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Guide to Fit Interviews Cracking the fit code‌

Mohit Kant

Where are you?

Speak with second year students

Attend firm information sessions


Network with alumni

Conduct informational interviews

Practice case and fit interviews


Apply and drop resumes


Now is the time to ramp up the Interview prep

Mohit Kant


How do employers think? • Hiring is time consuming. mistakes can be costly • Employers look for three qualities  Passion for the function, industry & company  Cultural Fit (For eg. Amazon Vs. Microsoft)  Relevant skills to succeed on the job

Recruiters believe that your past behavior is the best predictor for your future behavior! Mohit Kant

How do employers think? Hiring Managers are looking for: • Technical Acumen I.Q . 40% • Social Acumen E.Q . 50% • Clarity of Purpose I have a Clue 10% IQ = Intellectual Quotient EQ = Emotional Quotient (the behavioral stuff) Source Mohit Kant

Fatal mistakes • Not selling yourself enough to justify an offer • Providing an unstructured answer • Providing generic (* non-memorable *) answers

Mohit Kant

Fit interview framework Baseline Questions Qualities Leadership Ability


Analytical Skills

Tell me about a time‌

Sr. Team Member Teamwork


Peer Conflict Management


Mohit Kant


Create all possible Quality + Stakeholder trees to cover approximately 75% of Behavioral questions

Baseline questions • • • • • • •

Please take a minute and run me through your resume What do you think makes a good management consultant? Tell me your greatest professional weakness What drew you to McKinsey/Bain/BCG/etc? Why this office? What would your friends say is your biggest strength? What motivated you to look into consulting careers?

Baseline questions help employers form initial impression on your candidacy Mohit Kant

Uncover the unasked questions • Have you dealt with a difficult person? If so, explain how you managed the situation. • Describe a scenario where you lead a team in the face of a major obstacle. • Tell me about a time you demonstrated leadership • Tell me about a time you had to persuade someone of something

How does he/she manage difficult people?

Mohit Kant

Can he/she lead a team? How does he/she handle adversity?

Can he/she persuade people?

Structure, Be Succinct..

Context (20%)

Action (60%)

Result (20%)

• Tell them what you’re going to tell them (brief background, your role, the problem) • Tell them (how you thought about the situation, what did you end up doing) • Final punch (what was the impact? Quantify) Tell a story, don’t answer a question Mohit Kant

How to prepare? • Write down & bucket stories into categories (leadership, team etc.) • Bucket again into tiers (tier -1, tier -2 etc.) • Practice narration till it becomes second nature • Get feedback from MBA2s, Friends and Peers on content, structure and Delivery • Once content and structure are finalized, focus on other attributes – eye contact, hand movements, portraying confidence Mohit Kant

Real interview


The primacy and recency effects: The primacy effect means that people remember the first thing they read or see. The recency effect means people remember the last, or most recent, thing they read or see.


Mohit Kant


Do you have any questions for me? LAST CHANCE TO LEAVE A STRONG IMPRESSION

• Research your interviewers (if feasible) • Talk to as many people as possible before the interview • Ask questions very specific to the organization for eg:  If a company launched a new service, ask how the market is responding and share your opinion Mohit Kant

Other resources

Other resources 1.Michigan Alumni Interview Handbook 2.Olin’s Consulting Interviews Handbook 3.Univ. of Michigan Guide to Interviews

Mohit Kant

RISA: Guide To Fit Interviews  

RISA: Guide To Fit Interviews

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