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2013 Missouri Holstein Futurity and Holstein Field Day October 12, 2013 Host - College of the Ozarks, Pt. Lookout, Missouri Premium Monies: $700 2012 Futurity Champions

Kevin Phillips, Select-Sires Representative who sponsored chair awards; 3rd Place-C of O Laurin Ann, College of the Ozarks; 2nd Place- J-Lean Sam Casey, Kristin Luttrell; 1st Place-Wrightvale JL Jasper Persy, Larry & Jodi Wright; Judge Doug Thomas, MO Princess, Brittany Groves;

2013 Missouri Holstein Futurity October 12, 2013 Hosted by College of the Ozarks 3-Year Old Futurity Show, Some Judging Classes, A Presentation and Lunch FRIDAY, OCTOBER 11, 2013

12:00 PM

Cattle may arrive at College of the Ozarks


11:00 AM

2013 Missouri 3-Year Old Holstein Futurity, Show


Judging classes for all ages


Presentation by College of the Ozarks

12:30 Lunch 1:30

Missouri Holstein Board Meeting* and Jr. Advisor Interviews

*Note: Board members are all district presidents and directors.

THANK YOU to our Futurity Sponsors:

Check out the Herd ~ Visit with Friends ~ Enjoy the Futurity


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Schedule of Events 6:30 PM 7:00 7:30 8:00

Complimentary Dinner 2013 All-Missouri & Jr. All-Missouri Award Presentation & 2013 Cow of the Year Presentation Happy Hour MISSOURI STATE CONVENTION SALE BEGINS at Ramada Oasis Hotel, Springfield, MO

Following Sale:

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2013 Missouri Holstein Futurity Judge: Ron DeLong Original Entries = 41 head $1025 Pot 1. Gatton Aspen Cadance GP83 - OUT 2-3 2x 305 14,075 3.6 509 3.1 441 Sire: EK-Oseena Aspen-ET Dam: Gatton Morty Clarise Owner: Jessica Gatton-Dixon

6. MS Golden-Dream Riplee VG85 2-06 2x 290 14,075 4.3 599 3.2 447 Sire: Roasedale Advantage-Red Dam: Miss Greenlea Aspen Rip-ET Owner: Jeff Conrad

2. Gatton Lheros Medussa GP82 2-02 2x 282 12,780 2.7 340 2.9 373 Sire: Comestar Lheros Dam:  Gatton Outside Macy Owner: Jessica Gatton-Dixon

7. Ram-Elle Durchan Jaylo-ET VG 88   2-04 2x 285 18,244 2.6 483 2.7 485 Sire:  Mr Durchan Destin-ET Dam: Golden-Dream Jacoba-ET Owner: Michelle & Loren Eilenstine

3. Gatton Paragon Desaray VG85 - OUT 2-08 2x 305 14,293 3.5 501 3.1 442 Sire: MR Paragon-ET Dam: Gatton Toystory Destiny-ET Owner: Jessica Gatton-Dixon

8. Toecky Anna-Lyss Sanchez VG 87 2-01 2x 305 22,750 3.5 794 3.1 696 Sire: Gen-Mark Stmatic Sanchez Dam: Toecky Kendall Anna-Leah EX 92 Owner: Becky Durst


J-Lean Ely Rose Fresh: September 1, 2013 Sire: J-Lean Killer Ely Dam: J-Lean Ivan Rose Owner: Jessilyn McLean

5. J-Lean Kyle Stripes Fresh: April 19, 2013 Sire: Lotta-Hill Bert Kyle Dam- J-Lean Avenger Star Owner: Jessilyn McLean

9. Toecky Seduction VG85 2-04 2x 305 27,159 3.3 893 3.1 839 Sire: Regancrest Buckland Dam: Toecky Maurice Selita VG 86 Owner: Tom Durst 10. Toecky Timex GP82 2-01 2x 305 20,206 4.2 850 3.2 650 Sire: Klassic Big Time Dam: Toecky Appoint Tobi VG Owner: Becky Durst

2016 Holstein Futurity - Entries Due Feb. 1, 2014 $25 / head; Entry form here or online at

Champions 1st Place: 2nd Place: 3rd Place:

#8 - Toecky Anna-Lyss Sanchez - Becky Durst, Huggins #10 - Toecky Timex, Becky Durst, Huggins #6 - Ms Golden-Dream Riplee, Jeff Conrad, Willow Springs

1st Place: 2nd Place: 3rd Place:

#9 - Toecky Seduction, Tom Durst, Huggins #8 - Toecky Anna-Lyss Sanchez, Becky Durst, Huggins #10 - Tecky Timex, Becky Durst, Huggins

Production Winners

Junior Winners 1st Place: 2nd Place: 3rd Place:

#5 - J-Lean Kyle Stripes, Jessilyn McLean, Republic #4 - J-Lean Ely Rose, Jessilyn McLean, Republic --_____________________________________________

Foot & Leg Winner - Brookview Tony Charity Plate Sponsored by Dr. John Underwood 1st Place:

#10 - Toecky Timex, Becky Durst, Huggins

2012 Production Winner

MO Princess, Brittany Groves; Candy Durst; Production Winner:Toecky Audacity Anna-Rae, Becky Durst (Shown by Crissy Durst); and Judge Doug Thomas

2012 Futurity Junior Champion

Stuart James, Ray Schooley, Kevin DeVore, & Candy Durst: ABS Sponsor for Jr. Chair Award; 1st Place Junior - J-Lean Sam Casey, Kristin Luttrell, Judge Doug Thomas; and MO Princess, Brittany Groves;.

Thank you ABS for supporting our Jrs!!



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Rules and Conditions Eligibility: Any Registered Holstein female born in Missouri and bred by a member of the Missouri Holstein Association that was born between Sept. 1, 2009 and Aug. 30, 2010 is eligible for the 2013 3-Yr Old Sho-Me Futurity. Fees for the 3-Yr Old Futurity: Single payment of $25 with nomination due February 1. Nominations: A breeder may nominate any number of eligible females on the first nomination. Only these females nominated on the first nomination are eligible for the second and third nominations. Showing: In order to be eligible for any part of the purse, fees must have been made by the required date and the animal must be exhibited in a special 3-Yr Old Futurity Class to be scheduled during the year 2013. Purse: The purse in the 2013 3-Yr Old Futurity Class shall consist of monies received by the Missouri Holstein Association as Nomination Fees, less any incidental expenses incurred for its promotion and management. 1. Production Awards - $100 will be taken from the purse and divided among the top three cows shown in the 3-Yr Old Futurity Class on the basis of their 305 day two year milk production. Only official DHIA or DHIR records will be considered and these records must accompany the animal and be checked by the committee before the show. The $100 will be divided as follows: $50.00 to the cow with the highest actual 2-Yr milk record; $30.00 to second highest 2-Yr milk record; $20.00 to third highest 2-Yr milk record. 2. Showing Awards - The purse minus the $100.00 production award - minus any other authorized expense shall be divided among the first twenty placings in the special 3-Yr Old Sho-Me Futurity Class: 1st place - 20 percent 2nd place - 12 percent 3rd place - 9 percent 4th place - 8 percent 5th place - 6 percent 6th-10th place - 4 percent 11th - 15th - 3 percent 16th - 20th - 2 percent If less than 20 animals are shown, the remaining money shall be equally divided among the animals exhibited. No Refunds: All nomination fees are committed to the purse and no refunds will be made unless for some reason the Futurity Show is cancelled. Transfer of Ownership of Eligible Animals: Any animal sold after being nominated initially will remain eligible provided the subsequent fees are paid as specified. In all cases, the responsibility of making required payment is the responsibility of the owner. General: The Missouri Holstein Association through its elected officers is sponsoring and governing the Futurity and will make all decisions not covered by these rules. However, they will not be responsible for accident or injury to animal or person in connection with the show.

2013 Missouri Holstein 3-Year Old Futurity  

2013 Missouri Holstein 3-Year Old Futurity