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Your Resource Guide to the area’s top designers

A great space is often the result of a great collaboration, so finding an interior designer who understands your needs and your style is so important. On the following pages you’ll meet some of the area’s best, and you may even find a kindred design spirit to make your home look and feel fresh, fabulous, and totally you. >>


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How do you spend your days off? Working…really.

Michelle Morgan Harrison Morgan Harrison Home

2 Old Stamford Road, New Canaan, CT 203 594 7875

What sets your business apart? I think coming from the fashion industry gives me a different perspective than most interior designers. I try to demystify the world of design, and my job is to be an editor for my clients. I try to push them forward a bit so that their rooms are fresh and timeless but

still reflect their personal style, taste and budget. Who is your ideal client? I have been very lucky to partner with some pretty amazing clients. It’s hard for clients to envision a finished project, but an ideal client recognizes that that is the reason they hired us. They trust that we can envision the end results, and when they do…the results are amazing. How would you describe your aesthetic? I love pretty rooms, but pretty doesn’t have to mean overly feminine or delicate. If a space requires handsome, traditional design, I bring a bit of lightness. For a client with a modern sensibility, I will bring in a bit of softness. But above all, I strive to create rooms that work for each family. I love designing homes that people love to come home to. What’s beautiful to you? A beautiful room is one that you breathe a sigh of relief when you walk into it. It should be


calming and inviting, but should also help people live better. How the room is used is critical; it should be designed so everything has its place, it flows and it works. You should never separate design and function. Who are the designers you admire? I love Suzanne Kasler, Mary McDonald and Kelly Wearstler. Suzanne creates beautiful rooms that are the perfect mix of sophistication and elegance. I’m obsessed

with Mary on “Million Dollar Decorators.” She is hysterical; I love what she does. Kelly is an influencer. I admire her ability to always move design forward; she is the ultimate of chic! What was your most memorable project? A just-finished project in Texas, my largest to date, for wonderful clients who relocated from Greenwich. We did every detail of the home, including amazing millwork. I’m very proud of it.

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constantly finding inspiration whether it is just window shopping or on vacation.

clients over the years, and each bring something different to a project.

What is your dream project? I’ve had many! Right now we have two incredible houses on the water in Rowayton.

What was your greatest achievement? Establishing a business and still enjoying it after thirty years.

What sets your business apart? We are very conscious about how our clients incorporate design into their homes. We keep things casual and fun and have a very family friendly design approach.

Lynn Morgan Lynn Morgan Design

111 Rowayton Avenue, Rowayton, CT 203 866 1940

How would you describe your aesthetic? My style is always evolving, but I always maintain a clean, crisp foundation with pops of color.

What is your favorite iPhone app? Pinterest. It’s the best way to organize design ideas.

What was your first job? A country house in Darien with a longtime friend. We are currently on their tenth home, located in Palm Beach.

How do you spend your days off? What days off? I am

Who was your most memorable client? I’ve had many wonderful

and studied Historic Preservation and Interiors. I also attended the University of Copenhagen in Denmark and studied Design. What was your first job? My first job was as an au pair in Paris when I was 19…ooh la la…Paris was fun! How do you spend your days off? Usually traveling or at the beach walking my dogs. If I am in Greenwich, dinner parties with good friends.

Cindy Rinfret Rinfret, Ltd. Interior Design & Decoration

354 Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich, CT 203 622 0000

What was your greatest achievement? Hands down my two gorgeous children. I also love the business I have created. I love waking up every day and being able to go to my beautiful store and

office and be creative. That contentment and happiness is a great achievement.

Who was your most memorable client? Regis Philbin. He is a classic and a gentleman with the most fantastic stories. He always makes me smile.

Where did you go to school? I attended Rhode Island School of Design

What sets your business apart? Happy repeat clients! I love design and it is

Who is your ideal client? Clients who have worked with me multiple times over the years. I have developed great friendships with them. Who are the designers or architects that you admire? Locally, Louise Brooks and Bruce Beinfield, among many others. What is your favorite space to work on? The whole house! We like to be able to create a common thread through the entire home and make everything flow.

reflected in the fact that my clients really seem to love and enjoy the interiors we create. My success is creating interiors that are not about me but about my clients lifestyle. My book, Inspired Family Homes, is apply titled. What is your favorite iPhone app? Zillow, Luxury Link and 1st Dibs. Pandora is pretty great too! What is your dream project? My own home in Greece or somewhere on a gorgeous beach! What is your motto? Live, Love, Laugh. What is your favorite restaurant in Fairfield County? Polpo!! Love the painting in the bar (inside joke) and the bistro atmosphere. It is my Club.


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Stamford Antique’s Center or New York galleries and museums. What was your greatest achievement? On a personal level, raising my two children to become extraordinary adults. On a professional level, establishing my interior design firm, art gallery and ASID award winning retail shop. Who is your ideal client? An adventurous client building an art collection that sets the tone for the interior design of their home. A client to share ideas with, to learn from, and to teach.

Sandra Morgan Sandra Morgan Interiors & SMHome

70 Arch Street, Greenwich, CT 203 629 8121

Connie Cooper Connie Cooper Designs

58 High Point Road, Westport, CT 203 256 9183


What sets your business apart? Our design offices, art gallery and retail shop occupy two floors featuring changing vignettes. We offer a unique shopping experience for original

artwork and Swedish inspired furnishings. How do you spend your days off? Devouring the Wall Street Journal, catching up on correspondence and checking out the

What was your first job? One summer, I was a salesperson in the trimming department of the original Scalamandre showroom, just off Madison Avenue. I dealt with the trade and often delivered trim samples to

Where did you go to school? Rhode Island School Of Design for a BFA in Textile Design, and Michigan State University for Interior Design.

What was your most memorable project? The complete renovation of a five-story townhouse on the Upper East Side of NYC for a young couple with two children. We incorporated over forty pieces of my client’s art collection into the design plan. How would you describe your aesthetic? I embrace classic style, blending traditional and modern elements in a fresh way, showing appreciation for both. A level of surprise and humor is always part of the design. What is your motto? Follow your instincts.

What is your dream project? An empty house with beautiful artwork.

trust and respect my expertise then we can create unusual and interesting designs.

What was your greatest achievement? My two fabulous sons who are on their way to being successful and independent young men.

How would you describe your aesthetic? Timeless design with unusual color combinations and an eclectic twist.

What sets your business apart? Having spent many years designing fabrics, floor coverings and wallpaper, I have a strong sense of color, pattern, scale, and texture. The combination of my art background and my interior design training has helped me to be more creative and given me the visual skills to try new things. What is your favorite thing about living in Fairfield County? I love Fairfield County because I can ride my bike to Long Island Sound or in a little more than an hour I can be in NYC.

the legendary decorator, Rose Cumming, whose glamorous shop was nearby. She was known for her outlandish style and flair for mixing bold colors. That was an education!

Who is your ideal client? My ideal client is someone who is open to new ideas and not just driven by what is the latest trend. If they

What was your first job? My first job was design and color stylist for Allied Chemical Corporation in their floor covering division. We created new patterns, styles and texture for all the major carpet companies. I also developed and presented the yearly color forecast charts for the industry. Who are the designers/ architects you admire? Albert Hadley, Diamond and Barrata, Michael Graves, and many more.

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appreciating how traditional elements can be married with contemporary pieces to create a fresh result. What was your greatest achievement? Following my passion for design and pursuing a classical education in New York City while raising two terrific daughters.

Jean Marie McLaughlin, ASID Jmac Interiors

18 Toquam Road, New Canaan, CT 203 966 0828

Who is your ideal client? It’s wonderful to work with clients who share the excitement of transforming the spaces around them. Open to suggestions but comfortable enough to trust the direction you’re taking them in.

How do you spend your days off? Browsing through treasured antique shops or taking in a lecture at the Met make up a “few of my favorite things.”

How would you describe your aesthetic? I’d have to say I trend toward a transitional aesthetic blending old with new, while

Karen Bow Karen Bow Interiors, LLC

499 Hoyt Street, Darien, CT 914 953 1517 How do you spend your days off? I love my time off but my creative energies never stop. Even in my leisure time walking the streets of New York City, listening to music or watching a movie, what I see and feel inspires my work. What is your dream project? If I dare to dream, let’s dream big—Graceland! I am sure if Elvis was alive he would redecorate. What was your most memorable project? I was honored to be chosen to design the

What is your favorite space to work on? Bedrooms. You have the opportunity to create the perfect retreat in which to begin and end your

editor of Teen Vogue’s personal office in the Conde Nast building in Times Square. To see my completed vision with the backdrop of New York city was truly overwhelming. What sets your business apart? Karen Bow Interiors is a boutique interior design company. I am there with you from start to finish and then some. I will be picking out your light bulbs for the rest of your life. How would you describe your aesthetic? My aesthetic is universal—there is something in me for everyone. To guide someone to find their vision is my first and foremost goal. What’s beautiful to you? Wallpaper! I could look

day. It’s your space, your personality, and a place to totally relax away from the outside world. What is your favorite iPhone app? My daughter recently introduced me to Instagram and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. It’s great for sharing easy design ideas as well as documenting great finds —whether it’s a unique fabric or interesting piece of furniture. What is your dream project? I love Paris with its sense of history and classic architecture. A lightfilled pied-à-terre with sumptuous fabrics and thoughtful mix of antique and modern accents would be fabulous. What’s beautiful to you? Central Park in the peak of autumn foliage.

at wallpaper twenty four hours a day. When someone says to me, “I’m not a wallpaper person,” I think, “Oh my god—What!?” Wallpaper transforms a room and brings the space to life. It can be quiet or it can be loud, but always gives my clients’ spaces a unique voice. What is your motto? I live by these: “Love unconditionally but not recklessly,” “Break the rules but not the law,” and, “Listen to your instincts and have the courage to hear them.” What is your favorite space to work on? I am known for kids’ spaces for a reason. Their uninhibited enthusiasm for their personal space cannot be denied. They come to me with full ideas and visions beyond the imagination.


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definitely my calling, and went back to school at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Getting a good education was one of the smartest career choices I ever made. What sets your business apart? We are always striving to offer our clients exceptional customer service, along with continually bringing in distinctly unique furniture and accessories.

Melissa Lindsay Pimlico Interiors

48 Elm St, New Canaan, CT 203 972 8166

What was your greatest achievement? I try and remind myself almost every day that running a design business, retail store and raising a young family is quite the achievement!

Where did you go to school? I studied graphic design at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. After working at a design firm in NYC, I realized that interior design was

What is your dream project? Designing an ultramodern getaway in Kaikora, New Zealand (my husband is a Kiwi). It’s a seaside town in the middle of nowhere and has a beautiful simplicity. Who is your ideal client? No doubt an ideal client is one who respects your craft and vision and trusts you. I’m often reminding my clients

Julie Nightingale Nightingale Design

17 South Beach Drive, Rowayton, CT 203 246 9235

What is your motto? “Always start at the front door.” A design should flow throughout the house, with one space leading to, and taking reference from, another.

Stephanie Rapp Interior Motives

Weston, CT 203 216 5835


What sets your business apart? In designing, I like to take a holistic approach and encompass the bigger picture. The outdoor setting, the architecture of the house, and the lifestyle and personal style of the client all influence the design and will be reflected in every detail. What is your dream project? My dream project will always involve great bones and a great view.

What was your greatest achievement? Flipping a coin after graduating from college in the South, with my best friend, and deciding to move to New York City instead of Dallas.

that a leap of faith is necessary to get to that end result. Trusting your designer allows him or her to do their best work! What’s beautiful to you? My boys when they smile. Who are the designers you admire? There are so many! Most people know I’m obsessed with Thom Filicia! But I love and respect so many different aesthetics, from Kelly Wearstler and Amanda Nisbet to Suzanne Kasler, Celerie Kemble, Eric Cohler and of course, Mark Hampton. What is your favorite restaurant in Fairfield County? Between Bodega in Fairfield (where I live) and Rosie’s in New Canaan (across from Pimlico), I could live on guacamole and chips forever!

What was your most memorable project? A project recently completed in Darien, where the client and I traveled to Paris to shop for three amazing days. Wish I could take every client there! How would you describe your aesthetic? Easy elegance. What is your motto? “We love the things we love for what they are.” –Robert Frost

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Olga Adler Olga Adler Interiors

179 Post Road West, Westport, CT 203 221 2411 by appointment only

What’s beautiful to you? Detailed craftsmanship like you would see in architectural ornamentation or the motifs of fine furniture

Stephen Watson Steve Watson Interior Design

129 Interlaken Road, Stamford, CT 203 674 8595

or fabric. The beauty is in the details.

What was your most memorable project? Completeing a spectacular game room for clients from Texas in eight weeks so they could have a football

game party for sixty people from all over the US and abroad. What is your dream project? A cozy, European style chocolate store and café. What sets your business apart? No attitude, just good design. How would you describe your aesthetic? Two words: Global Chic.

What sets your business apart? Our ability to listen to and really understand the client while providing outstanding service at a value that far exceeds expectations. What is your motto? Don’t become so serious that you cannot enjoy the process of design. The creative process should be invigorating!

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What was your first job? Sales Promotion and Marketing for Tiffany & Co. How would you describe your aesthetic? There isn’t one style that describes me. I have an admiration for

Jill Kalman Bella Interiors

3 Barry Lane, Westport, CT 203 645 1561

many and blend them. What is your favorite thing about living in Fairfield County? Its level of sophistication and access to some of the most beautiful things. What is your dream project? A guest house. What is your motto? Count your blessings (we all have many more than we realize).

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