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Soundtrack of  My  Life   Mohit  Rao   Ringman/5    

Table of  Contents   Thinking  Map  #1    

Thinking Map  #2    


Third Stage    

Fourth Stage  


Theme Song  

Free Songs    


Future Song  






Written Song  




  My  cover  art  includes  a  picture  of  a  stopwatch,  a  calculator,  and  a  trophy.  I  used  to   the  stopwatch  to  represent  my  time  management  skills  and  the  sport  of  swimming.   This   is   because   in   swimming,   time   is   a   very   important   measure   of   skill.   I   used   a   calculator,   because   I   enjoy   math   and   school   a   lot.   I   also   hope   to   one   day   do   something   in   college   with   science   or   technology.   The   trophy   represents   my   will   and   desire  to  win,  just  like  the  song  I  wrote.  I  will  always  work  hard  to  get  what  I  want   and  be  at  the  “top  of  my  game”.  



Thinking Map  for  First  Stage     Soft  m  usic  that   represents  the   beginning  of  a   saga,    or  in  this   case  life  

  Intriguing   music,   gradually   getting  louder  

Ordinary World/   Beginning  

Slow music   that  begins   calmly  

    Music  from  the   beginning  of  a   series  such  as   Harry  Potter  


The song  I  chose  was  Hedwig’s  theme,  the  main  song  of  the     Harry  Potter  series.  This  is  because  the  song  is  very  quiet  and   intriguing,  which  represents     the  beginning  of  a  journey.  The   beginning  of  my  journey  was  when  I  discovered  that  I  really     enjoyed  sports,  especially  swimming,   soccer  and  basketball.  This   discovery  would  play  a  very  important  role  in  my  life  for  years  to     come.  


Thinking Map  for  Second  Stage    

Faster  music   showing  the   beginning  of   hard  work.  


Music that   represents  the   beginning  of  my   athletic  career  

Second Stage/  Call  to   Adventure  

Upbeat music   showing  a  call   to  adventure  


Intense music   that  gradually   gets  louder  and   faster.  


The song  I  chose  was  “Remember  the  Name”  by  Fort  Minor.    It   shows  the  beginning  of  an  athletic  career,  and  the  beginning  of   a  long  period  of  h  ard  work.  It  explains  that  nothing  comes  easy,   and  that  to  succeed  in  anything,  be  it  athletics,  academics  or   fine  arts.  All  the  hard  work  that  I  have  put  in  the  last  few  years   have  led  me  to  win  several  state  championships  and  break   many  state  records  in  the  YMCA  league.  


To further  demonstrate  the  “Call  to  Adventure”,  I  have  created  a  double  bubble  map   to  compare  the  song  “Remember  the  Name”  to  something  in  the  real  world,  namely   academics,  especially  in  the  future  years.   Comparison  of  “Remember  the  Name”  to  Future  Academics  


A lot  of  it  is   about   fighting  o ff   “haters”  

In competition   with   yourself  

We control   our  own   future  

Sometimes   we  don’t  get   what  we   want  

Success comes  from   hard  work  

“Remember the  Name”  


Everybody is  fighting   this  battle  

More about   becoming   famous  


Future Academics  

Have the   chance  to  get   what  we   want  

Not about   fame  or   fortune,  but   interest  



Song for  the  Third  Stage   The   song   that   I   chose   for   the   third   stage   in   the   Hero’s   Journey,   refusal   of   the   call,   is   “Radioactive”   by   Imagine   Dragons.   This   song   starts   slow   and   soft,   representing   the   mood   when   I   had   to   choose   between   three   sports.   Later   in   the   song,   the   mood   increases   and   it   gets   faster   and   louder,   celebrating   my   decision   to   go   forward   in   swimming.     It   shows   how   I   started   with   three   sports,   basketball,   swimming,   and   soccer.   Basketball   and   swimming   became   my   two   main   focuses.   Eventually   I   started   exceling   in   swimming,   by   winning   several   state   championships   and   breaking   several   event   records   at   these   championships.   Because   of   all   the   effort   that   swimming   took,   basketball   went   on   the   backburner   and   eventually  I  had  to  make  the  difficult  choice  of  picking  the  sport  I  truly  enjoyed,  which  in   the  end,  was  swimming.   This   song   relates   to   my   life   and   it   shows   how   a   major   decision   was   taken.   This   song   will   represent  many  different  stages  of  my  life,  because  as  I  grow  up,  I  will  have  to  make  very   difficult  choices,  especially  when  considering  college  or  career  choices.­‐ link  to  the  song  on  YouTube   I   have   created   a   double   bubble   map   that   compares   the   character   in   this   song   to   the   character  Harry  Potter,  from  the  important  book  series.   Comparison  of  “Radioactive”  to  Harry  Potter        

Apocalyptic -­‐ no  friends  

Surrounded by  friends  

Feel a  duty  to   the  world  

    Talking   about   today  

“Radioactive” Character  

Both have   great  tasks  to   fulfill  

Harry Potter  

In a  complete   different   world  

  More   angry/depr essed    

They’ve realized  the   new  age   begun  

Mood of   determinati-­‐ on  


Song for  the  Fourth  Stage   The  song  I  chose  for  the  fourth  stage  in  the  Hero’s  Journey,  threshold,  was  “Viva  La  Vida”  by   Coldplay.   It   represents   my   choice  of  moving  from  recreational  league  swimming  with   the   YMCA,   to   USA   swimming.   The   song   states   that   the   artist   was   on   top   of   the   world,   which   represents  my  success  in  the  YMCA  swim  league.  I  won  multiple  championships  and  state   meets,   “I   used   to   rule   the   world”   which   in   this   case   was   the   pool.   It   later   states   that   he   “sleeps   alone”,   which   represents   me   moving   to   a   harder   league,   USA   swimming,   where   I   was   no   longer   as   well-­‐known   and   respected.   I   crossed   the   threshold   into   a   new   experience   in  the  swimming  world.  The  transition  is  hard,  as  is  described  in  “Viva  La  Vida”,  and  I  had  to   go   back   to   the   bottom,   like   the   song   states   I   had   to   “sweep   the   streets   I   used   to   own”,   because   I   had   to   once   again   fight   to   try   and   make   something   of   myself   and   gain   the   respect   of  my  peers.   This  is  something  that  will  always  be  relevant  to  my  life  as  I  will  constantly  be  working  to   make  a  name  for  myself  and  to  gain  respect  of  the  peers  in  my  field.­‐ link  to  song  on  YouTube    

The following  is  a  few  lyrics  from  the  beginning  of  the  song:     I  used  to  rule  the  world   Seas  would  rise  when  I  gave  the  word   Now  in  the  morning  I  sleep  alone   Sweep  the  streets  I  used  to  own     I  used  to  roll  the  dice   Feel  the  fear  in  my  enemy's  eyes   Listen  as  the  crowd  would  sing   "Now  the  old  king  is  dead!  Long  live  the  king!"      


To show  the  comparisons  between  the  song's  character  and  my  life,  I  have  created  a   double  bubble  map:   Comparison  of  “Viva  la  Vida”  to  my  USA  Swimming  Beginning        

Has become   his  “future”  

Prepares me  for  the   future  

Challenging part  of  life  

  More  of  the   end  of  the   hero’s   journey   threshold      



Shows a   massive   downfall  

“Viva La   Vida”   Theme  

Were once  at   the  top  of  the   world  

Transition to  a  new   stage  of  life  

Beginning of  USA   Swimming  

Like the   “crossing  the   threshold”   stage    

More of  a   new  stage   than  a   downfall  



Theme Song   My  theme  song  is  “Don’t  You  Worry  Child”  by  the  Swedish  House  Mafia.  This  song  is  very   energetic  and  it  pumps  me  up.  It  has  an  upbeat  tempo.  The  main  reason  this  is  my  theme   song,  is  because  the  main  chorus  says,  “Don’t  You  Worry  Child”,  which  shows  that  there  is   no  reason  to  worry,  and  everything  will  be  fine  in  the  end.  My  theme  song  is  something  I   listen   to   when   I’m   studying   for   an   exam   and   also   to   motivate   myself   to   get   through   a   difficult  practice.  -­‐  Link  to  YouTube  

Lyrics  from  the  main  chorus:   My  father  said,   "Don't  you  worry,  don't  you  worry,  child.   See  heaven's  got  a  plan  for  you.   Don't  you  worry,  don't  you  worry  now."   Yeah!     "Don't  you  worry,  don't  you  worry,  child.   See  heaven's  got  a  plan  for  you.   Don't  you  worry,  don't  you  worry  now."   Yeah!                  


Two Free  Choice  Songs   The  two  free  choice  songs  I  chose  were  two  of  my  favorite  songs,  “Live  it  Up”  by  Jennifer   Lopez  ft.  Pitbull   and  “Feel  this  Moment”  by  Pitbull.  I  enjoy  listening  to  these  songs  because   they’re   very   upbeat   and   motivational.   The   meaning   of   these   songs   is   essentially   “carpe   diem”  or  “seize  the  day”.  It  is  important  to  live  every  day  to  its  fullest,  and  that  while  we   work   our   way   through   life   it   is   also   necessary   that   we   take   time   to   just   enjoy   life’s   best   moments.­‐“Live it  Up”­‐  “Feel  this  Moment”     The  following  are  a  few  lyrics  from  “Live  it  Up”:    

Ohhh, we  can  do  anything  we  want   Live  it  up,  so  live  it  up,  live  it  up,  go,  ohh   And  we  ain't  stopping  till  we  done,  live  it  up   So  live  it  up,  live  it  up,  go  go  go  go  go  go    

These are  a  few  lyrics  from  the  chorus  of  “Feel  this  Moment”:    

One day  while  my  light  is  glowing   I’ll  be  in  my  castle  golden   But  until  the  gates  are  open   I  just  wanna  feel  this  moment  (ohhh)   I  just  wanna  feel  this  moment  (ohhh)   I  just  wanna  feel  this  moment      


Songs about  the  Future   The  song  that  I  chose  to  represent  my  future  was,  “Can’t  Hold  Us”  by  Macklemore  and  Ryan   Lewis.  It  is  a  very  motivational  song  with  its  upbeat  music  and  rap  stylings.  The  title  itself,   “Can’t   Hold   Us”,   shows   that   the   song   is   about   how   there   are   no   limits,   and   I   can   accomplish   and  succeed  in  anything  I  attempt.  It  shows  that  the  “ceiling  can’t  hold  me”  and  I  can  aspire   to  become  whatever  I  want,  and  reach  my  highest  potential.   In  the  future,  I  would  like  to  become  a  successful  businessman,  a  professional  athlete,  or  a   lawyer.   In   order   to   achieve   one   of   these   professional   goals,   I   will   have   to   work   hard   during   my   education   and   athletics.   I   have   to   focus   during   practices,   school,   and   study   and   sport   hard.   These   are   my   future   professional   goals,   although   my   career   options   might   change,   and   the   only   way   to   achieve   these   goals   is   to   work   hard   and   try   my   best,   as   the   song   suggests.­‐uLqE-­‐  “Can’t  Hold  Us”    

These are  lyrics  from  the  chorus  of  “Can’t  Hold  Us”:   Can  we  go  back,  this  is  the  moment   Tonight  is  the  night,  we’ll  fight  'til  it’s  over   So  we  put  our  hands  up  like  the  ceiling  can’t  hold  us   Like  the  ceiling  can’t  hold  us   Can  we  go  back,  this  is  the  moment   Tonight  is  the  night,  we’ll  fight  'til  it’s  over   So  we  put  our  hands  up  like  the  ceiling  can’t  hold  us   Like  the  ceiling  can’t  hold  us              


Poem The  Road  Not  Taken   Robert  Frost    

Two roads  diverged  in  a  yellow  wood,   And  sorry  I  could  not  travel  both   And  be  one  traveler,  long  I  stood   And  looked  down  one  as  far  as  I  could   To  where  it  bent  in  the  undergrowth;     Then  took  the  other,  as  just  as  fair,   And  having  perhaps  the  better  claim,   Because  it  was  grassy  and  wanted  wear;   Though  as  for  that  the  passing  there   Had  worn  them  really  about  the  same,     And  both  that  morning  equally  lay   In  leaves  no  step  had  trodden  black.   Oh,  I  kept  the  first  for  another  day!   Yet  knowing  how  way  leads  on  to  way,   I  doubted  if  I  should  ever  come  back.     I  shall  be  telling  this  with  a  sigh   Somewhere  ages  and  ages  hence:   Two  roads  diverged  in  a  wood,  and  I—   I  took  the  one  less  traveled  by,   And  that  has  made  all  the  difference.     I   first   saw   this   poem   when   my   sister   read   it   many   years   ago,   and   I   had   also   heard   it   on   television.  The  reason  I  chose  this  poem  is  because  it  shows  that  being  true  to  yourself  is   very   important,   even   if   everybody   else   is   doing   something   else.   For   example,   unlike   a   lot   of   my  friends  I  have  branched  out  into  other  things  like  sports,  in  which  I  have  done  my  best   to  become  an  all-­‐rounder.  As  the  poem  states,  “I  could  not  travel  both”,  meaning  that  it  isn’t   possible   to   stay   true   to   yourself   when   you’re   trying   to   fit   in   with   the   bigger   group.   I’ve   always  tried  to  fit  in  to  a  group,  but  I  realized  that  the  best  way  to  make  friends  is  to  just  be   yourself.    


Song written  by  Me   The  song  written  by  me  goes  to  the  tune  of    “Hall  of  Fame”  by  The  Script.  The  reason  that  I   chose  a  song  with  this  theme  is  because  our  lives  are  all  about  trying  to  be  the  best  that  we   can  be  –  whatever  it  may  be.  I  know  that  if  I  put  my  mind  to  it,  I  can  be  good  at  what  I   choose  to  do,  both  in  school  and  in  the  water.  The  following  are  the  lyrics  for  my  song  “Top   of  My  Game”.   Top  of  My  Game

Yeah, I   could   be   the   greatest,   I   could   be   the  best   I  could  be  number  one,  never  taking  a  rest     I  can  beat  the  world,  I  can  beat  the  test   I   can   talk   to   God;   ask   for   courage   for   the   quest     Yeah,  I  could  throw  my  hands  up,   I  could  be  the  reason   I  could  move  mountains   I  could  change  the  seasons  

And I’ll  be  on  the  road  to  fame     I’m  going  to  go  the  distance   I’m  going  to  work  a  while   I  can  walk  straight  through   The  pain  with  a  smile     I’m  going  to  be  hero   I’m  going  to  win  that  gold   Setting  new  records  that   They  can’t  break  no  more  

I will  be  a  master  

I don’t  wait  for  luck  

I’ll do  it  for  my  family  

Dedicate myself  and  I  know  I’ll  succeed…   In  following  my  dreams  

Do it  for  my  pride  

And everyone’s  going  to  know  my  name  

I’ll do  it  for  my  country  

Because of  all  that  I  overcome  

I’ll do  it  for  my  name  

And everyone’s  going  to  know  my  name  

Because soon  enough  I  know  

I’ll never  know  if  I  never  try  


That it’ll  all  be  worth  the  pain  

I will  be  a  believer,  

A leader,  

And the  world  will  know  my  name  

A businessman,  

Because of  all  that  I  overcame  

A champion,  

And the  world  will  know  my  name  

At the  top  of  my  game  

And I’ll  soon  be  at  the  top  of  my  game  

And everyone  is  going  to  know  my  name  

[I’m going  to  be  the  champion]  *  4  

Because of  all  that  I  have  overcome  

At the  top  of  my  game  

And the  world  will  know  my  name  

And I’ll  soon  be  at  the  top  of  my  game  

I could  be  a  teacher  

I could  be  a  swimmer  

I can  be  a  champion  

I could  be  a  doctor  

(I will  be  the  best)  

And a  winner  

I can  be  a  champion  

(I will  be  the  greatest)  

I will  be  a  believer,  

I could  be  number  one,  never  taking  a  rest  

A leader,  

A businessman,  

I can  beat  the  world,  I  can  beat  the  test  

A champion,  

(I will  be  the  best)  

A great  creature  

I can   talk   to   God,   ask   for   courage   for   the   quest  

I  could  be  a  teacher   I  could  be  a  swimmer   I  could  be  a  doctor   And  a  winner    

I can  be  a  champion     Yeah,  I  could  throw  my  hands  up,   (I  will  be  the  best)  


I could  be  the  reason  

I could  move  mountains   I  could  change  the  seasons   (I  will  be  the  greatest)   I  will  be  a  master   I  don’t  wait  for  luck   (I  will  be  a  champion)   Dedicate  myself  and  I  know  I’ll  succeed…   and  be  at  the  top  of  my  game…                                  


The soundtrack of my life project  

A sountrack to my life.

The soundtrack of my life project  

A sountrack to my life.