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Monday 23 July 2012 First year Independent newspaper

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Release by the Head of the Libyan Olympic Committee «Nabil AL alam» who was kidnapped several days ago Dawn was released on Sunday by the Head of the Libyan Olympic Committee, «Nabil world,» who has been kidnapped several days ago ... The head of the Supreme Security Committee Interim Branch Tripoli «Hashem humans,» the Libyan news agency had been

reached by Mr. Nabil world, after tirelessly painstaking tracking of success ... He explained, «men» that the President of the Libyan Olympic Committee recognized the dawn of the day to the Security Directorate of Tripoli to follow-up investigations on the reasons for the kidnapping

and the identity of his captors ... The Head of the Supreme Security Committee Interim Tripoli Branch expressed his thanks and appreciation to all who contributed to the release of Mr. «the world» Whether gathering information or to facilitate his return to his family

Sudan denies air strike on South Sudan

denied launching an air strike against South Sudan during fragile peace talks, saying it had only .targeted Darfuri rebels inside northern territory What happened is the Justice and Equality« Movement (JEM) rebels tried to attack Sudan by coming through South Sudanese territory and SAF (Sudanese Armed Forces) responded to them, but inside Sudan,» the official SUNA news agency quoted one of Khartoum›s negotiators to the African Union-led talks as saying. «SAF

didn›t violate South Sudanese territory,» said the .negotiator, Omar Dahab South Sudan›s military spokesman Philip Aguer told AFP that Sudan, on Friday morning, had bombed South Sudan›s northern Bahr el Ghazal .state, wounding two civilians He added that «this might have implications because maybe that is the intention of Sudan to ».bomb us and to stop talking But the Sudanese negotiator Dahab said his team «is ready to continue direct negotiations with South

».Sudan›s delegation Sudan›s President Omar al-Bashir and his South Sudanese counterpart Salva Kiir on July 15 held their first private talks since the two countries came to the brink of all-out war in April, prompting the United Nations to order a ceasefire and a .resumption of AU-led talks in Ethiopia The resolution gave the two sides until August 2 to settle critical issues, including a dispute over oil, unresolved after the South›s separation in July last .year Khartoum accuses South Sudan of backing a major insurgency in South Kordofan state, as well as in Blue Nile, and also of working with the JEM .rebels The South says it does not back the rebels but suspected JEM fighters were seen alongside its troops during the border fighting in April. JEM .denied involvement South Sudan accuses the north of backing .insurgents in the South as well The UN resolution calls on both sides to halt the .practice Earlier in July at the AU-led talks in Addis Ababa, Sudan and South Sudan agreed to a cessation of hostilities and a commitment to pursue peace, .though fell short of signing a concrete deal Since border tensions escalated in late March, repeated claims of fighting have coincided with .attempts to negotiate

Issue No . 3 WWW.

1 . LYD

Good Morning

We can still hear the echoes of the successful elections in Libya, which received great praise from various political and social circles. People were very surprised by the highly positive results, which were not expected by anyone. Expectations were that there would be conflicts, especially in the light of so many weapons still circulating, between the voters and the candidates, especially in the larger constituencies. But, this was a misconception, and the doubters were proved wrong! The Libyan nation has proved that they are sincere in their hopes for the country, demonstrating that they take their responsibility very seriously and behaving in an exemplary manner. In fact, Libya stunned a lot of politicians and analyzers; indeed the 7th of July was a highly significant event in the history of Modern Libya.

Maltese Labour Party congratulates the Libyan people

Pentagon considering s ending drones to Kenya

The Pentagon is seeking to send hand-launched drones to Kenya as part of a $40 million-plus military aid package designed to help four African countries fight Al-Qaeda and AlShabaab militants, notably in Somalia, the Wall Street Journal reported. Kenya would get eight “Raven” unmanned aerial systems - an unarmed drone that can be used to identify targets for strikes by ground forces or other aircraft. The Ravens for Kenya would be part of an

initial $41.4 million package that also would include trucks, communications gear and rifles for Burundi, Djibouti and Uganda, the newspaper said. The United States provided Ravens to Uganda last year, it added, citing officials and documents. The Defence Department and the State Department had no immediate comment. U.S. government-to-government arms transfers are

presided over by the State Department, subject to an often- lengthy congressional review process. The Raven is built by Monrovia, Californiaheadquartered Aero Vironment Inc. Weighing 4.2 pounds (1.9 kilograms) and with a wingspan of 4.5 feet (1.37 metres), it is described as capable of sending real-time colour or infrared imagery to ground controllers and to remote viewers day or night.

Mr. Joseph Muscat, head of the Maltese Labour Party, congratulated the Libyan people on successfully holding the first elections in more than four decades. In a congratulatory message sent by Mr. Muscat to the Libyan Embassy in Malta, he wished the Libyan people progress and prosperity and to Libya, security and stability after .the success of the National Congress elections

Chief of the Libyan Army calls for the release of 2 members of the Libya Shield Brigade the Chief of the Libyan Army called for the release of two members of the Libya Shield brigade, currently detained in a hospital in Bani Walid. A car carrying Omran Shaban and Mohammed Al-Ouyb and a journalist, came under attack having passed through the Bir Dufan checkpoint. The two members of the Libya Shield Brigade belonged to a force, in charge of settling the clashes in Mizdah. Requests for their release and transfer to Tripoli have, so far, fallen on deaf ears. The Chief of the Libyan Army stated that this incident represented an attack on the Libyan state and was a flagrant violation of the country’s laws.


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