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A wonderful & exciting year in the life of

New Marston Primary School, With thanks to all who helped!

Parent and Staff Association Elections 24th September 2O1O Dear All The Parent and Staff Association (PSA) at New Marston School is involved in raising money for activities, items and resources that might not otherwise be funded through the usual school budget. lt raises funds through activities like Breakfast mornings, cake sales, Community Summer Festivals and Christmas Fairs to name but a few. ln the past the PSA has been responsible for the provision of book bags, store sheds, year books and reading books as well as other specific items for teacher’s resources. To do this we not only need your ideas and your help to raise funds and put on events but to run the PSA in the best way for you and for the benefit of the children. lf you just want to help out or to share ideas with us then please come along to our weekly coffee morning on Friday’s at 8.45-10am, but if you wish to be more involved, or nominate someone, then there are positions which need to be filled and each year they will be open to nomination and election. These roles make up the committee of the PSA and consist of: Chairperson Treasurer Secretary Member (Promotions) Member (Events) lf you wish to nominate someone then please get their consent and remember that they must be a parent/guardian of a New Marston Primary School pupil or member of staff to qualify. Please hand the completed nomination slip into the school office by Friday 8th October 2O1O (nominations after this time will not be accepted) in the event of more than one nomination for a role notice will be given of the candidates and an opportunity to cast votes for an individual to elect the popular choice will be arranged at the earliest opportunity. PSA

NEW MARSTON PRIMARY SCHOOL PARENT STAFF ASSOCIATION NEWSLETTER Autumn 2010 I am writing to you as the newly elected chair of the Parent Staff Association. My name is Michelle Francis and I have a daughter, Georgia, in Conker Group in Foundation. As parents or guardions you are all members of the Parent Staff Association (P.S.A.) and have a vested interest in making your child‛s school happy, safe and as successful as possible. The P.S.A. consists of post holders - Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary & Treasurer - and committee members, who represent you on the committee and can raise issues at meetings on your behalf. The committee also helps organise fundraising events .These benefit your school and therefore your children. We alwoys welcome suggestions, assistonce and, most importantly, support for these events. This term our main fundraiser will be the traditional Christmqs Bazaar, to be held on Wednesday 8th December. We will be holding regular meetings leading up to the Bazaar which will be advertised in the outside notice board and around the school. We hold cake ond used uniform sales throughout the school year which are important fundraising activities and would be grateful for donations of cakes, biscuits etc. When it is the turn of your child‛s class. As yet we haven‛t decided what we want to fund raise towards this year, but all suggestions are welcomel This week the Class Parent Rep information has been put up on the class notice boards and these are the people that you can ask to raise questions or any suggestions in P.S.A. meetings, or come along to a meeting yourself! Last but not least I would like to Thank everyone who is or has been involved with the P.S.A. Let‛s hope we can, once again, raise money successfully for our school this year. Yours,

Michelle Francis

‘Motivate...Enjoy...Achieve...’ Thunk of the Week by Year 5 ls it better to have a job that you enjoy or a job that pays lots of money? Dear Parents and Carers, International Evening Thank you to everyone for making International Evening such a success. We had over 150 people experiencing the wonderful activities and foods from around the world. We wlll now make sure that lnternational Evening is an annual event. We raised £46 for bi-lingual and multi cultural books, thank you. Breakfast Club We currently have 5 parents interested in New Marston starting a breakfast club. In order to make it viable we need at least 10 regulars. If you are interested in your child attending breakfast club and have not already filled in the slip, please complete the slip at the bottom of this letter and return to the office. Help Needed Do you have any spare time to come into school and hear our lovely pupils read? lf you are interested please see Ms d’Archambaud or Mrs Vlachonikolis in Foundation Stage. Achievements Assembly: Friday 22nd October at 9.1Oam AII parents are welcome to join us at our end of term assembly to celebrate the children’s achievements this term. Health and Safety lnspection Last Monday we had our Health and Safety lnspection. We are pleased to let you know that our school has been graded ‘outstanding’, the highest grade awarded. Class Reps We are looking for 2 parents per class to be class reps to improve communication about school events and help with fund raising. We currently have 1 parent for each class but need one more. Please see Ms d’Archambaud if you are interested in the role. School Council News The School Council are currently raising money for extra play equipment for the lunchtimes. Nicole and Victory in Year 4 organised a jumble sale on Monday that raised £22. Sandra and Ben in Year 5 organised a pyjama day for their class that raised £15. Next term Year 6 will be organising a fun run on Thursday 4th November at lunchtime. £1 to enter, all pupils encouraged to join in. Year 3 will be having a non uniform for the day this Friday 22nd October. Year 3 pupils can bring £1 to come in non uniform for the day. Free Parenting Workshop: Wednesday 10th November 11.45-3.00pm at New Marston We have limited places available for a fantastic workshop for parents. Details will be given out by class teachers. The workshop is free with lunch and creche included. Please sign up at the office or see Ms d’Archambaud if you would like to attend.

BREAKFAST CLUB AT NEW MARSTON l would be interested in my child/ren attending a breakfast club before school. Child’s Name: Signed (parent) Contact Number:

Anti Bullying Week WB Monday 15th November Friday at 9.10: Anti Bullying Assembly for Parents Wear blue all day for Anti Bullying

Children In Need Friday 19th November Details to follow

Family Week: Superheroes! WB Monday 29th November Film afternoons and writing activities (see separate letter) Friday: Dress as a superhero

Parents’ Evening Tuesday 30th November & Thursday 2nd December Sign up for an appointment outside classrooms Book Fair and other stalls

Christmas Fair Wednesday 8th December 3.30-6.00pm

Children in Need Friday 19th November 2010




IS ON FRIDAY 19TH NOVEMBER As part of our fundraising we are having a colouring competition for all the children. lt will cost ÂŁ1 to enter and the prize will be a large Pudsey cake, a bag of Pudsey chocolates and a Children ln Need wristband, there will be 2 competition winners. lf you would like to enter then take your ÂŁ1 Mrs Cartlidge in the office and collect your chosen colouring sheet.The entries must be returned by Tuesday 16th November to Mrs Cartlidge in the office. Winners will be announced during assembly on Friday 19th November. So get colouring, have fun and we look forward to seeing your pictures ! THANK YOU P.S.A.


The afternoon of Friday 19th November is Children in Need at

New Marston Primary School

Please save your change ! ! ! ! ! On Friday afternoon to raise money for children in need we will be making a large Pudsey Bear in the hall using 1ps and 2ps and any other change Please bring in as much as you can.

Want a new teddy or a large jar of Smarties? A Chance to win a teddy by correctly guessing it’s name. Guess how many smarties there are in the jar and it is yours. Only 10p a go !!!

the art of the chocolatier

Advent Calendar 83g £3.49 (£l.l7 to school) A milk chocolate shape for every day before Christmas, and a chocolate tag for the big day

Festive Models 150g £5.99 (£2.00 to school) Choose either:Milk Santa Model Milk Reindeer Model White Snowman Model)

*Please note the pictures above are the old style packaging Purchase an advent calendar or festive model from the range shown above and we will hand ice a name of your choice on the product. And remember for each product sold we will donate either £l.l7 or £2.00 to your school fund.

Customer Name Product Type

Number of Products Ordered

Childs Class: Name to be iced (Please spell in capitals)

Total Enclosed £

Personalised Letter from Father Christmas Would you like your child to hove o Personalised letter from Father Christmas? For only £2.00 you con hove a letter from the man himself plus Chocolate coin Christmas Stickers Christmas Glitter (sorry parents) Each letter will be written specifically for each child. To make it that extra bit special you can personalise it. You tell us what you would like to include, and we will write it. e.g. names of siblings, best friends, wish list f or Christmas, special jobs to do at home, e.g �I will promise to visit you on Christmas Eve or if you carry on making your bed / eating vegetables etc. All forms must be returned by 6th December 2010. The letters will be available from 13th December, as long as payment and details are given in advance. Please include o Postage stamp if you would like the letter posted to Your address. All proceeds going to the school. For further details please see Claire Armstrong, (Charley Yr 1 and Jamie F.S) mum.

Christmas Letter details Name of child.....................................Class.......... Sister/Brother/Friend Age........................ Birthday............................... Other details................................................ ................................................................. ................................................................. I enclose payment of ÂŁ2 Signed...................................parent guardian

Christmas Bazaar 8th December 2010










December 2010 Dear

Thank you very much for the lovely raffle prize which you kindly donated for New Marston Primary School’s Christmas fundraiser bazaar.

The event was a great success and raised over £500. This will allow us to make a serious start towards improving the children’s playground equipment.

The raffle was one of the highlights of the afternoon and the lovely donation you so kindly sent us attracted a lot of attention.

Thank you again for your generous donation.

Best wishes from everyone at New Marston Primary School. Michelle Frances PSA Committee

SchoolFOCUS Oxford Mail, Wednesday December 15, 2010



Shining star among the superheroes STAR TEACHER Dressed in a bright blue superhero costume. Russell Wood does not look like a traditional school teacher. But his approach to teaching reflects New Marston’s new “creative curriculum” where pupils help choose the topics they study and teachers adapt lessons to match the termly themes. When the Oxford Mail visited, it was superhero week, with a programme of lessons and activites all themed around superheors in fiction and in the community. Mr Wood said: “Last term, my Year Five class chose to learn about aliens.Everyting is geared towards them, and this term thay have chosen rollercoasters. “In literacy they are learning about persuasion, so have had to write to the headteacher trying to persuade her to let them go to a theme park. “All their maths problems are linked into theme parks working out the change they would get for paying for a ride for example.” He added: “It gives the children a sense of ownership over their learning, which is greatly reflected in their interest levels. It is a great way of learning, but it means as teachers we cannot use anything from before.” Mr Wood added: “It is a brilliant atmosphere to work in and really satisfying.” Headteacher Zara d’Archambaud added: “Russell thinks out the most imaginative things to do with the children that they will really enjoy, and builds the lessons around them. He is passionate about teaching, and brings the very best out of the children.”

Welcome to the latest instalment of our regular feature, School Focus. This week LIAM SLOAN talks to pupils, staff and parents at New Marston Primary School where a new “creative curriculum” is giving children a sense of ownership over their lessons.


Each star teacher will go into a competition for the Oxford Mail/ Leadbitter Star Teacher of the Year Award to be

NAME: New Marston Primary ADDRESS: Copse Lane, Marston PUPILS: 277 TEACHERS:14 OFSTED RATING: Satisfactory

Facing up to growing challenge

Buy these pictures Oxford Photographs

■CONCENTRATION: A wrting class and, right, chairman of governors Mark Spriggs. CHAIRMAN of governors Mark Spriggs said he had watched the school improve over the last five years, but said it faced fresh challenges ahead. He said: “One of the things we really want to focus on is getting parents more involved in the school and their children’s learning. “We have significant challenges in terms of parents who have come from other countries and whose English is perhaps not very good and they may be quite shy about getting involved. “When wh held an international evening last term, we had 20 different countries represented.” He added: “Since Zara arrived five

GOVERNORS & THE PTA years ago, the standards of teaching and standards generally have gone up. “The foundation stage has been recognised as absolutely superb, and it really does provide children with a great start as soon as they arrive at the school. “The children enjoy school and want to be here.” But with pressure on school places across the city, New Marston is one of several Oxford schools forced to double

Pictures: Marc West

its intake and expand to take in growing numbers of children. Mr Spriggs said: “Expansion is a massive challenge, not least because of the accommodation issue.” Parent-School Association chairman Michelle Francis said she sometimes feels she spends more time at school than home. The active group of parents hosts events throughout the year to raise money for an outdoor classroom and improving the school’s grounds. She said: “Parents think the school is fab. The school has really tried to get parents involved in their children’s reading and writing.”

OXFORD MAIL, Wednesday, December 15, 210 13







EVERY school child wants to choose what they do in school. Under New Marston’s new ‘creative curriculum’, that wish has become a reality. Each term, pupils discuss their interests and hobbies, and together come up with a class topic they want to learn about. Depending on their age, they even help plan activities for the term. Headteaeher Zara d’Archambaud said: “Pupils need to make sure they cover the required skills at a level suitable, but we have found they come up with some fantastic ideas we would never have thought of. “They are also very keen to learn outside the classroom and visit places to help their understanding. “We find that if pupils have chosen the topics, they are engaged straight away and have fum. As a result they learn more.” She added: “It is a bit more of a challenge for teachers, but if they get the engagement of the children, it makes everything so much better for the teacher.” Since introducing the new curriculm, children have chosen to study sport, circuses, oceans, castles and chocolate. As much as possible, all their lessons are linked to the term’s topic. Pupils are also involved in deciding how the school is run through a series of school councils. An eco-council works to raise environmental awareness: a sports council encourages healthy living and promotes extra-curricular activities

including football, karate and dance, and at lunchtime pupils can borrow equipment for p1ay” ground games organised by prefects. A school council has helped drawn up an anti-bullying policy and is now examining how pupils learn. Pupil members join Ms d’Archambaud to watch lessons taking place around the school to find good examples of how people learn. Three times a year, the school holds Family Week to invite parents into classes to learn about leaming. To capture the pupils’ and parents’ imagination, it was ‘superheroes week’when the Oxford Mail visited. Staff and parents dressed as superheroes spent the week delivering surprise secret writing missions to classes, children created their own superheroes to compete against each other and the schooI celebrated real life heroes within the school and wider comunity. Other aspeets of school life ae more traditional. Pupils are allocated houses when they start at New Marston, each led by two house captains in Year Six. The houses compete against each other to earn house points, winning themselves house treats and competing for a cup each year. House captains also organise games, team-building exercises and art activities. And final year pupils also have the opportunity to become prefects, working as lunchtime assistants, librarians, games organisers, or assembly monitors.


Enjoying the write stuff THE Big Write was introduced to New Marston last year and now involves every pupil in the school. The national scheme sets aside a dedicated afternoon each week where pupils sit down in silence and write in a portfolio of work. lntroduced to the school by teacher Rachel Vlachonikolis, staff say they have already seen a boost in literacy as a result. Pupils are told to concentrate on VCOP: vocabulary, connectives, openings and punctuation. When they wrilte their weekly compositlon, they must scan through it to mako sure all four elements are in place. Mrs Vlachonikolis said: “Last year, we introduced it to Years Three and Five, and saw real progress in their writlng. “The children have more confidence in their writing.”

Time for tea

■ENGAGING: Headteacher Zara d’Archambaud

Pictures: Marc West


PUPILS are rewarded for a particularly good piece of work or excellent behaviour by an invitation to the head’s weekly tea party. Every Friday morning, a group of children nominated by their teachers get to meet Ms d’Arachambaud in her office for a chat and to share some healthy snacks. They are also rewarded with house points, which go towards earning treats for their classmates.

Diamond rules NEW Marston has drawn “I like making big papiermache superhero models, and then writing about them. It was all part of superheroes week which has been really good fun.”Josie Jackson, 10

“There is always activities going on at school, even during the holidays. “After school there’s lots of things to do”. Shaarai Spriggs, 8

“I’m on the eco-council, where we are trying to help conserve energy. We are making cards for everybody reminding them to turn the lights off.” Kira Swatton, 11

“I like maths and PE. I play in the football team, and in PE we are doing balance and movement. We have linked it into our study of rollercoasters.” Elki Pjeci, 10

“We can choose our topics each term, and teachers do a really good job at making it interesting. At the moment we are studying rollercoasters.” Vania Lay, 10

“In Year Six we get to do prefect jobs and I became House Captain of Red House. Every Thursday we get to design games for the house.” George Collier, 10


up a set of ‘Diamond Rules for Leaming’. Thoy are: Try your best and allow olters to do their best, be proud of your achievements and know what to do to get even better; and use your brain, buddy, and boss to help your learning. The school’s motto is ‘Motivate, enjoy, achieve’.

Week beginning 3/1/11: Happy New Year!

Class newsletters to parents Friday 7th January at 9.10: Welcome Back Sharing Assembly

Week beginning 10/1/11: Being Responsible

Tuesday 11th January: Have your say meeting in the lunch hall at 9.00am Thursday 13th January: New Marston Has Talent at 2.00pm in the hall Friday 14th January: Year 6 Back Sharing Assembly

Week beginning 17/1/11: Being Responsible

Wednesday 19th January at 11.45: Parenting Group and Lunch (Free) Friday 21st January: Year 5 Back Sharing Assembly

Week beginning 24/1/11: Being Patient Friday 28th January: Year 4 Back Sharing Assembly

Week beginning 31/1/11: Working Hard Friday 4th February: Year 3 Back Sharing Assembly

Week begining 7/2/11: Working Hard

Friday 11th February: Achievements Sharing Assembly

Week begining 14/2/11: Science Week Monday 14th February: Valentines Disco


Emergency Closure We always do our best to keep the school open but if we do have to close the school because of the weather we will announce the closure on Heart FM, Radio Oxford and Jack FM so please tune in if in doubt. Please make sure that your child brings a warm coat for breaktimes.

Fiona Coates (Foundation Stage 2 teacher) gave birth to a healthy baby boy on Tuesday. We look forward to meeting the new arrival.

Governor vacancies We have a vacancy for a parent governor at school. Governors play a key role in the decisions made in the school and in school improvement. If you are interested in finding out about the role, please speak to Zara d’Archambaud or Bryony Thomas (Sam’s mum in Year 5).

Friday 28th January: Year 5 Friday 4th February: Year 3 Friday 11th February: Achievements Friday 18h February: Science Week

Mid Year assessments are coming up (beginning of term 4). The expectation is that all pupils progress by at least 2 split levels each year e.g. 2c to 2a. If you would like help supporting your child to achieve the next split level, please help yourselves to the level sheets in the front entrance (green folders) or talk to you childs teacher. Consultation for Expansion Recently you received the consultation proposal to expand New Marston to two form entry which will mean there will be two classes in each year group from F1 to Year 6. The meeting to discuss the proposal and to put forward any views is on Wednesday 9th February at 2.00pm in the main hall. If you have any questions or concerns, please come to the meeting. Staffing Sharing Assemblies for Term 3 Health and Safety

We hope that the term continues to go well for you and your children. This week the children have been working on being patient. Next week our theme will be working hard. New Marston’s School Improvement Plan (the things that the school is working on)


Communication with teachers (please complete if you would like to talk to your child’s teacher about any issues). I would like an appointment to meet my child’s teacher. Name of Child: Class Teacher Contact Number:

Have a great week, Ms d’Archambaud Headteacher


Building Work Update The new KS1 is looking great especially with a new light corridor! The playground scaffolding will be down next week. FS2 will be moving on 17/18 February into the new KS1. The double portakabin is leaving on 21 April. Foundation Stage, Year 1 and Year 2 will then return to their new rooms within the main school. School Events PSA (Parents/school association) News Valentine Disco: Thursday 10th February, FS, Y1 and Y2 at 3.30-4.30 and Y3-6 at 4.30-6.00. Tickets (£1) on sale from next week. Thank you to all the parents who are helping to Next PSA meeting Wednesday 2nd February at prepare for our forthcoming events (the Valentines 9.15 in the lunch hall. All welcome. Disco and the Summer Festival). A huge thank you th Don’t forget Breakfast morning Friday 4 to Charlie and Sophie’s dad who has very kindly 10/2/11: Valentines Disco please note the February. offered to be our DJ at the Valentines Disco. change of date 14/2/11: Science Week If anyone knows anyone who would like to run a 18/2/11: Term 3 finishes at 3.15 for half term stall at the summer fete or has ideas for the event, holiday. Can anyone spare 1 hour on Friday morning to please see Michelle or a PSA member. help with the children’s tuckshop? If you can, 28/2/11: Inset Day for teachers only please see Mrs Bennett in Year 3. 1/3/11: Term 4 starts For all PSA information don’t forget to check out Do you have any picture books or puzzles in good the outdoor notice board. condition that we can use in our new Rainbow Room? Donations to the office please.

Valentines Disco Thursday 10th February 2011


Test file the first of many