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Product and Price List KVIC Certified Gandhi Gram Products- FOOD Gandhi Gram-Ragi Gandhi Gram-Aval Gandhi Gram-Gothumai powder Gandhi Gram-Katheari vathal Gandhi Gram-Mudiku Vathal Gandhi Gram-Sunda vathal Gandhi Gram-More Sunda vathal Gandhi Gram-Milagu Vathal Gandhi Gram-More Melagai Gandhi Gram-pavarkai Vathal Gandhi Gram-kothavarai vathal

500g 500g 500g 100g 100g 100g 100g 50g 100g 50g 100g

Rs.20.00 Rs.22.00 Rs.22.00 Rs.12.00 Rs.26.00 Rs.20.00 Rs.15.00 Rs.15.00 Rs.15.00 Rs.10.00 Rs.12.00


Rs.60.00 Rs.70.00 Rs.70.00 Rs.60.00

Gandhi Gram Products-Pickles Gandhi Gram-Citron(Narthangai) Gandhi Gram-Mango-Ginger Gandhi Gram-Garlic Gandhi Gram-Mango

Gandhi Gram Products- Oil Gandhi Gram-Neem Oil Gandhi Gram-Mango-Velakannai Gandhi Gram-Gingili oil

100ml Rs.22.00 100ml Rs.22.00 1/2lt Rs.90.00

Gandhi Gram Products- Honey Gandhi Gram-Honey Gandhi Gram-Honey Gandhi Gram-Honey Gandhi Gram-Honey

100g 200g 500g 1kg

Rs.45.00 Rs.60.00 Rs.130.00 Rs.210.00

Product and Price List Gandhi Gram Products- Honey Products Gandhi Gram-Amla in Honey Gandhi Gram-Dates in Honey

200g Rs.70.00 400g Rs.90.00

Gandhi Gram Products- Herbal Powders Gandhi Gram-Suku Malli Gandhi Gram-Seriya Nangai Gandhi Gram-Kadukai powder Gandhi Gram-Arugampool Gandhi Gram-Nellikeni powder Gandhi Gram-Rojapoo Powder Gandhi Gram-Neelavagai powder Gandhi Gram-Nava vanthiayam Gandhi Gram-Athei leaf powder Gandhi Gram-Naval-Seedpowder

100g 50g 50g 100g 50g 50g 50g 100g 50g 50g

Rs.40.00 Rs.25.00 Rs.20.00 Rs.25.00 Rs.25.00 Rs.30.00 Rs.25.00 Rs.35.00 Rs.20.00 Rs.25.00

Gandhi Gram Products-Ayurvedic Medicine Gandhi Gram-kungumadhilepam 25g Rs.99.00 Gandhi Gram-Tooth Powder Rs.16.00/30.00 Gandhi Gram-Marudhani Thailam 100ml Rs.62.00 Gandhi Gram-Neelibhringadhi 100ml Rs.66.00 Gandhi Gram-Ponnanganni 100ml Rs.65.00 Gandhi Gram-Nisa Amlaki Tablet 50g Rs.26.00 Gandhi Gram-Ashta Churnam 100g Rs.63.00 Gandhi Gram-Thalesadi Churnam 100g Rs.35.00 Gandhi Gram-Vallarai Tablet 50g Rs.32.00 Gandhi Gram- Vallarai Lehyam 50g Rs.10.00 Gandhi Gram-kothavarai vathal 200g Rs.89.00 Gandhi Gram-Aswagandhadhi 200g Rs.88.00 Gandhi Gram-Chyavana Prasha 200g Rs.71.00 Gandhi Gram- Gulkhand 200g Rs.66.00

Product and Price List Gandhi Gram Products-Ayurvedic Medicine Gandhi Gram-Oma Water Gandhi Gram-Kungumapoo


Rs.18.00 Rs.200.00

Gandhi Gram Products-Toilet items Gandhi Gram-Rise Aloe Shampoo Gandhi Gram- -doGandhi Gram-RiseHerbal Gandhi Gram-NeemSandal soap Gandhi Gram-kutir Soap Gandhi Gram-Aloevera Soap Gandhi Gram-Sandal Spl

110ml 170ml 110ml 75g 75g 75g 75g

Rs.35.00 Rs.45.00 Rs.32.00 Rs.18.00 Rs.14.00 Rs.17.00 Rs.24.00

Gandhi Gram Products-Fragrance Gandhi Gram-Insance Gandhi Gram-Insance Gandhi Gram-Insance Gandhi Gram-Insance Gandhi Gram-Javathu Gandhi Gram-Perfume

2g -

Rs.05.50 Rs.10.00 Rs.15.50 Rs.36.00 Rs.20.00 Rs.15.00

Gandhi Gram Products-Detergent Powder and Dishwashers Gandhi Gram-Rise Powder Gandhi Gram-Bar Soap Gandhi Gram-Dish wash Powder

500g Rs.26.00 700g Rs.43.00 500g Rs.09.00


Product and Price List

Gandhi Gram Products- Juice mixtures Gandhi Gram-Lemon Gandhi Gram-Grape Gandhi Gram-Orange Gandhi Gram-Nanari

700ml 700ml 700ml 700ml

Rs.85.00 Rs.85.00 Rs.85.00 Rs.85.00

Jute Bags and Pouches Jute Bags Jute file Jute pouches Jute purses and mobile carry

Rs.275-Rs500 Rs.175.00 Rs.50.00 Rs.75-Rs.150

Home Textiles Kitchen Towels (Each) Owen Glows (E) Table Cloth(E) Place Mat(E) Pillow Cower Bed Cowers Bed cower double Rib Mat

Rs.70.00 Rs.30.00 Rs.230.00 Rs.25.00 Rs.68.00 Rs.520.00 Rs.675.00 Rs.30.00

Product and Price List Books, CD’s and DVD’s We have the most valuable and rare collections of book published by various authors in various languages by the most popular and also the very ancient publishers. We have the books from authors like Shri. Rramana Maharishi, Osho, Mahathma Gandhi, Nehru, Rajaji, shiv kara, Cho, Sujatha, Ramdas, Swami vivekanandha, Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam and etc the most important aspect of the books we had is we have collections of ancient collections on medicines done by Sidhas and book published by Thirumalai Nayakar mahal Publications. Book CD’s and DVd’s

Rs.10.00-Rs.15000.00 Rs.40.00-500.00

China clay products Money turtle (MUD) Positive turtle (MUD) Positive iron MUD Mobile Stand MUD Paper weights MUD Stands MUD

Rs.90.00 Rs.95.00 Rs.80.00 Rs.80.00 Rs.60.00 Rs.100.00-Rs.300.00

Baby Products Pampers-SPampers-MPampers-L

Rs.16.00 Rs.52.00 Rs.58.00

Product and Price List Sanitary Napkin Products Whisper ultra Clean 7Pads Whisper ultra Clean 8Pads Whisper ultra Clean 15pad Ultra Clean XL Wing-30p Maxi Fit 10pads Whisper choice ultra 6P Whisper choice Wings15 Maxi clean 10P Whisper Choice

Rs.69.00 Rs.69.00 Rs.139.00 Rs.230.00 (23% Saving) Rs.60.00 Rs.30.00 Rs.125.00 Rs.70.00 Rs.20 and Rs.24.00

Covering Products Gold Neck Sets Bracelets

Rs.200.00-Rs2000.00 Rs.300.00-450.00

All India Tribal products Hand Made neck less set Paiyal (Anklets) Bracelets

Rs.350.00 to 800.00 Rs.560.00 Rs.350.00

Art and Crafts Bamboo wind pipe Tribal Clay potteries Tribal textiles

Rs.170.00 Rs.500-Rs.2000 Rs.5000 to Rs.10000

Product and Price List Pooja products Copper and five metal items Original Vrindhavan Malai Plantain mats (Natural) E

Rs.100.00-Rs.1000.00 Rs.45.00 – Rs.300.00 Rs.50.00

Srivilliputtur Herbal items Herbal bathing powder Big “ Bathing powder small Thalampoo Kungumam Manjal Turmaric

Rs.60.00 Rs.40.00 Rs.40.00 Rs.40.00

Fish tanks Molded Tank full set Normal set

Rs.3600.00 to 15000 Rs.700 to Rs.5000

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Gandhigram Products  

Gandhigram Products