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Evaluation In order for the rebranding campaign to be successful, it is very important that certain steps are taken after the changes have been made. To evaluate if the rebranding is successful, Meredith will need to gain feedback to see if the brand is well received and recognizable. To understand if the new brand is well received, Meredith should conduct a poll among members of the senior group, asking if they like the name and logo and if it is something they feel comfortable representing them. After six to nine months after the launch of the logo, slogan and newsletter, it is recommended that Auburn Parks and Recreation conducts a poll or survey about the the rebranding. Questions on the survey could include but are not limited to: • Have you seen this logo before? •   Where have you seen this logo? •   Do you know what program this logo represents? If so, what is it? •   Did your initial recognition of this logo pique your interest in the program? •   Do you like the new logo and think it represents the program well?

The seniors’ answers to these questions and their general feedback are important to determine whether or not the campaign is successful in brand recognition. In order to make sure all senior program participants have access to the survey, the survey could be conducted on paper or be available on computers at certain events. A digital version of the survey could also be made by an intern through Qualtrics, a program that is free to all Auburn University students. The survey is an important step because it gives a quantitative result as to how successful the rebranding is. Meredith should also focus on people ages 50 and older to who are not involved


Final campaigns project  
Final campaigns project