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MOGUE (M)eekly, (O)bverse of Fashion norms but (G)ood-looking, (U)rbane and (E)ducated

Inside this Issue “Elegance is a question of personality, more than one’s clothing” – Jean Paul Gaultier About Mogue .......................................................................................................................................... 3 Letter from Editor ..................................................................................................................................... 6 London Fashion Week SS/12 – Reports on selected Designers ............................................................ 10 The Accessories ................................................................................................................................. 20 Exclusives .............................................................................................................................................. 23 Guest Blogger‟s Corner ............................................................................................................................. 28 Poetry Exclusive....................................................................................................................................... 30 Meet the Team ........................................................................................................................................ 35


MOGUE (M)eekly, (O)bverse of Fashion norms but (G)ood-looking, (U)rbane and (E)ducated About Mogue “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” Coco Chanel Phenomenal global alert... There is a growing demand of fashionistas (and fashionistos) who don‟t wish to show their midriff, cleavage or pins, and neither sag their jeans all for different reasons. Yet we want to be reasonable. Regularly, we shop from what is available, feeling a little cheated as it doesn‟t usually cater for us, unless it is S/S'11 maxi dress and skirts trends.

Spanish Moss - Rien que la Fille


The Causes & the Needs... The demand for covering up starts with the little ones. We are growing up in a generation that teaches that playing with asda‟s pole dancing kit as toy, wearing A&F Kids push up bra and looking like „Barbie‟ is acceptable. For those interested in morality, it‟s a slippery slope to where our mainstream culture has filtered down sexualised forms of women to our precious and innocent children. Mothers are wishing to dress covered up and stylish to meekly obverse fashion norms to set positive examples.


MOGUE (M)eekly, (O)bverse of Fashion norms but (G)ood-looking, (U)rbane and (E)ducated This undercovering problem lays heavily our tweenagers, one of the economy‟s biggest fashion spenders. Uncovering can also lead to peer pressure -“the constant pressure to conform to pop culture standards of dress” and bullying as one may have to look like Hannah Montana or be encouraged to wear ultra skinny jeans to school. One headmaster banned these trousers as “they were too tight and often showed an outline of a pupil's underwear through them”. Another school is trying to enforce a new uniform as "The skirts are too revealing especially on staircases. It's not appropriate for the time and the place.” In addition to aiming for high grades, our poor tweenagers also have to get legs like Gisele Bundchen and Maria Sharapova, look slim like Kate Moss and outrageously dressed like Lady Gaga. Then you have us regular ladies, living a regular life with a regular wardrobe. Our best bets seems to be vintage stores down Brick Lane for effective modest styling or we end up mixing that ASOS dress with a white plain £3 longsleeved top from primark. We admire styles Erdem‟s clothes on Net-a-porter, but without disposable cash to purchase, we hope it appears on Cocosa.

Jill Sander SS'11 Source: Instead of asking questions of why, we need to ask how to make covering up even more fashionable. Some celebrities have indirectly enforced it, mainstream culture needs to embrace it. As the headline stated written by London Times fashion editor Lisa Armstrong “Scandalous to say, modesty is creeping back into vogue”. This was written in 2008, we are now in 2011. Maxi Skirts, midi skirts and Maxi Dresses are phenomenal. The issue isif fashion changes to micros, we may have to adapt to multilayering. For most, this is not an attractive option.


MOGUE (M)eekly, (O)bverse of Fashion norms but (G)ood-looking, (U)rbane and (E)ducated There is an emergence of “modest” designers, but they are either faith orientated or outside the UK. Although the world is a global village, two factors still affect us in the UK, other international modest styles aren‟t our styles and air freight costs doesn‟t seem to under the term “global”, making dressing modest very expensive. We need more Maaysaa and Beulah Londons in our H&Ms, Topshops and Reiss‟. We need Eva Kurshid in our Selfridges. & Why you need Mogue.... We need to go to work be covered, feel successful and urbane. We need to go out to a party and not feel pressurised that we aren‟t good-looking enough. We want to go skating or to the cinema and set the trend. Read more on


MOGUE (M)eekly, (O)bverse of Fashion norms but (G)ood-looking, (U)rbane and (E)ducated

Letter from Editor Dear Reader, We are delighted you are taking interest in Mogue and are happy to accept all comments and make changes just for you. Mogue a modest online fashion Blogazine opened for business on 1st July 2011 with increased number of viewers as time went on. We got excited about our mission and began flowing in modest stream as we recruited more people to come on board. We propose a Movement of Fashion to Modesty. Hence we say this: “Join the movement”. We believe that this niche in the industry is gradually being reached but not without the help of people like you currently reading this. We believe that we are gradually being heard and we want to encourage others like us who dress modestly for whatever purpose to continue flowing in the „Mogue‟ stream. With excited and almost bursting hearts as readers increased over a thousand within a month of launching, we applied to the London Fashion Week. We were delighted to be invited as a UK press. We made use of the opportunity to ask questions regarding Modesty and take some pictures to show the gradual crescendo of this phenomenon in the industry. Within few months, our users increased over five thousand more than we had; we now believe many others like you can help us pass this message to the powers that be in the industry. Poetry from one of our Contributors shortly after the launch

“Fashion defines me but does not make me” I struggle with the society, Feeding my mind with the right thing Walking through the high street daily, Feeds my eyes with varieties Such variety, most I don’t deem appropriate Because my self esteem is at stake and paramount


MOGUE (M)eekly, (O)bverse of Fashion norms but (G)ood-looking, (U)rbane and (E)ducated

Milan Fashion Week.

Source: Tumblr

I choose, critically analyse before It goes on my body I walk passed people on my way out And their expressions define my purpose I wholly accept constructive criticism To live clean in this present culture


MOGUE (M)eekly, (O)bverse of Fashion norms but (G)ood-looking, (U)rbane and (E)ducated

The Denim Skirt. Source:Tumblr

Daily I’m exposed to various cultures and styles But I’m not forced to accept them I do not desire to be like my peers But desire to stand-out Partly, my integrity is reflected in my appearance Body covering is my priority And looking good is my pride and dignity Fashion defines me but does not make me


MOGUE (M)eekly, (O)bverse of Fashion norms but (G)ood-looking, (U)rbane and (E)ducated

Dion Lee

Writer | Aura-Vive

We attended several events. We were invited also for a press conference in July organised by London College of Fashion were we got to meet some fashion designers who have plunged into the deep of modesty, they are not limited to Maysaa London and ModBod. Mogue doesn't define modesty- Mogue inspires it. From knee lengths to ultra flowing, from short sleeves to long sleeves, from head-wraps to sunglasses, from bridal to shoes, Mogue aims to have it covered. Mogue also provides links to the sources where the readers can be redirected to purchase or read more about the product from the retailer. With this we can boldly say it can be done.


MOGUE (M)eekly, (O)bverse of Fashion norms but (G)ood-looking, (U)rbane and (E)ducated London Fashion Week SS/12 – Reports on selected Designers J.W. Anderson Previously into men's Fashion, men's stylist well known designer J.W Anderson started his first women's collection last year and displayed his designs in the AW11. His collection for SS12 titled Devour and I as two people share intimacy and self discovery. His beautifully selected fabrics of blinding colours to display liberation and oppression were expertly demonstrated in his SS12 collections on day 2 of the event. A mixture of fabrics with skilled crocheted doilies and Swarovski crystals for embellishment gave his collections (in tops) an outstanding look. View some of his collections from SS12 and identify the Mogue in it. More on the report Contributor|Aura-Vive


MOGUE (M)eekly, (O)bverse of Fashion norms but (G)ood-looking, (U)rbane and (E)ducated


MOGUE (M)eekly, (O)bverse of Fashion norms but (G)ood-looking, (U)rbane and (E)ducated

Matthew Williamson Matthew Williamson never disappoints and with this seasonâ€&#x;s collection, I am sure we all agree. The collections are always sexy, always colourful, fun and vibrant, VERY MATTHEW. The collection was inspired by Japanese influences that you might have seen within the pre-collection. You can see from the prints that he used, it was very oriented and beautiful. Itâ€&#x;s very womanly, as always, Matthew Williamson designs for women and he knows how to cut the perfect embodied shapes, styles and designs for the feminine body.


MOGUE (M)eekly, (O)bverse of Fashion norms but (G)ood-looking, (U)rbane and (E)ducated


MOGUE (M)eekly, (O)bverse of Fashion norms but (G)ood-looking, (U)rbane and (E)ducated


MOGUE (M)eekly, (O)bverse of Fashion norms but (G)ood-looking, (U)rbane and (E)ducated Colours in this collection are rich and mesmerising, almost dare we say “an ode to summer�. It is just that beautiful. You will find oranges, blues, coral and yellows. Outstanding piece is the dress with a chiffon skirt which will have you wishing millions; never missing the colourful display of blazers and jackets paired on loose shorts and trousers, very chic and glam. The thing that we love about Matthew is that he knows how to keep it simple, subtle and very stylish.

What we love about Matthew is that there is a soft side to his woman, and he designs her so modestly that we cannot resist falling in love with him. He allows her to have sex appeal without giving up too much... More on the catwalk report Contributor|Dana


MOGUE (M)eekly, (O)bverse of Fashion norms but (G)ood-looking, (U)rbane and (E)ducated

Mary Katrantzou A Greek fashion designer who has a strong sense of style with a trademark of making a “dress inspired by the filtered beauty in design�. This SS/12 inspired by industrial fabrication versus formal beauty in nature created an epic dress. Mogue contributors found her piece of work at the LFW SS/12 and gave the name: A brocade walk in the park. The elegant dress made with Swarovski crystals and embodied with rose pink petals, gave it an astonishing look. The dress features a garden of flower prints at its top half and a beautiful diamond criss-cross pattern almost reminds you of a fairy tale. The dress is a story of itself and even more with a Christian Louboutin boot.


MOGUE (M)eekly, (O)bverse of Fashion norms but (G)ood-looking, (U)rbane and (E)ducated


MOGUE (M)eekly, (O)bverse of Fashion norms but (G)ood-looking, (U)rbane and (E)ducated


MOGUE (M)eekly, (O)bverse of Fashion norms but (G)ood-looking, (U)rbane and (E)ducated

Contributor|Mogue Editors


MOGUE (M)eekly, (O)bverse of Fashion norms but (G)ood-looking, (U)rbane and (E)ducated

The Accessories

Piers Atkinson Exhibitors at London Fashion Week this season all come in sorts and loads of creativity and talent, and the best part about it, is that it is all under one roof.


MOGUE (M)eekly, (O)bverse of Fashion norms but (G)ood-looking, (U)rbane and (E)ducated


MOGUE (M)eekly, (O)bverse of Fashion norms but (G)ood-looking, (U)rbane and (E)ducated

It is always refreshing when you come across something new, a piece that interests you and allows you to question further, the fundamentals of its design. Under this one roof, we find British Graphic and Fashion hats Designer Piers Atkinson and there can never be such a thing as “too many hats�. More on the report See more Piers Atkinson Collections Contributor|Dana


MOGUE (M)eekly, (O)bverse of Fashion norms but (G)ood-looking, (U)rbane and (E)ducated

Exclusives Modesty in the Fashion Industry: Dull or Exciting The term of 'Modesty' was historically linked with religious concepts originating from Islam or Orthodox Judaism, which limited the physical exposure of women. It was a binding virtue, as well as a symbol of a woman's prudence and humility. Even though covering-up is an attraction to MiddleEasterns, is it a boring adaptation to the world of Fashion? On the contrary, I believe it is a rather refreshing adjustment. The 21st Century has already been stigmatized as one that promotes skinny sizes and promiscuous clothing and photographs. From 5-year-olds entering beauty pageants, to teenagers wanting to Hannah-Montana their style, how would anyone want to dress up as a model of Virgin Mary? And if the aim is to have an eccentric and intriguing style, what better way to do that than to go against the norm?

Letâ€&#x;s take for example the latest fashion trends. From hippie to business-like styles, long skirts, bow shirts and blazers are making a strong comeback. Victoria Beckham pencil dresses, sixties tunics, fluid trousers and Chanel knits are now essential in a womanâ€&#x;s wardrobe. Uptown chic is starting to tramp the sexy street styles. Autumn/Winter 2011-12 fashion is promoting modern takes on classics such as bold colours, like mustard and turquoise, and eclectic fabrics, like tweed and suede.


MOGUE (M)eekly, (O)bverse of Fashion norms but (G)ood-looking, (U)rbane and (E)ducated Despite the modestly classic cuts and lengths, a touch of freshness is always expected, proving that one can pull off the term „modestly stylish‟. Feathers, sequins and flower-crammed patterns are a must to the 70‟s retro feel that defines the winter trends.

What 21st century woman wouldn‟t want to look and dress like Audrey Hepburn with a touch of Lady Gaga as the cherry on the top? Modesty is officially hash-tagged and trending, ladies. Whether it is classified in clothing or a culture, the modest style has a place in the market and the context of fashion. Not only it is a stimulating transformation, but can also act as an educational tool, which can start to eliminate the Lolita-syndrome, promote a safer and healthier body image, and add 'discretion' back on the 'Requirements-to-be-sexy' list. (along with a Chanel bag and a pair of Louboutins, right?)

“ But see‟st thou not what a deformed thief this fashion is?” by William Shakespeare in „Much ado about nothing‟ Contributor|Danae


MOGUE (M)eekly, (O)bverse of Fashion norms but (G)ood-looking, (U)rbane and (E)ducated

Betsy Johnson: S/S 11 || New York Fashion Week Bright, bold colors, prom themed dresses, navy themed outfits, floral prints, and one word to describe it all, brilliant. Betsy Johnson can never seem to do anything wrong when it comes to her designs. Betsy Johnson never fails to amaze, her eye catching designs, bright bold colors, stand out on the stage. It doesnâ€&#x;t come as a surprise to this fashionista that this is what her collection would be like; we actually saw a preview at one of the award shows this year, when Kate Perry won two awards wearing the very dress that is pictured below. This purple, with blue splatters number, is beautiful, although not everyoneâ€&#x;s taste, but it is what you would expect from Betsy Johnson.


MOGUE (M)eekly, (O)bverse of Fashion norms but (G)ood-looking, (U)rbane and (E)ducated

This collection had a couple of different themes going on such as the hip-hop skater, navy, prom, and floral outfits. Also, the use of bright, bold colors such as red, orange, green, yellow, blue, and purple,


MOGUE (M)eekly, (O)bverse of Fashion norms but (G)ood-looking, (U)rbane and (E)ducated which all can be seen throughout the collection, are very appealing to anyone who loves colors. This collection may not have the modesty theme to it, but when it comes to Betsy Johnson, you should know what to expect. Her designs are a fantasy come true in some respects, you love them or you hate them, but no matter how you feel, you know in the back of your mind this is a true innovation of the best kind.



MOGUE (M)eekly, (O)bverse of Fashion norms but (G)ood-looking, (U)rbane and (E)ducated

Guest Blogger‟s Corner “..No need to show Skin” Our first guest blogger since Mogue opened for business in June 2011 sent this for upload in late August 2011. Mogue appreciates its bloggers not excluding the Guest bloggers. Hey everyone out there in Mogue world, it‟s Sharon here from Fashion-isha and I‟m so thrilled to be posting here today. I love this site…a place where ultra chic and haute modest fashion lovers can unite. You may ask, can modesty and fashion go together? YES! It can be done

! The most fabulous dresses and gowns can be worn with shirts or „shells‟ underneath, and even short skirt lengths can be lengthened with a super light pencils skirt underneath. Being modest, in fashion and in life, is most certainly not synonymous with being frumpy and that‟s what this is all about!

Today I want to talk about two of the most relevant and glamorous „must have‟ fall trends and how to incorporate them into a fabulous and modest wardrobe.


MOGUE (M)eekly, (O)bverse of Fashion norms but (G)ood-looking, (U)rbane and (E)ducated “No need to show skin…just embellish your look with it!” The skin I‟m referring to here is python and fur, two absolute must have elements for this fall. And if you‟re worried about animal cruelty or a limited budget, have nofear. We are truly lucky that faux is most certainly the way to go. It‟s affordable, politically correct, and uber chic (think Rachel Zoe‟s new fall collection, replete with faux fur jackets and vests.)

Guest blogger|Sharon Editor|Ogor


MOGUE (M)eekly, (O)bverse of Fashion norms but (G)ood-looking, (U)rbane and (E)ducated

Poetry Exclusive The poetry that caught the most views since we upgraded our website during the London Fashion Week 2012 : Where Fashion meets Mogue Those trottling, Those whose fingers are constantly placed on the shutter, Those taking notes, Those waiting to be shown as tropes on a screen or paper, Those permitted or not Those with likes and dislikes of various modal values But not excluding those slim females and handsome males walking majestically With carefully cut out pieces of fabrics hanging down their shoulders, Heads held high as people cheered at the excogitations and their principals The sound of clicks and shutters and the unending movement of little screens on a stand With those standing just to have a peek of the upshot Were all spices to the opening of the LFW SS/12 The principals were not limited to Lover of "long coat" for glamour aiming to accentuate the "innocent yet dangerous" act of colour inspired by Paris silhouette - Paul Costelloe


MOGUE (M)eekly, (O)bverse of Fashion norms but (G)ood-looking, (U)rbane and (E)ducated

Paul Costello London with its ancient history also were not excluded With a couple known for "distinctive and clever" cutting To bring out simplistic shapes which are carefully moduled up Into that perfect fabric or accessory Nominated for British Designer of the year Award in 2006 - Preen By Thornton Bregazzi



MOGUE (M)eekly, (O)bverse of Fashion norms but (G)ood-looking, (U)rbane and (E)ducated It cut across American born inspired stylist With known expertise for that special evening Known also to design "the bias cut-out shirt" - Corrie Nielsen

Corrie Nielsen And more on the carpet "Colour, pattern and texture" with a 60s twist Flowing in the Mogue stream Creative designer known for ecstatic piece of work - Orla Kiely


MOGUE (M)eekly, (O)bverse of Fashion norms but (G)ood-looking, (U)rbane and (E)ducated

Orla Kiely It would not have been a successful start without Fashion and Record label, Yes! South African and Isle of Wight born designers Holding up that beautiful Gabriel bag and a matching Jewellery Not without its Mogue-ish designs To make that perfect event - PPQ


MOGUE (M)eekly, (O)bverse of Fashion norms but (G)ood-looking, (U)rbane and (E)ducated PPQ So we look forward with our increased hope It has been a great start What is next? Contributor|Aura-Vive


MOGUE (M)eekly, (O)bverse of Fashion norms but (G)ood-looking, (U)rbane and (E)ducated

Meet the Team Read about the editors and contributors on

Some delegates to London Fashion Week 2012

More coming to you on our next magazine. Please check back. Thanks for visiting Mogue.

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MOGUE (M)eekly, (O)bverse of Fashion norms but (G)ood-looking, (U)rbane and (E)ducated


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