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Monday 9 July 2012


Independent weekly newspaper

The Libyan People voted for the first time in 42 years The Higher administration for elections announces its complete readiness for holding the elections. The Libyans alone will decide who they want in the seats of the National General Congress. The various ministries and companies played an important role in announcing and preparing for the election.

Libyana is one of the model companies and took the initiative in succeeding the election operation. The days pass quickly and the day of the making of the decision that will lay the basis of the Libyan state the state of freedom and justice the state of law and institutions it will be the day that has been waited for by all Libyans: The election of the General National Congress that will be a ship on the road of progress and development and prosperity for the nation and the citizen that will allow the citizen to enjoy the riches of his own country and this with a better choice for this country and its people. Next Saturday the 7th of July will be the day of great outcome the day that the Libyan people choose a better promising future. We here will not speak about how the candidates will be chosen for this is the decision of the citizen alone man or woman but what we want understood is the efforts being made to succeed the operation

and for this we had a special meeting with Mr. Nuri Khalifa al Abbar about the higher commission for elections and its duties and efforts for the day of elections. Mr Abbar declared that the higher commission for elections is a national authority with complete powers and financial independence and it was formed by the law No. 3 for the year 2012 that was issued by the National transition Council in Tripoli and it has provincial committees in all regions of Libya. The commission began its work on 12/2/2012 and the commission began to operate in full completely from the standpoint of employees and regulations, and from another standpoint the laws which will be used on the level of the country and the work to obtain the necessary materials and training the required elements and the organization of the elections and the continuous work which will last on all provinces of the commission consisting of 13 sections and 1550 voting centers and also the voting places and places for voting abroad in a number of countries and Mr. Nuri Abbar declared that the steps will continue until the 7th of July when all voting centers will open to the voters at 8in the morning until 8 in the evening and abroad for five days The number of voters and candidates The number of registered voters reached

2865937 and more than 2639 individual candidates and 373 parties and the operation of distributing voting papers has begun and the operation of security measures are running smoothly and all security operations have been assigned to specialized services and a special committee has been selected for it and also a central operation room and an operation room in all voting sectors and there is coordination with the commission on all security operations or distribution of voting materials. And as far as your question as to what are the services that the commission will provide for the candidates on the election day they include water, drinks and other necessities which will be distributed by the civil society and the people of the region on this historical day which will be a holiday for all of us Libyans and during the election day in Benghazi the citizens will provide water and sweets as a participation for everybody and it is initiative from the people and not from the commission and Mr Nuri added that all is well to launch the voting operation and every citizen has only to vote incomplete freedom and transparency. Security operations are for the interior and the defense and they are certainly capable of undertaking this operation. The success of the election operation depends on the participation of all and as far as concerns as the participation of women emphatically has allowed women to participate in the election process completely. The more important question is whether the voter will support women candidates. Women will play their role to serve her country and society. As far as voting allowed by the commission for advertising by the candidates the head of the commission declared no restrictions were put in place. Except for some restrictions on not using slogans that are immoral or improper. All candidates can present their cases as they wish and are allowed according to the ceiling allowed for election which varies from region to region. They cannot receive funds from abroad. And their funds must be placed in bank account which can come either from private contributions whereas there is a ceiling required for the candidate who must provide a report 15 days from the end of elections and the details can be found on the website of the commission.

As far as concerns rumors about the election the head of the commission clarified smiling with his statement that the sword is more trusted news then the books. Indicating the general approval of the elections and it is indeed proof that the rumors are not true. And it is 7/7/2012 and we expect the citizen whose is the final decider as concerns the success of the voting operation only as far as the election operation everyone who has a voting card has the right to choose and individual candidate and party on two papers as he enters the voting center. There are no parties in some sectors and some have no individual candidates. And as far as the participation of sectors and government organizations in supporting the election process Wisam As Sgayer confirmed a member of the commission clarified and director of the general relations and information at the commission a number of state organizations played an important role in succeeding the election process such as the national Transition Council which supported the operation according to the constitution and the transitional government led by Dr. Keeb and all ministries especially the Interior ministry which formed a joint committee to support the voting operation and also the ministry of communication and Transport and we do not forget the companies example the Libyana company whch provided great effective support through provision of videos and SMS letters and its preparations to provide for any work asked from it and also we thank MADAR company which provided services and SMS letters. Mr. Wissam al Sgayer ended by saying that I can confirm that all the various government agencies played a useful supporting role in the election which is a Libyan issue so that we noticed the support of all to succeed the operation and the efforts were made by all agencies for the first time in 48 years and there was no organization dealing either lections throughout those years. The operation went head through two lines the commission and also the voting operation and it has ended with success Thanks be to God and thus we thereby confirm that we offer everything to succeed the voting operation and complete it on the required day which is 7/7/2012

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The Higher administration for elections announces its complete readiness for holding the elections. The Libyans alone will decide who they w...