal traditions and bureaucratic infrastructure pose vexing challenges to a region rich in natural resources. From our offices in London and Zurich, Arcanum helps clients traverse the bridge of uncertainty between East and West. We help our clients make profitable decisions by exposing hidden information and providing transactional and market-related analysis to identify risks or threats.


South Asia Within South Asia, India in particular is emerging as a 21st century center of economic and political power. Arcanum’s expertise and local resources stretch across India and the rest of South Asia to identify the key players and trends in a growing market. From our office in Dhaka, as well as a trusted network of contacts throughout the area, we offer insights into South Asian energy, defense, finance and public policy. North America With offices in Washington, DC and New York, as well as associates in major cities across North America, Arcanum provides vital intelligence for informed decision making, whether in asset tracing, business investment, due diligence or litigation support. With our ears to the ground in Washington, we offer unparalleled insight on field intelligence and issue-specific studies for a wide range of clientele. Russia and the Former Soviet Republics Russia and former Soviet Union countries are more open to outside business than ever before. The initial years of freebooting deregulation have given way to a gradually wider breadth of opportunities for outsiders, now less vulnerable to would-be oligarchs and protection rackets. Yet the complexities of entering the market and gaining a foothold in the region remain daunting, with vast gaps in insider knowledge afflicting market entrants.

The Intelligence Behind High-Stakes Decisions

Arcanum’s extensive experience in this area sets it apart as a key resource for clients seeking guidance and decision-making intelligence in a still-fluctuating market. Asia-Pacific Asia-Pacific is one of the fastest-growing regions in the world. Opportunities — as well as risks — abound in this region, where multi-ethnic, multi-religious societies and devastating natural disasters have had major impacts on some of the largest and most fragile economies in the world. The Arcanum network, headquartered in Hong Kong, provides a full range of services, including identifying key investment opportunities, assessing political and financial risk and implementing mitigation strategies and competitive intelligence. Arcanum’s deep roots in the region include high-tech powerhouse Singapore and Malaysia, one of Southeast Asia’s most vibrant economies.

In the hands of an experienced captain, navigational skill, the ability to read complex gauges and the laws of physics combine to provide safe passage to distant lands. With resources and expertise in the four corners of the globe, Arcanum helps pilot clients to global business success and conducts safe landings in a turbulent global market. Arcanum offers clients a rare understanding of the interconnections, local customs and optimum methods for success in the expanding world economy.

Get inside intelligence. If you need the kind of contact-based intelligence that identifies the opportunities as well as the obstacles in the global marketplace, then you need Arcanum on your side. While many firms claim to offer the same services, often their efforts go no further than repackaging information already available to the public. With years of industry expertise, we offer the nuanced, high-stakes intelligence and business support to provide clients with detailed and thorough analyses unavailable in the public domain. While others merely supply raw content, Arcanum delves deep into the subject material to identify and decode the often-hidden details and players within a market or entity. We provide not only intelligence, but solutions to our clients’ problems. Arcanum challenges conventional wisdom with intellectual rigor. If you are looking to transform risk into reward, to pull back the veil that obscures so many transactions, contact us today for more information.

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The Intelligence Behind High-Stakes Decisions

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