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Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.


[ Steve Jobs ]

Graduated with Honours from The Faculty of Fine Arts Architecture Department -Alexandria University 2013 [Overall Rank : 1st ] Throughout my work and education I have gathered experience in Architecture working in various scale projects and installations, as a result, I now possess a wide set of skills and therefore I consider myself ready to cope with new challenges. Being involved in various types of projects over the years has helped me become an effective & efficient individual, with the advantage of being curious and a fast learner. I am constantly improving my skills and trying to adopt different approaches used in the design process. I’ve completed several courses on BIM, parametric modeling and sustainable design.At this stage of my career my goal is to focus all my energy and time on work. My priority is to successfully complete my given task, while learning new design methods and exposing myself to global design trends and issues.


Born: Contact:

1st October 1991, Egypt +2[012] 737 25-987

Interests Self Learning [Online]| Digital design & Fabrication | Exploring New Materials | Digital Painting & Computer Graphics

Arabic | Native language English | Intermedite

Education /Background 2008-2013 2005-2008



| Austria Vienna Berlin,Cottbus | Germany


Awards / Scholarship

Faculty of Fine Arts| Alexandria university


3rdPrize - Rialto Architectural Design Contest

Bachelor of Architecture [Grade :Excellent with honors ]


1stPrize - Bridge To The Future Competition


Scholarship ‘‘Hyber Space dB” Workshop


Scholarship “Advanced Arcitectural Geometry”


1stPrize“How to zellij a Lemon’’ Student Competition

Ahmed Zewil HighSchool

Competitions 2013

Catalyst fo Change| Student Nationalwww Competition


Bridge To the Future | Student National Competition


How to Zellij a Lemon | ARAB region Student’s Competition

FEDA Student’s National Competition 2012/2013 “ Bridge to the future “ AinShams University & Remal Foundation for Urban Development.

AA Alexandria Visiting School.

Special School at Vienna TU, Austria.

Workshops /Activites /Exbitions Jan. 2014

Work experince

Starting [We Aren’t Asking for MUCH] Urban Community

Dec. 2013

Modeling Urban Energy Flows Workshop [Hosted by : Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Alexandria, Egypt]

Oct. 2013 June 20 13


Teaching assistant | AlexandriaUniversity


Junior Architect | ENCODE Studio


Architect Volunter | ENCODE Studio

Faculty of FineArts - Architecture department

(Egyptian Node for Collaborative DEsign).

Urban Design Workshop 2 | Cottbus,Germany 2013 German- Middle East Cooperation in Urban Design- DAAD

Architectural Video Mapping Workshop | Alexandria,Egypt. International Augmented Med[ IAM]

march 2013

Urban Minorities Workshop | Alexandria,Egypt.

Oct. 2012

Urban Design Workshop | Alexandria,Egypt 2012

Sep. 2012

AA Alexandria Visiting School-Hyber Space dB”

Exchange program between Arab German Universities - DAAD

Skills Autodesk Revit [Architecture] Autodesk 3ds Max +Vray rendering Google Sketchup Rhinoceros Grasshopper (Algorithmic Modelling for rhino) +

3d Modeling

German- Middle East Cooperation in Urban Design - DAAD

[Hosted by : Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Alexandria, Egypt]

Aug. 2012

ORNAMATICS* Exhibition | Alexandria,Egypt.

Oct. 2011

New Urban Topologies Workshop | Alexandria,Egypt.

July 2011

Advanced Arcitectural Geometry | Vienna,Austria.

May 2011

ConstructionAwareDesign,Rapid-PrototypingSpatial Reconstruction and Performance” Workshop

(Generative design, fabrication of designs and assembly)!design-is-a-verb/cdbz

Organzied by The Swedish Institute Alexandria and Färgfabriken -Center for Contemporary Art and Architecture

Organzied by Geo-Arab Design,Hosted by :Vienna Technical University

plugins ex: Kangaroo, weaverbird, Geco, Firefly.

Graphic Design & Digital painting & Visual Effects

Construct 3D from Images

3D Fabrication Analysis Presentaion

Adobe [photosho/Illustartor/InDesign] VVVV [a multipurpose toolkit] Processing [ Programming language ] kinect Fusion Autodesk 123d Catch Geomagic Grasshopper 3d Ecotect \ Vasari Prezi / Powepoint

Organized by the American University in Cairo[AUC]

Dec. 2010 Aug. 2009

ICE CUBE Workshop | Alexandria,Egypt. A Faculty of Fine Arts-Archi Dep.Alexandria University (Generative design, fabrication of designs and assembly)

GenerativeArchitectureDesignWorkshop| Alexandria,Egypt. [Generative design ,grasshopper plugin]

References Dr. Ebtissam Farid PhD in Architecture, Alexandria University , Founder of ENCODE Studio E-mail:

Dr. Mohamed Shalaby Senior Research Scientist Geometric Modeling & Scientific Visualization Center At KAUST E-mail:


ALX - Performing Arts Center 10-13 Graduation | Public | Architecture

OF CONTENTS Al Raml Center


Academic | Public | Architecture

Museum of Modern Art


Academic | Public | Architecture

Architecture Academy


Academic | Public | Architecture

Residential Eco-Tower


Academic| Residential | Architecture





Nihas - Neighbourhood


Bee Free Form Surface



Academic | Public | Urban

Future Foot Bridge Competition | Public | Architecture



Free Form Table algorithmic | Digital Fabrication


Zellij beyond tradition


Algorithmic | Generative | Geometry


algorithmic | Digital Fabrication

ICE Cube


Parametric | Architecture


Snow Flake Tower algorithmic | Digital Fabrication



Computional | Interactive | Graphic

computational |Generative | Archi-

Competition | Architecture

Free Form Cladding


algorithmic | Digital Fabrication


Kuler Pencils Product Design | Graphic



Pu ALX Performing Arts Center 01 Type : Graduation project Degree : Excellent [1st] Year : 2013 Place : Alexndria ,Egypt

Based on the Strategic Planning for the west area of Alexandria, it’s planned to be the new city extension; the area of Menat Al Basal will transform from an industrial area to a cultural and touristic one [like The Bilbao effect] And therefore its intended that the project will be a new landmark added to the heritage of modern Alexandria as it will be an attraction point for the region; it will be a new kind of performing arts center which can interact with the visitors. The site is located in an industrial zone which is characterized by simplicity and large scale buildings. Despite the project’s modern style which will create a dynamic space and get the visitors’ attention., it still respects the main characteristics of the surroundings in terms of; scale and urban fabric.

Portfolio Mohamed M. Dawod



Scale to fit

Portfolio Portfolio Mohamed MohamedM.M.Dawod Dawod 12_13 12_13

Pu Al Raml Center


Type : 4th Year Project Degree : [97%] 1st place Year : 2013 Place : Alexandria, Egypt

CommercialCenterProject at Al-Raml area, City Center. In accordance with the development project of Al-Raml area, it was decided to transform the site from a range of shops into one commercial center in order to serve the region and be a new landmark. Taking into consideration the historical and cultural value of the area and the surrounding buildings with maintaining the main characteristics of the area which is, in this case, height, this had a great effect in the design process. The project is composed of two parts: The front part was designed in order to fit the heritage nature of the place and respect the height allowed and the rear part was the modern part where it took advantage of the waterfront, which has not been taken advantaged of before.

Portfolio Mohamed M. Dawod



Scale to fit

Portfolio Mohamed M. Dawod


Pu Museum of Modern Art


Type : 3rd Year Project Degree : [95%] 1st place Year : 2012 Place : Alexandria ,Egypt

Museums in Egypt now adays always looks closed on itself, making the museum culture, and especially this kind, no longer exist in the Egyptian society. Because of the nature of our busy lives and lack of time and motivation to see art works, the idea behind this project is to provide a new type of museums; more open and welcoming. People can see through the glazed walls part some of the art works inside in-order to increase their curiosity, and attract them inside, to see the rest of unfamiliar and exciting art works. Also this project was to focus on finding a relationship that achieves balance and harmony between the museum and the context, where it overlooks one of the most important and historical parks in heritage areas in the city.

Portfolio Mohamed M. Dawod


Pu Architecture Academy


Type : 3rd Year Project Degree : [95%] 1st place Year : 2013 Place : Alexandria ,Egypt

One of the main goals of this project was to focus on providing the right environment that achieves correlation between students and faculty members by providing architecture spaces that meet all needs, for example; workshops for practical experiments, plazas to display their work for inspiration, and finally social and entertainment spaces for active social relations among students.

Portfolio Mohamed M. Dawod


Portfolio Mohamed M. Dawod


Pu ALX Performing Arts Center 01 Type : Grauation project Year : 2013 Place : Egypt

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Re Residential Eco-Tower


Type : 2nd Year project Degree : [98%] 1st place Year : 2011 Place : Alexandria ,Egypt

Egypt urban nature is no longer suitable to create an environmentally suitable housing, it was necessary to escape from it and the solution was to rise to the top, where there is less pollution, noise, more privacy, nature and comfort. This project presents a model of a sustainable vertical community which is designed to provide an appropriate social and environmental climate to create a whole society based on human social relations which no longer exist, especially this kind of buildings. And, of course, preservation of the environment in terms of energy consumption and sustainable green architecture.

Portfolio Mohamed M. Dawod


Ur Nihas - Neighbourhood


Type : 3rd Year project Degree : [95%] 1st place Year : 2012 Place : Alexandria ,Egypt

vision was: sustainable walkable community . where social sustainability:by providing diverse design options to attract different social groups integrating the different surounding neighborhood,providing sufficient are of public recreational facilities. safty: by providing public facilites within walkable area eliminating traffic through the neighborhood. selfsufficiency :by providing economical,social and educational facilities.

Portfolio Mohamed M. Dawod




Pu Future Foot Bridge


Type : Competition Degree : 1st place Year : 2013 Place : Egypt FEDA Student’s National Competition 2012/2013 “ Bridge to the future “ AinShams University & Remal Foundation for Urban Development.

The geometry is geo- simulated to retrive to the future development bu suind technology elemnt . the world is globally connected via satellites for infrormateion knowledge exchanges through information network organizations . the trend nowadays in all countries is the emphasis on the interactivity between physical and digital worlds . and towards sustainability by using natural resources to conduct energies to be used in thh building and increase energy efficiency . how it is achieved in our design ? 1- using glass as a primenent materials at the bridge structure .using screen display units for interactivity between users and information networks . sensors to wards the displayed infromation and interactivity with it . augmented reality . 2- using leed lights a the shade structure roofs and photovoltaic cells as a solar collectors to achieve sustainability trend . 3- using glas panel floors at the bridge floor for interactivity between users and water . Team : Mohsen Merdash | Mohamed A Zayed | Sara Atya | Yara M Amer | Amal m fathy

Portfolio Mohamed M. Dawod


Commercial Center


Pu RIALTO CommercialCenter


Type : Competition Degree :3rd place Year : 2013 Place : Egypt Team : Mohsen M Merdash | Nader Ahmed Al-Adl

Portfolio Mohamed M. Dawod


Ur Revitalization of Old Harbour Area | Workshop Type : Workshop - Team Work Year : 2012 Place : Alexandria , Egypt


Urban Design Workshop Alexandria 2012 German- Middle East Cooperation in Urban Design and Architecture in historic City District - DAAD

Portfolio Mohamed M. Dawod




Type : Digital Fabrication Year : 2012 Place : Alexandria ,Egypt

ORNAMATICS* Exhibition at Library of Alexandria with ENCODE studio. (fabrication of designs and assembly)

Portfolio Mohamed M. Dawod


Mi Free Form Table [CardBoard]


Type : Digital Fabrication Year : 2012 Place : Alexandria ,Egypt

ORNAMATICS* Exhibition at Library of Alexandria with ENCODE studio. (Design, fabrication of designs and assembly)

Portfolio Mohamed M. Dawod


Mi Bee Free Form Surface Type : Parametric Design Year : 2011 Place : Alexandria ,Egypt

Exploring The CardBoard Matrial (Design, fabrication of designs and assembly)


Portfolio Mohamed M. Dawod


Mi Form,Growth,Behavior


Type : Computional Design Degree : [95%] Year : 2012 Place : Alexandria ,Egypt

Bus perciet dolorem harcimperio. Cum quia que doloriaepres molorescitis arum fugitin tiumquias doluptatusa volorisite sunt quo con cum, qui sus estorporibus ius solor am, simol

Portfolio Mohamed M. Dawod


Mi Zellij beyond tradition


Type : Competition Degree : 1st place Year : 2011 Place : Egypt

1st position award in “How to zellij a Lemon?� student competition, organized by Geo-ARAB Design. html?submenuheader=1

Portfolio Mohamed M. Dawod




Type : Workshop Year : 2011 Place : Alexandria , Egypt

(Design and assembly) For five beautiful days, a workshop theme “ICE CUBE” was held at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of architecture , Alexandria University .ICE CUBE is simply an installation experiment located somewhere between art, architecture and communication design. It was located at the main exhibition hall at the main old building of the faculty itself. The exhibition itself contained researches and models for the “Theories of architecture” subject done by the students themselves. ICE CUBE is an attempt that focuses on the development and practices of innovative computational tools processes, theories and applying these in creative, socially meaningful responses to challenging design problems. It is all, about the planning of interpretive spaces. Rather than the additive process, where the design is a simultaneously networked, dialectical process, one which develops a dialogue

between verbal-conceptual and visual-representational rhetorical techniques. The intention is to create a complete playful parametric model which defines the relationships between design concept and fabrication in addition to implementation of a 1:1 model within a space where theory can be translated into practice through experimentation of an economical material (12*12*12cm Plastic cube “ ICE CUBE” ) . This is relatively new ‘low tech – high concept’ approach in architecture where digital media and material is a playful method that opens up the design process to spontaneity and surprise. ICE CUBE attempt address the Egyptian architecture community to adopt further workshops that discuss digital Design ideas, technical innovation and fabrication techniques, in addition to creation of a digital design community node.

Portfolio Mohamed M. Dawod


Mi Snow Flake Tower Type : Academic - Team Work Year : 2011 Place : Alexandria , Egypt

Theories of Architecture [Parametricism] Study group work which study and analysis “SnowFlake Tower” by: lAVA as an example of parametricism and we rebuilt it’s definition on grasshopper so we could make a scaled model of it .


Portfolio Mohamed M. Dawod



Portfolio Mohamed M. Dawod

Create 3D model from series of photographs &Visualize The model in different context and material

Portfolio Mohamed M. Dawod


Portfolio Mohamed M. Dawod


Virtual World|

Augumanted Virtuality World Builder

Build complete 3d urban context from only 1 or 2 pictures

Anamorphic Perspective

Optical anamorphosis requires the viewer to look at a picture from an unusual angle instead of standing in front of the painting and looking at it straight on.


3d scanning model of the space

Portfolio Mohamed M. Dawod


Kuler Pencils | is a new traditional Colored pencil kit enhances creativity and facilitates color selection .

Portfolio Mohamed M. Dawod





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Portfolio Mohamed M. Dawod


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Portfolio Mohamed M. Dawod


Mohamed Dawod- Architecture Portfolio 2011 | 2014  

2nd version of my personal graduate portfolio, designed to be submitted for internships.