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PAKISTAN SCIENCE FOUNDATON The Promotion of Scientific Research and related activities is the major objective of Pakistan Science Foundation, which provides funding for research projects in the areas of Agricultural Sciences, Biological Sciences, Bio-technology and Genetic Engineering, Chemical Sciences, Computer/Information Technology, Mathematical Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Engineering, Earth sciences, Medical sciences and Physics. The Foundation provides grants to universities and other R&D organizations for projects undertaken by individuals or groups of scientists. The Foundation has developed requisite infrastructure for carrying out its research support activity.

PROCEDURE FOR PROJECT FUNDING Projects proposals, submitted to the Foundation, are evaluated initially by Subject Experts in the relevant fields and then by the PSF Technical Committees which recommend the projects for approval on the basis of technical merit and relevance to the socio-economic needs of the country. Research grants are released to P.Is on 6-monthly basis. The progress of research is monitored through evaluation of semi-annual and annual reports from grantees.



Pakistan Science Foundation assists the universities and research institutions by providing them Institutional Support Grants for the purchase of lab. Equipment, chemicals, literature etc. to strengthen the research capabilities of these institutions in order to carryout R&D work.

Travel Grants Under the Travel Grant program, grants are provided to scientists, technologists and doctors so that they can present their research work at international fora. The grant covers their travel expenses, registration fee and living expenses. Funds are also provided for attending short term i.e. 1-2 weeks specialized trainings abroad. Eligibility Criteria 1. The applicant should be (i) a scientist/engineer/medical doctor and (ii) a regular employee of an HEC recognized public sector university, or in a Government/Semi Government/Autonomous Organization or a Ph.D. student enrolled with an HEC recognized public sector university. 2. The research paper to be presented by the applicant must be accepted for oral presentation in the conference/seminar/workshop. The applicant will have to provide full copy of the paper to be presented along with a valid acceptance letter/fax/email from the organizers. 3. The research paper should be based on results of research undertaken by the applicant within Pakistan. In case of a Ph.D. student, the paper should be based on his Ph.D. work. 4. The applicant should be the first author of the paper. In case he/she is not the first author, then the consent of the first author to the presentation of the paper by the applicant will be required. 5. Scientists invited to read lead/plenary papers in International Conferences/ Seminars/Workshops will also be eligible to apply for grants. 6. Scientists who are invited to attend short term training courses (1 to 2 weeks duration) or who have been offered training facility on operation of

sophisticated lab equipment in the laboratories of advanced countries will also be eligible to apply for grants on the production of valid invitation/approval letter. 7. Scientists who want to undertake part of their on going research work in a laboratory of a developed country, for which facilities are not available within Pakistan, will also be eligible to apply for grants. 8. The researchers/scientists who are offered partial funding by their parent departments, organizers or any other funding agency will be given preference while considering requests for funding. 9. Scientists retired from public sector universities/ organizations, who are invited to read lead/plenary papers, will also be eligible for grants.

Application forms are available on


There are many Scientific Societies and learned bodies, disciplinary as well as general, in the country which are actively engaged in the promotion of Science and Technology. Of these, 28 are registered with PSF. They are rendering their services by holding conferences, seminars, workshop on various scientific topics and publication of Scientific Journals & periodicals in their respective fields. These Societies and Learned bodies, however, do not have any regular source of funding/income for support of their activities. Pakistan Science Foundation provides grants-in-aid to these societies and learned bodies for holding of conferences and publication of scientific journals. CRITERIA FOR SELECTION OF SOCIETIES

Societies should be registered with Registrar Societies under the Societies Act XXI of 1860.

They should have fairly good membership.

They should have established credibility at national level.

• •

They should be active in their respective fields and execute their programs of activities, such as holding of national/international seminars workshops, Conferences, Symposia, publication of scientific journals, periodicals, newsletters etc on regular basis.

Grants for Science Conference Conferences, Seminars, Symposia etc. provide forum to scientists to share their knowledge and research experience with each other. The Foundation provides financial assistance to universities and R&D Organizations for organizing Science Conferences, Seminars, Workshops and Symposia on important scientific topics where scientists present their research findings. Each year, Foundation provides a reasonable amount to concerned institutions for organizing such events.

Procedure for Funding: The Organizers of the Conference/Seminar/Workshop/Symposia are required to make a formal request on the prescribed PSF Performa and submit it through proper channel. On approval of the grant, a Contract Agreement is signed between PSF & the organizer for utilization of the grant and submission of audit & utilization report for adjustment of accounts. Application forms are available on PSF website.

SCIENTISTS IN NATURAL SCIENCE Research Proposal in natural sciences, as applicable to agriculture, which may benefit the farmers, are invited from scientists working in the public and private sector








responsibilities. The projects will be funded through an Endowment Fund created with PSF for Pak-US Natural Sciences Linkages Program (NSLP). The selected priority areas includes, but are not limited to; collection evaluation and exchange of germplasm; plant genomics, stress biology, application of information technology in agriculture, identification and control of animal/plant diseases; dryland/sustainable agricultural production systems; biotechnology, microbiology;






Management, Environmental Sciences, Climatic Change Studies Post-harvest processing technologies, Farm mechanization. The research project may be basic or applied in nature but it must contribute directly or indirectly to the enhancement of agriculture production in the country. Maximum project duration should be 3-years. Project costing should be realistic and based on actual market rates. Project prepared on PSF prescribed format (PSF-NSLP-1) which is available on PSF website ( or can be obtained from the PSF head office at 1Constituation Avenue, Islamabad. Grant will be awarded purely on merit, to be determined by the subject experts. Three hard copies alongwith soft copy of the project, complete in all respects, should be submitted through proper channel to the Chairman, PSF or the Chief Scientist Officer in January and August of each year. Detailed guideline for preparation and submission of proposals are contained in the form. Forms are available on the website.

Pakistan science foundaton  
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