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Thursday, November 17, 2011

ISLAM IS A COMPLETE WAY OF LIFE.... Continued from front page the Quranic directives not just so-called five principles as projected by our Moulvis/Aalims to make Islam a theology to build more and more Masajid and Madressah. And those who refuse to follow all the directives, they will go to Hell (2:38,39). Quran leads mankind out of darkness into light (14:1). Allah further says that Muslims must seek to understand Quran; are their hearts locked up by them (47:24). Hence in view of the above mentioned Ayaths what is more important is that of understanding the directives of Allah through reading of translation of Quran and following and practicing them in letter and spirit instead of simply reading of Arabic Quran without understanding as done in our Madressahs. Our Ulema have been projecting that since Quran was bestowed in Arabic and Arabic being Allah's only language, every non-Arab Ajmi Muslim must learn Arabic language to read and understand Quranic directives otherwise they may simply read Quran, do Tilwath, Qirath and Hifz without understanding under their guidance. Hence what the Mullah say becomes Islam. Due to lack of Quranic knowledge by not reading the translation of Quran, the Ajmi Muslims depend on Mullahs for religious guidance and thus priesthood as in Christianity (bishops), Hinduism

(Gurus / Pundits), Buddhism (monks) have made great inroads in Ajmi Muslims lives which is not allowed in Islam (57:27). The Ajmi Muslims suffer exploitation by vested interests and the majority of Ajmi Muslims are going astray and practice all sort of deviations, Shirk, Bidah, un- Islamic customs and practices, sins and evils, Satanic misguidance, Taghooti, Pir and Faqir exploitations, falsehood, extremism, sectarianism, Maslak and Fiqah differences, religious groupings and parties of exploiters, etc. and they are made to believe in weak and unauthentic Hadiths, tales, stories and traditions even if they are contrary to Quran. According to Quran none and not even our Prophet was authorized to change/amend the word of God except preaching and following them (10:15 /18:27). Hence all Hadiths should be in conformity with the Quran. Actually it is wrong to believe that Arabic is the only language of Allah whereas all the 3 previous Holy Books were bestowed by Allah in the then prevailing languages so that the message of Allah be spread. Allah knows all languages of the world and can hear and listen to all humans, deaf and dumb, animals, creatures, angels etc. Moreover Arabic is a common man language of the Arabs used in offices, schools and colleges to

study all subjects and contain good and bad words. The Christians, Jews and other non-Muslims of Arabia as well as Sudan, Somalia, Mauritania, Mali of Africa speak Arabic language as it is their mother tongue. There are Arabic songs, dances, cultural shows, films also. In all criminal activities in Arabia, Arabic language is used and not any other language. So we should be broad minded and realistic to accept facts that Quran was no doubt bestowed by Allah in Arabic on our beloved Prophet so that the Arab people may understand Islam first and get converted to Islam and then the message/directives of Allah be spread worldwide to bring all the erring humanity to the right path as projected in the Quran. Allah says that those who conceal His Quranic directives or sell his directives or charge fees as in Madressahs will go to Hell (2:159,174-175). Hence reading of translation of Quran to understand its directives for practice is a must and should be made compulsory in all Madressahs and also Muslim Schools. Allah says believe only in what is revealed in Quran and not to sell His directives to earn money or seek reward (2:41/16:95/36:21). The Madressahs should not charge any fees to teach Allah's Quran which should be free otherwise they may upgrade their Madressahs into schools to teach all other secular subjects along with Quranic translation and charge fees. In view of the lack of Quranic knowledge and

prevalence of Shirk, Bidah, anti Islamic customs and practices, deviations, exploitations and extremism, sectarianism, Maslak and Fiqah differences, excesses and overacting in religious rituals, groupings and parties etc. among the Ajmi Muslims, the Saudi Government has printed Quranic translations along with explanations in various languages of the world and is distributing them free to promote Quranic knowledge and guidance to Non Arab Muslims so that they are not misguided or exploited by the Taghoots, Pirs, Faqirs, Demi Gods, vested interest to divide the Muslims into sectarian, Maslak, Fiqah differences etc. and to save them from Shirk, Bidah, Un-Islamic customs and practices, extremism, excesses in rituals and over acting in religious matters, sins and evils, falsehood, bad behaviours etc. Therefore, Ajmi Muslims should give priority to reading and understanding of Quran through its easy translation and explanation for practicing all the Allah's directives in letter and spirit including the five principles to earn the blessing of Allah. Quran was not bestowed to simply kiss, do Tilwath, Hifz and Qirath without understanding. The directives/message contained in the Quran is actually Holy to be practiced fully to achieve Jannah with Allah's blessings. The writer, Syed Sadruddin Hussain, resides in Markham, Ontario. He could be contacted at email:

GREAT SUCCESS FOR RIGHTS, PROTECTION OF WOMEN Continued from front page and the Muslim World do not understand and follow the commands of Allah The Almighty and the message in the Holy Quran about rights, respect and high status of women. Even most of those who know care less or damn care. This is due to the unIslamic culture of male domination and illiteracy in most areas, particularly rural areas, of Pakistan and Muslim communities of Muslim World. Women suffer from extreme brutalities and treated like slaves and worst than animals. Deprived of rights and respect, they become valueless and remain sex toys for most lusty males, who do sex like committing rape. The women suffer helplessly and live under fear most of the time. The male domination culture in the Muslim community and society anywhere must end and women should be given full rights and freedom, as guided, instructed and guaranteed by Allah, Quran, Islam and the constitution of the country where they live. According to reports: The civil society has welcomed the ‘Anti Women Practices (Criminal Law Amendment) Bill 2008’ passed by the National Assembly on November 15 and has expressed hope that it will be passed smoothly from the Senate. The bill that seeks to amend both the Pakistan Penal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure provides for at least 10 years imprisonment and a fine of one million rupees for depriving women of inheritance, up to seven years and a minimum of three years and Rs500,000 as fine for giving women in forced marriages to settle civil disputes or a criminal liability and up to seven years and a minimum of three years with Rs500,000 fine for compelling or facilitating the marriage of a woman with the Holy Qur’aan. The civil society termed it a good sign that the house passed the bill unanimously. They called for the comprehensive and effective efforts by the state to create

awareness about the law through out the country especially in rural areas and urged the government to take appropriate measures to implement the law in letter and spirit. Aurat Foundation Chief Operating Officer Naeem Mirza said that the bill is a landmark initiative. “It has several positive elements. The bill has criminalized some extremely negative anti-women practices. Thousands of women fall prey to these harmful customary practices against women, like ‘wanni’, ‘swara’, marriage with Qur’aan, denial of inheritance and ‘honour’ killings. These practices are stigma on Pakistan’s human conscience and bring bad name to country.” He appreciated that the offences carry both maximum and minimum punishments and said: “The most positive side of the legislation is that all these offences have been declared non-compoundable, which means that there could be no compromise between the parties after the crime is committed and courts have to do justice as per law.” He said that the passage of the bill by the National Assembly has once again demonstrated that there is nothing wrong as far as the commitment and interest of women parliamentarians is concerned. This is the third time they have proved that. Firstly, Yasmeen Rehman tabled and got the Domestic Violence Bill passed from the NA as a private members bill; secondly, Marvi Memon tabled a private bill and the House passed the legislation against acid attacks; and now Donya Aziz has succeeded in securing the support of the House for her private bill. Eminent human rights activist Tahira Abdullah said that the bill could have been more comprehensive if movers of the bill had consulted the women rights activists before drafting it. In her opinion, the punishment is too lenient for a crime that destroys the life of a woman. She objected to a clause that leaves space for only imposing fine in case of


mitigating circumstances. “All such crimes are perpetuated by rich people and Rs1 million or Rs500,000 fine is just peanuts for such elements,” she added. Rehana Hashmi, Executive Director Sisters Trust Foundation said that National Assembly took four years to pass the bill where as bills related to increasing the prices of electricity are passed in days. “We hope that other women related bills would be passed in shorter period,” she added. Rehana called for strengthening local bodies system to implement the law in rural areas where women suffer the most due to forced marriages and discriminatory traditions related to the marriage institution. Talking about the significance of the law for minorities, Naumana Suleman, Program Coordinator National Commission for Justice and Peace, said that once implemented, the bill would create deterrence against the practice of forced marriages. She pointed out that there were many cases of forced marriages reported in recent past where minority girls were first abducted and forcibly converted and then married to a Muslim. “We welcome the new legislation but there is also a need to develop preventive social mechanism against these practices,” she said stressing the need to bring change in the mindset by reviewing the syllabus and enhancing the interfaith harmony among different sections of the society. Executive Director Potohar Organisation for Development Advocacy (PODA) Sameena Nazir also welcomed the approval of Anti women Practices Bill and termed it an important step forward in recognition of women’s rights. “The first step towards any social change is to recognise the problem and criminalize antiwomen practices as this bill does. She said that now it is the role of civil society to ensure its implementation at all level as it has done in the case of Anti Harassment Act. “Effective implementation is only possible through collaborative

effort of the government and civil society,” she added. Syed Sadruddin Hussain, a fiery writer on religion, cultural and social issues, residing in Markham, Ontario, Canada, said: “It is no doubt a good news that with the passage of Women Bill, there is going to be women emancipation from the clutches of extremist Mullahs which had imposed all such anti women traditions like Karaokari, marriage with Quran to prevent inheritance and protect the Wadera system and their so-called rich blood, Wani etc.” He said: “Still much is needed. The NA should also end the infamous and much exploited Hudood laws imposed by the great bluffer on Islam, Ziaul Haq, to please the Mullahs and remain in power. Hundreds of women are rotting in jails on unproved charges of Zina (Rape) etc. He stated: “All women organisations, sincere and liberal leaders, media and TVs should take up this big issue to abolish all such discriminatory laws against women. We should also put an end to Talibanization of our country which actually is not according to our DEEN of peace and progress.” He said: “The illiterate Taliban, who don't know ABC of Islam, are spoiling the image of our great religion by practicing extremism, deviations, terrorism, killing of innocent people through suicide bombings and blowing up girl schools, shopping malls, video shops, barber shops, Mazars and Masajid. They also cut the throats of those who oppose their barbaric action in the name of Islam and stone couples to death on Zina charges not allowed in Quran except 100 lashes.” Syed Sadruddin said: “To end all such exploitation of Islam, all Masajid and Madressahs should be nationalised as Islam is a state religion of Pakistan and it is the duty of the State to manage all religious affairs.” He said: “All religious parties, groups, Tehriks, which are exploiting Islam for their selfish ends and their dictatorial rule

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should be banned. The religious literature should also be put under state control to end various deviations, excesses, extremism, sectarianism, exploitation of Maslak and Fiqah differences; promotion of weak and un-authentic Hadiths, sayings, tales and stories not in conformity with Quran to confuse and deviate the Muslims etc.” He stated: “We should all save Islam from exploitation and deviations. Quranic teachings through its translation and explaining the directives of Allah along with authentic Sunnah in conformity with Quran (10:15, 64/18:27) should be made compulsory in all schools and Madressahs to make our students well equipped with Quranic knowledge to lead a good life of peace and progress and to avoid all sins and evils, Shirk, Bidah, unIslamic customs and practices, exploitations and misguidance by the Taghoots, Pirs, Faqirs, Aamils, vested interests, commercial Mullahs; Satanic influences etc. All sincere Aalims should come forward to promote Quranic knowledge to Ajmi Muslims to follow the right path of Allah.” ---Javed Zaheer (JAZA/JAYZEE/JZEE), Free Expression Award Winner, Desi Idol Recognition Award Winner, Member/Honorary Director of NEPMCC, Veteran Active Member (VAM) of Toronto Press Club, ExMember of The National Club and The Ontario Club, Honorary Editor of English Weekly `Pakistan Abroad’, ex-Chief Editor (Honorary) of English Weekly `The Ambassador’, ex-Senior Sub-Editor of English Daily DAWN, Pakistan, Chairman, CANOPI, and Director, Canpak Camber of Commerce, is contributing purely on Voluntary and Honorary Basis in order to serve all people and communities. Contact: (416)6960981. To read more JZ’s exclusive articles, please visit the following websites: (Pressing needs section), and (Home Pages & Editorial Sections. Scan years from 2004 to 2011.

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