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Integrating digital solutions

C O MPA NY BA CKGROUND Vi c t or y L i n k provides Mobile, Internet, VAS and a Digital solution to the world’s leading brands and mobile operators, helping your brand achieve success with new forms of Social media, Internet and Mobile communications. It is a collaboration of companies interwoven to serve each other, as well as to serve a wide spectrum of sectors in the most professional manner.

V ict ory Li nk has always employed highly trained, specialized and motivated people. Starting with less than 10 employees, the effort that was put into growing the company helped it reach over 105 employees in 2014. V ict ory L i nk has extensively

Established in 1998 to oversee the different activities the subsidiary companies were undergoing and ensure a collaborative system between the companies to expand the company’s operations beyond the Egyptian market in many other countries since early 2004 by starting our office in Jordan, then Sudan, USA and finally in the Saudi Arabia. We are also affiliated with companies in Kuwait, the Emirates, and Yemen, providing them with our diverse products and services

expanded its line of work to provide its clients with products and services of the highest quality, in alignment with the rapidly changing world of technology, and increasing market demands.

O ur VIS I O N We are determined, through our growing talented teams, on being the preferred partner and consultant for our clients, providing digital innovative and integrated solutions and services, leading the MENA region.

Ou r M I SSI ON To create innovative digital assets, foster new technologies, apply high quality standards, continuously improve our team skills and penetrate new markets... making the difference to our clients.

we create differe nt worlds

The development arm of all Victory Link subsidiaries

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T H E â&#x20AC;&#x153; N O PRO BE M â&#x20AC;? P E O PL E

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VL DEV has excelled in developing diverse state-of-the-art software products tailored to suit the needs of all the clients. The VL DEV team consists of young professionals who are consistently up to date with all the latest technologies, to provide our clients with the most valuable and cost-efficient solutions. </p>

Adopted the Clean Secure Code <DIV>

SDLC model for its software development since it ensures the development of high quality, vulnerable free code with minimal integration time. Moreover, this model increases the maintainability and customization quality for developed solutions. </DIV>

Digital and Social Media Applications are one of the products provided helping the client to have an attractive Facebook page by adding custom application that increase the numbers of fans and makes you profit from the social media viral effect in a world where Social Media as became a very important part of everyone’s life.

We develop Mobile Solutions and Applications for all smartphone platforms and publishes it on all the mobile stores or develops a custom app store for the client’s own community.

VL DEV helps you, not only to have a web site, but to use the latest technology that attracts users and make them spend more time on your site. We also develop web based offline solutions to manage your company workflow and process. we help you to move your entire datacenter infrastructure over the cloud and benefit from the “pay as you use”.

We can customize for your marketing very attractive mobile, camera or webcam Augmented Reality applications that you can use in your exhibitions, campaigns or for your users.  



VL VAS is a network of wireless information & entertainment providers supplying premium content in diverse categories, focusing on SMS, IVR, Mobile Applications and other solutions. We are targeting more engagement between the concept of maximizing your brand and accessing your clientâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s mobiles in order to reach the clientele and increase the sales achievements.

IVR applications are customized by VL VAS where the user calls a specific number and listens to a recorded menu to get content that could be in sports, religion, politics, entertainment or news as well as the ability to download ringtones, mobile games, and mobile applications. USSD-based services that VL VAS provides can be used to give the client an edge compared to the competition and supporting their business Being connected directly with the three mobile operators in Egypt: Mobinil, Vodafone, and Etisalat, this helps us provide the best Bulk SMS service to any clientele base making it the best advertising tool. The needed database can be provided segmented based on different criteria directly from the mobile operators databases.

VL VAS has the ab ility to host and provide client applications around the clock as well as supplying services with low rates due to our vast equipment deployment and infinite business relationships with the operators using the most up-to-date technology.

VL BLOX was established to target the Real Estate business



providing solutions that present organizations in the most attractive and modern form. VL BLOX has excelled in providing clients with the highest quality of products to meet all the needs and requirements of our valued customers, in addition to providing creative ideas to extend their visual exposure and fulfil their vision. VL BLOX has all the needed products that cover the full sales cycle of any project life cycle, starting with the website that is the first step for the client to get to know the client creating a professional image that positions the business at the head of the class, and helps in gaining and maintaining an advantage over the competition.

The View F inder After that process, comes the interaction stage with the client where the project is being presented, with the help of the Go Maquette, demonstrate your master plan with a 3D effect, using a digital pen on a space of up to 102â&#x20AC;? to clarify locations and maybe write comments.

Want to get more details, use the View Finder, the sales presentation that digitizes the brochures and brings the project to life. Sales agents will have the highest technology with very attractive LCD touch screens that allow them to be more focused on the prospect desires resulting in a memorable experience for the customer.

is connected to the full back end system that was designed to handle the clientsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; cases. The application includes a Customer Relationship Management module, Contact Management module, Survey Management module, Meeting Room booking system, Action Plan Module, Messaging Module, Reporting Module, an Internal Communication Management module that is customized upon the organizational structure, workflow and delegation system module, Financial Reports, Performance Reports, Offers Management, Contracts Management, Inventory Management, Requests and Delegation Workflow Management and a Reporting System which generates related business reports based on the authorities given to each user.



As the world of a pps continues to grow and impact peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s daily lives,

GET APP-ED Whether on Symbian, Blackberry, iPhone, Android, HP Webos, Windows, iPad, or Galaxy tabs, we are happy to offer you the best of the apps. using the latest technologies, and the most creative and innovative team there is.

VL APPS is a mobile development company

We have the finest team of mobile developers

aiming to serve both the Egyptian and the International market. With teams of mobile developers focused on different development technologies, VL Apps has been able to provide a wide variety of software solutions, both in information as well as the entertainment world. We have experience also in developing mobile applications with mobile advertising in mind, incorporating click to call technologies and other original concepts as well.

that work with all mobile platforms; iOs, Windows phone, Blackberry, Android, QT, Java, windows mobile, Symbian and HP WebOS. Our developed applications have been published on the app store, google play, Ovi store and app world for the usersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; easy access. VL APPS catalogue has more than 100 applications in its portfolio with 787,230 number of users

VL Digital is a full service digital agency Too many people Liked This.

Followed by creativity that is #versatile and #flexible, and we take the can-do attitude when it comes to delivering for our clients.



Preferring #creativity to convention, we are aiming at differentiating ourselves in a world of decaying clichĂŠ ad world. We build brands like we run our #business_passionately and unconventionally. Retweet

We handle all your social networks including your corporate fan page, twitter account, YouTube channel, LinkedIn corporate profile, Instagram, Pinterest, blogs, Whatsapp and BBM. We do creative concepts, content management, custom app development, posting strategies and fan acquisition strategies.

We explore the most interactive and targeted channels for the maximum reach to your target audience. We ensure the most competitive prices, the most creative online ad displays and the most attractive call for action messages.

We have a hug e experaience in web development from the most basic websites to the most dynamic, interactive and complex websites using all the latest technologies and we are constantly developing our teams to be up to date with the latest technologies. We create viral content to reach the largest number of people available online and through their mobile phones. We create animated commercials, Series, Movies, Educational videos, tutorial videos as well as Motion graphics, Infographics, Animatics Storyboards and Typographics.

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