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5 impressive Digital campaigns of Coca Cola Coca cola is a reputed and branded company in the world. It is distributed across the globe in almost every city and has beaten most of the leading companies in soft drink industry. Coca cola is up to date with the latest trends in the market and had marketed itself in almost all of the digital media. Below are the most remarkable digital marketing campaigns by Coca cola. a. The Coca cola happiness machine Coca cola placed a vending machine in a random college campus. The strategy was to surprise the student in the college with lots of free coke bottles, pizza, huge sandwich, flowers etc. even though this campaign pretty low investment, the video of this campaign in YouTube went viral. This campaign continued in Singapore where the vending machine had to be hugged to get a free coca cola. In Belgium the coca cola vending machine had been dance activated, where people had to dance in front of it to get a free coca cola. b. The London coca cola campaign (2012) This campaign was carried during the Olympics and their target audience was teenagers and on how the world comes together during such events. The campaign was called “Move to the beat�. Mark Ronson, London based producer and Katie B, singer hosted and sang in this event. Mark had travelled across the world recording sounds of 5 different Olympic sports and also used various beats to create the amazing track. This campaign was a major hit as there were 25 million video views on Youtube and 1200 people subscribed to the coca cola channel. Coca cola had got 242 million social web impressions in which 39 million where on Facebook and 546,000 on you tube and beat TV. The fan following on Facebook for coca cola was increased by 1.5 million and 21,000 on Twitter. c. Super bowl (2012) The coca cola super bowl campaign was focused on polar bears, mainly two polar bears that root for opposite teams, the viewers connected with the bears using this strategy. This campaign was active on Facebook and Twitter. People posted questions on Facebook and photos on Twitter and the bears answered to them by smart phone to tweet or tablet to display images. >600,000 people watched the live stream. A total of 9 million consumers viewed the campaign on different platforms. d. The Coke zone Reward program launched in 2008, its aim was to raise awareness about this campaign on TV and billboards. On the packaging of the bottle there were codes, these had to be scanned which lead to a rewards website where points can be redeemed for later purchases. These rewards

were movie rentals, branded item or competitions. This campaign proved to be highly effective; the email newsletters received above industry open nearly 29% and click through rate of 6%. The unique monthly visitor number on their brand website increased. e. The share a coke campaign (2011) This campaigns strategy was that people can personalize their coke bottles through a Facebook app. It was the most noteworthy campaign, coke bottles had different names on them and in some countries the labeling has been changed so that every bottle can have different name on them. This campaign received 18 million media impressions and the traffic on Facebook coca cola brand site had increased to 870% and page likes grew to 39%.

5 impressive digital campaigns of coca cola  

Coca cola is a reputed and branded company in the world. It is distributed across the globe in almost every city and has beaten most of the...