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Arrhythmias predicts future dementia

tudy provides evidence that atrial fibrillation increases the risk of mental decline The problem of heart rhythm disorder, known as atrial fibrillation represents a strong warning to the risk of declining mental and physical in the elderly. The researchers in the study, published recently in the Journal of the Canadian Medical Association analyzed data from two studies happen on nearly 31 thousand people from 40 countries who are over the age of 54 years and

have found that all respondents were of heart disease or diabetes, and some suffered from corruption in one of the members of body as a result of these diseases. The researchers used test rays, known as mini-mental state examination (MMSE) to assess the mental functions of the research participants at the start of the study and follow-up over the years, and scored 34% of patients with atrial fibrillation decrease in points between the start of the study and follow-up period. MMSE has been tested by three points or more for people who do not suffer heart problems, have been subjected to procedures

Apple green benefits of countless Apples from the fruit important in the prevention and treatment, and for it to taste three kinds of «sweet, bitter, sour« According to the proverb «one apple every morning keeps the doctor away». Of the advantages of green apples that spoil quickly and can be cooled without the 6 months to spoil. Overview of the benefits of green apples: Fight the ill effects of cholesterol that accumulates in the arteries of the body. Wash the teeth and strengthens gums because it contains oxalic acid. Addresses constipation and severe diarrhea. Rid of toxins the human body because the apple fruit have a characteristic attack viruses. Helps to break up gallstones. Useful in acute inflammatory diseases and that the crust to contain a substance pectin. Calms the cough and sputum production easier. Rich in acid-resistant cancer tumors. Work strengthens the lungs and reduces the risk of

lung cancer. Counter the potential for injury to fragile bones it contains boron. Contains a fiber-rich bacteria that help the freshness of the skin. Five reasons to eat an apple a day: To healthy food: eating apples easy and delicious and gives you energy not contain any fat. For your heart: because research confirms that the apple contains a substance to fight the ill effects of cholesterol that accumulates in the arteries of the body. Of the lung: Eating an apple a day strengthens lung function and reduces the likelihood of lung cancer. Because it contains five fibers are necessary to clean the digestive system. For your bones: apple contains a substance which boron strengthens bones and reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

for long-term health care or have lost their ability to rely on themselves in the performance of daily activities or injured dementia. Said study author Kwon Teo, Research Institute of Public Health at the University of McMaster, Ontario, Canada, that «this study provides evidence that atrial fibrillation increases the risk of mental decline and dementia, also found a close link between atrial fibrillation and the decline in a person›s ability to exercise his life and daily needs for long-term care, «pointing to the need for performing procedures measure the cognitive ability of patients with atrial fibrillation

Peel apples live ammunition to eliminate obesity The latest medical research containment peel apples different kinds of natural compounds that are live ammunition to melt the fat and the elimination of obesity, by increasing the rates of the blocks of muscle and brown fat cells, which works to increase the rates in turn burn fat. The researchers conducted their research extensive in Hmaalsdd University of Iowa, the U.S. and came to contain peel apples a natural compound known as acid Alaorcolik who contributed greatly to the burning of mice to more calories and then a further loss of kilograms of excess

as well as to postpone the chances of sugar and fats the liver. The muscle masses of the most important means by which work to burn extra calories as well as to melt the fat. The researchers pointed out that what is surprising that the acid Alaorcolik also works to increase the numbers of brown fat cells that play a role in the disposal of obesity and to prevent the acquisition of more kilo grams. The previous medical research has pointed to the importance of stability in Khalaiaaldhun brown sugar level and cholesterol in the blood.

Some children get diarrhea during treatment with antibiotics. German doctor says Monika Niehaus: «Do not kill the bacteria antibiotics caused the disease in a child only, but also attack the beneficial intestinal bacteria, which affects children with diarrhea during treatment.» To counter diarrhea caused by antibiotics, quoted, «I am a flower» for Niehaus: «Yogurt contains bacteria (Lactobacillus) and other similar qualities (such as Bivedobktiria) that work to make up for losing the beneficial intestinal bacteria.» She

added: «If a child with diarrhea as a result eating of antibiotics, it does not mean that stopping drugs. and the parents not to give their children any drugs for diarrhea on their own, out of fear of the interactions of intestinal occurring in children as a result of antibiotics.» The German doctor recommended making sure parents give the child plenty of fluids during a course of antibiotics, indicating that it is better to provide easy to digest foods during this period, such as rice, bananas, mashed potatoes, soups, along with yogurt, of course.

Yogurt treatment of diarrhea in children

Eating vegetables protects the pancreas In Washington, a new study shows that eating a diet rich in vegetables can protect the pancreas. According to the site ‘Health Day News’ that the American study by Swedish researchers included 80 thousand Swedish Rashid for 11 years, showed that vegetables are an important factor to protect the pancreas from the disease. The researchers found that the risk of acute pancreatitis is not connected with the amount of fruit that are dealt with, but quantities of vegetables. It turns out that people who eat 4 servings of vegetables a day were less likely to suffer from acute inflammation of the pancreas by 44% of those who eat one meal a day. The study showed that obese and drank alcohol once a day were the most benefit from a lot of eating vegetables. The researchers expected that the antioxidants in vegetables that protect the pancreas, while the glucose found in fruits may weaken this effect.

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