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Unit Three: Diversity and Adaptation in Living Organisms

Number of legs in Arthropods

Three pairs of legs

Four pairs of legs

Numerous legs

Insects (Flies - Ants)

Arachnids (Spider - Scorpion)

Scolopendra - Julius

Number and type of teeth in mammals

Edentats (teethless)

Having teeth

Sloth - Armadillo Front teeth extending outwards Hedgehog

Pointed canines and molars with sharp projections

Sharp incisors

Lion - Tiger

A pair of incisors in

Two pairs of incisors in the upper jaw

each jaw

and only a pair of incisors in the lower jaw

Rat - squirrel


• Species: Is a group of living organisms mostly similar to each other in their shape characteristics and are able to mate and produce new fertilized members that are able, in turn, to reproduce and keep the species existence on.


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