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The DRH Collection

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Oven to Table Patisserie et Fromage Tableware Easter SCOOP! Wavy Bakeware Gift Sets Counter Display Units

28 Laurie Gates

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Laura Red & Dekko Red Anna White & Anna Black Anna Plum & Dekko Plum Liza and Dekko Lemon Grass Dekko Orange, Dekko Red & Giftware

34 Bespoke Artwork & Shapes 36 Rosanna

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Pasta Italiana, Olive Oil & Farmers Market Caffé Italia & Café Belle Époque Boho Holiday & Kings Road Petite Treat, Décor Bon Bon & Initially Yours You Are Special & Eat Dessert First

42 Deshoulieres

43 Cuisine du Monde 45 Haussmann 46 Richelieu 47 Apilco

47 Green & Gold 48 Lubiana

49 Roma 50 Hotel & Milano 51 Sundry 52 Stolzle

52 Exquisit & New York Bar 53 Weinland & Milano 54 Artland

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Aldrich Iris Drinkware & Giftware Prescott Midnight & Splendour Liqueur Sets Simplicity

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The DRH Collection

The DRH Collection Finest

The DRH Collection is proud to present some of the very fine products that we are representing in the UK. In co-operation with leading manufacturers, we have created a branded assortment of ceramics and glassware which bring together our key objectives of quality in design and production, while representing extraordinary value for both our trade customer and the ultimate consumer. Range

We are fortunate in being able to benefit from some of the finest of American design inspiration through our main partners, BIA porcelain ovenware and giftware, Artland glass stemware and accessory pieces, Rosanna beautifully gift-boxed sets and recently Laurie Gates colourful hand painted tableware and gift lines. To complement these fine Brands, we also represent much of the Deshoulieres Porcelaine de Limoges assortment, Stolzle fine glassware and Lubiana porcelain tableware and accessories. We are also able to personalise many of the products you can see in this catalogue, and we would be delighted to have the opportunity to discuss your requirements. Service

We will always try to help find the solutions to your problems, while telling you honestly if we are unable to help. We are determined to become known for a level of service by which others will be judged. Other items

The products illustrated are just a few of the items that we are able to offer. If you are looking for something that is not shown, please do not hesitate to contact our Sales Office or check our extensive website at, as we have access to many other ranges that we simply cannot fit into these pages. General

Our full terms and conditions of trading will be found in our price list, and we would ask you to study these carefully when placing orders with us. Our extensive showroom is located at Anton Street in East London, where we would be delighted to welcome you. Please call 24 hours in advance to ensure that the showroom is available. Please note that all sizes and capacities quoted are for guidance only. We reserve the right to vary or substitute items as circumstances change and without prior notice.


BIA Classic & Contemporary Ceramics for your Home

Established in 1952, and now based in San Francisco, BIA is a leading designer and manufacturer of porcelain and stoneware serving accessories, oven to tableware and dinnerware, supplying many of America’s best known store groups and independents. With classic and contemporary shapes, as well as unique glazes, hand painted patterns and designs, BIA continues the tradition of providing timeless, quality merchandise at affordable prices.


The DRH Collection

BIA Oven to Table

Coventry Round Casserole Small 160×120×100mm / 35cl 902573

Coventry Oval Casserole 220×140×125mm / 100cl 902506

Coventry Soup Bowl No Lid 155×110×90mm / 50cl 902568 With Lid 155×110×130mm / 50cl 902569

Large 255×205×130mm / 195cl 902577

Coventry Round Roasting Dish 305×255×65mm / 245cl 902571

Coventry Rectangular Roasting Dish 330×230×65mm / 275cl 902591

Set of 4 Coventry Ramekins 120×90×50mm / 15cl 902509G

Ramekin Small 70×70×30mm / 7cl 990010

Stackable Ramekin 90×90×40mm / 14cl 990009

Oval Ramekin Small 100×65×45mm / 12cl 990008

Large 90×90×40mm / 14cl 990012

Medium 80×80×35mm / 9cl 990011

Large 125×85×55mm / 25cl 900052

Souffle Small 90×90×50mm / 15cl 900009

Large 175×175×80mm / 145cl 900016

Deep Souffle Small 100×100×65mm / 35cl 900020

Medium 125×125×60mm / 55cl 900013

Extra Large 220×220×100mm / 285cl 900018

Large 125×125×80mm / 65cl 900021

Mousse Dessert Pot 55×55×55mm / 10cl 905635

Individual Dessert Pot 85×85×60mm / 15cl 900010


BIA Oven to Table

Pie Dish Small 190×145×45mm / 40cl 904820

Large 300×235×60mm / 180cl 904821

Handled Rectangular Roaster Large Small 425×260×70mm / 470cl 325×200×55mm / 220cl 901506 901504

Handled Square Roaster 310×255×70mm / 300cl 901503

Medium 250×180×50mm / 95cl 904819

Medium 365×265×65mm / 380cl 901505

Oval Roaster Small 280×175×65mm / 170cl 905355

Round Eared Dish Extra Small 80×65×20mm / 2cl 990033

Large 235×195×35mm / 65cl 990036

Oval Eared Dish Small 170×90×20mm / 12cl 990047

Large 260×140×30mm / 40cl 900049

Large 335×195×70mm / 250cl 905356

Small 150×130×25mm / 20cl 990034

Extra Large 410×335×65mm / 310cl 900037

Medium 230×120×25mm / 30cl 990048

Extra Large 330×185×40mm / 85cl 900051

Medium 190×160×30mm / 40cl 990035

Square Flan Dish 115×115×30mm / 25cl 900074

Pâté Mould 265×130×75mm / 140cl 900081

Heart Dish Black Small 140×135×25mm / 15cl 400069+687

Heart Dish White Small 140×135×25mm / 15cl 900069

Heart Dish Red Small 140×135×25mm / 15cl 400069+727

Large 240×235×45mm / 125cl 400088+687

Large 240×235×45mm / 125cl 900088

Large 240×235×45mm / 125cl 400088+727

Individual Round Flan Dish 125×125×30mm / 25cl 900075 Round Flan Dish 260×260×35mm / 155cl 900078


The DRH Collection

Zensation Square Tray Extra Small 80×80×10mm 995164

Large 230×230×20mm 995162

Zensation Rectangular Tray Large Small 335×175×25mm 170×80×10mm 995174 995171

Small 130×130×10mm 995160

Extra Large 270×270×20mm 995163

Medium 245×125×20mm 995173

Extra Large 405×215×25mm 995172

Zensation Square Bowl Small 60×60×35mm / 5cl 995182

Large 120×120×60mm / 45cl 995181

Medium 85×85×45mm / 10cl 995180

Medium 185×185×15mm 995161

Zensation Rectangular Bowl 135×85×55mm / 35cl 900157

Nippon Rectangular Platter Small 235×150×25mm 905417

Oblong Platter 545×180×30mm 901931

Large 350×235×30mm 905413

Rectangular Buffet Platter 465×255×10mm 402054

Square Buffet Platter 430×400×15mm 402055

Round Buffet Platter 400×400×20mm 402056

Large Coupe Plate 290×290×45mm 904569

Artist Palette 320×230×15mm 902240

Oblong Boat Small 335×75×45mm 991913 Large 405×90×45mm 991916


BIA Oven to Table

2 Section Rectangular Dish 120×55×20mm / 5cl 904086

Double Domed Dip Dish 50×50×40mm / 60cl 993421

Triple Domed Dip Dish 215×215×70mm / 30cl 993422

2 Section Divided Cup 120×120×55mm / 30cl 905139

Divided Salt & Pepper 95×95×20mm 905441

3 Section Rectangular Dish 175×55×20mm / 7cl 994086

Dipping Dish 80×80×25mm / 8cl 904043

Square Pot 40×40×30mm / 3cl 905153

50×50×40mm / 7cl 905138

50×50×25mm / 5cl 905154

50×50×55mm / 10cl 905137

Set of 4 Card Suit Dishes 120×100×40mm / 20cl 905531

10 The DRH Collection

Oval Dip Pot Small 60×45×35mm / 5cl 905802

Round Dip Pot 60×60×60mm / 10cl 905804

Dip Dish 2 Section 115×55×35mm / 10cl 905140

Large 75×60×45mm / 15cl 905803

Set of 4 Card Suit Dishes Black & Red 120×100×40mm / 20cl 405531+739

4 Piece Geo Set 110×65×40mm / 10cl 905555

Divided Spice Dish 85×85×20mm 905430

Dip Dish 4 Section 110×110×35mm / 25cl 905144

Lion Head Soup Bowl Mini 90×60×55mm / 10cl 902180

Lion Head Soup Tureen & Cover 255×180×240mm / 300cl 900279

Soup Ladle 285×80×55mm 900181

Footed Bowl 140×140×80mm / 65cl 905425

French Bowl 130×130×80mm / 55cl 900500

Individual 155×110×90mm / 45cl 900178

Bowl Classique Small 95×95×50mm / 20cl 995411

Large 175×175×90mm / 100cl 905415

Medium 125×125×60mm / 35cl 905416

Extra Large 225×225×110mm / 210cl 905414

Globe Bowl Small 130×130×55mm / 50cl 902409

Large 240×240×120mm / 420cl 902411

Medium 170×170×70mm / 125cl 902410

Spoulet Small 155×105×65mm / 15cl 900410 Medium 245×165×100mm / 90cl 900411

Large 335×215×125mm / 210cl 900412

Salad Bowl Small 160×160×70mm / 70cl 901405

Large 215×215×85mm / 150cl 900127

Deep Rimmed Bowl Small 210×210×50mm / 20cl 990402

Medium 190×190×80mm / 110cl 901406

Extra large 250×250×105mm / 250cl 900128

Large 255×255×60mm / 35cl 990403

Coupe Bowl Small 200×200×50mm / 85cl 900328 Large 260×260×50mm / 160cl 900329

Pig Serving Bowl White 350×220×135mm / 465cl 900674

Piglet Bowl Small White 150×105×65mm / 35cl 900673 Piglet Bowl Small Pink 150×105×65mm / 35cl 400673+828 11

BIA Oven to Table

Orbit Teapot Small 190×115×130mm / 55cl 907005

Large 255×145×160mm / 135cl 907007

Large 210×105×150mm / 150cl 900706

Medium 160×80×110mm / 55cl 900705

Elephant Teapot 230×115×155mm/ 90cl 901194

Oval Soup & Sandwich 400×175×85mm / 50cl 998000

12 The DRH Collection

Large 230×135×210mm / 155cl 907015

Medium 190×105×170mm / 80cl 907014

Medium 220×125×135mm / 100cl 907006

Lyon Jug Small 110×50×75mm / 15cl 900704

Orbit Coffee Pot Small 160×85×140mm / 50cl 907013

Camel Teapot 270×115×155mm / 100cl 901195

Orbit Sugar Pot & Spoon 85×85×95mm / 25cl 904028 Orbit Creamer 115×80×65mm / 20cl 904029

Classique Jug Small 80×45×85mm / 10cl 900149

Large 130×70×130mm / 50cl 900145

Milk Jug ‘Skimmed Milk’ 170×90×175mm / 125cl 900143+SK

Medium 115×65×110mm / 35cl 900147

Extra large 170×90×175mm / 125cl 900143

‘Semi Skimmed’ 170×90×175mm / 125cl 900143+SS

Chicken Foot Egg Cup 50×50×50mm 904150

Egg Cup 50×50×65mm 900121

Spoon Rest 245×95×25mm 901108

Soup & Sandwich 320×170×75mm / 70cl 902401

Teabag Tidy 110×80×20mm 901120

‘Full Cream Milk’ 170×90×175mm / 125cl 900143+FC

Sauceboat & Plate 185×175×90mm / 80cl 901349

Oil Bottle 70×70×305mm / 40cl 902144

Classic Sauceboat Small 180×60×110mm / 20cl 900102

Vinegar Bottle 60×60×270mm / 25cl 902143

Large 230×90×130mm / 60cl 900103

Wavy Olive Dish 390×45×30mm / 20cl 904014

Pair of Salad Servers (Gift Boxed) 285×55×30mm 991299

Salt Pig & Spoon 90×80×125mm 904145

Butter Pat 60×60×30mm / 3cl 904042

Eye 2 Eye Salt & Pepper (Gift Boxed) 75×45×65mm 481101G

Retro Salt & Pepper 40×40×105mm 901125

Covered Butter 200×105×70mm 901118

Set of 4 Square Trays 115×115×15mm 901049G

Utensil Holder 130×130×170mm / 170cl 900028

Oriental Spoon 135×45×50mm 905422 13

BIA Patisserie et Fromage

Cake Stand with Dome 305×305×260mm 992043

Cake Plate with Dome 285×285×180mm 990304

Pedestal Cake Stand 330×330×90mm 992044

Two Tiered Cake Stand 210×210×240mm 992042

Flat Two Tiered Cake Stand 245×245×240mm 992040

Three Tiered Cake Stand 310×310×350mm 992041

Round Gateau Plate 310×310×15mm 904571

Porcelain Cake Slice 245×55×15mm 991302

Cake Slice with Stainless Steel Blade 250×50×30mm 991303

Cheese Plate with Dome 240×240×185mm 990303

Cheese Cloche 240×240×170mm 994000

Set of 4 Cheese Knives (Gift Boxed) 125×45×25mm 991304

14 The DRH Collection

BIA Tableware that combines form and function!

Melon Teapot 220×145×150mm / 130cl 997004

Melon Soup/Cereal Bowl 160×160×30mm / 35cl 997005

Melon Coffee Cup & Saucer 110×110×60mm / 10cl 997000

Melon Covered Sugar 95×95×90mm / 35cl 997003

Melon Teacup & Saucer 135×135×70mm / 20cl 997001

Melon Creamer 130×90×85mm / 35cl 997002

Feather Edge Plate Side 160×160×15mm 991001

Dinner 280×280×25mm 991003

Feather Edge Rimmed Soup/Cereal Bowl 220×220×50mm / 50cl 991004

Dessert 210×210×20mm 991002

Feather Edge Teacup & Saucer 140×140×65mm / 20cl 991009

Feather Edge Mug 120×90×90mm / 35cl 991010

Topography Serving Bowl Small 280×260×50mm / 140cl 995100

Topography Serving Platter Small 250×220×25mm 995103

Cutlery with Porcelain Handles Table Knife Dessert Fork 225×20×15mm 170×20×15mm 991313 991310

Large 380×330×65mm / 290cl 995102

Large 370×330×35mm 995104

Table Fork 200×20×15mm 991311

Teaspoon 170×30×15mm 991314

Dessert Knife 190×15×15mm 991312

Dessert Spoon 210×35×15mm 991315

Feather Edge Bowl Breakfast 140×140×70mm / 45cl 991005 Serving 250×250×120mm / 270cl 991007 15

BIA Easter Collection

BIA have created a short range of items combining fun gift lines with the practical benefits of the Wavy Bakeware Range. The chickens feet eggcups are available loose in white (see P12) or yellow, in gift sets of 4 (either yellow or assorted colours), a breakfast bowl for a fun Easter breakfast, and devilled egg plates to create a mouth-watering assortment of filled eggs. Complete this with the chickens feet salt & pepper for a wonderful table. Round and square ramekins can be filled with chocolate eggs to make great Easter baskets. Otherwise the mini chicken and bunny casseroles will make great Easter gifts!

16 The DRH Collection

Chicken Feet Bowl with Yellow Feet 130×130×70mm / 55cl 400659+1225

Chicken Feet Salt & Pepper with Yellow Feet 50×50×75mm 400661G+1225

Chicken Feet Egg Cup with Yellow Feet 50×50×50mm 404150G+1225 Gift Boxed 404150+1225 Individual

Set of 4 Chicken Feet Egg Cups Assorted Colours 50×50×50mm 404150G+883

Set of 4 Egg Spoons Assorted Colours 110×20×15mm 403423G+883

Daisy Chip & Dip Gift Set 375×375×55mm 404082G+754

Small Bunny Oval Casserole 100×75×85mm / 15cl 404407+803

Small Chicken Oval Casserole 100×75×85mm / 15cl 404402+803

Devilled Egg Plate 280×225×15mm 900353 White 400353+803 Yellow

Wavy Square Ramekin 125×90×50mm / 15cl 900576 White 400576+803 Yellow

Wavy Round Ramekin 115×95×50mm / 15cl 900512 White 400512+803 Yellow 17



SCOOP! has been designed by BIA to be a fun, modern and above all practical assortment of oven to tableware, in a selection of colours that are totally in keeping with todays kitchen colour trends. SCOOP! is made of the finest stoneware and is oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe, and has been created to be at home both in the kitchen, and the dining room, thus perfect oven to tableware! SCOOP! comprises six items, all with the same scoop shaped handles which has given this assortment its name. The roasters are very generously sized, and have the depth that has proven so popular. The casserole has a very practical lid, and the ramekin will look fabulous for individual starters and desserts.

18 The DRH Collection

SCOOP! Casserole 330×210×125mm / 230cl 404807 + Colour (see below)

SCOOP! Rectangular Roaster 370×230×80mm / 240cl 404805 + Colour (see below)

SCOOP! Oblong Roaster 380×240×70mm / 240cl 404808 + Colour (see below)

SCOOP! Square Roaster 310×245×70mm / 155cl 404811 + Colour (see below)

SCOOP! Flan Dish 320×250×50mm / 120cl 404818 + Colour (see below)

SCOOP! Ramekin 145×95×55mm / 20cl 401470 + Colour (see below)

Colour variations For product code, add the relevant colour suffix below: + 992 Lemon Grass + 994 Purple + 991 Red + 995 Teal 19

BIA Wavy Bakeware

Wavy Bakeware was designed by BIA a few years ago, and has become one of the core ranges of The DRH Collection. It comprises up to seven shapes and sizes across eight colours, making this one of the most extensive and exciting offers in the UK. The roasters are deep, making them very practical, and the casseroles have fully glazed rims, avoiding the unsightly brown interior that is found on many unglazed casserole rims. All items are freezer, microwave, oven and dishwasher safe.

20 The DRH Collection

Wavy Deep Rectangular Roaster 385×200×80mm / 300cl 900585 White 400585 + Colour (see below)

Wavy Square Roaster Large 265×195×80mm / 155cl 900581 White 400581 + Colour (see below)

Wavy Square Ramekin 125×90×50mm / 15cl 900576 White 400576 + Colour (see below)

Wavy Casserole Large 275×210×130mm / 200cl 900504 White 400504 + Colour (see below)

Wavy Round Flan Dish Large 290×250×45mm / 150cl 900574 White 400574 + Colour (see below)

Wavy Round Ramekin 115×95×50mm / 15cl 900512 White 400512 + Colour (see below)

Wavy Deep Oval Roaster 370×220×75 mm / 280cl 900551 White 400551 + Colour (see below)

Colour variations For product code, add the relevant colour suffix below: + 687 Black + 717 Burgundy + 804 Green + 719 Ivory + 744 Orange + 727 Red + 803 Yellow 21

BIA Gift Sets

The BIA range of gift sets offer a selection of primarily ‘food and drink’ related items from Camembert to Coffee. These sets continue to grow in number, and offer retailers a great choice of fast selling sets of plates and mugs together with a few additional ‘theme related’ pieces!

Gift Box for Set of 4 Camembert Plates

Set of 4 Camembert Canapé Plates 125×125×15mm 904574+301 Set of 4 Camembert Plates 200×200×25mm 904563+301

Gift Box for Cheese Platter & Knife

Camembert Cheese Platter & Knife 280×280×15mm 904571+302G

Gift Box for Set of 4 Fondue Cheese Plates

Set of 4 Fondue Cheese Plates 165×165×20mm 904577+296

22 The DRH Collection

Gift Box for Set of 4 Tea Merchant Mugs

Set of 4 Tea Merchant Mugs 115×80×100mm / 35cl 903112+128

Gift Box for Set of 4 Tea Merchant Plates

Set of 4 Tea Merchant Coasters 100×100×10mm 905219+128 Set of 4 Tea Merchant Plates 165×165×20mm 904577+128

Gift Box for Set of 4 Red Label Coffee Mugs

Set of 4 Red Label Coffee Mugs 115×80×100mm / 35cl 903112+297

Gift Box for Set of 4 Red Label Coffee Plates

Set of 4 Red Label Coffee Coasters 100×100×10mm 905219+297 Set of 4 Red Label Coffee Plates 165×165×20mm 904577+297 23

BIA Gift Sets

Gift Box for Set of 6 Wine Plates

Set of 6 Wine Plates 155×155×20mm 904576+429

Gift Box for Set of 6 Spirit Plates

Set of 6 Spirit Plates 155×155×20mm 904576+305

Gift Box for Set of 4 Desserts Mugs

Set of 4 Desserts Mugs 120×80×100mm / 30cl 903112G+1288

Gift Box for Set of 4 Desserts Plates

Set of 4 Desserts Plates 165×165×20mm 904577G+1288

24 The DRH Collection

Gift Box for Set of 4 Coffee Break Espresso Cups & Saucers

Set of 4 Coffee Break Espresso Cups & Saucers 100×100×80mm / 7cl 403068G+853

Gift Box for Set of 4 Coffee Break Mugs

Set of 4 Coffee Break Mugs 130×90×110mm / 45cl 403109G+853

Gift Box for Set of 4 Coffee Break Latte Mugs

Set of 4 Coffee Break Latte Mugs 120×85×150mm / 50cl 403046G+853

Gift Box for Set of 6 Espresso Cups & Saucers Assorted Colours

Set of 6 Espresso Cups & Saucers Assorted Colours 115×115×55mm / 10cl 401016+876 25

BIA Gift Sets

Daisy Chip & Dip Gift Set 375×375×55mm 404082G+754

Set of 4 Gold Ribbon Mugs 120×80×100mm / 30cl 903112G+1278

Set of 4 Gold Ribbon Plates 165×165×20mm 904577G+1278

Bamboo Tray with 2 Round Bowls 120×110×60mm / 35cl 908042G

Bamboo Tray with 2 Square Bowls 210×110×60mm / 30cl 908043G

Bamboo Tray with 3 Square Bowls 310×110×60mm / 35cl 908044G

Bamboo Tray with 3 Round Bowls 310×110×60mm / 45cl 908045G

Bamboo Tray with 4 Round Bowls 170×170×50mm / 30cl 908046G

Bamboo Tray with 3 Sized Round Bowls 310×135×75mm / 65cl 908053G

Chocolate Fondue 10 Piece Set 115×115×120mm / 45cl 998001

26 The DRH Collection

BIA Counter Display Units

CDU of 36 Chicken Feet Egg Cups Assorted Colours 6 each of Blue, Green, Orange, Pink Red & Yellow 50×50×50mm 404150CDU+1306

CDU of 27 Mugs Assorted Colours 3 each of Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Mocha, Orange, Purple Red & Yellow 120×90×80mm / 30cl 403057CDU+878

CDU of 36 Ramekins Assorted Colours 3 each of Amber, Brown, Cream, Forest Green, Lemon Grass, Lilac, Lime Green, Olive Green, Orange, Red, White & Yellow 90×90×40mm / 13cl 400012CDU+877 27

Laurie Gates Tableware happily designed in California

For nearly 20 years Laurie Gates has been designing tableware from his studio just outside Los Angeles in California. It is from the hills and coastline of this area that he has taken his inspiration to produce tableware designs that are full of colour, life and are all totally unique. In the US market, Laurie Gates is well known as a key resource for many of the most inuential retailers, with his products in huge demand for the Bridal market as well as self purchase and general gifting. There are many aspects that set Laurie Gates apart from other manufacturers. All his lines are 100% hand decorated, and there is an attention to detail that is quite superb, from the complexity of his designs, to decorating the backs of plates. He specializes in square plates that again gives this range a unique place in the market. The DRH Collection is thrilled to have been chosen by Laurie as his UK and European partner!

28 The DRH Collection

Laurie Gates Laura Red & Dekko Red

Laura Red

Laura Red Dinner Plate 270×270×30mm LG52214

Laura Red Serving Bowl 260×260×100mm / 325cl LG52218

Laura Red Cereal Bowl 145×145×55mm / 60cl LG52216

Laura Red Salad Plate 220×220×25mm LG52215

Laura Red Mug 135×95×105mm / 35cl LG52217

Laura Red Pitcher 230×115×210mm / 325cl LG52220

Laura Red Serving Platter 365×240×35mm LG52219

Dekko Red Cereal Bowl 145×145×55mm / 60cl LG52592

Dekko Red Mug 135×95×105mm / 35cl LG52593

Dekko Red

Dekko Red Plate Salad 220×220×25mm LG52591 Dinner 270×270×30mm LG52590 29

Laurie Gates Anna White & Anna Black

Anna White

Anna White Dinner Plate 270×270×30mm LG51255

Anna White Serving Bowl 230×230×110mm / 270cl LG51698

Anna White Salad Plate 220×220×25mm LG51233

Anna White Cereal Bowl 145×145×55mm / 60cl LG51234

Anna White Mug 135×95×105mm / 35cl LG51235

Anna White 3 Part Divided Server 380×240×80mm / 130cl LG51699

Anna White Pitcher 240×130×190mm/ 270cl LG51936

Anna Black

Anna Black Dinner Plate 270×270×30mm LG51236

30 The DRH Collection

Anna Black Salad Plate 220×220×25mm LG51237

Anna Black Cereal Bowl 145×145×55mm / 60cl LG51238

Anna Black Mug 135×95×105mm / 35cl LG51239

Laurie Gates Anna Plum & Dekko Plum

Anna Plum

Anna Plum Dinner Plate 270×270×30mm LG52194

Anna Plum Salad Plate 220×220×25mm LG52196

Anna Plum Cereal Bowl 145×145×55mm / 60cl LG52197

Anna Plum Mug 135×95×105mm / 35cl LG52199

Dekko Plum

Dekko Plum Plate Salad 220×220×25mm LG52631

Dekko Plum Cereal Bowl 145×145×55mm / 60cl LG52632

Dekko Plum Mug 135×95×105mm / 35cl LG52633

Dinner 270×270×30mm LG52630 31

Laurie Gates Liza & Dekko Lemon Grass


Liza Dinner Plate 270×270×30mm LG52200

Liza Serving Bowl 225×225×100mm / 80cl LG52204

Liza Cereal Bowl 145×145×55mm / 60cl LG52202

Liza Salad Plate 220×220×25mm LG52201

Liza Mug 135×95×105mm / 35cl LG52203

Liza Teapot 230×130×175mm / 145cl LG52206

Liza Sugar & Creamer (Gift Boxed) 95×70×110mm / 40cl LG52207

Dekko Lemon Grass Cereal Bowl 145×145×55mm / 60cl LG52628

Dekko Lemon Grass Mug 135×95×105mm / 35cl LG52629

Dekko Lemon Grass

Dekko Lemon Grass Plate Salad 220×220×25mm LG52627 Dinner 270×270×30mm LG52626

32 The DRH Collection

Laurie Gates Dekko Orange, Dekko Red, Tea for Ones & Floral Plates

Dekko Orange

Dekko Orange Plate Salad 220×220×25mm LG52601

Dekko Orange Cereal Bowl 145×145×55mm / 60cl LG52602

Dekko Orange Mug 135×95×105mm / 35cl LG52603

Dekko Red Cereal Bowl 145×145×55mm / 60cl LG52592

Dekko Red Mug 135×95×105mm / 35cl LG52593

Dinner 270×270×30mm LG52600

Dekko Red

Dekko Red Plate Salad 220×220×25mm LG52591 Dinner 270×270×30mm LG52590

Tea for Ones & Floral Plates

Amanda Tea for One 185×110×155mm / 55cl LG52634

Alyssa Tea for One 185×110×155mm / 55cl LG52635

Tango Blue Tea for One 185×110×155mm / 55cl LG52636

Set of 4 Floral Canapé Plates 140×140×20mm LG52637 Set of 4 Floral Plates 190×190×20mm LG52664 33

Bespoke Artwork & Shapes The DRH Collection benefits from access to a large number of factories who specialise in creating bespoke shapes and artwork for those customers who are looking for something different for their shops or restaurants.

34 The DRH Collection

Bespoke Artwork & Shapes We have over the last few years been involved with the design and production of numerous items for both the retail and catering industries varying from lead crystal stemware and giftware, complete new assortments of plain glassware and a vast number of new porcelain, stoneware and dolomite items for many of our key accounts. On the adjacent pages we are pleased to present examples of bespoke artwork which can be anything from simply adding your name or logo to a glass or acid etching letters on to a plate! The minimums for the which start at just a few hundred pieces. Porcelain & Stoneware

Through our key partner at BIA we have access to hundreds of shapes, many of which are offered in many different sizes in a variety different ceramic bodies. The other ability we have through BIA is creating unique shapes, be it an entirely new item or adjusting one that previously existed! These, of course, can we decorated in a variety of ways be it by way of decal, glaze or embossing. In addition we work extensively with Lubiana who have the somewhat unique ability to produce in glaze decals, meaning that they are totally dishwasher safe! Benefitting from their own in house transfer factory the minimums that we can offer are very reasonable, and the quality of both porcelain and decoration are quite remarkable. Deshoulières have within their group one of Europe’s most advanced plate making factories which benefits from the Porcelaine de Limoges label. Their ability to create custom decorations for fairly small quantities is a huge asset, as is their assortment of classic French tableware shapes. Glassware & Lead Crystal

Stözle can apply gold banding, transfers or even a sand blast effect all of which should last around 500 standard machine washes, and the decoration can range from the amazingly decadent to the stylishly simplistic. Artland have produced many new lines for us of stemware and giftware all of which are mouth blown, and they have the benefit of being able to manufacture in very large volume when required. We welcome enquiries large and small – and do enjoy a challenge, but we will always try to give you an honest response as to what we can achieve, and the most likely time-scale to accomplish what you are requiring. 35

Rosanna International Fashion Giftware Collection

Rosanna started her business in 1982 in Seattle, and since then has won many awards on both sides of the Atlantic, including the Gift of the Year award in the UK in 2005. Rosanna is prolific with her designs, bringing out multiple assortments every year, many of which have a European inspiration. Not only are her designs quite superb, but Rosanna’s attention to detail on her gift boxes sets her products apart from others on the market, and makes her ranges gift lines with a very high perceived value. We started with her brand in 2008, since when we have increased the assortment we are offering quite considerably. This catalogue sees the introduction of several new ranges including Farmers’ Market, Eat Dessert First and Belle Époque.

36 The DRH Collection

Rosanna Pasta Italiana, Olive Oil & Farmers’ Market

Pasta Italiana

Set of 4 Pasta Italiana Bowls 210×210×40mm / 75cl RO38305

Pasta Italiana Large Serving Bowl 330×330×60mm / 300cl RO38315

Olive Oil

Set of 4 Olive Oil Dipping Dishes 100×100×25mm / 10cl RO32822

Set of 4 Olive Oil Salad/Dessert Plates 200×200×20mm RO32803

Olive Oil Oil Bottle with Cork 120×100×150mm / 65cl RO32821

Set of 4 Farmers’ Market Salad Bowls 210×210×40mm / 75cl RO51005

Farmers’ Market Large Serving Bowl 330×330×60mm / 300cl RO51015

Farmers’ Market

Set of 4 Farmers’ Market Dipping Dishes 100×100×25mm / 10cl RO51022 37

Rosanna Caffé Italia & Café Belle Époque

Caffé Italia

Set of 4 Caffé Italia Espresso Cups & Saucers 120×120×85mm / 15cl RO32517

Set of 4 Caffé Italia Cappuccino Cups & Saucers 170×170×85mm / 40cl RO32506

Set of 4 Caffé Italia Mugs 120×80×85mm / 30cl RO32501

Caffé Italia Melamine Tray (not Gift Boxed) 460×320×20mm RO32527

Set of 4 Caffé Italia Salad/Dessert Plates 205×205×20mm RO32503

Café Belle Époque

Set of 4 Café Belle Époque Espresso Cups 75×60×65mm / 5cl RO52917

38 The DRH Collection

Set of 4 Café Belle Époque Mugs 135×100×100 / 60cl RO52901

Set of 4 Café Belle Époque Plates 205×205×20mm RO52903

Rosanna Boho Holiday & Kings Road

Boho Holiday

Set of 6 Boho Holiday Dipping Dishes 100×100×25mm / 10cl RO39922

Set of 6 Boho Holiday Salad/Desset Plates 210×210×25mm RO39903

Set of 6 Boho Holiday Mugs 115×70×115mm / 30cl RO39901

Boho Holiday Pedestal Tray 290×210×50mm RO39937

Boho Holiday Teapot 250×150×150mm / 160cl RO39923

Kings Road

Set of 4 Kings Road Mugs 115×80×85mm / 30cl RO26801

Set of 4 Kings Road Salad/Dessert Plates 200×200×20mm RO26803

Kings Road Teapot 250×140×150mm / 160cl RO26823 39

Rosanna Petite Treat, Décor Bon Bon & Initially Yours

Petite Treat

Petite Treat Cake Stand White 100×100×50mm RO52530

Petite Treat Cake Stand Pink 100×100×50mm RO52430

Décor Bon Bon

Décor Bon Bon Round Cake Stand 270×270×210mm RO51133

Initially Yours

Initially Yours Mug 130×90×95mm / 45cl RO40700- plus any letter of the alphabet, apart from Q, U, X & Z

40 The DRH Collection

Décor Bon Bon Square Cake Stand 260×260×180mm RO51137

Rosanna You Are Special & Eat Dessert First

You Are Special

You Are Special Salad/Dessert Plate with Mug RO42400 Plate 200×200×20mm

You Are Special Tea for One 165×100×140mm / 20cl RO42477

Mug 130×90×95mm / 45cl

Eat Dessert First

Set of 4 Eat Dessert First Plates 210×210×25mm RO45103

Eat Dessert First Cake Platter 300×300×40mm RO45110 41

Deshoulières Porcelaine de Limoges

Since 1826, factories of the Deshoulières group have been producing some of France’s finest porcelain both for the retail and hospitality markets. Today, products from the Deshoulières group can be found in the finest shops, hotels and restaurants all over the world. We have chosen a selection of ranges from within their extensive portfolio that will provide a great choice between classic and modern tableware. To complete the offer and bring real ‘table theatre’ to their establishment, chefs can add products from the Cuisine du Monde range either in white or ‘liquorice’ black, a wonderful matt glaze which does not show finger-prints, and is totally scratch resistant.

42 The DRH Collection

Deshoulières Cuisine du Monde

Epicure Oval Plate 350×240×30mm AOVR EP Liquorice AOV EP White

Epicure Round Plate 310×310×25mm APR EP Liquorice AP EP White

Presentation Plate 320×320×25mm APRCR MZ Liquorice APRC MZ White

Flat Square Plate Small 125×125×15mm PAC12R HA Liquorice PAC12 HA White

Epicure Square Plate 305×305×25mm ACARR UN Liquorice ACAR UN White

Epicure Rectangular Plate 350×225×25mm ARECR EP Liquorice AREC EP White

Large 245×245×15mm PAC24R HA Liquorice PAC24 HA White

Rectangular Tray Small 270×130×15mm PAR27R HA Liquorice PAR27 HA White

Rectangular Plate 275×225×20mm ADMXR UN Liquorice ADMX UN White

Epicurians Epicurian Round Bowl 70×70×35mm / 5cl CPRR EP Liquorice CPR EP White

Epicurian Navette 100×50×25mm / 5cl NAVR EP Liquorice NAV EP White

Epicurian Squared Flat Plate 70×70×20mm CCPR EP Liquorice CCP EP White

Epicurian Sauce Boat 65×50×40mm / 5cl SOR EP Liquorice SO EP White

Epicure Rectangular Plate (No Division) 350×225×25mm ARECR UN Liquorice AREC UN White

Large 355×155×15mm PAR35R HA Liquorice PAR35 HA White

Degustation Square Plate 190×190×40mm / 25cl ADGR SQ Liquorice ADG SQ White

Domino Cup & Saucer Cup 75×75×65mm / 15cl GOBR HA Liquorice GOB HA White

Saucer 140×90×15mm SCRR HA Liquorice SCR HA White 43

Deshoulières Cuisine du Monde

Square Salad Bowl 225×225×70mm / 145cl ACRS HA

Sauce Boat 175×100×55mm / 45cl CPIO EP

Oval Plate 350×240×30mm AOV UN

Pizza Plate 320×320×25mm PIZ32 JR

Square Plate 300×300×5mm APCA MR

Cocktail Spoon 70×40×55mm CUCO JR

Ondivague 2 Cup Tray 150×85×25mm P2C OV

Ondivague 3 Cup Tray 220×90×15mm P3C OV

Ondivague Small Tray 260×150×20mm APLP OV

Ondivague Large Tray 340×220×35mm APLG OV

Ondivague Small Square Pot 50×50×40mm / 5cl PCP UN

Degustation Round Plate 125×125×25mm / 5cl ADPR MR Liquorice ADP MR White 200×200×40mm / 15cl ADMR MR Liquorice ADM MR White

44 The DRH Collection

265×265×45mm / 25cl ADGR MR Liquorice ADG MR White 300×300×50mm / 45cl ADX MR

Deshoulières Haussmann

Haussmann Coffee/Teapot 205×130×185mm / 105cl VE HA

Haussmann Creamer 135×80×90mm / 25cl CR HA

Haussmann Covered Sugar 90×90×90mm / 25cl SU HA

Haussmann Soup Plate 215×215×40mm / 55cl AC HA

Haussmann Cup & Saucer Coffee Cup 90×75×60mm / 10cl TC HA

Coffee Saucer 130×130×15mm SC HA

Haussmann Soup Cup & Saucer Cup 145×115×60mm / 30cl BBC HA

Teacup 115×90×55mm / 20cl TT HA

Tea Saucer 150×150×20mm ST HA

Saucer 150×150×20mm SBC HA

European Coffee Cup 105×80×70mm / 15cl TCE HA

European Coffee Saucer 140×140×75mm SCE HA

Haussmann Plate 150×150×20mm APP HA

280×280×25mm AP HA

Haussmann Salad Bowl 240×240×125mm / 315cl SD24 HA

Haussmann Salt 45×45×45mm PV HA

240×240×25mm AD HA

320×320×25mm APRC HA

270×270×140mm / 415cl SD28 HA

Haussmann Pepper 45×45×45mm SL HA

Haussmann Shot 45×45×80mm / 5cl VHV + Colour + HV

Haussmann Hiball 85×85×110mm / 30cl VHA + Colour + HV

Palace Shot 45×45×80mm / 5cl VPV + Colour + PV

Palace Hiball 85×85×110mm / 30cl VPA + Colour + PV

Haussmann Whisky 90×90×85mm / 30cl VHW + Colour + HV

Haussmann Flute 60×60×160mm / 15cl VHC + Colour + HV

Palace Whisky 90×90×85mm / 30cl VPW + Colour + PV

Palace Flute 60×60×160mm / 15cl VPC + Colour + PV

Haussmann Port 60×60×90mm / 10cl VHP + Colour + HV

Palace Port 60×60×90mm / 10cl VPP + Colour + PV

Colour variations For product code, add the relevant colour reference below. + A Amber + M Amethyst + N Black + U Blue + E Emerald + T Brown + G Red + O White 45

Deshoulières Richelieu

Richelieu Creamer 100×60×60mm / 20cl CRRI RI

Richelieu Coffee Pot 240×130×200mm / 145 cl CAR RI

Richelieu Teapot 230×140×140mm / 105cl THR RI

Richelieu Covered Sugar 90×90×110mm / 35cl SUR RI

Richelieu Cup & Saucer Coffee Cup 75×55×60mm / 10cl TC RI

Coffee Saucer 125×125×20mm SC RI

Teacup 100×80×55mm / 20cl TT RI

Tea Saucer 150×150×20mm ST RI

Breakfast Cup 120×95×70mm / 40cl TG RI

Breakfast Saucer 170×170×25mm SG RI

Richelieu Soup/Cereal Bowl 190×190×35mm / 55cl ACC RI

46 The DRH Collection

Richelieu Plate 150×150×20mm APPA RI

265×265×25mm AP RI

185×185×20mm AG RI

295×295×30mm APR RI

220×220×25mm AD RI

Richelieu Rimmed Soup Plate 220×220×35mm / 30cl ACA RI

Richelieu Salad Bowl 160×160×80mm / 90cl SD16 RI

240×240×100mm / 280cl SD24 RI

Richelieu Rimmed Pasta Plate 265×265×45mm / 40cl ACEX MZ

195×195×90mm / 130cl SD20 RI

290×290×110mm / 440cl SD28 RI

Apilco Green & Gold

Apilco created the ‘bistro-ware’ shape in the 1930’s originally in white, then shortly after in Green & Gold. This very quickly became synonymous with good coffee and the fine life in France, and was voted one of the top 100 best ever designed items by Sir Terence Conran. We are delighted to re-introduce this range, and once again Green & Gold bistro-ware is back on the shelves of retailers across the UK!

Green & Gold Moka Cup 90×70×45mm / 10cl GGTFL M

Green & Gold Coffee Cup 100×80×50mm / 15cl GGTFL T

Green & Gold Tea Cup 115×95×60mm / 20cl GGTFL CH

Green & Gold Breakfast Cup 125×100×60mm / 30cl GGTFL GGM

Saucer 130×130x20mm GGSFL M

Saucer 135×135×20mm GGSFL T

Saucer 145×145×20mm GGSFL CH

Saucer 165×165×20mm GGSFL GGM

Green & Gold Cereal Bowl 150×150×50mm / 55cl GGBLFL

Green & Gold Creamer Small 90×45×75mm / 10cl GGCRFL1

Large 120×60×100mm / 30cl GGCRFL3

Green & Gold Mug 100×75×90mm / 25cl GGCHFL

Green & Gold Covered Sugar Bowl 80×80×85mm / 15cl GGSUFL1

Medium 110×55×90mm / 20cl GGCRFL2

Green & Gold Teapot 200×85×110mm / 65cl GGTHFL4 47

Lubiana Elegance in Entertaining

Lubiana is without doubt one of Poland’s largest and most modern manufacturer of high quality porcelain, producing items for both the retail and hospitality markets all across the world. They offer a huge variety in both shape and decoration, and are especially efficient at producing customer own decorations or ‘logos’ for a very reasonable minimum.

48 The DRH Collection

Lubiana Roma

Roma Rimmed Soup Plate 225×225×35mm / 30cl LUFSPL

Roma Soup/Cereal Bowl 180×180×35mm / 50cl LUFOB

Roma Coffee Cup & Saucer Small Cup 85×55×65mm / 10cl LUF2070

Roma Coffee Cup & Saucer Large Cup 85×55×80mm / 15cl LUF2009

Roma Teacup & Saucer Cup 155×85×60mm / 25cl LUF2006

Saucer 140×140×15mm LUF2012

Saucer 140×140×15mm LUF2012

Saucer 155×155×15mm LUF2015

Sonia Coffee Cup & Saucer Cup 80×60×50mm / 10cl LUFCC

Sonia Teacup & Saucer Tea 110×85×65mm / 25cl LUFTC

Roma Creamer 100×50×80mm / 30cl LUFCJ

Saucer 130×130×10mm LUFCS

Saucer 140×140×15mm LUFTS

Roma Open Sugar Bowl 90×90×60mm / 25cl LUFTCNH

Roma Salt 40×40×55mm LUF2186

Roma Plate 170×170×20mm LUFPL17

270×270×25mm LUFPL27

240×240×20mm LUFPL24

300×300×25mm LUFPL30

Roma Pepper 40×40×55mm LUF2185 49

Lubiana Hotel & Milano

Hotel Flat Plate 170×170×15mm LUH1128

250×250×20mm LUH1124

210×210×20mm LUH1131

280×280×25 LUH1136

Milano Flat Plate 190×190×15mm LUM630

240×240×20mm LUM634

210×210×20mm LUM632

255×255×25mm LUM636

Milano Teapot 165×110×110mm / 50cl LUM6021

Bill Mug 120×95×90mm / 30cl LUMBILL615

Trappo Mug 95×80×100mm / 35cl LUMTRAP2520 125×95×105mm / 40cl LUMTRAP2516

50 The DRH Collection

Hotel Deep Plate 200×200×35mm / 55cl LUH1119

Kaszub Oval Plate 300×210×30mm LUKASZUB258

Milano Deep Plate 210×210×35mm / 55cl LUM650

Milano Oval Dish 240×140×20mm LUM656

320×185×30mm LUM660

270×155×25mm LUM658

Albergo Cup & Saucer Coffee Cup 80×60×55mm / 10cl LUA1983

Coffee Saucer 120×120×15mm LUA1984

Paula Cup & Saucer Espresso Cup 80×65×60mm / 5cl LU1700

Espresso Saucer 120×120×5mm LU1771

Teacup 110×80×60mm / 20cl LUA1985

Tea Saucer 140×140×15mm LUA1986

Coffee Cup 100×80×65mm / 15cl LU1701

Coffee Saucer 130×130×5mm LU1772

Cappuccino Cup 135×105×65mm / 35cl LUA1972

Cappuccino Saucer 190×190×20mm LUA1692

Teacup 110×85×70mm / 20cl LU1702

Tea Saucer 140×140×5mm LU1712

Cappuccino Cup 140×110×70mm / 30cl LU1728

Cappuccino Saucer 170×170×5mm LU1723

Individual Creamer 65×45×50mm / 5cl LU1602

Lubiana Sundry

Classic Square Plate 130×130×20mm LU2528

270×270×25mm LU2536

Classic Deep Square Plate 215×215×40mm / 110cl LU2521

Classic Rectangular Tray 220×110×20mm LU2555 330×180×30mm LU2560

210×210×20mm LU2531

Wersal Plate 170×170×15mm LUWE2228

260×260×20mm LUWE2236

210×210×15mm LUWE2231

300×300×25mm LUWE2243

Planet Deep Plate 275×75×50mm / 40cl KDPLPL27

Wersal Soup Plate 225×225×35mm / 40cl LUWE2220

Rita Triangular Plate 210×210×25mm LURITA432

Rita Square Plate 210×210×15mm LURITA430

320×320×40mm LURITA440

280×280×20mm LURITA438

Ameryka Lasagne 250×125×30mm / 35cl LU1112

Bullet Salt 40×40×75mm LUFBSP

320×320×25mm LURITA439

Kaszub Deep Pasta Plate 280×280×50mm / 30cl LUKA227

Bullet Pepper 40×40×75mm LUFBPP 51

Stölzle Exquisit & New York Bar

Stolzle stands for innovation and quality. The crystal glass is lead-free and reaches the highest standards regarding brilliance, breaking strength, resonance, scratch and dishwasher resistance. The Weinland range provides an all round solution for both wine and bar-ware offering excellence at an affordable price.

Exquisit Bordeaux 70×70×230mm / 65cl STE1470035

Exquisit Wine Red 60×60×215mm / 50cl STE1470001

Exquisit Burgundy 70×70×225mm / 65cl STE1470000

White 55×55×205mm/35cl STE1470002

Exquisit Flute 45×45×220mm / 15cl STE1470007

New York Bar Hiball 65×65×155mm / 40cl STNY3500010

New York Bar Tumbler Small 75×75×85mm / 25cl STNY3500046 Medium 80×80×95mm / 30cl STNY3500015

52 The DRH Collection

Large 85×85×105mm / 45cl STNY3500016

Stölzle Weinland & Milano

Weinland Sherry/Port 55×55×170mm/ 20cl STW1000004

Weinland Bordeaux Small 70×70×210mm / 55cl STW1000035

Weinland Wine Small Red 60×60×200mm / 35cl STW1000002

Large 75×75×225mm / 65cl STW1000037

Large Red 65×65×205mm / 45cl STW1000001

Weinland Flute Champagne 45×45×215mm / 20cl STW1000007

Weinland Burgundy Goblet 90×90×210mm / 70cl STW1000000

Milano Beer 65×65×240mm / 40cl STM1030019

Grandezza Martini 120×120×175mm / 25cl STG1400025

Weinland Hiball 60×60×125mm / 30cl STW1000009

Milano Brandy 65×65×135mm / 60cl STM1030018

White 55×55×190mm / 30cl STW1000003

Weinland Longdrink 60×60×145mm / 40cl STW1000012

Weinland Whisky 70×70×90mm / 30cl STW1000015

Weinland Shot 50×50×60mm / 8cl STW1000020

Weinland DOF Tumbler 75×75×95mm / 35cl STW1000016 53

Artland Perfect Colour & Style in Glass

Artland is a privately owned manufacturing company with international distrubution founded in 1996. Today Artland designs its own products from it’s world head quarters in New Jersey, and then produces, and markets these to the tabletop, hospitality and home fashion industries. The main focus remains on mouth-blown, hand crafted glassware, incorporating both plain and coloured glass. Artland enjoys very wide distribution in the US and Canada, and now in the UK and Europe through The DRH Collection. Ž

54 The DRH Collection

Artland Aldrich

Aldrich Flute Ruby 55x55x250mm / 20cl ART96534

Aldrich Flute Blue 55x55x250mm/20cl ART96524

Aldrich Flute Clear 55x55x250mm/20cl ART96514

Aldrich Wine Ruby 90x90x220mm/40cl ART96530

Aldrich Wine Blue 90x90x220mm/40cl ART96520

Aldrich Wine Clear 90x90x220mm/40cl ART96510

Aldrich Hiball Ruby 85x85x150mm/50cl ART96531

Aldrich Hiball Blue 85x85x150mm/50cl ART96521

Aldrich Hiball Clear 85x85x150mm/50cl ART96511

Aldrich DOF Tumbler Ruby 80x80x110mm/25cl ART96532

Aldrich DOF Tumbler Blue 80x80x110mm/25cl ART96522

Aldrich DOF Tumbler Clear 80x80x110mm/25cl ART96512 55

Artland Iris

Iris Goblet Slate Blue 110×110×210mm / 40cl ART50945

Iris Wine Slate Blue 95×95×160mm / 20cl ART50946

Iris DOF Slate Blue 90×90×100mm / 40cl ART50948

Iris Goblet Clear 110×110×210mm / 40cl ART50105

Iris Wine Clear 95×95×160mm / 20cl ART50106

Iris DOF Tumbler Clear 90×90×100mm / 40cl ART50108

Iris Goblet Plum 110×110×210mm / 40cl ART50935

Iris Wine Plum 95×95×160mm / 20cl ART50936

Iris DOF Tumbler Plum 90×90×100mm / 40cl ART50938

Iris Goblet Ruby 110×110×210mm / 40cl ART50605

Iris Wine Ruby 95×95×160mm / 20cl ART50606

Iris DOF Tumbler Ruby 90×90×100mm / 40cl ART50608

56 The DRH Collection

Artland Drinkware & Giftware

Spa DOF Tumbler 90×90×110mm / 45cl ART10613 Aqua ART10603 Clear

Spa Hiball 80×80×145mm / 60cl ART10612 Aqua ART10602 Clear

Spa Bottle 95×95×280mm / 105cl ART10610 Aqua ART10600 Clear

Set of 4 Splash Flutes (Gift Boxed) 40×40×250mm / 20cl ART60901

Set of 4 Splash Wines (Gift Boxed) 65×65×230mm / 35cl ART60900

Set of 4 Splash Martinis (Gift Boxed) 130×130×170mm / 40cl ART60956

Set of 4 Polka Dot Martinis (Gift Boxed) 120×120×170mm / 25cl ART65040

Set of 4 Polka Dot Wines (Gift Boxed) 85×85×215mm / 65cl ART65041

Set of 4 Polka Dot Hiballs (Gift Boxed) 90×90×160mm / 60cl ART65042

Set of 4 Polka Dot OF Tumblers (Gift Boxed) 90×90×105mm / 45cl ART65043

7 Piece Vodka Set (Gift Boxed) 140×140×150mm / 5cl ART65014

Set of 2 Stemless Martinis (Gift Boxed) Small 75×75×85mm / 10cl ART65032 Large 105×105×105mm / 30cl ART65033 57

Artland Prescott

58 The DRH Collection

Set of 2 Prescott Flutes 60×60×250mm / 20cl ART65046 Black ART65056 Red

Set of 2 Prescott Flutes 60×60×250mm / 20cl ART65001 Blue ART65061 Clear

Set of 2 Prescott Flutes 60×60×250mm / 20cl ART65004 Pink

Set of 2 Prescott Wines 100×100×200mm / 30cl ART65045 Black ART65055 Red

Set of 2 Prescott Wines 100×100×200mm / 30cl ART65000 Blue ART65060 Clear

Set of 2 Prescott Wines Pink (show in Gift Box) 100×100×200mm / 30cl ART65003

Set of 2 Prescott Martinis 125×125×170mm / 30cl ART65047 Black ART65057 Red

Set of 2 Prescott Martinis 125×125×170mm / 30cl ART65002 Blue ART65062 Clear

Set of 2 Prescott Martinis 125×125×170mm / 30cl ART65005 Pink

Set of 4 Prescott Shots 55×55×100mm / 5cl ART65148 Black ART65158 Red

Set of 4 Prescott Shots Clear 55×55×100mm / 5cl ART65160

Set of 2 Prescott Hiballs Clear 85×85×165mm / 50cl ART65064 Set of 2 Prescott OF Tumblers Clear 90×90×110mm / 35cl ART65063 59

Artland Midnight & Splendour

Midnight Flute 45×45×270mm / 20cl ART13613 Black ART13643 Red

Midnight Goblet 80×80×230mm / 30cl ART13610 Black ART13640 Red

Midnight Wine 65×65×210mm / 25cl ART13611 Black ART13641 Red

Midnight Martini 115×115×190mm / 25cl ART13614 Black ART13644 Red

Midnight Hiball 80×80×145mm / 55cl ART13615 Black ART13645 Red

Midnight OF Tumbler 85×85×100mm / 45cl ART13616 Black ART13646 Red

Set of 4 Splendour Flutes (Gift Boxed) 50×50×260mm / 25cl ART61013

Set of 4 Splendour Goblets (Gift Boxed) 85×85×230mm / 50cl ART61011

Set of 4 Splendour Martinis (Gift Boxed) 125×125×205mm / 35cl ART61010

Set of 6 Splendour Liqueurs (Gift Boxed) 50×50×85mm / 5cl ART61012

60 The DRH Collection

Artland Liqueur Sets

7 Piece Short Stem Liqueur Set 40×40×95mm / 5cl ART60958

7 Piece Long Stem Liqueur Set 40×40×180mm / 5cl ART60953

7 Piece Long Stem Ruby Liqueur Set 40×40×180mm / 5cl ART60951

Gift Box for 7 Piece Short Stem Liqueur Set

Gift Box for 7 Piece Long Stem Liqueur Set

Gift Box for 7 Piece Long Stem Ruby Liqueur Set

7 Piece Ribbon Liqueur Set 55×55×105mm / 5cl ART61000A

6 Piece Milano Liqueur Set 70×70×135mm / 5cl ART67100

Gift Box for 7 Piece Ribbon Liqueur Set

Gift Box for 6 Piece Milano Liqueur Set 61

Artland Simplicity

The Simplicity range from Artland was launched in the UK in 2006 and has become a huge success story. From presentation pieces such as the splendid trifle bowl through practical items such as the ice-lip jug or sauce boat & ladle, Simplicity is both timeless and modern! The range now includes some spectacular cake domes and stands, and has been extended to include a wine carafe and now a set of four individual trifle bowls to match the multiportion one that was introduced in 2008. All items are mouth blown and hand crafted, and each piece is packed in a superb four colour gift box, making this a great range either for own use – or a gift! ®

62 The DRH Collection

Simplicity Ice-lip Jug 190×95×230mm / 230cl ART85613

Simplicity Straight Sided Pitcher 185×110×240mm / 200cl ART85616

Simplicity Carafe & Tumbler 135×80×195mm / 90cl ART85608

Gift Box for Simplicity Ice-lip Jug

Gift Box for Simplicity Straight Sided Pitcher

Gift Box for Simplicity Carafe & Tumbler

Simplicity Sommelier Decanter 130×130×270mm / 145cl ART60500

Simplicity Ice Bucket 165×165×210mm / 200cl ART65301

Simplicity 8 Piece Punch Set ART82012 Bowl 240×240×180mm / 850cl Mug 110×70×85mm / 30cl

Gift Box for Simplicity Sommelier Decanter

Gift Box for Simplicity Ice Bucket

Gift Box for Simplicity 8 Piece Punch Set 63

Artland Simplicity

Simplicity Cake Stand with Dome 280×280×255mm ART82007

Simplicity Cake Stand Small 240×240×150mm ART65305

Simplicity Cake Stand Large 280×280×190mm ART65306

Gift Box for Simplicity Cake Stand with Dome

Gift Box for Simplicity Cake Stand Small

Gift Box for Simplicity Cake Stand Large

Set of 4 Simplicity Mini Trifle Bowls 110×110×115mm / 55cl ART82009

Simplicity Trifle Bowl 195×195×210mm / 400cl ART82005

Set of 4 Simplicity Individual Salad Bowls 130×130×80mm / 75cl ART82002 Simplicity Salad Bowl Large 230×230×130mm / 495cl ART82001

Gift Box for Set of 4 Simplicity Mini Trifle Bowls 110×110×115mm / 55cl ART82009

64 The DRH Collection

Gift Box for Simplicity Trifle Bowl

Gift Box for Simplicity Salad Bowl Large

Simplicity Chip & Dip 290×290×80mm ART82016

Simplicity 3 Section Dip Dish 305×105×75mm / 190cl ART85211

Simplicity 4 Section Hors d’Oeuvre Dish 220×220×65mm / 200cl ART85212

Gift Box for Simplicity Chip & Dip

Gift Box for Simplicity 3 Section Dip Dish

Gift Box for Simplicity 4 Section Hors d’Oeuvre Dish

Simplicity Oil & Vinegar Set 75×75×215mm / 50cl ART82017

Simplicity Sauce Boat & Ladle 215×40×120mm / 90cl ART82008

Simplicity Sugar & Creamer Set 115×95×100mm / 25cl ART82018

Gift Box for Simplicity Oil & Vinegar Set

Gift Box for Simplicity Sauce Boat & Ladle

Gift Box for Simplicity Sugar & Creamer Set 65

Index Au Gratin Dishes 8, 51

Flan Dishes 8, 19, 21

Sauce Boats 12, 13, 44, 50, 65

Bowls 7, 9, 11, 12, 15, 17, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 37, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 49, 50, 51, 64, 65

Jugs & Creamers 12, 15, 32, 37, 45, 47, 49, 50, 65

Soup/Cereal Bowls 9, 11, 12, 15, 17, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 37, 45, 46, 47, 49, 50, 51

Buffet Ware 9, 14, 15

Ladle/Spoons 11, 12, 13, 15, 17, 44

Soup Plates 11, 15, 46, 49, 51

Butter Pats/Dishes 10, 15

Mugs 15, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 38, 39, 40, 47, 50

Cake Accessories 14, 40, 64

Oil/Vinegars 13, 37, 65

Sugar Bowls 12, 15, 32, 45, 46, 47, 49, 65

Casseroles 7, 19, 21

Oval Platters 9, 12, 15, 29, 43, 44, 50

Tasting Plates 11, 44

Cruet Sets 13, 17, 45, 49, 51, 65

Teapots/Coffee Pots 12, 15, 32, 39, 41, 45, 46, 47, 50

Cups & Saucers 15, 25, 28, 38, 43, 45, 46, 47, 49, 50

Plates Round: 15, 22, 23, 24, 26, 37, 38, 39, 40, 43, 44, 45, 46, 49, 50, 51 Rectangular/Square: 9, 12, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 43, 44, 50

Cutlery 13, 14, 15

Ramekins & Souffles 7, 10, 19, 21, 26, 27

Utensil Holders 13

Dip Pots 7, 10, 11, 25, 37, 39, 43, 44

Roasting Dishes 7, 8, 19, 21, 51

Egg Cups 12, 17, 27

Salad/Serving Bowls 11, 15, 29, 30, 32, 37, 44, 45, 46, 64

Stemware 52, 53, 55, 56, 57, 59, 60

Tumblers 52, 53, 55, 56, 57, 59 ,60

Conversion table Inches ”

Millimetres mm

Fluid Ounces oz

Centilitres cl

Pints pt

Centilitres cl















































8 (1 gallon)










12 (1 foot)














20 (1 pint)


66 The DRH Collection

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