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Name: Muhammad Salman H. Qureshi Age: 23 Years

Currently a Medical Student & an Undergraduate Researcher Ultimate goal: Attainment of Will of Allah Almighty Objectives:  Promotion of Peace & Harmony Development of culture of Search and Research. Serving the humanity. Outshining the name of Pakistan on International level.

A diligent medical student  A passionate researcher A young trainer An empathetic social worker An aspiring neuroophthalmologist A devoted Muslim A patriot Pakistani A self-proclaimed poster designer A mission-oriented writer An energetic declaimer An avid poet An inborn excursionist A careless cyclist  & a freestyle swimmer

*According to the best information

Students from different countries including Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Mongolia and Malaysia participated in the World Heart Day contests.

•First undergraduate medical student to devise a technique for quality assurance in data collection.

Secured 3rd Position in “SIST JOURNALISM” in Shifa InterScholastic Tournament – 2011.

Secured 1st Position in On-theSpot Essay Writing Competition and 3rd Position in Journalism in SIST-2012. Got 3rd Position in Punjab College All Pakistan Bilingual Declamation Championship-2011. * * Was the only qualifying participant from entire KPK.

 Clinched 1st Position in All Pakistan Bilingual Declamation Championship-2012 organized by Voice of Youth (VoY) organization in collaboration with FES. Awarded Best Poster Presentation award in 5th National Undergraduate Medical Research Fair – 2012. Secured 3rd Position in “Science for Peace” Essay Writing Contest organized by National Academy of Young Scientists (NAYS).

 Declared as the Prize Winner in the “Primary Health Care Poster Competition” organized by Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) . Won Consolation Cash Prize in Research Verbal Presentation on the occasion of Gandhara Scientific Seminars – 2013 organized by Gandhara University, KPK.

 Awarded Best Undergraduate Research Poster Presentation Prize on the occasion of 13th Biennial International Conference of Pakistan Physiological Society (PPS-13). Secured 3rd Position in “Poster Competition” organized by Asian Medical Student’s Association (AMSA International). Clinched 1st Position in “World Heart Day Info-graphic Contest” organized by Asian Medical Student’s Association (AMSA International).

ď ąSecured 2nd Position in Research Oral Presentation on the occasion of International Conference on Endorsing Health Science Research (ICEHSR-13) organized by Advanced Educational Institute and Research Centre (AEIRC). ď ąGot 1st Position in International Scientific Essay Writing Contest organized by Bioclues (Andra Perdesh, India)

 Awarded Best Oral Research Presentation Award in 4th Annual Public Health Scientific Conference – 2013 (Ministry of National Health Services, Pakistan) Secured 2nd Position in Research Poster Presentation Contest in 2nd International Conference on Medical Education held at Khyber Medical College, Peshawar.

Few Notable Recommendations on the basis of research work performed by Salman Qureshi •If just the cases of Road Traffic Accidents (RTA’s) and History of Fall (HOF’s) are prevented then it means that we have cleared more than quarter portion of the neurosurgery ward of Lady Reading Hospital, Peshawar from the patients. •In order to ensure that the under 20 years post-drug addicts do not relapse back after their phase of rehabilitation, we have to involve them in some educational or vocational training programs till they attain the age of maturity and are able to independently stand on their feet. •The conventional non-integrated system of education should be replaced by the integrated system of education to acquire fruitful results.

•Both the Large Group Format (LGF) and Small Group Discussion (SGD) have proven to be effective modes of learning and must be accommodated in the time table slots of students.

Few Notable Recommendations on the basis of research work performed by Salman Qureshi •The modern health science research is very much dependant upon various applications of Information Technology, therefore, the researcher should equip himself with all the necessary skills to have a command on various applications of Information Technology. •Blood donation on payment should be strictly banned to discourage the injection drug users (IDU’s) from donating blood, as they are considered to be the hub of HCV and HIV in Pakistan. • The students should be encouraged to get themselves involved in cocurricular activities as this can help in the reduction of social phobia. •Healthy people should donate blood on regular basis, because if they will hesitate to donate blood then the thallassemics will be compelled to obtain blood from suspicious sources increasing their risk of acquiring HCV, HBs Ag and HIV.

Although quite young in the field of medical science but still I can perceive the shortcomings and gaps especially in the field of Medical Ethics and Undergraduate Medical Research which are required to bridged as soon as possible. No doubt that everyone joins medical school to earn a title of "Dr." and then pursue medical practice to earn livelihood. But I would consider myself fortunate if I could jump beyond that in order to serve the humanity in real sense so that I could gain the "razaa" of Allah Almighty. I wish to establish an academy for undergraduate medical students of Pakistan so that they could get a platform to nurture themselves and polish their skills in medical research and could serve the humanity with an aim to brighten their Akhira. I desire to play my role towards integration of glorious Islamic teachings with Medical Practice so that the patients would not be then regarded as a client or "subject" but as a fellow human being. Although, the destination appears to be quite distant and the aim seems to be quite high but I feel charm to achieve rewards when I use to accomplish thrilling challenges. “Some men see things as they are and say why. I dream things that never were and say why not?!!!� (George Bernard Shah)

And the journey continues……

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