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Monday 16 July 2012


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Zinc may shorten the length of a cold A Study shows that taking a little zinc may shorten the length of a cold. A report recently published shows that taking zinc in the first days of a cold reduces the duration of infection and the period of nose infection. The report, published by the American Time magazine, declared that people who took zinc, whether in the form of tablets or in solution in the first days of infection were able to achieve recovery quicker than those who

did not resort to this active ingredient. Taking zinc has a greater impact on

the disposal of common cold symptoms in adults than children. The study,

which examined about 2121 people between the ages of one to 65 years, showed that taking larger quantities of zinc in adults quickens healing. The research is still ongoing so that the amount of zinc appropriate which could be taken without being concerned by the side effects of this medication is unresolved. The report indicated that the side effects of taking large quantities of zinc include cases of nausea, and bitterness in the throat.

Bad habits reduce maternal and child immunity Strength of the immune system depends upon the mother and child over the mother take care of herself and her child, and remember that there are some bad habits, unhealthy, which can weaken the immune mother and the child’s immunity and also prevents the body from the exercise of its role in resistance to various diseases. Eating unhealthy foods and not getting enough sleep and rest can make the immune system when you have your baby and also weak and therefore such a thing will make the body more susceptible to diseases such as colds and flu. Here are some tips and steps that will keep your child on the strength of your immune system and also the strength of your immune you:- Diseases and infections, which is very dangerous for you and your baby. Several studies have shown that smoking affects white blood cells to viruses and diseases such as influenza and pneumonia. Bad habits reduce maternal and child immunity- Represent a severe threat to the daily pressures can weaken the immune system and makes the child or the mother more vulnerable to disease and infection. It is also believed that the pressures of life can be linked to the ability of the immune system to cope with diseases such as heart disease. The practice of sport and exercise a very important element of the work of the immune system strong. You should note that simply walking for 30 minutes a day will increase the ability of white blood cells to resist diseases.

The Rosemary Herb is a Super Antioxidant

Because it is a well-established antioxidant, you will definitely want to include this wonderful herb in your arsenal against disease! It’s been shown to prevent mutations in your DNA (particularly in the liver and the bronchial cells) that are caused by disease causing chemicals and toxins1 which can lead to cancerous growths. What’s more, in spite of the increased awareness and media attention that skin cancer has been getting in the last decade or more, few of us know that the rosemary herb helps protect your skin.Well over a decade ago scientists confirmed that the antioxidant components of rosemary called carnosol and ursollic acid were effective in preventing the deadly skin cancer melanoma.2

Magnetism in Toys

Two British Doctors have warned in the magazine “Lancet” that small magnets in toys may have serious consequences for health if swallowed by children because of the resulting complications to intestines. These magnets were in the games for kids, which if swallowed by a baby pass to the digestive system without causing disease or damage inside, but the situation is different in case of swallowing multiple magnets at the same time, as the magnets could attract each other and form a block within the body and thus lead to abnormal fistulas which may have serious consequences if not addressed quickly. Similar warnings in the United States and Canada have led to withdrawing a number of dangerous games from the market in recent years, with a regulation by the European Union since 2008, the manufacturers of games of magnetism have been warned about the risks to the health of children and safety.

Obesity and its harm to the health Obesity is a modern Endemic; by obesity we mean an increase in non-natural weight by 10 to 30 kilograms or more That is, when the height of a person of 170 cm is supposed to weigh 70-73 and the person who is 160 cm tall should weigh around 60 kilograms. An increase in weight that is obesity causes each person brings to a man many diseases including diabetes and heart disease, high blood pressure and clogged arteries, stroke. These are diseases of the times and are often caused by obesity. Obesity we can mention may also hinder movement and results in a person being unable to exercise. Obesity in a person with, shame, there are people who are living with obesity cannot find worthy clothes for their bodies and cannot find any easy life. Here, I would advise people who suffer from obesity to maintain their activity and reduce weight and food.

Wrong habits harm the immune system

Prove a study issued recently by the Center for prevention and control of diseases in the United States the role of everyday behaviors in the wrong effect on the efficiency of immune function in the body. Explains Dr. Wael Safwat Consultant General Medicine and Specialist Medicine, gastrointestinal tract, liver, there are some behaviors that cause weakness of the immune system and make the perpetrator gets a host of diseases. And include:1 - Sugar consumption Smoking: Is one of the sources of dangerous toxins in the body, Sleeping in Light: Use salt Javanese: Warns a group of bodies and health organizations from the risk of using a “mono sodium glutamate” Mono Sodium Glutamate (MSG), known as

the “salt Javanese” and used in Chinese dishes because of its involvement in the damage to the central nervous system The effects that result from too much intake of this article, in: headaches, nausea, diarrhea, mood swings, sleep disturbances and frequent

sweating and a pain in the chest American Society for Nutrition” from the excessive consumption of saturated fats, which are contained in fast food. Because of their negative impact on the efficiency of the work of digestive system 7 - mental inhibitors.8 -

poor motor performance: Researchers at the shows, “American Institute of Sports Medicine that” the lack of physical activity and the weakness of the movement and lack of exercise inhibit autoimmunity in the body due to poor metabolism in the body, constant exposure to noise and electromagnetic fields of energy to a weakened immune system and infect the body infected And chronic diseases. Experts say the fitness that the sport does not increase the fitness of the body and the metabolic rate which, A study issued by the Center for prevention and control of diseases in America that the excessive use of antibiotics or use them incorrectly may lead over time to the emergence of strains of bacteria are not affected by their use.