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Mattias ‘IA’ Eklundh


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Jack Thammarat’s Malaysia workshop


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Christophe Godin China Tour

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Kiko Loureiro

INTRODUCTION Welcome to the 3rd edition of ‘Just Play It’ Magazine. In this issue we’ll be featuring all of the Laney action from around the world from the last 3 months. You can see reports on shows and clinic tours featuring our wonderful endorsees and their travels around the globe. We have a focus on the fantastic VC series of combos, some ‘on the road experience’ of testing the Ironheart amps with our very own Andy Shortland, and news of the upcoming My Ruin tour with Mick Murphy and link to download their new album completely free! We catch up with Mattias ‘IA’ Eklundh and Tim Muddiman for in-depth interviews regarding their gear and plans for 2012, and we also get the inside scoop on the brand new metal band, Seven Deadly. We hope you enjoy the Magazine, and wish you all a very happy holiday season and wish you all a prosperous 2012! Laney…Just Play It

Chris Taylor Editor




Bangkok Music Fair


Tony Iommi Black Sabbath


The Subterraneans



CONTRIBUTORS Art Director Lincoln Fan

Editor Chris Taylor

In this issue of JPI we’ve decided to focus on Laney’s global activities. As you will see in this issue, Laney, the brand, has been well presented around the world thanks to our incredible endorsees, distributors and most important of all, our loyal fans around the world. So without further ado, please enjoy JPI issue 03 and have a fantastic New Year!

Issue 3! It seems like only yesterday we started Issue 1! Thank you all for the kind feedback on the last issue, I’ll strive to make each one better than it’s predecessor. This is the end of year issue and focuses a lot on the wonderful work that our distributors do all over the world to promote the Laney brand, whether it is putting on wonderful clinics and shows, or their efforts to embrace and spread the Just Play It message. I’d like to thank all of the Laney extended family for their efforts in 2011, here’s to an even better 2012!


Don Jackson Wyatt (Circle Pit), Mark Latham, Robert Knight, Nigel Crane, Ross Vincent, Dave Hall, Steve Gerrard, Laura Desantis-Olsson

Special Thanks

Tim Muddiman, Mattias ‘IA’ Eklundh, Don ‘Circlepit’ Jackson-Wyatt, Mick and Tairrie B Murphy, Harj Virdee, Glenn Hughes, Kiko Loureiro, Rich Ward, Jayce Lewis, Martin Thompson, Andy Shortland, Jack Thammarat, Alex Hutchings, Siam Yamaha, Mogar, Great Wall, Australis and all of the extended Laney family of users, fans and distributors worldwide.

04 | VC

VC Range The VC range of combos offer classic British class A tone in a variety of speaker options. The 30 watt VC30 series feature two

VC | 05

VC30-210 (Combo) • 30 watts RMS • Hi & Lo jack inputs • Clean & Drive • Bass, Middle & Treble • Bright Switch • Class A • 3 x 12AX7 pre-amp valves • 4 x EL84 output valves • Global Tone control • Reverb • FX Loop - switchable levels • FS2 footswitch socket • Extension cabinet socket • 2 x 10” Jensen C10Q16 drivers

footswitchable channels, with three band EQ on the drive channel and a bright switch. If you are looking for pure, expressive, classic tone, you need to look no further than the VC30. The VC30-212 is the classic retro option and features a pair of 12” Custom designed 35 watt drivers. The VC30 generates very little cross over distortion because it runs in pure class A mode - its valves

VC30-112 (Combo) • Same specification as VC30-210 but with 1 x 12” Celestion Seventy 80 driver

are always hot and ready for you, which gives it that unmistakable class A sound and feel, a players tone with many sweet spots. The VC series are very dynamic and can be easily controlled by the pressure of your pick on the strings and many tones can be found between one and ten on your guitar’s volume knob. From a chiming bright clean sound to the vintage caress of the creamy overdrive, whether it is single coils or hum buckers, the VC30 Delivers. Available in the 2x12 format, or a 1x12 format, the VC30

VC30-212 (Combo)

also has a 2x10 speaker option. The VC30-210 comes with selected custom 10inch drivers.

• 30 watts RMS • Hi & Lo jack inputs • Clean & Drive • Bass, Middle & Treble • Bright Switch • 3 x 12AX7 pre-amp valves • 4 x EL84 output valves • Class A • Globe Tone control • Reverb • FX loop - switchable levels • FS2 footswitch socket • Extension cabinet socket • 2 x 12” Celestion Seventy 80 drivers

The VC15-110 is the baby of the VC range. Built on the distinguished heritage of the VC30, the VC15 delivers a massively expressive tone for a ‘small’ amp. 15 watts of amazingly warm or classic bluesy lead tone powered by matched EL84’s and cranked out through its internal 10” speaker. At only 15 watts, the VC15 can be pushed harder at lower volumes. The power tubes can be worked harder to create tonal nirvana of pre amp and power amp working in tandem to create a highly expressive all valve tone, expressing what we call ‘The Dark Art’ if you will. Over the years the benefits of power amp distortion have been overlooked by people looking for more pre amp crunch, ending up with fizzy saturation and a lack of body in guitar tone. The VC15 brings back the classic sounds of non master volume heads when everything needed to be on ten to an amplifier that can be played in the studio or small venues. Hooking the VC15 up to a 4x12 speaker needs to be heard to be believed! To complement the VC30 range of amplifier there are a range of dedicated extension cabinets in a couple of differing speaker options to give the player the opportunity to mix and match speaker complement to get their ultimate classic tones.

GS210VE (Combo) • 70 watts RMS handling • Jack input • 2 x 10” Jensen C10Q16 drivers • 8 Ohm impedance • Closed back design

The GS112VE is a 1 x 12” extension cabinet and the GS210VE is a 2 x 10” extension cabinet. Mix these with any of the VC range to get the ultimate in Vintage Classic tone.

GS112VE (Combo) • 75 watts RMS handling • Jack input • 1 x 12” Celestion Seventy 80 driver • 8 Ohm impedance • Closed back design

VC15-110 (Combo) • 15 watts RMS • Hi & Lo jack inputs • Clean & Drive • Bass, Middle & Treble • Bright Switch • Class A/B • 3 x 12AX7 pre-amp valves • 2 x EL84 output valves • Global Tone control • Reverb • FX loop - switchable levels • FS2 footswitch socket • Extension cabinet socket • 1 x 10” Jensen driver




It has been an amazing year for Mattias ‘IA’ Eklundh, and Laney Amplification have been with him every step of the way. Mattias has been using Laney since 1996 and has performed at hundreds of clinics and trade shows along the way. We caught up with Mattias, a true ambassador for Laney, recently to discuss his ‘Freaky’ year and his plans for 2012.

This year you’ve performed at a number of Laney Clinics in all over the world. How were the shows and what were the highlights for you?

You hold the annual Freak Guitar Camp each year. Can you tell us more about this and how players can get involved in this event?

IA: Gee, there have been many, many highlights during an insanely hectic year! Nearly thirty countries visited both with Freak Kitchen and solo. I must say I loved Kathmandu, Nepal and the people there. They were very relaxed and dedicated at the same time. I started 2011 with a groovy gig in Dubai together with eleven friends from all over the world. Then went to Tunisia, North Africa where I was the first guy on stage since the revolution. The kids were nuts and lovely. I adored playing in Australia, Indonesia, Brazil, the US and tons of other countries as well. A little while ago I went to Holland to perform with fellow stunning colleagues Kiko Loureiro, Guthrie Govan, Stu Hamm, Michael Lee Firkins and more on something called Jason Becker’s Not Dead Yet festival to support Jason’s battle with ALS. A weekend to remember. One is simply super-duper grateful things are going so well for a cheesy Viking on a troubled planet.

IA: I have been doing this Laney endorsed event for the last twelve summers, believe it or not. The Freak Guitar Camp is my very favorite time of the year. I need to get my butt together to say the least. It is impossible to fake anything with plus thirty guitarists from all over the world eager to learn, squeezed into a tiny room in the midst of the Swedish woods. Each year I write new material, tons of backing tracks to put stuff into context. We serve great veggie food and play our brains out for six days. I also fly in friends and guest players. Over the years we’ve had Kiko Lourerio, Bumblefoot, Guthrie Govan, Christophe Godin, Panzerballet’s Jan Zehrfeldt, Andreas Öberg, Mr. Fastfinger, Kee Marcello, Mats/Morgan, Fredrik Åkesson from Opeth, Jonas Hellborg, Selvaganesh Vinayakram and plenty more guest teaching. Check out: http://www.freakguitar. com/fgc2012.html for more information.

Freak Kitchen also played a lot of shows this year including festival appearances such as Hellfest. How was the tour and which shows were your favourites? IA: I think our US tour was the coolest thing we did with lovely gigs in New York, Baltimore, New Jersey and many more. To be in Freak Kitchen is a real treat. We’re three guys having a ball together on stage, doing what we want without worrying too much about whether it is politically correct, appropriate or not. If you have your guard way down, you can’t fail. A trio is also, to me, the ultimate format that gives you a tremendous amount of freedom. The money is also way better…

You use a variety of Laney amps live and in the studio. What are your favourite models and what is it about Laney amplifiers that you like so much? IA: I’ve been using Laney amps exclusively since 1996. My favorites are the new Ironheart, the GH100/50L and the old beast the VH100R. I also love the Lionheart and the VC series. I have the same amps live as in the studio. Same settings. The tone from the amps is so kick ass and it gives you so much back. I don’t understand all the re-amping and plugs used today as I think the amp is almost an instrument itself. You play the amp. A hard working tube amp is such a wonderful thing and Laney is the best.

You demo’d the Ironheart series of amplifiers at the Frankfurt Musikmesse this year to great effect and have since took delivery of some Ironheart amplifiers. What do you think of this new range of amplifiers? IA: It is the one amp we’ve been waiting for! I love it! It’s a monster! (It also looks very cool). Can’t wait to bring it on the road with Freak Kitchen soon! Thank you for making it. After a busy 2011, what are your plans for the rest of the year and 2012? IA: My plans for whatever is left of 2011 is to celebrate Christmas with the family, decorate the Christmas tree in front of the fireplace to the sound of Dean Martin, a delicious Cognac to accompany me perhaps and simply chill after a busy (an understatement). 2012 will be truly interesting with loads and loads of new freaky music. First I will release my third solo effort Freak Guitar – The Smorgasbord on Steve Vai’s Favored Nations label, hopefully before summer. Then my buddy Jonas Hellborg on bass plus amazing Indian drummer Ranjit Barot have an album in the works. Freak Kitchen are celebrating 20 years together (!) so a new album is planned to be released late 2012 as well. Recordings will begin in January after I wrap up the Smorgasbord production.





Photography: Don Jackson-Wyatt


You’ve had a busy few months. What are the highlights for you? Recording and touring. There are loads of great moments on tour. What highlights the most is when you’re playing the best you can. You sound good and as a band you sound good. Like a well oiled and reliable machine. That’s when you’re relaxed and it feels like the stars are all in line for the music. Then you can just lose yourself and there is no feeling like that. How long have your been playing guitar and what were your early influences. I’ve been playing for around twenty years. I scratch DJ’d and was more into electronic music until I heard Nirvana. They changed everything. I just had to learn to play like Kurt Cobain. I know some guitar players would disagree where it comes to technical playing, but for me, I’d never heard style like it and fell in love with guitar from then on. Also my Dad played Neil Young songs to me everyday from day one. What was the first song that you learned to play? About a Girl , Nirvana or Down by the River , Neil Young.

What do you look for when crafting a guitar sound for the stage? A: a sheet of steal that will cut my head off. B: a meal that will keep me nourished for a year C: the bottom end of a Dub Sound System, D: energy You use Laney VH100R’s live on stage. What do you like about them? I love the Laney VH100R’s . Although I don’t use the clean channel at the shows of the past year im still aware of how it rings so sweet . Way better than most head and cab rock combinations i’ve tried. I play Rockabilly guitar from time to time with a few bands and am looking forward to turn up with a Laney for one the shows. I know it will sound ace. Mainly i use the OD channels and both are fantastic. OD1 I have set fairly low on the gain and high on the volume. It’s sweet with out popping it’s head out too much then OD2 I have set as heavy and as nasty as possible. It cuts through any mix and I lift off in choruses and in dominant parts of a set.

Do your settings change from gig to gig? Occasionally I get asked to turn down or pull out the bass. This is more dependent on stage sizes and more to the point, what’s underneath them. Hollow stages are a nightmare for any musician and monitor engineer. What are your plans for the year ahead? I’m excited about next year. I’ve just moved into a new studio in my home town. It’s a fantastic environment and I want to spend as much time as I can mastering the art of producer/composer and sound designer. I’m about to start production with some friends called T-99 from Holland. They swing and play the coolest rhythm and roots music I’ve heard. Also there are plans to tour with both Gary Numan and Pop Will Eat Itself I’m very grateful to be involved with both of the before mentioned and will hopefully contribute to new projects next year.

12 | MY RUIN

MY RUIN | 13

Southern Revelation Tour 2012 Los Angeles based underground metal veterans My Ruin featuring lead screamer Tairrie B and guitarist / husband Mick Murphy announce their “Southern Revelation Tour” to celebrate the release of My Ruin’s new seventh album “A Southern Revelation” which the band are making available as a *Free Download* and gift to fans starting December 7, 2011 exclusively via The tour is being presented by Monsta Ents / STC Touring in association with Laney Amps, Devolution Magazine, Seventh Circle Artworks, Redeemer and Circle Pit. Special guests for the tour are British metal heavyweights Godsized along with Colchester thrashers and long time friends Sanctorum and Nottingham rockers Long Day Fear! Commented Tairrie B: “We’re looking forward to returning to the UK and kicking things off in a big way with our first show in Glasgow, Scotland on January 18th for my birthday! In the past we have always played London on this occasion but since we were forced to cancel our last show at Classic Grand on our previous tour due to my being severely ill at the time, we wanted to do something special for our friends and fans who have been waiting to see us to make up for it. Previously purchased tickets from March 2011 will remain valid for the new show and we will be having an after party / meet & greet following our set on this and a few other select dates during the tour.

We’re playing many of our favorite cities in the UK this time around which except for two familiar haunts, will be our first time playing most of these new venues including one night near Paris in Vaureal, France which I’m sure will be a evening to remember and ending the tour back in England at a deconsecrated church! We are also excited to announce we have a new drummer by the name of Isaac Lee. Isaac has replaced Matt LeChevalier who toured our “Ghosts and Good Stories” album with us and remains a good friend. Unfortunately Matt being based in France became a bit difficult for us logistically and did not allow for My Ruin to work as much as we would like as a band. With the new album, we felt it was time to look for a more permanent drummer. Although not originally from Los Angeles, Isaac currently lives in LA and we felt an immediate connection with him when he reached out to us after hearing from a mutual acquaintance that we were quietly looking for someone new to fill the drum seat. It’s been great getting to know Isaac and watch the songs from our new album come to life with the band which is on fire at the moment in the rehearsal studio. We just filmed our first video together for the song “Tennessee Elegy” and have recently confirmed several warm up shows which we will soon be announcing in and around LA for November & December.” Specially priced advance tickets available here: Also, there is some more exciting news from the My Ruin camp.

“Our secret is finally out and we are excited and proud to announce that we have a new album coming in December! Produced by Mick Murphy & Joel Stooksbury, “A Southern Revelation” is the seventh full length studio album by My Ruin. It was recorded at Soundtrack Black Studio deep in the snowy mountains just outside of Knoxville, Tennessee in the cold January winter of 2011’’ “As a thank you and gift to our longtime friends, fans and My Ruin family worldwide, for your continued support and rock love for us, “A Southern Revelation” will be made available as a 100% FREE DOWNLOAD digital only release on December 7th and just in time for Christmas exclusively via in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire. The new album includes 10 tracks: Tennessee Elegy, Highly Explosive, Walk of Shame, Deconsecrated, Middle Finger, Vultures, Seventh Sacrament, Reckoning, The Soulless Beast, and a cover of the Van Halen classic Mean Street’’ Mick Murphy achieves his huge tone from a VH100R Head and two GS412IS Cabinets. Check out the brand new video for ‘Tennessee Elegy’ from their new album to see Mick and his rig in action.


NEWS FOZZY AT DAWSONS READING Dawsons Music in Reading recently took on supplying Laney products. As you can see from their excellent display, they are stocking the full range of Ironhearts and Lionhearts along with the rest of the Laney range, including bass. Laney endorsees Fozzy also visited the store while playing in the Reading in November.

ENTERPRISE STUDIOS Laney recently worked with Enterprise Studios in Denmark Street, London by kitting our their rehearsal areas with a range of amplifiers from the LV Series. Enterprise is a fully equipped rehearsal facility at the top of Charing Cross Road, offering PA and back-line equipment in 11 sound proof rehearsal rooms. There are secure lock-up cages, they are open 7 days a week and the studio is well connected by public transport. Enterprise is also the home of Earache Records. We spoke to Studio Manager John Richardson about the LV sees.

For more information, please head over to

ANDRY & IRONHEART AT INSTITUTE MUSIC OF INDONESIA Laney endorsee Andry together with Laney’s Indonesian partners BNC recently held a guitar clinic event at IMI (Institute Music of Indonesia) where Andry demonstrated and discussed Ironheart’s features to IMI students. Laney would like to this opportunity to thank Andry and Hendry at BNC for organising another successful event.

‘’The main feedback we have had from bands about the LV300 heads is that they are much easier to use than the modelling amps that we have had before. Modelling features on amps sometimes make it difficult for bands to find a simple clean or overdrive sound. As most bands bring any additional effects with them, the LV300 does a much better job. I have personally tested the Laney stacks against the other amps in the studio and in my opinion they sound much more impressive. They seem to have a lot more bite to them and they look the part too’’ For more information and booking contact:



NEWS HARJ - SEVEN DEADLY You’ve launched the new band ‘Seven Deadly’ in recent months. Tell us more! Myself (guitar) Bobby Town (bass) and Rob Hicks (drums) all had a real blast in Panic Cell but due to other commitments that Luke Bell (singer) is involved in, Panic Cell had to end. It couldn’t be Panic Cell without Luke and we didn’t want to cheat the fans. We wanted to keep playing and doing what we love so we hooked up with Dave Irving, an acquaintance I’d met whilst playing guitar and fooling around with songs at parties and we auditioned many singers and settled on the awesome Archie Wilson. Seven Deadly is a fresh new direction for us, it’s very metal with lots of influences going into the melting pot. We’re very excited about the future!




Laney Endorsees Rich ‘The Duke’ Ward and Simon Farmery have released the first video from their new band ‘Walking With Kings’. Walking With Kings will release their full length debut album in December 2011. The album is a collective songwriting effort between Rich Ward (from Fozzy, Stuck Mojo and Adrenaline Mob) and Terry Chism (lead vocalist/keyboardist WWK). The album is a rock album consisting of 11 tracks that deliver a positive message in our troubled world. The song, “Leap of Faith”, is about those that have enough faith and courage to make life-changing and lifealtering decisions. Many of us are willing to take such a risk, yet, far too many will continue to walk along the edge and stand in judgment of those that took “the leap” and didn’t make it. You can check out the video here:

You recently cut the first single through pledge music. How can people get involved? The debut single ‘From this Darkness’ is a great introduction to the band, so we decided with Pledge Music to give it away as a free download (see <> for details) Pledge Music is a great way for fans and bands to connect. It enables fans to get involved with a bands development and get access to exclusive music/merchandise and experiences BEFORE anyone else. Imagine the chance to part be part of the recording process; to be in the bands videos etc. To get involved people need to click on the following link -

You were involved in initial testing of the Ironheart in it’s development stages. You also used the Ironheart 120 Head for the recording of the single. How did this new amp perform in the studio? I’m amazed at just how good this amp performed and how many boxes it ticked! The guy that owns the studio we’ve recorded the single in had Mesa’s / Marshalls / 5150’s and JSX Heads.... When I brought in the Ironheart he was like “I’d never seen that one before”. I explained it was brand new and the 1st to be used in a recording process. When I plugged it in he was like “never heard that before, how much is it” - When I told him the price he was amazed! ‘From This Darkness’ recording has many guitar sounds on the track - crystal clean, chuggy sections, choppy sections and searing leads.... We got it all out of the Ironheart by tweaking the E.Q. and gain!

Join Glenn on his first UK solo acoustic tour featuring incredible acoustic interpretations of songs from his remarkable musical career. This is bound to enthral not only hardcore fans but anyone with even a passing interest in the life and times of a modern day rock legend. Glenn will be using a Laney LA65D Acoustic Amplifier for these shows. Glenn’s new book, ‘Glenn Hughes – The Autobiography, From Deep Purple to Black Country Communion’ is out now. What are the plans for you and ‘Seven Deadly’ in 2012? We’re soon to start recording our debut E.P and shoot a music video for ‘From This Darkness’; both of which will come out in early 2012. We’ll be hitting the road as soon as possible next year, playing some great festivals and releasing our debut album in the late summer. That’s just for starters, the main course and dessert are yet to come.

External Links

KIKO LOUREIRO AT ROCK IN RIO Kiko Loureiro and Angra recently playes to a massive crowd at the Rock In Rio festival in Brazil. You can see pictures from the show and the massive Laney Rig that Kiko used by clicking on the thumbnail. Templeton Pek’s new video for “Break The Habit” is now showing on Kerrang! TV. Check it out it out via below link. The band are also playing a Christmas show at 02 Academy Birmingham on the 16th of December with tickets available here:






Neon Trees (Including Laney Lionheart Endorsee Chris Allen) recently embarked on a tour of the US with Duran Duran. The tour included a date at the legendary Madison Square Garden. You can see shots from that show below. Chris uses two Lionheart L20H Heads and two Lionheart LT212 Cabinets on stage, these work perfectly with his retro/modern setup and sound. We predict even bigger things for Neon Trees in 2012!

Laney users Jayce Lewis and Gary Numan played a sold out tour in the UK in September Both artists use Laney back line and you can see live shots from Jayce’s set below They start the next leg of the tour in December. Jayce also plays his first show in Ukraine in December. Photography by Laura Desantis-Olsson

External Links:

JACK THAMMARAT’S WORKSHOP IN MALAYSIA Malaysian Laney fans had the privilege of meeting their idol Jack Thammarat in person in November 2011, when he conducted several workshops and performances in Malaysia. Jack’s first stop was in Kuala Lumpur where he conducted workshops at Yamaha Music (Malaysia) Head office for their dealers and staff. He then moved on to 2 other Yamaha dealer stores (LS Music and Mama Treble Clef ) for workshops and performances. Jack performance left the audience mesmerised asking for more. Jack also had a jam session with his fans at both stores. During his stint in KL, Jack conducted workshop on the Laney Iron Heart series and it generated interest with some of the audience. Fans were queuing up after each event for his autograph and most of them were hanging round hoping to have photos taken with him also. Jack’s next stop was in Johor Bahru, where he performed in a shopping mall for a Yamaha dealer (Masai Music). As expected he never fails to disappoint his audience with his songs “Cry for you” and “On the way”.




‘JUST PLAY IT’ TOUR OF CHINA On 9th October , 2011, Christophe Godin arrived in Shanghai. His first task was playing two demos per day at the Shanghai show . For the demonstration he used an Ironheart IRT60 Head and an Ironheart IRT212 Cabinet. The demonstration attracted a large audience, the performance filled the aisle between the booths. At the beginning of demo, Christophe explained the features of the Ironheart series, such as the 3 channels, boost control and watts control . During the demonstrations Christophe showed how versatile the amplifier is with an amazing display, a fusion of clear clean tone for chicken-picking and a mass of distortion for rhythms and solos. After Shanghai show ,Christophe flew to Shijiazhuang the next day. The dealer is Qinchuan musical Ltd.Co, hosted the performance in a venue called The Flower Vienna theatre . On the first level of the venue is a stage , the second floor is a music teaching area where the classrooms made a perfect place for a demo. There were many local guitarists in attendance, and also kids from the music school. The auditorium of 200 seats were full. The tone of IRT60H+IRT212 was great! Christophe gave an awesome demonstration, as always his interaction with the crowd is fantastic. Christophe answered questions such as why did he choose Laney, and how to improve playing speed. When questioned about his choice of Laney, Christophe stated that he can find any tone on Laney amps for his style, covering the many genres that he performs. The clinic was very successful . There was also a busy autograph session after

the demonstration. The next show was in Tianjin at the Odeum Musical Academy of Tianjin. Nearly 300 people watched the performance, most of them were students of the school. The dealer, Chengguang co. had put more than 10pcs of Laney amplifiers on the stage . When the demo began, the sweet of the clean tone and the killer of the other two channels filled the whole odeum. Some people asked of his experience with Laney. Christophe said that he had used Laney for many years, and that it was easy to get your own tone to express yourself accurately on Laney Amplifiers. There was a successful autograph session after the demonstration. During the dinner, the dealer said that many people asked for details on the IRT60H+IRT212 after the demo, they loved it. It’s a another success in Tianjin ! In Chengdu, the venue was a bar, there were about 100 people, even passers by on the road next to the bar came to see . The dealer, Bandsmen Union arranged a young guitarist named Zhaohu to open the show. Christophe liked his playing. At first, Christophe talked about the features of the brand Ironheart range. This time he was using an IRT412 cabinet, different from the two stations before. The city and the venue changed, the awesome tone of the Laney Ironheart was the same. Between the songs, there was a Q&A section, and the Bandsmen Union prepared some sets of strings for people asking questions. After the performance there was a very busy autograph Session

Chongqing, not far from Chengdu is the next station. The venue is BOYA Modern Music Cente. There are music classrooms in the venue, the audience was about 150 people. The best atmosphere is in Chongqing , the audience were in high spirits and they cheered from the beginning to the end. There was a lot of questions during the performance and the autograph session was again busy. On the 18th, the last venue in Guangzhou is 191Space. The dealer named Xiezou took charge of the demo. There was a big projected image of Christophe and the Laney ‘Just Play It’ logo on the background fabric . The audience of nearly 200 people loved the demonstration and asked lots of questions. During the demo, the same question arose, about choosing Laney. Christophe answered ‘’If I use Laney, I sound like myself, but using other amplifiers I sound like the amplifier, the Laney lets me express myself fully and individually. The day was a great ending for the tour . This tour of China was a huge success due to the excellent Laney products and the perfect demonstration skills of Christophe, and excellent work performed by the dealers in every city. Great thanks to the dealers in every city in China, Great Wall and of course, Christophe Godin for this very successful tour.




ASIA AND ITALIAN CLINIC TOURS Kiko Loureiro recently completed yet another successful Laney tour covering 5 cities throughout Asia at the beginning of November. Of course, apart from showcasing Kiko’s amazing talent, the Ironheart was featured at 4 of the clinics with both Kiko and the Ironheart series gaining rave reviews. We’d like to express our thanks to Kiko for his wonderful support, hard work and for being such a great ambassador for the Laney brand. He is a true professional and an important part of the Laney family. Many thanks also to our dedicated Laney partners Multiply in Taiwan, Tom Lee in HK, Yamaha Singapore and JB Music, Philippines for going to so much effort to make this clinic tour such a success.

Here are some comments from the Italian leg of the tour: ‘’Our incredibly talented brazilian guitar hero started in Belluno, north east of Italy, then he moved to Vicenza, Modena, Rome and Lecce. A lot of fans were there and everybody enjoyed his amazing playing together with the great tone he gets form the new Laney Ironheart head. It was a blast… actually a full blast! Kiko brings his pure shred style mixed with a very sweet Brazilian music influence, the blend is something really unique, a music trip that any music lover would enjoy.

During every clinic Kiko gave away a LX 12 Camo Laney amp, so he made people even happier! Don’t miss the possibility to attend to one clinic with Kiko, he’s a great Laney and good music ambassador!’’ Thanks to Stefano from Mogar for the report and for all of your help on the Italian leg of the clinic tour. External Link


NEXUS ON THE ROAD The last 2 years have seen you play all over the world. What have been the highlights for you? I feel very lucky to have played as many places much as I have, it’s really difficult to think of specific highlights! It was amazing to tour Australia a couple of times, they have some cool venues and it’s a very ‘rock’ country, they have babies in AC/DC t-shirts. Going to Russia this year was an incredible experience, I think both Australia and Russia get overlooked by touring bands and because of this the people there thoroughly appreciate the bands that do visit, in Russia it was funny having people speak to me like they thought I was Dave Grohl or something, well it was until they started drawing all over me anyway. You have been using the Nexus Tube head for the last 2 years. What do you like about it and how do you shape your sound with it? It has loads of valves in it, what’s not to love?! It can go pretty loud. There are so many tone-shaping options I think it’d be difficult for you not to find a sound you liked, with the right speaker setup you have control over EVERYTHING, which is obviously beneficial both live and in the studio. It’s really good at getting an aggressive, cutting sound which modern players of heavy music will appreciate. I think this is where it excels. If you know what you want to achieve you should be able to get it with this head. I have two main sounds and I use pretty much all of the functions available to get them. One is a clean sound for fingerstyle/more subtle plectrum playing and the other is a dirtier one for loud/heavy plectrumplaying, there are some pedals that I use as well so I have to set the EQ right so it balances well with the two main sounds, and then hopefully it will fit with any other pedals I might use. In the next year I want to use the

Nexus in a really over the top two amp setup which I think could be deafeningly interesting. Do you use the tube gain or the fet gain? I use both, it seems like a sensible thing to do! Do you use the onboard compressor or the Sub Switch? I used to use the compressor a lot but decided I was using it on too high a setting and then went to not using it at all for the last year, but recently I’ve reintroduced it, just at a lower setting. I think compression is a good thing when used in moderation, I love dynamics and I don’t want to be unable to control them. The sub switch is usually on but set pretty low, it depends on the venue and the stage. What basses do you use with the Nexus and why? Mainly I use a Fender Reggie Hamilton signature, it has a P-bass pickup and a J-bass pickup, generally I find that to be a great combo but I do like 2 J-bass pickups as well. The Nexus works well with this bass to get a clanky midrange growl that sounds good on it’s own and compliments the guitar tone. It sounds good for more subtle fingerstyle playing too. I use an Ibanez ATK 1200, that’s a pretty PHAT sounding bass with solid low mids, it has higher output than my Fenders so when I use it I have to use different settings or it gets a bit ridiculous. Is the head heavy enough for you? Due to having gigantic muscles I don’t struggle with it at all. I’ve definitely never convinced anyone else to get one of the handles. Actually before I got my Nexus I was using an old Trace Elliot head in a nasty flight case,

I think it’s lighter and easier to carry than that was, and recently I attempted to pick up a friend’s flight-cased Ampeg head and that was way heavier, I think Nexus users probably have it slightly easier!


NEWS ALEX HUTCHINGS & JACK THAMMARAT BANGKOK MUSIC FAIR We recently attended the Bangkok Fair organised by our Thai partners Siam Yamaha. It was one of the most professional events we have attended in many years, so our congratulations and thanks must go to our distributors Siam for their hard work and efforts to make this such a successful event for all of us. Not only was the event held on the ground floor of a Shopping Mall on a busy weekend (with all the shops still open for business), it was loud!! No expense was spared on production, sound, visuals and PR as you will notice in some of the Photos. Full concert production was supported by numerous TV, Video and Camera operators catching every moment. Apart from the 3 day event featuring numerous famous Thai artists/bands such as Ebola, plus our own Jack Thammarat and Alex Hutchings of course, it was also supported by a full active display of Guitar, Bass, Amps and drum product, so both dealers and public could touch and feel. Credit must go to Siam for the great job they did on this.

fore for an unrehearsed jam and although Josh is not a Laney endorsee, he loved the tones he got from the Lionheart he used.

Jack Thammarat

Alex Hutchings certainly made a name for himself in Thailand with his amazing performances and is now very highly regarded amongst Thai Guitarists. Several interviews were also done with Alex and much of focus was on the new Ironheart which was incredibly popular, also achieving great sales from the event. Thanks again to Jack and Alex for their great support and again especially to Siam Yamaha for organising (and pulling off) such a great event.

The highlights of the event for us were of course the Laney performances by both Jack Thammarat and Alex Hutchings who both wowed the crowd with their brilliance (and great amp tones of course). It only got better when they jammed together for half an hour showing off their very different skills and styles, which of course sent the crowd crazy. Even Josh Gooch (USA Yamaha endorsee) got up with both Jack and Alex the day be-

Alex Hutchings

THAI FLOODING APPEAL The devastating floods in Thailand have caused countless numbers of people to lose their homes and their livelihoods. Many of our dear friends at Siam Yamaha have been affected personally by this natural disaster and we are thinking of them all. To help raise awareness and donations, Jack Thammarat has just recorded his latest (and I believe best) VDO clip to date, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Cry for You - Andy Timmons/ Cover for Thailand Flood Victimsâ&#x20AC;?. Check out the video below.



NEWS BLACK SABBATH REUNION It was announced on 11/11/11 that the original lineup of the legendary Birmingham heavy metal pioneers Black Sabbath were reuniting for their first new album in 33 years and a 2012 world tour. Guitarist Tony Iommi, Singer Ozzy Osbourne, bassist Geezer Butler and drummer Bill Ward revealed during a press conference at the legendary Sunset Strip club Whisky a Go Go that they were working on new material for the album which will be made available via Vertigo/Universal Republic in the U.S. and Vertigo in all other territories. The as yet untitled album will be produced by multiple Grammy award winning Rick Rubin, who has previously worked with Metallica, Slipknot, Slayer and System of a Down, among many others. The band hopes to begin recording the CD in January for an Autumn 2012 worldwide release. A world tour will follow, including a huge headlining appearance at the U.K.’s Download festival at Donnington Park on June 10, 2012. Legendary Laney Endorsee Tony Iommi spoke on the reunion:

“It’s now or never. We are getting along great. Everything’s really good,” Iommi said. “It’s like putting on an old glove. It’s fantastic,” he added.

The four members credited Rubin’s persistence for helping get them back in the studio. “He phoned us every five minutes,” Iommi joked.

“It was the obvious choice,” explained Osbourne of Rubin as producer. “I’ve known Rick for many years.”

The Ozzy Osbourne fronted lineup of Black Sabbath hasn’t toured since 2005 and last appeared together when they were inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 2006. Be sure to catch the legendary band on tour. Wherever Black Sabbath go, they will always be backed up by a mountain of Laney Amplifiers. In the meantime, check out Tony Iommi’s autobiography below.

“It was time,” said Osbourne of the reunion. “The timing was right.” Osbourne went on to reveal that they’ve written “seven or eight” new songs for the album, which they plan to release at the end of next year. Butler added that the new songs are “back to the

old Sabbath style and sound. The stuff that Tony’s been playing is absolutely brilliant.” Rubin, who was also present at the event, said: “We’ve

been working on developing material and we’re halfway into the writing process. It’s inspiring hearing what’s coming out.” Video footage of the press conference (From Revolver Magazine), which was hosted by former Black Flag frontman Henry Rollins, can be seen below.

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NEWS ANDY SHORTLAND - IRONHEART ON THE ROAD WITH THE SUBTERRANEANS We recently caught up with Area Sales Manager Andy Shortland to get his thoughts on his recent experience of using the Ironheart on a number of recent shows. He also talked about his playing experience through the new Lionheart L50H... CT: As one of the initial testers of the new Ironheart, and the first guy to take one out on the road and test it on the gigging circuit night after night, what are your thoughts on the amp? AS: Firstly, it’s an amp that is very easy to get a sound out of straight away, immediately. You just plug it in and off you go. The only thing that you really need to adjust is the wattage control to set the level that you need for the gig. The rhythm channel almost sets itself, a great channel which handles everything from classic rock to metal CT: Do you use the rhythm channel for rhythm and the lead for lead? AS: I predominantly use the rhythm channel with the boost mostly off, I click it in for enhancing certain sections or lead breaks. I use the lead channel for solos, I like having a different lead sound to my rhythm sound, a different volume boost and more midrange. With the Ironheart I have this and also an extra boost if I need it.

reverb works extremely well with the clean channel, especially on arpeggios and chords. The 6L6 tubes are smoother on the attack and give you a great texas blues tone with the boost kicked in. CT: So the amp has the versatility that you were looking for AS: Absolutely, the tonal options and wattage control make it perfect for me. I can get a perfect on stage tone at whatever volume due to the wattage control. It is now easier for me to dial in tone with the sound guys as I can get the perfect tone for me while keeping within their guidelines for on stage volume and PA requirements. The foot switch works perfectly for me and is set out very logically, giving me the flexibility to cover a number of styles and shows. With the boost channel used properly you have 6 different sounds to use straight away, I don’t see other amps in the market with this level of tone and versatility at this price. Also, with the push pull options on the EQ section, there are even more options available. For example you can set your lead sound to be a lot more extreme if you utilise the EQ, it’s almost like having two amps on stage, which is a level of versatility that a keen player of semi pro wants to have, but they don’t necessarily have the space on stage to do this. The Ironheart makes this level of flexibility and fantastic tone achievable. CT: You’ve also spent some time with the new Lionheart L50H. What are your impressions?

CT: Some players that I have seen use the lead channel as a more aggressive rhythm sound, you seem to be using the rig to it’s upmost flexibility AS: I quickly got into the mode of using the rhythm channel for Rhythm and the lead for lead. The Rhythm channel has bags of gain anyway, and the gain is very useable and musical. The reverb is also very good. i have tended to not use reverb units in the past due to their ‘washy’ tone. The one built into the Ironheart is very impressive and subtle, it adds just the correct amount of ambiance. I normally leave it on 3 for most of the set. CT: How are you finding the clean channel AS: Honestly, the clean channel is probably the best clean channel that I have used on a tube amp. I think this is because it is so simple. It cleans up, you can add the boost to it to find a nice crunchy blues tone which sits perfectly with a Telecaster. I find that the

AS: The Lionheart 50 watt head surprised me. I was initially surprised by the amount of gain that was on offer. I tried it with a Les Paul and a telecaster and a Strat. The amp bristled with harmonics, like a classic head from the 70’s would. For me it gave a great classic rock sound, the sounds you get when you think of AC/DC and Free. The amp responds to your playing, you can make it break up just by picking a little harder, I tent to use thick plectrums and pick quite hard, I was able to get tones that were clean through to hard rock tones just by picking harder. The amp has bags of potential to be a great rock amp, and not be pigeon holed as a blues amp or a purists amp. I was blown away by it. It’s a player’s amp, you have your favourite guitar and you just plug it in wind it up. It can actually go from class rock to metal. CT: Exactly, there is a lot of scope for tone on this amp, people who play heavier music could get a better recorded tone from using this amp as it works in the

way that a great amp should. It doesn’t rely on over saturation of the preamp to generate tone, the way it works is unique, and works in an honest way with your guitar, giving you the best pure tone. AS: Yes, in recording you end up dialling out gain, especially when layering. This gives a pure sound that you can manipulate with the EQ and the controls on your guitar. The bite switch is very responsive, the EQ is very tasteful. The amp seems to respond to whatever you plug into it, you plug a Les Paul in, you sound like Free, you plug a Strat in, you get that elusive texas blues bite. All of the classic sounds are on tap, from EVH to Slash, all of these guys used less gain than people think, the L50H is in this territory when pushed. It is also the loudest 50 watt head that I have played through, the single ended class A design makes the amp work very hard and very well, you will always cut through the mix with this amp. CT: What volume levels did you settle on AS: I found a sweet spot at 4-5, perfect for tone and great for the on stage mix, whatever guitar that I plugged in. The cab that goes with the head is fantastic too. CT: I find that the L50H makes you play better, you get out what you put in AS: Absolutely, there is nowhere to hide, it makes you work and the results are there, it’s like using heavier strings and higher action, they all make it harder, but the results are better tone. If you are the kind of player where every single one note counts, this is the amp for you, it is pure, there are no processors or effects, just pure unadulterated tone. It is a joy to play through. Thanks to Andy Shortland for this interview. Check out a selection of photos from THE SUBTERRANEANS’ performance at the Jamhouse in Birmingham Jewellery Quarter. External Links


LIVE IN BIRMINGHAM ON HALLOWEEN It has been a massive year for Skindred. From the release of ‘Union Black’ to non stop touring including huge performances at festivals such as Download and Polish Woodstock, 2011 has seen the band and their unique style take the world by storm. In October, on Halloween night to be precise, the band headlined the annual Jagermeister ‘Ice Cold’ event at the O2 Academy in Birmingham. I spent some time backstage with Daniel Pugsley as he warmed up for the show on his Laney RB2. He told me that the band had allowed extra time in order to get ready before they hit the stage. When I asked why he told me that it was a surprise… All was soon revealed as the band hit the stage dressed in full Halloween fancy dress! It was a stunning performance and a fantastic night. Daniel’s Nexus Tube rig stood out on the manic stage with their ominous blue glow, and the bass projected by them was amazing. Don Jackson Wyatt and Greame Williams from www. were on hand with me to shoot and review the show. I hope you enjoy them and get a taster of this special night! Chris Taylor Editor

Skindred - Live in Birmingham, Halloween 2011 Review By Graeme Williams, photos by Don ‘Circlepit’ Jackson-Wyatt, Courtesy of It’s Hallowe’en night here in the West Midlands and the lovely people from Jagermeister have organised a gig that could make everyone’s Hallowe’en the best ever. It’s up to the headliners SKINDRED to carry on the momentum set by the previous bands, in recent years they have built up their fanbase by putting on sterling performances night after night, it’s safe to say that their reputation has been well and truly justified. As soon as their intro track The Imperial March blasts through the speakers, the crowd are already going mental even before the band come onstage, when they finally do, they have dressed up for the occasion with frontman Benji Webbe appearing as Darth Vader, they waste no time as they pummel into first song ‘Stand For Something’, the band sound fantastic all the way through the set, sounding tighter than ever. In between songs, Webbe works his magic onto the near-capacity audience, anything he says or does the fans respond uproariously, warming them up before each song, even teasing the fans by playing the intro to ‘Pressure’ several times so that they could get so built up they could possibly send the room into

overdrive, when the song finally kicks in, the fans do just that sending the room into chaos, including many mosh-pits and multiple fans stage diving. Towards the end, arguably Skindred’s two most popular songs ‘Nobody’ and ‘Warning’ is where both the band and the fans are at their most berserk, with the latter song involving the crowd to swing their garments in the air,(affectionately known as the Newport Helicopter) even whilst continuing to mosh! On the whole it was a terrific set, probably the best that I have ever witnessed, their reputation as one of the best live bands in the UK has been well and truly cemented. This show has certainly been a night to remember for many fans here, the band joined in the Hallowe’en fun and best of all, left everyone with huge smiles on their faces. Definitely the best Hallowe’en Party ever!

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