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Clients should expect those pampering services to be both safe and good for the environment. Products from Goldwell, Dermalogica and CND, among others, are ammonia-free, certified vegan and paraben-free and, as recognized by Leaping Bunny and PETA, cruelty-free. Rende’s faith in HBAR is revealed in the timing of the launch: It simply couldn’t wait. “Opening a business is scary, let alone signing a lease just one week before the world shuts down. That’s just gut wrenching,” he says. “But, honestly, if it was going to be done, I can’t imagine doing it anywhere else. Being born and raised in Stamford, I am so happy to be here. The community of Harbor Point is so welcoming and encouraging along with the friends and family support I have built over the last thirty years—it all brings me to tears. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the community I have surrounded



ho doesn’t have a weakness for rebels, especially good-looking ones? So when HBAR Salon & Spa (—providers of premier services for hair, makeup, and nails; spa services, such as massage and reflexology; and curated products—opened its doors, people cheered. HBAR hosted the socially distanced gathering and ribbon cutting at 140 Washington Boulevard, Harbor Point—and everyone was masked up and camera ready. “After decades of working in high-end salons, I decided to open HBAR Salon & Spa in order to bring to my clients the level of luxury that they know they

deserve,” said Antonio Rende, founder and owner. The new business hopes to attract clients from across the tristate area with its an extensive menu of services for women and men. “At other salons, clients have to pay extra for some luxury add-ons,” he says. “At HBAR, however, that hair glaze or conditioning treatment with your hair service or those essential oils in your massage come as part of your package. We still offer additional upgrades at a cost for clients looking to add to their experience, but luxury is the standard here, and we want you to know excellence. You deserve this.”

myself with. This is not to say that it hasn’t been difficult and every payday is super stressful and scary, but we are working it.” HBAR integrates Covid-19 safety measures into its salon and spa practices. For example, it requires face masks, practices social distancing and offers complimentary hand- and phonesanitizing stations. “First-time guests see how diligent we are and how clean the salon is,” he says. “Thankfully, they don’t seem to mind their services taking just a little bit longer to make sure that everything is sanitized. Everything that is touched is sanitized—from the front door down to each individual hair clip. We are staggering appointments to avoid the risk of a ‘traffic jam’ at the front desk, and we also offer checkouts from the chair. We are taking this very seriously and appreciate that all of our guests are doing the same.” How beautiful is that?

Post-winter recovery tips from Antonio Rende, owner of HBAR Salon & Spa

Winter can take a toll on your hair and scalp. This is the time to take control with Oribe’s Serene Scalp, with salicylic acid and moisturizing agents to balance everything out, starting at the root of the problem—it’s like a facial for your scalp and can be added to any hair service. Speaking of facials, the winter weather in conjunction with masks are doing a number on all of us. An HBAR Advanced Exfoliating and Hydrating Facial will get your skin back to that hydrated luster that you’ve been missing. Then the maintenance of Dermalogica’s Daily Superfoliant, in conjunction with Super Rich Repair moisturizer, will exfoliate away all of your dead skin and replenish your missing moisture.


above: Antonio Rende, owner of the new HBAR Salon & Spa in Harbor Point • Details of the salon and spa as well as luxe products • Zhanna Huska, lead aesthetician


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