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Welcome To Dubstep-Mania!

KurK Kokane

and Kombat TO Smash The State as DROP wobbles North & South!


set to BLOW away the breath of life

ELITE FORCE & a.skillz let off a cracker!

UK's Shapeshifters Love you long-time!



Issue No. 141

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Image: Robin Fox

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Enrol   now  

Do you  have  what  it  takes  to   be  a  Pro  Sound  Engineer?  

The College  of  Sound  and  Music  ProducHon  offers  comprehensive   further  educaHon  opportuniHes  for  school  leavers  and  mature  age   students  who  wish  to  pursue  a  career  in  the  Music  Industry       Qualifica*ons   available:     Our  facili*es  include:    

¥  BMus -­‐  Bachelor  of  Music  (Technology)  via  course  credit   arrangement  with  our  partner  organisa*on   ¥  CUS60109  -­‐  Advanced  Diploma  of  Music  (Technology)   ¥  CUS60209  -­‐  Advanced  Diploma  of  Sound  Produc*on     ¥  CUS50209  -­‐  Diploma  of  Sound  Produc*on       ¥  TAE40110  -­‐  Cer*ficate  IV  in  Training  and  Assessment    

We also  offer:    

¥  Short courses  based  on  specific  music  produc*on  soSware   ¥  Personal  Audio  Training  (PAT)  one-­‐on-­‐one  learning   ¥  Weekend  workshops  covering  various  audio  topics  

¥  Bou*que training  suite  –  fully  equipped  Mac   music  lab  with  individual  worksta*ons   ¥  Small  class  sizes  –  we  have  chosen  to  limit  class   sizes  to  a  maximum  of  8  students  per  class   ¥  Recording  Studio  A  -­‐  40  channel  AMEK  “Hendrix”   analogue  mixing  console  plus  ProTools  HD  system   ¥  Recording  Studio  B  –  SSL  Nucleus  Digital  Audio   Worksta*on  with  all  the  latest  soSware   ¥  Full  Green  Room  facili*es  for  student  use  while   studying  at  our  bayside  suburban  campus   ¥  We  can  offer  student  accommoda*on  via  a   partner  organisa*on  for  interstate  students    

COSAMP’s Advanced  Diploma  pathway  program:    

CUS50209 Diploma  of  Sound  ProducHon  -­‐  in  their  first  year  of  study,  students  enrolled  in  COSAMP’s  Advanced  Diploma  program  work   towards  a  CUS50209  Diploma.  Successful  comple*on  of  the  Diploma  year  is  a  prerequisite  for  con*nuing  studies  into  2nd  year     Gradua*ng  Diploma  students  then  have  the  op*on  to  specialise  for  their  2nd  and  3rd  years  of  study  in  two  dis*nct  pathways:       CUS60109  Advanced  Diploma  of  Music  (Music  Technology)  -­‐    an  advanced  music  technology  course  that  focuses  on  developing  music   produc*on  and  composi*on  skills  using  the  DAW  as  the  main  instrument     CUS60209  Advanced  Diploma  of  Sound  ProducHon  -­‐  full  *me  Studio  Internship  program  where  selected  students  have  an  opportunity   to  work  hands-­‐on  in  our  commercial  recording  studio  facili*es     rd Bachelor  of  Music  –  3  year  course  is  provided  by  our  higher  educa*on  partner  organisa*on  for  students  who  wish  to  progress  to   Degree  qualifica*on.  Gradua*ng  students  from  either  Advanced  Diploma  course  stream  (above)  are  eligible  for  entry  into  the  Bachelor   of  Music  3rd  year  inclusive  of  66%  course  credit  towards  their  Degree       Students  with  relevant  current  qualificaHons  may  be  assessed  for  entry  directly  into  2nd  year  level  of  either  Advanced  Diploma  course  

766a Hawthorn  Road,     Ph  (03)  9592  4801     Brighton  East  VIC  3187

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Est. 1846

Doctor Syntax This Iconic Hobart Pub Has A Great New Team ... NEW OWNER/LICENSEE Tom Bawle EXCELLENT HEAD CHEF Taz Hayers

Live Music

Beer Garden

New Restaurant Menu

$10 Sports Bar Meals

Be A Part Of History! 139 Sandy Bay Road, Sandy Bay Ph: 6223 6258

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rally for more VENUES

Letter To The Editor PO BOX 4542 Bathurst St PO Hobart TAS 7000 Publisher Sauce Developments Editor & Advertising Manager David Williams Email: Phone: 0459 786 285 Sub-editor Rhys Anderson Contributors Guy Davis, Clint Morris, Seth van Heyster, Carlisle Rogers, Kendan Lovell, Rebecca Sullivan, Pat Fasnacht, Ryan Farrington, Bec Collins, Bec Taylor, Matt Sertori, Michaela Young, Winsor Dobbin, Taryn Gillard, Liz Dougan, Jasmine Flannery Opinions expressed in Sauce are not necessarily those of the Editor or staff. Sauce Developments accepts no responsibility for, or liability arising from, the accuracy or nature of advertisements.

GiVe Metal A Chance On The North-West Coast! In the last week alone 5 north-west venues that “cater for local original bands” have tuned down my requests to set up shows for local metal artists. The negative responses undoubtedly have had to do with the negative stereotypes associated with heavy metal. One particular booking agent has stated he will not book any “unsigned” metal groups to the venues he represents. When contacting these venues the moment the word “metal” is mentioned the first word the comes forward is “violence” and just the sheer abrasiveness of the music, citing that as a reason as to why my request will be “carefully considered at the next board meeting”. It must noted that “heavy bands” of the tightjeans-fringe-type do get gigs at these venues. It must also be said that these people (appear to) have a close relationship with the (above mentioned) booking agent and or the venues in question. Could this be nepotism?

Next Edition:

Sauce#142: Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

The North-west coast (is viewed) by the south of this state and the rest of Australia, for that matter, see this region as a prejudicial backwater, far more concerned with it’s image to incoming tourists then being a place that wants to foster local talent of all types whether it be obscure indie, rock, folk or metal. If these venues were citing lack of interest in metal as a reason not to accommodate the genre then I would draw their attention to the series of shows that held at the east Devonport football club last year.

In response to the negative attitudes of local venues local metal identity Justin Bronson lead singer of the now defunct The Darkest Winter put on an initial show which attracted over 100 people. The “accepted” bands of Devonport, draw (about) 150 people to a gig on a Friday night ... (but, I feel) there is only around 40 people there to actually see the bands. The other 110 are simply on their Friday night out and are more than willing to pay the $10 entry to enjoy their regular Friday night despite the distraction of the nameless band they couldn’t care less about. So to say that metal would not draw a crowd is just not true. I would dearly love to be proved wrong by these people and venues in question by them approving my advances thereby making me eat humble pie. I’ve learnt over the years pride has no place in the world metal when comes to trying to make a go of the hard work you’ve done. Local metal bands “Styre”, “Dementia” and “Acropathy” are some of the best in this state but seldom would anyone know because of the sheer lack of options open to us on the live front. I just hope me speaking up draws attention to what I see as a hidden agenda by certain people to further their own musical preferences at the cost of giving all bands a fair go regardless of their genre of choice. Warwick Bruce


WANTED! Professional-thinking musicians who can play 1950’s Rock and Roll.

On 23rd February 2010, the SLAM rally saw 20,000 people march through Melbourne to the tune of AC/DC’s definitive ‘Long Way to the Top’, in protest against the Victorian Government’s misguided policy link between live music and violence. Out on the streets, vICTORIANSshowed our support and love for a truly great live music community. The SLAM rally was the largest cultural protest in Australia’s history. Now all of Australia has the opportunity to participate in a national event that celebrates our local musicians in our small venues. “Small venues were my university.” - Paul Kelly, SLAM Rally speech Music communities around Australia are now invited to unite in support of our thriving live culture by hosting their own National SLAM Day gigs - February 23rd 2012 will be a national day to celebrate live music in Australia! Support your local artists and venues by getting out and experiencing the spontaneous excitement and intimacy you can only get at a small venue. Support a National SLAM Day event in your town – any style, any genre. It’s easy to get involved. “Live music coverage relates not only to artists, gigs or festivals, but also covers the galvanisation of the local community to ‘protect’ the live music industry .The formation of interest groups such as SLAM provides further evidence of the value attributed to live music by community members. The interest groups are a manifestation of community pride in the reputation and legacy of the live music industry, which they value as something ‘worthy of protection’.” Deloitte Access Economics Report “The economic, social and cultural contribution of venue-based live music in Victoria”. For more info:





National SLAM Day February 23rd 2012

Singer - Anyone who can Chuck a Berry? Rhythm guitarist - who likes a roll

FOOD STOP Open 24 hrs 7 days Are you hungry? Thirsty? 249a Elizabeth St. Hobart

Bass - who can walk and hold it Drummer - who likes to swing Keyboard player - who can honky tonk Female backing singers who can add sass to the show.

The famous annual mixed compilation F*** Me I’m Famous features all the best electro hits of the summer, and is the “must-have” record to dance and club all summer long. The hits “Where Them Girls At” feat. Flo Rida & Nicki Minaj and “Sweat” Snoop Dogg vs David Guetta is part of the amazing tracklisting of the album, among numerous surprises!! Full track listing online.

All enquires welcome

How to WIN: Enter the code F***ME on the Energy FM website. *Entries close 19 December 2011. Winners announced on the Breakfast Show.

Phone or Txt Geoff on 0422 587 716 Issue No. 141

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dubstep domination kurt kokane, KUE & A

Borrowing from the immortal line in Zoolander, Dubstep is so hot right now! It’s happening all over the state. All over the country. All over the world. In Tassie, the monthly dubstep event “DROP” continues to pack venues, and you’ll find dubstep mixed into sets all over. It’s a bit grimy, a bit sexy, and it’s been credited with driving the resurgence in club culture in the UK. But, with the wave comes opposition. As we witness DROP’s move into Plan B in Hobart, and into The Northern Club, in Launceston, we asked a few questions of Kurt Kokane, touring Melbourne dubstep DJ and producer, who will spearhead the DROP dubstep movement’s imminent expansion, statewide, as he takes the ‘haters’ in his stride. S: In recent years, dubstep has taken off in a huge way, worldwide, but like any musical genre that really takes off, there’s a point where it’s, all of a sudden, “cooler” to hate on it than to openly dig it, especially in the younger demographic. How does that phenomenon affect your decisions on what specific tunes you release and how your release them?

And, trying to remain as original as i can to my own thing helps the release of the tune because it never comes too close to sounding like other artists’ tunes. I have watched dubstep evolve from a few basic wobbles to some of the most incredible production in the world. I’ve watched it turn into drumstep/moombah and i think it even brought alot of IDM and glitch to the forefront. And, to be completely honest it wasnt until certain people started to help dubstep “evolve” that I even got into it. I guess, even bands like the Foo Fighters sit there and think, “Damn we can’t play that or I can’t say that, all because of that negative phenomenon”. I think, at the end of the day, it effects all music in general. ______________________________________ _____________________________________ S: How has your experience in national touring bands like True Live affected your confidence and love for performing? _____________________________________ ______________________________________ K: It made me want more. The crowds were amazing, atmosphere and everything. It only boosted my confidence and love for what I do. I’ve been a drummer since I was 4, playing at ultimate drummers events since I was 12 , living in Brazil in 1998 and learning Brazilian drumming on the streets of Rio and studying. So, playing with Truelive opened doors for other tours and other acts for me to play with. I met so many people that loved playing music and touring just as much as me. I made a few good friend that I think I will grow old with, and had some crazy crazy times ... 360 & pez can confirm that bizzz. ______________________________________ ____________________________________ S: There’s always been a strong connection between the worlds of hip hop and dnb/dubstep, and these days UK grime rappers like P Money, Ms Dynamite and Professor Green are keeping that connection strong. Do you think it’s likely to see those kind of MC’s crop up more in Australia in the near future? ______________________________________ _________________________________ K: Personally, I would love to see that happen. Realistically, I think it might happen if Australia gave the proper support to that MC. I say that because I’ve noticed so many fade, out here in Oz, and only a few make it the way.



CUSTOM thing and write some new hip-hop. I spent 6 years in that scene and im starting to miss it ... my main focus for 2012 is to get as much out as possible. So far, theres the tunes with MARK INSTINCT, KPC’s second EP, and I’m also doing an EP with CHEWIE from Melbourne, collaborating with KOMBAT & DROID SECTOR, so theres alot going on that i cant wait for ....... _____________________________________ ___________________________________-

______________________________________ _____________________________________ K: At the end of the day , there will always be “lovers” & “haters” in any genre. Music is evolving with the people and there will always be some sort of negativity. In a lot of ways, it definitely affects what I “think” I should release to what I “know” I should release. Every day I sit at my computer and think of the people at the shows going nuts and in my own way and sound I try to recreate that in my music. I know that anything I release, any artist really, has to accept that their work will be loved and hated, I just try to keep evolving with my sound and mixing things up, trying to never steer too much towards things I have already done before.



S: Producers to watch out for in 2012? In Aus and internationally? _____________________________________ ________________ K: I have to say KOMBAT . I met Dean about a year ago and we formed KPC and he is just excelling at a rate of knots.

We all would like to make it, but having said that, I’ve toured with Bliss ‘N’ Esso, and i know how hard they have worked for their crown, and they deserve it. So, yeah , I think its all up to how we support it ..... ______________________________________ ____________________________

His new EP coming out on Ultragore is DOPE . His free EP coming out somtime soon is DOPE. All round he has to be my favorite. There’s also F3tch who is bringing his first EP out in Feb next year, SYREBRAL, who is dropping his in Dec, CHEWIE, DROID SECTOR, POP THE HATCH, DATURA ... they’re all on top of my list at the moment from Aus.

S: Do you see your sound changing in the near future, and what’s your main focus for 2012? ______________________________________ _______________________________

Internationals, BARE, MARK INSTINCT, TIM ISMAG, DIRTY MONKEY, XCORE, MESSINIAN ... all these guys have some killer tunes coming out in 2012 that will blow you away ............

K: It’s always my goal to keep evolving, so hell yeah! I would love to start incorporating more drums/percussion into my work. I’ve just done a dance hall tune using all Brazilian drums, that I layered, so I want to be doing more of that , even go back into the


The famous annual mixed compilation album F*** Me I’m Famous features all the best electro hits of the summer, and is the “must-have” record to dance and club all summer long. The hits “Where Them Girls At” feat. Flo Rida & Nicki Minaj and “Sweat” Snoop Dogg vs David Guetta is part of the amazing tracklisting of the album, among numerous surprises!! Full track listing online.

How to WIN: Enter the code F***ME on the Energy FM website. *Entries close 19 December 2011. Winners announced on the Breakfast Show.

Kombat: killer, komrade Kombat is one of Australia’s up and coming dubstep/dnb artists. His passion for playing bass heavy tunes and stomping dance floor rhythms has seen him destroying club scenes throughout Sydney and supporting some of the world’s best dubstep talents such as Downlink(CA), Doctor P(UK), Skrillex(US), Optimus Gryme(NZ) as well as gaining radio support on Australia’s Triple J and FBI Radio. He developed his passion for music studying piano at a young age and drumming soon after. Kombat has released tracks through Ultragore Recordings, Play Me Records, One Love, No Frills and also as a part of KPC, a dynamic Australian Dubstep/Drum and Bass outfit. His tracks have gained support from the likes of AC Slater, SPL, Antiserum, Helicopter Showdown, Figure and DZ to name a few. With

several forthcoming EP’s, singles and remixes combined with high energy live shows make him one of the artists to look out for in 2011.

skrillex to play at breath of life Locked and loaded in the breach and ready to explode onto the Ministry of Sound Dance Stage Breath Of Life 2012, is none other than the multi talented, multi project, one-man machine and international man of the moment, SKRILLEX. He is versed in many different genres including Dub Step, Drum & Bass, ElectroHouse, etc. Describing his current sound as “a mix of dubstep, electro and glitch all thrown together,” new SKRILLEX release “SCARY MONSTERS AND NICE SPRITES” reflects all of the above and beyond. The uplifting post-trance synth melodies of “ALL I ASK OF YOU” (featuring the soaring vocals of Penny) stands in stark contrast to the face-melting electro bass blasts of the massive electro-dubstep hybrid “ROCK N’ ROLL (WILL TAKE YOU TO THE MOUNTAIN).

Aside from the immediate success of “SCARY MONSTERS AND NICE SPRITES,” SKRILLEX has also made a name for himself as a highly sought-after remixer. He’s already produced officially commissioned remixes for such A-list artists as the Black Eyed Peas (“Rock That Body”), Lady Gaga (“Bad Romance” and “Alejandro”), and La Roux (“In For The Kill”). SKRILLEX stands not only at the vanguard of electronic dance music, but the perpetually evolving new music industry as a whole. The Breath of Life Festival will be held on the 10th and 11th of March 2012 at Inveresk Park, Launceston.

Issue No. 141

Energy FM is Australia’s dance music radio network broadcasting 24 hours a day on 87.8 FM in Hobart, Tasmania. Find us in iTunes, Apple TV and a full range of mobile apps. Suite 216, 86 Murray Street Hobart TAS 7000

03 6224 9622

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falls festival 2011


the arctic monkeys in Tasmania ... Thank you Falls! These darlings of the British indie scene will ride into Falls on a wave of acclaim from their latest release Suck It And See. Over the last six years Arctic Monkeys have cemented their place as one of the most revered acts of our time, their debut LP Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not (2006) is the fastest selling debut album in UK history.

Performing, in alphabetical order: December 29 Anna Lumb Anna’s Go‐Go Academy Mohair Slim Richie 1250 +more   December 30 Aloe Blacc Alpine Arctic Monkeys Arj Barker Crystal Castles Dan Deacon emma louise J Mascis Josh Pyke Kimbra Nouvelle Vague Regurgitator performing ‘Unit’ The Grates The Head & The Heart The Jim Jones Revue The Naked & Famous The Scientists of   Modern Music   The Wonderful World of DJ Yoda

Totally Enormous   Extinct Dinosaurs +more   December 31 An Horse   Babylon Circus Beirut CANT CSS Easy Star All Stars performing ‘Dub Side of the Moon’   Fleet Foxes Grouplove John Butler Trio Josh Thomas Lanie Lane Metronomy Missy Higgins Papa Vs Pretty Pnau Scratch Perverts The Jezabels The Kooks Tim Finn Unknown Mortal Orchestra Young MC

They’ve sold out huge venues worldwide and headlined all of the major festivals across the globe, in December 2011 they will grace the stage of The Falls Music & Arts Festival for the very first time.

FLEET FOXES’ encore Seattle’s favourite folk rockers Fleet Foxes have become pretty damn famous since they left us speechless with their mind blowing set at Falls back in 2008. Amassing the kind of critical acclaim that their contemporaries’ dream of, Fleet Foxes have been busily touring the world, supporting musical royalty like Neil Young and creating their stunning sophomore album, Helplessness Blues. They’ve delved deeper and darker in mood on their latest release, whilst keeping their trademark harmonies and gangland choruses.


EASY STAR ALL STARS DUB THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON Taking memorable albums and putting a dub / ska / reggae twist on them, giving them new life. Easy Star All Stars have remastered the likes of OK Computer and Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, but it’s the Pink Floyd rendition that has won them the most love and will be played in entirety to Falls. With a members list reading like a who’s who of the New York dub/jazz scene they are certainly one act to mark as a must see on this years line up.

Aotearoa’s legendary singer songwriter Tim Finn hardly needs an introduction. He has been behind some of the most memorable songs ever written, a founding member of Split Enz, a sometimes member of Crowded House, and a much loved solo performer, his voice is one we’d like to have narrate our dreams. With a rich musical history and a back catalogue exploding with spine tingling hits, we welcome Tim to Falls to perform what will mostly likely become another one of those sets that result in a sing-a-long of epic proportions.

Issue No. 141

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falls festival 2011 GATE 1 APRA PEOPLES STAGE

































































































Th Villa e ge























BEACH ACCESS 29TH: 10AM – 7PM 30TH ≠+ 31ST: 7AM – 7PM 1ST: 7AM – 12 NOON




LOCAL BAND MAKES THE stage sam cole and the mornings It’s been a busy year so far for Samuel Cole & The Mornings, supporting the likes of Cloud Control, Jinja Safari, The Boat People and Trial Kennedy and playing during Amplified Music Week and The Tasmanian Beerfest, releasing their second album, “Burn Our Clothes” and recently returning from the first leg of an Australian Tour. But there is still more to come! A December show ... then playing at The Falls Festival!!!!! Sam talks about the recent tour. “It was the first proper tour we have done, I guess. We played ten shows in three states (Tas, Vic and SA) in two weeks! I personally had never played that many shows back to back or been jammed in a van for that long before, so it was a bit of a learning curve for everyone, but we met some really great bands and music fans in the places we went to”. The first leg of their tour kicked off on Home soil Supporting Sydney Band Cloud Control at The Waratah to a sold out crowd, then took them through places including Adelaide, Warrnambool, Geelong and Melbourne, where they got to return to the stage at the famous Esplanade Hotel in St Kilda, then back home to a packed room at Republic Bar. Over the coming month things are still not slowing down for The Mornings Sam says, “Yeah things just keep coming at the moment. We have a Christmas show coming up at The Republic Bar on the 21st of December with some crazy talented acts. King Carousel and Jade Youngwill be sharing the stage with us. It’s great playing to everyone we haven’t seen in ages that come home to Tassie to see their family and friends. Best time of year!”

After this Sam will be taking his own quick trip back to the place of his birth, to see family and play some acoustic shows in New Zealand with his brother Ben Cole over Christmas, before racing back for their biggest show to date ... the band will be joining the Falls Festival 2011 line up. Sam says “when we found out we were sitting at the boarding gate at Melbourne Airport waiting to get on the plane back home after the tour. We were all pretty burnt out, but that all changed quickly! We owe this one to our fans. I need to thank everyone that voted for us to pick up a slot. We have always wanted

to play at Falls. I have gone, pretty much, every year. It’s going to be great playing alongside these acts we look up to. After the New Year The Mornings are set to head off on the second leg of their “Burn our Clothes” Australian Tour. They head off in March for two weeks working their way down the East Coast from Noosa to Melbourne taking a quick detour to Wellington, NZ for a show as well. Samuel Cole & The Mornings will then take a few months out from shows to record their first studio album with Robin Mai (Augie March, Little River Band and John Butler Trio).

Issue No. 141

To catch Samuel Cole & The Mornings Head along to The Republic Bar on the 21st of December. Doors open at 8.30pm. $10 entry, or make the trip to Falls. Download their latest track “Wine on The Carpet” go to; samuelcolethemornings The Falls Festival takes place at Marion Bay, December 29 to 31. 3-day tickets have now sold out, but 2-day tickets are still available. More info: Page 11


by David Williams

He’s a man of many musical talents, of passion, and, at just 27, a well-seasoned professional in the top eschelon of the Australian music industry, now back living in his home state, Tasmania, while taking regular trips interstate for gigs. His passion for music, for musicians and the industry, in general, cannot be ignored, and neither can the professional credits he has amassed, already. He’s driven, and is out to do what he can to help Tasmanian artists take the next step from part-time professional in their own ‘back yard’ to establishing careers amongst their mainland peers, and beyond. Who is this guy, really? We asked a few questions to try and work him out.

D: I’ve heard you’ve done work on some tours by major acts in the music industry. Can you tell me about those? G: Yeah man, I’ve spent the last 10 years of my time hanging around the big stars, big sound systems, bright lights, crazy instruments, tattoos, trucks, road crews, and all the beautiful dirt & grime of Rock & Roll on Main Stages, Stadium Arenas, Sideshows, Tours & Festivals in Sydney and around Australia. I recently spent time working backline & sound crews for International acts like Slash, Foo Fighters, Iron Maiden, Stone Sour, Primus, Deftones, The Gaslight Anthem, U2, Gorillaz, Jay-Z, Mxpx, Eddie Vedder, Bon Jovi, I could keep going but you might need another 25 semitrailers to fit them all in. D: Tell us a bit about yourself. Where did you grow up and how did you get started in the music industry? G: I grew up in the little coastal town of Dodges Ferry with lifelong friends who were a bunch of computer nerds turned musicians and we are still massive nerds. I’ve been fueled by music from the early days of cassette tapes on a

mission to find the loudest hardest music I could find, build the biggest systems I could to play it on, then jump around the room and jump off things to get as high as possible. I’ve always been ridiculously fascinated plugging in bigger & bigger sound systems. I was setting up Mum’s HiFi gear at 6, started playing in bands around 13 then started setting up PA’s at Rosebay High gigs with Ballpoint, and onto Rosny College with the 2000-2003 Rock Challenges. I started work with Production works at 17 worked at the DEC a lot, but I still wanted a taste of the bigger stages and big name stars, not the Johnny Farnhams. I didn’t think I would ever see them come to Tassie so I moved interstate to Sydney in 2004, hunted down all the backstage avenues I could to work up on the stages with the big boys & girls. I busted my ass off in Sydney for years packing trucks, rolling multicores in filth, packing up instruments in the rain, sometimes working 70 hours per week to prove that I wanted my job so bad. I managed to earn respect in the area with some key A- Team industry personal, which led to bigger things. I also studied a Bachelor of Audio Production at SAE Sydney. I’ve now based myself back in Hobart to focus on mixing records, touring & studio production. D: What do you feel are the major milestones in your career, so far? G: Playing music to 5000+ audience as a musician at 19, walking onto festivals stages with 15,000 + screaming punters & setting up Slash’s guitar amps, packing up Dave Grohl’s guitars and having 50-100 camera flashes going off in your face, walking into massive arenas & festivals with a coffee collecting your backstage pass and seeing the screaming fans at the end of the live setup, & gaining high marks at SAE for studio production. My main milestone now I suppose is most importantly my first release of a whole radio-quality record, all the way from the artist’s talent to the stereo system of choice, and jumping around the room at the end of it. D I believe you are also a producer. Where did you gain those skills? Why did you move into producing and what have you been involved with

producing? G: I have worked with industry professionals for years and learnt bits and pieces from every person I chat to along the way. I would class myself as both a recording engineer a producer and a musician, not the one title. I don’t think you can produce music correctly without those key elements. Being a producer is like being a cake chef. You have a big fancy cake you need to create, full of many different ingredients, many different tastes, many different purposes and all are extremely important to satisfy the client in the final product. Knowledge of your ingredients, flavors, toppings all contribute to how snazzy your cake will look like sitting on the table at the party. I think being a musician & understanding that side, as well as being a recording engineer is where I have moved into producing. Having a serious love and passion for music you create mixed with a solid history of music listening of all genres. I’ve worked on my own projects with early Ballpoint (Hob), The Convicts (Syd), I’ve been working recently with a band General Disarray (Syd) and Title Fight (Hobart). D: And relatively recently, you’ve started managing bands, I believe. How did that come about? What do you think you can provide a band with that they can’t do for themselves? G: Yeah, I just recently started managing Samuel Cole & The Mornings in Hobart in the last 3 months. Sam and I have been good friends for a while now and I’m confident the band’s personalities, originality, work ethic, style & drive will soon take them to good places. Sam recently asked me to help contribute my ideas to the table in order to take the guys & girl to the next step, nationally. I think there are many key areas of the music industry which upcoming bands struggle with on a professional level, which can either land them the next main stage Falls Festival slot, complete national tours or just kick around as another aging rock band in a Hobart pub. D: What have you got planned for the rest of the year, in terms of work, on all fronts?? G: I’ll be releasing my new debut fully engineered produced EP by General Disarray

(Syd) in Dec/Jan ready for radio release, currently recording Title Fight’s (Hob) new EP, kicking out some live engineering for Damage nightclub & The Brisbane Hotel, along with taking care of Samuel Cole & The Mornings over a few upcoming shows all ending with the Falls Festival NYE festivities. D: What about for 2012? G: Recording new Tassie bands, more live sound, more tours, will most likely float in and out of the mainland with work on Soundwave 2012, Good Vibes, Big Day Out, Future Music and sideshows over Jan/Feb/March. 8. When you got back from working interstate, what were your impressions of the music industry here, and how had it changed since you left? G: Honestly, Tasmania has some of the greatest talent around at the moment, but the part that’s missing is the next step after the pub scene in Hobart. How do we get to that tour? Main stage? Record? Or interstate show? This process takes time and money, I have been around the traps a lot now, at 27 I think I have gained a vast knowledge of information on how to turn these dreams into reality, but the artist still must be prepared to do the hard yards like the rest have. D: What would you like to see change, and what part would you like to play in making those changes happen? G: Nothing! Tassie is great! I don’t want it to change, I love it here! I could be living in Bondi like I have for years, but I moved back here. The main thing we need to do is all need to work together around genres to help each other out by going to different local gigs, and focusing on getting out top quality products, that can compete with mainland products. There are a lot of terrible recordings of great bands coming out of this state, and I think my role at this stage is to help artists produce quality radio quality recordings, so they can gain the respect they deserve, not have it destroyed by clowns.

Operation Bounce Back Remove valuable items Install an immobiliser Lock your vehicle

For information on vehicle theft and car security tips call 1800 132 146 or visit Operation Bounce Back is an initiative of the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council

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Issue No. 141 Music Centre 103 Elizabeth St Hobart 7000 Ph: 6231 5578 Email:

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Issue No. 141

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boy brings BEsT BEATS

Elite force by the machine

‘A.Skillz’ is one of the UK’s most funky beatmeisters. His fierce production skills and turntable dexterity saw him explode onto the scene, collaborating with hip-hop legends and making music for worldwide brands. Sony Playstation (Gran Tourismo 4). A.Skillz kicked off 2005 in January with a mini-mix for Annie Mac that was later voted best mini-mix of the year by Radio 1 listeners, beating industry heavyweights such as Basement Jaxx, Mylo and Scratch Perverts. 2006 saw the release of his first mix album for Finger Lickin’ Records: Export 02. Featuring such heavyweights as Flow Dynamics, Fdel, Fort Knox Five and Black Grass, the album was received to critical acclaim, and supported by a single featuring an exclusive A Skillz remix of a Plump DJs best tune ‘Funk Hits The Fan’, In 2007 his unbelievable remix of Queen’s ‘Another One Bites The Dust’ remix saw A Skillz carve out a niche for himself, available exclusively on vinyl this literally flew off the shelves. The release of his Beatles remix, ‘Strawberry Fields’, His incredible deck talents involve fusing caught the attention of Radio One and once funk, hip-hop and breaks with his unique style again A Skillz was invited to produce a 5 minutes of scratching and mixing. Whilst, his reputation mini-mix. as a true party rocker has won him prime-time The growth of A.Skillz continued in 2008, slots across the UK at FabricLive, Spectrum, touring the US and Canada, continuing the Chew The Fat, Supercharged, The Boutique and Menorca residency and playing at Global Sugarbeat as well as gigs around the world, Gathering, Glastonbury, Bestival, T In The Park In 2003 A.Skillz released his debut album and Big Chill Festivals - to name but a few! A “TrickaTechnology” alongside Finger Lickin’s very major Australian tour went down, the highlight of own Krafty Kuts. which was playing alongside the legendary Mix February 2004 saw A.Skillz and Krafty Kuts Master Mike in front of 7000 people in Canberra. team up on the TrickaTechnology Tour with live As well as the release of a second Beatles remix, MC’s from the album playing shows all over this time a reworking of ‘Lucy In The Sky With the UK. The duo then went on to DJ together Diamonds’, and tracks appearing on Krafty Kuts’ leaving audiences and dance floors astounded ‘Back To Mine’ and the Utah Saints’ ‘Freshtraxxx with their skills on four decks and four CDJ’s, 3’ compilations. playing at Glastonbury Festival, Pacha (Ibiza) and Since then, continuing to dazzle the world a live session for Steve Lamaq on BBC Radio 1. over with his ever-popular DJ performances, A In October 2004 A.Skillz then embarked on Skillz has been hard at work launching his very his first solo tour of Australia which saw him play own label Jam City whilst working in the studio, to sell out crowds in all major capital cities. He on his infamous Insane Bangers series and his followed this by extensive gigs in the UK and artist album. a busy studio schedule producing music for It’s safe to say the best is most definitely yet Channel 4 (Talk Back), Renault (TV advert) and to come for the boy A.Skillz.

‘nuff said

by the machine

Simon Shackleton’s Elite Force project began way back in 1996, debuting on his own newly founded Fused and Bruised label with a series of peerless 12s and remixes. After five successful years winning plaudits from the likes of Fatboy Slim & Jon Carter, he put Fused and Bruised on the backburner to concentrate on production work. After several years with Whole9Yards and Moonshine he became a primary artist on Adrift Recordings (formally known as Kingsize) before moving on to build his own empire under the U&A Recordings banner.

On the decks, Elite Force has been a prime mover since 1990 when he cut his teeth playing huge student nights and self-promoted acid house nights in the South West of England. Since then he has become known as one of the top technicians on a circuit that has included massive shows in Belarus, Hungary, Australia,

Issue No. 141

Italy, USA, Czech Republic, India, Turkey, Spain, Japan, Georgia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and China, amongst others, as well as numerous festival slots including Glastonbury, Coachella, Burning Man, San Francisco’s Love Parade, Wickerman, Breakfest and the Glade. He is also responsible for the hugely influential Strongarm Sessions webcasts have become something of an institution since their inception back in 2001, receiving around 20,000 downloads per show, which still continue today although now being more ‘specials’ he works on when he finds the time. Often credited for being a lynchpin in creating the tech-funk ‘genre’ (an amalgamation of breaks, house, techno and electro) he has won plaudits from DJs and musicians across the board, including the likes of James Zabiela, Sasha, Crystal Method, Laurent Garnier and Fatboy Slim to name but five. As a remixer, Elite Force has always been in huge demand, with legendary re-workings for the likes of Grandmaster Flash, Groove Armada, Crystal Method, Jungle Brothers, Stereo MCs, UNKLE & Infusion all contributing to his reputation as one of the most creative and effective remixers around. He enjoyed a unique first when his Revamped album was released, when he had all 14 tracks inside the top 50 (all genres) on Beatport, thereby holding a 35% share of dance music’s most popular tracks. By the end of 2010 he enjoyed 4 of the top 10 best sellers of the year in the Beatport Breaks Chart including the #1 with M.A.D., as well as having seen no fewer than SEVEN of his tracks and mixes hit the number ONE slot over the course of the year.

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going out east TOUR

adam cousens, jay fraser and teinne team up Adam Cousens, Jay Fraser & Teinne – 3 of the hardest working songwriters on the circuit are teaming up, hitting the road and “Goin’ Out East” on tour this December. The three songwriters will be headed up the east coast playing a dozen 3 man solo shows in just 2 weeks. Starting out in Tassie and working their way up through Melbourne, regional Victoria & NSW via the ACT then on to the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Byron Bay. They’ll each be performing their own brand of song ranging from pop to dark stomping blues!

Wed 7th Marita Mangano + Bill Kelly Thurs 8th Jay Fraser + Teinne Fri 9th Daniel Champagne + Mick Attard Sat 10th Paradigm

TEINNE Teinne makes music. Teinne rhymes with Wayne. Teinne is a project that began in early 2010 when singer and producer Tim Downey decided that he needed a guise to fix his writer’s block. It would appear that the decision has paid off. The first batch of songs to come out of the ‘Teinne machine’ have an up-front attitude and an alternative-pop flavour. The new and original material has a dirty, altpop sound. The debut EP ‘True Type’ came out through Creative Vibes July 2011. Facebook - teinne Myspace - teinnemusic Video - watch?v=NwSEsGHm4-A

Catch the lads at The Royal Oak, Launceston, on Thurs Dec 8

ADAM COUSENS “With his brand new album, singer/songwriter Adam Cousens has started up his own antimisery movement” - Tony McMahon (Nov. 2010 - Impress) Adam Cousens is a fun loving songwriter who writes songs with upbeat positivity and optimism that infuses a crowd with energy and good vibes. This December, Adam will give his 5-piece band a well earned rest, and head back to his solo roots, giving fans a rare opportunity to see Adam perform in intimate performance settings. Spending most of 2010 in the studio working with acclaimed producer Chris Townend (Silverchair, The Mess Hall, Violent Femmes), Cousens released his debut album Free Flowin’ Footsteps in October 2010 and has since toured extensively over the east coast of Australia with headline shows from Hobart to Mackay and support slots for some of his favorite bands including Donavon Frankinreiter, Blue King Brown and Diafrix. Adam’s new album was nominated and shortlisted for the prestigious APRA Professional Development Award this year. Facebook - adamcousens Myspace - adamcousens Video - X90hLLyiw

JAY FRASER “a seriously reliable songwriter”- Dave Ruby Howe, triple j A born and bred Taswegian, Fraser has spent the best part of the last 4 years travelling through Australia and Europe before basing himself in London at the debut of 2010. In early 2011 he independently released his 3rd studio album entitled Buildings of Dreams, a record with flow and contrast from stomping blues to delicate ballads, songs born from his exploits and travails on the road. The album was well received back in Australia with the tracks ‘Walking A Fine Line’ and ‘The Price On My Head’ receiving wide-ranging radio airplay, on national youth broadcaster Triple J and on various community radio stations including 3RRR in Melbourne. Tom Robinson also picked up ‘Walking A Fine Line’ for inclusion on his BBC 6Music show and podcast. Fraser plays regularly around London and over the past few months he’s supported some of his favourite artists including Ash Grunwald, Tété & Rocco Deluca.

Wed 14th Andy Collins Thurs 15th Yen & Andrew + Mick & Katie Fri 16th Music on a Mission City Mission Benefit Gig Over 20 local artists! Sat 17th The Titz

Facebook - rubbishnight Website - http://www.buildingsofdreams. com Video - watch?v=OC2OexMzB8Y

Wed 21st Sara & Brock Thurs 22nd Linc Le Fevre

jackey’s marsh forest festival, 2012 celebrating tasmania’s forests, sustainably

The Jackey’s Marsh Forest festival is getting set to feature some exciting entertainment this summer. Held on the first weekend of February in the beautiful valley of Jackey’s Marsh just outside of Deloraine, this community-run festival has a strong tradition of celebrating Tasmania’s unique and extraordinary forests as well as demonstrating environmental sustainability. The festival features a diverse and exciting Guthrie, The Cubas, Little Bear, Dublo, DJ’s, Mista Savona music program bringing together musicians The Forest Cabaret and many more local and and performers from all over the country, interstate acts announced on the webite. loads of interactive workshops and hands on Joe Pickett, Festival Producer, says “The activities and a special children’s precinct. Jackey’s Marsh Forest Festival is an exciting Enjoy 3 days and 2 nights of superb music event on Tasmania’s cultural calendar, with a and entertainment, set to the awe inspiring strong tradition and a good heart. backdrop of Quamby Bluff and the Great In 2012, we are so pleased to be able to bring Western Tiers. together the best of Tasmania’s musicians, playing alongside some great bands collected Highlights of the music program include: from all over the country”. • The Bombay Royale - Melbourne’s very own Lisa Yeates, Festival Publicity Coordinator, Bollywood funk legends • Mista Savona an Australian leader in roots/ expects this year’s turnout to exceed previous numbers. reggae and dancehall tunes • The Woohoo Revue - foot stomping gypsy “With such a high quality line up of acts, and a tunes • Max Savage and the False Idols - unique huge variety of family-focused, environmental and arts-based activities, we are sure to see vintage soul tunes from the record numbers this year. central deserts, • Also featuring; The Adam Cousens Band, Jnr Bowles, Halfway to Forth, Bears with Guns, Check out for prices, details and latest announcements.

Issue No. 141

Fri 23rd Younger Dryas Wed 28th Open Mic Night Thurs 29th Lonnie Tunes Fri 30th Live Music Sat 31st Dave Adams Band





14 Brisbane Street, Launceston 6331 5346

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the bombay royale

bolly-wood to play for tassie -wood

by the machine

The Bombay Royale are a Melbourne band dedicated to honoring and reviving the funky, bizarre and mysterious music of vintage Indian cinema. Dusting off near-unheard relics, smashing out Bollywood classics and putting down surfadelic Hindi originals is all in a day’s work for The Bombay Royale. This band brings the sound of the Golden Age of Bollywood back to the future, where it belongs. The cinema of 1960’s and 1970’s India was a riot of saturated color and dramatic excess. Far from the polish and shine of modern Bollywood, an ingenious industry was forging a new nation’s identity, cannibalizing every aspect of world cinema and remaking it. An all singing, all dancing, all funky subcontinental style never before imagined. The soundtracks followed suit. Every possible influence from surf rock to disco was absorbed and recombined with a uniquely Indian sensibility. The heroes of this music rank among the great musicians of the 20th century. R.D Burman, Asha Bhosle and Mohammed Rafi are still household names in India, but largely unknown in the outside world. The Bombay Royale is here to rectify the situation. Starring vocalists Parvyn “La Femme Mysterieuse” Singh and Shourov “The Tiger” Bhattacharya and led by musical director Andy “The Skipper” Williamson, The Bombay Royale are an uncanny crew of masked marauders. Session pirates hauled from various crews unite to assault the senses with pulsing tablas, hot brass, shimmering spaghetti guitar and sitar, screaming organs and driving bass and drums. Not to mention analog synthesizers, spring reverb, tape echo and occasionally elephants, monkeys and tigers. The band has met with considerable acclaim since their first gig in April 2010 with performances at St Kilda Festival, Port Fairy Folk Festival, Bellingen Global Carnival and a featured performance at the Australasian World Music (appearing alongside Nigerian funk legend Femi Kuti). As a result of this last gig they secured a gig at the Safiko Music Festival in the Reunion Islands (Africa) in June 2011 where they played to packed houses full of very excited French types. In 2012 the band is confirmed for appearances at Falls Festival, Womadelaide and Womad NZ. The band also appeared on ABC television’s “Spicks and Specks” in July, this year, and has received significant airplay on ABC Radio National, 3JJJ and local Melbourne stations such as 3PBS and 3RRR.

Issue No. 141

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Gig.Guide - 6TH DEC to 3rd jan If you’d like your gigs included, email details to

Tuesday December 6th //Hobart Republic - The Baker Boys Wednesday December 7th //Hobart Southern Lights Hotel - Kingston Comedy Bar Christmas Show with ROD QUANTOCK! Brisbane Hotel - MUDHONEY Syrup - TackyOke Irish Murphy’s - Joel Everard Observatory - DJ Mr B & DJ Dameza Republic - Kreigan Hill //Launceston Northern Club - Drop #8 (Monthly Dubstep Party) with Kurk Kokane (Melb) + Kombat (Syd) Royal Oak - Marita Mangano + Bill Kelly //Devonport Tapas Lounge Bar - TAPAS TRIVIA Thursday December 8th //Hobart Irish Murphy’s - Wingit Brookfield Margate - Sitar Lounge Cargo - DJ Mr B & DJ Dameza Republic - Faye Blais //Launceston Royal Oak - Jay Fraser + Teinne //Devonport Tapas Lounge Bar - LIVE MUSIC Friday December 9th //Hobart Dr Syntax – Two Pilgrims Derwent Entertainment Centre – Carpe Noctem Presents XZIBIT Irish Murphy’s - Ian Murtagh, Gav & Lina, Dr. fink Brookfield Margate - Alma Di Vida Cazbar – Reggae Chillin, Live Reggae music & Dj Observatory – DJ Mr B & DJ Dameza The Telegraph – Micheal Clennett followed The Wolfe Brothers Cargo- Street Party feat :Cameron Stuart & DJ Johnny G Ivory Bar - DJ Malakai The Alley Cat - Beccy Lee & Drunkfoot (One woman band from Tucson, Arizona) and Made by Chickens for Robots The Grand Poobah - Skittle with Nina Las Vegas 9pm Syrup - Boogie with DJs Nick C and

Webby PlanB - Drop (Hobart) Launch Party w/ Kurk Kokane (Melb) + Kombat (Syd) Republic - D’Opus & Roshambo +$10 (Free with Xzibit Ticket) Brisbane Hotel - Damage Night Club with Explosions + Depths + Redemption Denied + Wolf Pack + Dj’s //Launceston Hotel New York – PD, Randall Foxx & Roger Davis Royal Oak - Daniel Champagne + Mick Attard

Tapas Lounge Bar - NEIL GIBSON Monday December 12th //Hobart Vic Tav - Industry Night with Dj Mr B Republic - Quiz Night - Last For 2011 //Launceston Saloon Bar - SIN - Saloon Industry Night Tuesday December 13th //Hobart Republic - Peter Hicks & The Blues Licks

//Devonport Tapas Lounge Bar - THREE PIECE //Burnie Maginty’s Irish Bar - The Marvans

Wednesday December 14th

Saturday December 10th //Hobart Dr Syntax – Hoot Owl Irish Murphy’s - Joel Everard, Sticky Sweet The Waratah - JINJA SAFARI w/ SPECIAL GUESTS Observatory – DJ Mr B. The Telegraph – Ado and devo followed by Pirates of the covers Cargo - Millhouse Ivory Bar - Regrooved presents Paul Master- Dj Damza & Grotesque The Alley Cat - Faye Blais (Canada) and Jungal Syrup - Tackyland DJs Muzza and Webby PlanB - Kid Kenobi Bass Music Tour + Locals Billy Green more TBC Republic - Kobra Kai + Acumen $15 Brisbane Hotel - Renegades of Dub & Krackieoke with Jorge //Launceston Hotel New York - Tenzin (Syd), Darcy, PD, Joycie & Randall Foxx HNY Front Bar - Mace, Toby Della Valle & Darcy Royal Oak - Paradigm //Devonport Tapas Lounge Bar - T M G & TRENT Sunday December 11th //Hobart Dr Syntax – Angela Bryte Irish Murphy’s - Ian Murtagh, Gav & Lina Brookfield Margate - Faye Blais & Jungal Cargo - Ado and Devo followed by DJ Grotesque Republic - Adam Cousens + Teinne + Jay Fraser //Launceston Hotel New York - Joycie //Devonport

//Hobart Irish Murphy’s - Rouge Acoustic Syrup – TackOke Observatory - DJ Mr B & DJ Dameza Republic - Chris Mallory + Kara Lonegrain //Launceston Royal Oak - Andy Collins //Devonport Tapas Lounge Bar - OPEN MIC Thursday December 15th //Hobart Irish Murphy’s – Darlington Cargo - Micheal Clennett and Guests The Grand Poobah - Darren Hanlon’with support David Dondero (USA) Republic - Swump //Launceston Royal Oak - Yen & Andrew + Mick & Katie //Devonport Tapas Lounge Bar - KITBY EDWARDS Friday December 16th //Hobart Dr Syntax – End Of Conversation Irish Murphy’s - Ian Murtagh, Brett Collidge, Selecta The Waratah - CLUBHOUSE COMEDY Brookfield Margate - Acoustic Night ( Folk Night) Cazbar – Reggae Chillin, Live Reggae music & Dj Observatory – DJ Mr B. DJ Grotesque The Telegraph – Micheal Clennett followed by The Smashers Cargo - Street Party feat : Tim Davies & DJ Johnny G Ivory Bar - Frequency Fridays The Alley Cat - Tiny Spiders, Cat Cat, Mess O Reds & Manchester Mourning

Issue No. 141

He Grand Poobah - Skunk in The Kissing Room Syrup Boogie DJs Nick C and JayDee PlanB “Coven” Hobart’s Only Goth Night + Coven DJs The Brisbane Hotel - Over Reactor w The Witching Tree & Incarcerate Republic - Spy V’s Spy + Truckshow $20pre/$25 door //Launceston The Pizza Pub Elephant & Castle Original Music Night Feat. Bats of A Feather, The Ritz, Lady Crimson Fresh on Charles -Small Town Ruckus (DnB Party) with Q-bik (Perth) & Benny Bonsai Hotel New York - Randall Foxx, Roger Davis & G-Rox Royal Oak - Music on a Mission - City Mission charity gig - over 20 local artists! //Devonport Tapas Lounge Bar - EVIL CISUM Saturday December 17th //Hobart Dr Syntax – Colin Harvey Irish Murphy’s - Naked Acoustic, Pirates of the cover scene Brookfield Margate - Nelson Sound Christmas Show Observatory – DJ Mr B The Telegraph – Ado and Devo followed by The Smashers Cargo- DJ Johnny G Ivory Bar - james Curd (national tour),Millhouse & Mez The Alley Cat - The Bone Rattlers and The Sin & Tonics The Grand Poobah - Sand Pebbles and Hey Mook Syrup - Tackyland DJs Webby + Muzza PlanB - Gillie,Kir, Corney Republic - Ben Wells & The Middle Names + New Saxons + Since We Kissed //Launceston Hotel New York – Darcy, PD, Basssup & Joycie HNY front bar - Toby, Scott Targett & G-Rox Royal Oak - The Titz //Devonport Tapas Lounge Bar - THE UNIT Sunday December 18th //Hobart Dr Syntax – Josh Dunn Republic - Brightside Animal Sanctuary Benefit Show: The Blue Mosquitoes + As Page 18


Gig.Guide - 6TH DEC to 3rd jan If you’d like your gigs included, email details to

The Crow Flies + 4more bands $12 Irish Murphy’s - Ian Murtagh, Mickey & Kazu Brookfield Margate - Chris Mallary Cargo - Wolfe Brothers followed by DJ Grotesque //Launceston Hotel New York - PD //Devonport Tapas Lounge Bar - CHRIS MEEK


Monday December 19th //Hobart Vic Tav - Industry Night with Dj Mr B Republic - Pat & Ruth + Nellie

Irish Murphy’s - Jeremy Matcham,MIckey & Kazu, Vendetta Cazbar – Reggae Chillin, Live Reggae music & Dj The Alley Cat - Log Jam Fury Observatory – DJ Mr B & DJ Dameza The Telegraph – Micheal Clennett followed by Big Swifty Cargo- Street Party feat: Tim Davies & DJ Rabb Ivory Bar - Behind Closed Doors Christmas Party feat Ok-Nah (Melb) The Grand Poobah - Rimes Space Party Syrup - Boogie Nick C and Webby PlanB - Gillie, Corney + Mandie Republic - The Colemans + Dean Stevenson $8

//Launceston Saloon Bar - SIN - Saloon Industry Night

//Launceston Hotel New York - Roger Davis, PD, Randall Foxx Royal Oak - Younger Dryas

Tuesday December 20th

//Devonport Tapas Lounge Bar - THE ROCK PIGS

//Hobart Republic - Hoot Owls

Saturday December 24th

Wednesday December 21st

//Hobart The Waratah - VERSIONS - COLDPLAY Irish Murphy’s - Mickey & Kazu, The Smashers The Grand Poobah - Cambodian Space Project Observatory – DJ Mr B. The Telegraph – Dr Fink Cargo- DJ Rabb Ivory Bar Syrup - Tackyland DJ Webby Republic - Trumps + The Dark Matter of Story Telling + Seth

//Hobart Irish Murphy’s - The sign Observatory - DJ Mr B & DJ Dameza Syrup – TackyOke Republic - Sam Cole & The Mornings + King Carousel + Jade Young $10 //Launceston Hotel New York - Cover Band T.B.C Royal Oak - Sara & Brock //Devonport Tapas Lounge Bar - TAPAS TRIVIA Thursday December 22nd //Hobart Dr Syntax – Hoot Owls Irish Murphy’s – Infected Republic - LaVista + Pat & Ollie

//Hobart The Grand Poobah - The Freshly Breaked Christmas Cracker featuring A-Skillz & Elite Force (UK) Cargo - Rum Jungle Republic - Joe Pirere & The Blackberries

Wednesday December 28th //Hobart Irish Murphy’s - Joel Everard Observatory - DJ Mr B & DJ Dameza Cargo - Micheal Clennett Republic - Jordan Miller

//Devonport Tapas Lounge Bar - TAPAS TRIVIA

//Launceston Hotel New York - Toby Della Valle, Roger Davis, Boaz & Joycie HNY Front Bar – Mace, Darcy & Randall Roxx //Devonport Tapas Lounge Bar - (CHRISTMAS EVE) ELECTRIC SPAGHETTI Sunday December 25th It’s SANTA time!

//Devonport Tapas Lounge Bar - LIVE MUSIC

Monday December 26th

Friday December 23rd

//Hobart Vic Tav - Industry Night with Dj Mr B Observatory - DJ Mr B. The Telegraph - Garrod Matcham followed by Dr Fink Cargo - David Wicks followed by Johnny

Tuesday December 27th

//Launceston Hotel New York - Cover Band T.B.C Royal Oak - Open Mic Night

//Launceston Royal Oak - Linc Le Fevre

//Hobart The Venue (Wooby’s Lane ) - Chi-Roh, The Demotion & Face the Fiasco

//Launceston Saloon Bar - SIN - Saloon Industry Night

Thursday December 29th //Hobart Irish Murphy’s - Kriegan Hill The Telegraph - Garrod Matcham Cargo - Micheal Clennett and Guests Republic - Fritz //Launceston Royal Oak - Lonnie Tunes //Devonport Tapas Lounge Bar - EVIL CISUM Friday December 30th //Hobart Irish Murphy’s - Ian Murtagh, Mickey & Kazu ,Vendetta Cazbar – Reggae Chillin, Live Reggae music & Dj Observatory – DJ Mr B. DJ Millhouse The Telegraph – Tim Davies followed by Big Swifty Cargo- Micheal Clennett followed by Johnny G Syrup - Boogie DJ’s Nick C + JayDee Republic - The Funk Band //Launceston Hotel New York - Roger Davis, Randall Foxx & Basssup HNY Front Bar - Darcy, Toby Della Valle & Randall Foxx

Issue No. 141

Royal Oak - Live Music //Devonport Tapas Lounge Bar - T M G Saturday December 31st //Hobart Dr Syntax – NYE with Tim Franklin, ‘70s & ‘80s music Irish Murphy’s - Kenny, Everburn, Rogue Sharks Brookfield Margate - Daystar & Dinner $50-00 Syrup - NYE Party 2 Floors Retro Tunes 4 DJs pre sale $10 Observatory - DJ Mr B. Cargo - DJ Johnny G Republic - NYE With Boil Up //Launceston Royal Oak - Dave Adams Band Hotel New York - Randall Foxx, Roger David, RnB Super Club, Ft: Def Rock and MC Jason & G-Rox //Devonport Tapas Lounge Bar - (NEW YEARS EVE) ELECTRIC SPAGHETTI Sunday January 1st 2012 Happy New Year from the Sauce Team! //Hobart Telegraph - Dr Fink Cargo - Tim Davies followed by Rum Jungle Monday January 2nd //Hobart Vic Tav - Industry Night with Dj Mr B Cargo - Rum Jungle

Tuesday January 3rd //Hobart Republic - GZA (Wu Tang Clan) supp Mic Dons and Grotesque

Wednesday January 4th //Hobart Republic - Quary Mountain Dead Rats //Devonport Tapas Lounge Bar - TAPAS TRIVIA

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turn it up!


$89 9 Perfect for parties, busking or rehearsing.


Features a headphone/ line-out jack, two-way tone switch, 12AX7 preamp tubes and a 12AU power amp valve for an uncompromised tone.




The ultimate portable modelling amp.

$29 9

Available in black, vintage vibe white and British racing green.


Powerful 10-watt GUITAR amp.

$12 9




$59 Built especially for younger players. This 3/4 size guitar comes in a natural gloss finish.

Features the same design conceptS as Yamaha’s premium high-end guitars. Available in natural gloss or matte finish.

new !

$20 9


FG700 s

$14 9

$34 9 Slimline, stylish and perfect for piano lessons. Only 30cm deep, with keyboard cover, metronome and 3 piano-style pedals. *Includes power supply and “50 Greats for the Piano” songbook.

recording audio interfaces... Record, mix and produce your music with pristine audio quality.


$13 9

This four-string bass guitar will suit any STYLE of player. Available in black, dark blue metallic, red metallic, old violin sunburst and silver.

This excellent quality guitar is the perfect choice for future rock stars! Available in black, dark blue metallic and red metallic.

Vox’s pint-sized headphone guitar amp available in many different styles.

This is perfect for home practice, backstage warmup and recording.


$10 99


Light and portable amp with ultra cool finish and tube sound.

Guitar, gig bag, strap, strings, string winder, capo, pitch pipe and picks.

DTX5 00K


This lightweight, portable PA system includes a pair of high-performance 8” speakers, and a built-in 300W powered mixer.

Great starter pack.

Loud or silent, it’s your choice. A great option for the beginner practicing at home, or the drummer who wants to play all night.

Two mic/line inputs with phantom power for studio microphones plus a Hi-Z input for electric guitar and bass. Bundled with Steinberg’s Sequel LE and Wavelab LE.

All models feature gain, tone and volume controls along with an AUX-IN jack so you can jam along with a CD/MP3 player.

new ! c40

$15 9


$10 99


$32 9

$29 9

With the inclusion of an in-built tuner and pre-amp. Available in black satin, natural gloss and brown sunburst.

Available in a natural gloss finish.

YDP- S31

PAC0 12

This solid spruce top, thin neck and low action guitar adds value to the classic FG series.

Yamaha’s number one beginner’s classical guitar.

Australia’s most popular musical instrument.

RBX17 0


$89 9

...with software! Record your music at home or on the go.

new !

A thin-line body acoustic/electric guitar with specially designed X-type bracing and an eye-catching oval sound hole. Features that make the top end sing and give a full natural tone. Available in natural, black, oriental blue burst, old violin sunburst, vintage white and red metallic.



$59 9

$44 9

88 weighted keys perfect for home, school or the rehearsal room. *Includes music rest, sustain pedal and power supply.


$16 9

This interface features one mic/ instrument input and bundled with Steinberg’s Cubase AI recording software.

Promotion commences 1st November 2011 to 31st December 2011 at participating dealers. Not all products listed in the catalogue are available at all Yamaha dealers. # These products are listed at normal recommended retail price (RRP) and are not part of this special distributor's promotional offer. † The "value" specified for the bonus offers is Yamaha Music Australia's RRP of these products. Visit for full terms and conditions.

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McCann’s Music

141-143 Elizabeth Street

03 6234 4544


Modern Musician

106 Murray Street

03 6234 5537


Barratts Music

104 George Street

03 6331 9355

Start drumming on the brands the professionals’ demand.



The ideal way to start exploring the world of music.

$8 99

Modern features at an affordable price.


PSR-E 233



VALUED AT $239 # †

RBX2 70J


Issue No. 141

VALUED AT $34.99# †

$39 9

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december Arts.Guide Supported by Salamanca Arts Centre Exploring all corners of the creative universe. / 03 6234 8414 //HOBART


Kelly’s Garden @ Salamanca Arts Centre Sakura Polymers by Anna Phillips 25 November 2011 - 22 January 2012 FREE EVENT

Burnie Regional Art Gallery Till 11 December 2011 White Gums and Ramoxes Ceramics by Merric and Arthur Boyd from the Bundanon Trust Collection. Curated by Grace Cochrane.

Long Gallery @ Salamanca Arts Centre Conversations with the Object by Betty Nolan 3 - 8 December 2011 FREE EVENT Long Gallery & Sidespace Gallery @ Salamanca Arts Centre Images of Tasmania 9 December 2011 - 1 January 2012 FREE EVENT Contemporary Art Spaces Tasmania (CAST) Hobart Oceanography/Peron Station, David Chesworth, 13 - 29 January 2012, Cost: FREE CAST 18th Birthday Party & Members’ Exhibition Extravaganza Party: Saturday 10 December, 6 - 9pm. Exhibition Continues to 22 December. Cost: FREE The Grand Poobah ‘Lurker under the Bed’ An art exhibition by Reuben Eski 10th of Dec 6-8pm in The Swamp

In Suspect Terrain – Ten Queenstown Artists The strange beauty, its remoteness, the weather, environmental issues and the rich cultural heritage of the mining industry are all aspects of the Queenstown region which figure in the work of ten artists living on the West Coast of Tasmania. Raymond Arnold, Annette van Betlehem, Maxine Brown, Bill Dean, Helena Demczuk, Yannick Demmerle, Nadia Murphy, Joh Osborne, Anna Roberts and Ivan Stringer. 17 December 2011 – 29 January 2012 Freshwater Saltwater - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander prints The Australian National Maritime Museum travelling exhibition of prints celebrates the rich living relationship between Indigenous people and water in Australia. Supported by the National Collecting Institutions Touring and Outreach Program, an Australian Government program aiming to improve access to the national collections for all Australians. Looking Through - Nigel Lazenby Looking Through, is a group of images produced over a number of years, with an emphasis on work produced over the last eighteen months. As the title suggests there are many ways of interpreting this theme, but what interests the artist is that he has subconsciously been painting images that relate literally to this title and only realising this recently. High Art Summer Show For a fourth summer in row the talented students from High schools and Colleges in and around Burnie on the north west coast of Tasmania exhibit their best works.

//LAUNCESTON Sawtooth Gallery Opening 6pm Friday 2nd of December Until Saturday 24 December Front Gallery WONDERSHAPER Julia Castiglioni Bradshaw (TAS), Dionisia Salas Hammer (NSW), Julie Monro-Allison (TAS), Poppy Malik (ACT), Dan Edwards (ACT), Emma Beer (ACT) Timothy Gray Price (VIC) Joan Llorca Peiró (ESP) Middle Gallery Fluid Dynamics - Marie Sierra (TAS) Project Gallery Picturedrome II - Nicola Smith (TAS) New Media Gallery Both Sides of Everything About Something - Pip O’Brien (VIC) //EVANDALE Handmark Gallery Evandale Afterglow 3rd of December. FREE

Burnie Regional Art Gallery Burnie Arts & Function Centre Wilmot Street, Burnie TAS 7320 Mon-Fri 10am – 4.30pm, Sat, Sun & Public Hols 1.30pm – 4.30pm Gallery hours during holiday season: 23 Dec Open 9am-3.30pm, Christmas Eve, Christmas and Boxing Days: Closed, 27 Dec 9am-3.30pm, 28-30 Dec 10am-4.30 pm, 31 Dec 1.30-4.30pm

Registrations are now open for Qantas Spirit Of Youth Awards (SOYA) 2011/2012 The Qantas Spirit of Youth Awards (SOYA), the leading award for Australia’s best emerging artists, designers, and creatives, has today unveiled an exciting new format which will see SOYA become a year round initiative. Talented Australians aged 30 and under across eleven creative fields - fashion, interactive content and gaming, written word, visual design and communications, film and video, photography, visual arts, craft and object design, music, architecture and interior design and animation are invited to submit their work for a chance to receive financial support in the form of $5000 in cash, as well as a rare 12-month mentorship opportunity with leading luminaries from the international creative community. This year, winners will also be sent on the trip-of-a-lifetime to premiere industry only events at the forefront of their fields. Issue No. 141

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shapeshifters (UK) australia, here they come!

by Mark Howell - Energy FM australia

Purveyors of the finest house music and all round party people, The UK Shapeshifters have been at the forefront of dance music since 2003. The following year, The UK Shapeshifters brought the world “Lola’s Theme” - one of house music’s favourite feel good tunes of all time. Ever since then, it’s been a busy road for the boys. Their second single, “Back To Basics”, was released in March 2005 and reached number 10 in the UK chart, while the third single “Incredible” reached number 12. Their debut album, “Sound Advice”, was released in March 2006 and peaked at number 76 in the UK Albums Chart, before being released in the United States on Ultra Records in September 2006. The fourth single which featured Nile Rodgers of Chic, was called “Sensitivity” and charted at number 40 on July 2006. The UK Shapeshifters are the London-based DJ and production duo of Simon Marlin and Max Reich. Their meeting is well documented: Simon was DJing in Sweden and was introduced to Max. Max was working in a record store in Gothenburg. In his role as A&R for Downboy Recordings, Simon was also looking for new talent and Max was producing at the time as Fused. It wasn’t long before Fused were signed to the Downboy label. As a project, Fused was relatively short-lived, but Simon and Max remained friends and began working together. In 2003, The Shapeshifters were born.

Shapeshifters spent three years with a major label releasing several singles, numerous high profile remixes and their debut album - ‘Sound Advice. By 2006 it was time for a change and a new musical focus in a period when the music industry itself was going through momentous changes and major labels losing interest in house. Up stepped Defected and the perfect alliance was formed with one of the leading independent house labels. In recent times, the London based duo have delivered massive club hits such as “Helter Skelter” and “She Freaks”. The UK Shapeshifters have also produced an array of remixes for the likes of Frankie Knuckles, Human Life and Empire Of The Sun.

Defected Records. Add to this a selection of hot new productions, including collaborations with Frankie Knuckles, as well as a packed DJ schedule, 2011 looks set to be another vintage year.

the region, but from now on they will tour and release their records as The UK Shapeshifters. The name may be new, but rest assured, Simon Marlin and Max Reich will be delivering their trademark blend of straight-up house grooves.

With a series of dates throughout Australia lined up and their new single, which is a collaboration with Charles Dockins called “Nothing But Love For You” that has been released on Defected Records, The UK Shapeshifters continue to maintain themselves as purveyors of fine house music and all-round party people on an international scale.

You can catch The UK Shapeshifters in Australia over the Christmas and New Year period. Until then, you can connect with the guys on any of their social network or tune in to “The UK Shapeshifters Nocturnal Groove Show” via SoundCloud or MixCloud. For tour dates, see the Energy FM Australia website (

Having regularly toured Australia over the years, they maybe more familiar as The Shapeshifters to the majority of their fans in

As DJs, producers and label owners, they’ve set the pace with their unique kind of nocturnal grooves, and there’s no sign of it slowing down with the forthcoming release of their “Nikki Beach - In The House” compilation for

At this time, both of the guys had reached a musical crossroads and wanted to do things on their own terms. They decided to go into the studio together and see what came out: the result was “Lola’s Theme”. It went on to become a major worldwide hit on Positiva Records and set the stage for The Shapeshifters’ future. “Lola’s Theme” also set the precedent for the way the guys work in the studio: letting the music come together naturally and forget about genres. Simon’s roots are in funk and soul, while Max comes from a techno background and it’s this fusion that makes The Shapeshifters sound so dynamic and exciting. “Lola’s Theme” was first released on their own Nocturnal Groove imprint and the label remains a vital part of The Shapeshifters equation today. Originally launched as a platform for the new sound Simon and Max were creating, Nocturnal Groove now has over 50 releases to its name, and has become a home of established names and new artists in equal measure. The label is part of their passion for house music and is helping to keep the scene vibrant. Amongst the artist roster on Nocturnal Groove, you’ll find the likes of Frankie Knuckles, Martijn ten Velden and K-Klass alongside emerging talent such as Roy McLaren, Jason Chance, Sonny Wharton and Danism and there is nothing released on Nocturnal Groove that you won’t hear in a DJ set from The Shapeshifters. The Shapeshifters and Nocturnal Groove also run ‘Nocturnal’ - a successful club night and was a vital part of London’s nightlife for several years running long-standing residencies at The End/AKA and Turnmills. The party is close to the guys’ hearts and they won’t do another one in London until they’ve found the right venue. However, that hasn’t stopped them taking ‘Nocturnal’ on the road, of course, and they’ve played all over the world, often with young guys from the label in support and live visuals playing an important role. Outstanding parties in recent months include Tube in Belgrade (Serbia) and Ambasada Gavioli in Izola (Slovenia), and some exciting plans for ‘Nocturnal’ events are in the pipeline. The spirit of acid house runs through ‘Nocturnal’ and it’s all about unpretentious clubbing. The Shapeshifters pride themselves on being DJs who select great records and the longer they have to play, the better. Technical trickery never overshadows the vibe of the night and creating a musical experience the crowd can really get into. ‘Nocturnal’ has also allowed The Shapeshifters to remain true to their roots in underground house music while also enjoying significant commercial achievements. Following the success of ‘Lola’s Theme’, The

Issue No. 141

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Album Reviews THE CHURCH STARFISH (Classic album review)


Released in 1988, an album that to this day is either the best or worst album they ever did, depending who you ask. When lead single ‘Under The Milky Way’ (complete with Synclavier sampled backwards bagpipes) cracked the top 40 in the States, The Church briefly found themselves occupying the same lofty stratosphere as U2 and REM. The problem for hardcore fans were these indie darlings were Australia’s seminal underground band and this album came on the back of the Rickenbacker laden ‘Heydey’, which contained two of the band’s most definitive songs: ‘Tantalized’ and ‘Columbus’. In the minds of many fans, moving to Los Angeles and signing to a major label, Arista (Whitney Houston was their other major signing that year), as well as teaming up with Don Henely’s producer, Greg Ladanyi was simply sacrilege. But in a band that famously struggled to find common ground with their personal record collections (Kilbey liked Marc Bolan, the others liked Deep Purple), it was Don Henley’s ‘Boys of Summer’ that would inspire the production values and direction of ‘Starfish’ (the influence is best heard on the precise and minimalistic ‘Blood Money’). In Australia, the band would sign with Mushroom Records founder, Michael Gudinski who went all out promoting the single ‘Reptile’, releasing it on green vinyl and including a toy snake with every copy. To regain credibility, Kilbey, following on from this mainstream success, developed a serious heroin addiction after the album charted. The first two singles from ‘Starfish’ (‘Under The Milky Way’ and ‘Reptile’) would later be featured on the number one rating cop show, ‘Miami Vice’, an irony not lost on Kilbey who routinely takes the piss out of his ‘American’ hit in his solo shows. On one occasion ‘Under The Milky Way’ morphed into Bob Seger’s ‘Hollywood Nights’. The band themselves were very uncomfortable in the Hollywood setting, the song ‘North, South, East and West’ captures the hollowness of the experience. The fact Linda Rondstant, Neil Diamond and members of Toto hung out during the sessions, only added to the surrealness. The band known for self indulgent jamming and multi-layered psycadellic soundscapes struggled in this disciplined environment. Kilbey himself frequently did not attend sessions, leaving all the work to the production team, which was problematic as the arrogant Ladanyi would head to the golf course every time the band challenged his arrogance, which was pretty much constantly. Nevertheless, it’s the simpler slower atmospheric songs like ‘Lost’ and the beautiful closing track ‘Hotel Womb’ that to this day are featured in live sets and remain fan favorites. Triple J listeners voted ‘Starfish’ as one of the top 100 Australian albums of all time in the 2011 poll and while no one is saying the album is a masterpiece, songs like the other less successful singles, ‘Destination’ (complete with motorbike roar) and the post punk Jam sounding ‘Spark’ (where Marty Wilson-Piper sings lead) flesh out a significant, but flawed album that, like the band itself, never quiet reached its obvious potential. Matthew Sertori

DAVID GARRETT ROCK SYMPHONIES German born, David Garrett has released his 6th album, which is a good lesson in why having a violinist in your band is very cool, but allowing that cool guy to make a solo album is an act of folly.

This four piece indie rock surf band are possibly the best thing to come out of Gerringong since champion lawn bowler, Keith Darby. The Bungalows have teamed up with the producer behind Liam Finn and The Drones to deliver an album filled to brim with good vibrations and positive energy. Having been compared with The Clash, The Strokes and Johnny Cash (only they write much more offensive lyrics), the Bungalows are simply awesome. Opening track ‘Got to Go’ is a ska song that mimics an American ska sound, very popular a decade ago. ‘Got to Go’ is an exceptional track, reminiscent of Reel Big Fish, but with just a subtle nod to superior English ska acts, Madness and Rancid. While it has received some airplay on Triple J, it’s surprising the song has not got more spins, all I can think is one of the members has an unattractive beard. A really fascinating slower song on this collection is ‘Monkey Mountain Road’ as it suggests there is a more sensitive side to the group’s music, it’s not all about getting the audience to mosh (though mostly it is). This song would make a great second single and reminds me of the Reels, ‘Quasimodo’s Dream.’ Finishing with a song called ‘Night and Day’ that combines the harder edged elements of the band Cracker with In Utero era Nirvana, but with a riff that nods its head at the Beatles ‘I Want You’ – a great note to end the album on. Matthew Sertori

URGE OVERKILL ROCK & ROLL SUBMARINE Sadly remembered for the commercial success they briefly enjoyed covering Neil Diamond’s ‘Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon’ on the Pulp Fiction soundtrack, yet the true legacy of this band was seminal grunge song, ‘Dropout’ and MC5 inspired sound of third album, ‘Saturation.’ When it came to grunge, if Nirvana and Pearl Jam (bands they supported on seminal tours) are the bricks, Urge Overkill were the mortar holding the whole movement together. Reuniting after sixteen years, with the two main guys, dual front-men, Nash Kato and Eddie Roeser at the helm, this album answers the big question, what do crusty old grunge rockers do when they become middle aged? The answer to that question is they forget about fashion, expectations and methadone collection takeaway and just get on with the job of playing the music they love. On ‘Rock and Roll Submarine’ Urge Overkill lose the teenage angst and deliver a straight up balls to the wall no bullshit fun-time rock and roll album, only without losing any of the potent grunge energy associated with the decidingly un-Neil Diamondy music they were making sixteen years earlier. The core line up is augmented with Hadji Hodgkiss (Gaza Strippers) and Bonn Quast (on drums, and it needs to be said this band goes through drummers more spectacularly than Spinal Tap) and with a new rhythm section, they re-invent themselves for a newer younger audience, yet maintain a nostalgic undercurrent. Matthew Sertori

A highly accomplished (did we mention he is a Julliard School graduate and plays a Stradivarius) classically trained violinist covering classic rock hits like ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, ‘Walk This Way’, ‘Master of Puppets’, ‘Kashmir’, Thunderstruck’, ‘Rocking All Over The World’, ‘Live and Let Die’, and of course, ‘November Rain’ is an act you book for a wedding, on a cd, it’s simply tacky and pretentious. To make matters worse (and it gets much worse) accompanying Garrett is a cock rock band playing mediocre pale imitations of the original songs. The fact many of these artists, notably Metallica have already teamed up with orchestras in the past makes this release feel like even more of a sell out. The Nirvana arrangement is worth checking out on You Tube once for the novelty value, but the novelty wears off very quickly indeed. Garret throws into the mix some absolutely dire original compositions and a bit of Beethoven’s 5th (which I suspect most of his fan-base will assume he wrote). I will reluctantly concede that mixing U2’s ‘Vertigo’ with Vivaldi is awfully clever, but despite Garrett’s obvious skill and precision, the best we can hope for is this release might open up a few minds to the joys of the classical music. Matthew Sertori

Helplessness Blues, the sophomore album of Seattle band Fleet Foxes builds on the first self-titled album and adds clearer production values, a darker sound as well as a multitude of influences and musical genres.

Although the Fleet Foxes cite Bob Dylan, Neil Young and the Byrds as their influences, I would compare their sound solely to the beautiful harmonies and exquisite songwriting of Simon and Garfunkel. It begins with the haunting Montezuma, which sets the scene superbly with haunting lyrics and harmonies and understated instrumentation. We are then taken on a beautiful journey of acoustic instrumentals, striking harmonies and at the basis of all of this, perfect songs. The album is structured in two “sides” of 6 songs. The first “side” includes the country tinged Bedouin Dress , the folk ballad Sim Sala Bim, with its beautiful instrumental outro. It then hits us with the upbeat pop/country Battery Kinzie which melts away to beautiful descending contrapuntal finger-picking banjo juxtaposed with vocal harmonies and becomes a perfect cacophony and ends with the haunting title track Helplessness Blues. It then begins a new journey with “The Cascades” which explores self-questioning and inquisitive approaches to reaching a crossroads in life and finally ends with triumphant self-confidence. Frontman Robin Pecknold has a knack for taking everyday mundane ideas and turning them into poetry conjuring vivid imagery of men striking matches on suitcase latches and penny-laden fountains. This album is introspective and inquisitive but accessible and alluring.

Issue No. 141

I went into this review very negatively, I had not enjoyed the recent Tim Finn solo albums or Finn album with brother Neil. This is an album that just does not register first listen, but just got better and better with each repeated play. In some ways my sub-consience expectation with Tim Finn is he will deliver a quirky Split Enz sound or another masterpiece to rival Woodface, but the reality is he is an excellent adult contemporary singer songwriter and what he does these days is pretty special in its own right. ‘Going, Going, Gone’ in particular is a beautifully crafted song and the instrumentation is delivered with incredible sensitivity. It’s a major return to form and a song with a chorus to rival the more memorable tracks from his back catalogue like ‘Persuasion’ or the Mitchell Froom produced ‘How I’m Gonna Sleep.’ ‘Wild Sweet Children’ is another track with a killer chorus and like virtually every track here contains excellent lyrics, Tim Finn just has that ability with a subtle turn of phrase to convey so much about the characters and stories in his songs, often writing about relationships but with a mature angle, few can rival. Besides Pharlap and the Finn brothers, there are not that many New Zealanders we try to claim as our own. The tragedy for an artist like Tim Finn is that as he enters his twilight years he is creating some of his most poignant relevant work, yet struggling to find a radio station that will play his new music. Matthew Sertori


Michaela Young


PATRICK WOLF LUPERCALIA This is the fifth studio album for Patrick Wolf, named after an ancient festival celebrating love and fertility that occurs around Valentines day, although it was formerly entitled The Conqueror and originally intended as the second part of a double CD set called Battle. Lupercalia provides a stark, optimistic contrast from his previous dark, grim themed albums, one of which featured shouty German noise artist Alec Empire. The album art, portraying Mr. Wolf with extremely art-house hair-do and frilly collar, sets the scene for a very interesting listen. Wolf, although being hailed as “Britain’s most innovative, radical and creative pop star” and “the crown prince of alt-pop, believes himself to be misunderstood as an artist. This could be due to the fact that his shining reviews have not translated into album sales to date. Lupercalia may be the savior for Wolf, as it is less cluttered than previous albums and has a more commercial sound. It effectively encapsulates the theme described by the title of a festival of love. It provides a strangely delightful mix of Eurovision meets Spandau Ballet. The opening track The City is beguiling, with Wolf’s convincing vocals and punchy brass, sets the scene for the upbeat, cheerful album. The first single, Time of My Life provides an honest story, told in a romantic and joyful way. Big, major key stirring melodies abound throughout Lupercalia, including the singles “House” and “Time of My Life”. Final track “The Falcon” combines a perfect blend of lush orchestration of strings and disco. Lupercalia takes us on a journey from the Scissor Sisters to Ricky Martin, spanning dance, pop, indie rock, opera and jazz. Michaela Young

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Jungal, Faye Blais Tasmainian Tour SISTERS ARE DOIN’ IT FOR THEMSELVES Melbourne all gal favourites ‘Jungal’ along with Canadian lovely Faye Blais bring their powerful female music to Tassie!

Faye Blais


They will once again join forces to stun audiences in the Hobart region on the weekend of the 8th to the 11th of December. This will be Faye’s third time touring Tasmainia and the Jungal girls first, in what is sure to be incredible shows for the Tassie music faithful. All girl trio Jungal bring ingredients of roots, rock, folk and pop to their fiery cauldron, and serve up a musical feast through an energetic, rocking live performance. The Jungal sisterhood are renown for giving punters their all, delivering punchy melodies, powerful grooves and some genuine girl powerrrr. These ladies prowl, and spread their foot stomping, heart pumping goodness around the globe. Jungal ‘has the heart of John Butler, the soul of Amy Winehouse, and the power of Ani DiFranco.’ (Trail of Ink) “Three girls. Three genres. A really large amount of awesomeness.” (Paige X Cho, Beat Magazine, Valleyarm) Faye Blais calls Australia her second home, and she has a stack of new material to share. So, she’s chasing the sun. Faye’s jazzy-bluesy indie-folk style on electric and acoustic guitars, and keys are the perfect match for her stunning, dynamic vocals. She is not stranger to the studio – with three albums under her belt, and a new Single/EP teaser, new to Australia, bridging the gap for her highly anticipated new record, set to release in May 2012. “Young, edgy, and powerfully present, Faye Blais is continuing the thread started by Joni, picked up by Ani and fashioned by Feist.”Eaglewood Folk Festival, Canada. MYSPACE: YOUTUBE: FACEBOOK: Faye Blais and Jungal play at Brookfield Margate on the editor’s birthday, Sunday, December 11th. I think I’m going to treat myself, and think you should, too!

“We’ll be there, too, for your birthday, Dave! (in spirit)” - Aretha Franklin and Annie Lennox

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unsigned only

THE INTERNATIONAL SONGWRITING COMPETITION (ISC) LAUNCHES NEW MUSIC COMPETITION FOR UNSIGNED ARTISTS Top Level Record Industry Executives To Mentor Grand Prize Winner Nashville, TN, USA - November 15, 2011 The International Songwriting Competition (ISC), one of the world’s largest songwriting competitions, has launched Unsigned Only, a new, unique international music competition. Designed for solo artists, bands, and singers who are not signed to a major record label, Unsigned Only’s goal is to find an outstanding, talented performing artist: a band, singer, or solo artist...a newcomer or veteran...raw or polished - the “gem” that needs to be discovered. Unsigned Only is looking for the total package. Judging criteria includes vocals, performance, songwriting, and originality.

cyndi lauper: judging

robert smnith: judging

Completely separate and distinct from ISC, Unsigned Only is a fresh and novel approach to other music competitions. Not only does it offer great prizes, recognition, exposure, and the chance to be heard by a group of judges consisting of high-profile recording artists and industry professionals, but it also takes it a step further and puts the Grand Prize winner in direct, personal contact with the influential record label executives who are the ultimate decision makers. For the first time ever, a music competition offers the Grand Prize winner the unprecedented opportunity to be mentored by a group of record company presidents, A&R reps, and more. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for an artist to directly network with the top echelon of record company professionals and get guidance, advice, feedback, and networking opportunities. The founders of Unsigned Only, Jim Morgan and Candace Avery, talk about the new venture: “We are pleased to introduce a new music competition of this caliber to artists throughout the world. Having worked with a wide variety of artists over many years, we know that what artists want most is access to record label professionals. However, it is virtually impossible for most up-and-coming artists to have direct access to this elite and elusive group of decision makers. So, Unsigned Only is offering the unprecedented opportunity for the Grand Prize winner to network with and be mentored by a prestigious group of record label executives. This has never been done before, and we are excited about the possibilities it affords the Unsigned Only winner.” The judging panel includes 3 Doors Down; Manchester Orchestra; Cyndi Lauper; Robert Smith (The Cure); Jeremy Camp; Craig Morgan; Kelly Clarkson; Steve Lillywhite (Producer); Matt and Kim; St. Vincent; The Mountain Goats; Josh Jackson (Co-Founder and Editor-In-Chief, Paste Magazine); Scott Lapatine (Founder, Stereogum); and more to be announced. The panel of mentors who have signed on to participate is equally impressive. Included are: Monte Lipman (President of Universal Republic); Pete Ganbarg (Executive Vice President/Head of A&R, Atlantic Records); David Wolter (Senior VP of A&R, RCA Records); Kim Stephens (President, Forward Entertainment and A&R/Capitol Music Group); Trevor Jerideau (VP of A&R, J Records); David Wilkes (VP of A&R, eOne Music); Pete Giberga (Head of A&R, Razor & Tie Records); Jason Geter (President, Grand Hustle Records); and more to be announced. The Grand Prize Winner will be awarded $5,000 in cash (plus additional prizes) and one-on-one mentoring by an elite group of record company executives. First Place and Second Place winners will also be selected in each category. Entries are being accepted now until March 5, 2012. Winners will be announced in July, 2012. Categories include: AAA (Adult Album Alternative), AC (Adult Contemporary), Christian Music, Country, Folk/ Singer-Songwriter, R&B/Hip-Hop, Rock, Pop/Top 40, and Vocal Performance. All entries must be original music except for the Vocal Performance category which accepts original or cover songs. Judging criteria in the Vocal Performance category will be based solely on the quality of the vocals, thereby allowing singers who do not write their own songs the opportunity to enter.


$5 cover charge SPECIAL: Regular pizza + 10oz Beer + band entry for $20 111 Wellington Street, Launceston Ph 6334 2322

For entry and general information, please go to

PIZPUB-bands-poster.indd 1

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music on a mission benfit gig for the launceston city mission


You are invited to Music On A Mission, a free charity gig at the Royal Oak Launceston being held on Friday 16th December 8.30 pm with all money raised being donated to local organisation City Mission for their tireless support work in the community.

The theme for the night is “Australian songs” with 21 local artists donating their time to perform 2 Aussie songs of their choice in the front bar of The Royal Oak Hotel, the night promises to bring out the oi, oi, oi in us all to raise money for a good cause. Artists include; Nathan Wheldon, Fiona Brown, Jack Storay, Joss Thomas, Jimi Steele Summer Edmunds, Michael Josephson, Luke Parry, Penny Terry and Chris Martin, Brad Harbeck, Brad George, Jean Hodgson and Damien John Fitzgerald, Dan Callahan, Daniel Townsend, Joe Hextall, Andy Collins, Steph Thetford, Luke Bennett and Mick Attard with sound by Merujan Sendoner. Local businesses Barretts Music, Convict Cutters, The Royal Oak Hotel, Mojo Music, and Land Fall Farm Fresh meats have generously donated some killer prizes to be raffled off on the night of the event. Prizes include: A Yamaha acoustic guitar 1. - Barretts Music 2. A cut and Colour- Convict Cutters 3. Dinner for two- The Royal Oak Hotel 4. Premier meat selection gift voucher - Landfall Farm Fresh Music gift voucher- Mojo Music 5. Sauce magazine have also generously helped out with promotion of the event. Thanks heaps Sauce! Also many thanks to Simon Hancock for his help in designing the Music On A Mission poster. Event organiser Mick Attard’s vision is to make this a yearly event and hopes to expand and grow Music on A Mission so that it may continue to help raise awareness and funds for community organisations such as City Mission. So for a great night of Aussie music with premier players come down to the Royal Oak Hotel on Friday 16th December and support a good cause at Music On A Mission #1.

Did You Know? In April 2004,

SAUCE magazine was started as part of the NEIS (New Enterprise Incentive Scheme), which was run, at that time, by The Launceston City Mission!

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the blue mosquitoes do it for the animals ** TWO STAGES ** ** SIX ACTS ** ** RAFFLE ** **VEGAN NIBBLES ** The Blue Mosquitoes are freshly road worn from their twenty four date UK tour, and are proud to be headlining this stellar six act lineup, which features many of Tasmania’s finest songwriters. 100% of money raised will go directly to Brightside Animal Sanctuary, whom have recently lost crucial funding. Brightside Animal Sanctuary offers a permanent home to over 250 farm and companion animals, as well as rescuing and rehoming over 200 animals each year and placing them in approved loving homes. Many of these animals have been rescued from appalling cruelty. Three hours of non-stop Tasmanian original music, headed by the toe tapping, celtic influenced Blue Mosquitoes, along with As The Crow Flies, Liar Bird, Seth Henderson, Jade Ulani and Ali Probin, this line up makes for an undoubtedly beautiful event. Tickets at the door. Doors open 7pm. Show starts 8pm.

- The Blue Mosquitoes - As The Crow Flies - Liar Bird (Samuel Cole & Brother Ben) - Seth Henderson - Jade Ulani - Ali Probin $12 BRIGHTSIDE ANIMAL SANCTUARY BENEFIT SHOW @ Republic Bar & Café @ 8pm Sunday, 18th December

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silversonic come up trumps Double Dose - Trumps/Silversonic record launch. Don Bate and Benjafield Studio present two big bands on one big night of fun. Benjafield studio is more than just racks of fancy recording gear with flashing lights and sound insulation, it is a thinktank hub where musicians go to get their creative juices flowing, boiled-up and eventually cooled into the multi coloured ear-candy that’s burned to disk. After many months of late nights and secret meetings within the sound steeped walls of Benjafield Studios, Trumps are about to unveil their latest creation. Get set for a nine track journey of lush pulse driven roots/reggae with an occasional detour down side roads of old school RnB and soul. ‘Derailed’ has been made in spirit of the LP, a collection of songs that are best listened to from start to end with a Martini in hand. They map out the winding road trip of the bands evolution since their humble beginnings in a South Hobart garage in late 2006. The band has drawn talent into its mass like the gravitational pull of a star in formation; you will hear the keyboard wizardry of Daniel Sulzberger, the big punchy brass arrangements of local prodigy Hayden Dare and Melbourne heavyweights Danny Healy and Alex Howroyd (Don Bate making a guest appearance on trombone – track 8). also the fat, soulful bass work of Simon Reid, the deft and lyrical drumming of Adelaide expat Damien Eldridge (Pugsley Buzzard, E-Type) and the get down close and personal lyrics of songwriter Finn Seccombe. Silversonic is the groovetronica love child of Don Bate. It,s a blend of his well known groove and

funk based outfits, most notably the Benjafield Collective, and his work in Electronica including his 2005 album Tonewheel with Nick Lesek. Bringing together live performance, programming and DJ-ing, Silversonic features the extraordinary voice of Siobhan O’Rourke, a talent set for very big things indeed, who fronts the album tracks with soulful authority. Simon Reid has the best set of ears in the business and has been a musical partner of Don’s for many projects including the sell out Power Hip Hop seasons. Here he is featured with his bass and guitar playing, laying down his signature tasty lines. Also appearing as a special fly in guest from Melbourne, is Gillan Gregory - guitar god extraordinaire and funk spreader. His ability to bring an audience to an ecstatic peak with his shredding is renowned. Don uses the incredible music performance software, Abelton Live, to run the engine room of Silversonic. Imagine being able to DJ, not just a single track, but all the parts of a song independently; each drum, each bass and synth line etc. “You can loop, mash up, remix on the fly, and move organically with the ebb and flow of the human performances”.


Add to this the stunning visuals and turntable skills of premier act ACUMEN, who are also able to integrate in to the Abelton live matrix, and you have one big night of eye-popping performance.



FRIDAY JAN 6TH 8PM LONG GALLERY SALAMANCA ARTS CENTRE $10/$7 concession $25 = 1 CD + entry

+ ACCUMEN VJ/DJ + Gillan Gregory preview the tracks at: supported by

silversonic is elctro-funkpop Trumps is Indie-roots-reggae Issue No. 141

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COPS AS A PUNK ROCKER IN GRUNGE-ERA MELBOURNE. THEN, HE FLED FOR HIS LIFE, TO INDIA. hE EVENTUALLY WOUND UP IN tASMANIA (IT’S A COMMON PLACE TO HIDE). in between he WROTE A BOOK ABOUT THE LIFE HE HAD overseas, LOOKING OVER HIS SHOULDER IN A VERY STRANGE LAND. BUY THE BOOK. D: Briefly, what is the book about? A: Recently divorced and on the run from my past, I find myself in India. Broke, I survived by fleecing hippies at poker. I dodged a terrorist attack, a revolution, got cholera and tried to solve a murder all while tracing the Ganges River back to it’s source. Like many of my X-gener’ generation, I delayed growing up for dance parties and nifty little scooters that fit into brief cases. This book is my six month coming of (middle) age in India, where I was finally jettisoned, kicking and screaming, into adulthood. D: Why do you hope people will enjoy reading it? Escapism? Expanding their knowledge of the world? A: Both. Armchair Travellers, the beenthere-done-that Baby Boomers and the new generation of travellers will all get a kick out of this. There is plenty of swash-buckling sex, drugs and sitar but also the reader will delve into the history, mythology and political upheavals of one of the world’s most interesting regions. And it all rolls along at a cracking pace, you could read it in one long haul flight or while digesting the Chrissie dinner. D: Did you go to India with the intention of writing a book about your experiences, or did it develop otherwise? A: I did have experience as writer previously, but it was more in theatre and comedy, having written material for Fringe, Comedy and Arts festivals in Melbourne. However I didn’t realise I’d write a book until after India. I would tell my story to various people in bars and other hangouts as I continued on the road, it grew from there. I lived in Brazil for a few years after and its there I finally penned the version which is in print today.

D: I imagine that there may have been experiences that were left out of the book, because you either needed to keep the book at a reasonable length, or because they were too grimy for publication. To what extent am I correct? A: Spot on. First draft was 130,000 words, which was finally pared down to 77,000 words. As far as too grimy, hmmm, most of that stayed, no all of that stayed. I trimmed all the banality and extraneous. D: How much do you think that it was due to your personality that you experienced what you did, and how much was by chance? A: I guess certain elements of my personality are to blame, i.e. the freak magnet part, but also much of it was due to the ‘personality’ of India. Chance seems to have a big part to much of what happens on the road in India. D: I’ve read your own promotional material, which states that you have a shady past. To what does this refer, and how does it help you as a writer? A: Yes, that part. Well I had an affair with a cocaine dealer’s girlfriend, so he put a contract on my head - one of the motivators to get the hell out of Aus. Also I lived in Melbourne in the grimy, grunge 90’s where I was a muso. Needless to say there was a fair bit of ‘dodge

and weave’ to maintain the rock n’ roll lifestyle that came with the territory of that era. I chalk it all up to character building and part of my stash of experiences I can draw upon as a writer today. D: You’ve been an actor, a musician and now a writer. Has what you’ve done for a living changed as you’ve grown older, or have there been other factors? A: Not really. I have never had a ‘real’ job, with holidays, super and all the trim. Not to say I haven’t worked, I have been a general dog’s body for various things over the years (too many in fact). I basically just pursue whatever I am interested in, sometimes it makes money, often it doesn’t and I have had to do whatever it takes to make up the slack. D: What other talents do you have? Do you paint? A: Yes I do paint, but the pedestrian variety. I am painting houses right now to bolster the coffers and keep me in the level of poverty I have grown accustomed to. I also try to do photography, but I am still a bit of a rookie in that area. I also get a bit of freelance journalism work from various magazines - so I am a gun for hire (hint, hint!) D: How have your previous vocations helped you to produce this work? Have there been

any similarities between getting a book out, compared with a record, or a landing a role? A: Hah! It’s funny, I wouldn’t wish being a writer on my worst enemy, I do it because I have to - it keeps me sane. I have seemingly gone from the frying pan to the fire, it gets exponentially more difficult to get your ‘art’ out there from musician to actor to writer. What it has all given me is tenacity and a thick skin. It’s ironic that I seem to be having the most success with writing, which seems to be the toughest industry of the three. I think I was always a writer, just didn’t realise it till relatively recently. D: What’s next on your plate? A: I am just finishing the sequel to Shanti Bloody Shanti, about my time living in South America. It’s like a cross between Don Quixote and Carlos Castaneda’s Teachings of Don Juan. I travel from Brazil to the States by bus, boat and donkey, over the Andes, through the Amazon to the deserts of Mexico. During this journey I am feathered and tarred by every brujo, which doctor and magic man I meet on the way.It a wild tale (literally). For more info checkout my website: www.

Quick Drink

a.quick.drink.with.winsor Whether you are looking for an intriguing wine, flavoursome beer or refreshing cider, Winsor Dobbin is your guide to what is good, what is new and what is affordable in your bottle shop, pub or online. FRUITY NUMBER Tulloch 2011 Verdelho $16

THIRST QUENCHER Bulmers Blackcurrant Cider $6.50

Wines made from the Portuguese grape verdelho are generally fruit-driven, unwooded and perfect for enjoying well chilled on warm summer days. This new release from a reliably good family-owned Hunter Valley winery ticks all those boxes; it is fresh, fruity and vibrant with tropical fruit aromas and flavours, hints of sweetness and some nice acid on the finish.

On a warm summer afternoon or evening, I can imagine nothing more refreshing than this new release from Bulmers, which is designed to be poured over ice. More in the style of a ready-mixed drink than traditional cider, it is a zingy and lifted, fresh and fruity drink with just a little sweetness. Made from fermented fruit, it is crisp and moreish with hints of Ribena overlaying the apple cider. Cider sales in Australia are up 22 % over the past 12 months and booze like this can only see them soar further. Turn up the music, open a couple of bottles and you have an instant party.

This is a terrific afternoon quaffing wine and would be perfect paired with some fresh grilled sardines - or some country rock music.

Issue No. 141

[Evans and Tate 2010 Classic Shiraz Cabernet $14 A classic blend of shiraz and cabernet from Margaret River that offers easy drinking at a price that won’t do too much damage to the wallet. This may be a wine for quaffing rather than contemplating, but I rather enjoyed its rustic charm. Dark in colour, rich and full flavoured, it has some attractive dark cherry and spice notes on the palate, along with a hint of cough mixture. There’s plenty of sweet fruit and some contrasting sour notes. Well-made and with good balance, it’d be a nice barbecue wine.

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Aedan Howlett arrived in Hobart three and half years ago and ever since has made an impact on the Tassie art scene. Recently having opened the Swamp Art Compostery with business partner and collaborator Stu Dobell, this initiative aims to promote young artists and musicians.

Located “inside the bowel of the Grand Poobah” -142 Liverpool Street, Hobart- it is a chilled out, friendly space that’s devoid of the airs and graces commonly associated with galleries. In fact it’s almost like walking into a cool house party. The name derived from the mysteries that surface from the murky depths of a swamp, is perhaps a metaphor for unearthing Tassie talent, of which the duo feel there is plenty. Aedan grew up in Western Australia, between Perth and Freemantle and art has been a constant throughout his life. Influenced by

A Howlett/Dobell collaboration painted for the Hobart Art Walks organised by Nicole O’Loughlin

The Swamp Art Compostery – Enter via The Grand Poobah – 142 Liverpool Street

Go sip a beer in Sammy’s- One Shot Instant Paradise instillation

his parents who are both artists rather than through formal training, he has been pro-active in circulating his work. Continually inspired and amused by the general populace he has taken part in numerous exhibitions that have included paintings and instillations. His murals appear on the streets of Freemantle, Perth and Hobart, and at popular venues such as The Ally Cat, The Brisbane Hotel and Youth Arc. He has also taught aerosol workshops that have introduced students to the processes involved in murals and street art.

But similar events are set to come. Following collaborations like this one, the concept of the Swamp Art Compostery began to develop.

Aedan and Stu joined forces on a number of projects prior to the gallery opening, including a live aerosol performance with other up and coming artists at the last MONA FOMA festival. Performed at the Berridale site alongside Acumen’s VJ set of Seaspray, the final product was painted over to heighten the entertainment, so don’t go searching for it.

Full of ideas for the future, Aedan’s planning on a solo exhibition of paintings, and fulfilling a promise to a friend in WA to illustrate a story book. It would seem that this Tassie blow in is one we’re lucky to have and worth looking out for.

Currently showing at the Swamp Art Compostery until early December is an exhibition by Tom Welch, featuring designs on decks, vinyl’s, hoodies, bags and canvas from his new clothing label THWARTZ. Following this is the opening for Rueben (aka Topsk) Holford’s aerosol works on Saturday 10th December. Sunday Night Stich, every second week from 7pm is also set to take off for summer. These Sunday sessions will be amped by resident DJ’s, Rancho and Floorboard George. There is free live music every Thursday night with Swamp Jam from 6pm. Keep a look out for any changes to opening hours over the summer as they will alter periodically for special events.

After many a late night ramble to see the project to fruition, the realisation of a childhood dream occurred with The Swamp’s grand opening on the 26th August this year. The exhibition of sculpture, instillation and paintings by the two “native inhabitants” was fuelled by the sounds of local musos including Brian Richie & the Jack Jumper Trio.

If you’re into fresh art and cool tunes I recommend that you go check out this great initiative!

It’s been quite a busy month with skateboarding in Tasmania. First, it was the première of the new Foundation Skateboards video WTF, which was in both the Launceston and Hobart stores Then the long-awaited début-video from Shake Junt called Chicken Bone nowison, which along with alot of great skating and good vibes, is packed full of hilariousness and hijinx behaviour, which we have come to expect for the Baker crew. There was also a demo/bbq day at Cambelltown held by Jimmys Skate & Street on Sunday the 4th of November at their new skatepark, which also included a single-run competition and a fashion parade. The weather looked bad for a while, but then the skate gods shined (cheers Brendon) and it became summer weather again, and thanks to a fantastic local scooter kid all the skateboarders and spectators had a great time (and a bit of a laugh), Thankyou to everyone who organized it and to all the people who came out and supported it. :) Scott Atkins

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Tales of Tease and all things sparkling from Hobart’s own Queen of Diamonds

Having been in the Burlesque industry for over 4 years, teaching, performing, producing, running my troupe The Diamonds of Burlesque etc... I get asked all the time for my advice by performers and those contemplating becoming a Burlesque star. Every now and then I like to share some of this advice in my column and one very common piece of advice I find myself giving is a response to the following age old statement...

social pics: DROP#7, NOV 2nd

They stole my act!! The accusation of plagiarism is one of, if not the biggest insults any artist can receive. Plagiarism, it’s serious, it can lead to legal battles, but so is falsely accusing someone of plagiarism as this can be defamation. The word Plagiarism gets thrown around senselessly in the Burlesque industry often, but is it always justified? I can tell you first-hand, in fact, it isn’t! “She is using a whip and has an accent just like the other one that uses a whip and has an accent she is clearly plagiarizing”, “She used my song from Aladdin and also did a Genie act, she is plagiarizing”, “she is performing as Little Red Riding Hood, I did that... Plagiarizer!”, “ she is performing as the character Marie Antoinette, I did that... Plagiarizing” oh and “I used that same prop... Plagiarizer”! This accusation gets thrown around so much in the Burlesque industry that it’s meaning and seriousness has got a little lost. To be able to understand if a performer is truly plagiarizing, you must first understand how a performers creative process works so I will give you some personal examples of my own creative process. Sometimes it starts with a song that triggers ideas for a character or costume. For an example, the song ‘Honey Rock’... this instantly made me think of a Bumble Bee getting excited about Honey! So, lets try a cute Bumble Bee, excited about honey who gets honey stuck to her clothing that in turn gets stuck to her hands and has to come off! Brilliant! This is how my character ‘Bumble Bebe’ was born! I’m positive however that ‘Bumble Bebe ‘ is not the first ever Burlesque performing Bumble Bee and it is entirely possible someone could come up with this same idea unknowing that I have already, but if they call themselves ‘Bumble Bebe’, perform to the same song and use honey it would all be a little too coincidental for my liking! Sometimes it starts with a costume you want to use that you then need to develop a character for and find a suitable song to suit this. For example, I have this amazing Military show girl jacket and thigh high leather boots, this character can’t have an Aussie accent, it’s more exotic than that and needs to be dominant sounding... lets try a sexy strong Italian one, like ‘Fergie’ off the movie ‘Nine’ (ok... so Italian turns into a strange mix of Italian, German, Russian and even a little Indian, Ive never have been that great at accents, or at least sticking to the one!) ... hmmm now a dominant military, thigh high boot wearing character with a dodgy accent must have a whip, this makes sense (sometimes even a wooden spoon or even vibrating nipple clamps) .. perfect! This is how ‘Sergeant Sparkles’ was born, though I’m sure she wasn’t the first military character with a whip, or the first dominant character with an accent... but all put together with her unique story and acts she is truly original. Now, what is the actual meaning of to “Plagiarize”? According to the Merriam-Wbster Online Dictionary (now, note the credit here if this wasn’t attached the below would be plagiarizing!) “To steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one’s own. To use (another’s production) without crediting the source. To commit literary theft. To present as new and original an idea or product derived from an existing source. In

other words, plagiarism is an act of fraud. It involves both stealing someone else’s work and lying about it afterward. So how does a performer protect themselves from being accused of Plagiarising? First, strive to be as original as possible! There will always be similar ideas in the Burlesque industry there are thousands of women all over the world constantly trying to come up with new ideas so similarities will of course happen. When creating an act, google and youtube search every part of your creative process to see what other similar acts come up. Guaranteed there will be similarities with other acts already created, but as long as the major part of your act is original you will be safe. Ask people in the Burlesque industry to see if they have heard of any acts similar to your act idea. Record your creative process, inspirations, choreography, designs etc... as long as your creative process is recorded in some way such as in a book, by video/photography, on your computer or even better by all means, you have proof to show it is original. It’s a good idea to date all records too! If falsely accused, seek legal advice.

by yourself). You need to be reasonable and not get upset about small similarities. If you see similarities occuring, use this to motivate yourself to think outside the square and make your act even more original and more amazing than the rest, but certainly a performer has every right to protect themselves and make a stand when there is a clear case of plagiarism occurring. If you have a Burlesque or Pole Dance related query, or something particular within either industry you would like me to talk about in this column , please shoot me an email to bec@ Love and Sparkles from Bebe Sparkle xx

What do you do if someone clearly is plagiarizing your act? Don’t be hasty, you don’t want to get yourself into trouble by making a false accusation. Certainly don’t publicly accuse without 100% hard core proof, as you could then be accused yourself of defamation which is equally as serious. It’s best to either contact the person you believe to be plagiarizing personally to discuss the similarities and see what solution can be made for the person to make their act unique from yours, but if you don’t get anywhere then seek legal advice. It’s best to give benefit of the doubt, most performers are striving for originality so simply alerting to the strong similarities would be enough to have them go back to the drawing board in most circumstances. You certainly can’t claim plagiarism for someone simply using the same un-original character such as a Disney character or famous person. You also can’t claim it when someone is just using the same song as you (unless it’s a piece of music or a song written and owned Issue No. 141

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Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception (PS3): GAME REVIEW by seth van heyster Unless you’ve spent the last four years on the International Space Station, chances are you’ve heard of developer Naughty Dog’s hugely successful Uncharted series. If you’ve never had the privilege of playing through the first two games in the series, you should stop reading right now and come back once you’ve leapt, dodged and shot your way through both excellent titles. Everyone else should strap on their sidearms, check their parachute release tags and get ready for Nathan Drake’s latest adventure.

equipment review:


Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception kicks off some time after the end of Uncharted 2, with the roguish fortune hunter Drake and his old pal Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan searching for the secret behind a ring that belonged to explorer Sir Francis Drake. From there you’ll be swept up into a story that will take Drake to a number of beautiful locations around the world and have him avoiding death at every turn. The plot in the Uncharted games has never been amazing, but it always serves to push you along from one spectacular set piece to the next, and this hasn’t changed in Uncharted 3. In fact this game has upped the ante significantly from the last, with some simply stunning scenes that I won’t spoil here. With the story doing enough to nudge you along, it is the believable characters Naughty Dog has created that steal the show, and once again listening to Drake and Sully crack jokes and poke fun at each other is a real highlight. All the voice actors are in top form here and you’d be hard pressed to find better performances short of turning to the film industry. With such great characters, a decent plot and some breathtaking locales, Naughty Dog could almost be forgiven if they forgot to implement solid gameplay to tie the whole package together. Happily, they didn’t forget and we are treated to the same great exploration, thirdperson shooting and puzzle-solving mechanics found in the last two titles. You’ll still be carving your way through frankly ridiculous numbers of pirates and henchman, but there have been some welcome tweaks to the gameplay. The hand to hand combat feels a lot better and Drake will now occasionally use improvised weapons (including fish) to clobber his foes. Some new weapons have been added into the mix to spice up the gunplay and you can now lob grenades back at enemies with a well timed button press. There are particular shooting sections that become frustrating with wave after wave of enemies appearing from nowhere, but these are few and far between.

Where do I start with this little piece of equipment? It’s a $59.95 mini TRRS jack to a female mono jack and female TRS mini jack. What’s it for? Turning your Iphone into a guitar amp. When I first saw the IRig I’ll admit I thought to myself, “What a stupid idea! Who would want to do that? What purpose could that possibly have?” That night I needed to learn some riffs for the weekend. I was sitting on the couch with my electric guitar (not plugged in) playing the song over and over on my Iphone (with no headphones) while my wife was trying to watch TV in the same room.

The vast majority of the time you will be engrossed in a thrilling adventure, and while there’s never any doubt that Nathan Drake will somehow manage to escape death yet again, Naughty Dog still has a few surprises up their sleeves. The pacing of Uncharted 3 is superb as ever and you’ll go from an exhausting encounter with pirates to a period of quiet exploration, only to be thrust back into the action as Drake finds himself in the middle of a daring rooftop getaway. The story also ticks along perfectly, adding new pieces of information and developing character relationships at just the right time.

After a few times of me stopping and restarting songs my wife turned off the TV, got up and left the room. Suddenly it all clicked. Needless to say, the next day I bought an IRig. The great thing about this little adaptor is that when coupled with the App Amplitube (Free or up to $25 depending on what features you want from the Apple App store) it becomes an awesome practice tool. In the software you can pick heaps of different combinations of amps, mics and FX to pull a really realistic guitar sound.

The competitive and co-operative multiplayer modes are back in Uncharted 3 and have been given an extra lick of paint. The multiplayer is not the main focus in a game like this and yet it’s surprising how deep it is and how much fun it can be.

Then you can pull songs from your Itunes library to play along to, A/B loop and slow down without the pitch changing which makes it an awesome tool for learning difficult riffs. My one criticism is it is a little noisy however; they include a noise suppressor pedal that I had to leave on the whole time.

A game that looks, sounds and feels this good is a rare thing and Uncharted 3 manages all of these things with ease while adding great characters and a layer of polish that makes it stand out as one of the best games of this generation.

They give you three spaces for different software FX pedals so you can double up a delay pedal to get a gallop, add overdrive and wah to sound like Jimmy or drop in a tremolo pedal and get a rage against the machine sound happening. It’s really cool!

Graphics 5/5

The best looking game on PS3. Enough said.

Plus the setup is very easy to use and makes logical sense. I’ve used this only for practice and I’ve found it really useful. Practice is always better when your guitar sounds really good and with a set of headphones you don’t have to worry about annoying your family!

Sound 5/5

While the voice acting steals the show, the soundtrack is also superb. Gameplay 4/5

Aside from a few frustrating shooting sections, this game handles like a dream and is packed full of explosive set pieces that have become the hallmark of the Uncharted games.

I have a friend who has used this live and while I probably would stick to pedals I can stomp on, he has found it very useful.

Replay Value 4/5

Once you’ve put in the 8-10 hours it takes to complete the story you’ll probably be delving into the multiplayer for weeks to come.

In short, the IRig really kicks butt and while at first I went into it as a sceptic, after having a really good play on it, I’m converted.


Harry Cuthbartson Issue No. 141

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THE machine LAUNDRY cafe (salamanca square):

Review by liz dougan

Name of Establishment: The Machine Laundry Cafe Address: 12 Salamanca Square, Battery Point Phone: (03) 6224 9922 Business Hours: Open 7 days Mon-Sat 7.30am-5pm Sun 8.30am-5pm BYO- $2 corkage per person Eftpos available Is your washing machine broken? If so, this is one of the many reasons to visit the Machine Laundry Café situated in the hub of Salamanca Square. Owned by Josh Clark it is one of the few original business’s that has remained since the square opened in the mid 90’s. It has become a Hobart institution offering locals and tourists alike quality food and coffee, in a comfortable atmosphere ideal for people watching. Decked out with a colourful Retro theme, featuring chrome and formica tables with vinyl chairs, this sleek hotspot is a great place to come any day of the week. Breakfast is available all day, and includes the classics- eggs benedict or florentine, museli and pancakes, sweet or savory! If you prefer to make up your own breaky, there is an extensive range of extras such as grilled haloumi, chilli jam and Wursthaus pork and sun dried tomato chipolatas. Half serves are available for most meals. Machine provides great coffee, supplied by Villano’s award winning beans. They are for

sale in 200g packs for $7, if you just can’t get enough while your there. If you’d like a souvenir there is a fun range of postcards available, my favourite features a tiny white bra with flat white written underneath. Bowls of latte are on offer, along with sweetened or Dutch style hot chocolates. Freshly squeezed orange or grapefruit juice are on the menu, along with smoothies and fresh fruit and mint frappes- perfect for summer. The San Pellegrino range and the Ashbolt Elderflower Sparkling feature on the fizz list. Lunch meals are available all morning through to 3pm during the week, and from 12noon-3pm on the weekends. Check out the daily specials, including yesterday’s soup. The chef’s specialty is the Fat Boy - a roti bread wrap with grilled chicken, bacon, tomato, iceberg lettuce and a spicy peanut sauce. I had the Lame Name on my visit, that is a selection of mixed panfried mushrooms on sourdough with a walnut, artichoke and parsley pesto; and there was nothing lame about it! There is an excellent selection for vegetarians, including the mental lentil burger. Meals range from $10-$18

From 3pm till close, sweet and savoury snacks are available. The cake selection changes regularly and all are made on the premises. A lemon polenta cake and a rich double chocolate cake featured on the blackboard when I was there. The DIY laundry is popular with backpackers, cruise ship folk and locals in the process of buying or fixing their machines. For $5 you can put through a double wash, or $7 for a triple. The dyers are $4 a pop. Like any launderette piles of magazines, newspapers and Sauce mags are available for your perusal. The Salamanca Square car park, entered via Montpelier Retreat makes for easy access. I am considering giving my clothes a break from my crappy old machine that moves around the room when it’s on spin cycle, and giving them a whirl in these specky stainless steel front loaders that you can see yourself in. Clean, relaxed and with well informed staff, it’s easy to see why this business is as popular as ever.xmas puppy ad 6.625x10.187.qxd 8/22/08 4:06


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The only

business a dog has

doing under your

Xmas tree.

Don't buy animals as presents.

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the thing (2011): cinema review ... (why try and remake awesome?) by clint morris Directed by : Matthijs van Heijningen Starring : Joel Edgerton, Mary Elizabeth Winstead In director John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982), a group of scientists head to the Antarctic where they are confronted by a shape-shifting alien that assumes the appearance of the people that it kills. The film ended conclusively, and though it did leave a couple of questions unanswered, nobody much seemed to care to hear an answer. Only now, with Hollywood’s hard-on for ‘the brand’, has Universal decided that it’s time to offer audiences a response and explanation to some of the who’s and what’s of that original movie. But believe me, they’re not thinking of you, they’re thinking of their wallets. The unnecessary prequel (still, got to be thankful it’s not a remake, at least the studio is kinda considering the fans of the original by attempting to tie the films together) tells of what happened in that slab of snow before the victims of the first film arrived to do battle with the bloodthirsty local. Remember the references in the original to the Norwegian camp that was obliterated and eaten whole by our alien ‘thing’? Well this is their story. Only it’s not just Norwegian scientists doing battle with the extra terrestrial but a couple of Americans too, notably an American savvy Yankee graduate student and a courageous chopper pilot. This gang arrives in Antarctica to analyse a frozen alien found in the ice (it’s spaceship buried nearby, deep below the surface); naturally, one of the gang are more interested in becoming famous than remaining safe and so orders the gang to poke and probe the frozen find until... it blasts out of the ice and starts attacking. What Sam Worthington lacks as a bluecollar type aussie actor cum faux American blockbuster headline act, Joel Edgerton makes up for; for starters, Edgerton knows how to do a credible American accent. In The Thing (2011), (I know, stupid right!? They couldn’t have just called it The Thing Begins? The Thing Episode One : A Phantom that Menaces? The Other Thing? A Smaller Thing? Thing before the Thing?), Edgerton plays the abovesaid heroic chopper pilot of the film’s prospective monster meals and with his strong Yankee accent, credible performance and mattinee idol swagger you’ll swear James Cameron mistook Worthington for Edgerton when he began hiring for Avatar. He’s good. Edgerton, who is having a doozie of a year with this and also the acclaimed fight flick Warrior, might be this film’s Kurt Russell - in fact, I’m almost positive that’s the point of his presence. Russell, of course, starred in the original 1982 film and went on to become (not only director John Carpenter’s lucky horseshoe in film after film but also) one of cinema’s favourite action stars. Russell had a lot more to do in Carpenter’s film than Edgerton does here (for starters the Aussie actor disappears for a huge chunk of the film) but if trying to fill the void of Russell

was the stratagem, you can’t do much better with the well-built and enigmatic ex-Oz Soapie star. When he’s on screen, you’re interested. When his female costar is on-screen, you’re even more interested.

If it feels like this review is weighing too heavily on the performances in the film that’s because, well, there’s not a lot else here to recommend besides the fine work of the cast - and I’ll include the creature effects team under that tag because the Thing itself is, obviously, a big character in the film too and he/she proves to be quite an effective villain; the film looks slick, and the production design is admirable (they’ve gone to great lengths to replicate some of the sets and scenes from the original Carpenter movie so they match up), but as a story this one embodies about as much fizz as a lidless bottle of lemonade.

“once the banal kills kick-in about 45 minutes in, you’ll have to glance at your ticket stub to remind yourself what you’re watching - it’s the same old by-thenumbers cut-thecast-down horror flick.”

Unlike the last Thing (1982), which was essentially man against monster, Matthijs van Heijningen’s prequel shakes things up by having a female taking centre stage. Mary Elizabeth Winstead, the cutie who played John McClane’s feisty daughter in the last Die Hard flick and Ramona Flowers in last year’s Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, gets her Ripley moment here as the kick-butt scientist who, seemingly without having to read an instructional manual or get a lesson, becomes a pro with a flame thrower. Winstead’s a good actress and she’s also sexy, sassy and seemingly able to slip into the slacks of any character. It might be a small stretch having her play an ultra-brainy scientist, but she pulls this off too. Just as well.

Van Heijningen’s prequel is no better than your typical monster movie, and once the banal kills kick-in about 45 minutes in, you’ll have to glance at your ticket stub to remind yourself what you’re watching - it’s the same old by-the-numbers cut-the-cast-down horror flick. It may have a tad more money to play with, and the fortune of being knowingly tied to one of the ‘80s greatest horror flicks, but that doesn’t mean The Thing is any better than, say, The Relic (1998), Lake Placid (1998), or Howling VI: The Freaks (1991).

Issue No. 141

In fact, Eric Heisserer’s (also responsible for the horrible Nightmare on Elm Street remake) script seems to have ripped off the best moments from the four Alien films (with Alien Resurrection, strangely enough, the one most paid tribute to) under the assumption that the young audience who’ll be attending this flick won’t pick up on that. And sadly, they probably won’t. Doesn’t mean they won’t get bored when the film becomes less about intrigue and more about the icky. Had Universal not cast this thing with the fine actors it has, and surrounded them with a crafty creature and effects team (there are some very impressive moments in this effects-wise), it’d be even clearer just how much better a film Carpenter’s original (well, it itself was a remake of the old Howard Hawks movie The Thing from Another World) was. Fans of the Carpenter film will immediately pick up just how much more complex the 1982 film was to this one - it doesn’t even try to weave into its yarn the gripping look into the human psyche the original did. That sense of paranoia, mistrust and uneasiness that flows through the veins of the main characters in the sequel have been replaced here by artificially-sweetened takes on those elements - and extra corn syrup. OK, so this is a serviceable film, and it does have its moments, but at the end of the day it’ll only make you Carpenter fans yearn to see his version again. Page 36

DECEMBER 2011 Six boutique cinemas screening the best of local, Australian and international film since 1913. Visit our elegant, fully licensed cafe bar, located in the heart of cosmopolitan North Hobart. Open from 10am every day.


SPAIN | MA15+ | 120mins

An hynotic and exquisitely choreographed tale from Almodóvar Since his wife was burned in a car crash, Dr. Robert Ledgard, an eminent plastic surgeon, has been interested in creating a new skin with which he could have saved her. He manages to cultivate a skin that is a shield against every assault. Along with years of study and experimentation, Robert needs three more things: no scruples, an accomplice and a human guinea pig…


USA | M | 101mins

George Clooney, Ryan Gosling and Philip Seymour Hoffman An intense political drama that goes behind the scenes to explore the shady deals, betrayals and compromises that seem implicit in politics today. The film follows a young press spokesman who falls prey to the treacherous manipulations of veteran operatives and seduction by a young intern. Full of impeccable performance from the finest actors of our generation.

WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN USA | MA15+ | 114mins Tilda Swinton stars in this gripping psychological drama A bold and memorable adaptation of Lionel Shriver’s award winning novel ‘We need to talk about Kevin’ starring Tilda Swinton and John C. Reilly. This thoughtful and deeply disturbing drama was recently announced winner of ‘Best Film’ award at the British Film Festival and was described as ‘a sublime, uncompromising tale of the torment that can stand in the place of love’.


AUS | MA15+ | 109mins

A powerful and affecting drama by Jonathan Teplitzky Tom (Matthew Goode), a misbehaving chef with a chic Bondi restaurant, is surrounded by women who are trying to help him put his life back together. Teplitzky, who previously directed Better Than Sex and Gettin’ Square, describes Burning Man as a sexy, irreverent and ultimately tear-jerking story of a father and son’s journey back to happiness. Also starring Essie Davis.

Session Times Moneyball (M)

Thurs 1st 10:45, 3:30, 6:15 Fri 2nd 10:45, 3:30, 6:40 Sat 3rd 10:45, 4:15, 6:40 Sun 4th 10:45, 3:30, 6:15 Mon 5th 10:45, 3:30, 6:30 Tue 6th 10:45, 3:30, 6:40 Wed 7th 10:45, 3:30, 6:30 _______________________________ Waste Land (M) Thurs 1st 11:15, 3:30, 6:00 Fri 2nd 11:15, 3:45, 6:00 Sat 3rd 11:15, 3:45, 6:00 Sun 4th 1:00, 4:15, 6:15 Mon 5th 11:15, 3:30, 6:15 Tue 6th 11:15, 3:45, 6:00 Wed 7th 11:15, 3:30, 6:45 _______________________________ The Ides of March (M) Tue 29th 11:00, 1:30, 6:45,9:00 Wed 30th 11:00, 1:30, 6:45,9:00 Thurs 1st 11:30, 4:15, 6:30 Fri 2nd 2:00, 4:00, 6:30 Sat 3rd 11:00, 2:00, 6:30 Sun 4th 11:00, 2:00, 8:30 Mon 5th 11:00, 3:30, 8:45 Tue 6th 11:00, 2:00, 6:30 Wed 7th 11:00, 4:00, 8.00 _______________________________ The Tall Man (M) Tue 29th 12:30, 6:00 Wed 30th 10:30, 8:30 Thurs 1st 4:15 Mon 5th 4:15 Tue 6th 9:00 Wed 7th 4:15 _______________________________

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Burning Man (MA15+)

Tue 29th 10:30, 3:30, 8:30 Wed 30th 1:00, 3:30, 6:00 Thurs 1st 10:30, 1:00, 8:00 Fri 2nd 10:30, 1:00, 6:00 Sat 3rd 10:30, 1:00, 6:00 Sun 4th 10:30, 1:00, 6:00 Mon5th 10:30, 1:00, 6:15 Tue 6th 10:30, 1:00, 6:00 Wed 7th 10:30, 1:00, 6:15 _______________________________ The Ages of Love (MA15+) Tue 29th 10:45, 1:15,3:45,8:30 Wed 30th 10:45, 1:15,3:45,6:00 Thurs 1st 11:15, 1:45, 8:00 Fri 2nd 11:15, 1:45, 8:15 Sat 3rd 11:15, 1:45, 8:15 Sun 4th 11:15, 1:45, 8:15 Mon 5th 11:15, 1:45, 8:15 Tue 6th 11:15, 1:45, 8:15 Wed 7th 11:15, 1:45, 8:45 _______________________________ The First Grader (M) Tue 29th 1:15, 8:45 Wed 30th 11:00, 6:30 Thurs 1st 1:30, 6:45 Fri 2nd 1:30, 6:15 Sat 3rd 1:30, 6:15 Sun 4th 3:00, 7:00 Mon 5th 1:30, 5:45 Tue 6th 1:30, 6:15 Wed 7th 1:30, 6:45 ______________________________

The Debt (MA15+) Tue 29th 10:45, 4:15, 8:15 Wed 30th 10:45, 4:15, 8:15 Thurs 1st 4:00, 8:45 Fri 2nd 4:15, 9:10 Sat 3rd 3:45, 9:10 Sun 4th 3:15, 6:45 Mon 5th 4.00, 9:00 Tue 6th 4:15, 8:15 Wed 7th 4:15, 9:00 ______________________________ Anonymous (M) Tue 29th 1:00, 6:00 Wed 30th 10:30, 8:45 Thurs 1st 3:45, 9:00 Fri 2nd 6:15 Sat 3rd 6:15 Sun 4th 3:45, 8:45 Mon 5th 3:45 Tue 6th 3:45, 6:15 Wed 7th 1:15 ______________________________ Bill Cunningham: New York (PG)

Tue 29th 10:30,2:30,4:15,6:30 Wed 30th 12:30, 2:30, 4:15 Thurs 1st 8:45 Fri 2nd 4:15, 9:00 Sat 3rd 4:15, 9:00 Sun 4th 5:00, 9:00 Mon 5th 9:00 Tue 6th 4:15 Wed 7th 9:00 ___________________________





Brazil/UK | M | 99mins

Australia | PG | 95mins

From acclaimed director Lars von Trier comes one of the most visually beautiful films of the year, in which a planet called Melancholia is ominously heading directly towards Earth... Starring Kirsten Dunst, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Keifer Sutherland Alexander Skarsgard.

Follows renowned artist Vik Muniz as he journeys from Brooklyn to his native Brazil and the world’s largest garbage dump, Jardim Gramacho, where he photographs an eclectic band of “catadores”. An uplifting documentary on the transformative power of art.

Narrated by Helen Mirren and filmed over six years in India by Australian award-winning filmmaker, Megan Doneman, An eye-opening documentary that profiles the inspiring, tumultuous, and often hilarious journey of Kiran Bedi, India’s first police woman.

Starts December 15

Starts December 1

Starts December 8

MELANCHOLIA Denmark/France | M | 136mins

THE WOMEN ON THE 6TH FLOOR France | PG | 102mins

It’s Paris, 1962. A wealthy stockbroker lives a staid bourgeois existence with his perfectly-presented socialite wife . But when the family’s maid abandons them, into the residence comes Maria : young, hardworking, and – quelle horreur - Spanish! Starts December 15


ireland/UK | TBC | 108mins

From director Rodrigo Garcia (Mother and Child) Albert Nobbs is a witty period drama about the lives of staff at one of Dublin’s most luxurious hotels - Morrison’s - and the hotel’s butler, Albert Nobbs... a woman who disguises herself as a man to survive. 19th Century Ireland. Starts December 26

375 Elizabeth Street, North Hobart 6234 6318

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Street Fashion 1. Name: Avi

1. Name: Meg

1. Name: Heath

1. Name: Naomi

Name: Avi (France) Age: 26 Favourite musician? : James Brown Orchestra What’s your favourite type of weather?: Sunny but not too hot Who’s your favourite politician? Leon Blum (France)

Age : 25 Favourite musician? : The Whitlams What’s your favourite type of weather?: Thunderstorms Who’s your favourite politician? They are all shit

Age: 24 Favourite musician? : The Beatles What’s your favourite type of weather?: Sunny Who’s your favourite politician? Bob Brown

Issue No. 141

Age: 22 Favourite musician? : The Killers What’s your favourite type of weather? : Windy Weather Who’s your favourite politician? Penny Wong

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Issue No. 141

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Issue No. 141

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