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Monday 16 July 2012 First year Independent newspaper

Published by the International Centre for Media Studies and Services

Issue No . 2 www. 1 . LYD

The Prime Minister Dr. Keeb commends the Council of Elders in Libya The Prime Minister, Dr. Abdulrahman AlKeeb commended the efforts, undertaken by the Council of the Elders of Libya, in the promotion of national cohesion and the successful containment of several crises in .various areas Dr. Al-Keeb, during a meeting on Saturday, with the Council of Elders of Libya, the Deputy Prime Minister, Dr. Mustapha Abushagur and the Chief of Staff, Major General Yusuf Shagruni, praised their good work in cementing their great brotherhood and the interdependence between the parties, which were all working for the beloved homeland. Dr. Al-Keeb called on the Council of Elders to continue their efforts to contain a number of controversial issues in several areas,

reminding them that they have earned great respect and appreciation from the ;Libyan community he went on to praise their efforts regarding the detention of the two journalists in Bani .Walid Dr. Al-Keeb ended his speech by calling for the release of the two journalists, explaining that their detention was contrary to all laws and norms national and international. He congratulated the members of the Council and the Libyan .people on the successful elections The Council of Elders returned his thanks by stating their appreciation of the National Transitional Council for their continued support of the Elders’ ongoing .efforts towards national reconciliation

Addis Ababa - African Union Conference


The Head of the African Union, Mr. Jean Ping paid tribute to the democratic developments in Libya and the integrity of its elections; Mr. Ping praised the success of the successful Libyan elections, expressing his happiness with the smooth and transparent elections in Libya, which had not been expected. He said that the election of members of the National Congress in Libya is an important building block and a step towards progress and prosperity in Libya. The Secretary of the Arab League, Mr. Nabil Arab, expressed the full support of the Arab League for Libya’s democratic transformation, following the overthrow of the former regime. The Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Lesotho praised the democratic developments in several countries in North Africa, including Libya, pointing out that this development would contribute to the stability and development and progress of the African continent. This nineteenth Conference of the African Union began its work on Sunday morning with the participation of the Libyan delegation, headed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Mr. Ben Khayal. The Conference’s agenda includes the issues of security and peace in the African continent, especially the tensions between Sudan and South Sudan, the conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali and piracy in Somalia.

Good Morning

The 17th of February Revolution was launched with “God is Great” and their revolutionaries sacrificed their lives for the price of freedom for Libya and its people. Their sacrifice enabled Libya to become a nation ruled by the law and equality for all and for strong disciplined institutions that will strengthen the foundations of the modern state, thereby guaranteeing a stable and happy environment for the citizen. If that is not achieved then very effort must be made to review the situation, in order to achieve the goals for which the Revolution was fought. The revolutionaries gave their pure blood and souls in order to achieve change and development and were prepared to give even more if the situation required, without any thought for self-preservation. The revolutionary force pushed fearlessly for the rights and freedom of Libya’s people, who ultimately gained their freedom and no longer feared anyone and ultimately took responsibility and voted in the country’s historic elections on 7-7-2012. This was achieved by ignoring all rumours and obstacles and resulted in a huge operational success, which amazed the world. It is a great thanks to the 17th of February Revolution that such a success has been achieved, again another victory for the Revolution, because there are those who rejected the elections, throwing obstacles in the way and they gambled on its failure, but the free citizen with his awareness and his revolutionary feelings and his love for his country smashed the dreams of the enemies and made his decision, with his own free will. This shows the ability of the Libyan people to face all challenges and with the success of the elections, Libya now enters a new phase in its modern history. We sincerely hope that the state will be up to the aspirations and dreams of the people and that the strength of the Revolution will continue to create a new Libya : a state of Truth and Law, within a constitution ruled by Islamic Sharia - the Law of the Creator

Dr. El-Keeb receives the Ambassador of Qatar

Dr. Abdul Rahim El-Keeb, Prime Minister received the Ambassador of Qatar, Mr. Mohammad bin Nasser Al-Thani, in his offices in Tripoli today. The Ambassador of Qatar congratulated Dr. Al-Keeb and the Libyan people on the success of the National Congress elections. The Ambassador and Dr. Al-Keeb Nasser discussed bilateral cooperation between the two countries and ways of strengthening their relations.


Independent newspaper Issue No . 2Monday16July2012Firstyear 1 . LYD Dr. El-Keeb receives the Ambassador of Qatar Editor in Chief www. libyan...

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