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Cover story Page 24 This year we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Mohawk College Alumni Association. In its 25 years, the Presidents and Chairs of our Mohawk College Alumni Association have played an essential role in fostering leaders. To date, the Alumni Association boasts more than 85,000 graduates. We are grateful to our members who have volunteered their time and effort throughout the years.

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wElcoming words

South African team helps bring

Mohawk’s vision to life Rob MacIsaac President, Mohawk College

We made some new friends at Mohawk College this past summer. We gave our friends made-at-Mohawk technology that could save countless lives. In return, they helped bring to life our vision for the college. Our friends work as software developers for a nongovernmental organizational based in South Africa. They’re building an electronic health record system for more than a dozen African countries. We’re building the same system here at Mohawk. A team of students, recent graduates and staff is building and testing Canada’s first working prototype of a national electronic health records system. It’s important work. Storing and sharing health information online holds the promise of saving time, money and most important of all, lives. Our team previewed their system at a conference in Vancouver. The team from South Africa was at the conference and they were blown away by the work we’re doing at Mohawk. They asked if they could pay a visit and look under the hood. Of course we said yes. So our newest friends travelled 13,000 kilometres to spend two weeks learning and working alongside our students, graduates and staff. The Hamilton Spectator did a story about the visit by the South African team. When asked why they chose Mohawk, one of the software developers had this to say about our team. “They’ve got the solution developed already. There’s a lot of models out there, but not a lot of people have working solutions. It’s very important for us to have a look at what they’ve done here. They have all the experience in actually setting up a real system rather than documentation about the framework.” The first sentence in The Hamilton Spectator story says it all. “New technology created at Mohawk College could soon be saving lives in Africa.” Our partnership with the South African software developers

in touch | fall 2010

brings to life our vision for Mohawk College. At Mohawk, we aspire to be internationally renowned for our innovation culture and highly skilled, future-ready graduates who drive tomorrow’s opportunities. Now, some people may wonder if a community college in Hamilton, Ontario can be internationally renowned. Our friends from South Africa have answered that question. Mohawk has earned an international reputation in health informatics. The project has Mohawk working at the leading edge of innovation, where health and technology intersect. The Engineering Technology students and graduates working on this project are developing an incredibly valuable and highly sought after set of skills in an emerging industry. And without question, they are future-ready and driving tomorrow’s opportunities. While no one can predict the future, all of us can be prepared. At Mohawk, our job is to prepare our students for the future. The community is counting on our college to transform students into graduates who are resilient, resourceful and responsive. Adaptive and able to anticipate what’s next and what could be. Quick to solve problems and quicker still to seize opportunities. When Mohawk alumni look to the future, they see a world of possibility. Future-ready Mohawk graduates help build future-ready communities. They work for employers, start their own businesses, get involved in civic life and put down roots. In the process, they help communities become more resilient, resourceful and responsive. More adaptive and better able to stay ahead of the curve. A future-ready community is strong, sustainable and a great place to call home. Building graduates and communities that are future-ready requires a future-ready college. At Mohawk, we’re preparing for tomorrow. With a $27 million transformation of our skilled trades campus, Mohawk is the largest trainer of apprentices in

Ontario. We’re carrying out a $40 million renewal of our Fennell Campus – the single largest renewal project in Mohawk history – so more students will get an even better college education in Hamilton. We’ve made a commitment to move our Elgin Street Campus in Brantford from an isolated industrial park to a vibrant urban core. We’re working on an access project with our education and community partners that will put a college education within reach of every Hamiltonian. The project aims to build a wealth of human capital in neighbourhoods hit the hardest by poverty.

At Mohawk, we believe one of the most powerful poverty to prosperity solutions is a college education. Our alumni, who have great jobs and earn living wages, offer living proof of the power of postsecondary education. The investments we’re making today will prepare our graduates, our community and our college for the future. We can’t predict what’s going to happen. But we know with absolute certainty that Mohawk will be prepared to make a real difference here at home and around the world.

MOHAWK COLLEGE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION COUNCIL 2009 – 2011 SLATE OF OFFICERS Diana Zanin, ‘80 Chair Business Administration

John Marshall, ‘71 Director Mechanical Drafting Technician

Steve Marsh, ‘81 Vice Chair Law & Security

Dana McNamee, ‘06 Director Business Marketing

Sandi Richardson, ‘71 Past Chair Early Childhood Education

Erin Kimbell, ‘07 Director Business Marketing

Joanne Tansley, ‘04 Director Office Administration Executive

Ali Shahidi, ‘03 Director Computer Science Technology

Sandra Ireland, ‘90 Director Nursing

Samara Bartels, ‘04 Director Police Foundations

Amos Key, ‘76 Director Communication Arts Radio & Television

Kat Cullen, ‘10 President Mohawk Students’ Association Broadcasting - TV and Communications Media

The Alumni Association thanks these individuals for their valued contributions to Alumni activities, committees and meetings. On behalf of the Alumni of Mohawk College, we appreciate your dedication.

in touch | fall 2010


Looking Back over 25 Years Diana Zanin, ‘80 Chair, Mohawk College Alumni Council We are celebrating 25 years of the Mohawk College Alumni Association and introducing the Spirit of the Entrepreneur! However you may remember this organization, be it the Alumni Association, Council, or Board, its’ been a full quarter of a century that we have been in existence. Volunteers from our existing base of over 80,000 alumni have come forward to carry the torch for existing students and alumni. We also will be celebrating our entrepreneurs, honouring them with the addition of the Alumni of Distinction Awards Dinner for 2010. You are to be congratulated! We definitely have come a long way. So let me take you back and ask you the question, where were you 25 years ago? What major events happened locally and abroad to capture your attention? Who stood out then? Indulge me for a

moment while we reflect together and gain a perspective of what was happening in Hamilton, in Canada or for that matter, in the world 25 years ago. The year is 1985 and O. J. Simpson becomes the first Heisman Trophy winner elected to the Football Hall of Fame. Martina Navratilova wins her 100th tennis tournament. Route 66 ceases to be an official highway. In response to market demand, Coca-Cola re-introduces its old formula cola as “Coca-Cola Classic�. Nelson Mandela rejects an offer of freedom from the South African government. The 57th Academy Awards are held at in Los Angeles, California with Amadeus winning Best Picture. Hendricks launches the Discovery Channel in the United States. The Nintendo Entertainment System is released in US stores. Microsoft Corporation releases the first version of Windows, Windows 1.0. Tommy Hilfiger brand established. Rick Hansen launches his Man in Motion world tour to raise money for spinal cord research. The Canadian Encyclopedia is launched. Lincoln Alexander becomes the Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario, the first Black person to hold a vice regal position in Canadian history. Any of these events ring a bell for you? For some of these events I can remember exactly where I was when they happened. I am sure that I have shamelessly dated myself, but I am not alone. The Alumni Association began with only five individuals from the Hamilton Institute of Technology and has developed over the years by individuals who were committed to maintaining this fine tradition; Mohawk Alumni are the best. The point I am trying to make is that no matter what is happening around the world or in our own backyard, the Mohawk College Alumni Association will always be there for you. It’s your roots!


in touch | fall 2010

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Mohawk Alumnae Carmi Guinto takes her Advertising Diploma Globally



of our past presidents share their Mohawk memories

Alumni Association celebrates years


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in touch | fall 2010






Swapping One Gift Card at a Time Kristy Ryerson, ‘07 Have you ever received a gift card to a store you don’t use? Or maybe a restaurant you don’t like? What do you do with the card? If you are like most Canadians the card is simply never redeemed. Research shows that the average Canadian household has approximately $300 dollars in unused or unwanted gift cards! So the issue presented is to create a service that allows unwanted or unredeemed gift cards to be swapped for exactly what the consumer wants and so Swapopolis was born. Sean Snyder, President and Chief Swap Officer of Swapopolis, is a Mohawk College graduate from the Marketing program with a diverse background in marketing and customer relations. Prior to founding Swapopolis, Sean was the Co-Founder and VP of Sales & Marketing for PREFERRED ONE, one of Canada’s largest gift card marketing and distribution companies. Sean was involved in many facets of the business. Being responsible for the company’s sales, retail relationships, direct and internet marketing initiatives, new product development and partnerships.  Through Sean’s involvement, the company drove hundreds of millions of dollars worth of sales to Canada’s top retailers, restaurants and service providers such as Loblaws, Cara, HBC, Canadian Tire and Petro-Canada.  Not only did the company provide value to consumers and corporate clients, but also raised over $5 million for various non-profit and charitable groups across Canada through their cause-marketing program. Considered by many as an expert and innovator within the industry, Sean also helped retailers identify new marketing channels for their gift cards and provided many custom solutions, including a personalized gift card creator for Sears, the first for a major retailer in Canada, allowing consumers to upload photos and print messages on a Sears gift card. Recognized by many as an expert in his field, Sean’s success has not gone unnoticed, as he was a finalist in the 2006 Ernst & Young

in touch | fall 2010

Entrepreneur of The Year Awards within the Young Entrepreneur category. Taking all the experience he had gained in the gift card market it was a natural transition for Sean to turn his focus to Swapopolis, after one Christmas when he received a gift card for a popular coffee chain he does not frequent. Rather than let the card go unredeemed he used his years of experience in marketing to create a service allowing people to get value out of cards they would otherwise not use. And Swapopolis was born, an online marketing solution providing customers a way to buy, trade or sell gift cards as well, the site provides retailers the opportunity to maximize the value and redemption of their cards. Since March 2010, Swapopolis has provided a very valuable retail service to Canadians looking for a way to use their unwanted gift cards. To be set up as a customer is a very user friendly service, visit and you fill out a profile specifying your interests. Then, once you are a set up in the system, you can use the “search” field to find specific items you wish to purchase. Each time you login to the site you can go to “My Swapopolis” to view your profile. When selling a gift card, similar to e-bay, you post what card you have available, then as a user you have an “account” which you manage your funds, view your “buying activity,” and “selling activity.” One of the most important areas of the site is your “watchlist,” which manages all the bids, sales and trade you are making at any given time. With this tool, you are able to actively manage all of the transaction on your profile ensuring you are informed at all times of successful trades and purchases. Overall, Sean has created a successful business that provides a solution to those gift cards that would otherwise sit at the bottom of a drawer. With Swapopolis you are given the opportunity to save up to 40% on your shopping, dinning and gift giving expenses with just the click of a button!

alumni news

A Lesson in Urban History that may give you GOOSEBUMPS Carla Balabanowicz, ‘09 Feel like someone is watching? Maybe they are… Scary movies have been a way for people to experience fear at a distance for decades; their storylines developed on urban legends, second hand experiences and some through shear imagination; have left movie-goers on the edge of their seats and checking under the bed for years – but what if it was all real? For Daniel Cumerlato, owner of Haunted Hamilton, it is. “It started out around 1999, we wanted to start up a website to focus on the historical buildings in Hamilton so we went up to the reportedly haunted Bellevue Mansion and took pictures – less than a year later it was torn down. Having the only photos of the place, we created the website to tell the story of the house – and that’s when we came up with the idea for Haunted Hamilton,” says Cumerlato. Daniel and his wife Stephanie have run the ghost walk tour, Haunted Hamilton since 2003 when they felt their historical website needed to be taken to the next level. “We felt we could get the stories and the history out to more people if we did tours within the city,” says Cumerlato. The business takes tourists and residents around the city of Hamilton and surrounding towns to experience and learn about history… and maybe get a little bit scared. “It’s just amazing - once you show that you are open to the idea of ghosts many people will open up to you with their own stories - I don’t think I’ve met a person yet that doesn’t have one spooky or unexplainable story from their past,” says Cumerlato. Daniel has experienced some puzzling incidents himself over the last eleven years, but one experience left him a believer. On one Hermitage tour he was leading, he found himself calling out to two people whom he believed were falling behind in the group. After calling out to

them twice to follow him, they turned and walked into the darkness of the forest. Daniel says that Stephanie later told him she had wondered what he was doing when she saw him calling out to an empty field. Since graduating from Mohawk’s Computer Technology Program Daniel says he feels lucky to have made a career out of his two passions – computer technology and history. Sharing the latter of his passions with his wife Stephanie, he says that he is happy with the way things turned out and is glad to be working with her. “It’s hard sometimes, but we have different strengths and that’s a good thing – we share the “boss” title,” says Cumerlato. Having held thousands of tours of the Haunted Hamilton sites around Niagara, Hamilton and surrounding towns, Haunted Hamilton has become a full-time job for Daniel and Stephanie. In the future, Daniel says he would like to explore expanding the business into Toronto and parts of the GTA. For more information visit:

in touch | fall 2010


Barr Family Celebration

Terry Schwendiman, David Bakker, Maureen Tettman, Jennifer Banks, Carla Cruz, Mohawk College President, Rob MacIsaac, Tish Picard, Bev Greenwood, Wendy Makey, Laura Cook and Shawn Gadsby. On June 28th, St. Joseph’s Villa was proud to host a reception with our friends and colleagues from Mohawk College to recognize “The Barr Family” and celebrate their very special legacy gift to St. Joseph’s Villa Foundation and Mohawk College. The thoughtful remarks and reflections shared by Rob McIsaac, Beverley Greenwood, Paul O’Krafka and Peter Tice were appreciated. Close friends of The Barr Family unveiled a special dedication plaque in honour of this special family. Others joining us for this celebration included Villa staff – many of whom are Mohawk grads that were directly involved in providing care for Agnes, Bill & Eleanor Barr. As long-term care staff, we have the privilege of journeying with our residents through their time at the Villa. We are also entrusted with the sacred task of caring for them in their last days. It can be hard to say “goodbye” but we do so knowing that death cannot take away the love we shared with those special people. We have long known that the people we love and care for often continue to impact us long after they have passed away. We believe that seniors deserve cutting edge care with dignity and respect. For residents and staff at St. Joseph’s Villa, this Legacy Gift will assist us with our Mission in providing quality care for seniors today and tomorrow!

Maureen Ellis President & CEO, St. Joseph’s Villa Foundation

in touch | fall 2010


Mohawk Hosts Annual Conference The 37th annual conference of the Ontario Association of Library Technicians/Association des bibliotechniciens de l’Ontario (OALT/ABO) was held at Mohawk College from May 5-8, 2010. The conference began with an alumni reunion and welcome reception for conference delegates on Wednesday evening May 5, sponsored by Mohawk’s Library and Information Technician program. The evening was an opportunity for Mohawk alumni to reconnect with classmates and for those attending the conference to meet old and new friends. Brief greetings were brought by Dolores Harms Penner, Program Manager of the Library Technician Program at Mohawk, Kate Morrison, Conference Chairperson, and Jim Vanderveken, Dean of Interdisciplinary Studies. A representative of Mohawk’s Alumni office was there to greet our graduates. This enjoyable evening was a wonderful start to an interesting and invigorating conference. Submitted by Dolores Harms Penner

Left to Right: Veronica Partington, Ann Nicol and Brenda Weaver

Left to Right: Geraldine McDonald, Santosh Bmanwra and Beth Murray-Bannister

alumni news

Meet our Alumni Convocation Speakers Bill Kelly In 1972, in his first year at Mohawk, Bill was part of the team to develop Mohawk’s campus radio station and his accomplishments don’t end there. Since graduating from Mohawk’s Communications Arts Program in 1974, Bill Kelly has enjoyed a successful career on television, radio and in politics. Bill’s impressive career includes being twice nominated for Country Music Radio Personality of the Year, having interviewed top musicians including, Johnny Cash and Tom Jones. Hosting “The Bill Kelly Show,” airing daily on CHML, where he has had the

Roger Davies Since graduating from Mohawk College’s Electronics Engineer Technology Telecommunications Program in 1968, Roger Davies has had the opportunity to work in his field for the past 40 years. He built his own business, Da-trol Group Inc., which specializes in representing Computerized Maintenance Management System software companies and sells products and services related to the implementation of CMMS applications in all markets throughout North America. His company

Gene Stodolak Graduating from Mohawk’s Architectural Technology with honours in 1973, and then going on to obtain a Bachelor of Technology Construction Management Honours degree from Ryerson University in 1983, Gene Stodolak worked as a Project Manager for many years before returning to Mohawk in 1986 to teach in the Department of Building & Construction Sciences. Highly involved in his field and the community, Gene has been involved with many organizations including being President of the Ontario Association of

Sarah Moir Graduating from Mohawk’s Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship in 2008, Sarah Moir has accomplished a great deal. After suffering most of her life with mental illness, Sarah is now the founder and president of Crazy Daisy, a social enterprise focused on the promotion of mental wellness through the sale of floral arrangements. Realizing her dream in providing a supportive place of employment that could offer other psychiatric survivors exactly what she had been looking for – an identity beyond a diagnosis, a place in society, a living wage and social interaction.

pleasure to interview such people as Premier Dalton McGuinty, Bob Newhart, and Rick Mercer Bill’s additional community involvement has included sitting on multiple boards and committees as well as supporting many charities within our community, promoting charities such as City Kidz, Hamilton Food Share, the United Way and the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Bill is also one of a few civilians to be awarded a life-time membership with the Hamilton Police Association in recognition of his work done with the Hamilton Police Services. Most recently, on January 21, 2010, Bill received the Mohawk College Alumni of Distinction Award for the Creative Arts and Design category. has worked along with Hudson Bay Company, LCBO, Fairmont Royal York, and GO Transit just to name a few. Roger also consults across North America on this subject matter. In addition to running a successful business since 1987, Roger has also been involved in his community, teaching Maintenance Management in Canadian Colleges including Mohawk College as well as internationally. Roger is also an active member of the Board of Directors for City Kidz, a non-for-profit organization, in Hamilton, that seeks to transform the lives of inner city children, break the cycle of hopelessness, and end child poverty.

Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists from 2005- 2007 and in 2010 he completed his appointment as the Ontario Director for the Canadian Council of Technicians and Technologists where he Chaired the National Technology Benchmarks Committee from 2008-2010 Since 1987 Gene has participated in numerous College committees including Administrative Councils, United Way Committees, Building Selection Committees, Social Committees, and Budget Planning Committees, just to name a few. Today, Gene holds the position of Director of Construction Operations at Mohawk.

Not only does Sarah run a successful non-for-profit organization with an extensive list of clients including, the Trillium Foundation, the Hamilton Community Foundation, and Mohawk College, but she has been involved with charities such as Rainbow’s End and North Hamilton Community Centre. She continues to strive to spread awareness about mental health and the stigma’s surrounding mental illness including pairing up with the Mental Health Rights Coalition for a workplace mental health campaign. Most recently, this past January, Sarah was the recipient of Mohawk Alumni of Distinction Award in the Recent Graduate category.

in touch | fall 2010


ALUMNI NEWS Jason Hamilton Since graduating from Mohawk’s Graphic Arts Electronic Prepress Program in 1996, Jason Hamilton has benefited from many opportunities to expand his knowledge while working in his field. For the last 10 years he has been working at PaperlinX and currently holds the position of Director of PreMedia Solutions & Technical Services. In this position Jason is responsible for PaperlinX in Canada, US and Australia. Jason understands the need for ongoing progress

Clare Freeman After graduating from Mohawk’s Child & Youth Worker Program in 1996, Clare Freeman went on to obtain a degree in Sociology from the University of Western Ontario as well as a Master of Social Work from York University. In her current position as Executive Director of Interval House of Hamilton, she works to serve women, who are in or have been in abusive relationships, as well as working towards the elimination of gender inequity and abuse, through engaging in community advocacy and community development.

Susan Gregoroff After graduating from Mohawk’s Nursing Program, with honours, in 1976, Susan Gregoroff has embraced lifelong learning, obtaining a Bachelor of Health Services Administration in 1993, and a Master of Health Administration in 2003. Starting as a General Staff Nurse in 1977, Susan has succeeded in her career, fulfilling Clinical Manager roles in many areas of speciality at Hamilton Health Sciences. She as well served as the Chief of Nursing Practice and subsequently as the Director of the Cardiac and Vascular Program prior to assuming her current position as Vice-President Clinical Programs and Chief Nursing Executive at Cambridge Memorial Hospital

Rebecca Dyke Shown in photo (left to right): Rebecca Dyke, Alumni Speaker for the BScN Pinning Ceremony and Kelsey Scobie, Level IV BScN MohawkMcMaster, Level IV Mohawk Grad Representative.

and innovation of print technologies and applications. He continuously works towards providing clients with value added solutions in a number of categories such as Online Solutions, Enterprise Print Solutions, Colour Management, and Workflow Solutions. In his position, Jason has travelled the world having been to such places as Japan and China to Germany and Spain to Australia, as well as all over North America. Jason is also the 1st Vice-President of the Digital Imaging Association, whose responsibility is to educate members of his industry.

Clare has contributed to many projects and research including, Transforming our Communities Report to the Government of Ontario, and the Practice Guide and Curriculum for Ontario Child Welfare Workers: Where Child Welfare and Woman Abuse Intersect. Clare’s other accomplishments include being nominated for the 2007 YWCA Women of Distinction Award in the Community Development and Social Activism category. As well as receiving the 2008 Hamilton - Burlington Soroptimist International, Making a Difference for Women Award and the 2009 Regional Soroptimist International, Making a Difference for Women Award. Some of her career highlights include, codeveloping the Leadership Orientation Program at Hamilton Health Sciences, co-chairing the Cardiac and Vascular Nursing Science Unit whose vision is to engage nurses in scientific inquiry across the spectrum from utilization to generation of evidence, and co-chairing the Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant Local Health Integrated Network Cardiac Working Group. She continues to contribute to nursing education as a clinical tutor in the McMaster School of Nursing for level 4 BSCN nursing students. Most recently, on January 21, 2010, Susan received a Mohawk College Alumni of Distinction Award for the Health Sciences category.

Did you receive OSAP as a student? You need to provide the national Student Loans Centre with your contact information if it changes after graduating. National Student Loans Service Centre P.O. Box 4030 Mississauga, ON L5A 4M4 Toll Free: 1-888-815-4514 You are required to start paying off your OSAP loan within 6 months of finishing school or make alternate arrangements with the National Student Loans Centre.

in touch | fall 2010



Class of 2010

to the Alumni Family

2010 A W A R D S


A night to celebrate Mohawk’s distinguished Alumni

Thursday, January 20, 2011 Michael LePage I BUSINESS Pamela Gutter I REcENt gRadUatE Jim Tatti I cREatIVE aRtS & dESIgN Linda Marshall I commUNIty SERVIcES Kelly Ann Pauly I tEchNology Nancy Hemrica I hEalth ScIENcES Brandy Gowling I ENtREpRENEUR

Michelangelo Banquet and Convention Centre Reception 5:30 p.m. I Dinner 6:30p.m. Tickets: $70 I Table: $550 For more information, contact the Alumni Relations Office at 905.575.2258 or email Proceeds raised will support student bursaries CELEBRATING OUR GRADUATES and BUILDING LIFELONG RELATIONSHIPS


2010 Mountaineer Hall of Fame The Mountaineer Hall of Fame honoured three individual athletes, a team and a builder in ceremonies at Mohawk College on Friday, June 4.

The Mountaineer Hall of Fame honoured three individual athletes, a team and a builder in ceremonies at Mohawk College on Friday, June 4th. Former Ontario College Athletic Association (OCAA) Cross Country Champion Steve Case was enshrined, along with Basketball and Golf Gold Medalist Terry Macklin and Women’s Volleyball sensation Sue Volcansek (Davies). The undefeated 1970-71 Men’s Basketball squad was also inducted, and the late Barbara Moore, the long time Secretary of the Students’ Athletics Committee. Steve Case, Terry Madon, Sue Davies and Phil Moore Steve Case was a strong, powerful runner whose physical stature resembled a football fullback. That strength and endurance allowed Steve to anchor the Men’s Cross Country team during Mohawk’s historic domination of the OCAA Running Championships in the mid eighties. Steve won back to back individual OCAA Gold medals in 1985 and 1986 and subsequently led the Men’s team to an OCAA Gold Medal in 1986. Steve was also named Team MVP in 1986 at the Athletic Banquet.

Terry Macklin was a gifted all-round participant and Champion in the early years of Athletics, as the College transitioned from Hamilton Institute of Technology (HIT) to Mohawk College. Terry was a member of both the Gold Medal Men’s Basketball and Golf teams in 1967-68, the first year of Ontario College Championships. Terry also participated and led his class in many Intramural sports and was also selected to represent the students on the Athletic Directorate, the early beginning of our Students’ Athletics Committee (SAC).

in touch | fall 2010


alumni news Barbara Moore worked as an Administrative Assistant in Athletics and Student Life at Mohawk for over 20 years. In addition to being the consummate professional in her actual job, Barb was a warm, compassionate and dedicated supporter to everyone she met. Barb sacrificed endless personal time as a Secretary Barb Moore for the Students’ Athletics Committee during these years. The Barb Moore Spirit Award is proudly presented at the school’s Annual Banquet emblematic of great gifts as a person and friend. Sandy Karpis (Moore), Paul Moore, Mark Moore, Phil Moore and Laurie Cahill

Sue Volcansek (Davies) was a fiery, competitive leader of our Women’s Volleyball teams during her three year career, as she drove herself and teammates to great heights. Sue was a two time - Mohawk Team MVP, OCAA League and Championship Tournament All Star, from 1990-92. She led our team to an OCAA Silver medal and was named Championship Tournament MVP in 1992. Sue was also named Mountaineer Outstanding Female Athlete of the Year in 1992. The 1970-71 undefeated Men’s Basketball team may be the greatest Basketball team ever assembled at Mohawk. They captured the Ontario College Championship in convincing fashion capping an undefeated season, winning the Gold Medal game 105-60! They not only swept the College competition, they also fashioned wins over Brock, Guelph and Ryerson Universities, by an average score of 16 points! Five of the members of this team, players Dewitt Hanna and Henry Romanowski, Coaches Wes Hicks and Dave Bartolotta and Trainer Ray Jones, are already inducted into the Mountaineer Hall of Fame.

Interested in nominating an individual or team, please contact the Athletics Department Call: 905.575.2075 To see past Inductees of the Mountaineer Hall of Fame, Please visit us online


2010 Front row: Ray Jones, Henry Romanowski, Dewitt Hanna, David Will, Jim Armstrong, Dave Bartolotta Back row: Paul Raspopov, Ralph West (formerly Gruppe), Rimas Sakalas, Larry Snaider

in touch | fall 2010


alumni events

A great day for all The 6th Annual Mohawk College Alumni Golf Classic was held on Friday, June 4, 2010 at Flamborough Hills Golf and Country Club. It was a perfect opportunity for Alumni and Friends to spend a great day on the links. With enjoyable golf, lots of prizes, good food, great networking and a few good laughs. A special Thank You for those who volunteered in helping to make this tournament a success!

Thank you to our sponsors for supporting us!

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Putting Contest

Specialty Hole Sponsors Aldershot Travel


Women’s Longest Drive

in touch | fall 2010


Grand River


Men’s Longest Drive

Closest to the Pits

Hole Sponsors Activation Consulting Services. Inc. Alumni Insurance Services Aslan Technologies Inc. Business Insurance Services Diana Zanin, ‘80

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Mohawk College Alumni G O L F C L A S S I C


MARK THIS DATE in touch | fall 2010




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opportunities to donate

Support Our Students Mohawk College invites you to invest in the future and “Go Places”

Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology remains dedicated to enabling young people to access a post-secondary education. For students of limited means but unlimited potential, scholarships and bursaries are a time-tested way of removing barriers to higher learning and creating a pathway to life success. Mohawk offers a variety of ways you can support our students. Whether you wish to establish an entrance scholarship, a continuing scholarship or a bursary for students in financial need, there are several options to achieve this. You can establish an annually funded award, or make a gift in the form of a permanent endowment that funds your award each year.

Government Matching Endowment Program: Make it double! Make double the difference to a student who would not necessarily have a chance for a post-secondary education due to financial need. The donation made to the program acts as the principal; it accumulates interest annually. The government program matches the principal contribution doubling the annual interest accumulated. The accumulated interest is given to a student each year in the form of a bursary or scholarship The donor has the opportunity to name the bursary and assist in creating the criteria for student selection Since the principal amount remains untouched, the award will continue in perpetuity.

TO MAKE A GIFT: Contact the Mohawk College Development Department Call: 905.575.2350 or Email: Your gift will make a different in lives of many students. On behalf of all Mohawk students, we thank you.

in touch | fall 2010


My Name is Laura Emary and I am proud to be one of the Business Advertising students to graduate from Mohawk College in 2010. The Scholarship and Bursary program at Mohawk College gave me the opportunity to focus on my education instead of worrying about the burden of paying for my tuition. The generosity shown by donors ultimately inspired me to give back to the College in any way that I could. During my three years at Mohawk, I worked at the school, volunteered during many events and was a part of the student government as Vice-President of Finance. These opportunities enriched my formal education. After graduating with honours, I quickly found a position in the advertising field. Mohawk clearly prepared me for work in my chosen career. In the future, I plan to give back to Mohawk’s Scholarship and Bursary program in hopes of helping other students achieve their education and career goals.

Mohawk College Facts: • Fennell Campus, Hamilton • Mohawk-McMaster Institute for Applied Health Sciences, Hamilton • Skilled Trades & Apprenticeship Research, Resources and Training, Stoney Creek • Elgin Campus, Brantford • Odeon Campus, Brantford • 11,500 future-ready students • Ontario’s largest trainer of apprentices • 42,000 Continuing Education Students • 85,000 alumni – the majority living and working in the Hamilton area • A culture of entrepreneurship and innovation

alumni events

Making Connections at the Business Networking 101 & Alumni Market Place

Toni Lynch, ‘91 and Alison Pipe, 2nd Year Recreation & Leisure Services Program.

Our Business Networking event was held in the Spring as part of the Countdown to Convocation Program to bringing together alumni and students to discuss potential career paths and hone their professional networking skills in a welcoming and friendly environment. It is imperative that our students and graduates stand out among their peers, exceed expectations, and provide the differentiating edge that ultimately bodes well for them in their current and future careers. That said, the Business Networking event continually sees steady growth and an Alumni Market Place was added this year to give our students the opportunity to immediately practice what they learned from the workshop. Building strong professional connections among alumni and students is the primary goal of these networking events. Alison Pipe stated, “As a student, I understand the importance of professionalism, but it’s common that most students do not thoroughly understand what “professionalism” entails. The Business Networking 101 & Alumni Market Place event provided a clear outline as to how you can comfortably and confidently socialize with your co-workers, boss or potential employers. Our facilitator, Fatima Di Valentin, was direct and concise which made room for plenty of humour, making this not only an educational experience but extremely enjoyable too. I am now equipped with my elevator speech and proper professional conduct,

rendering me one step ahead of my potential peer applicants, and ready for the professional world.” Niki Dobric explains, “I attended the workshop because I knew the value of meeting as many alumni as possible. As it turns out, I was correct. I met people who were right in line with my interests and provided me with excellent information that boosted my confidence about my plans after graduation. This event has been extremely valuable in terms of gaining both knowledge and personal connections and I advise any student to take advantage of this excellent opportunity.” Our Alumni who participated provided such invaluable expertise and a skill and talent base not readily available elsewhere to students and fellow alumni. Toni Lynch, ’91 stated, “It was a great way to introduce yourself into the networking world! It was great to see such enthusiastic students, as well to give some encouragement to those who were a little shy to the networking part of it. Reaching out to the students, giving them encouragement as well some tips on questions to ask. I would encourage any student to put themselves out there just for a night to experience just how educational it is to network and get some simple tips from other business people who have been in industry a few years. Who knows you might learn a thing or two from a few business professionals, as well it could be a great experience for us to meet all of you! I truly enjoyed the evening and it was a pleasure meeting all the wonderful students. thank you for the experience and opportunity! Many wishes to those who were able to make it out.”

2010 Etiquette Dinner Be Part of the Fun!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010 This session is a “hands on” tutorial on using proper etiquette during a dining experience. Throughout the session, information is given regarding dining as it relates to business and networking.  Together, participants will walk through the various pitfalls of the dining experience and will attempt to avoid them using practice, humour and laughter. Cost: $15.00 Students/Alumni, $20.00 per guest. Business Attire please. Pre-registration required –

in touch | fall 2010



years of


Written by: Rob Peace, ’00

What prompts a leader to lead? When considering the past 25 years of Mohawk College’s esteemed Alumni Association, one cannot possibly collapse on a singular answer. In truth, there are 11 distinct and varied responses to that query. The past presidents and chairs of the Alumni Board and Council have all breathed different and storied enthusiasm into their roles – enthusiasm borne out of passion and out of dedication. All with contrasting yet equally admirable spirit, these leaders helped to write the history book – thus far – of an association that keeps the ardent school spirit still enkindled long after the liripipe has been removed from the shoulder. The first chapter of the story begins with Jim Miller, a Nursing grad and Medal winner at his convocation. Jim was a student member of the Nursing program Advisory committee to the college and was appointed fairly soon after his graduation to the Board of Governors as an Alumni rep. He brought the Alumni concerns and issues to the attention of the college and the Board of Governors and, being a board member, Jim was influential in the establishment of one of the first formal Alumni Associations in the College system and ultimately was elected president of Mohawk’s Alumni Association. Jim contributed to obtaining more recognition to the Alumni of the colleges at the provincial level with the Association of Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology Ontario (ACAATO). He gave much volunteer service to the Alumni Association even after his term as board governor ended. Looking back, his contributions to the founding of the Alumni Association of Mohawk College in the early 1980s were important for gaining much needed recognition by the community and by business and industry for the relatively new college graduates and College alumni both in Ontario and across the country.

in touch | fall 2010


Sandy Stevenson President - 1986 - 1987 “The graduates of Mohawk College could provide an untapped resource.” Stevenson will go down in the Mohawk College volumes as the first elected president of the Alumni Association. “I was involved with the original formation of the first board of the Alumni Association,” he remembers. “I was originally approached by Ted Iwanek and was asked if I would consider joining the newly created association. Jim Miller was the interim president and I was a member of the board. Our first task was to form a constitution and to elect a Board of Directors. I was then elected as the first president.” Stevenson felt the enormity of his new position and regarded it as significant because “the graduates of Mohawk College were a great resource that could benefit both other alumni as well as provide an untapped resource for the current students.” Compiling and creating the first formal alumni contact list and the initial fundraising in the Association’s infancy are some of the standout experiences that Stevenson recalls fondly. He says that John Bruce, the first officer of the Alumni Association, did a fantastic job of recruiting and training volunteers for a telemarketing campaign to accumulate funds, and he remembers that some of the initial proceeds went to refurbishing Alumni Hall. Stevenson currently markets corporate promotional products to corporations and independent business owners, and has worked in this capacity since 2006 in Concord, Ontario. He believes that it is important to stay involved with other alumni, and views it as a way to maintain contacts. “I still keep in touch with about two dozen people from my program,” he says. “I look forward to attending the annual events such as the golf tournament to re-connect with folks and keep up to date on what they are doing.”

Alumni Association Leadership AROUND CAMPUS

Ted Iwanek President - 1987 - 1991 “We were basically leaders in the industry.” At a college function in the early 1980s, Iwanek - who graduated in 1972 from Mohawk College’s then Communication Arts program - managed to cross paths with John Bruce. Iwanek expressed his interest to Bruce in getting involved in a volunteer capacity within the college. “At that time, unbeknownst to me, the previous Past President Keith McIntyre had given the green light for [previous Mohawk College President] Cal Haddad to get the Alumni Association started up. John approached me to become a member of what they called the interim board of directors. Our mandate was to get certain policies and procedures in place and to get the grassroots [of the association] going.” Iwanek - now an Account Manager at Hamilton’s Cesar Van and Storage, a member of United Van Lines - initially thought that his involvement would span six or seven months. “It turned into seven or eight years,” he remarks with a laugh. “That’s the short of it. We were just a group of people who volunteered to say, ‘This is going to be an exciting project.’ Not too many community colleges had Alumni Associations. Some were looking at the idea, some had started them and they had fallen apart. Mohawk College, in its wisdom at that time, had given us its full support.” He says that, with any new endeavour, there were certainly “bumps and grinds”, but credits Bruce as a great officer who got things rolling efficiently. He also says that during his tenure, the Association became one of the most advanced and strongest Alumni Associations in the college system. “There were other community colleges calling on us and asking us how we got here and there. So we were basically leaders in the industry.” Iwanek says that a key highlight for him during his involvement was being instrumental in getting the Association representation on the Board of Governors. He says that, although it was a non-voting seat, at least the Alumni Association was now part of the agenda.

“We were able to go to their meetings once a month and present to the board what the Association was doing and what it planned to do. And that was a big important step.” Reflecting on his time with the Alumni Association, Iwanek decides that interactive and people skills are the strengths he gained most from his involvement. “Without question. We were dealing with college administration, the Board of Governors, and other various levels. Sometimes we even dealt with the ministry. For those of us who were involved, it really improved our interpersonal skills. I suppose we all became much better at being extroverted than introverted.”

Don Pullen President - 1991 - 1994 “The Alumni Association is vital.” Before serving on the Alumni Association, Pullen was a Computer Electronics Engineering Technology student and a part of the Student’s Representative Council (SRC). After serving one term there, he had made it known that he still wanted to be involved in contributing to student and alumni life in some way, and he was approached by Cal Haddad and Reg Parent. “They indicated that Mohawk was considering starting an Alumni Association and asked if I would be interested in helping,” he says. “Naturally, I jumped at the chance and became the student representative to the Ad Hoc committee and also helped with defining an alumni database system. I was very excited about what the Alumni Association could do for Mohawk and her alumni. After graduation, I stayed involved at the sub-committee level working on the first constitution for the Association and other duties, and eventually was called to serve on council.” Pullen remembers and is proud of being a part of the inception of the alumni insurance program and the formation of the Provincial Council of College Alumni Associations. “The alumni group insurance provided a leap in tangible benefits to our members. The provincial council provided a

in touch | fall 2010


AROUND CAMPUS great way for those of us serving on council to share resources, learn from other colleges and collectively advance alumni programs. Mohawk was one of the earliest colleges to form an Alumni Association and we were early leaders. But we benefitted from the networking and sharing of ideas, which made Mohawk’s Alumni Association even better.” After serving for about 12 years on the council and being present through several transitions and advances, Pullen made the choice to discontinue his direct relationship with the Alumni Association. He felt that it was moving and evolving to another level and into a different direction, and that he couldn’t continue to make a useful contribution any longer. “It seemed appropriate for me to step aside and allow others who were more qualified to take the reigns and carry on,” he reflects. “I’ve seen many changes since my involvement with the Alumni Association. Most have been good, but a few on a personal level have been a bit of a disappointment. But that shows that my decision to withdraw from active involvement was probably best since I might have hindered the Alumni Association getting to where it is today. I still believe that the Alumni Association is vital to both students and alumni for today and into the future, and I continue to support the Association in spirit.” Pullen says that he wishes the Alumni Association a long, successful and productive life in helping current and future alumni, and he says he hopes that it will continue to be “a beneficial contributor to Mohawk College.”

Carmine Domanico President - 1994 - 1996 “This is my way of giving back to Mohawk College as a thank you.” It was when Domanico was presenting an academic award on behalf of his company many years ago at the college that he literally bumped into the Alumni Association office. “I didn’t know we had one and found out more information about what they do,” he says. “I have very fond memories of Mohawk and wanted to help the alum reconnect with the college because I believe that the relationship with the college goes beyond the years you spend completing your program. Both parties can gain through a lifetime engagement.” Domanico is also a strong advocate of giving back to the

in touch | fall 2010


community through volunteering. He says that he regarded the chance to become involved with the Association as a “special opportunity” to accomplish his personal goal of volunteerism. Now the founder and president of Cristal International, a strategic human resources consulting organization established in 2005, Domanico considers his time with the Alumni Association an exciting one. In addition to helping develop the 25 Year Club, which saw 250 alum from all over the globe attend the inaugural event, the council at that time created the Mohawk College Alumni of Distinction program.

...I believe that the relationship with the college goes beyond the years you can spend completing your program. Both parties can gain through a lifetime of engagement. – Carmine Domanico, President, 1994-1996 “We also launched a number of Affinity programs, including a branded MasterCard and group insurance program. I was very fortunate to have a very dedicated Board of Directors and a fabulous staff that made all of this possible.  We also built strong relationships with the student association and the senior executive of the college that further advanced the goals of all parties,” he says. Domanico believes that Mohawk College has the opportunity to use the collective power of its alumni to continue to build and deliver superior programs that are crucial and meaningful to the economy, on a scale that transcends local or even national boundaries. “The academic and social time spent at Mohawk College were very formative years in my development,” he says, “which helped me to be successful in my career and personal life. This is my way of giving back to Mohawk College as a thank you.” He is looking forward to the further growth of the Association “in terms of the benefits it provides to alum, and helping to keep all of us connected and finding opportunities for alum to contribute to the success of the college, the students and other alum.  We need more from the Association and I look forward to hearing more about future plans.”


years ofAlumni Association

Dave McKay

President -1996 - 1998 “It was a very encouraging time.” McKay’s involvement with the Alumni Association was a result of his hard work and determination before he had even become an alumnus of the college. “I was recruited right after I graduated,” he recalls. I won the Alumni Award at the ceremony and was then recruited by John Bruce. I became interested because I felt it was a great way to give back to the college.” The longer McKay stayed, he says, the more he became involved with the council. “I really enjoyed what was being done. All the programs [we developed] we were trying to set up for alumni. I progressed from a council member at large to eventual president.” Presently an insurance agent in Kitchener, McKay is slightly hard pressed to narrow in on the many highlights from his duration as president of the Alumni Association. “We accomplished so much. We reviewed bylaws and we were instrumental in working with the Student Union in getting funding for the alumni office based on registration. We also worked hard at having the [Continuing Education] students become alumnus. And the 25 Year Club [an annual reunion event to celebrate the 25th anniversary of community colleges in Ontario] was set up by Josie and Rose Bufalino during our terms.” McKay was involved with the Association for an impressive and dedicated 15 years, though he eventually lost touch and his ties faded as he began his own business. Still helping with input after his formal departure, life and all of its priorities stepped into the way, and over the years he became disconnected with his fellow alumni. But, he says, he has begun to rebuild his old connections by attending alumni golf tournaments and keeping in touch once again with former board members. Although time and distance take all alumni in different directions, McKay acknowledges the importance and significance of his valued time with the Association. “It was a very encouraging time working with alumni from 1986 to 2001. Seeing the alumni grow, being involved in student government and attending board meetings for the student union, alumni and college was very instrumental


in helping me grow as an individual and as a business person.”

Pat Parker President - 1998 - 2002 “It was important for me to try and give something back.” Parker was initially involved on the Board of Directors and soon became interested in finding a volunteer pursuit. “The Alumni Association looked like something that was of interest to me. I’d be able to stay connected with what was going on in the college from the educational standpoint and contribute something back from what I’d developed from my studies as a professional,” she says. Parker graduated from the Community Planning program, now called Urban and Regional Planning and Geographic Information Systems. She is currently the Director of Support Services in the Operations and Waste Management division in the Public Works Department for the City of Hamilton, and says that she remembers being quite involved during her time with the Alumni Association. “I provided input on the criteria for alumni presidential selection, which was kind of exciting. And the development of bursary programs out of some funding that came from the province was kind of neat as well.”

“I think it was important for me to try and give something back to the institution that had given me my career and started me in the right direction. It was important for me to try and get messages back that I thought were important for student development. – Pat Parker, President, 1998-2002

in touch | fall 2010


Overall, however, Parker imparts that it was crucial for her to become involved in the Alumni Association so that she could pay it forward. “I think it was important for me to try and give something back to the institution that had given me a career and started me off in the right direction. It was important for me to try and get messages back that I thought were important for student development.” And might she return to the Alumni Association in the future? “I may, but until I retire, time is a bit of a problem! So that could be half a dozen years down the road. But yes, I might.”

Krysia Iwanek President - 2002 - 2004 “How it has developed now with leaps and bounds is absolutely incredible.” One might consider Iwanek’s foray into the Alumni Association a natural progression. She was certainly no stranger to the council – her husband Ted had already been immersed in it for ten years. “It’s because of him I got involved,” she says. “They needed volunteers. So I was always there as Ted’s wife. I used to help out so much that, in 1990, I was recognized and given an Associate Membership to the Association.” She had graduated from the Continuing Education Fashion Design program one year prior, and had always wanted CE students to be recognized as part of the Alumni Association. When she first became a board member in 1996, it was the first time that CE alumni were being accepted into the Association. “I was the first CE student to pay their dues to be part of the Association,” she says proudly. The tables certainly turned regarding Iwanek being seen as merely the wife of Ted once she became president in 2002. “The standing joke was that I was ‘Ted’s wife’ for many, many years. But then Ted officially became ‘Krysia’s husband’. So we’ve had many years of fun with the Association, absolutely.” A vivid and colourful highlight for Iwanek from her term is her role in commissioning the creation and installation of the stained glass window that is still displayed in the library

in touch | fall 2010


of the MoMac campus. Iwanek herself unveiled and presented the piece in 2004 during the pomp and circumstance of Nurses Week. “That for me was an absolute thrill. And the window is absolutely stunning.” Other noteworthy accomplishments under Iwanek’s belt include the conception of the Alumni Association purchasing the gown that the college president wears during convocation. She and two other Association members went to Toronto to create the new gown “because of my design background. Being a part of that was fun. I know the Association is now doing the same thing with the purchasing of the gowns. That was a tradition that I started.” Iwanek also pushed for a $250,000 pledge from the Alumni Association to create a state of the art theatre-style classroom at the Fennell Campus. “Last time I was there, it does say on the door that it was donated by the Alumni Association.” Iwanek is correct – the plaque is displayed outside of the innovative room, called The Presentation Centre, located in the i-wing at room i-109. But what remains for her as her biggest accomplishment as president is the Alumni Association changing ownership wings – from the MSA to Mohawk College itself.

“I was the first Continuing Education person to pay their dues to be part of the association”. – Krysia Iwanek, President, 2002 - 2004 “Cal Haddad approached me and offered the Alumni Association the opportunity for the change,” she says. “This was a huge decision, because we were sort of looked after by the college, and yet we kind of did our own thing. I took it to the board, we made our decision, and it was enormous because it changed the direction. The opportunity was incredible. So in December 2003 and January 2004, we as a board decided to go under the college’s wing. And it was the biggest decision we’d ever made in our lives.” The shift opened up many exciting doors to new concepts and ideas, Iwanek says, and a significant benefit was that the Association now had more support from the college. From financial support for scholarships and opportunity funds, to allowing more ease with tracking down student information


years ofAlumni Association

for reunions, she imparts that “it just made perfect sense to become more involved with the college. But it was a big decision. It was absolutely huge.” Iwanek acknowledges the support that has surrounded her throughout her time with the Association, as well as the people that still encourage and allow its sustainability. “What Wendy Makey and Kelly Dunham [current Manager of Alumni Relations and Alumni Officer, respectively] have done is very impressive. They’ve really seen the Association grow. Linda Marshall was an absolute rock through all this for me. She was the Alumni Officer at the time [of my involvement]. I was supported by some wonderful people. It was a very good feeling.”

Morgan Seele President – 2004 - 2006 “There is a definite amount of pride involved.” Seele’s involvement with the Alumni Association was somewhat of an organic occurrence. “I originally got involved with the Alumni board as a natural extension of my previous work on the board of the Mohawk Students’ Association,” he says. “At that time, there was interest in connecting Alumni with current students and with current college events, so I was able to participate in both the alumni and MSA boards to help facilitate more cooperation between the groups. As time went on, I learned and became more involved with some of the alumni-specific activities where my technical skills could be leveraged.” Some of those activities for Seele included contributing to In Touch magazine and the alumni website. He was also able to use the relationships he had developed with college administration when he was associated with the MSA to “help reinforce the relationship of the Alumni Board with the college staff. Ultimately, the Alumni board provided me with an opportunity were I could both lend some of my skills and experience and as well learn from the skills of others on the board.” One significant highlight Seele cites from his presidency on the Alumni Association is being involved in the formal restructuring of the relationship between the Alumni Association and the college, initiated by his predecessor Krysia Iwanek.


“With the new structure, the college committed more resources and a willingness to play a larger and more continuous roll in the support of Alumni,” Seele says. “Prior to this, the Alumni Association activities were supported almost solely by the efforts of volunteers. Like most volunteer organizations, the effectiveness of the group had peaks and valleys as the membership changed from year to year. With the much greater and stable level of support from the college, the Alumni Association now had a more stable base upon which it can steadily evolve and improve.” A tangible example of this, he says, was the transition of the alumni offices from various and temporary locations on the Fennell campus to the “far more accessible” Alumni House, which occurred just as Seele was handing over his leadership position to next president Sandi Richardson.

“There is a definite amount of pride involved - pride in seeing the things we’ve done continue to develop and pride in the solid skills and experience Mohawk and its staff really can provide to help students achieve their goals.” – Morgan Seele, President, 2004 - 2006 Seele is now working as a Technical Product Manager for a Waterloo company that delivers “the next generation of diagnostic medical imaging systems for use across Canada and globally.” As a Mohawk student in the Computer Systems Technology program, he completed his final co-op term with a small start-up company, also in Waterloo. The company he now works with ended up acquiring that small organization a few years following. “So more than ten years later, I’m technically still working for my former co-op employer all as a result of my experience at Mohawk,” he says fondly. It’s important, Seele says, to stay involved with the Alumni Association and the college because of the “supportive and collaborative environment” it lends itself to, and to the strong relationships he has forged whist there. He says that, after more than ten years since graduating, his MSA and Alumni Association friendships are stronger than those with his classmates.

in touch | fall 2010


“There is a definite amount of pride involved - pride in seeing the things we’ve done continue to develop and pride in the solid skills and experience Mohawk and its staff really can provide to help students achieve their goals,” Seele says. “I was one of those students who first attended university and initially didn’t give Mohawk a second thought. But after graduating from McMaster, it was in fact my Mohawk experince that really helped get my career on track. So I truly believe that Mohawk is an underrated institution and hope my relationship with the college through the Alumni Association can continue to help prove that to others.”

Sandi Richardson President - 2006 - 2007 Chair - 2007 - 2008 “It’s nice to finally give it back and help other people.” Sandi Richardson is yet another example of one alumnus helping another to become involved in the Association. “I actually got involved through a friend of mine, Krysia Iwanek. In 2003, when she was Past President, I actually bumped into her at a Tiger Cats game. The opportunity to join sounded really interesting. At that time, there was a certain process. You came out and you met council members to make sure it was going to be a good fit for everybody – and I was welcomed on board. And I’m still here.” Richardson, among other things, is quite proud to say that she was a part of the reconstruction of the association’s new constitution and bylaws. She says that they were outdated at the time, and that the alarm was sounding for the Association to join the 21st century. In hindsight, she considers the twoyear revamp process a bit daunting, but she also regards it as a learning curve and something that she enjoyed. But the true drawing card for Richardson’s involvement with the Alumni Association was having the opportunity to work with everyone else onboard. “The people sitting around the board table have come from all different walks of life. You’re all there in the capacity of being a volunteer. It’s interesting to see the compassion that people had - their compassion and their passion for the college. So that was a driving force for me,” she says. Other appeals for Richardson include the various events hosted by the Association, including the 2008 Ontario Alumni

in touch | fall 2010


Association Conference, called Building Bridges By The Bay, in August 2008. Two days of social events, networking and professional development concluded with a boat cruise on the Hamilton harbour front, and Richardson says that the event was incredibly well received. In addition, she notes that the Association as a Council is immeasurably proud of the various bursary funds that they are able to extend to Mohawk College students.

“The people sitting around the board table (came) from all different walks of life. You’re all there in the capacity of being a volunteer. It (was) interesting to see the compassion that people had -their compassion and their passion for the college...that was a driving force for me.” – Sandi Richardson, President, 2006-2007, Chair, 2007-2008

Another highlight, she notes, is her involvement with the decision to move the annual Alumni of Distinction awards ceremony off campus to a more formal venue. What was once a small event in the Fennell Campus’ North Cafeteria has grown into a larger, more formal celebration at Michelangelo Banquet Centre on the Hamilton mountain. “It’s something that everyone can take great pride in, honouring alums in different categories and their accomplishments. That’s huge. We get lots of appreciation from the college for doing that.” In a larger consideration of why it’s important for Richardson to remain involved with the Association, she says that it’s gratifying to donate her time back to the academic institution that was pivotal in shaping her future. “You had the wonderful experience of going to this school and graduating and pursuing your career. It’s nice to finally give it back and help other people. It’s just been great.”


years ofAlumni Association

Diana Zanin Current Chair 2009 - 2011 “A loyal alumni is one whose student experience has been extraordinary.” After being invited to be a convocation speaker for the business faculty graduating class, the Alumni Association awarded Zanin with an Alumni of Distinction award in 2004. Already having been exposed to the Association gave her a better perspective of what its mandates were and enabled her to realize that she could contribute to the success of the council. “The reason that I got involved was because I felt that I could help with increasing the visibility of the Alumni Association and exposing it for all the great things that it can be to an alumni,” she says. “How incredible is it to know that when you graduate from an institution like Mohawk that you have a sense of belonging and a sense of brother or sisterhood.” As current Chair of the Alumni Association Council, Zanin says that, first and foremost, the Council is encouraged to be transparent, visible and to talk openly and with ease about what their objectives are and how best to accomplish them. “We understand that Alumni House serves our existing alumni base of 85,000 plus. However, our new and future alumni - the students themselves - deserve just as much attention.   We therefore continue with our existing orientation events as well as the Etiquette Dinner and joint alumni/faculty and student events throughout the school year.” In addition to understanding the importance of the Association’s visibility within the community by way of reunions, homecoming weekends and the upcoming Mohawk Day at the Tiger Cats game, Zanin knows the significance of assisting alumni with new and improved ways of getting involved and staying in touch. “Additional staff has been hired to track down our alumni worldwide. As a result, we’ve increased our alumni numbers through our searches.  The most challenging activity for alumni is finding other alumni and holding on to them! We also have a new and improved website, catering to students and alumni alike, and we are utilizing social media by using Twitter, Facebook and blogs to keep in touch.” Zanin, who in addition to serving as Chair is also a Paper Specialist with Cascades Fine Papers, says that she has


committed herself to the Association in order to become part of the bigger picture – namely, to participate in and actively work towards creating what she calls a world class Alumni Association.

“The reason I got involved was because I felt that I could help with increasing the visibility of the Alumni Association and exposing it for all the great things that it can be to an alumni...when you graduate from an institution like have a sense of belonging and a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood.” – Diana Zanin, Current Chair, 2009-2011 “I will give of my time and I will encourage, engage and support, because whatever we do as a Council will benefit alumni now and into the future. It has been a great venue to develop contacts within the college as well as externally, building friendships along the way.  A loyal alumni is one whose student experience has been extraordinary.  When my term is ended, I will continue to support Mohawk Alumni infinitum. It’s my roots!”

Premier issue, Spring 1984

In Touch Fall 2008: watercolour painted by Sylvia Simpson

in touch | fall 2010


alumni events

Calender of

Events October - December Oct 22 Fall Convocation – McIntyre Theatre 2pm & 7pm Ceremonies

Nov 2 & 3

Nov 23 & 24

MCACES Job Search Expo - 5:00pm-8:30pm This FREE event is a showcase of all the Employment Advisement Resources available to Mohawk College Alumni and Continuing Education students. EXPO HIGHLIGHTS: Résumé Critiquing, Seminars & Tutorials, Current Job Market Information and Job Search Resources. Please Note: All sessions will be held at the MCACES Resource Centre, Room F114, Fennell Campus. Call 905.575.2176 to register.

Job Search Boot Camp - 6:00pm-9:00pm Learn all you need to know about effective job search by participating in our accelerated job search program. In session one, we will explore self-assessment, and how one’s knowledge, skills and abilities can improve job search documents. Session two will be a continuation, building on skills to develop a strong interview presence and professional portfolio. Please Note: All sessions will be held at the MCACES Resource Centre, Room F114, Fennell Campus. Call 905.575.2176 to register.

Nov 10 Etiquette Dinner - This session is a “hands on” tutorial on using proper etiquette during a dining experience. Throughout the session, information is given regarding dining as it relates to business and networking. Cost: $15 - Student/Alumni, $20 - Guest – Business Attire please. Preregistration required –

Nov 13 40th Anniversary Celebration Recreation & Leisure Services Program 8pm - 1am 40th Celebration - The Arnie Cost: $25 per person Register Online Today

in touch | fall 2010


Nov 27 Hap Holman Bonspiel – Alumni, past players and friends are all welcome. For more information, please contact Athletics or 905.575.2075.

Dec 4 3rd Annual Pictures with Santa – Get your picture with Santa, watch Christmas movies, make Christmas crafts and enjoy hot chocolate. Join us in The Arnie 10am to 2pm sponsored by MSA, MCACES and your Alumni Association – This is a Free event


alumni events

A New Look for Mohawk College With Mohawk’s largest ever renewal project in full swing at the Fennell Campus, the time’s right to also renew our College brand. In the face of increasing competition and choice in postsecondary education, a strong brand will help tell and sell the Mohawk story to prospective students, employers, donors and funders. At the same time, a clear and compelling brand will further strengthen a sense of pride among Mohawk students, staff and our 85,000 alumni. A new logo is a key part of Mohawk’s brand renewal. In September, the College launched a bold new logo that gives Mohawk a modern look while incorporating the traditional school colours of black and red. The new look is featured on a line of clothing and Mohawk merchandise. A percentage from every sale will be invested in a scholarship fund that will support students getting a Mohawk education. Along with introducing a new logo, Mohawk is answering

a key question. What do we want to be known for? What do we want Mohawk to be famous for? What’s our unique value proposition? Why should prospective students choose Mohawk? Why should employers help train our students and hire our graduates? Why should funders and donors invest in our College? To answer that question, Mohawk will look at where our academic programs and partnerships are the strongest. Where community needs are the greatest. And where job prospects for our future alumni are the brightest. “At the end of the day, we want Mohawk to be a destination of choice for students seeking the absolute best postsecondary education,” says President Rob MacIsaac. “And when employers are looking to hire the best and brightest, they turn to Mohawk alumni.”



in touch | fall 2010


MCACES and Alumni Job Search Expo

November 2 & 3, 2010 5:00pm-8:30pm MCACES Resource Centre Room F114 Fennell Campus This FREE event is a showcase of all the Employment Advisement Resources available to Mohawk College Alumni and Continuing Education students.

EXPO HIGHLIGHTS: Résumé Critiquing, Seminars & Tutorials, Current Job Market Information and Job Search Resources

Free! employment Advisement Workshops Résumé Writing for Beginners 5:30pm-7:30pm October 13 If you can’t remember when you last created a résumé, consider attending this refresher workshop. In this session, we will look at basic résumé styles and sections to ensure your résumé stands out.

Advanced Résumé Writing 5:30pm-7:30pm October 14 If you already have a résumé but would like to further target your information, attend this session. Learn how to do a critical review of any job posting to ensure a strategic document. Job Search Boot Camp 6:00pm-9:00pm November 23 & 24 Learn all you need to know about effective job search by participating in our accelerated job search program. In session one, we will explore self-assessment, and how one’s knowledge, skills and abilities can improve job search documents. Session two will be a continuation, building on skills to develop a strong interview presence and professional portfolio. Please Note: All sessions will be held at the MCACES Resource Centre, Room F114, Fennell Campus. Call 905-575-2176 to register.

around campus

MCACES Student Leadership Development Program The Mohawk College Association of Continuing Education Students (MCACES) is pleased to announce an innovative approach to experiential learning with the inception of a new Student Leadership Development Program. Beginning in fall 2010, student leaders from MCACES have invited members from the Mohawk Students’ Association (MSA), Student Athletics Committee (SAC) and the Mohawk College Alumni Association Council to participate in this MCACES based inhouse training program. “Creating the Leadership Development Program serves two main purposes. First, it provides student leader groups at Mohawk College with an opportunity to actively participate in a new experience while enhancing their leadership profile. More importantly, the program itself gives student leaders an opportunity to share their experiences. Such a program

establishes a communication network. Our student leaders are passionate resources at the college who shine as individuals. We are excited to unite these groups and provide a collaborative approach to board development,” says Karen Lavell, Manager of MCACES, CE Student Activities. The format of the MCACES Student Leadership Development Program involves a monthly seminar series focusing on a wide variety of areas including self-assessment, board work, personal and professional development. Should the initial program be successful, future goals include evolving the program for all interested students. Karen Lavell adds, “It’s a real pleasure to create a program which fully encompasses the exciting new direction of Mohawk College. As leaders of lifelong learning, MCACES is pleased to develop this program and further develop experiential learning opportunities.”

10th Annual Instructor Appreciation Awards Celebrating Teacher Excellence Congratulations to our 2010 award recipients! In order to become a MCACES Instructor Appreciation Award Recipient, the Continuing Education faculty nominee must have taught at Mohawk College for 5 years with a minimum of 200 contact hours and receive positive support from the office of Continuing Education. From Left to Right: Cathy Oliverio, Creative & Applied Arts Edmund Lee, Health Sciences Peggy Daniel, Business Sonja Christopherson, Human Services

2010-2011 MCACES Board of Directors Integrity * Diversity * Accountability * Advocacy

Keep in Touch with MCACES!

Amanda Tallon – President Giovanna Labbe - Director Karen Logan - Past President Sabrina Lagiglia - Director Carmine DeLuca - VP Finance Trent Jarvis - Director Antony Godwin - VP Academic Don Burroughs - Speaker Kathleen Cantwell - VP Programming Karen Lavell - Resource Zee Qassim - Recording Secretary

Visit our website: or connect with us online! Facebook LinkedIn

in touch | fall 2010



Meet The 2010/2011 Mohawk Student Association

Kat Cullen President

Wade Marquardt V.P. Athletics

Jennifer Gerard V.P. Marketing & Communications

Dan Clark V.P. Fennell

Eddie Partito V.P. STARRT

Jennifer Sta. Maria V.P. IAHS

Heather Nethery V.P. Brantford

Jessica Smyth V.P. Finance

Andrew Hall Applied Arts Director

Tegiola Xhemalaj Technology Director

Carmen Chan Business Director

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Preferred Mortgage Rates for Alumni of Mohawk College

Save Up to 40% on Your Monthly Mortgage Payment

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Alumni of Mohawk College can SAVE on a mortgage through preferred group rates while enjoying outstanding service. Whether purchasing your first home, considering a renovation, renewing or refinancing, trust National Group Mortgage Program to help you with your mortgage.

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Mortgage program recommended by

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National Group Mortgage Program is a company of registered Mortgage Agents licensed with Argentum Mortgages FSCO No. 11892

AROUND CAMPUS Attention Employers!

Connect to Great Students and Graduates

• • • • • • •

Recruit graduates from over 120 full-time and apprenticeship programs Hire Co-op students from over 30 cooperative education programs Post your full-time, part-time and seasonal jobs with us Attend Career Fairs Host Lunch and Learn Information Sessions Partner with Mohawk for a competitive edge and economic prosperity Visit our website for employer information and services Job Centre

and Cooperative Education Fennell Campus, Room i110 135 Fennell Avenue West, P.O. Box 2034, Hamilton, ON L8N 3T2 Tel: 905-575-2167 or toll free 1-888-546-COOP (2667) | Fax: 905-575-2359 | Email:

in touch | fall 2010



Campus Renewal an investment in students and the community

A whole lot is about to change when the Mohawk Centre for Entrepreneurship, Learning and Innovation opens its doors this fall at the Fennell Campus. The three-storey centre is the new home for the campus library. The centre also features a learning commons, quiet study area and multi-media classrooms. Facing Fennell Avenue, the centre will serve as the new front door for Mohawk’s largest and oldest campus. Thousands of students are expected to use the centre every day. The centre is a showcase for environmental sustainability, with a living green wall indoors and solar panels, green roof and rainwater recycling system outdoors. Floor to ceiling windows will flood the centre with natural light. The centre was constructed to meet Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design gold certification. The Mohawk Centre for Entrepreneurship, Learning and Innovation is the cornerstone of the largest campus renewal project in College history. The project is in direct response to student feedback for more places and better spaces to learn, collaborate and socialize on campus. Along with the new centre, Mohawk is renovating the

campus cafeteria, moving student services from 17 locations into the former library and creating and designating academic districts. More green space will be added, with a new Fennell Lawn running the entire length between the new centre and iWing. “Our Fennell Campus Renewal Project is all about delivering an even greater campus experience and the best college education to our students,” says President Rob MacIsaac. “The investments we’re making in our facilities will pay longterm dividends for our students and the entire community.” The Mohawk Centre for Entrepreneurship, Learning and Innovation was made possible by a $20 million infrastructure grant from the Ontario government and a record-setting $4 million donation from the late Harold Cummings, a long-time West Mountain resident and Mohawk neighbour.

in touch | fall 2010


Never got your class ring? ...Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not too late

To purchase a ring contact:

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Mohawk’s Student-Athletes Shine at the 2010 Athletics Awards Banquet On Saturday, April 10 Mohawk College Athletics and Recreation Department honoured its StudentAthletes and Coaches at the 2010 annual Athletics Banquet at Michelangelos. Rugby star, James Cumpson, was named winner of the highest honour awarded in Mohawk Athletics, The Dr. Sam Mittminger Award, for Academic and Athletic Excellence in a student athlete’s senior year. Cumpson, was unable to play for the Mountaineers in 2009-10, because of a co-op conflict. But this third year Electrical Engineering Technology Control student averaged 87% over six semesters. He was a member of the 2008-2009 Mohawk team which was 6-1 in league play and went on to take the OCAA Bronze Medal. He was an OCAA League All-Star, led the Mountaineers to an OCAA Team of the Week Award and was named Most Valuable Player at that year’s Mohawk Banquet. In 2007-08 Mohawk finished fourth in the OCAA with a 5-3 record. Again, Cumpson was a OCAA League All-Star and Most Valuable player at the Banquet. In 2006-2007 he was a huge part of the Gold Medal winning team, an OCAA League All-Star, was Male Athlete of the Week in the OCAA October 17th that year. Cumpson was the OCAA League scoring champ, picked up a Coaches award at the Banquet and was the Male Freshman Award winner.






Upper Left: President Rob MacIsaac and James Cumpson 1 Outstanding Female Athletes Jennifer Knowles (left) and Jenna Harrington (right) with Wade Marquardt 2 Phil Moore, Sarah Edwards (Barb Moore Spirit Award) and Sandy Karpis 3 Wes Hicks and Steven Johnson (Wes Hicks Outstanding Male Athlete) 4 Freshman Athletes Joel Clarke and Jenna Gignac 5 Department of Athletics and Recreation Awards winner Devin Johnson and Rob Cooper

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2011 Mountaineer Weekend Saturday, February 12, 2011 Alumni Basketball Games Alumni Volleyball Games SAC Reunion Mark this date and join in on the fun!

in touch | fall 2010


Leave Your Legacy... ““ We We make make aa living living by by what what we we get, get, but but we we make make aa life life by by what what we we give.” give.” –– Winston Winston Churchill Churchill Education changes lives by helping people achieve their dreams. Your gift to Mohawk College can help someone change theirs. Celebrate successful futures by investing in the next generation of hometown health care workers, musicians, tradespeople, inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs… Mohawk College graduates who will make a difference in the Hamilton community every day. By considering Mohawk in your charitable giving or estate plans, you have the opportunity to transform the lives of thousands of individuals, those same individuals who have the power to transform our community.

For information on how you can change a life and create your own legacy, please contact:


Linda Marshall Director, Annual & Planned Giving Telephone: (905) 575-2063


Grapevine Updates

Send us your photos! We welcome photos of Alumni, alumni gatherings and alumni events. E-mail us your pictures (300 dpi or more) to Please note: submissions may be edited due to space and/or clarity.

Joseph Erchenian, ‘73 Civil Engineering Technician Presently managing the design/procurement/construction contract for the National Institutes of Health, building a Biosafety Level High Containment Laboratory in Bethesda, Maryland (one of only 5 in the United States) for the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases. The 14 floor, 215,000 Gross Square Feet (±20,000 Square Meter) wing, has an approximate construction value of $110,000,000 with an expected completion date of March, 2015. Recently celebrated my 20th Wedding Anniversary. Family has grown to three children (two of which are from an earlier marriage) and four grandchildren from first two. I usually come home in late May and mid-October and would love to get together with some of my classmates (within metro Hamilton) for a drink.

Marlene Welsh, ‘73 Business Administration I am the Associate Chair of the Department of Nursing after teaching in Mohawk College for four years.

Kevin Ford, ‘75 Mechanical Engineering Technology A serial entrepreneur, Kevin is currently the founder and CEO of Parliant Corporation, maker of Mac computer telephony products and more recently, iPhone and iPad applications. Two time winner of “Best Product of the Show” at MacWorld Expo in San Francisco and winner of “Best Product of the Year” from MacWorld Magazine and the Ottawa Centre

in touch | fall 2010


for Research and Innovation’s (OCRI) Entrepreneurship Centre. There are no higher honours in the Apple marketplace. Building on his Mohawk College foundation, along the way he earned an engineering degree from Lakehead University and a Masters of Science in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from the University of Michigan. He is currently on the Board of Directors of several high tech companies and is on the Board of Advisors of OCRI’s Entrepreneurship Centre, grooming the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Earl Shortt, ’75 Business Marketing Since graduating in 1975, I have earned a Diploma in Microcomputer Management at Sheridan College, a B.A. at McMaster University and a B.Ed at the University of Alberta. I was also featured on Apple’s website (2001) for integrating technology into the curriculum. I hope to be accepted and starting a Graduate degree (Master) via distance learning by Fall-2010 or Winter-2011. I loved my experience at Mohawk College during the mid-1970’s. I have great memories including: Cafeteria Fries n’ Gravy, Phys. Ed. trips, the Arnie, mini-skirts, the Satellite Newspaper, the staff (Mr. Dixon/Dickson?, Mr. Vern MacKay, Mr. Dunsford, and Mr. Vermeer -- I apologize for not remembering their names’s been awhile) and graduation day. Only two students out of a class of 13 actually passed the two year diploma program, Rick (Richard) Emmett and myself. It would be nice to get some pictures/class names from that time period.

Frank Vrenjak, ‘83 Civil Engineering Technology Working and have two grandchildren.

Laurie Schneider (EASTO), ‘85 Recreation & Leisure Services

Jeff Bonner, 01 Electronics Engineering Technology

Celebrated 25 years in the field of recreation and leisure in long term care, with 22 years at this organization. I have two kids, ages 13 and 16 and am still active in the community and with sports.

I have been working in residential real estate sales since 2005. I am currently working with local brokerage Jag Realty Inc.

Tim Mosher, ‘85 Industrial Management Technology Started a new business in August of 2009, Raptor Integration.

Victoria Trotter, ‘03 Office Administration - Executive On March 12, 2010, my husband Matt and I became the proud parents of a baby boy - Gibson Matthew Dennis. We reside in Stratford, Ontario and are celebrating three years of marriage.

Glorie Chimbganda, ‘05 Child and Youth Worker Glorie will be graduating with her MA in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and will be starting her Doctorate in Childhood Studies at Queens University in Belfast, North Ireland.

Adel A. Shami, ‘91 Mechanical Engineering Technology I just moved to North Africa after I accepted a work offer. It has been three years already - much to learn but the weather is always snow!

In Memoriam Richard Alkerton, 96 Industrial Management Technology

Alison M. Hall, ‘92 Office Administration - Executive In 1995, I began my career with Bell. I have managed a vast array of responsibilities, including sales and maintenance of consumer and corporate accounts and records management. I also analyze accounts to determine the most beneficial rate plans and features to maximize my clients’ individual communication needs. In addition to personally managing over 450 Bell Mobility accounts, I also take great pride in coordinating my clients’ residential service needs, including home phone, Internet and satellite TV services. All of my organizational, records management, and communication skills were acquired through the Executive Office Administration program at Mohawk College!

Sandy L. Jackson (BROWN), ‘93 Nursing Just recently completed a Nursing Refresher Course after a 10 year break from Nursing. I am looking to return working in a Post Anesthesia Care Unit here in the Cleveland area.

Travis Riggin, ‘00 Power Engineering I recently purchased my own franchise.

On July 30, 2010 Richard Alkerton passed away in his 58th year, following a short illness. He will be missed by his wife Brenda and children Candice Rikki and James Richard, Courtney and Brandon, and dearly missed papa of grandchildren Raven, Eternity and Kaylee. He also leaves behind many wonderful friends who hold many fond memories of him. Richard was an employee of MJ Manufacturing, Mississauga in mechanical maintenance. He proudly ran the IMT Golf Tournament for five years. His goal each day was to enjoy life to it’s fullest, which he did with no regrets, and to make twenty people smile each day -- a goal that he always surpassed. The Mohawk Alumni Association extends it condolences to Richard Alkerton’s family and friends.


Keep your Alumni Record current and up-to-date! To update your Alumni Record, please contact: Phone: 905.575.2258 • Fax: 905.575.2443 Email: Mohawk College Alumni Relations, , Alumni House P.O. Box 2034, Hamilton, Ontario L8N 3T2

Protection of Personal Information From time to time, you may be contacted either by mail, e-mail or phone by one of our services and benefits partners regarding one of our programs. Mohawk College is proud of its relationship with a number of trusted partners and service providers who have an established record of treating personal information with care and provide valuable services and benefits to our alumni. We appreciate you taking the time to learn about the programs and the latest offers available. We want to let you know that at no time will your name or contact information be shared with anyone not specifically authorized by Alumni Relations. Mohawk

College respects the privacy of its alumni and the sensitivity of personal information. All of our partners sign strict confidentiality agreements with us prior to receiving any contact information. Should you wish to not be contacted about services and benefit programs, JUST CALL 905.575.2258 or e-mail and tell us you wish to OPT OUT of affinity marketing plans. Thank you for your interest and your participation in the services and benefits provided by the Alumni Association and the Alumni Relations Department.

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Being part of the Mohawk College Alumni family

has its benefits

The future success of Mohawk College depends on Alumni involvement The ball is in your court! As a member of the Mohawk College Alumni Association, you are invited and encouraged to keep in touch to strengthen the celebration of our incredible alumni. Stay involved in the Mohawk Family by taking advantage of some of the membership perks: on campus • Alumni Pin • FREE Alumni ID Card • Mohawk Ring by Jostens • Diploma & Certificate Framing • IN TOUCH Magazine • INFORMED – e-newsletter • Mountaineer Weekend • Reunions • Meet the Grad Nights • Alumni of Distinction Awards • Open Access use • Library Access • Access to Fennell & Brantford Gymnasium • Admittance to Varsity Home Games • Ability to participate in Campus Recreation programs • Access to Counselling Services • Access to Graduate Employment Services • Online access to IN TOUCH Magazine • Photo Gallery of Events

off campus • Johnson Insurance Inc. Home, Auto and Travel • BMO - Mohawk College Mosaik Mastercard • Upper James Toyota / Redhill Toyota, Parkway Nissan exclusive pricing • Residence & Conference Centres – Summer Travel Accommodations • Alumni Insurance Services - Critical Illness Plan Program / Health & Dental Program • Advantage INTRAVEL • Soft Moc Shoes • Enterprise Rent A Car and National Car Rental • Meet & Greets • Corporate Coffee Breaks

For more info, contact the Alumni Relations Office or drop by the Alumni House 905.575.2258 • • Alumni House, 135 Fennell Ave West, Hamilton, ON L8N 3T2

!NEXCLUSIVEOFFERTO ALLSTUDENTS STAFF ANDALUMNI preferred pricing with proof of your relationship with Mohawk College

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Mohawk College Alumni InTouch Magazine - Fall 2010  

Mohawk Alumni Association Magazine In Touch Magazine Fall 2010