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MY LIFE AS IT IS BY: KATLIN PLANTY Prologue: this project is about what and how my life is right now. It explains nearly everything about me as of right now. Past, present and future.

table of contents letter of introduction color your world unfinished sentences room sweet room sensory experience likes & dislikes metaphorical definitions extended metaphors symbolic recipe

whats in a name personal alphabet personal metaphors all purpose excuse synectics flashback remembrance of things present as times goes bye-bye one medium suitcase how to ‌ ? lessons I learned after it was too late advice to the young extraordinary pets

Dear Fiozzo, My name is Katlin Planty. I’m 15 years old. I was born on December 9th, 1994. I’m an easy going girl. I love being with my friends. Specially with Nancy Spoffard. My family is very important to me. I love challenging myself with either sports, or problems. I have some rough days but, we all have them. I’m extremely indecisive. I get stressed out easily. I get that from my Dads side. I’m usually always happy unless you piss me off! I like texting, and face book just like any other teenager. I also like to go camping. My favorite place in the world is the beach. Anywhere on the beach is where you’ll find me. It’s just a good way to spend time with the family. Those are something’s that you should know about me. Sincerely, Katlin Planty

Color your world Red= anger, strong, warning sign Orange= excited, sun, fire Yellow=happy, youth, fun Purple= mysterious, royalty, magic, power Green=confident, nature, growth, creativity, intelligent Blue= extravagant, trust, strength Pink= love, romance Black= evil, depressing, death Grey= lousy

Unfinished sentences. I usually worry about everything. I feel angry when I fight with my friends or my family. I’m moody when I’m on my period. I’m happy when I’m with people who are funny. I feel confident when I lose weight. I feel frustrated when someone doesn’t answer my calls or text. I feel depressed when people doubt me or don’t listen so what I have to say. I am comfortable when I’m in my pj’s. I feel nervous when I’m around people who scare me. I feel sentimental when someone gets hurt.

Room sweet room

In my room I have a wall with a mural of a palm tree and the beach, the beach is my favorite place in the world. Each wall in my room is a different color. I love colors and bright things, and my room defiantly has that. I

have a pretty big closet and a huge dresser. I have tons of clothes so I need all that room. I think my room says a lot about me and how my personality is, colorful and unique.

SENSORY EXPERIENCE One sensory experience I fondly remember was when my family had the “Planty Fest� at my camp. There were so many people. It was a beautiful, sunny day outside. I remember feeling the hot sun on my back and the feeling of having everyone around me happy. When I jumped in the cool lake, I remember feeling the cold water clashing against my hot skin. After I was cooled down I got out and dried myself off and I could smell the fire back up at the camp. I walked up the

path to my camp and saw frogs jumping in the small pond. When I reached my camp a lot of people already had plates full of food. So, I grabbed a plate and got some chicken ka-bobs with some cooked broccoli, potatoe salad, macaroni salad. Then I went to go sit down next to my cousins. All the food was so good as I tasted each food in my mouth, but my favorite food was dessert when we had smores. Mhmmmm good. The only sad part was hearing everyone say goodbye and driving away.



1. shopping

Smelly feet

2. face book

Stupid people

3. writing


4. camping

Dirt under my finger nails

5. tanning

People who don’t shower

6. swimming

My parents when their drunk

7. being with friends


8. texting 9. flip flops 10.

Homework Not having money



Metaphorical definitions Nose: a storage place for boogers.

Tornados: are mother nature’s ex boyfriends. Rainbows: smiles from the sky. Oceans: are martinis for the earth. Jewelry: body decorations. Fathers: undercover superhero’s. Money: green paper that makes the world go round. Gum: is tease for your stomach. Dog: man’s best friend. Teddy bear: is a warm hug.

Extended metaphors.

If I could be a day of the week I would choose to be Saturday because I don’t have school. I also hang out and make plans with my friends on the weekend. If I were a food I would be pasta because I like it a lot and it’s easy to make when you’re in a rush. If I was a plant I would be birds of paradise because I think their unique and their also grown in tropical places and I like tropical places. If I was a musical instrument I would be a flute because I am a soprano in choir and can sing high. If I could be a natural phenomenon I would be a tornado because get really angry really fast.

Symbolic recipe

1 cup on happy 1 teaspoon of shy ¾ cup of creative ¼ cup of anger A pinch of grumpy ¼ cup of tired 2 cracked eggcited

The first step is to preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Then mix all of the ingrediants together until smooth katlin batter is made then butter the 9 by 12 baking pans so katlin doesn’t stick to it. Pour the mixture in the pan and put it in the oven for 120 minutes or until golden brown.


I’m not sure why my mom named me Katlin but, I think it fits my personality well. I have a unique personality and I have a pretty unique name. I know there are a lot of Katlin’s but it’s not everyday you see one spelt like mine. My middles name is Jewel. It was supposed to be my first name but my aunt patty thought she was having a girl and wanted to name her Jewel. When my aunt delivered her baby, it was a boy. Then my mom took the name Jewel from them. My last name is simple. Planty is my Dads last name that my mom took when they got married. That’s what’s in my name.

Personal Alphabet Ambitious






Ditzy Extravagant Friendly Giddy Happy Indescribable Joyful Kinky Lovable Mature Noticeable Optimistic Passionate Quirky Risky Sensitive Terrific Unusual Vocal Wonderful

Personal metaphors Animal: panda bear Car: powder blue civic Clothing: bra

Day of the week: Saturday Color: blue + orange= blorange Food: any kind of pasta Movie: dirty dancing Fragrance: appletini Type of building: cafĂŠ Plant: birds of paradise Musical instrument: flute Shape: hexagon Furniture: bed Song: I feel pretty Season: summer TV character: Melinda from ghost whisper Cartoon character: poh from the telitubbies Appliance: washer & dryer Natural phenomenon: tornado Word: risk

All purpose excuse Dear Fiozzo, The reason I am tardy to class is because‌ a ufo crashed in the ocean and the wave only hit my house. So my house was full of water. As I was trying to get all my school work together and get to the bus stop in time. I couldn’t find the door. Then finally I did and the water just flew right out my house and I rode the wave all the way to Texas. Then I got on a air plane back home but it crashed on a deserted island no one knew about. After that I swam all the way to the shore and got a taxi to my house to change clothes and grab my English homework. Finally I ran all the way to school and ended up being only 2 minutes late.

Synectics A pencil is wiser than a pen because its always prepared for mistakes. A calendar is smarter than a clock because it help you keep track of event and dates A question is better than an answer because everyone have their own opinion and there could be more than one answer. New is more fearful than old because you don’t know what’s coming. A sidewalk is easier to forgive than a rode because the street causes accidents when a sidewalk maybe cause a rolled ankle. A nightmare is scarier because you could always remember it and then you would have a hard time sleeping. Glass is a legend because people all over the world use it. A home because you have to buy everyone inside it also, anyone can but a house. A friend is more useful cause their usually always there for you when you need them the most. Literature is more trustworthy because we don’t know every single detail about history

Flashback One experience I would want to relive would be the cruise I went on in April of 2009. I went on it with my cousins Christine, uncle Joe, and my aunt Pam and a few of their friends and of course my family too. We went to the Caribbean. The islands we went to were Haiti, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and St. Thomas. I saw dolphins, sea turtles and tons of fish. The food on the cruise was so delicious. The ship was gigantic! You could get lost in it. After just one day my skin was burned. Those nine days I will never forget.

Remembrance of things present In 20 years I want to remember thing that are important to me. I want to remember my family, friends, and vacations in the past. I would also like to remember my high school and college years. Hopefully in 20 years I will be

married and starting a family. I just want to remember everything that was important to me and who was near to my heart.

As time goes bye-bye What things do I want to accomplish by the time im 35? One thing is that I would want to start a family and have a career. Also I would want to go on another cruise but this time to Britain. I also want to be out of college and paying most of my attention to my family.

One medium suitcase. in my suitcase I would bring‌ Pictures of everyone I love Favorite clothing

Letters or cards Deodorant Money Important jewelry Cell phone / charger Flip-flops Sneakers IPod Laptop

How to make a double layer pb and j asandwich First you get out 3 pieces of bread Next you get out the jelly out of the refrigerator And the peanut butter out of the cupboard You also will need two butter knifes Open the two jars (jelly, and peanut butter)

Take knife and get peanut butter on it and spread it out on one slice of the bread Do the same thing to the jelly as you did to the peanut butter Then put the two slices together Then on the opposite side you put the jelly spread peanut butter Then but jelly on the last slice of bread Put them together Finally eat up!

Lessons I learned after it was too late One lesson I learned after it was too late was not to run on a pool deck. I learned this lesson too late because. Two summers ago I went to my friend Tabbys house and her moms friend was having a pool party and she invited us over. So we all went to the party. All the adults were drinking. The people throwing the party had an in ground pool. There were other teenagers my age at the party and we decided to play a game. The game was where you had to run around the pool and push the other team in the pool and the first team with all the other team in the pool won. We were playing boys against girls.

This guy was chasing me and I was running from him. I took a sharp turn and I slipped and smashed my head into the side of the pool. The whole left side of my body was bleeding. I couldn’t see anything or speak. I told them I was okay because I thought that I was. We went back to Tabbys house and her mom was on the lawn throwing up, drunk out of her mind. Tabby asked me if I wanted her to call me mom. I said yes. My mom finally got to Tabbys house. She thought that they gave me drugs because I was drooling and I couldn’t walk correctly or stand up straight. All I wanted to do was sleep. My mom was yelling at them because they should have called 911. So my mom drove me to the E.R and I ended up have a severe concussion that damaged multiple areas of my brain. I couldn’t do anything all summer. That’s one lesson I learned after it was too late.

Advice to the young If I were to give advice to the young I would tell them not to be a follower but a leader. Don’t do things just because your friends are doing it. Only you control your life. Only you live once so make the best of it!

Extraordinary pets

I have a dog named molly. She’s a border collie. She’s an extraordinary pet because she can do many tricks. My family bought molly when she was just a few weeks old. Some of the tricks she knows are sit, stay, come. She also knows speak, roll over, sit pretty, squirrel, water, food and play dead. That’s why my dog is extraordinary.

Epilogue: so, this is my life so far. I learned that I am my own self while doing this project. I love me! And I hope you had fun reading this.

my life as it is  

this project is about what and how my life is right now. It explains nearly everything about me as of right now. Past, present and future.