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Issue No.144

MARCH 2012


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Issue No. 144

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Weekend and single Day tickets on sale now @ + all major tasmanian ticket Outlets

10th & 11th March 2012

Inveresk Park LauncestOn

Y a D suneuP LIn Hilltop Hoods, tHe living end

Boy And BeAr, drApHt, sHort stAck, cHildren collide, pArkwAy drive, tHe Amity Affliction, tHe getAwAy plAn, tHe funkoArs, 360, illy, owl eyes + more to Be Announced

ministry of sound cluBBers guide stAge

sneAky sound system, tHe potBelleeZ, tonite only,

BomBs AwAy, denZAl pArk, goodwill, dAnny t, HAters, tHe only, minX, vAndAlism, HelenA + more to Be Announced



@BreathOfLife1 Issue No. 144


/breathoflifefestival Page 3


Est. 1846

Doctor Syntax

To celebrate the release of their third album, TWELVE HUNDRED TIMES, Melbourne fivepiece, LAURA continue their national tour in 2012 and return to Hobart. Late last year, the band released the first two tracks from the album as a double a-side 7 inch, MARK THE DAY | THIS GREY EARTH. Dark, moody and complicated, the release gained significant critical attention with ‘Mark The Day’ being named Single Of The Week by both Beat Magazine and Inpress in January 2011, Inpress saying, \”…(Mark The Day is) enough to darken the sun at midday.\” This was followed by a successful east coast tour to launch the album. Laura now round off the tour with shows in Hobart, Adelaide and Perth.

SATURDAY 17TH MARCH Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! with a true Irishman, NEW OWNER/LICENSEE


Tom Bawle

As intense as it is delicate, the music of Laura is sure to leave a mark on all who hear it. This is a band not to be missed. Mark the Day: This Grey Earth: More info at


Laura @ The Brisbane Hotel Hobart - Sat 17th March ($12)

new psycroptic album

PO BOX 4542 Bathurst St PO Hobart TAS 7000



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Next Edition: Sauce#145: Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

As you may have already known, one of Tasmania’s and Australia’s finest, Psycroptic, have released their latest album ‘The Inherited Repression’.

New Restaurant Menu Live Music

Its a fkn screamer of a record too. Stay Tuned. For more info: www.psycroptic. com

new album by simon astley Tasmanian singer-songwriter Simon Astley is on a high at the moment due to the up and coming release of his new album City Lights, which will be out through Regal Records on 25th March 2012.

$10 Sports Bar Meals Beer Garden

To find out more you can check out his website at

tour by calling all cars

After an unexpected blow to the jaw of vocalist Haydn Ing prematurely ended their Big Day Out perfromance, CAC are getting back on the horse, set to tour to Hobart as part of The Delerium Tour. Calling All Cars play at the Republic Bar, 18th of May. Issue No. 144

Be A Part Of History! 139 Sandy Bay Road, Sandy Bay Ph: 6223 6258 Page 4


freaky G sets his music free

E W i iF

Self-titled and self-produced, Freaky G is about to drop his debut album and it hasn’t been easy. Freaky G spoke to us about the dreams he had for the album that has been fifteen years in the making. Born and bred within the confines of Tasmania, the nickname Freaky G we are assured came from his larrikin nature, rather than his bedroom antics… It has been a long road to finally holding a solid copy of his self-titled album, starting to consolidate and write music when he was 18. The now 30 year old, Freaky, slogged his way through the long process of self-production to create his lifelong dream. “There are two things that really stand out to me, the first one was sitting in the studio and he played it back to me and that was the moment it was definitely like this is it and I certainly got pretty wide-eyed and pretty excited at that time and I knew it was only around the corner to actually holding a cd. I must admit when I opened that first box of albums, which was my lifelong dream come true. That was the moment where everything I had been working hard for was right in my hand.” Somewhat the perfectionist, Freaky G says that his biggest enemy was himself when it came to production. Pushing himself to create a ‘global sound’ and not resting until what was coming from the speakers was the same as what he heard in his head. “There have definitely been times where it has been hard but it has been my own inner demons that have made that hard and that has just been me wanting the best result possible.” He has worked his way up to number 3 on the Triple J unearthed charts with his single, ‘Bend ya neck’ and by using influences from acts such as Rage Against The Machine and Ice Cube, Freaky G combines genres to create unique hip hop sounds. There is something about his backing tracks which gives a punch to his music, using catchy guitar riffs as well as strong bass and drums really puts a lot behind the quirky lyrics. Freaky G describes the way he uses samples as having “very big sounds,”, by bringing old school noise and combining them with newer songs to create a different side to hip hop. And as much as there is to say about the produced side of Freaky G, there is just as much to say about his live performance. Creating a lot of his music for the live show, Freaky is all about have a ‘rocking time’. With the album launch later this month, there is no doubt that Freaky G fans will be having a great time.

$6 pints of BuLmers cider

feature guest ciders Jugs of Pimms & Lemonade $15 $10 food menu Live solo acoustic artists Serving great mealS for lunch & dinner everyday!

21 Salamanca Place, Hobart | 6223 1119

The album launch is kicking off at The Casbah, Hobart, on March 21st with other local support acts, be sure to get along and pick up a copy of the self-titled album “Freaky G”.

Issue No. 144

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children collide’s ryan caesar (pictured left) exits ... last TAS show at The Breath of Life 2012 ... new album!? by David Williams and zara gudnason

As Children Collide set off on their ‘Sword to a Gunfight’ tour this month, they are facing more than just the release of a new album. The band also says goodbye to their fourth drummer within 4 years. But they will be saying hello to what they hope will be a rejuvenated band. But if what we are hearing with the single ‘Sword to a Gunfight’ is just the beginning of the new and improved Children Collide then our ears eagerly await the future the band has planned for us. With two successful albums since they first began, the release of their newest album ‘Monument’ has lips moving. But, not as much as the speculation that surrounds the departure of their latest drummer, Ryan Caesar. We are assured by front man Johnny Mackay that it was for no other reason than just the tension that any band faces when they spend every waking second with work colleagues. With the release date for ‘Monument’ fast approaching, fans are eager to hear what will be a progression for Children Collide. The single ‘Sword to a Gunfight’ has a sophisticated feel about it, withthe massive mix of effects and

different sounds this new single is a huge change to compared to older releases. The combination of all the new recording and audio techniques they have used helps create the deep, intricate and extremely unique sound that is Children Collide. We caught up with front man Johnny Mackay to chat about music, mates and of course Breath of Life! Sauce- Congrats on the third album! You’ve got a tour to launch it and the single ‘Sword to a Gun Fight.’ Tell me about that. Johnny Mackay - It was sort of just me jamming along to reverse delay guitar. The vocals, well we’d just come off the big day out tour and we’d been watching primal scream every night and they definitely leaked into it. There was a bit of Bobby Gillespie inside me when I was singing. S -What about the departure of your drummer Ryan Caesar, from what I have read about your relationship with Ryan. There was difficulty between your personalities, yeah? J -That is the main reason. He’s a great guy and a great drummer but spending all that time together, most people that work together don’t

have to sleep in the same room and spend weeks at a time on the road. I guess over the years certain personality types don’t click and when that is the case it just ends up boiling over and it could happen in any situation. It wasn’t crazy or dramatic; it was just not making either of us happy and stressing everyone around us out. I could have left and they could have gotten someone else to sing the songs but that’s not the way it ended up going. S- It kind of sounds like a sexual relationship that has spent so much time together and eventually even if you like each other it just doesn’t work. J - Well, being in a band is kind of like being married to people you’re not attracted to. ButI’m sure some people are attracted to their band mates but I’m not attracted to mine and I’m sure they’re not attracted to me! [laughs] I guess it is, you could make that analogy for sure. S - And so what do you think will be the musical difference after Ryan leaves? J - I think there will be slightly rejuvenated, not to take away anything that he brings to the band but we sort of all stopped writing together but without saying too much and it will bring a spark

Issue No. 144

back to the band. It will just give us some positive direction. S - You’re coming to play breath of life. Have you seen who else is playing, any thoughts? J- I’m keen for Fat Boy Slim and Skrillex and The Living End! We’re kind of stable mates with the living end. S - In terms of the new album and the material that has become popular that you’ve put out the last few years. Will you be playing any new stuff at breath of life? J - We’ll probably just play the new single and maybe the upcoming single at breath of life. With all the turmoil that has been going on, we haven’t really sat down and worked out the set. We have a couple of shows right before that in Victoria to figure it out. But right now it is kind of up in the air but we will definitely be playing the current single. ‘Monument’ is set to hit stores on April 20, but before that catch Children Collide at Breath of Life Festival on the 10th and 11th of this month at Inveresk Park in Launceston.

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the breath of life festival: sat, march 10th, 2012 NORTH ESK












First Aid

Food & Drink

Information & Eftpos

Media Area

M Merchandise & Cloak Room




festival survival Guide

no passouts under any circumstances!

please leave at home as they will not be accepted:

don’t leave home without…

a bad attitude : We are aware that we will NEVER be able to please everyone. Please try to remember that this event is caters for over 15,000 people across the weekend and ultimately raises funds for a good cause. If there is something you are not sure about or unhappy with before the date, please email us at Otherwise, please be mindful and let people around you enjoy their time at what will surely be a fantastic day!

structures: such as seats, umbrellas, eskies, hampers, and, of course, the obvious; weapons, batons, or anything else that could possibly be a security risk. Our security is going to have enough to do on the day. We want to make their job as easy as possible. Glass: Absolutely NO glass will be allowed inside the festival grounds. NO IFs, ANDs, or BUTs or ANY EXCEPTIONS!

bottles or drinkinG containers: Our security staff has enough to do on the day and, unfortunately, in past cases, a few people have tried to bring in alcoholic beverages in bottles and drinking containers. So that we don’t need people checking every bottle that comes in, please leave them at home. Free water will be available and drinks will be VERY affordable. Once again, please be understanding and leave all bottles at home. pets: Although we love our pets just as much as you do, the festival really isn’t a good place for dogs, cats, hamsters etc…

druGs: No drugs will be tolerated. Launceston Police will be present at the entrance of the Festival with trained Drug Sniffer Dogs. Those found in possession of any drugs will be escorted out of the festival immediately. Don’t risk it, it’s not worth the chance of missing out!!! If you do experiment, please be aware of the health professionals and Save a Mate tent we have on site just in case you are in need of some assistance or simply a place to chill. anythinG illeGal: You know what we mean. If it’s illegal, don’t do it, bring it, try it, etc..

no recordinG: Audio and visual recordings of the festival are prohibited. Still cameras (not professional cameras) are OK but images may only be used for private purposes, not public display. Patrons consent to be included in film and sound recordings of the event and for these recordings to be used by the promoter.


your ticket! no eXceptions, reasons, eXcuses will be accepted. everyone must have a ticket to enter no matter what. keep your weekend ticket for access on sunday. clothinG: A jumper is something that is always necessary. Tassie can offer four seasons in one afternoon. Although the days have been wonderfully fantastic, you never know where the weather will go. There is a cloke room on site if you don’t feel like carrying your extra garments around the site. Better safe than sorry. If for some reason you don’t come prepared, there will be plenty of jumpers on sale.

sunblock and a hat: Sunblock will be available on site, but please be proactive and slip slop slap before you arrive and a hat is always helpful. dancinG shoes: Get ready for one of the best music medley Tasmania has ever seen! The day will be a combination of the best rock, pop, hip hop, punk, dance, house, and electronic music ready for you to dance and enjoy all day long. Bring comfy shoes so that your feet last the day! PLEASE NO MOSHING OR CROWD SURFING!! cash: Eftpos will be available on the day, but just to be safe, bring enough cash for food and drink for an entire day’s fun and maybe a little extra for a festival shirt.

a Good attitude and a smile: Please be mindful of fellow festivalgoers. Everyone comes to Breath of Life to have a great day. A happy smile goes a long way to making someone’s day a little better. a desiGnated driver or a way home : Please remember that the Festival will end promptly after the last act. Punters will need to leave the site immediately so please have a ride home or to your next venue. If you are driving, please make sure that someone is sober. If you need a ride, Taxis will be available on site to take you anywhere you need to go. If you are walking, please make sure you have a friend with you. If you are concerned about anything, please contact one of our security or volunteers and they will be sure to help you. Please contact Metro Tas for your local bus scehdule. never ever under any circumstance drink and drive or enter a car with someone who has been drinkinG! look after yourself and your mates!

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the breath of life festival: sun, march 11th, 2012 NORTH ESK














First Aid

Food & Drink

Information & Eftpos

Media Area

M Merchandise & Cloak Room






hilltop hoods, the livinG end, boy and bear, drapht, short stack, Gypsy and the cat, children collide, the Getaway plan, the aston shuffle , Goodwill, hook n slinG dJ’s

festival lineup saturday

icehouse, eskimo Joe, Grinspoon, Jebediah, Zoophtye, small city liGhts as seen s

on sb



sneaky sound system, the potbelleeZ, tonite only, bombs away, denZal park, danny t, haters, the only, minX, vandalism, helena, dave bertoni, froff

parkway drive, the amity affliction, funkoars, 360, illy, owl eyes, deliGma, the scientists of modern music, save the clocktower, the counterfeit club, kinG carousel

mahalia barnes

Issue No. 144

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roxyjune d o m i n at i n g and pioneering in asia. now ... australia

next ... Europe! With just over 4 years DJ experience ROXYJUNE is already recognised as one of Asia’s dominating female DJs. Now, she is about to grace Australian shores for an explosive tour to showcase her insane skills that earned her the PIONEER DJ FEMALE CHAMPION of 2010. Currently recognised as one of the Hennesy Artistry Show favourites and also a regular on the international Tour circuit ROXYJUNE has already garnered recognition in countries like Korea, Thailand, China/Hong Kong and Malaysia. After this Australian tour she will commence a European tour. Do not miss this one opportunity to see this girl in action. When was the last time we saw a female international DJ in Hobart?

dj robiko the next generation from Sydney From the early days, DJ ROBIKO always had love for music, no matter what genre it was and had love and appreciation for the ways DJ could cut, blend and create mixtapes to enjoy. With the mentoring and teachings of some of the finest DJs in Sydney, DJ ROBIKO was able to progress into the club scene rapidly and gained a place in some of Sydney’s biggest nights. DJ ROBIKO is still young in the club scene, but aims to focus on getting his name out there, known and not forgotten. He continues to grow his skills and adapt to different club venues, different events and different crowd responses. Working with the best and being taught along the way DJ ROBIKO tends to move forward and not look back.

Issue No. 144

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mike hyper in the ‘a’ league Established as one of Australia’s most popular clubrockers to tour Asia consistently, his 17 years of turntable experience leaves crowds in awe. His mixtapes and online video’s have been heard and seen as far as the shores of France to the enthusiastic ears of music lovers in New York, but with the majority of his fans being based around South East Asia, Mike Hyper can be found rocking superclubs all over the Asia/Oceanic region. With a history inspired by DMC Dj’s and turntablists, Mike has been able to incorporate his passion for music into an art Not restricting himself to a single genre, he is regarded as one of the top “Open Genre” Dj’s of his time. Playing with the likes of Chris Brown, Black Eyed Peas & Snoop Dogg to name a few, he has also shared the same stage as Steve Aoki, A-Trak, Craze & Bingo Players, showing the recognition different music industries have for Mike as a DJ & Turntablist. Live Shows To Date: Chris Brown/Rihanna/T-pain/Snoop Dogg/50 Cent & G-Unit (Official Oz Tour DJ)/Akon (Official Concert DJ)/Pitbull (Official Concert DJ)/Naughty By Nature (Official Concert DJ)/Sisqo (Official Concert DJ)/ Nelly/Mario/Slim (112)/Montell Jordan/ Jin/PCD/Fat Man Scoop/Ne-Yo/ DJ Support/Shows: Steve Aoki/A-Trak/Craze/Klever/Don Rimini/Tittsworth/Bingo Players/Mark Ronson/Paolo Mojo/Bag Raiders/Yuksek/ Rusko/Danny Howells Residencies (Australia): Chinese Laundry (Sydney) Voted best club in Australia ( & Voted in top 100 in DJ Mag Sponsors (Past & Present): Xbox 360/Johnny Walker/Chivas Regal/ Heineken/Autosalon (Aus & NZ – Official DJ & Music Co- Ordinator)/THQ (Gaming)/ Virgin Airlines (Australia) Websites:

Issue No. 144

Page 11






Issue No. 144

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yacht club djs sail into hobart

We made it through the apocalyptic start to 2012 with no zombie sightings, but Australia’s own mash-up maestros Yacht Club DJs are about to make sure 2012 gets a dose of ’50s horror throughout March and April when they hit the road on the “They Mostly Come At Night…Mostly” tour. The Yacht Club DJs take to the stage with their take on a B Grade Horror flick – Zombies, fake blood, plus lots of dancing and, as always, nudity. Their first national tour since 2010, Australia best be wary of what they’ve got in store. Ballarat’s Guy Chappell-Lawrence and Gareth (Gaz) Harrison better known as the Yacht Club DJs will take their on-stage antics to the next level preparing to let night terrors loose on Australia. Guy and Gaz - good friends from mingling at the local - found their common ground in their eclectic and diverse taste of music including pop, hardcore and hip-hop plus a little bit of Australian larrikin. Bonding over how they spent their childhood compiling long lists of songs that would get the party started, they began DJing to their friends as residents of Karova Lounge in Ballarat. But it didn’t stop there. They’ve played parties all over Australia to more than just their friends, named on many festival bills including Meredith Music Festival, Splendour In The Grass, Parklife, Falls Festival, Field Day and Groovin’ In The Moo. The Yacht Club DJs take on the mash-up genre and their explosive concoction of classic pop, metal, theme songs and anything in-between is a testament to their knowledge of back catalogues as well as Guy’s constant desire to forage the Internet for hidden gems to get the crowd moving. Adding to the horror party will be the Yacht Club DJs hometown friends, Hunting Grounds. The six-piece with a rambunctious attitude, will rival the Yacht Club DJs as to who can turn the dance floor into a riot. Hunting Grounds took out the crown of 2009 triple j Unearthed High winner and have since moved on from playing in the Ballarat High School hall to national support slots of The Living End, Children Collide and the Philly Jays. The hyperactive energy and frenetic sounds of Hunting Grounds will prepare the crowd for the ramshackle set of Yacht Club DJs. Making it a night to dismember the Yacht Club DJs and Hunting Grounds will show the crowd how debauchery and disruption is done. Catch all the mayhem, Saturday 14 April @ Waratah Hotel, Hobart

cottonmouth brings a grade dubstep to plan B Landing his dubstep mixes of Lady Gaga and Metallica in Soundcloud’s Top 10 tracks for the year, Cottonmouth has built a strong and loyal following in a very short time. Following that was a remix of The Love Theme’s “Indian Girl” that has been featured exclusively by BBC Radio1’s Nihal and shot to Soundcloud’s #1 Hot Tracks position. Today, his original material is in even higher demand than his remixes.

knows live latin act) & The Love Theme aka Dominic Owen (Who has produced tunes for Nas, Lil Kim and Notorious BIG). With all this already accomplished in 2 years you can be expecting a whole lot more from Cottonmouth in 2012 so stay tuned people!!!!

Find us in iTunes, Apple TV and a full range of mobile apps.

* Friday the 23rd of March @ Plan B

Cottonmouth has also had support from Kissy Sell Out BBC Radio 1/Bobby Friction BBC 1xtra and been featured on Detroit Grand Pubahs monthly mix. After his short tour of the US and Australia at the start of the year he has decided to stay in Australia for a year and make decent contacts and enjoy the ozzy sun. He has also recently just signed to Vital Management and a full tour is already in the works for the US mid 2012. On top of that Cottonmouth has now signed to one of dubsteps leading labels Dubsaw Recordings alongside such artists as Flux Pavillion/Funtcase & KOAN Sound who have also released with them. He has a 2 track single out with Dubsaw in 2012. He has also done official remixes for some respectable acts like Zagar (Hungary’s largest selling band and export) N.O.A.H (A globally

Energy FM is Australia’s dance music radio network broadcasting 24 hours a day on 87.8 FM in Hobart, Tasmania.

Issue No. 144

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delicious Miss Licious

Tassie’s ONLY Female Hip Hop n RnB DJ. “Booty Shakin’ Flavaz” Radio Show EDGE RADIO 99.3FM host from 2005 ‘til earlier this year, Resident DJ @ Tattersalls Hotel on Fridays & Saturdays. FOLLOW On Twitter:: @ Miss Licious grew up surrounded with music. With her Family of DJs, Licious grew up with beats from the 50’s right through to Metal and beyond... Annoyed and frustrated with the lack of variety of music at the rnb club nighhts, Licious (then known as REDD) was asked to do a radio show for local radio station Edge Radio 99.3 FM. BOOTY SHAKIN FLAVAZ was born and soon bacame a hit right around Hobart and with world wide listeners from places such as New Zealand, China, Ireland and the USA.

masterclass by DJ NUFE

She soon formed a bond with up and coming Producer “Simon Illa” and continued to showcase alot of his beats. Simon produced the BOOTY SHAKIN FLAVAZ theme song “Shake That” that became an icon for the show. The show ran for 5 years, but unfortunatly due to other work related commitments is presently not airing.

Nufe started his DJing career in Launceston on community radio in1989 as a host of City Park Radio’s long running hip hop show “GhettoBlast”.

Licious (aka Redd) was a Resident DJ at local Pool Hall POOL ON LIVERPOOL/The Loft, playing bday parites, house parties and of course showcasing her URBAN BEATZ whenever she could. Licious brought down “DJ SPIN EASY” (USA) and as apart of a night to incorperate alot of small businesses around Hobart, local Pole Dancing Class Instructor “Sara”, local Hip Hop Shop “URBAN CRIB” to do a Fashion Show Night and even incorperated 2 local MCs FABIO & PRO.

He studied audio engineering at TAFE in 1994. One of the tracks he had engineered during the course was commercially released on CD.

From the success of the HIP HOP HOORAY PARTY, Licious went on to support FABIO & PRO with radio spots and organised a few events for them to showcase their music to a wider community than what they previously had access to. She continues to support them through mentorship and getting their beatz across at anychance. Miss Licious is one of the Resident DJs at Tattersalls Hotel - Curly’s Bar & The Rooftop Saturdays, Resident for the NEW Hobart Club Night LUSH, and currently the ONLY Female DJ playing Hip Hop n RnB in Hobart!!!

He later moved from music into film and television, working as an audio director at Sky Channel and audio visual consultant for Sony.


In late 2008, Nufe and singer/songwriter Carl Fidler (Mayfield /Dead Abigails) formed “Hicksville” and Nufe moved back to Launceston to work on an album.

If you love your Hip Hop & RnB, House, Dance and Electro, make sure YOU come along .... n join in the fun @ The After Party, Lloyd’s Hotel, Launceston, Sunday, March 11th

By 1992 he was regularly DJing around Launceston at The Launceston Hotel, Batman Fawkner Hotel and The Pavillion.

Moving to Hobart in early 1995 he was playing alongside international act “Reel 2 Real” still riding high from their club hit “I Like To Move It” Midway through the year, he moved to Sydney when he was offered an internship at a Damien Gerrard Sound Studios.

Nufe’s passion for film and television put the DJing and music production on the back burner for a time. He began freelancing for various production companies, even occasionally finding himself in front of a camera as extras in The Wachowski Brothers “Matrix Revolutions”and SBS TV’s “Pizza”

The self titled debut was released the following year on iTunes and beatport. The video for the single “Eat My Bits” was played on ABC TV’s “Rage” twice in two weeks. After the release of the album, he worked at Southern Cross Television in Launceston,

Issue No. 144

where he edited commercials, mixed audio and even directed a one hour news bulletin on Black Saturday. He still DJs around Launceston, most notably at the Mix’n’Dorphin parties, but also playing at Hotel New York, The Northern Club and The Saloon. Currently Nufe is working on a second Hicksville album at Andrew “Forthy” Forth’s studio in Launceston. Experince a true professional in action, @ @ The After Party, Lloyd’s Hotel, Launceston, Sunday, March 11th

Page 14

northern original music has talent:

summer edmunds Thurs 1

By Scott Webb

Christina Olsen and Peter Grayling

in the Boatshed $25 cover

Hey guys, what a wonderful month it was for Launceston original music, with both Lloyd’s Hotel and The Royal Oak putting on some big nights!

Fri 2 Toot, Toot, Toots and The Cubas in the Boatshed $5 cover

Before I get into that I would like to make a special mention to Nathan Wheldon and his band ‘Small City Lights’.

Sat 3 Boxmoney with support Inertia in the bar 930 start

Late last year Small City Lights went and auditioned for Australia’s Got Talent and, to no surprise, they got through! The next stage was to fly to the mainland to strut their stuff again. The guys made such an impression that even Brian McFadden tweeted how impressed he was with Tassie’s talent!

Sun 4 open folk session in the bar 5pm start Wed 7 Mick Attard in the bar

Now, I’m not sure as to what happens next, but keep your eye on the show to see how they went!

Thurs 8 Live Music in the bar Fri 9

Good luck guys!!!

Luke Leggs & the Midnight Specials in the boatshed

Lloyds had a great mix of local talent take the stage throughout the month.

Sat 10 Sugarcane Collins in the boatshed Sun 11 Open Folk Session from 5pm Wed 14 Andy Collins in the bar Thurs 15 Samuel Bester in the bar Fri 16 Future Recollection w. Sunset Riot and The Ritz in the Boatshed Sat 17 Pugsley Buzzard in the Boatshed

First night for the month was girls’ night! Sara Neap and Summer Edmunds both did amazing sets for the crowd. Both of these girls have great voices and are quite the song writers! Next up was METAL NIGHT! Local metal band Ruin of Gaia and Devonport outfit Dementia rocked Lloyds with impressive sets, both were solid performers, the beer garden was a sea of black and long hair! The last week saw a crippled Billy Bennett play with his band 7th St Entry. I say crippled because Billy was playing with a broken elbow! Man that guy is good, even with only one arm! Following them was Launceston’s alternative outfit Future Recollection. FR played one of their last 3 remaining gigs, the band is breaking up at the end of next month, catch them for their last 2 shows at The Oak on the 16th and the 31st March...I dare say I will miss those guys!

Sun 18 Open folk session in the bar Wed 21 Luke Bennett Trio in the bar Thurs 22 7th Street Entry in the bar Fri 23 The Beards with Enola Fall and The Stiffies in the boatshed tickets $20 door or $15 pre-sale ( Sat 24 L.B.C Full Tilt Boogie in the Boatshed Wed 28 Open Mic Night in the bar $12 jugs Boags Thurs 29 Live Music Fri 30 Younger Dryas in the bar Sat 31 Future Recollection with Taberah and Wizard in the Boatshed

The Oak had some great nights, last the great Guthrie rocked the boatshed with support from the Stayns and Boxmoney! Not much to be said about a Guthrie show other than both Liam and Luke really know how to work a crowd and rock your little cotton socks off! If you have never been… get onto it!!! Hotel New York played host to the Breath Of Life Playoffs last Friday night, a bunch of local acts strutted their stuff in front of a panel of judges to win a spot on the bill! One band in particular must have put on quite a show because Small City Lights won the chance to play at the much anticipated festival! Well done guys! For more info on what’s coming up this month make sure you check out the gig guide and surf Facebook for news on local artists making their way round the town!





14 Brisbane Street, Launceston 6331 5346

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Gig.Guide - 7th march to 3rd april If you’d like your gigs included, email details to

Monday March 5th

//Hobart Republic Bar - Quiz Night Tuesday March 6th //Hobart Republic Bar - Mark Easton Wednesday March 7th //Hobart Irish Murphy’s - Joel Everard The Alley Cat - Ed’s anniversary memorial gig Republic Bar - Phil Edgeley Thursday March 8th //Hobart Irish Murphy’s - Kriegan Hill The Alley Cat - Luke Leggs and the Midnight Specials Republic bar - Sugarcain Collins $5 Brookfield Margate - Sitar Lounge Friday March 9th //Hobart Irish Murphy’s - Sambo, Joel Everard, Dr Fink Republic Bar - Funk Band $5 The Grand Poobah - Around the World in 80 Tunes with Dirty Lawless and the boys The Alley Cat - Truckshow & The Heron Collective Brisbane Hotel - The Go Set Brookfield Margate - Phil Edgeley & James Michael Thomson //Launceston Hotel New York – Ladies Night Saturday March 10th //Hobart Irish Murphy’s - Sambo, Pirates of the Cover Scene Republic Bar - Dr Don Don $10 The Grand Poobah - The Roobs, Squid Cinema & The True Spunks The Alley Cat - Stone Troll, Lizard Johnny & Kreigan Hill Brookfield Margate - In the Dark & Alistair Brown //Launceston Inveresk Precinct – Breath of Life Festival The Pizza Pub - Peter Kalla Sunday March 11th //Hobart Irish Murphy’s – Ian Murtagh, Micheal Clennett Republic Bar - Dorothy-Jane Gosper Band

Brookfield Margate - The Sign & Neil Gibson //Launceston Inveresk Precinct – Breath of Life Festival Lloyds Hotel – Generation presents The After Party 9pm til Late Monday March 12th

Sunday March 18th

Monday March 26th

//Hobart Irish Murphy’s - Ian Murtagh, Joel Everard Brookfield Margate - Pugsley Buzzard Republic Bar - Goulburn too Gallery Exhibition: Woven - Diana Mickalek, Marcia Jones-Hizz & Van Walker and Liz Stranger

//Hobart Republic Bar - Quiz

Monday March 19th

//Hobart Brookfield Margate - Alan Gogall & Peter Kalla Tuesday March 13th

//Hobart Republic Bar - G.B. Balding (Finger Pickin’ Blues) Tuesday March 20th

//Hobart Republic Bar - Baker Boys Band Brookfield Margate - Peter Kalla

//Hobart Republic Bar – Hoot Owl and Twice Bitten

Wednesday March 14th

Wednesday March 21st

//Hobart Irish Murphy’s - Mickey & Kazu Republic Bar - Joe Piere & The Blackberries

//Hobart Irish Murphy’s - Micheal Clennett Republic Bar - The Ray Martians The Grand Poobah - Opiuo

Thursday March 15th

Friday March 16th //Hobart Irish Murphy’s - Micheal Clennett, Joel Everard, Vendetta Brookfield Margate - Acoustic Night The Grand Poobah - Gutter Parties, Pines, Rosegarland, Squid Cinema, Prarie Dawgs, DJ Dustybottom The Alley Cat - The Tokyo Room Brisbane Hotel – Celadore Lush Lounge - BKK “One Night In Bangkok” Ft DJ ROXY JUNE //Launceston Hotel New York – Ladies Night //Ulverstone Oz Rock Inn - Pugsley Buzzard Saturday March 17th //Hobart Irish Murphy’s - Joel Everard, Vendetta, Mashups Republic Bar - Hermitude + Sietta $17/20 Brisbane Hotel – Laura ($12) The Grand Poobah - Turndizzle Presents: The Bigbadboogiebass Show The Alley Cat - Pearly Whites, Smokestack, Skunker Bunker Family Band & Nick Papadakis Lush Lounge - FEAT DJ W.w DJ MIKE HYPER DJ ROBIKO //Launceston Royal Oak - Pugsley Buzzard The Pizza Pub - Celadore - ‘Bakery’ Tour 2012 w/ The Crazy 88s, Lassos for Lungs

//Hobart Republic Bar - Peter Hicks & The Blues Licks Wednesday March 28th //Hobart Irish Murphy’s – Joel Everard Republic Bar - The Sign Thursday March 29th //Hobart Irish Murphy’s - The Sign Republic Bar – Swump Friday March 30th

//Hobart Irish Murphy’s - Radio Silence Republic Bar - Lucky Wonders $5 The Grand Poobah – Rapskallion

//Hobart Irish Murphy’s - Alex Hutchins, Joel Everard, Atari 26 Hundred Brookfield Margate - Pierre Bensusen Republic Bar - Boil Up $5 The Grand Poobah - Lets Boogie 2 The Alley Cat - King Carousel //Launceston Hotel New York – Ladies Night

Friday March 23rd

Saturday March 31st

//Hobart Irish Murphy’s - Sambo, Joel Everard, Dr Fink Brookfield Margate - Jez Lowe Republic Bar - Mick Thomas + Shelley Short (USA) $20pre/$25door Plan B - Cottonmouth ($10) The Alley Cat - Sam Cole & Nell DeGrassi //Launceston Hotel New York – Ladies Night

//Hobart Irish Murphy’s - Sambo, Vendetta Brookfield Margate - Wayne Lunson Republic Bar - Ben Wells & The Middle Names (CD Launch) + Acumen + Stu Larsen + Jed Appleton The Grand Poobah - Columbian Dance Party The Alley Cat - Andrew Swift, Linc Le Fevre & Escapegoats Brisbane Hotel - Aleks & The Ramps with Friends

Thursday March 22nd

//Hobart Irish Murphy’s – Darlington Republic Bar & Café - Pugsley Buzzard

Tuesday March 27th

Saturday March 24th //Hobart Irish Murphy’s - Sambo, Pirates of the cover scene Republic Bar - The Beards $15/20door Brookfield Margate - Rapskallion The Grand Poobah - Boil Up The Alley Cat - My Girlfriends Sister //Launceston The Pizza Pub - Dig, The Hamburgers, Freya Morgan Hotel New York - Dixie-- Bomb Squad-Melb Sunday March 25th //Hobart Irish Murphy’s - Joel Everard Republic Bar - Wahbash Avenue Brookfield Margate - The Lucky Wonders The Alley Cat – Rapskallion

Issue No. 144

Sunday April 1st //Hobart Republic Bar - Cake Walking Babies Tuesday April 3rd //Hobart Republic Bar - Blue Flies Wednesday April 4th //Hobart Republic Bar - Geoff Allan The Grand Poobah - The Freshly Breaked Easter Extravaganza featuring The Freestylers (UK), Adam Turner, Mez, Lids, Dagwood & Sami

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INSOMNIA, MEMORY LOSS OR PSYCHOLOGICAL PROBLEMS. ECSTASY. FACE FACTS. For more information call 1800 250 015 or visit

Authorised by the Australian Government, Capital Hill, Canberra.



ECSTASY. FACE FACTS. For more information call 1800 250 015 or visit

Authorised by the Australian Government, Capital Hill, Canberra.

Issue No. 144

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Issue No. 144

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Do yourself a favour and check this threepiece powerhouse hard rock band! As I have never understood why there popularity hasn’t reached Australia. The band writes well-crafted heavy melodic tunes worthy to be flogged on radio. Chevelle’s sixth album offers there trademark sound of hard hitting anthem hard rock mixed with a few acoustic numbers. Constantly being compared to clones of their influences Tool and Helmet and being classed as a Christianity group is all a load of tripe, there nothing alike and don’t preach. First single Face To The Floor is one track that signifies great tunes to follow, pummelling bass lines, smashing drums and chunky riffs giving you no option but to listen at thunderous volume. Songs Same Old Trip and Hats Off To The Bull are in the same vein as the first single and contenders for next single. The band has the capability of producing a full acoustic album, with tracks Prima Donna and Indifference shining through amongst all the roaring heaviness, singling out Pete Loeffler singing abilities as a brilliant vocalist. Pete’s brother Sam produces straight-forward drum playing yet always fitting with every song and never comes across monotonous. Bassist Dean Bernardini who’s the brother-in-law to the Loffler’s, bass lines are always audible through each song instead of being buried in the sound. Chevelle Continue the same recipe that’s always been faithful to them since 1999, having been a fan since there second album I’m yet to be disappointed! David Walker 9/10

Lamb Of God Resolution Love them or hate them, you can’t deny the bands popularity growing with each new release. It’s the band your grandparents will never appreciate, that band that pisses your girlfriend off every time you play it in the car, but something that makes fans of the band feel ecstatic! The bands seventh studio album is what you come to expect of LOG – solid ballbursting metal to send you head-banging like a frenzied bobble-head on a thousand Red Bulls! A mix of previous albums ‘Ashes Of The Wake’ and ‘Sacrament’ are what’s on offer with this release, total raw heaviness with some irresistible groovemetal numbers. First single ‘Ghost Walking’ begins with a spasmodic bluesy acoustic intro which is cut short ruthlessly unravelling in to mosh-friendly goodness which gets you grooving. Track ‘Number Six’ full of thrashy sound and a groove orientated chorus, sitting more favourably with the band than your full-throttle wall of sound on track ‘Cheated.’ The epic album closer ‘King Me’ is well crafted with its spoken word and orchestrated string sections combined with the bands signature sound.This album will sit comfortably with all fans regardless if you only like everything the band has done post ‘Sacrament.’ LOG has strived to impress both sides of the spectrum offering a release that is guaranteed to be one for those angry individuals looking for full-blown chunks of heavy metal. The band excels either way they go; there will be a constant loyal following for the band for as long as they exist. David Walker 8/10

WOW, this is a band that should have a lot more recognition then what they receive! Hailing from Birmingham in Alabama their blend of southern dirty metalcore music has evolved through the bands four albums. The band’s first three albums spanned the concept story of Ma barker And Her Sons, a criminal gang of the 1930’s, with each song being a chapter from the humble beginnings to the Barker’s family fateful end. The bands fourth album delves into new story content with topics of emotional comfort, being saved and fate. Firstly this album is more commercial and accessible then the first three. Most noticeably being Dallas Taylors (ex Underoath) vocals, showing that the front-man has a vocal range then just spewing vocals out like an average metalcore singer. It’s an album that will lose a lot of fans who are used to the bands super foot stomping harsh sound. The band manages to keep their underlying signature southern sound that would surpass most mainstream rock music that’s played on popular radio. Every song is solid with stand-out tracks ‘Open Your Eyes, ‘Fate Games’ and ‘Never Enough’ being three of the heavier songs. Song ‘Drought Of 85’ is your traditional acoustic MATSOD song full of thought and reflection, rounding out the album exceptionally. I personally enjoyed every song on the album, regardless of the new direction the band has decided upon, there direction has worked. Understandably this is not everybody’s taste of music but you can be reassured it’s easy to get hooked on the band’s sound with a few listens. David Walker 8.5/10

His best material since ‘I’m Your Man’ and ‘The Future’ – a massive return to form after the frankly perplexing ‘Dear Heather’ and politely received but unmemorable ‘Ten New Songs.’ Surprisingly this is only Cohen’s twelth studio album (on average he takes 4-9 years to make an album, this one took only 2 and there is rumored to be enough leftover for a second album. The 78 year old Buddhist Monk is in fine form and despite being a somewhat glum chap, Captain Mandrax, opens proceedings with, dare I say it, some humor, when he croons in that unmistakable bass baritone, ‘I love to speak to Leonard, he’s a sportsman and a shepherd, he’s a lazy bastard, living in a suit’ that prove beyond doubt that his poetic gifts and ability to mock himself remain as strong as ever. Teaming up with Patrick Leonard, the man who wrote ‘Like A Prayer’, ‘Cherish’and ‘La Isla Bonita’ for Madonna is a partnership that delivers three exceptional songs, notably the Tom Waits gospel inspired, ‘Show Me The Place.’ Another new collaborator is Anjani with whom he co-wrote her 2006 solo album, ‘Blue Alert.’ Surfacing from that period is the stripped back acoustic guitar driven ‘Crazy To Love You’ which would not sound out of place on his 1960’s era material. In fact many of these songs were written on acoustic guitar, the Grocer of Despair having regained his chops after years of playing keys. Sharon Robbinson, the co-writer of his best recent material (‘Everybody Knows’) is also featured here. Matt Sertori





Many would know Deb as the female vocalist from ARIA award winning, Wild Pumpkins at Midnight, or more recently as one half of the blues/roots Fringe Dwellers. Like her contemporaries, Deb had always enjoyed more recognition in Europe. Angie Hart and Monique Brumby have publicly acknowledged the importance of Manskey’s influence. I won’t go into why it took 13 years to make this album, but in many ways the songs tell so many beautiful stories of sadness and sorrow, perhaps it’s better to let the music tell the story. This is stripped back acoustic album, just vocal and guitar. “Drowning On Dry Land’ is perhaps the most intense song on this album, far more intimidating that anything PJ Harvey, Sinead O’Conner or Patti Smith have ever committed to tape. Sandy Bay’ is an un-mistakenly Tasmanian song, capturing feel of the suburb and referencing the landmarks, as John Lennon did when he sang the Rubber Soul era, ‘In My Life.’ But it’s not an entirely miserable experience, ‘Mr Invincible’ is a wonderful up-tempo slice of pop, as is ‘Beautiful Life.’ This album has been a long time in the making, it might be more accurately described as a greatest hits album, no doubt the toughest decision was deciding which of the hundreds of great songs she wrote in its preparation to banish to the orphanage. Manskey possesses one of the finest voices imaginable and if you buy this album you will discover, she is also one of the finest songwriters. Matt Sertori

Boy and Bear and Goyte may win all the Arias, but if there is any justice on God’s earth, the next big thing has got to be Ballpark Music. Currently headlining a national tour and playing sell out shows everywhere, Ballpark Music are writing some of the catchiest hook laden pop in the history of Australian music. This album contains at least 7 songs that could be contenders for all time classic Australian singles. The only reason only two made the Triple J Hot 100 is because fans obviously split their votes between an embarrassment of riches. What works for these guys are the brilliant iconic lyrics of songs like ‘Sad Rude Future Dude’ with its ‘I haven’t had a friend in years, I only have sex with myself’ hook that audiences hear once and sing along with immediately at live shows. Musically this is great band, blessed with a female bass player who is a fantastic backing singer and a quirky new wave keyboardist who doubles up as a trombone player. ‘Rich People Are Stupid’ is the hardest rocking track here and contains the anthemic line, ‘on my way to work, it’s Sunday morning and I feel mighty fine’ – it’s infectious pop and a song so perfect it hurts. ‘Shithaus’ has a hook influenced by Hawian music and is the best use of the phrase ‘AAAAAAAAAAAH’ in the history of rock. ‘Ifly’ is the one with the ‘I f**king love, I think your pretty’ lyric which is a live favorite. My only issue with this band is wondering how they will ever manage to top an album this good. Matt Sertori

From the moment I saw the charming pastel illustration of a very familiar Tasmanian sandstone house, this album felt like it was opening up its doors and invited me inside for a massive glass of red. The opening track, ‘Robin Hood’ is the stand out song on this release, containing a great riff and a feel that is reminmisicent of Modest Mouse, frankly it is a song that deserves to make any alternative radio station’s high rotation play list. In contrast ‘A Good Read’ is based around a dramatic and intense piano riff that suggests a darker side to proceedings. The jangly joyous ‘ My Dear Summer’ is pure Frente, it bounces along like the Beatles ‘Ob-Li-Di’ and like much of this album incorporates a unique violin sound, that gives the album a contemporary folk flourish – no doubt comparisons will be made to Boy and Bear. ‘Hey’ is yet another pop gem, a duet with violinist, Hannah Foyley, whose vocal performance is so accomplished, it made me want to find more about this unique performer. ‘Sinners’ closes the record and is a charming stripped back acoustic demo that drifts along like Paul Kelly’s ‘Careless’ – it’s a great track and beautiful finale for a powerful collection of songs. Having seen this band open at Falls, it is clear to me that they have what it takes to establish themselves on the festival circuit, with a live sound that is reminiscent of Josh Pyke Matt Sertori

Issue No. 144

The art on this cleverly packaged album is a serious of black and white pencil illustrations linked to the themes explored on the album and is quiet brilliant. Instrumentally, Josh has put together a strong band as well, the hard working Melbourne based, Joel Stibbard (Gallant Trees), the massively talented Prairie Nischler on backing vocals and another well known local singer songwriter, Gretel Templeton plays the violin. In contrast, the touring band are the Radio Silence boys and a man named Wookie, who looks uncannily like Chewbacca. So the packaging, instrumentation and production values are on the money, but what about the songs? The best song in this collection is ‘The House That Jack and Jill Built’ – it has a killer hook, a bridge where Josh sings ‘you put too much water in your mortar’ – I have no idea what that means but I love it and having seen it live would say his new band, the Sketches deliver the more definitive version. The collection concludes with the hard rocking, ‘After Party’ which I have to admit goes off live and is usually the one he ends his sets with. The recorded version is more polished and reminisnent of the Crowdies song, ‘Locked Out.’ It’s a great track for highlighting the range in Durno’s vocals, his tenor voice hits the high notes in a manner that sends a shiver down the spine in a way few singers do these days. Matt Sertori

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THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE WOLFMOTHER Within a decade the rambunctious Australian rock band Wolfmother have done and seen it all, with two albums, two line-up changes, a hiatus, a multitude of awards and nominations within Australia and overseas and not to mention having a song feature in the most epic part of Shrek 2.

They are a band with an incredibly distinctive sound and ability to mix heavy old school riffs with their singer’s distinctive and thrilling voice. Wolfmother have the gift of creating catchy and solid rock songs. They are a band that has weathered the storm of an almost indefinite hiatus. After two founding members decided to leave, they are lucky to have a front man like Andrew Stockdale to captain the almighty ship that is Wolfmother. As he plugged the leaks that the former bassist and drummer created with Aidan Nemeth, Ian Peres and Dave Atkins. Stockdale managed to create a new four piece,

who played under the name of White Feather for a short time before reclaiming the moniker of Wolfmother to restore it to its former glory and shortly after released Cosmic Egg and has continued from strength to strength since.

“…and you’re in a really good band and it’s like a brethren, like a brotherhood and you’re in there and you’re all kind of. You forget you’re even playing this music, you just lose yourself in this groove.” – Andrew Stockdale, front man. There is a kind energy that is brought forth especially with early, iconic songs off their debut album ‘Wolfmother’, peaking at number 3 on the Australian charts, such as ‘Woman’ and ‘Joker and the thief’ have given way to the newer sound of ‘Cosmic Egg’ which again reached number 3 on Australian charts but both albums have the raw sound that was made for touring and playing live which is what they are best at. Stockdale admits that they write their music for the live stage and while they are always progressing and moving forward, they will continue to play

their older hits for that fact that “…those songs like ‘Woman’ and ‘Joker and the thief’ are always good live.

“We wrote them for a gig, for a live context so it suits it, it just works and gets the band going and that’s the beauty of a hit. You get a hit song and that thing just works, I don’t know why but it just keeps working. I don’t fight it, I’m not conflicted about it.” And like any good Australian rock band they are inspired by the legends of pub crawls and getting a crowd riled up, ACDC. Taking inspiration from the attitude and larrikin charm that comes through on records such as TNT, Wolfmother have used the energy of those who have come before to lead way to a new future of rock. But now Wolfmother have fans on the edge of their seats with talk of a very near release of a third album. Andrew Stockdale, the long standing singer of Wolfmother, with that unforgettable

Issue No. 144

fro, tells us of 15 very strong songs all in postproduction which in his own words “Have a bit of swagger, magic and attitude of the first record. It’s got that rock and roll, that certain thing.” Undeniably the band is rearing and ready to go with their newest album, only to be held up by the rigmarole of their label, (but that’s no skin off their nose) when they get to play with a rock legend like Lenny Kravitz over the next month during his Australian tour. They’re setting sail for things better and bigger than before. Revisiting Kravitz’s older work and getting themselves excited for the first tour with Hamish from the Vines set to fill in for former Drummer, Dave Atkins, Wolfmother, along with The Cranberries, are supporting Lenny Kravitz, who will play at the Derwent Entertainment Center on March 28th. Written by Zara Gudnason Like the Facebook page, ‘Sauce Magazine’ to find out how you can win a double pass to the gig!

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travel enriches pugsley buzzard Prepare to be booglarized by one of Australia`s finest consummate artists. Pugsley Buzzard has performed all over the world from the smoky jazz cellars of Berlin to downtown New Orleans the womb of the blues.

Pugsley has dazzled and delighted audiences far wide with his unique blend of dark hoodoo blues, good time rollicking boogie and blazing stride style piano playing in conjunction with his huge mesmerizing voice that can make the ladies sigh and grown men cry. A recipe for loads of fun. Friday March 16 Oz Rock Inn 10 Beach Road, Ulverstone Bookings: 03 64251120 ---------------------------------------------------Saturday March 17 Royal Oak 14 Brisbane Street, Launceston, 9 pm -----------------------------------Sunday March 18 Brookfield Vineyard 1640 Channel Highway, Margate, 3 pm

SUGARCANE COLLINS’ BELOVED is THE BLUES Queensland bluesman Sugarcane Collins is back this summer and doing what he does best, touring the east coast of Australia. Not too many performers load up the truck and spend ten to twelve weeks travelling ten to twelve thousand kilometers from north to south and back again. But for this one of a kind singer/ songwriter/guitarist - it is a labour of love. Says Collins “ Just like the old timers in the deep south of the USA, going from town to town playing the highways and byways is what the blues is all about “. The image of the wandering bluesman travelling up and down the continent driving long hours to play in rowdy bars deep into the night may not be everyone’s idea of fun, but Sugarcane is glad about being out on the road again. “ It’s a real adventure. I’m always making new friends, seeing new sights, finding new places to play. l love it “ says Collins. With a strong personal narrative pulsing through his songs the albums BARRON DELTA BLUE ( 1999 ) and LAKE STREET SERENADE ( 2003 ) brought him multiple awards and much critical acclaim. But it was the release of WAY DOWN THE RIVER ( 2006 ) that has cemented his place in the upper echelons of blues performers. Described by critics in the USA as “outstanding” “remarkable” “authentic” “masterpiece”, in this country it received highest honours by winning the Australian Blues Album of the Year. Mike Daly of the Melbourne AGE said “ Collins has achieved such an authentic sound it’s hard to believe all 13 tracks are home-grown Cairns originals”. A hardened road warrior, Sugarcane Collins rides the blues highway all over the world for all he is worth. In 2009 he made history by being the very first Australian to play the blues in Argentina and in 2010 he added Turkey to his itinerary when he appeared at the Kas Rock & Blues Festival. Thirty years on the road as a professional musician coupled with a deep understanding of blues history makes for great entertainment whenever this spellbinding solo blues performer commands the stage. Thurs. March 8 Republic Bar Elizabeth Street, Hobart, 9 pm ------------------------------Fri. March 9 Southport Tavern 8777 Huon Highway, Southport Tas. 9 pm ------------------------------------Sat. March 10 Royal Oak Brisbane Street, Launceston 9 pm --------------------------------------Sun. March 11 Longley Hotel Huon Road, Longley 3. 30 pm

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Western Australian conservation group, Save the Kimberly. Nor is hip local Adam Cousens a stranger to singing for a cause and has been known to play at local benefit concerts. McGuire’s Eve of Destruction is almost as famous for the line, “You’re old enough to kill, but not for votin’” as for the song itself. Shamefully, at least a generation after the vicious and ultimately pointless Vietnam war, that line could still apply to Australia, where you can still join the Australian Defence Force if you’re younger than 18. So it still stands in Australia that you can be a solider before you can vote. And that just ain’t right. Improving democracy may not be sexy but it’s often improving the boring nuts-and-bolts issues which can bring about real change. Take political donations. Currently, big business gives millions to MPs and political parties. Corporations don’t spend this money because of generosity or altruism. They spend it because it will help further their business aims, whether selling more ciggies, bombs or booze. And when that money comes from Big Tobacco, Big Pharma, gambling, property developers, arms manufacturers etc etc, who all expect bang for their big bucks, that presents a real dilemma for our democratic system. Especially Tasmania’s, which although one of the world’s fairest, still lags most other Australian states and territories by not having its own political donations laws.

Money talks! So speak up on political donations As Tasmania’s bastion of quality music hackery, Sauce readers may or may not be familiar with last year’s viral pop sensation, Rebecca Black. (That’s viral as in dangerous disease, as well as internet hit.) The US poppet is notorious for her uber-frothy track, Friday, the crux of which is her teenangsting over whether to sit in the front or back of her friend’s car. It’s a tough life. Listen to it at your peril - exposure may result in bleeding ears. Sadly, Friday will probably be lost to the mists of time. Or remembered by future generations for all the wrong reasons.

The Australian political system received about $231 million in political donations in 2010-2011. Unlike Friday, there are some tracks which seem automatically destined for the United Nation’s Official Best Songs Ever directory. But some are just instant classics. And some are just aren’t. Like Friday. Barry McGuire’s Eve of Destruction is definitely on the UN’s list. It might be nearly 50 years old, but what with war, climate change and financial meltdown as our collective and pretty depressing wallpaper, McGuire’s anti-Vietnam anthem has never seemed more relevant. Step into the indie scene and people like John Butler, Xavier Rudd and Blue King Brown power messages through music at Make poverty History concerts and at environmental protests, such as the Walk Against Warming in Tasmania’s Florentine forest last year or advocating for the

But Tasmanian voters are kept stupid by the system because we go to the ballot box not knowing which company is putting how much money into an MPs’ pocket. Donations under $11,500 are anonymous but a single donor can still make multiple donations, or split it between states. Or make a donation to the NSW Liberals, who could then privately share the cash with the Tasmanian Liberals. More money means more influence, for example, for a candidate to buy adverts or pay for campaign staff. It can also mean that if they’re a completely hopeless candidate, who wouldn’t otherwise stand a chance, they are more likely to get elected just because they’re cashed up.

But democracy is not for sale. Or shouldn’t be. Reforming political donations is just one part of reforming our democracy. There’s also lowering the voting age to 16, which could enfranchise a whole new generation. And there’s e-voting. Is there any good reason why this isn’t being pioneered, especially when most people are online 24/7? So what can you do? For a start, you can give a stuff. You’re paying Tasmania’s Parliament and the MPs’ salaries, after all. And right now, around the world, in places like Syria and Egypt, people are dying in the struggle to enjoy the democratic rights we often take for granted. Yes, politics can be a turn off, but if you’ve got a better suggestion for a political system, answers on a postcard, please. After years of tip-toeing around the issue, Labor has finally agreed to act on political donations. Attorney General, Brian Wightman MP, has agreed to ban political donations by Big Tobacco. But this is just the start of cleaning up our democracy. So that this isn’t a wasted opportunity, it’s important that as many people as possible have their say. And that means you. So what I’m saying is say whatever you like about reforming political donations. But don’t say nothing. You can find out more on au or politicaldonations Tell Lara Giddings and Mr Wightman what you think they should be doing about political donations. All you have to do is email legislation. It doesn’t have to be long or detailed or profound – what counts is that you have your say. The choice is yours. You can agonise over whether to sit in the front seat or back seat. Or you can sit in the driver’s seat. Tom Allen works in Nick McKim MP’s Franklin electorate office. For more info on political donations or cleaning up our democracy, call 03 6233 8300

10th March Peter Kalla

17th March

Celadore - 'Bakery' Tour 2012 w/ The Crazy 88s, Lassos for Lungs

24th March

Dig, The Hamburgers, Freya Morgan $5 cover charge

SPECIAL: Regular pizza + 10oz Beer + band entry for $20

111 Wellington Street Launceston, Ph 6334 2322 PIZPUB-bands-poster.indd 1

Issue No. 144

19/10/2011 12:39:57 PM

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the drama downunder & sti’s Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are infections that are transmitted through close body contact, usually sexual. Sexual contact includes anal or vaginal penetration, oral sex, as well as touching, fingering or oral contact with the penis, anus or vagina. STIs can be caused by viruses (e.g. HIV, herpes, genital warts), bacteria (e.g. chlamydia, gonorrhoea), or parasites (e.g. crabs, scabies). The presence of an inflammatory STI (chlamydia or gonorrhoea), or an ulcerative one (genital herpes, syphilis, etc) increases the risk of getting, or passing on, HIV, even when there are no symptoms. When should you have an STI test? The more sex you have, the more frequently you should have a sexual health check-up to test for HIV and other STIs. All men who have sex with men should have a full sexual health check at least once a year, even if you only have one regular partner. If you or your partner have casual sex outside of your relationship, both of you should get tested. If you’re HIV positive, and are sexually active, it is recommended that these HIV positive men should have a syphilis test every 3 months as part of their routine HIV monitoring. You should also ask your doctor to test for the full range of STIs at the same time. It is also recommended that HIV-positive men should have a hepatitis C test once a year. If you are in a new relationship, monogamous or otherwise, it is advisable for you both to get a check-up as either of you may have contracted an STI from a previous partner. Indications (i.e. symptoms) that you may have an STI include: • • •

An unusual discharge from your penis Itching or stinging when you urinate Sores, blisters or rashes in the genital or anal area

Even if you show no symptoms, it is possible to have an STI and pass on the infection – especially if the infection is in the rectum or throat. Testing is the only way to know. You can register to receive free and confidential e-mail or SMS reminders to go for a sexual health check-up, using the Remind Me service on the Drama Downunder website (www. What happens in an STI test? You can get a sexual health check from a GP or from a sexual health clinic. Sexual health clinics offer confidential STI (including HIV) testing, treatment and information. Specialist medical, nursing, counselling and interpreter services are also available. Public sexual health clinics are free, you don’t need your Medicare card, and you can be anonymous if you wish. Free condoms and lube are also available, and sometimes also needle and syringe programs. When you go for a sexual health check, your doctor will assess your risk by asking a series of questions about your sexual history. A full sexual health check-up should include all of the tests listed below. If you don’t have any symptoms a routine checkup should involve a: • • • • • •

Blood test for HIV; Blood test for syphilis and hepatitis A and B and, depending on your risk, for Hepatitis C Urine sample for chlamydia; Anal swabs for gonorrhoea and chlamydia (even if you aren’t anally penetrated, as STIs can be transmitted by activities like rimming and fingering); Throat swab for gonorrhoea; and Physical examination for genital herpes, genital warts, pubic lice and scabies.

If you have symptoms you may be offered different tests. An STI test can be done regardless of whether

“A STI screen at the Sexual Health Service is free of charge and totally confidential”

you have symptoms or not. For rectal or throat (pharyngeal) tests a swab will be taken with what looks like a long cotton bud. Swabs can be taken from the mouth, anus and penis. Some practitioners will let you take your own anal swabs if this is more comfortable for you. If you are concerned or feel uncomfortable about having swabs taken perhaps go to a sexual health clinic as they do these tests every day. For blood-borne viruses (BBV), such as HIV and hepatitis C, and bacterial diseases such as syphilis you will need to have a blood test. A small vial of blood will be taken for testing. Health care workers cannot test for STIs and BBVs without your permission. Test results can take up to seven to ten days to come back and you may need to make another appointment to receive these results in person. Telling: If you have an STI, or had one recently, contact all the people you’ve had sex with recently and suggest they get tested. Sometimes this isn’t easy. You might find it hard to tell your sex partners you have an STI.

Sexual Health Service Contact Details:

It is important to talk to your sex partners so they can get tested and treated too.


03 6233 3557 03 6336 2216 03 6421 7759 03 6434 6315

Sometimes a sexual health centre will anonymously contact sexual partners for you.


1800 675 859

You can also notify your recent sexual partners anonymously through email or SMS by using the Let Him Know service on the Drama Downunder website. Article submitted by Brian Morris, Education & Prevention Coordinator, Tasmanian AIDS & Hepatitis Council - Tel 03 6234 1242 Email Man2Man would like to acknowledge that information relating to this article has been adapted from the Drama Downunder website with permission.

EMAIL: Useful References: • Drama Downunder Website on sexually transmitted infections in gay men • Toolbox: A Guide to Sexually Transmissible Infections in Men accessible at publications •

MAN2MAN Program, TasCAHRD Tel 1800 005 900 or

keep your

l o to

to p s h n i a s get tested get treated no drama!

pe ! or freecall 1800 005 900

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state-wide skateboarding wrap

by scott atkins

It has been a rather productive summer in Tasmani, with team tours, demos, comps and new parks being planned and built all over the place. A few of the highlights over the past few months would firstly be the Aussie Converse team heading way down under for some statewide filming, a quick hobart demo and a bit of good old camping, they guys ripped! and they aren’t afraid to get their relaxation on either haha. The Jimmys team has 2 new riders, Daniel Mason from Hobart and Jack Atkins from Exeter, these boys are rad and going to do big things for Tasmanian skating. Daniel also headed down to Rosebery skatepark with the Hobart Jimmys crew for a demo day - you can check out the clip made by James James of the day on the Jimmys facebook wall. Speaking of James James, he has also made an awesome short film about the West hobart bowl, including jimmy himself and amazing 80s and 90s footage, RECON: WEST HOBART BOWL, TAS iwhich s also on the Jimmys facebook wall Last but not least, was the Tasmanian stop of the Nike SbA comp held at Devonport, the day started off looking like rain but soon cleared just before the finals which amped up the skaters big time! Competition was really tight, especially in the opens where they couldnt pick between the top contenders, so two wild cards where handed out. The results for the SbA comp: 14 and under 1st Fergus Doherty – 14 – Hobart, TAS 2nd Beau Kelly – 11 – Hobart, TAS 3rd Bradley “Biscuit” Saunders – 9 – Beaufort, VIC Opens 1st Nathan Mason – 21 – Hobart, TAS 2nd Kristian John Rowell – 20 – Turners Beach, TAS 3rd Ben Walters – 21 – Launceston, TAS 4th Laif Johannesen – 26 – Lauderdale, TAS (wild card) 5th Christoph Speer – 20 – Hobart, TAS (wild card)

FOOD STOP Open 24 hrs 7 days Are you hungry? Thirsty? 249a Elizabeth St. Hobart

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20% Off!

When you mention this ad * Does not include paint or already reduced items

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roller derby roundup: CONVICT CITY ROLLERS

it’s game on! Time to scrounge twenty bucks and rehearse Eye of The Tiger – ROLLER DERBY is back for its second full season, commencing in Hobart on March 10th. I can tell you’re dying to know about the CCR Tiger clip that’s going off its face on YouTube. But first – the background behind that amazing piece of interpretive skate genius. It’s 2012. There are some derby tournaments in Australia, but it’s nothing like the state and national league system used in (language warning) netball or AFL.

“I can tell you’re dying to know about the CCR Tiger clip that’s going off its face on YouTube.”

Leagues like CCR, SIS, VDR and DSDL are sovereign entities. It’s like inventing a whole new country, each with different governing rules and policies.

leukaemia foundation benefit

MISS BE SHAVIN’ featuring roller derby’s map of tasmania 24 MARCH 2012 south island sirens vs van diemen rollers gue a e l y b der e t a t s lers l o r devil y t ct ci i v n o c vs

To bout, leagues invite other leagues to compete, at any time during the season (February – November). On the mainland (excuse the expression), tournaments are more established, some even play leagues from the USA (omg) but here on the island, we have to entice mainland leagues across the water to bout against us (checking in skate gear = $).

derwent entertainment centre

Telling them to ‘come down to Tassie for a holiday’ can be surprisingly ineffective.

ticket prices:

I hate the word viral. Just sayin’. This brings me to the season opener, in which the YouTube Tiger will feature as CCR mascot. Read the Grindhouseesque poster and come scream for Convict City when they take on the Homicidolls. If you feel the need to go against the grain, risk being heckled from the stadium and shunned at the after party, (don’t even bother, I’ll use parody as my defense) wear violet and black in support of our challengers.

Adults: $15 Kids (<16): $10 Family: $40 under 5s: free

doors open at 5pm first bout start at 6pm

time entertainment celebrity jam crazy hair competition for kids

for more info (group booking etc...) MISSBESHAVIN@GMAIL.COM 0400084685 find us on facebook: miss be shavin event

artwork by captain blueberry

So the creative minds at The Quad Squad, CCR’s video promotions team, have put together a winning formula to lure the mainland leagues to Tasmania – the current video boasting 1845 hits.

tickets from the venue and from eventix ph: 1300 737 363 half

Eye of the (Tasmanian) Tiger CCR Bout Promo - h?v=CqoOO8KMO8g& The Quad Squad - http://www. By Vanessa Shredgrave

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Love and sparkles Bebe Sparkle x

burlesque tales: saucy sparkle! The Miss Burlesque Tas Heats brought to you by ‘Diamond Class Pole and Burlesque School’ for 2012 will hit the stage this month Friday 16th March at Wrest Point Casino. The finalists will compete on the very same stage in the Casino’s ‘Show room’ that used to be graced by topless Cabaret dancers known as the Regmat Dancers back in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Rumour has it that some of the original costuming will be dawned by the finalists and possibly even myself as I emcee the event! It’s nice that a bit of Casino Cabaret history will make it back to the stage and it won’t be the only history made on the stage as this year marks the very first MR Burlesque Tasmania section to the competition! Boylesque has started to appear all over the country, gaining much popularity and recognition in the Burlesque community including in Tasmania! Our Boylesquers are quite new to the scene and a little shy, however one young Boylesquer man isn’t too shy... Introducing Mr Burlesque 2012 - ATARI PLAYA.

MIssy De Meanour

Billie D Lite

Juju L’Amour


Miss Burlesque - Tasmania competitors include:


Scarlett Jezebel

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cinecism: flickerfest tours best short films HOBART 15-Mar-2012 - 16-Mar-2012 The State Cinema Info/bookings: 03 6234 6318


Screening: Best Of Australian Shorts (on Tour) h t t p : / / w w w. f l i c k e r f e s t . c o m . a u / programme_detail.aspx?e=7633 Best Of International 1 http://www. aspx?e=14390 CYGNET 16-Mar-2012 - 17-Mar-2012 Cygnet Town Hall Supper Room Info/bookings: go to: Cygnet’s facebook http://www. 252914188&amp;ref=mf Screening: Best Of Australian Shorts (on Tour) http:// detail.aspx?e=7633 Best Of International 1 http://www. aspx?e=14390 NB: Our International 1 programme includes a recently Academy Award nominated short film- RAJU. You can view the trailer here: com/watch?v=QFBhTPMVmS0 Flickerfest presented by ING DIRECT, renowned as Sydney’s first outdoor beachside cinemaThe Academy®Accredited short film festival celebrates the latest in cutting edge shorts from around the world. Catch bite sized chunks of great cinema coming to a theatre near you soon!

Issue No. 144

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Tickets now available online

M arch 2012

Seven boutique cinemas screening the best of local, Australian and international film since 1913. Visit our elegant, fully licensed cafe bar, located in the heart of cosmopolitan North Hobart. Open from 10am every day.

Now ShowiNg 2012 AcAdemy AwArd wiNNerS: Best Film, Directing, Original Score, Costume Design and Lead Actor - The Artist Best Foreign Language Film - A Separation Best Lead Actress - Meryl Streep in The Iron Lady Best Adapted Screenplay - The Descendants

The State is growing up and branching out! In case you hadn’t noticed yet, the State is expanding - and we’ll very soon be opening our new spacious ground floor cafe area, including a bar and balcony, a leisurely lounge mezzanine floor, and an open-air deck and cinema on the roof, all conveniently linked up by a glass elevator running from a new rear entrance! And, if that’s not enough, our much-anticipated State Cinema Bookstore is shortly on the way also. Exciting stuff! So stay tuned for details, and for the inside scoop, sign up to the weekly enews on our website - there just might be a very big opening night gala that you could go in the draw to win tickets to...

CARNAGE France/USA | M | 79mins A hilarious comedy of no manners from Roman Polanski

CORIOLANUS UK | TBA | TBAmins Shakespeare’s brutal play becomes a study of modern warfare

Carnageisisaarazor razorsharp, sharp,biting bitingcomedy comedycentered centeredon onparental parentaldifferences. differences.After After Carnage twoboys boysduke dukeititout outon onaaplayground, playground,the theparents parentsofofthe the“victim” “victim”invite invitethe theparents parents two the“bully” “bully”over overtotowork workout outtheir theirissues. issues.AApolite politediscussion discussionofofchildrearing childrearingsoon soon ofofthe escalatesinto intoverbal verbalwarfare, warfare,with withall allfour fourparents parentsrevealing revealingtheir theirtrue truecolours. colours.None escalates them will escape the carnage. Christopher Waltz,Foster Jodie Foster ofNone themofwill escape the carnage. StarringStarring Christopher Waltz, Jodie Kate Kate Winslet andCJohn C Reilly, directed by Roman Polanski. Winslet and John Reilly, directed by Roman Polanski.

Coriolanus (Ralph Fiennes), a revered and feared Roman General is at odds with the city of Rome and his fellow citizens. Pushed by his controlling and ambitious mother Volumnia (Vanessa Redgrave) to seek the exalted and powerful position of Consul, he is loath to ingratiate himself with the masses whose votes he needs in order to secure the office. When the public refuses to support him, Coriolanus’s anger prompts a riot that culminates in his expulsion from Rome. March 8

A SEPARATION Iran | PG | 123mins 2012 Best Foreign Language Film Academy Award-winning drama A compelling drama about the dissolution of a marriage in contemporary Iran. Simin wants to leave Iran with her husband Nader and daughter Termeh. Simin sues for divorce when Nader refuses to leave behind his Alzheimer-suffering father. Her request having failed, Simin returns to her parents’ home, but Termeh decides to stay with Nader. When Nader hires a young woman to assist with his father in his wife’s absence, he hopes that his life will return to a normal state.

IN SEARCH OF HAYDN UK | G | 102mins Following In Search of Beethoven and In Search of Mozart... The third in filmmaker Phil Grabsky’s classical trilogy. Haydn (1723-1809) was one of the greatest musical innovators. Mozart and Beethoven greatly looked up to him as Papa Haydn and yet today in concert halls he is often overshadowed in favour of his younger contemporaries. By speaking to the greatest living exponents of Haydn’s music, this film intends to readdress the balance and to shed light on this forgotten master and his work. Starts March 8

MY WEEK WITH MARILYN UK | M | 99mins Michelle Williams perfectly captures the glamour of Monroe

HEADHUNTERS Norway | MA15+ | 100mins Intense and entertaining thriller based on the Jo Nesbo novel

Sir Laurence Olivier is making a movie in London. Young Colin Clark, an eager film student, nabs a job on set. When film star Marilyn Monroe arrives for the start of shooting, all of London is excited to see the blonde bombshell, while Olivier is struggling to meet her many demands and acting ineptness. Colin’s intrigue is met when Marilyn invites him into her inner world where she struggles with her fame, her beauty and her desire to be a great actress.

Roger Brown (Aksel Hennie) lives a fantasy life of the early 21st-century variety. He’s a successful headhunter for Fortune 500 inductees and lives in an opulent modern home. Though he’s happily married to Diana, a statuesque art gallery owner, he spends his few spare moments with his enthusiastic mistress Lotte (Julie Ølgaard). The only problem is that Roger suffers from a crippling Napoleon complex, and steals art from his clients to fund his decadent lifestyle. March 8

THE ARTIST Winner Best Picture 2012 Academy Awards!

France | PG | 100mins

An irresistible love-letter to the silent film era. Hollywood 1927. George Valentin (Jean Dujardin) is a silent movie superstar. The advent of the talkies will sound the death knell for his career and see him fall into oblivion. For young extra Peppy Miller (Berenice Bejo), it seems the sky’s the limit - major movie stardom awaits. The Artist tells the story of their interlinked destinies.

Subscribe to our email newsletter online to receive our programme straight to your inbox, along with news, free preview screenings, exclusive offers and competitions!

THE RUM DIARY Based on Hunter S. Thompson’s debut novel

USA | M | 119mins

Tiring of the noise and madness of New York and the crushing conventions of late Eisenhower-era America, Paul Kemp (Johnny Depp) travels to the pristine island of Puerto Rico to write for a local newspaper, run by downtrodden editor Lotterman (Richard Jenkins). Adopting the rum-soaked life of the island, Paul soon becomes obsessed with Chenault (Amber Heard), the wildly attractive Connecticut-born fiancée of Sanderson (Aaron Eckhart). March 15

for session times and to purchase tickets, please see our website

Also Coming up in March...


USA | MA15+ | 107mins

Set in the high-stakes world of the financial industry, Margin Call is an entangling thriller involving the key players at an investment firm during one perilous 24-hour period in the early stages of the 2008 financial crisis. Featuring Kevin Spacey, Paul Bettany, Jeremy Irons and Demi Moore. Starts March 15

VINCENT WANTS TO SEA Germany | MA15+ | 91mins

Vincent suffers from Tourette’s Syndrome and, after his mother’s death, is institutionalized by his father. He ultimately escapes with two fellow patients -- an anorexic named Marie and the obsessivecompulsive Alexander, on a mission to bury his mother’s ashes in the seas off Italy. Starts March 15


A group of British retirees decide to “outsource” their retirement to less expensive and seemingly exotic India. Enticed by advertisements for the newly restored Marigold Hotel and bolstered with visions of a life of leisure, they arrive to find the palace a shell of its former self. Starts March 22


Finland/France | PG | 90mins

In this warmhearted portrait of the French harbor city that gives the film its name, fate throws young African refugee Idrissa (Blondin Miguel) into the path of Marcel Marx (André Wilms), a well-spoken bohemian who works as a shoeshiner. Starts March 29


Canada/Germany | MA15+ | 99mins

The driven Dr. Carl Jung (Michael Fassbender) takes the unbalanced yet beautiful Sabina Spielrein (Keira Knightley) as his patient. Jung’s weapon is the method of his master, the renowned Sigmund Freud (Viggo Mortensen). Starts March 29

375 Elizabeth Street, North Hobart 6234 6318

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