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Recommendations/Conclusion Recommendations: In our evaluation of the City of Auburn’s current senior program through research, Gabby’s opinions, our own opinions and the seniors’ opinions, we came up with recommendations and changes for Gabby to implement for a better senior program. These recommendations can be broken down into three categories: publications, communication and promotion.

Publications • Our group designed a new name, logo, slogan and newsletter for a template that Gabby can use each month. Each of the new designs had several qualifications. We recommend the following that we created for the new Auburn Parks and Recreation senior program. The new logo, slogan and newsletter can be found in the appendices section of this report. •   The new name had to be catchy and friendly to all seniors ranging in age from 50-90. With Auburn’s quick and unprecedented retirement-age growth, a revamped senior program is essential to keep up with that growth. As a group, we decided on “Auburn’s Ageless,” nixing the term “senior” or “50+” and the negative connotations that may be implied. •   The new logo had to be eye-catching, fresh and also friendly to all retirement ages. This is why we chose the autumn tree, with several different and mature colors. It is an easily recognizable symbol and easy to read for the seniors. Gabby can use this logo for t-shirts, stickers and other promotional items.


Final campaigns project  
Final campaigns project