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Statute National Party for Justice and Democracy Founding statement of the Party: From the lofty and noble principles for which the revolution of Seventeen February has been proclaimed to free the nation from the individual ruling system and waste of the nation wealth, playing with its future for a long decades and in pursuit of implementation of modern civil country , free and democratic , sovereign based on principles of Islamic Law , justice, law , equality and peaceful negotiation of the power, reference to our believe in democracy, renunciation to exclusion and acceptance of opposite opinions, however, the opinion of the majority shall decide the public policies in collaboration with all other institutions of civil society. To this end, a number of this nation person who believes in justice and

democracy meet to establish ((National Party for Justice and Democracy)). The nation is the range where all its faithful children meet with divers' opinions and ideas all intended to serve the nation interests, justice, democracy and growth, these high values that all nations tries to concretise to achieve free and decent life through establishment of modern civil country, where the constitution and institution's state are the pillar to ensure the public liberties and basics rights for the citizen. For this purpose, ((National Party 'for Justice and Democracy)) will work actively to ensure democratic political practice based upon justice, equality between all the country citizens to sustain its unity, independence and sovereignty.

Chapter One Legal form of the Party Article One Party Name The party name is as follow: ((National Party for Justice and Democracy))

Article Two Financial Autonomy of the party The party has a legal personality, with financial autonomy, the chairman act on its behalf in comply with the party statute.

Article Three The Party headquarter and legal location is elected in Tripoli, the party is entitled to establish branches and offices that fit geographical area and population density of the country in comply with decisions issued by General conference of the Party. The Party Chairman shall issue its organizational chart upon proposal of General Secretary of the Party.

Chapter Two The Party Conviction Article Four The Party Principles The party members believe in the followings principles: •

Preserving the nation unity and achieve security and safety for the country and citizen

The Islamic Law (Charia) is principal source of legislation and prohibit issuing any law that conflict with these principles

Ensure organisation of free, fair and transparent elections

Establishment of constitutional democracy country that prevail a separation of the powers.

Respect of human rights, achievement of justice, equality and transparency

Promote Libya through political, economic, social and cultural fields

Protect a family and people with special needs , the elder people, support of social care institutions and social security

Equality between man and woman through observance of Islamic Law principles, and sustain the woman role in political life

Get the youth people involved and sustain their role to built Libya of the future

The private ownership is sacred shall be preserved except for public interest against a fair compensation

Protection of the innovation and intellectual property rights

Article Five The Party aims The party seek achievement of the following aims: •

Establishment of law State to achieve security and safety for each community member and its institutions.

Emphasise reach of institution's State to ensure political, economic and administrative stability, adoption of decentralisation principle and use of new technology to run the country.

Rebuilt Libyan Army Forces and pursuit a scientific and new means for training and vocational rehabilitation inside and abroad.

Follow scientific methods to promote and develop the economy to achieve a comprehensive growth, create employment opportunities to lift up the individual income and attain the well-being.

Preserve the natural resources and its investment to diversify the income

Seeking appropriate environment to promote a private initiatives, attract national and foreign investments in observance of international competition to promote national economy.

Reinforcement institutions of civil society to achieve a public liberties , transparency and fighting corruption in all its forms.

Emphasise the free education, health care and fight of ignorance and under development, implementation of planning for health insurance and development of other services level through easier ways.

Seeking achievement of Freedom of Information and Press and emphasise its control role to protect public interest

Activate a woman role in public life

rehabilitation programs inside and abroad to achieve sustainable growth. •

Emphasise the community role in providing social care and attention to the families of martyrs, wounded and missing

Taking good care of the family as society nucleus, strengthen its ties and support its cohesion through observance of religions and moral values.

Focus on education and scientific research, taking care of national skills, creators, inventors and skilled, and get them involved to built the future Libya

Protection of intellectual rights

Development of touristic resources and take care of cities and touristic areas, restoration of ancient monuments and promote the national heritage

Interest in sport , theatre, arts, literature through development and incentives

Preserve environment from pollution and implementation of sustainable development principles.

Adoption of a foreign policy with the world countries built upon mutual respect, commitment to laws, agreements and international conventions and seeks to make Libya active member in all regional and international organisations.

Promote Libya role within its immediate Arabic, Islamic and African environment so it can be active member through regional and continental organisations and unions.

Chapter Third Administrative Structure of the Party

Article Six General Conference of the Party

It's the General meeting of the entire members of the Party and the structure emerged from it, it's held annually, or when ever it's needed in comply with stipulated procedure within the statute, and handle through control and transparency Board control of workflow within presidency board and depending regional branches.

Article Seven Competences of General Conference of the Party

The General Conference of the Party handles the followings competences: •

Approve the Party Statute

Adoption and implementation of general policy

Discuss issue of Party dissolution or fusion with other parties

Election of Party Chairman and deputies, accept their resignations and exempt them from their tasks

Election of General Secretary of the Party, accept his resignation and exempt him from his task

Election chairman and members of control and transparency board and exempt them from their tasks.

D i s c u s reports of Control and Transparency Board , and takes


Discuss annual reports regarding the Party activities prepared by Control and Transparency Board and branches.


Approve final accounts of the Party and nominate external auditor

Article Eight Control and Transparency Board The Control and Transparency Board is composed from three members elected by National Conference of the Party according to regulations and conditions as stated in the Internal Decision of the Party rule , and handles the following competences: 1- Prepare and submit annual follow up reports to General Conference of the Party regarding the performance of the High Commission of the Party and branches. 2- Follow up implementation of decisions and policies issued by General Conference of the Party. 3- Detect the abuses and disclose the failures regarding the High Commission of the Party and its project. 4- Propose convocation of General Conference for exceptional meeting 5- Any other duties that may be assigned by the General Conference of the Party.

Article Nine The High Commission of the Party The High Commission is composed by the Party Chairman his deputies and General Secretary, and three members directly elected by General Conference of the Party, and handles the following competences:

Conference for discussion and approval, to pursuit achievement of the Party aims, performs its tasks through General Secretary of the Party and its depending organisational units. 2- Convoke the congress to meet in its regular sessions 3- Approval general budget of the Party 4- Discuss alliance issues with other parties

Article Teen Chairman of the Party Is the senior leader in the Party, his is directly elected by the General Congress of the Party, he's the first responsible of the Party presidency, management and legal and official representative with other parties in the State or abroad, and he is invested by the followings competencies: 1-

Convoke a meeting of General Conference


Headed the conference meetings


Prepare the General Conference meeting agenda


Implementation of the decisions and recommendations issued by General Conference

5- Approve general budget of the party and related project 6- Official party spokesman and he's entitled to nominate other party spokesman, deliver information and held press interviews.

8- Initiate contact with other national parties, institutions of civil society related to public matters. 9- Communication with press media 10-

Assign to administrative units depending of high commission

preparation of studies, researches and consultancies connected to the Party activity. 11- Any other tasks as might be assigned by the General Conference of the Party in comply with approved Statute.

Article Eleven The senior vice president for Political Affairs Elected by the General Conference of the Party, shall assist the president to handle political affairs that he's in charge in virtue of the Party Statute, and substitute him in case of absence for any reason; the internal procedures shall regulate the senior vice president duties. Article Twelve Second Vice President for Local Affairs Shall be elected by the Party General Conference, and assist the president to handle the Local Affairs of the Party, and substitute him in case of absence of the President and Senior vice president, the internal procedures shall regulate the second vice president duties.

Article thirteen General Secretary of the Party If the administrative and financial commission for day-to-day work of the Party, exercises its duties through the Party General Secretary who shall be elected by the Party General Conference, he's assisted by number of specialized officials in the fields of financial management, legal, communication and media, through multi operational offices that shall be stated in the Internal procedures of the party.

Article Fourteen The Party Branches The party shall have a number of branches established in virtue of decisions issued by the general conference to suit the geographical area and population density of the State, THE Party President shall issue organisational chart for these branches upon proposal of General Secretary of the Party.

Chapter Four Financial System of the Party

Article Sixteen Financial Resources The financial resources of the party consists in members contributions, unconditional donations and revenues that may come from the financial asset of the party, even real estate or moveable asset in comply with the regulations and laws in force.

Article Seventeen Budget The Party shall have specific budget, the financial year of the party start the month of January and take end 31 December of each year, however, the first year include the period between the registration date of the party in the official instances until 31 December of the next year.

Article Eighteen Insurance The Party shall take appropriate measurements to insure the entire asset through issue of required policies to cover all risks usually covered by the insurance including third party liability.

Article Nineteen Expenses and Expenditure Aspects The expenditure shall be done from the party funds by the Party President and General Secretary in comply with approved budget items , the internal procedures shall regulate this aspect.

Issued in Tripoli January 2012

الحزب الوطنى انجليزي  
الحزب الوطنى انجليزي  

of the nation wealth, playing with its future for a long decades and in pursuit of reference to our believe in democracy, renunciation to ex...