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mohamed al lawati

the pennsylvania state university department of architecture architectural design studio 2013

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project: existing conditions instructor: rebecca henn course: architectural basic design studio I, arch 131 fall2011 duration: 8 weeks

the project was to document a site on penn state campus assigned by the professor and then to design an intervention to the site. my site was the east enterance of pattee library. the intervention was to build an automatic coffee shop.

project: model of a room instructor: daniel revera course: architectural basic design studio I, arch 131 fall2011 duration: 6 weeks

the design is inspired by a passage given by the professor. it is about a city that gets busy with retail during the day and then is occupied by the same retailers at night to tell their stories to each other. I drew the concept of using a single space for different purposes according to the time of day. so I designed a mosque, since prayers are practiced during the day there and weddings with feasts take place at night.


interior elevation

process models

final model

project: building a table instructor: james kalsbeek course: architectural basic design studio II, arch 132 spring2012 duration: 8 weeks

the design of this table is based on the story of tom sawyer by mark twain. the white fence in the story is captured by the sides of the table.

process models

final table

project: 3d model of the smith house instructor: jodi la coe course: visual communications, spring2012 duration: 4 weeks

project: enoteca instructor: james cooper course: architectural design studio I, arch 231 fall2012 duration: 8 weeks

the enoteca is located in downtown state college. it has two floors. the bottom floor is for the wine cellar whereas the top part is a restaurant. my design is based on a painting by hans hoffman. it also focuses on simplicity and openness vs. enclosure. the layout of the floor is simple and follows a simple geometry along with consistency and symmetry. also, the space is divided by slits on the floor that correspond with the walls to imply the open and the closed spaces.


hoffman’s painting

relief sculpture based on the painting

cellar’s wine rack prototype

final design



ďŹ rst(oor(plan(

project: musician house instructor: loukas kalisperis course: architectural design studio I, arch 231 fall2012 duration: 8 weeks

this house is located on a hill in the bald eagle lake state park. it is a house for a musician. the design celebrates the functions of the house through the manipulation of architectural elements. the upper block with the thick concrete walls is for the private functions of the house, whereas the more open part below is for the more public activities.

guest( pantry( OTB(


Bedroom( (((main)(

project: thomas jefferson tomb instructor: daniel willis course: architectural materials II, arch 204 spring 2013 duration: 6 weeks

this project is a tomb for thomas jefferson. the architectural style used in the design is classical, since jefferson was known for it. the exterior walls are made out of limestone masonry.

project: the brooklyn bridge museum, ncma 2013 competition instructor: daniel cardoso llach course: architectural design studio II, arch 232 spring 2013 duration: 16 weeks

the museum is located in brooklyn, ny. both the manhattan and the brooklyn bridges could be viewed from the museum. the museum main space is the atrium space that controls circulation and the flow of space between all the floors. it also provides visual connection to the artifacts and the visitors of the museum. the faรงade is made out of concrete masonry units and is arranged in a way that allows light to come into the interior.







sec2on( eleva2ons(


final model

exterior perspective

design process

Spring 2013 Portfolio  

Mohamed Al Lawati's Spring 2013 architectural portfolio