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Monday 9 July 2012


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Glasses and a camera from the Internet Google Started the company “Google” in the marketing of innovative eyewear is a camera and the Internet. And raised in San Francisco the first generation of these glasses, which includes a camera and the Internet is expected to put forward in the global market after two years. He explained the officials in Google plans to launch innovative technology to developers of electronic applications in an annual conference in San Francisco. He also presented some

of the paratroopers, this new product to the process of portraying them in the air depreciates by glasses and has directly and then landing on the surface of the conference center in San Francisco. And saw the attendance at the conference model of glasses, “Explorer” of the group “Google Glass,” which can be purchased by application developers in exchange for $ 1500, while the company confirmed that the product will be available in early 2013 and will be a copy of it on the market for

the public after one year. And provided glasses “Google Glass” compact camera and microphone, and can be connected to the Internet by the technique of “WiFi” or “Blothot.” And allow small screens on the bottle to broadcast short messages and other electronic. Google officials explained that they are putting a model of glasses, “Glass Google” most of the time, and that the group, who heads the innovation will put the finishing touches on this new technology.

A small device that converts regular TV to TV smart

Apple development tool for the detection of viruses and erased

Co said, “Apple” of the computer it is developing a tool for the detection of the virus, “Trojan” and erase, the virus that he suffered more than half a million computer “Mac”. The company said it is working companies provide Internet service to prevent hackers from exploiting the main network and open the door to viruses The virus “Torjan” allows hackers to penetrate computers, and control. The statement “Apple” the first statement on the subject. The company has issued two short films

in the modernization of the operating system to prevent the development of viruses on their computers. The Althdithan Alomnaan has been issued after eight weeks of issuing company “Oracle”, which is developing programs “JavaScript” to a short program addresses the same topic on other computers. The company “Apple” in a letter published on its website - to help customers in the Department - it has adjusted the error that was present in the operating system “OS 10.7 and OS 10.6, and on the minds of” Java. “

The company proposed to users of its computers who use old copies of the operating system, disable the “Java” in the web browser they have. The company added that it also works with companies to provide Internet service to shut down private networks Bembr. viruses, known as “Vlacbak.” Target “Mac” The company said “Doctor Web” Russian working in the field of antivirus, said that the prosecution of the vulnerability of computers showed that about 650.000 device was attacked. The company said that - according to the course of events, published on its website - that the activities of HIV began in February last year. The company “Apple”, which used to say that the devices are not exposed their computers - to a large extent - to viruses and other attacks, since most viruses exploit the hardware designers that are running “Windows” to run. Said Dave Marcus, who works in the company labs “McAfee” to protect computers, what they have learned that all the “bad young people” to attack the personal devices that use a system of “Windows”, I began to move into the world of “Mac.”“And she said” Apple “on fortifying their computers against viruses experienced by other devices, it is true, but they are vulnerable to viruses” Mac “.

Mozilla released version of Firefox 14 for Android

Launched the “Mozilla” of America specializing in the field of software latest version of the browser, the famous “Firefox” Mobile-based operating system “Android”, and is currently available for download from the App Store “Google PlayStation” and is compatible with the version “Android 2.2” known codenamed “Froyo “and above. The “Mozilla” announced last week in a message on Twitter that the Firefox browser coming to Ondorad features a large, but did not specify exactly. She explained company “Mozilla” that the version of “Firefox 14” is now the fastest browser for Android and more stable than any other browser is compatible with, and even offers the best performance of the beta versions previous to him, as it comes equipped with a number of improvements and updates, the most important of the company to re-design

Firefox to improve performance of the browser on Android devices in terms of operating speed and browsing speed and page load speed. According to Mozilla, this is a faster version of the browser twice “Android” By default, a rate three times from the previous version of the browser “Vairvwoks”, as well as the browser “Dolphin.” It also offers the new version of Android user personal start page are customizable to display more websites that the user has visited recently. It also incorporated a property called it “Awsomscreen”, once the introduction of the first letter of a dynamic menu appears containing the required number of links and addresses, and languages, “Tabs”, used by the person on his computer. As well as providing for a property Sync “Firefox Sync”, to allow the user via this service to synchronize your favorite Web sites that have been recently visited, and passwords

stored on the phone, and tongues that are stored on different devices, either the computer or phone, which is very similar to features available synchronization in the browser “Chrome “, as well as new features to the browser” Safari “on the next version of Babylon in” any OS 6 “. Besides these features, supports many of the new browser and software interfaces for new applications “API”, including the camera “API”, and “Vibration API”, “Mobile Connection API”, “Geolocation API”. In addition, these properties provide version protection and data security such as those found in the desktop version, including the lack of tracking property “Do Not Track” to maintain the privacy of browsing data and passwords. Unlike the browser “Google Chrome”, supports the new Firefox browser running the flash, as well as support for modern Web standards such as “HTML5”.

Do you wish to turn your TV to the average intelligent TV? Now can be done by a very small conversion of the TV to your TV smart. This device is a laptop that is inserted in the slots HDMI for your TV for you to enjoy a computer screen on your TV.Computer and can do anything you can do something on the computer to surf the Internet and play many games.It also includes slots on the device by adding a mouse and keyboard and an external card MEMRI add space for new storage and comes with a remote device for remote control and a wireless keyboard.

Samsung expects a significant increase in the sales of her Galaxy

Said Samsung, the largest manufacturers of mobile phones, on Monday it expects to reach sales of its new (Galaxy S 3) in the global markets for more than 10 million units next month, at a time when the company is struggling to meet demands because of the shortage in the production of components. Said Shin Young - Keown, Head of Communications at Samsung, said that the Galaxy S3 will overcome barrier 10 million sets in just two months of the start of marketing.He Yong - Keown in his comments to reporters, “and Akpna applications with difficulty.”Samsung has raised the failure to produce a sufficient amount of the components of the new phone fears of lower sales of Galaxy S 3 more than expected, during the second quarter of the year. Young said - that the company expects Keun solve the problem of production of the components during the next week.The Samsung shares had dropped Monday by 4.2 percent on the Seoul bourse.

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