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About Us Moffatt Photography is Brisbane’s best and most-loved photography studio specialising in Newborn, pregnancy and family portraits. Our style is apparent in our gallery. We strive to find the individual in every person and capture it in the lens. The moment a child’s face softens and reveals their unique personality, or when a glimpse of serenity is seen in the eyes of a parent holding their child, we know we have caught something magical. These genuine moments kept still forever and preserved for others to enjoy, are what we hope to achieve with each and every client. As seasoned mothers, we have developed a compassion and patience for the restless newborn, or the toddler who has just discovered the word “No”. This has earned us the nickname “baby whisperer” by some of our clients. To interact with little ones takes a unique gift. We pride ourselves in being able to provide a setting that facilitates a fun and relaxed atmosphere. There will be no “1-2-3 CHEESE”. Be yourself and it will happen naturally. Those cherished moments are the ones that are not prompted. The desire to exceed the expectations of our client is only surpassed by our drive to succeed personally. We am compelled to capture images that are unique and challenge our talents to continually evolve. Impeccable service is essential but even more important is the relationship that is built with each client. When you choose images by Moffatt Photography, you can feel confident in the decision you have made. You have invested your trust in educated, trained, and talented professionals. It is our honour and privilege to share an experience with you.


Our Studio

The Moffatt Photography studio is custom built with ducted airconditioning, change room facilities & piped music (for newborns). It is fully equipped with beanies, boats and wraps for newborns as well as lots of other fun and unique props for any age group. If you have a vision, we can make it come to life ... Just ask!


Whether its your first pregnancy or your last, capturing your journey as your body changes and grows is a beautiful keepsake that you will treasure for the rest of your lives. What to wear: Depending on your level of comfort we suggest either Yoga or plain long black pants, either on there own or combined with a plain black bra. (We do NOT recommend a “boob tube� as these will not give you the support needed to flatter your shape though out the pregnancy.)

Progress Pregnancy

Capture your Pregnancy Journey

When to book: You should book your Progress Pregnancy shoot as soon as you can. We will schedule you for your first shoot at 12 weeks and then monthly until the arrival of your bub.



Moffatt Photography specializes in creating Brisbane’s most beautiful and artistic Fine Art Maternity portraits. Our photos of pregnant women are unique and intimate, designed to show the true magnificence of the pregnant female form. What to wear: In our private studio you choose whatever level of clothing or undress will make you feel comfortable. Your boundaries are always respected. We recommend you bring, Jeans and black bra, as well as Yoga or plain long black pants. If you have any questions, please contact one of our friendly staff for more information. When to book: You should try to book your Maternity shoot when you are roughly 5-6 months pregnant, so we can schedule you in between 35-37 weeks.


The first breath, the first touch, the first cry… moments you don’t ever want to forget.


Unobtrusively capturing the emotional journey of your childs birth. At Moffatt Photography we do more then just take a photo, we capture moments that will last a life time. Having a professional photographer at your birth may sound unusual, but in reality, we are pros at blending into the background, capturing a ‘fly on the wall’ perspective of the story of your birth in a photo journalistic style. Our female staff have been asked to be a part of many births and feel at home in the birth environment, whether it be at home, in a birthing centre, in a hospital, we know exactly what images to take and how to photograph your journey in a tasteful and heartfelt manner. Our all inclusive, $1200 Birth Package includes, being on call for your delivery, 2 weeks either side of your due date. A Pre-Birth consultation. Attendance day or night from active labour until up to 2 hours after the delivery. All images supplied on DVD and a Slideshow of your images set to music.



Custom designed baby art, as unique & individual as your baby. Moffatt Photography are Brisbane’s best known and most loved Newborn Photographers. We have a purpose built newborn studio and photograph over 200 newborn babies every year! So as you can imagine, Newborns are clearly our passion. As every mother knows, no two babies are alike, each one is unique, and has a personality all their own. So why should your images be any different? At Moffatt Photography we create custom designed baby art, as unique and amazing as the babies they feature.


shoot while you are still pregnant. Newborn sessions are held between 3 and 10 days after birth. The Studio: Our Moffatt Photography studio is custom built with ducted air-conditioning, change room facilities & piped music (for newborns). Below is a few suggestions on what to wear and bring with you, to make the most out

Newborn / Family

When to Book: We advise you to book your Newborn

of your shoot. What to Bring: We suggest packing only the things you require when going on an outing to the shops as we have heaps of hats and props here. However if you have something special that you would like to bring in as a prop you are more then welcome. If possible, try to time it so your baby is due for a feed when you arrive at the studio, as this will make it easier to pop them straight off to sleep. What to Wear: Your session includes as standard parent and sibling photos. We recommend families wear either Jeans and a plain black top or Jeans and a plain white top. But do note, the studio is heated for baby’s comfort, so you may wish to dress lightly use our change room facilities when required. Session Length: Your newborn session will take no more then 2 hours. We discourage shoots from going any longer as it can become too stressful on the baby and we always put the heath and safety of your newborn first. 9

Cake Smashes

The Cake Smash! For most babies this is the first time they have tasted anything so sugary and sweet, and felt something so soft and squishy. Will they delight in the sweet taste or just play with the cream? Will they make a HUGE mess or delicately play with the icing? We can’t anticipate how each child will react to the cake but what ever they do, we can guarantee it will definitely be something you will want to remember. What to Wear: Cakes smashes are all about getting messy, so make sure you bring a second set of clothes for them to get changed into once the shoot is finished. We recommend cute little dresses, or a skirt and a long beaded necklace for girls. Where as boys look great in denim shorts and a baby tie or a cute little shirt. (Again, remember to avoid loud patterns or logos.) Moffatt Photography will supply a basic cream covered cake, as well as balloons and bunting for the shoot but you are welcome to organise your own if you are looking for something a bit more special. TIP: Come a few weeks before your baby’s birthday party and you will be able to have your photos ready for party day. Come a month before and use them for the invitations!


Families & Couples

Families & Couples At Moffatt Photography we know how important it is and how special family and couples portraits can be as your relationship or family grows and develops over the years. We are focused on capturing those special moments and giving you stunning family photography. We can perform photography sessions in our custom designed studio or we can shoot at a location of your choice. We recommend families and couples wear complementary colours like Jeans and a black shirt or Jeans and a white shirt. But please ensure there are no loud patterns and logos as these can be distracting to the eye. We are more then happy to custom design a shoot to reflect your likes and hobbies just ask one of our friendly team members when you contact us next.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q – How much will my shoot cost? A – At Moffatt Photography we don’t charge a sitting fee. This allows our customers to walk away with no out of pocket expenses if they are not happy with the images. Q – Can I buy the photos on disc? A – Yes, we believe when you purchase an image, you should be able to own it outright. So all our images come with a certificate of ownership, allowing you to print, publish and reproduce images from the disc however you choose. Q – What happens to photos I don’t buy? A – All purchased images are backed up. However due to storage restrictions we do NOT back up non purchased images and they will be deleted once the sales session has finished. Q – How do the payment plans work? A – Our take home payment plan is a great way to take your images home that day and pay them off over a period of your choice with weekly payments anyone can afford. Plus there are NO CREDIT CHECKS or proof of income! Q – Why should I choose Mof fatt Photography when my friend will do a shoot and give me all the images on a disc for the same price as one of your images? A – At Moffatt Photography we are more then just photographers and your shoot doesn’t just end when you walk out the studio door, we have master editors who spend several hours transforming your images into flawless pieces of art. Q – How much do I have to buy? A – At Moffatt Photography we have a NO pressure sales policy, you can purchase as little or as many images as you like.


We encourage all decision makers to attend this impor tant process Your beautifully crafted images will be ready for viewing 2 weeks after your shoot. And like the heading says we encourage all decision makers to attend, as this is the most important part of the process and there will not be another opportunity to select the images. All images that have not been purchased will be deleted at the end of the session. How much you spend and the images you choose to buy are completely up to you. At Moffatt Photography we conduct no

Viewing & Ordering

Vie wing and Ordering your images

pressure sales sessions and you are welcome to spend as much or as little as you like. Our trained consultants are happy to guide you though the process and help you select images that will work well together or beautifully on their own. As well as discuss printing options to suit your needs and budget. Prints, Lumi Tiles and Premium Wall Art range, require a 50% deposit and will be ready for collection 3 weeks after the viewing. Where as all images purchase on DVD will be available for you to take away on the day. If for any reason you are unable to keep you appointments, we would appreciate the courtesy of a minimum of 48 hours notice.


High Resolution Digital Files

For pleasure has no relish unless we share it.

Virginia Woolf

Want to make your own prints? Go for it! Want to upload your favourites to Facebook? Tag away! We offer fully enhanced, high resolution Digital files. Why? Because we know how proud you are going to be of your photos and we want you to be able to share them with family and friends around the world. So go ahead - blog, email and spread some photo love! Digital Files: Favourite five: Favourite ten: Entire Shoot:

$110 ~ per image $499 ~ Inc. Leather bound DVD album $990 ~ Inc. Leather bound DVD album & Slideshow $1550 ~Inc. Leather bound DVD album, Slideshow & all images

Moffatt Photography offers INTEREST FREE Layby. Enquire to find out more.


SQUARE 12x12” $199 16x16” $299 19x19” $439 30x30” $879

RECTANGLE 16x24” $399 20x30” $599 24x36” $849 60x40” $1640

PANORAMIC 50x21” $949 60x25” $1169

Premium Wall Art

Make an Impact with designer art

Fine Art Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Modern Designed Ice Mounts 5 up rectangle 50x14” $829 5 up rectangle 80x20” $1656 9 up square 40x40” $1660 15

Payment Plans

For your convenience Moffatt Photography offers amazing Interest Free Payment plans, with no credit checks and no proof of income. To find out more about our Payment plans please ask one of our friendly staff.


I had my baby photographed when she was only 3 days old. Of course, as a new mum, I was hesitant about having her posed etc. But Sandra was extremely professional and I actually couldn’t believe how gentle she was with Pepper and through being posed and moved around, hats on and hats off, Pepper stayed asleep the whole time without a whimper. Sandra was very understanding of a baby, and a mothers needs.


After seeing the astonishing work of Moffatt Photography when I was pregnant, I had to immediately book in for newborn and family photos so I didn’t miss out when I had my baby.

The studio was amazing and was the perfect little environment for a newborn.

Sharing the love!

Six months on, I look at my photos every single day and I am so thankful that I had them done, they are priceless and mean the world to me. The photos captured my newborn baby when she was so young, so little and so precious and these are moments I can never recreate. Words cannot describe how thankful I am to have these amazing photos. It is the BEST money I have ever spent and I will recommend you to every mother I know!! Brittany Adams “I would just like to say how extremely impressed my husband & I were with our combined shoots. Sienna Marie’s newborn shoot was by far the best newborn shoot I have been to with my kids. Sandra took the most beautiful family pictures and I would recommend Moffatt Photography over and over again. I’m only sorry that I didn’t know about them sooner as I would have loved for our wedding photos to have been done through you. Thank you so much and we will be sure to see you again soon. “ Sammie & Nigel Smyth “I was looking around for baby photo shoots, and once I had seen the amazing, breathtaking photos Sandra Moffatt from Moffatt Photography had taken, there was no one else I wanted to shoot my son’s newborn photos than her. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t look at Harrison’s newborn photos and smile. Sandra just does an amazing job and I highly recommend her!” Kirstine Moncada “The experience we had with Sandra was fantastic, she made me feel so comfortable and relaxed through our maternity shoot and the newborn shoot. The time she took to capture the right moment was amazing, Sandra and Brendon are such a pleasure to deal with as well ” Heather & Wayne 17

Studio (07) 3470 1441 4 Protea Lane, Springfield Lakes Qld. 4300


Moffatt Photography Pricing Guide 2012  

the Moffatt Photography Pricing Guide 2012