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Think. Feel. Teens “I am in very good health. I’ve never felt better” Betty Carson.

Aries—Mar 21 - Apr 20 There are good financial aspects today, but you lack confidence in your ideas. You need to project an aura of self-assured calm, because there are opportunities that you can take advantage of.

Taurus—Apr 21 - May 21 You could be mixing art, play and romance with spirituality today. You may find an illustrated guide to the Kama Sutra, or spend part of the day redecorating a love nest with help from a Feng Shui manual.

Gemini—May 22 - Jun 22 If you are still single, you may be heading for a sudden encounter with someone new, but it may not be the accidental encounter it seems to be.

Cancer—Jun 23 - Jul 23 What looks like a frustrating encounter with an employer or work-related authority figure could turn into a blessing in disguise. You won't feel like pushing yourself today and could get taken to task for it.

Leo—Jul 24 - Aug 23 Your energy shoots way up and you have the ability to make terrific strides today. You could be looking into classes and a lifechanging trip could be on the horizon.

Virgo—Aug 24 - Sep 23 Expect good news soon. You may be headed for a raise or promotion, and there could be news of stock options or holiday


Libra—Sep 24 - Oct 23 You and your significant other will find a wild new way of communicating with each other.

Scorpio—Oct 24 - Nov 22 The stress you have been feeling recently melts and dissolves and magically heals itself today.

Sagittarius—Nov 23 - Dec 21 You might decide to take extra time at lunch, or take off early because some recreation or hobby beckons.

Capricorn—Dec 22 - Jan 20 If you are investing in home improvements or a home-based business, be careful that you pay attention to careful study and research.

Aquarius—Jan 21 - Feb 19 Today you will be like a verbal machine-gun. There are likely to be lots of phone calls and emails. Your energy is incredibly high and you will want to have lots of people around you.

Pisces—Feb 20 - Mar 21 Something hits you in the pocketbook this morning, and the problem could take a big bite out of your budget if you react emotionally.

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Exercise To keep our muscles in our body healthy and fit we need to exercise, which doesn't always have to be a chore! By going to a gym class such as Zumba or circuit training it can make exercise seem... FUN AND EFFORTLESS! Our bodies need at least an hours worth of exercise in an day!

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