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• Technological: Gabby can get ahead of the Internet trend. While a fair portion of her audience right now might not be active on social media, it will not be the same years down the road. She should increase her social media and Internet usage as her demographic increases. In the future, people who grew up with the Internet will become her audience. She should create her online presence now.

Threats • Political: The Opelika senior program has less risk management restrictions. •   Political: Government funding could be reduced or cut at any time which is not under Gabby’s control. •   Social: Since participants are older, certain liability and safety issues could arise during different activities. •   Economical: Since the program is government funded, it is difficult to ensure that the amount of money coming in is consistent with how Meredith wants to run the program. •  

Technological: The Opelika senior program has a slightly better website.

Technological: The Auburn Parks and Rec website and lack of social media presence can potentially be a threat to the business before.


Final campaigns project  
Final campaigns project