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Top 6 museums to visit during Egypt tours Egypt is noted for its museums and the best of them have been enlisted below: i.

Egyptian Museum, Cairo: Cairo’s Egyptian Museum leads the list with its gamut of collectibles from the ancient times. If you were always baffled with mummies and always got confounded at the thought of papyruses, then this place would ensure an encounter of your eyes with these old world jewels. The highlight will be the tomb of Tutankhamen (also known as King Tut) which is preserved at this museum in its full glory. Most Egypt travel deals include this museum in their package.

ii. Aswan Museum, Aswan: Even though its popularity has been waning in recent times, it is still worth your footfall for its architecture and some good old artifacts. It is huddled in the southern corner of the famed Elephantine Island. If you have extra time, then do spare it for a quick visit in this museum.

Nubian Museum, Aswan: In case you do not find contentment with Aswan Museum, then use the opportunity of your Egypt tours to visit another well-known museum tucked in another corner of Aswan. The Nubian Museum is farm-fresh and a modern day museum which endeavors to bring back old reminiscences. Its galleries are full of historic delights and will surely leave you shaking and quivering in nostalgia. Contact :Yalla Orient Tours Inc. 25-23 Steinway Street –Astoria ,NY ZIP code 11103, USA Tel : 1- 213-928 3912 E-mail:

Top 6 museums to visit during Egypt tours