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Dear All, 2012 has arrived. Many are haunted by the ancient Mayan prophecy that predicted earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and the end of the world. They look at recent natural disasters, climate change, the global recession, extremism and terrorism as signs that the end is near—but I completely dismiss these doomsday predictions, as it’s my nature to always think positive. I’m not scared... I take one day at a time and embrace this new year with as much enthusiasm and passion as I did when I started this adventure. For this reason, I have once again put all my energy and resources into research and development—and for 2012 we are ready to introduce many fantastic new products into the Mark World. I do need to admit that I think there will be a “Big Bang” in 2012… not one that causes the end of the world, but an explosion of energy that will once again raise the bar for bass amp heads! The Big Bang is, in fact, a fantastic Markbass head, smaller than the Little Mark heads with impressively warm tone and all the features that customers have been asking for: aux in, headphone out with level control, mute and EQ filter with footswitch control. Following up on the incredible success of the TTE 500, we’re introducing a powerful 800W version: the TTE 800. Also, a new MoMark head with a tube preamp and 500W and 800W versions, and a new line of incredibly useful effect pedals.


There’s lots going on with DV Mark: a new version of the Triple 6 that includes MIDI control and the double option of Bad Boy 120 and Triple 6 settings; the new DV403 CPC, a 3-channel version of the Little 40 head with our patent pending Continuous Power Control; and the incredible Multiamp, to multiply your sound options with stereo power, state-of-the-art amp and speaker emulation, signal processing and more. Together with Frank Gambale, we’ve developed the powerful, innovative and uncompromising AMPLI-TUDE, a user-friendly amp that first and foremost respects the priority of tone. We also decided to offer more speaker options; so we’re featuring ceramic Celestion speakers in the CS 112 Small and CS 212 cabinets, as well as in the Galileo 15 Vintage combo. DV Mark is also launching a new line of practical and killer-sounding effect pedals. And... Mark Drum is no longer a dream! Our “electronic drum set with an acoustic heart,” YES, is now a reality! However, calling Mark Drum “electronic drums” would be selling it short, considering its feel comes as close as possible to the feel of an acoustic kit. We’re very proud to be on the cutting edge of design, feel, and sound: this is made possible by the development philosophy for all our Parsek brands: always listening carefully to the needs and suggestions of musicians, and taking advantage of the 100% Made in Italy production at our factory to make innovations and improvements quickly. I love my team and my people for their great work on that, and I’m convinced that no other team can develop products like these! I’d also like to mention Musician World: a line of high-quality, musician-inspired clothing and accessories that I created in 2011 and will be introduced worldwide this year. If all this great news can be considered “the end of the world”... let me say, “Welcome, 2012!” Marco De Virgiliis


500W, solid state preamp, digital power Weight: 4.74 lbs / 2.15 kg Dimensions: 8.94” / 22.7 cm (w); 2.56” / 6.5 cm (h); 10.04” / 25.5 cm (d) You’ll be amazed that such a warm, rich and “explosive” sound comes from an amp smaller than our groundbreaking Little Mark heads! And despite its small size, it’s packed with extra features that customers have been asking for: aux in, headphone out with level control, mute and VLE and VPF filters with footswitch control. Other features include a simple and effective 4-band EQ, effects loop, and level control and pre-post EQ switch for the XLR DI output.


The question is: modern or vintage...? Randy Jackson says ”Yes. Both. Finally an amp for every sound!” 800W, tube preamp, special “Tube Technology Emulator” power amp, tube compressor, tube-driven “Colour” contour control, 13.23 lbs / 6 kg Randy Jackson’s signature TTE 500 has been such a hit worldwide, that it deserves a high-powered follow up! This will quickly become the amp of choice for those who want a warm vintage tone, and stadium-rocking power.

MoMark Black 500W version: tube preamp, analog power, 8.42 lbs / 3.82 kg 800W version: tube preamp, digital power, 8.29 lbs / 3.76 kg MoMark Black includes a tube preamp with mute switch, four-band EQ with two bands of semi-parametric mids, VLE and VPF filters, and line out level control. A versatile, professional head for any musical situation!

MB7 Booster

MB7 Distorsore

MB Mini Boost

MB Mini Dist

7-band grafic EQ and clean boost; runs on 9 or 12V (or 9V battery)

Distortion with 7-band grafic EQ ; runs on 9 or 12V (or 9V battery)

Clean boost, VPF filter; runs on 9 or 12V

Drive, level, two tone filters; runs on 9 or 12V

Very useful for activating instant changes in tone and volume—for example, a different sound for bass solos!

This flexible distortion allows you to tailor your distorted sound to any musical situation.

Give your pedalboard a “boost” with this compact unit, which also features our Variable Preshape Filter (boosts lows and highs, cuts mids).

Mini pedal with maximum distortion! Two tone filters to customize your grit.


new release 120W, all-tube, three channels, 24.03 lbs / 10.9 kg This new 2012 release of the popular three-channel Triple 6 head includes MIDI ports for greater switching options, and “hi-gain” switches that allow you to toggle the amp between Bad Boy 120 and Triple 6 gain levels. Rock and metal guitarists need look no further!

40W, all-tube, three channels, 18.96 lbs / 8.6 kg The tone of the Little 40 head earned fans the world over—now you can get the same tone with greater flexibility, in a 3-channel version that also includes our patent pending Continuous Power Control technology.

Multiply your sound options! 150+150W@8ohm, 250W+250W@4ohm, 500W@8ohm (bridge mode), analog power, 3-channel preamp with a vast array of virtual amps, speaker cabs and microphones; studio effects; tuner; 9.48 lbs / 4.3 kg This modern rack-mounted all-in-one preamp/effects processor/power amp is perfect for guitarists who like to have a wide range of tones and sounds at their disposal at all times, with faithful reproduction of every sound characteristic, and the nuance and feel of real amps, cabs, and effects. Invaluable for cover gigs and studio work!


150+150W@8ohm, 250W+250W@4ohm, 500W@8ohm (bridge mode) 3-channel preamp, analog power, 10.25 lbs/ 4.65 kg

photo by Michael Hiller

Frank Gambale doesn’t compromise...and this is why he is one of the world’s most respected guitarists. Frank and DV Mark worked together to develop an all-in-one amp that compliments his remarkable sound and technique. AMPLI-TUDE uses advanced technology with “tone” as its first priority. With various finely crafted channel presets, a number of essential studio-quality effects, plus easy programmability, AMPLI-TUDE gives guitarists everything they need for all playing situations whether in the studio, at home or live on stage. With AMPLI-TUDE, Frank and DV Mark have achieved a no-compromise amp with attitude! Amplifier + Attitude = AMPLI-TUDE


CS 112 Small

CS 212

1x12”, 8 ohms, 80W, open back, 18.08 lbs / 8.2 kg

2x12”, 4 and 8 ohm versions, 160W, open back, 30.64 lbs / 13.9 kg

This super-compact Classic Series cabinet comes loaded with a single 12” Celestion ceramic speaker, for classic tones on the go!

This Classic Series 2x12 boasts two 12” Celestion ceramic speakers but is lighter than most 2x12s.

Galileo 15 Vintage 15W, 1x12”, all-tube, one channel, 32.41 lbs / 14.7 kg Building on the incredible success of the Galileo 15C, we now offer a Classic Series version of this 15W Class-A tube combo, equipped with one 12” Celestion ceramic speaker.



DV Fuzzer

DV7 Booster

DV7 Distorsore

Fuzz distortion with Tone and Sustain; runs on 9 or 12V (or 9V battery)

7-band EQ and clean boost; runs on 9 or 12V (or 9V battery)

Distortion with 7-band EQ; runs on 9 or 12V (or 9V battery)

This intense-sounding pedal has harmonics-rich tone and, like all our pedals, True Bypass circuitry.

Any guitarist has use for a clean boost and EQ pedal—don’t let your pedalboard be without one.

Graphic EQ, distortion with drive and level controls makes this a great pedal for lead guitar!

DV Mini Boost

DV Mini Drive

DV Mini Dist

Level boost and VPF filter; runs on 9 or 12V

Drive, Tone and Level; runs on 9 or 12V

Drive, Level and two tone filters; runs on 9 or 12V

Super-handy clean boost and Variable Preshape Filter (boosts lows and highs and cuts mids), gives you a quick change of tone at your feet.

Compact overdrive pedal for adding bite or thickness whenever you need it!

Flexible, rich distortion for even the most crowded pedalboard.


YES is the first professional electronic drum kit with a living, beating, acoustic, yellow, Italian heart. Yellow is sunshine, energy, vitality, creativity, inspiration... and madness. It’s true, we had to be insane to cram so many innovations into a single kit! From the superb sounds provided by the 24 onboard drum kits, to the amazing lightness and portability of the aluminum rack (powered by our bus connection system) and the innovative “Hot Spot Removal” sensor technology, this is a drum product you have not seen before. All of these outstanding features are packed into one practical and simple design, because... YES is MORE! Have you ever wondered about the color of your sound? Now we can confirm: YES, the sound is YELLOW. Calling Mark Drum “electronic drums” would be selling it short, since playing them feels so much like playing an acoustic drum kit. We’re very proud to be on the cutting edge of design, feel, and sound; this is made possible by our philosophy for all Parsek brands: always listening carefully to the needs and suggestions of musicians, and taking advantage of our 100% Made-in-Italy production to make innovations and improvements quickly.


Musician World is a line of high-quality, musician-inspired clothing and accessories. All products are made with pride and available for online ordering at:

The Musician World story includes full respect of human rights, care for the environment, attention to detail, consummate professionalism and a full commitment to Italian production. These elements transform a simple article of clothing into a conscious consumer choice. Every Euro spent on our products is efficiently used. The retail cost of our products does not include costs that are often added to cover traditional advertising budgets, or margins dedicated to distribution or administration costs. Our story also involves musicians, both professional and amateur; their creativity and character are continuous sources of inspiration. All that makes up Musician World: an exclusive line of clothing that aims to promote a fair, responsible and sustainable world—without compromising quality, comfort or wearability. 11

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Markbass Big Bang 2012  
Markbass Big Bang 2012  

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