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First and foremost, I’d like to thank everyone who has played a part in our first ten years of success! Ten years ago, I started this adventure with much enthusiasm and passion. There have certainly been some struggles along the way. But thanks to the people who believed in me and the brand from the beginning, and all the daily, positive gear feedback we receive, the dream has become a reality!

Today, Markbass is widely considered the world leader in bass amplification. I hold very strong values of honesty, professionalism, transparency and respect, and I believe these values have provided the foundation for the success and respect that our company now enjoys around the world. One of our distributors recently told us that to have Markbass on his business card means to be a serious and qualified distributor. “Without money, but not without dreams”—that is my motto, which came to me while driving home one night... and I have lived by it over the last 10 years. I don’t remember ever thinking about the money that a product could make me. I only concerned myself with making sure that it would be liked by customers. This is why product quality is always my top priority, and why I put so much energy and resources into research and development. Our great endorser Cliff Hugo (Supertramp) once told me something touching: “You transfer the quality of your people into the products you make!” In 1996, when I started making amps and cabinets under the Parsek brand name (along with engineers Sisinio Olivastri and Mario Caramanico), I was taking care of all the company business, including purchasing, production, marketing, sales, artist relations,

administration and distribution. I was selling our products directly to Italian dealers myself, and driving about 120,000 km a year (without air conditioning)! In the late 90s I met Sterling Ball and partnered with him to create the Audiophile amplification line for Music Man. During that time, I started pioneering the use of neodymium speakers in bass enclosures, in collaboration with B&C Speakers in Italy. After a few years, in 2001 I decided to start my own company, and Markbass was born. Still working with Sisinio and Mario, I also welcomed my brother Mimmo, Sandra Mosca and Daniele D’Amico into the company. They have been with me from the beginning and have shared many key moments in the company’s history with me, back when each cabinet sold meant another day of survival. Today we have 35 people on staff and distributors in 50 countries… and sales are going up all the time. In the beginning I could only dream of being in this position! Over the last couple of years we have added some new brands to the Mark World. Like Markbass, they embody the same passion we have for quality and great tone: Markaudio, Markacoustic and DV Mark. Every product in all of these lines has been carefully designed to give all musicians the great sound quality, advanced technology and lightweight design

that their bass player friends have come to love in Markbass. I hope you agree! A company cannot succeed without great people. I am proud to have such a great team of talented, passionate and dedicated professionals. I am grateful to the fantastic network of distributors who work tirelessly to sell and promote our products around the world. And I am also honored to have some of the best musicians in the world in our family of artists. Their support, friendship and inspiration are a dream come true. I would like to give a special thanks to the Italian dealers who believed in the brand before it achieved international success—for being a part of building what is not only my dream, but also an Italian dream, since previously amp discussions only ever referred to the “British” and “American” sounds. We are also proud of the professionalism, know-how and dedication of all our Markbass Yellow Point dealers worldwide. Most importantly, I’d like to thank all our customers, who range from complete beginners to some of the best bassists in the world. All your suggestions and feedback, delivered with great enthusiasm, passion and honesty, continually reinforce my passion to create products. It’s thanks to you that the dream continues!


Little Mark Family


500W, solid state preamp, analog power, 2,9 kg/6.39 lbs

The flagship Markbass amplifier, the Little Mark III is the industry standard for tone, portability and value.

AWARDS: “Best Bass Head” (twice) “All-Around Best New Product” “Best Value” Bass Player Readers Poll (Little Mark II)



800W, solid state/tube preamps (blendable), digital power, 2,79 kg/6.15 lbs

500W, solid state preamp with tube drive, analog power, 2,97 kg/6.55 lbs

Our most popular high-power head is loud, versatile, and incredibly practical.

Onboard tube drive makes this the amp of choice for those who like to regularly add tube grit or distortion to their sound.

“If you’re looking for a powerful amp that is the easiest thing in the world to move around, has great tone, and hasthe most useful tonal adjustments using the least number of controls, the Little Mark should definitely be given an audition. You would only be doing yourself a disservice to do otherwise.” Bass Gear



Incredible power/weight ratio and killer sound make this a simple, loud and light option.

Blending tube and solid state preamps gives you a great range of tonal colours.

800W, solid state preamp, digital power, 2,79 kg/6.15 lbs

500W, solid state/tube preamps, analog power, 2,97 kg/6.55 lbs

“The most fun that I had was playing with the tube and solid state blend while adjusting the gain pot... Playing a Fender Jazz Bass through the combination left me with natural and true tones that seeped from the wood through the copper and paper to my ear drums. There was plenty of room to crank the volume without any distortion to fetter the majestic sound of my bass!” Australian Guitar “I was quickly able to adjust and find my tone with the ever intuitive EQ/filter section, and the amp performed beautifully with a number of different cabs and basses… Overall the Little Mark Tube 800 is a wonderful amp. Power-packed, feature-laden, and of course, great tone!” Bass Musician

“Equipped with custom valve circuitry in the preamp section for fat and edgier sounds, plus the ability to overdrive to perfection... Easy to use, the Little Mark Rocker is aptly named, but the sound is still pure Markbass.”


250W, solid state preamp, analog power, 2,6 kg/5.73 lbs

This ultralight option is a great value for those who want great tone and portability at moderate volumes.


500W, solid state preamp, digital power, 2,1 kg/4.63 lbs

This industry leading ultra-light head, big in tone and small in size, is ready to go anywhere.

AWARDS: “ISP Music Selected Product” “ISP Music Recommended Price” from ISP Musica

Power Amps

MB 1000

300+300W @ 8ohms, 500+500W @ 4ohms, 1000W @ 8ohms (bridged), 3,8 kg/8.38 lbs

This powerful and lightweight power amp is a perfect match for the Studio Pre, Ground Stereo Pre or any preamp you use. Loud, clear and reliable every time.

Special Heads

SD 1200

F 500

500W, solid state preamp, digital power, semi-parametric EQ, line out level, mute, pre/post EQ switch, 2,1 kg/4.63 lbs

Adds extra features to the F1 (semi-parametric mids, line out level control, pre/post EQ switch for the DI out, and mute control), in an incredible feat of engineering.

The most powerful Markbass head, made for big stages and very loud bands! “I just love the versatility and enormous power of my SD 1200!” Lars Lehmann

“The SD 1200 gives me the power I need. I can get a deep sound, and at the same time, exceptionally clean and crystal clear sound when I’m playing very fast.” Dino Fiorenza

The question is: modern or vintage...? Randy Jackson says “Yes. Both. Finally an amp for every sound!”

AWARD: Bass Player Editor Award

TTE 500 “The tone of these amps is best defined by their lush and colorful midrange, intense and immediate punch and dynamic sensitivity, and capacity for loud volumes. It’s the F500’s ability to sound both smooth and natural while not being at all slow in transient response that is perhaps its most beguiling quality. It’s a versatile head capable of a big variety of sounds, but its strong midrange made it especially nice for smooth fingerstyle… Its dense harmonic content in the low-mids and beyond makes it an excellent choice for articulate techniques.” Bass Player

1200W, solid state preamp, digital power, 4-band EQ with two bands of semi-parametric mids, 4,15 kg/9.15 lbs

Randy Jackson signature

500W, tube preamp, special “Tube Technology Emulator” power amp (analog), tube compressor, tube-driven “Colour” contour control, 6 kg/13.23 lbs

This groundbreaking “modern vintage” head brings the sound quality of all-tube heads into a super practical and ultrareliable package.

Randy Jackson



F Series



SA 500

TA 500

A super-versatile solid state head that excels in any musical situation.

This tube preamp head is the amp of choice for those looking for warm tube tone and unlimited modular options.

500W, solid state preamp, analog power, 4-band EQ with two bands of semi-parametric mids, VLE and VPF filters, line out level control, 3,8 kg/8.5 lbs

500W, tube preamp, analog power, mute switch, 4-band EQ with two bands of semi-parametric mids, VLE and VPF filters, line out level control, 3,9 kg/8.6 lbs

AWARD: Bass Player Editor Award

“The new MoMark modular amp system is a revolutionary product and another impressive display of engineering prowess from Markbass... The benefits of such a system are clear: a modular amp gives a player the flexibility to dramatically affect their amp’s fundamental personality at a relatively low cost without investing in an entirely new head... The MoMark’s physical execution was impressive... Kudos to Markbass for continuing to explore the possible.” Bass Player

“Being able to custom order different preamp, EQ and output sections not only allows you to customize your rig for a particular bass, gig, or even a particular song, but as each amp frame and module varies in price according to its features the MoMark effectively allows you to tailor your setup to suit your budget.” Bass Guitar

“The Markbass MoMark is one of the most fantastic pieces of innovation in Bass Amplification as it’s a powerful, lightweight, customizable and sonically brilliant bass amplifier that allows you to set yourself up with a variety of portable amplifiers, interchangeable with absolute ease depending upon your application.” Australian Guitar

“All in all, there is very little to complain about with the MoMark bass amp system. Markbass’ commitment to quality runs rampant throughout, without overly coloring your bass’ natural sound. No matter what combination of modules you use, you can easily find a bass tone that is useable and— more importantly—musical.” Premier Guitar

SD 800


800W, solid state preamp, digital power, 4-band EQ with two bands of semi-parametric mids, VLE and VPF filters, line out level control, 3,7 kg/8.2 lbs

500W, 2-channel solid state preamp, two channels of 4-band EQ, analog power, VLE filter, line out level control and footswitch jack for channel switching and muting, 3,9 kg/8.6 lbs

Our premium high-power head gives you great power and tone, with the advantage of modular flexibility.

The LMK lets you use two instruments or two inputs from one instrument, and control the volume and EQ of each.

All MoMark amp frames house a power amp, and include two speakon/1/4” combo speaker output jacks, XLR line out with pre/post EQ switch and ground lift, tuner out jack and effects loop.







Solid state preamp with ultra-linear frequency response, inspired by the Little Mark preamp

Amp Frame 250

Amp Frame 500

Analog power, 250W @ 4Ω, 150W @ 8Ω

Analog power, 500W @ 4Ω, 300W @ 8Ω

Great tone for lower volumes, perfect for practice, rehearsal and recording.

500W is the perfect amount of power for most bass players in most applications.

Amp Frame 600

Amp Frame 800

Digital power, 600W @ 4Ω, 370W @ 8Ω

Digital power, 800W @ 4Ω, 450W @ 8Ω

For those who want a bit extra headroom and enjoy the clarity and fast response of our state-of-the-art digital power amps.

Our high-power MoMark frame provides maximum headroom for loud and ultra-dynamic applications.

Warm and clear tube preamp with mute switch

High-end solid state preamp with mute switch, premium components and gold-plated circuits

Same as the S1 but adds a mute switch

Acoustic IN

Preamp voiced for acoustic instruments, with XLR and ¼” inputs and 48V phantom power

Two-channel solid state preamp for using two instruments or two inputs from one instrument

High-end tube preamp with mute switch, premium components and gold-plated circuits

Michael Manring

“The MoMark is a major innovation in the world of bass. Now you can have an amp as personal as your music!”



Preamp Modules

Amp Frames





Simple and pure, allows your natural sound to be untouched by EQ circuitry

4-band EQ with two bands of semiparametric mids

Alain Caron

“What a cool concept! The MoMark system is the most original, flexible and creative bass amp you can get... It’s totally hip!”


Two channels of 4-band EQ with channel selector switch (CH 1, CH2, CH1+CH2)

4-band EQ, inspired by the Little Mark

Illuminated 7-band graphic equalizer





Super-simple: master level and bi-band limiter

Master volume, line out level, VLE and VPF filters, bi-band limiter


High-end 4-band semi-parametric EQ with premium components and gold connectors

Master volume, VLE and VPF filters, bi-band limiter

Master volume, VLE filter, line out level, footswitch control (channel switching/mute), bi-band limiter


High-end version of the MVVL, with premium components and gold connectors

Tom Kennedy

“YES, I am using the MoMark...... I LOVE IT! I have one of them set up with no EQ, and the other set up as a 2 channel system. Both of my basses (acoustic and electric) sound warm and punchy, but with amazing clarity. It’s so easy to get “my sound” with these units, most of the time with very little EQ adjustment. I have never been happier.”



Master Modules

EQ Modules

Traveler Series

Standard 102HF

2x10” + 1” compression driver and custom horn, front-ported, 4 or 8 ohms, 400W, 19,6 kg/43.2 lbs

The perfect compromise between the Traveler 102P and a 4x10. A bigger-sounding but practical cabinet for rehearsal and smaller venues.

Standard 104HF

4x10” + 1” compression driver and custom horn, front-ported, 4 or 8 ohms, 800W, 29,9 kg/65.92 lbs

Our front-ported 4x10 is best for low end response, larger stages and venues where the bass is not going through the PA.

This hugely popular 2x10 cabinet provides incredible depth and volume for such a portable cab. “I always take my Little Mark II with my Traveler 102P when I go to play in small clubs. The sound of this 2 x10” cabinet is great! I can keep the natural sound of my bass. I always get a powerful, clear, warm sound from those cabinets.” Hadrien Feraud

“I use the Little Mark II in combination with the Traveler 151P cabinet, which gives me a clear and crisp stage sound. The unbelievable light weight and small, compact size of the rig are perfect for all the traveling I do. It’s such a smart little bass amp!” Jay Baird (Feist) “I’m 100% satisfied with the power and the clear definition that come out of these cabinets! They’re phenomenal and they combine very well with the way I play. They really support my fingers’ attack whether I’m slapping or fingering with a lot of dynamics as I tend to use in my playing! For me it’s simply the best and I will keep on using it.” Linley Marthe (Joe Zawinul)

2x10” + piezo tweeter, rear-ported, 8 or 4 ohms, 400W, 15 kg/33 lbs

This portable 1x15 gives you the warmth and tone of the 15 to combine with another cab, or in instances where you don’t need high volume.

The rear-ported 4x10 offers a more controlled bottom end, excellent for more detailed playing and combining with other cabinets.

Our Standard 1x15 offers more clarity and pitch definition than other 1x15s, with a pleasing warmth that works great on its own or added to another cabinet.

Our biggest cabinet offers unparalleled portability and a big but controlled sound for large-stage applications.

Traveler 102P

1x15” + piezo tweeter, rear-ported, 8 ohms, 400W, 16,9 kg/37.3 lbs

4x10” + 1” compression driver and custom horn, rear-ported, 4 or 8 ohms, 800W, 25,4 kg/56 lbs

1x15” + 1” compression driver and custom horn, rear-ported, 8 ohms, 400W, 24 kg/52.9 lbs

8x10” + 1” compression driver and custom horn, rear-ported, 4 ohms, 1600W, 40,4 kg/89 lbs

Traveler 151P

Standard 104HR

Standard 151HR

Standard 108HR

Traveler 121H

1x12” + 1” compression driver and custom horn, rear-ported, 8 ohms, 400W, 15,7 kg/34.61 lbs

The larger enclosure and 1”compression driver/custom horn give this cab a more hifidelity tone than the smaller options can.

AWARD: “Best Bass Cabinet” MIPA Award



Standard Series


New York Series

New York 604

New York 151 RJ

Randy Jackson signature

Yellow in NYC: taxi cabs and bass cabs!

1x15” + 1.25” compression driver, rear ported, 8 ohms, 400W, 17,1 kg/17.70 lbs

“Back to the 15... Sometimes we must go back to the future. This is the new future of the bass cabinet.”

4x6” + 1” compression driver and custom horn, rear-ported, 8 ohms, 600W, 15 kg/33 lbs

New York 804

This ultra-portable cabinet provides astounding clarity and bottom end, and is especially beautifully paired with our digital power amp heads.

4x8” + 1” compression driver and custom horn, rear-ported, 8 ohms, 800W, 21,7 kg/47.8 lbs

Similar to the 604, but it’s larger size and speakers give it an even heftier tone that makes it a practical alternative to a 4x10.

AWARD: “Bass Player Editor Award”

Randy Jackson

New York 121

New York 151

The perfect companion to our topselling Mini CMD 121P, this cab helps you create a killer-sounding 500W 2x12 rig out of two 29 lb pieces.

The perfect companion to our Mini CMD 151P and CMD 151P Jeff Berlin combos, this cab lets you easily create a portable 500W 2x15 rig.

1x12” + piezo tweeter, rear-ported, 8 ohms, 400W, 13,3 kg/29.3 lbs

1x15” + piezo tweeter, rear-ported, 8 ohms, 400W, 16,9 kg/37.3 lbs

New York 122 “The 604 was one of the warmer, more bass-heavy cabs I’ve encountered of such diminutive stature… Blessed with a gorgeous and well textured midrange, so treble-attenuated fingerstylists should take note.The 604 also had very fast transient response and lock-step punchiness with uptempo styles. It also had no problem with the B string of a few active-preampequipped 5’ers.” Bass Player “It’s hard not to be impressed by a 33-pound 17” cube that doles out a substantial amount of volume and low end. I wasn’t expecting arena rattling sub-bass from these guys, but I was pleasantly surprised by how they did perform. Buttery and smooth sounding, they produced a sweet full range tone that extended quite nicely down low…” Bass Musician

2x12” + 12.5” compression driver and custom horn, rear-ported, 4 ohms, 800W, 22,4 kg/49.38 lbs

This portable 4 ohm 2x12 cabinet is a perfect stand-alone choice for any style of music in small to medium sized venues.

Signature Series

Club 600F32

Club 151

1x15” + 1” compression driver and custom horn, rear-ported, 8 ohms, 400W, 15,1 kg/33.29 lbs


This cabinet is all about tone. This is the choice for those who love the sound of 12s and need maximum output and headroom, especially with higher-power heads.

Our lightest and most portable 1x15, offers exceptional clarity and warmth and can be used as a wedge monitor.

1x12” + 1.25” compression driver with custom horn, 800W digital (for the woofer) + 200W analog (for the horn), 18 kg/39.68 lbs

2x12” + 1.25” compression driver and custom horn, front-ported, 4 ohms, 800W, 27,8 kg/61.29 lbs

Club 121

Club 102

2x10” + 1” compression driver and custom horn, rear-ported, 8 ohms, 400W, 13,6 kg/29.98 lbs

Our lightest and most portable 2x10, with very flat response and the ability to sit back in monitor position.

1x12” + 1” compression driver and custom horn, rear-ported, 8 ohms, 400W, 12,6 kg/27.78 lbs

Our lightest, most portable cabinet ever, the Club 121 features our latest 12” driver design and wedge monitor flexibility.

Alain Caron signature

This signature combo, designed with Alain Caron, uses state-of-the-art technology for maximum power and fidelity. Includes a mute switch, aux in, headphone out, pre/post EQ and pre/post master switches for the XLR DI out, and footswitch for mute and FX loop bypass.

GROUND STEREO PRE Alain Caron signature This innovative, feature-laden stereo preamp is designed as a foot pedal, so you can control your sound at the front of the stage.

CLUB 600F32

CLUB 102

CLUB 151

CLUB 121



Club Series


CMD Series

Mini CMD 121P

1x12” + piezo tweeter, 300W (500W w/ 8 ohm extension cabinet), 13,3 kg/29.3 lbs

Our flagship combo has changed the bass amp market forever. Never have bassists been able to get such great tone and volume from such a light and portable amp. Easily upgrades to a 500W rig with the addition of a New York 121 cabinet.

CMD 121H

1x12” + 1” compression driver and custom horn, 300W (500W w/ 8 ohm extension cabinet), 17,9 kg/39.5 lbs

A more “hi-fi” alternative to the Mini CMD 121P, thanks to its larger size and 1” compression driver and custom horn. Easily upgrades to a 500W rig with the addition of a New York 121 or Traveler 121H cabinet.

CMD 102P

2x10” + piezo tweeter, 300W (500W w/ 8 ohm extension cabinet), 19,9 kg/44 lbs

This front-ported 2x10 combo is an aggressive option that can often be used for gigs on its own, but also stacks with any 8 ohm Traveler or Standard cab.

AWARD: “Overall best bass amplifier” Guitar and Bass

Mini CMD 151P

“My favorite Markbass product is the Mini CMD 121P. Again, it’s light yet powerful and looks great on the little stand the guys at Markbass designed.They say that good things come in small packages. Well done Markbass—bass players don’t have to work out at the gym anymore!” Randy Hope-Taylor (Jeff Beck, Incognito) “Bringing that amp with me everywhere around campus, I was playing every weekend in all sorts of venues around school. Through that one small amp, I was startling fellow bass players and audiences with that mighty Markbass tone.” Jarrod Brennet (via email)

“Tonally, the Markbass delivers lows that are tight and fat with a pleasing earthy growl and clean, clear highs that indicate a seriously well-attenuated onboard tweeter. Dialling in buckets of bass shakes the room with definition, and boosting Mid Low gives machine gun punch... Adaptable, portable, powerful—this Markbass is very, very good.” Guitar and Bass “I first played Markbass because of the great tone I got with a CMD 102P combo, but also because it was a small, very lightweight combo with tons of power! In fact, it’s all we need as bass players!” Hadrien Feraud “Hi, I taped a TV show, and for backline they had a Markbass 2x10 combo. Wow! How in the hell do you get so much tone and power into such a little amp?! VERY impressive!” Anthony “Woodchuck” Durham (via email)

1x15” + piezo tweeter, 300W (500W w/ 8 ohm extension cabinet), 18,5 kg/40.79 lbs

The practical solution for those who like the sound of 15” speakers. Easily upgrades to a 500W rig with the addition of a New York 151 cabinet.

Micromark 801

Mini CMD 151P Jeff Berlin signature

CMD 103P

Jeff Berlin’s signature combo has top-quality 15” tone and no tweeter. Easily upgrades to a 500W rig with the addition of a New York 151 cabinet.

Our largest combo cannot be connected to an external cab, but puts out a loud 400W thanks to its 6 ohm enclosure.

1x15”, 300W (500W w/ 8 ohm extension cabinet), 21,2 kg/46.74 lbs

3x10” + 1” compression driver and custom horn, 400W, 28,7 kg/63.3 lbs

1x8”, 50W, aux in, headphone out, optional external tweeter, 5,2 kg/11.46 lbs

The new Micromark sports a single 8” speaker and astounding tone and volume for its size!

Connect it to any 8 ohm cabinet for a 60W rig!


2x6”, 150W (250W with external 8 ohm speaker), aux in, headphone out, optional external tweeter, 9,4 kg/20.72 lbs

The Minimark has enough power to be a perfect choice for quiet gigs and rehearsals, and upright bass. The ability to connect to any 8 ohm cabinet for 250W makes it extra versatile.

AWARD: L’ampli basse de l’annee” (bass amp of the year), Guitar Part magazine


1x6”, 50W, aux in, headphone out, optional external tweeter, 4,2 kg/9.26 lbs

Our smallest combo is not a toy—it gives you Markbass tone in the most portable package possible. Has to be heard to be believed!

“This weekend, I played for Markbass in Los Angeles and something totally new happened to me. I was on-stage and when I was playing, the bass tone seemed to be even better than I have ever heard it before. It was as if something special was added into my “Jeff Berlin Combo” amps. But, what was the thing that was new? After the performance was over, I suddenly realized that I never touched any of tone knobs on the amplifiers like I always do. The amps sounded this good and I never even made any tone adjustments. My God! These are the best bass amps ever built.” Jeff Berlin

“At less than 9 x 9 x 9 inches and weighing just over nine pounds, this 50 watt micro monster not only sounds great at practice levels in your condo, but turn it up and it generates enough clean, full sound to be a fine choice for acoustic and smaller “songwriter” type gigs. Big sound, super-small package.” Macsimum News

“How can we find fault with this Markbass combo? I’ve literally fallen under its charm, and it’s certainly the bass amp of the year, especially considering the low cost of this jewel.” Guitar Part

AWARD: “Best of Show” MacsimumNews Award

“The Micromark is not just the perfect practice tool, it is a remarkable innovation in technology that allows me to bring the tone I need ANYWHERE in the world. I have used this amp in the smallest of villages, only accessible by auto rickshaw, to the largest of outdoor stages in India. In the smaller venues, it has been loud enough to fill the room with a natural acoustic level sound. In the larger venues, it has become the perfect stage monitor. I keep it right beside me so I can always hear myself clearly and enjoy the tone of the Markbass instead of the stage monitors. The lows, mids, and highs represent my instrument exactly, and this amp has never failed to impress me in any situation.” Justin Gray



MM Series

CMD Series

AC 601

The smallest Markacoustic combo is perfect for guitars and other “treble” instruments, and can be mounted on a PA pole for excellent live sound dispersion.

AC 101

The versatile 10” driver in the AC 101 makes this combo great for “treble” or bass applications. All Markacoustic combos include the AH 250 head.

AC 121

The AC 121 has a single 12” and no horn: the ultimate combo for double bass and acoustic bass guitar.

Super Synth

The top bass synth pedal on the market is incredibly versatile thanks to its software that lets customize your sounds to perfection.

Chorus Flanger

Custom software lets you have more control over your stereo chorus and flanger sounds than any other pedal can offer.


The way this top-quality digital stereo pedal lets you fine-tune and EQ your reverb makes it perfect for bass, but also great for any other voice or instrument.

AWARD: Top Gear award from Top Guitar

AH 250

250W, solid state preamp, analog power, 2,9 kg/6.39 lbs This compact head is designed for use with any acoustic instrument, and is also featured in all Markacoustic combos. Features two channels, feedback control, phantom power, digital reverb and chorus, and more.

AC 101 CAB

This 1x10 cab, voiced for acoustic instruments, can be paired with the AH 250 or used as an extension cab to draw the full power from any Markacoustic combo.

“The biggest challenge in amplifying an acoustic instrument is reproducing its acoustic tone. But if you travel a lot and need an amplifier that is light and easy to handle, and has professional sound quality, you only have one choice: Markacoustic! For me this brand is simply the best, and these amps let the audience hear the real acoustic tone of my bass, only amplified.” Ralf Gauck

AWARD: Top Gear award from Top Guitar

“The sounds generated by the Super Synth are so cosmic and synthesizer-like that it is very hard to describe their character and charm, which they have in abundance.” Top Guitar “This Super Synth is awesome! You guys made the best bass synth pedal on the market. I have tried about 15 different ones and this one is the best, period.” Kent Owns (via email)

AWARD: Bestcovery, Best Bass Chorus Pedal

“Chorus Flanger is quite a piece of equipment, capable of a wide array of chorus and flange effects, and suitable for all electric instruments... perfect for the musician in search of his or her ideal sound.” Bestcovery

“The reverb is amazingly clean and spacious but at the same time it has some analog-like taste that you feel rather than hear. Naturalness is something that every good reverb unit should have, and it is present here.” Top Guitar “I really love my Riverbero, for solos the different reverb settings allows me to play more expressively.” Matt Bissonette (David Lee Roth, Joe Satriani, Rick Springfield)







Bass Tube Marker

A simple, great-sounding bass distortion pedal, great for adding grit and bite to your sound or extra thickness for solos. Runs on 9V, 12V, or 9V battery.

Markbass MB Octaver

This compact analog octaver lets you add one and/ or two octave-below doubles to your sound for added intensity and funkiness. Runs on 9V, 12V, or 9V battery.

Super Pro DI Box

This simple, high-quality passive DI box is an essential companion for both studio recording and live gigs with PA support.


This full-featured tube compressor pedal has set a new standard for bass compressors.

“It has almost no noise! Amazing for a tube pedal. The tone is very smooth, and nearly transparent—not very colored by the tube. There is no loss of lows... The action is quite smooth, and has a remarkable range: both from gentle to limiting, and from “invisible” to a very funky squashed effect, all found with different threshold and ratio settings. It has a full range of controls, and each of them is quite effective…. It can handle any level of signal you can throw at it without distorting. I would put it up against a high-end rack unit any day.” Ovni Labs “For musicians that love of tubes this is probably the best thing that could ever happen to them when it comes to sound compression... The device produces no noise or hiss, which is highly praiseworthy because not every manufacturer, even the most renowned, is able to achieve such results. The performance of the Markbass Compressore is very subtle, yet you can hear its possibilities ranging from light transparency through fat and round notes to very funky and dynamically flattened sound.” Top Guitar (Poland)

“That octaver from Marco is the real deal—it’s better than other octavers because it’s more reliable in terms of sustain! One more great device from Markbass!” Hadrien Feraud

Super Booster

A clean boost, active DI and the trademark Markbass VLE (Vintage Loudspeaker Emulator) and VPF filters (Variable Preshape Filter) combine to make this a must-have live and studio tool.

“The boost is clean and the filters work just as on Markbass amps. With the DI Out, this could be an essential home recording tool... Good for accessing the Markbass sound on a budget and generally juicing up your tone.” Guitar and Bass “The real star of the show, totally unexpectedly for me, is the Super Booster!!! That thing is voodoo in a box... it does way, way ,way more than just make things louder. It gives me a huge fat punchy tone that I simply cannot replicate by just turning things up or tweaking EQ.” Craig Young (Lady Antebellum, Jewel, Peter Frampton)

“Markbass makes the best compressor on the planet. It’s a beautiful, warm, classic sounding tube compressor that just so happens to conveniently fit into a small foot pedal. The day I got mine was the very same day I stopped dragging my rack-mounted, vintage, $3000 black-faced classic to every recording session I do. So far, the only person who has noticed a difference is my cartage guy!” Craig Young (Lady Antebellum, Jewel, Peter Frampton)


This serious tube distortion pedal includes compression and high-pass and low-pass filters that allow you to choose what frequency range gets distorted. That makes it more versatile for bass than other pedals!

“With this pedal, you can get a completely sick death metal distorted tone on your bass with absolutely no loss of your actual bass low end. The rest of the band I’m in are always telling me how this pedal rounds out our sound very nicely, and I’m in love with it. Get it! You won’t be disappointed!” Bass Freak (Musicians Friend online review)

Bass Keeper

This unique accessory is a light and portable alternative to guitar stands, and keeps your bass safe when it’s not being played. This industry leading bass amp plugin software, developed in partnership with Overloud, gives you Markbass tone for use in any digital recording software.

Mark Stand

This handy, collapsible wedge allows you to angle your rig up to ear level for superior onstage monitoring.

“Sweet and natural sounding amp emulation... the plugin’s smooth response and intuitive interface was immediately appealing. The Mark Studio 1 is a versatile tool for home and studio recordists.” Bass Player “A complete software package that takes care of just about every bass sound you will need when recording... and gets them spot on too! …without needing to win the lottery and have a spare room dedicated just to storing all you bass amps and cabinets, the Mark Studio 1 gives the bass player the ability to find the right sound, all within the computer” Mixdown

(large/standard, small/Little Mark, F Series, MoMark) If you need to rackmount your Markbass head for optimum protection, we have rack ears for every size of head.

“Mark Studio 1 is an outstanding plugin and easily fulfils the demands of the professional musician. It certainly offers a large selection of quality sounds for different styles of music, thanks to its large menu of virtual heads, cabs and microphones. The results are surprisingly realistic and very inspiring!” Riffi

(small/Little Mark, large/standard, F series) These premium-quality amp bags allow you to transport your amp in a knapsack (along with cables, tuner, charts, etc) and then keep the amp in the bag during use. Ultra-handy for in-town gear transport.

Super MoMark Bag

Fits two MoMark heads/amp frames (or one head and a laptop), spare modules, cables, strings, accessories and more.

Rack Ears

“Until now there hasn’t been a plugin dedicated to the bass that offers up such a rainbow of tone colours and modern sounds to suit any needs.” Computer Music and Project Studio

“I now have the Mark Studio 1 software for my private studio. It adds the punch I look for in a bass DI.  If you don’t have a Markbass cabinet, the Mark Studio 1 is the next best thing.” Jay Messina (producer/engineer: Aerosmith, John Lennon, Supertramp)

Amp Bags

Tweeter Box Mark Studio 1 is now managed by

An optional accessory for the Micromark and Micromark 801 combos, this tweeter box velcroes to the side of the combo so you can angle it to ear level for better high-end clarity.

MoMark Bag

Amp Bag for MoMark heads (holds one MoMark).





MoMark Screw Kit

Replacement accessory kit for MoMark: includes one module removal tool, one hex tool for installing modules, and 12 screws.


(dual, single, custom dual, custom single) Basic and custom footswitch options for controlling channel switching and EQ bypass on select Markbass heads. Custom versions feature sturdy metal construction and on/off LEDs.


These durable covers (offered for Mini CMD 121P, Minimark, Traveler 102P, CMD 102P, Standard 104HF, Standard 104HR, AC 601, AC 101) protect your cab or combo from rain, snow and the wear and tear of regular use.

Power supply for Markbass Effects

12VDC power supply for Super Synth, Chorus Flanger, Riverbero, Compressore, Distorsore, and Super Booster pedals. Can also be used with the Bass Tube Marker and MB Bass Octaver.

Alain Caron

Billy Bass

Bob Daisley

Chris Tarry

Cliff Hugo

Dave Marotta

David Bronze

Evan Marien


Hadrien Feraud

Igor Saavedra

Jeff Berlin

Jennifer Young

John Bentley

Linley Marthe

Super DI Transformer

This circuit board allows you to upgrade the DI output of your Little Mark head. Requires installation by an authorized Markbass service center.

Bass Bag F24h

An “overnight� gig bag for two basses, or one bass and everything you need; including cables, tuner, charts, clothing and accessories.






Markbass DV Mark is committed to designing and manufacturing top-quality guitar amplifiers, cabinets, combos and effect pedals that offer killer tone, extreme reliability, super-light weight, great versatility, cool design and excellent value. DV Mark products are designed with a profound respect for the great history and traditions of the classic guitar amps.

TM Lorenzo Feliciati

Mark Saunders

Matt Bissonette

Maurizio Rolli

Michael Manring

Paolo Costa

Polo Jones

Randy Hope-Taylor

Randy Jackson

Reggie Washington

Rich Brown

Robbie Shakespeare

Sterling Ball

Tom Kennedy

Tomasz “Orion” Wróblewski

more artists featured at


DV Mark

Galileo 15

15W, all-tube, one channel, 4,7 kg/10.36 lbs

Our smallest head is simple to use but makes no compromises in tone! “The Galileo is one of very few amps that are hard to switch off once you’ve started to play; these amps have the ability to transform a 5-minute test into 2 hours! DV Mark has fulfilled its mission, by producing an amp with the tone of the legends in a solid and small package. With amps of this quality, DV Mark will shortly gain a very high reputation, as they did with Markbass.” Guitar Part magazine (France)

Little 40 L34

40W, all-tube, one channel, 7,25 kg/15.98 lbs

The versatile Little 40 is the perfect amount of power for most live and studio situations, and the amp’s Continuous Power Control (CPC) allows you to get the tone you want at the volume you need! The amp automatically biases AND matches (if the tubes are within 20%) the output tubes! Change the tubes for different sounds and power. No more trips to your service tech for biasing!

Bad Boy 120

Triple 6

The incredible volume and tone of the Bad Boy make it perfect for louder rock applications of any kind, and its three channels give you control of your rhythm, crunch and lead tones.

The higher-gain big brother of the Bad Boy 120, perfect for all metal and hard rock styles. Like the Bad Boy and Little 40, it automatically biases and matches the output tubes!

120W, all-tube, three channels, 9,8 kg/21.61 lbs

120W, all-tube, three channels, 9,8 kg/21.61 lbs

AWARDS: Top Gear Editor’s Award (Top Guitar magazine, Poland) Selected Product Award (ISP Musica magazine, Spain)

HB 250S

150+150W 2-channel/ stereo solid state head, 2,95 kg/6.5 lbs

Little 40 L6

40W, all-tube, one channel, 7,25 kg/15.98 lbs

Just like the Little 40 L34, but instead loaded with 6L6 power tubes.

“The clean channel is silky, warm, detailed, open, and dynamic, with round attack. I have rarely heard such beautifully shaped, pure tone. It’s not comparable to the so-called “California” bright clean sound... It’s softer and more translucent. I can say that (with this amp) you get boutique quality at a normal tube amp price.” (Hungary) “All classes and categories of amps in a single head... Organic and delicious vintage sounds... A lightweight head and cab for a massive sound... We will not even complain about the price considering the quality of all the components in this amp.” Guitariste (France)

“Loud as hell… To have such power available from a relatively small and light package is a real rarity and a great advantage. At last guitarists’ lives have become easier! The amplifier presents astonishing dynamics and quick response... It’s not very often a debuting tube guitar amp brand jumps straight onto a level unattainable for average companies.” Top Guitar (Poland) “It smokes ROCK… Great attack in the British tradition with a huge amount of lows and detail in the mids… Improves each guitar connected with a big, impressive and full sound…Very nice appearance, very well made, and lightweight.” ISP Music

Designed with the legendary Hiram Bullock before his unfortunate passing in 2008, this flexible and lightweight stereo solid state amp is perfect for those who run stereo and use pedals for distortion and tone-shaping. The week before Hiram passed, Hiram wrote this to Marco in a text message: “I used the amp in the studio last night, and live onstage in Azerbaijan the night before that (through terrible speakers). I have to say that in 35 years of playing guitar this is the BEST amp I’ve ever had. It’s amazing! Mille grazie, Marco!”



Frank Gambale Combo 112 C 212 FG

Frank Gambale Pre

Solid state preamp, three programmable channels (clean, crunch, lead), MIDI switching, 2,78 kg/6.13 lbs

Designed with the legendary Frank Gambale, this single rack space, stereo, solid state preamp includes three programmable channels, delay, reverb, chorus and flanger effects, and MIDI switching control!

2x12”, 4 ohms, 300W, open back, 13,5 kg/29.76 lbs

“Everyone’s going to feel like Superman when they lift these cabinets… which in most cases you can do with a finger! (This is only a very slight exaggeration!).”

150W, 1x12”, solid state (clean) and tube (drive) preamps, analog power amp, 11,7 kg/25.79 lbs

Frank Gambale has partnered with DV Mark to design a powerful, versatile and portable combo. This potent little tone machine features two channels, one 12” speaker, 150 watts of clean solid state power and a tube preamp in the drive channel. Incredible headroom for a combo, but with a tapered volume control so you can keep it quiet if necessary.

Frank Gambale

Power Amps

G 1000 Power Amp

300+300W @ 8 ohms; 500+500W @ 4 ohms; 1000W @ 8ohm (bridge), 3,8 kg/8.38 lbs

A potent option for either mono (bridge mode) or stereo applications. Matching this amp with our Frank Gambale preamp and two DV Mark 4x12 cabinets will allow you to play any musical style at any volume! Also perfect for mono dry/stereo wet setups.

C 412 FG

4x12”, 8 ohms (mono) or 2x16 ohms (stereo), 600W, slant top, closed back, 21,4 kg/47.18 lbs

Frank Gambale’s signature cabinets feature special custom speakers and a cool teal blue finish.

“Finally! An amp that sounds exactly right—and like me, it has Italian roots! Plug in and go… awesome tone without having to search.” Frank Gambale


DV Mark

C 112 Standard

1x12”, 8 ohms, 150W, open back, 8,8 kg/19.4 lbs

The larger of our 1x12 cabs has a wide-body open-back design, providing warmth, clarity and impressive low-end punch without making the sound boomy or boxy. Easy to carry to club gigs and a piece of cake to set up.

C 212 Standard

2x12”, 4 ohms (mono) or 2x8 ohms (stereo), 300W, open back, 10,3 kg/22.7 lbs

This standard-sized 2x12” cab offers both mono (4 ohms) and stereo (2x8 ohms) functionality. It boasts 300W of power handling and is one of the lightest 2x12s available at 10.3 kg / 22.7 lbs! “These cabinets from DV Mark give you a great sound with their amps and many others too. They are very well built and will handle just about any amp out there... Gone are the days of lugging around ridiculously heavy speaker cabinets. DV Mark has certainly paved the way for easy load-ins from now on.” Mixdown

C 112 Small

C 412 Standard

1x12”, 8 ohms, 150W, open back, 6,9 kg/15.21 lbs

4x12”, 8 ohms (mono) or 2x16 ohms (stereo), 600W, slant top, closed back, 21,4 kg/47.18 lbs

Our smallest and lightest cab weighs only 6.9 kg / 15.21 lbs! For a 1x12, it has more punch and volume than you’d ever expect. 150W of power handling, open-back design, great to use two of these with a stereo setup!

This closed-back 4x12” provides a great combination of punch, detail, and midrange, and can be used mono (8 ohms) or stereo (2x16 ohms). Its impressive 600W of power handling make it great for bigger stages. But the cab weighs only 21.4 kg / 47.18 lbs!

C 212 V

C 412 Vintage

2x12”, 4 ohms, 300W, open back, 13,5 kg/29.76 lbs

4x12”, 8 ohms (mono) or 2x16 ohms (stereo), 600W, flat front, closed back, 19,7 kg/43.43 lbs

This 2x12” has a slant-top design, which makes it easy to hear what you’re playing on stage without elevating or angling the cab. Very roadie-friendly and easy to move around and fit on any stage!

This 600W, closed-back 4x12 has a flat-front vintage design that was very popular in the ‘60s. It covers both clean and distorted tones with pleasing fullness and ample headroom.

C 412 Straight

4x12”, 8 ohms (mono) or 2x16 ohms (stereo), 600W, closed back, 19,7 kg/43.43 lbs

This 4x12 is similar to the C 412 Vintage but the cabinet is deeper, providing a slightly fuller sound and better stability on stage.

Mini Twelve

1x12”, 8 ohms, 150W, open back, 6 kg/13.23 lbs

Our lightest and most portable cabinet is perfect for guitarists on the go—so portable, you can literally carry it anywhere. Have tone, will travel!


DV40 112

DV40 212

This super-practical combo uses EL34 tubes to provide a loud 40W of power, but also lets you access any power level down to 0.5W, to get the tone you want at the volume you need! Both DV40 combos automatically bias their own tubes, keeping your tone consistent and extending the life of your tubes. You can replace the power tubes and the amp matches and biases them for you!

An exciting new option in the popular 2x12 combo category— versatile, loud, killer tone and so easy to transport. Also features the innovative CPC (Continuous Power Control) feature.

40W, 1x12”, all-tube, two channels (clean/drive), spring reverb, 15,9 kg/35 lbs

40W, 2x12”, all-tube, two channels (clean/drive), spring reverb, 17 kg/37.48 lbs

15W, 1x12”, all-tube, one channel, 12, 8 kg/28.22 lbs

The Galileo head received such a great reaction that it seemed logical to build it into a compact 1x12 combo. As an added bonus, it comes equipped with an onboard Guitar Tube Marker distortion pedal.

DVM Compressore Over Marker DVM Compressore gives you full control of Higher gain than the Tube Marker (below), gain, threshold, ratio, attack, release and output volume. This true tube compressor uses an ECC 81 tube to compresses the signal, producing a richer, warmer sound.

Guitar Tube Marker Natural tube amp-like distortion

“Very warm and responsive” Alex Masi

DVM Chorus & Delay This powerful unit features a full complement “I’d think anyone from blues, country, rock or hard rock could find a voice they like inside the DV40.” Mixdown Magazine (Australia)

“The ideal combo for recording studios, and a perfect choice for practicing at home. Not only that: no doubt it’s a roadworthy companion for countless live gigs.”

“The amp provides many options for getting all the sounds you need in different musical environments. The CPC feature gives us a large tonal palette, and along with the Presence control, the versatility and sonic range is perfect for any situation, from rehearsals at low/moderate volumes to live gigs.”

“All I gotta say is that my DV Mark 212 combo is by far the best amp I’ve played... Sooooo many kool sounds. I can get clean and warm, super-tight crunch and soaring leads all in one super-light box... Once I start playing, I can’t stop... I don’t wanna stop (it’s one groovy amp)!” Tony Springer (David Bowie, Wild T and the Spirit)

Cutaway Guitar magazine (Spain)

Guitar Club (Italy)

the Over Marker is also available in a custom version with an ultra-cool wood and leather housing!

of combinable delay, chorus and flanger effects, and allows you to completely customize your own presets using the provided software. Includes tap delay and true bypass.

for any occasion! From sweet overdrive to exciting crunch distortion, honouring your guitar’s voice with dynamic, touchsensitive response and a large output range. Use this pedal with 9 or 12 volts, or a battery.

“With its cool cream-on-black livery and all-metal chassis, the Tube Marker looks good and is as solid as a rock... Any guitar sounds good (and natural) through this unit—even a Tele on the back pickup won’t go gnarly and has plenty of beef. This is a great TS-onsteroids pedal with a tone that you’ll keep coming back to. Cool: Classy tone, lightweight, and it’ll take 9V, or 12V for extra headroom.” Australian Guitar “Amazing tube tone”

Alex Masi



DV Mark

DV Mark

DV Mark

Bad Boy Amp Bag Handy, premium-grade carry case for Bad Boy 120 and Triple 6 heads, plus room for cables and accessories.

Galileo Amp Bag


(single, dual, custom single, custom dual)

Basic and custom footswitch options for controlling channel switching and boost on select DV Mark heads. Custom versions feature sturdy metal construction and on/off LEDs.

Handy, premium-grade carry case for Galileo 15 heads, plus room for cables and accessories.

Alessio Menconi

Alex Masi

Paolo Conte, Billy Cobham, Trio Bobo, solo artist “It’s an amp that facilitates and exalts your own sound without changing it.”

Masi, Dark Lord, Sound Barrier, Allan Holdsworth, Carmine Appice, Shawn Lane “Ever since I got the DV Mark combo I’ve been addicted to it, both in the studio and live.”

Little 40 Amp Bag Handy, premium-grade carry case for Little 40 heads, plus room for cables and accessories.

112 and 212 Combo Covers High-quality soft-shell covers to protect the DV40 112 and DV40 212 from the elements and in-town wear and tear.

Danny Kortchmar

James Taylor, Carole King, Carly Simon, Graham Nash “DV Mark amps have everything I need in a guitar amp... lots of headroom, great sound on both channels, built tough and... very important... light weight! A perfect gigging amp!”

Dean Brown Billy Cobham, Marcus Miller, The Brecker Brothers, David Sanborn, Joe Zawinul “I’ve been searching for an amp for over 20 years. Finally, my search has ended with the DV Mark 212 combo.”

Rackmount Kit (for Little 40 heads)

Rack ears and screws for mounting your Little 40 head into a rack for optimal protection.

Femi Temowo

George Benson, Amy Winehouse, Courtney Pine, The Roots, Omar, Roachford “My DV Mark is an all-tube amp that gives me traditional tube warmth with the clarity of a really good transistor amp… I love it!”

Frank Gambale

Chick Corea Elektric Band, Vital Information, Jean-Luc Ponty, Return to Forever “Finally! An amp that sounds exactly right—and like me, it has Italian roots! Plug in and go… awesome tone without having to search.”

Gigi Cifarelli

Giorgio Cocilovo

Chick Corea, Sam Rivers, Jack De Johnette, Mark Murphy, Delmar Brown “A sound that is clean and warm at the same time, for the jazz tone that I love, without sounding frayed in the highs or overwhelming in the lows.”

Renato Zero, Alfredo Golino, Antonio Faraò, Stefano Cerri, Amedeo Bianchi, Riccardo Fioravanti “The Little 40 is the most versatile amp I never had: present, powerful, brilliant, with rich lows.”



DV Mark


DV Mark

Giuseppe Continenza

Ludovico Vagnone

Paolo Giordano

Pierre Côté

Bireli Lagrene, Joe Diorio, Jimmy Bruno, Martin Taylor, Bobby Watson, Gary Willis “Finally an amp I can play everything on—versatile and with a clean and rounded sound. A masterpiece!”

Pooh, Zucchero, The Corrs, Paulina Rubio, Destiny’s Child, Alex Ubago, Raphael, Alejandro Sanz “The best word to sum up my feelings is: Genius!”

Solo artist, Patti Cathcart, Tuck and Patti, Michael Manring, Alex Acuna, Biagio Antonacci “It’s the sound that makes the difference! And the DV Mark DV40 212 combo DOES it! A great sound from a such lightweight amp!”

Jim Corcoran, Celine Dion, Alain Caron, Cirque du Soleil, The Benny Goodman Orchestra “My DV40 112 combo is an incredibly versatile amp for any studio or live situation.”

Rocco Zifarelli

Tony “Wild T” Springer

Rez Abbasi

Ruth Brown, Peter Erskine, Kenny Werner, Barre Phillips, Tim Hagans, Marc Johnson “I’m very impressed by the DV Mark amps not only for their instantly great sound, but also for their versatility, power AND quick response!” more artists featured at

Ennio Morricone, Joe Bowie’s Defunkt, David Bowie, Wild T and the Spirit Paul McCandless, Tony Scott “All I gotta say is that my DV Mark 212 “If someone told me that there was an all- combo is by far the best amp I’ve played.” tube guitar amp that is this light, powerful, and versatile, I wouldn’t have believed them... but here it is indeed: DV MARK!!!”

Travis Larson Travis Larson Band, Steve Lukather, Victor Wooten,Vinx “The guitar tones I hear in my head have finally become a reality, thanks to DV Mark.”

Markaudio PA equipment uses state-of-the-art technology to provide stunningly clear sound reproduction from powered cabinets that are practical, lightweight, reliable and versatile. Markaudio’s modular design allows users to put together a high-quality system for any size of venue.



Active Full-range Loudspeakers

Active Subwoofers 1x12”, 1200W

AS 151 S*

AS 152 S*

1x15”, 1200W

This updated version of the AS 121S and AS 151S subwoofer increases its power from 800W to 1200W, and adds optional computer connectivity for tuning the cabinet to perfection with the Markaudio Tuner System.

2x6” LF + 1”HF active full-range loudspeaker, 600+200W

The AS 602 has enough bottom end that it can be used effectively without a subwoofer, especially if you activate the “virtual sub” control for added low end response.

AS 101*

1x10” LF + 1,4”HF active fullrange loudspeaker, 600+200W

This full-range cab has one 10” woofer and a hyperbolic horn with a 1.4” driver, designed by Markaudio. An onboard Class D power amp sends 600W RMS to the woofer, and a MOSFET power amp provides 200W for the horn.

AS 121*

1x12” LF + 1,4”HF active fullrange loudspeaker, 800+200W

The big-sounding AS 121 is an active, full-range loudspeaker with one 12” woofer and a hyperbolic horn with a 1.4” driver, designed by Markaudio.

AS 102*

2x15”, 1200W

A big-sounding 2x15 subwoofer, guaranteed to provide a solid foundation for any sound system.

2x10” LF + 1,4”HF active fullrange loudspeaker, 800+200W

AS 211 S*

The AS 102 is a real fullrange loudspeaker that offers unbelievable efficiency. Its flexibility makes it perfect for a wide range of applications.

The AS 211S is a single 21” subwoofer that boasts an incredible 2000W RMS of power. Combined with LA series cabinets, it completes a perfect line array system, providing amazing efficiency to any live sound reinforcement application.

*Markaudio Tuner System compatible (optional)

2x12”, 1200W

An active subwoofer with two 12” woofers and 1200W RMS of power. Matched with the AS 121, it makes for a lightweight, powerful and efficient PA system.

AS 121 S*

AS 602 UP*

AS 122 S*

1x21”, 2000W

*Markaudio Tuner System compatible (optional)

Line Array Accessories: LA Series Sideplate kit

Sideplate kit for installing LA 601 line array cabinets

3/8� Safety Lock Ball Kit

LAN Data Link Cable 0,5 meter

LAN data cable for speaker link (length: 0,5m)

XLR Link Cable 0,5 meter

Markaudio PC Box USB to RS485 interface

XLR cable for speaker link (length: 0,5m)

Safety lock ball kit for installing LA 601 line array cabinets

LA 601*

AC Power Cord 10 meter

The LA 601 is a true line array, offering 600 + 200 watts from an amazingly compact and lightweight 1x6� cabinet. The only thing small about the LA 601 is its size! Due to the modular design of the Markaudio system, you can combine any number of LA 601s together.

AC Power Link Cord 0,5 meter


AC power cord (length: 10m)

AC link power cord for speaker cabinets (length: 0,5m)

LAN Data Cable 10 meter LAN data cable (length: 10m)

Audio Switch 35

Audio switch with remote control

Markaudio Covers give you a lightweight but effective way of protecting your loudspeakers and subwoofers from wear and tear and the elements! Covers are available for the following products: AS 602, AS 121S, AS 151S.


Fly bar for installing LA 601 line array cabinets

Power Amps

MA 1000

1000W @ 8ohm (500+500W @ 4ohm) power amp, 1U standard rack, 3,8 kg/8.38 lbs

Speaker pole for mounting AS series powered cabinets on subwoofers

250W, 2,2 kg/4.85 lbs

Triampli 800 800W, 2,7 kg/5.95 lbs

Triampli 1200 1200W, 3,1 kg/6.83 lbs

Power amp modules for Triampli rack frame

AS Speaker Pole

Triampli 250 Markaudio HW Tuner System Hardware for tuning your Markaudio speakers (software available on our website)

AS Floor Stand

Wedge-style floor stand for AS series powered cabinets






Clothing and Accessories


Musician World is a line of high-quality, musician-inspired clothing and accessories. All products are made with pride in Italy and available for online ordering at

The Musician World story includes full respect of human rights, care for the environment, attention to detail, consummate professionalism and a full commitment to Italian production. These elements transform a simple article of clothing into a conscious consumer choice. Every Euro spent on our products is efficiently used. The retail cost of our products does not include costs that are often added to cover traditional advertising budgets, or margins dedicated to distribution or administration costs. Our story also involves musicians, both professional and amateur; their creativity and character are continuous sources of inspiration. All that makes up Musician World. An exclusive line of clothing that aims to promote a fair, responsible and sustainable world—without compromising quality, comfort or wearability.

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