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landscape design by oliver nursery/matt almy

Your Guide to Better Living Outdoors

Let us introduce you to some of the best landscape designers in

Fairfield County, who will have you enjoying the great outdoors as never before. If there’s an outdoor project you have been dreaming of, this is the season to make it a reality—and in these interviews, with a mix of professional and personal insight, you’ll find your perfect match to help you get there. >>


athome 37

of Connecticut to study landscape architecture and graduated summa cum laude! What was your most memorable project?

My most memorable projects happen when there is a wonderful synergy with all the collaborators. An openminded client, a property with great capability, a daring architect, masterful engineers and resourceful contractors—this usually results in very memorable clients as well!

Nancy King, ASLA, LEED AP Seventy Acres Landscape Architecture & Design

PO Box 696, Redding, CT 203-470-2742

How do you spend your days off?

Most of my free time is in the winter, and I love browsing through design books and magazines when I’m not hiking, snowshoeing or cross-country skiing. There’s nothing quite

like being outside on a chilly, blue-sky day. Where did you go to school?

After becoming a Master Gardener and taking classes at the New York Botanical Garden, I followed my heart to The University

Who is your ideal client?

Our ideal client values the power of design and understands the importance of respecting the environment. The two are not exclusive—we specialize in strong design that works

What was your most memorable project, or who was your most memorable client?

My most memorable project and client coincide! It is a six-acre property in New Canaan. The homeowner refers to me as her “soil sister!” Together we created unbelievable magic!

82 Field Street Norwalk, CT 203-515-0527


What’s beautiful to you?

Designing a fully functioning, dynamic landscape that provides everything a client needs and wants for maximizing the use and value of their property. To me, good design should look and feel like it was always there. What is your favorite view?

The view from my dining room window. I designed my kitchen garden on axis with it. All year long I enjoy looking out of that window!

family with an artistic background and I think that shows in my designs. Who is your ideal client?

What is your dream project?

How would you describe your aesthetic?

How do you spend your days off?

new creative idea!

What sets your business apart?

When I am not running around with the kids, I am visiting nurseries, looking at gardens, or coming up with some

Where did you go to school?

I have been designing for over twenty years in the area and I have a good rapport with clients. I come from a

I went to The New York Botanical Gardens for landscape design.

My personal goal is to help clients create stronger connections with nature while adding value to their properties and the environment.


I would love to do a garden design reality show!

What sets your business apart?

My ideal client would be someone who likes to get involved and appreciates design. After the design is completed, I like to have a continued relationship with them and their property so I can watch it blossom.

What is your favorite iPhone app?

Heather O’Neill Second Nature Landscape Design, Inc.

with nature.

I like to design with color and texture with a “stick in the eye” surprise element somewhere in the design. What is your motto?

Under promise and over deliver!

harmonious relationship between landform and architecture. Where did you go to school?

I have a B.A. in English from Ohio Wesleyan and a Residential Landscape Design certificate from UCONN. What was your first job?

My first job out of college was a far cry from Landscape Design. I was hired by a major New York advertising firm to work on the DeBeers Diamond account. What is your dream project?

Jennifer Anderson Jennifer Anderson Landscape Design

154 Belden Hill Road, Wilton 203-834-9666

How do you spend your days off?

How would you describe your aesthetic?

Whenever I have the opportunity, I find a visit to NYC or a day at the beach to be both inspiring and relaxing!

Clean and well balanced. I’m influenced by traditional approaches that value the

I would welcome the opportunity to design a public space that would provide a centerpiece for activities important to the community. What was your most memorable project?

I’ve had the opportunity

Who is your ideal client?

One who is passionate about his/her vision and receptive to working with an equally engaged consultant. How would you describe your aesthetic?

Photograph by Warren Patterson

Thoughtful, timeless and tailored.

Gregory Lombardi Gregory Lombardi Design

2235 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, MA 617-492-2808

How do you spend your days off?

Reading, movies, long exploration drives, with family and friends Where did you go to school?

I got my BA in Art

History at Hamilton College, and my MLA in Landscape Architecture from Harvard University. What sets your business apart?

Relentless attention to detail.

What’s beautiful to you?

I always appreciate flow and seemingly effortless engagement of the eye. What was your most memorable project?

On a property with remnants of Olmsteddesigned gardens we were asked to create a full-blown Georgian Estate. The architect, interior designer and I considered every detail, from the shape of a leaf to the vista beyond. On every built aspect, we worked

to redesign an eight-acre estate for three different clients. I’ve accomplished each of their objectives without compromising the property’s inherent beauty and natural topography. What is your favorite thing about living in Fairfield County?

The sense of “community” is evident through our family’s friendships and the variety of interesting clients with whom I’ve had the pleasure to work. What is your motto?

“Landscape design is a process and things will reveal themselves as you go.” What is your favorite restaurant in Fairfield County?

The Schoolhouse Grill in Cannondale. Its simple setting and farmto-table menus never disappoint.

together to create an extended palette of repeating motifs and variations that infused the property with a magnificent underlying coherence. The best part was the chance to demonstrate that the result of such deliberate design is not stifling, as many homeowners fear. In fact, the home exuded a playful presence reflective of the client and her family. What is your motto?

Always engage! Who are the designers/ architects you admire?

Jed Johnson, Peter Marino, Beatrix Farrand. What is your favorite view?

I love to look down on the landscape from an airplane.


athome 39

Where did you go to school?

Austin received a degree in Horticulture from the University of Connecticut; Eva has degrees in Landscape Architecture and Historic Preservation & Planning from Cornell University. What is your favorite thing about living in Fairfield County?

The variety of landscapes: One can drive from a beachside property, past farmland and meadows to a rocky woodland in a matter of minutes.

Austin Ganim, Landscape Designer Eva Chiamulera, Landscape Architect Austin Ganim Landscape Design, LLC

320 Kings Highway Cutoff, Fairfield, CT 203-333-2003

How do you spend your days off?

Enjoying quality time with our families and tending our own gardens. What sets your business apart?

We take into

consideration personal aesthetic, lifestyle needs, site characteristics, architectural elements and financial concerns while creating landscapes to please our clients.

What is your dream project?

We enjoy projects with unique scopes of work and interesting site challenges. Unconventional projects can be stimulating and result

1960’s home and landscape within the context of the surrounding 19th century pastoral setting. What is your favorite thing about living in Fairfield County?

The historical landscapes and architecture, including the many colonialperiod cemeteries that reveal so many rich stories about the early European settlers. What is your dream project?

Michael Mushak Tuliptree Site Design, Inc.

50 Elmwood Ave, Norwalk 203-838-4482


Where did you go to school?

I graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelor’s in Landscape Architecture, and am a licensed Landscape Architect in

CT, NY and NJ. What was your most memorable project?

A challenging and rewarding project in Martha’s Vineyard, restoring a modernist

Redesigning the gates to heaven, after I’ve been let through them if I’m that lucky. I see lots of morning glory “heavenly blue,” which will not close up in the afternoon as it does here on terra firma. What’s beautiful to you?

Moments of transcendent joy which

in creative solutions and interpretations. What’s beautiful to you?

Although we don’t always agree on what is beautiful, it’s advantageous to our clients as we easily adapt to different styles and offer uninhibited second opinions. What was your first job?

Austin grew up in his family’s business, Gamin’s Garden Center & Florist, in Fairfield; Eva began as a gardening intern at Cornell Plantations botanical garden. What is your favorite view?

Revisiting one of our well-tended landscapes after it’s had a season or two to fill in and truly express our design intent.

result from magical combinations of form, color, texture and light, which often occur in art, in nature, and hopefully, in my work! How would you describe your aesthetic?

Naturalistic, with a classic simplicity that is appropriate in both modern and traditional contexts. What is your motto?

“If you want the rainbow you have to put up with the rain.” Dolly Parton said it, and what’s not to love about her amazing attitude and talent? What is your favorite view?

Of the Norwalk Islands from Calf Pasture Beach or the back of friends’ boats, especially at sunset. Close to home, but a world away.

memorable flower. It all depends on when you ask. I can say for certain though, that all of my projects are special in their own way, and I never forget a single one. What is your favorite thing about living in Fairfield County?

The four seasons. Each is distinct and lasts just three months. And I enjoy each one equally— yes, even the winter! What are your favorite iPhone apps?

Joanne Parsons, ASLA Site Systems, Inc.

Stamford, CT 203-359-0082

Pandora and Flashlight. How did we live without them? How do you spend your days off?

the company of friends.

I enjoy taking long walks, doing gardening projects around the house, or sharing a glass of wine in the garden in

What was your most memorable project?

Choosing a most memorable project is like choosing a most

What sets your business apart?

What sets your business apart?

I spend most of my time with my beautiful wife, Jennie, and three kids, with an occasional round of golf and a few paddle tennis matches mixed in.

Our Programs. They’re customized to the property and the environment. We continually evaluate and improve them based on our knowledge and expertise, and we pride ourselves on offering environmentally conscious lawn and shrub care solutions to our clients. We meet with each of our customers to understand their needs and the needs of the property. Then we create a program that will have the greatest results for them, with the least negative impact on the environment.

205 Wilson Avenue, Norwalk, CT 203-667-8183

Quickbooks. It’s really well done and useful.

I studied Sociology at the University of Rhode Island. I worked in advertising and film

What’s beautiful to you?

How do you spend your days off?

What is your favorite iPhone app?

production in New York City for ten years, but my love of the outdoors eventually led me to start Connecticut Green in 2002.

Our dream project starts with a dream client: someone that shares our love for nature and art and appreciates the value that both can add to their life experience. Beauty can be found everywhere, but its perception begins from within.

The shoreline. My family and I spend time at many of the beaches in Darien and Norwalk, and each spot brings a unique experience.

Where did you go to school?

What is your dream project?

Our experience and dedication to providing quality service at all stages of the process.

What is your favorite thing about living in Fairfield County?

Dan Hageney Connecticut Green

As far as we know, we are the only full service design/build and maintenance landscape company in the area founded and operated by two licensed landscape architects. Between the two of us, my partner Dale Parsons and I have over sixty years of experience.

What is your favorite plant or flower?

The Purple Plum. I’ve always liked how the purple leaves pop in the landscape.


athome 41

athome Designer Insight: Landscapes  

Your Guide to Better Living Outdoors

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