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symbols of unknown sounds

black & white paintings by


These paintings are inspired by the shared formal affinity of typesetter and painter; both must solve the problem of the picture plane, dividing it with intersecting horizontal and vertical lines. The use of fonts that are not characters in the western Latin-derived alphabet transforms symbols of unknown sounds into symbols of a subjective individual reality, raising the question: Is it truly possible to codify human experience in a world divided by language and other geopolitical and cultural boundaries?

Other Work

Moira Cue began painting at the age of 15, and by 17 had completed approximately 300 brightly colored semi-abstracted figurative works, mostly on masonite, some as large as 6’ by 4’. Many of these early works reflect her love of the expressive and decorative art of the Modern era. These works are frequently interpreted as homages to well-known masters including Matisse, Picasso, and Klimt—with a feminine twist. In her early twenties, the artist began a series of still life, each of which are in private collections, including a painting made for a Vice President of the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago using the client’s personal tchotchkes as subject matter. (Other notable collectors include pop icon Madonna.) In addition to this catalog of 240 8” by 11” font paintings, a more recent version of the series, sized at 9” by 12”, a set of 365 daily black and white paintings from which the font series evolved, as well as private commissions, viewings, and consultations are available upon request.

About the Artist

Moira Cue holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she graduated with Leadership and Fellowship awards. She attended the School’s Master of Fine Arts program for one year, matriculating through the newly established Sound department, before relocating in 2005 to sunny Los Angeles. Ms. Cue is a creative poly-hyphenate who regularly writes about art and literature for The Hollywood Sentinel. Publication of her work includes a critical essay excerpted and translated for the 2nd Beijing International China Cultural Artifacts Fair catalog, and details of her one-a -day series were reproduced in the pages of literary magazine Crimson Feet (India). Paparazzi frequently photograph Ms. Cue on the red carpet at Hollywood events, and her performances in conjunction with the Betty Rymer Gallery’s Social Seduction Show were covered in The Chicago Tribune. She appeared as herself on a reality docudrama which aired on E! and the Style Network and hosted an art segment on Chicago Tonight. She enjoys running, yoga and volunteering as a tutor for homeless children through the nonprofit organization School on Wheels.

Special Thanks

Photography: Ann Cue Framing: Jim Cue Editing: Hera Arsen, J.D., Ph.D. Printing: Susan Ross Printing Exhibition: SELECT Industries

Detail, individual panel. All images Š Moira Cue, 2004-2012.

Moira Cue: Symbols of Unknown Sounds  

A catalog of 240 black and white paintings of non-Latin / Roman derived fonts, each of which is 8" by 10" (oil and mixed media on masonite)....

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