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‫الفرقة الرابعة بالمنصورة‬ Define the following: Infestation Turning disease Distosomiasis Myiasis

Koch’s blue bodies bottle jaw Pipe-stem liver

Lists the types of the following: Coccidiosis and mentioned the sites of schizogony and Gametogony. Pathological changes associated with helminthes infection. The abomasl worms and differentiate between their lesions. Canine filariasis and the lesions of one of them Distosomiasis

Pathognomonic Lesions of the following: Coccidiosis in chickens or rabbits. Toxoplasma in the brain or placenta of infected mice. Sarcospordiosis in cattle. Cryptospordiosis in birds. Babesiosis in cattle. Thialeriasis. Ascariasis. Strongylus vulgaris Spirocerca lupi Lungworm (Dictyocaulus or Muellerius) Fascioliasis Demodectic Mange Sarcoptic Mange

‫الفرقة الثالثة بالمنصورة‬ Urinary System: List the types of glomerulonephritis and describe the microscopic pictures of one of them. Macroscopic and microscopic pictures of interstitial nephritis (White spotted kidney).

Describe the lesions of the following: Hydronephrosis, Uremia in dogs Pyelonephritis in cattle Embolic nephritis in foals.

Define The following:

Azoturia Azotemia Urolithiasis Nephrosis Large White kidney (Amyloidosis) Large Pale Kidney (Subacute mGn due to edema and fat deposition) White Spotted kidney (Interstitial nephritis)

Respiratory System Chronic bronchitis and sequelae. Pathogenesis and the microscopic pictures of bronchostenosis. List some pulmonary diseases in which the lungs sink under the water. (congenital atelectasis, hepatized “red and gray” and splenized lungs “ lung fibrosis”). Write short notes on heaves (chronic diffuse alveolar emphysema). Classify the pneumonia according to naked aye or anatomical appearance. In tabulated form, differentiate between the macro and micro of different stages of fibrinous pneumonia. Define the following: Epistaxis, Fetalization, Carnification, pleurisy.

Genital System: Write short notes on the following: Orchitis Cryptorchidism Sperm granulomas. List the types of overian cysts and describe one of them. Micro of chronic catarrhal endometritis. Defferentiate between the types of pyometra. Define : Blue bag Endometriosis Hydrocele Metrocele Nymphomania

Exam 3rd. and 4th. years of Vet Med  

Lesions in the respiratory, genital, urniary system