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The seniors refer to the newsletter all the time, some saying they keep it in a place where they will always see it such as on the fridge or a mirror.

Strategies/Activities: Auburn Parks and Recreation currently are not doing anything to brand themselves. They are under the City of Auburn’s logo and branding, but the senior program is looking to differentiate themselves. Gabby recognizes the importance of having this and has enlisted help in creating it. She hopes to have an easily recognizable brand and logo that can be used on t-shirts, bumper stickers or publications.

Competition/organizations: Opelika Parks and Recreation also has a senior program in the same general area. There are several differences between the two programs. Opelika’s is more expensive, seniors have to be older to join and its trips travel to much further destinations, such as Europe. Opelika’s Parks and Recreation website is slightly more clear to read and has more updated information than Auburn’s. While the program is not necessarily a threat to Auburn’s, it has its benefits and could be considered the competition. The City of Auburn is growing as a place for retirement, and we think that the senior program should keep up with its growth for the betterment of the program.


Final campaigns project  
Final campaigns project