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don’t cheat your self..........ever

Speech 1. The first word that comes from your mouth should come easily and smoothly (when first word blocked, try to prolong the word) 2. smile when you talk. 3. lips to be opened lightly 4. Go for home run, dont be sorry for yourself 5. Always have eye contact.( take 2-3 sec before you talk){ observe the eye colour} 6. Try to observe the problems you face when you stutter( video, voice record, prolong your block) { understand , what u r doing, why u r doing, what else can you do} 7. Stuttering is something you are doing, not something that has happened to you. 8. Talk at least 5hours a day, at beginning, 9. The goal of practise is to have smooth transition to normal speech but not slow speech

Brain control 1. Relax and control 2. Focus on breathing when not-busy 3. Read books, newspaper, and other stuff. 4. Work to train your mind 5. Start observing everything 6. Control fear and anger 7. Give up hate and don’t daydream 8. Don’t waste money 9. Appreciate people you love 10. Don’t be a procrastinator, cunctator


1. Work at least one hour in morning, 2. Drink lemon&honey with empty stomach 3. Drink 2liters of water and green tea daily 4. Eat fruits regularly 5. Take care of your skin 6. Sleep happily and sincerely 7.

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