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not have control over the website. If this were to change in the future, it would be important to keep the majority of the program’s newsletter and information on the website. Most publications are moving towards digital, as well as the younger age of seniors nearing retirement.

Promotion • Promotion of the new program and newsletter is important. Some of the seniors in the focus group thought the newsletter should be promoted more around town. For example, local doctor’s offices, grocery stores, retirement homes and churches are all good places for newsletters to be placed for easy access for senior members and nonmembers. •   To receive good feedback about the new logo, slogan and newsletter, we recommend that Gabby incorporates a small “brand launch” into an existing event. Our goal is for the new “brand” for the program gains maximum exposure from both members and non-members of the program. For example, at an event in which Gabby is expecting a larger crowd, she could incorporate introducing the new logo. T-shirts, stickers and other giveaways could be used to promote the new “look,” as well as handing out the new newsletter. Feedback is important in making this change successful, so we recommend that Gabby uses this time to gain the seniors’ opinions about the new branding. •   Our final recommendation is that the newsletter, as well as upcoming events, activities and pictures of the program, should be shared on social media as well as the website as previously stated. However, we do recognize that the City of Auburn also has


Final campaigns project  
Final campaigns project